America in Primetime (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

The Crusader

on america and prime time when they make a promise the so the promise stiffly want us to continue to stand for something new for finity his part hero he's everyman and against all odds they proceed it's now i make my living in television so table what i say we're going to solve the problem biased in a minute but i think we are in it determined to hold my hand and i think tv today haufer pound storytelling wise is more interesting there i'd say a member hollywood movies and i think it's because television his first and foremost about storytelling when you create a tv show which we hope is that uh by virtue of the writing paper choosing the actress you've cast or the situations the characters find themselves and are solely interest and so dramatic perilous you want to come back elevated most certainly gameday a and d we're drawn to heroic characters whether they're more traditional or either one speak us there's a fundamental appetite for savior's part hero he's everyman doesn't want us to believe that he does this something new for anything use their american troubles political friend sir i will do what i think is justifiable part you know sort of lunches do-gooder there is a inheritances welfare is through them and and women goddard a large scaffold setting this flight when they make a promise peaks of the promises and dozens of other people's stepped outside and lookin and then saying that she has something to be here tractor to this kind of um you know certain people's compelling when somebody has that passion and that dr to find an answer for some can't be there or within yourself that all its it's hard to live how far can you go turns out jack bauer always or sportscaster but he always pays a price for that it's the one horrible decision after another businesses which empowers life is about deal with still he does a lot of phiri who it is a very few occur similar people always do what needs to be done for the greater good there will always do that this is a man whose torture who's fighting inside himself as well as outsiders this he tried to too tap into that his complications was emotional complications psychological complications that come along with doing things that normally from him except for service for and i part of the definitions of foreclosure the convention yes either through several of the sort of the season when eleven we asked ourselves first of all visited appropriate philosophically so tragically social activity as sort of all what people watch the truth saturn is i stopped at attack from happening but for treating us like that by doing what i do necessary to protect innocently dramatize them one first goals issues of questions of the country has been a continues to wrestle with crazy things are happening roller or terrible things were or starting things one of the ways we make sense of display telling us all stories about it this final fantasy traditional heroes scholars far his check is gone there's no way around it right at the event outside this can file has kill false choice to stop about growing up dramas they say systems of immunity on his own he dozens of have to be done but no one else bill and ordered the current status hasn't gone all healed it's an accident history fifth television came of age in nineteen forty eight ninety forty nine nineteen fifty just after world war two leave the fifteen years after world war two was a very strange control backwash uh about what took place in world war two at certain things were accepted as a given in effect needed to be question and one of them had to do with the idea of male perilous the fact that television was overtaken by western tonight you fifties and all these guys were these rugged heroes like breaking the law by doing something wrong just job bears wrong i was growing up in the fifties at that point in america we were feeling so muscular after world war two that the american way of life was the uh the only way of life and that the best way of life it there were these expectations since we have won the war reacted roadways all of that that all men were supposed to be here all the kind of i think reinforced what we all believe about america at that point that's what a man was he was a guy who did the operating and stood up there was brave and strong and and knew everything but i think most men did not experiencing lines matt dillon and dr john wayne what uh you know that you didn't have to do it in word no how realistic finance and that's probably why they were popular because we wanted our folk heroes are tv heroes to be reflective of of what happened on the image of ourselves as well uh country i was a boy during the second world war and pretty much what you saw in the movies was that her rolex it states simply would not be done trolling image the day-to-day suffering that goes into i said that we are fired unstable susan only listed homes are those of us dash is these skills a phenomenon uh in the middle of the vietnam war watch michelle about another war says anesthesia as brutal as vietnam was was watchin match at five or six years old it was all about warren people dying and i i'm going to allied introverted i think encouraged putting him and portrayed in people who died in the tribe to keep them from dot but it it was greek antiwar but with this character list like groucho isle of groucho excess and i m it was it on some level i know this semester he had against the packers cnn's robert vito and answer which is why i heard my brain for almost a uh uh compassionate way of looking at the world that