American Dad s02e15 Episode Script

Four Little Words

Come on, people, give me one original way to assassinate somebody and we can all go home.
I got it! Okay, first, we hire a midget.
I'm listening.
When the target starts his car, said midget, now in our employ, bursts out of the air bag and strangles him! Oh, that'll get 'em.
Congratulations, Smith.
That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard.
- Guess we're eating dinner here.
- Again.
Bullock's made us work late every night this week.
You know why.
Bullock's wife is still being held hostage in Fallujah.
Who wants to go home to an empty house? Where should we order from? Hoagies 'n Wings? One of us has to find a woman for Bullock so he won't want to work late every night.
Great idea, Jackson.
Wow, they have hoagies and wings.
Oh, they also have hamburgers.
I think this place is trying to do too much.
Damn it! You want me to set Bullock up with one of my friends? Come on Francine, I'm sick of working late.
Hey, I know the perfect match.
Your friend Melinda.
I don't know.
- Nonsense, it'll be great.
- All right, I'll call her.
But if this doesn't work out, remember, - I told - Oh! Francine, Klaus had a little accident.
We're gonna need some paper towels.
Oh, I have some of those.
Dude, what the hell?! I needed a diversion.
Francine was dangerously close to saying the four words I never ever want to hear from her again.
"I told you so.
" She's said it to me exactly four times in our marriage.
I told you so.
I told you so.
I told you so.
I told you so.
I told you so, I told you so.
I cannot hear those words again.
And I'll do whatever it takes to keep her from saying them, as God is my witness! - Weird.
Not a cloud in the sky.
- Yeah, I know, must be heat lightning.
This pedometer is the best Christmas gift ever.
- Thanks, Roger.
- Don't mention it, Roger.
Steve, hydrate me.
Over here.
Uch! What is that? A Manhattan.
I feel great! And look! I lost half a pound since Tuesday! You look thin.
And therefore have value.
There he is, Mommy! The monster! - Timmy, it's not nice to point.
- But he doesn't have a nose.
He can't help it if he's deformed.
Deformed? I'm just as God made me, madam! Relax, sir, you've never looked more beautiful.
- I'm just a bit rusty at pitching woo.
- Oh, there she is.
Oh, god, Francine, please tell me this is my blind date's father.
I knew this was a bad idea.
- I told you - Hey, hey, come on, we all just got off on the wrong foot.
Let me buy us a round of drinks.
Waiter! 15 kamikazes.
Mirror, mirror on the wall let's see how you like it on the floor! Hey, Roger, we have something that might cheer you up.
Don't look at me.
I'm hideous.
I'm a noseless freak.
Not anymore.
"Rick Baker's Celebrity Nose Kit?" They're latex copies of actual celebrity noses.
Just like porn stars do with their genitals.
Shall we get started? Maybe this was a bad idea.
Oh, my God, it's perfect! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the Kevin Bacon! Roger, you look awesome! First thing tomorrow we're going to the park.
I can't wait to show my nose to that kid who spited my face.
Francine, why didn't you warn me about Avery's unbelievably sexy accent? Ben Rothlisberger.
Ooh, yeah.
Well, looks like my late nights at the office are finally over.
Oh, Stan, nothing turns me on like watching a dear friend get worked over by an old man.
Well, you're drunk enough.
Francine and I are gonna go have the maritals.
I just hope I don't pre-marital in the car on the way home.
- Hello? - Smith, we have a problem.
It's about bloody time.
This is your fault, Smith.
I told you I was rusty when it came to dating.
I don't understand, sir.
I thought you and Melinda really hit it off.
We did.
Lovely woman.
Things were going swimmingly and then I I made the most terrible blunder.
Oh, my God, - Is she dead? - Quite.
Boy, you are rusty.
Sir, you killed your date?! What in the name of Phil Spector happened? Everything was going so well.
Previously on my blind date: I don't normally move this fast.
I never thought I could feel this way about someone other than my wife.
I'm gonna go powder my nose.
I'll freshen your drink.
I thought she was a terrorist.
Curse my CIA honed reflexes.
Sir, this is a disaster! Do you realize what you've done? I've ended a life in its prime.
You've given my wife a reason to say "I told you so.
" She knew this date wouldn't work out.
Your wife will never know about this, no one will.
One of us will have to bury this body in the woods.
Of course, sir, but how do we decide which one of us will Damn it! There he is.
That little feelings-hurter is about to eat crow.
I'm gonna go rub his nose in my nose.
Mommy, look! It's the monster.
The monster from the hit movie Hollow Man.
Oh, my God, it is Kevin Bacon! Normally, I'd chastise you for watching an R-rated movie, but Kevin Bacon is an American treasure, even when he's playing an invisible rapist.
- Kevin Bacon.
- Stir of Echoes! - Tremors won three Saturn Awards.
- What's a Saturn Award? - You're missing the point.
You're right.
That's Kevin Bacon! They think you're Kevin Bacon.
Yes, Hayley, I understand things that happen around me.
Bacon, would you and your entourage like to dine at my fancy eatery? - On the house, of course.
- Uno momentito, por favor.
All right, do we milk this Bacon thing or do we wuss out and get nothing? Let's vote.
- Hayley, you don't get to vote.
- I was gonna vote for free stuff.
Really? Well, look at you.
God, I'm so hung over.
Last night is such a haze, but it seems like that blind date was a big success.