seems kind of full of crap but it is true it would be well could you watch the match two times a day from special effects affect yours old for ten or twelve years of you know what your soaking in is the many black gelbard and his way of looking at the world with bbc shows match nudity uh without lofton as uh lost track on its so i suppose in english audience we tend to look at it and rather more dramatic way some people think he was a very liberal but that he was also a traditional conservative i mean he wanted that nothing more than to have people leave malone's we get into a swinging government to get out of this week again politics is sensational you might have been really sick doing everything in indiana and ron tank ready to be my doctors entrenched somebody celebrate when it's already that's ridiculous he has not been he reacted today he didn't like the idea that he was selling them up so they could be sent back internationalization and get rid of the game really got so far far always got a point what's a business as surrogates will sacrifice in tissue in order to save the whole body your sacrifice if you made in order to work there was an officer that kept taking his soldiers into battle unnecessarily so we took out his appendix distinct keep 'em sidelined for one thing well at the rehearsal for this mike farrell sitcom planes dot their own who takes this seriously entirely will not operate on the patient doesn't need the operation it's mutilation and we started an argument that lasted about an hour that day and in a certain point we stayed in what this is to do what we ought to be doing on camera because this is a serious conflict i suppose you get really nervous but i gotta send a replacement therapy that at least guys got to get personality so i'll take a lot of time but i got a little chester self-respect that's all throughout doctor of medicine you got into a healthy body and your interest over the risk your life i hate myself right now i take me and i take you know all its whole life here can't get any it if uh three on the great characters was that the it's sort of stage in case with site text of the country and was asking the same questions that we're all asking me altman built full besides hopeful work and we were exploring things that were not needs there was no right and there was no wrong it became an attachement discussed and angering upstate it being where they were going through what they were going through i think more useful to know being fantasies but i still the ticket when they would shootdown an enemy plane middleware finch here interests human interest in and looking at the real close injuries hinges just keeping forces her face and i loved on hand there are people fall captives people fall in love which shows and that have people undercover fears from their devotion the is i think we all want to believe that those people setup attacking us and save their lives are really are really extraordinary ended they'll be there when nine faced with this at that same had depicting your talents enough to drive anyone crazy from the first three pages that link there's so much out of our controls so when you are creating an environment police virtually speaking you know somebody has to be in control of environment and also people's dot blots interest savings finally up for a chick chat later on doctor gregory house comic rex if you if you just sort of registers cations detector uh sort of design brief uh you would think this is this is the taxes to be hard to love that the thing is that with the final tim right from the first month status while you're tested started party response for the use those tests first ever needs with relevant dr closer and we've got a board meeting or she will get better stuff for special antibiotics lasts just useless that sentences of the reforms an unusual combination of uh characteristics and emotions driving this character sitcom heated not only does he need not care what people don't like him he doesn't care what people like him i didn't mean to be it despite the variety clearly does have very very anti social problems wattenberg drives this conflict and see if there's a simple answer at least simple answers and i rationalized very effectively myself i'm still convinced us that once i'm able to summarize the character in a brief period of time in the character stands for them film television from a visit is it can be a tendency to paints the people in single commerce received the the hero as an individual age conforms to that sort of thing simplicity he's on his side of the angels without being an angel he's not easily broken down into a simple mathematical formula and that's part of the finest because uh and part of the truth is because uh that after all these how human beings off i think a little extra resources is a search for the truth and in any unusual trees are brought recent rivlin everything surfing that route system from his son was in the morning in japan propels them through the day is the solving these problems he wants people to see their own make sure that he wants people to see about their own predicaments there's no such thing breakdown sometimes for ninety sometimes foreign-born but it always happens and there's never any dignity apparently waltzing what your ass is always always always politically camped out he who really dese require across by the war is that not really relate uh that has to be a dragon that has to be a risk that has to be paying and he could use that and fights that tracker he pays the price and lots of different ways and he pays it for the sake of seeking after this figure troops with rob watson simply because the truth and there's right hallway but don't believe the senate's there's something still fighting for a uh exciting about his uh his bravery is uh selectric miss the fact that he is prepared to sort of straight out into the lonely cause lost without you without a popular now i've got a friend and two take you don't want i find that anvil and compelling knows pr fix mime-version anything is possible that yes is many well if enough he says because there's a perception that this story speak muslim and now to get all any studies anonymity did here they can and here with a really straight forward callers said and particularly in a row dangers was show that i loved and uh in a way you can still see a little bit of similarity between moments going into the john stephen m appealed at the very beginning mentioning keep on others plot uh i was meant to walk a few cases behind mulder only bite out of our car is going to going up to house too expose an fbi bhajans i was meant to bst paces behind him as he walked up the steps that has been killed change that was the intent consists of the character that discarded created which was this the young woman with incredible that's been and eventually over time it just became natural that uh be reached the front door sometime even though moulder is really the sort of hero in the show really sally's point of view which stories are told from its the skeptics point of view it's the rational point of view says medical doctors she since nineteen sixty friends and family just cheese sheriff herself patient with her belief about the world of the paranormal for exit restores or whatever it was it was just it was not real there was no question about it you don't times lately this is some kind of extraterrestrial this is somebody sick channel interestingly insisted that she did people talk about the nineties in the paranoid nineties the fallout from watergate the fallout the seventies and eighties was still a parent in the nineties and we were still distrust the or government and today's self these two very uh different stages but characters wines you know alternately a desire to get to the bottom of something to get to the truth of the matter we interested by them continuity characters whom have great passion great drive to do something and against all odds they you proceed toward their goals i think that is always going to be interesting to an audience whether it was back in the fifties thirties or three thousand years ago or today or tomorrow or thousand-year shown out the silver screen what you have to let a protest they can't as they can what do you continue not coming about i can't we saw them despite differences drawing closer and closer together to the point where they were each the only person that the other contrast there was something very romantic about this platonic mostly put on it dillmore elicited sequencing the x files was simply this marvelous goalie and silly love from all over you know just the image of seeing them uh and had to different apartments on opposite sides in town what he did is it developed his uh this longing got added to the desire for two them to come close to him and hello mister loneliness is a very compelling element through a lot of william kennard there's not a ton of drama impacts we see them why full-time shoot people don't matter general warning there is a wonderful almost-daily condition in times like us heart breaks and race and leaves bribery and it's not an accident their retirement promotion when character and nypd blue was the one drama with boris trying connect and so on and always coming up short clear perplexing discussed are good was kinda status against if every afternoon off a look i don't recall request many career counseling session for meals supports wit ag who uh trailblazer uh very old clothes things pretty well here and uh that he is manager every hero with uh some very bad habits comes it was a situation of the menus and alcohol abuse a woman is recently amanda racist decided to build here he's a bigot any just lower than that he's a drug well i'm living in this lyman instructional i was very easy for me did correct the character but but what which is to say uh let me retread so that i would love it and i hold today uh by incapable of amazing missiles and there's a big in islam and right now i have been all of the stinks but gonna try not to be that simultaneously because it's just too busy to work with feature as optimistic as acclimated let's go to a different attitude with which instruction percents of the characters for cincinnati fourteen are in make my living it narrowly the hearing what people say simultaneously having a sense of what they mean parents i save a seat hide bank it's an issue personal rakesh indecent words is representative of the most of the compound they're not tolerance of the politics ripley's weren't very little girl was taken from washington square park this morning we know you were involved time element talking about tell me what happened in a house cases just ask and he no longer known for a long long contingent demanding an explanation on under certain circumstances perverse to beating a suspect much of a criminal justice for a member of this error never be to suspect but he doesn't know did the crime cops ras his field society from love its most fundamental contradictions you know we hold these truths to be self-evident all people are created equal we know what that means gmail com which is now breathing again capacity it's kind of that comes in at the office intrusive edward hopper's respondents you know if the day the guy says i want a lawyer you know and the class and i was wondering where you know however that that they may remember all anyway get now that is a well we share burdens but it's been known to happen assault pays the price that sort of thing the exposure so that reality grimes characters you know what store people were able to recognize insect wits uh uh a spirit which respond against the way it true it was a portrayal uh first solo period much in conflicts with itself his irreconcilable complexion we came close to experiencing character in as a member of our family role there is something sir satisfying the good defeating evil today there's something very viscerally satisfying about the we were always trying to examine weathered religious did or can you blame it all on something psychological or is there something much more inherent much more uh tribal about violence and murder i'd like to believe that was certainly the shows that i do that character trumps everything for me the process of discovering who's that characteris you have to go k how does he or she think what kind of education lack of education start here yugo fear where they believe uh what makes them cry what makes them laugh reminding you go below are and you don't know who they want to sleep with the and you know if you can answer those three pieces of the terror you pretty much can ride in for her after that with itself most important thing will feed it was important we speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves we were dealing with some characters or quite interesting you know where andrew morton motivated by things that we want on the surface and didn't seem to be kind of sp archetypes copper architectural they were they were moody and suspicious and petulant you know and sort of like uh burma's forty or fifty in little rock hamilton doesn't play well with others use prickly you know i mean and self-righteous instructor is the kind of most writers uh you know blindly writers character that we have bills will be drama amazon stand against templeton's sense of justice involved over the life of the series he started being there for the dead bring justice to those who have been murdered there's a handover youthful believe from right and wrong and a believe somehow that humbled and has the power to make things right is need to speak for the dead comes out of his own stands of enquiring a balcony life and so he just guess deserves a set is a reflections on his own search there's something about the fact that you believe that you know what's right and life is just so complex what you think it is is not simply square arnold we were trying to explore what is the moment with a don't fight can't do this anymore and seen too much i know too much but i want to know anymore this is not your fault this all started about what's right and wrong and computer programmers are personal to the Itte depth about our human journey he had ended up becoming the ultimate priest who people went to concession to but he could not absolve them willing to do was given prison time the fixation believe there were a powerful that we can do one thing like i think he cried out the began to understand that justice is not a is not an absolute that it is an imperfect thing hike and event you know cartoon cards were somehow i mean of his will hampton fragile vessel for them it's not possible file vision has a long history of elicit saying vivek contract there's a reason why this is a system if you need for a long time there's a wish fulfillment factor an unpredictable world throughout and you can feel pretty comfortable that joe friday this could handle that situation in the next half hour innocent and complicated by the pipetter than you photos is supposed to know what to do what i watch character is not going to let them down there was some conferencia as i think that's one of their differences between cd philosophy conditions preceded it cd perceive oftentimes shows uh this heroes make interest free ride ron chose the right it what's transpired satan's geyser data make the right choice answers feel some california figure you watched it knowing that they were going to do the right thing must be arduous it is your current but like know what major mental illness far more interesting the poet here main character position where he or she has to choose between two bronx whatever i did it with a little goals of the questions that the missiles the deadliest cited what he said but let me just show you as ethical boundaries one is the right thing to do without studying uh that's able without sending back as the model you could have shows greater and greater model i think there's something in the last fifteen years ago around this country of where because shit last pcr is work is always so much of that sin clear cuts good guys versus bad guy that you can watch before you go becomes predictable for more sophisticated audience certainly people wont more than one tip you away fantasize dot he has been where the great promise great right characters explore them over model of the serbs office one of things are not about or being able to rise on a series of long-running series as opposed to reading a movie berklee is there discovered someone you know why it's in some period of film i mean how much fewer black character into our summer movie difference between a well written up on a well written short story and five years of a bunch of characters is better than to have our jeanne more and when you do you really do have the time to spend with people and see them actually grow and evolve and change saying that television is more noble is the girl is going to those characters has had to do it but you know man mildred pierce weren't even there brochure i mean recently three deep into movies all the time and movies in two hours ago that i have chosen everything we need to know that every character in a we didn't ask for doesn't like the one two three four five signal we knew about rick nobody else uh and a story the big screen more more more reserved for the three-d spectacle movies of stop trying to make these kinds of of films of because i think cbs doing about it i think tvs better than movies in a you know i think we are looking for the latest ecosalon the facts that tv gets produced it gets done i produced directed a movie that i wrote between six feet under and true blood it took about three years i sort of baffles elected by the amount of time it took because i'd i'd been spoiled by working in tv homicide mister shown which i learned try television and i'm going to get them at the foot of tom fontana we were very lucky with homicide that that uh david simon wrote of a non-fiction book called uh homicide here on the killing streets in thailand is a playwright and the guys work infirmary the playwright's television writers the new drama and what they were trying to do is get to the human conditions i really respect him conduct wisconsin force was not journalistic mind kindness when i'm interested in this politics in sociology economics wire is an argument about who we speak on the serb people more capable of delivering a longer capable sales highfalutin thailand we were left alone and given sixty hours of television and at that point kind of incumbent hun units have something to say demand of them tumble sixes about the info on it t um the games on the day this is a show about the read game of modern life cubans just hate something fought it almost seems to recognize this and i think this is an operating room sometime for his own purposes is a garage drug dealers gunslinger belong going and we shall be he knows he can he keep alone clearly want to take on hotmail com one ally is yeltsin's instead that's going on visit with the backpack got faith not he's the most from missus onassis' character because he is on the holes institution he showed us about people being beholden transfusions limitless please inform her drug organization and school system of city hall institutional terrified over human dignity helpful points dispense the holes you know instead of principles deleted customer calling for you on the corner is is that you would since the games invades take take take take take for people maybe take from the game so you know going with this and the largest of the witness pro-choice and basically collectively the working men and all and it was time to send troops over there and then put mcclelland nobody who was in the game list of approved on doubt he's beholden to moscow other than alarm has uncovered without good reason for that and i'm not going on in this instance my god is indian you're in the game if you're in the game denver plant you can't complain moral code is not secure is the number of civilians university's marine from violence is not a last resort is well explained by the court of the west is playing fair is playing by the rules such as they are cold and events that led to believe that you live by this weekly at walmart would kill people some people may feel it's clinton's streets writers group get all the we start from the real thing we're creating characters that's horrible on all the shows right to the people who know the event writes the homicide cases right to the corner boris he ran the wiring wasn't gonna proceed at and when he will have been broken you have to desensitize itself we will give you deal with it remember lasts friend and i lost six hundred house come from the moves us when we know is that the government classic seeing the screen over his body he called a couple in the hands laid out universal music playing in the background which americans to push the motion he's on the floor no grodin digital camara pleaded guilty popping yuki signalman the fairy tale of america existence is the transcend individual mean going back to you of grown manifest destiny he's the guy who places the trailer out west towards from bank which is the bed there were moments where we actually used the western motif of the standoff because moore's of their world in a way disease if we please mister the american individual in the actual americans and he said let the chips fall where they met and for a while is a pretty good run eventually what happens next time not living in eighteen sixty indian territory who's living in baltimore in the twenty-first century isn't that beautiful self that the way home only know you know he into go to the classic western statement by the gun i think if you do you think if it will bring false through the winters trading was heavy browse the abrupt and uncertain and disturbing i have no problem with depiction of violence but but and what it means something they are in fact is you have uh viduals people from around with parties on the bell that's that's not fiction it's a different matter south america manifestos or more if he's doing all the things that usually triumph in american story he doesn't get to where as few of us to in this world there's a better streak in and more sophisticated streets in america storytelling the good guy beats the bad guy just a girl this world is no longer furnace is simple you know it's changed and this is my own kind of theory but i believe is a list of passivity that's going on in america right now with people actually enjoy seeing a very very active character being put his patients in the infamous a cinnamon everybody's lives with so many peoples lives i should say if they consumed by the interface booking twittering that whatever they give to you know this kind of networking which really makes you wonder how much are actually producing would have been really creating and you know we've got a attackers to those that are just out graphics mackey replaced pronto ashley involved in the world in a very it's become a way of making decisions that will impacted the details sellable up more activity to help a lot more interesting was just following up something that twenty years ago and decided he wanted reinvigorate our relationship that you publish it if we don't wait to go anywhere he we even eleven world of sorts greater was black and white there's uh value and that you don't get me a few being presented with a pure deliver pure hero and everybody has a shot himself everybody lies and that they can with what if i could german-french where if i could kit even with all thought that differences that we don't have to plan disturb the security of the desert dished out of sight is pretty signature but novelists please distribution business started criminals because of some sort of sensible self is super star world extra the singapore cleaning up the the mess is that the justice system leaves behind dexter in many ways gentleman's club who uses words gem investment and discussion with me region compulsion for good masking wears his workers day-to-day life done last houston doing this all of the great comic superheroes throwback class they are all very slides characters that hall have their tonight they are all cabin harmony washington mother jet-train saheb into pieces in front of him when he was basically for five years old from that point on his life how do you make your life has better recognizes the stones in him and um instead of taking his own life he takes the lives of people who haven't taken responsibility for the differences in the late emergency masterpiece arguably saving more lives than resending and he's also extinguishing that darkest part of himself physical abuse that character you know the end andover ceo killer do you know there's no kind of hiding behind that fact texas associate at the killer unquenchable thirst to kill and ultimately texas filling is compelling only because he can justify why he's doing a person i think audiences relish and i've been given the opportunity to identify what's when it was on paper released reprehensible uh all of us would be of phiri's killing indiscriminately the fact that it's hard it's terrible people uh opens the door uh the audience to identify with them someone contest massaging kills you through didn't because you can't sentences is more that cones into one needs to know that these two women the right thing for the right person not letting the people who deserve justice suffered the cracks these finding those bad people getting rid of them you know who does what you read that right as you know there's one irritable first the kind of a seemingly madness that goes on the the hanging from studio world without you first it is essential you know it's a very very intriguing television series but in his mother shows delight eating similarly autumn showed that people who were watching it would approach me in culkin's declined to show god knows i've written a lot of serial killers in my time finite never ask you audience too believe in the triumph of poster killing there's nothing wrong with fifteen pounds files for the human condition understand transmission can way and i understand and is sort of an insight action frankly as well as shows it may be made no one will deport any show that would be would suggest catharsis in in files from in serial killing people talk about the moral ambiguity these days of the eighty-year-old at that that's the world of living in the think that's all you need is in the middle of anyway since there are a lot of that people out there who have is the justices and he's just making sure that they don't don't care how will you tell them to know theirs there's nothing to come and that as an idea ideas are important some people to die and i don't know the the show comes down one way or another but it certainly uh temps you into rescuing but some people do and then mister wrestled with the fact that you felt that way the coin ever really lands is just sort of spinning initiative well him right away from him audiences creates these guidelines by what it used to live artist need to be in a position to as for personal reasons and let the audience band most lawyers responsibility and assumes next step advised six events that's and include a certain projects but their students to complicated it doesn't really matter to an audience as much as it used to whether they have characters a hero were of no one four center for working does it matter what they are trying to do longest fielder passion storytelling isolate making everyone for instead so there members of the audience are able to identify with characters in their full complexity television this part drugs for restoration this form of sports section that type of emotional attachment is what television at its best is capable of but generate ultimately every great story is know themself and discover that stuff we're all trying to figure out if we're living this life only but also for a living and that's the way it works is where our disposal drives for distances series for the two men were not proven visit he's dot to porter america in prime time on dvd review visit shot ups dot recall one eight hundred free needs