I think I'll stop by Melinda's today and get the details.
- No! Don't do that.
- Why, did something go wrong? - No! It-It's just that, well, you and Melinda got in a big fight last night and she never wants to talk to you again.
- But Melinda and I never fight.
- Well, normally, no, but you know how nasty you get when you drink.
- I do? I didn't know that.
- That's 'cause you always black out.
Look, Francine, your friendship is dead and buried.
Buried behind the Olive Garden.
The one in Richmond.
Well, I'm gonna go pay a hobo to say we were playing squash until very late last night.
Hey, wine guy.
Kevin Bacon wants another free bottle of your most expensive wine But, Mr.
Bacon, you've already had five premium bottles and Oh, okay, all right, okay.
Hey, I'm doing the back page of Vanity Fair next week.
I guess when they ask me what my greatest loss in life was, I'll say the two feet of lower intestine that had to be removed after I ate at this dump.
No! Mr.
Bacon, of course it's on the house.
You bet your ass it is.
I'm Kevin Bacon! - Roger, we can't keep doing this.
- Yeah, I mean, it's stealing.
Oh, oh, excuse me, are you an ethicist? A-a-are you? Is there an ethicist in the house?! - I'm an ethicist.
- Well, screw you, I'm Kevin Bacon! I just heard Bullock's got another all-nighter planned for us.
Oh, man.
Francine? I'm worried about Melinda.
I went by her apartment to apologize and she wasn't there.
- How odd.
- I don't think she ever made it home.
- How curious.
- H-h-how, how can you be sure? There was a Thai menu hanging from her doorknob, which doesn't add up, because she loves Thai food and she hates doorknob clutter.
- I'm sure she's fine.
- You're probably right.
I guess I should wait another day before going to the police.
It appears we have a pig in our truffle patch.
My wife has to believe your date was a success.
Don't worry, Smith, I'll throw her off the trail.
- Thank you, sir.
- Oh, while I have you, Does Francine have any other single friends? This whole thing with Melinda has made me really horny.
Francine, you're blocking me! - I'm in the shower! - Where are your keys? On the hook! I'm looking at the hook, they're not there! Check the bowl! Got 'em! They were in the bowl! But they were supposed to be on the hook! I can't hear you! You could hear me five seconds ago! Can you bring me a towel?! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Thai food? They should fine these people for littering.
Aw, my knee! God bless it! Hey, you're not Francine.
You're an assassin.
A midget assassin.
Oh, my god, Bullock's trying to kill my wife.
With my idea.
Yeah, can you drop me off at the dealership? They gotta repack me.
That's how you try to throw Francine off the trail, by killing her? You know, maybe she should go to the police.
At least then she'd be safe.
Fine, Stan.
But if you don't want her to say, "I told you so," there's only one option.
- There's gotta be another way.
- There is none.
She can either be dead or she can be right.
Now you take care of your wife, or I will.
And next time, Smith, I won't be using a midget.
I'm gonna wear these out.
- Great, I'll ring those up for you.
- Jump back! Do you know who I am, clerk face?! Geez, Roger, you're making Kevin Bacon look like a total douche.
Yeah, you may be beautiful on the outside like Kevin Bacon, but you're ugly on the inside like Tommy Lee Jones on the outside - and the inside.
- You know what? Kevin Bacon is gonna take as much free stuff as he wants.
He doesn't need you.
It's time for me to cut loose footloose! So why don't you two get lost before I kick off my Sunday shoe up your ass! I'm so glad you were able to track Melinda down.
I just want to clear the air with her.
Well, she's still pretty mad at you.
We'll work it out.
I wonder what's keeping her.
- Is that her? - Where? - In the red hat.
- That's a hat rack.
Yeah, yeah, the hat rack.
Is that her? - No, I don't think that's her.
- Oh, well.
Now drink your poison.
Melinda? Oh, my God, what happened?! You killed her.
I killed Melinda? I don't remember anything! That's 'cause you got drunk and blacked out.
- Again.
- What is she doing here? Why is she wearing lingerie? Why is she covered in dirt? Let me start from the beginning.
Melinda met us at the bar, but she didn't have her ID and they were totally carding, so we came back here.
You both put on lingerie and started mud wrestling.
But then you began arguing over who would shower first.
You made some good points, but things got out of hand and you stabbed her with your knife set and Yeah, I think that's it.
This is awful! We have to call the police! I have to turn myself in! Whoa, murderer! Don't you think that's a little selfish? What would your family do without you? But I killed my friend! How can I live with myself?! Don't worry, honey.
I'll help you put this horrible business behind you.
Trust me, honey, this is the best way.
We have to destroy the body so you won't be implicated.
Now you have closure and our grass will be green all winter.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Where's your nose, Kevin? Shouldn't you be out raping the star-struck masses with it? Nose? What are you? Oh, oh, that.
Yeah, yeah.
Look, I really owe you guys an apology.
I lost sight of what's important.
It's not what you have right here, it's what you have right here.
- Oh, that's where my heart is.
- You were a real jerk, Roger.
- Guilty.
- And the worst part is it almost cost me my friends.
Hugs? In celebrity news, movie star Kevin Bacon was involved in a hit-and-run accident today right here in Langley Falls.
What?! The whole incident was captured by a nearby traffic cam.
Kevin Bacon fled the scene and was arrested 20 minutes later across the country in his Hollywood home.
I didn't think I did it, but it's clearly me on the tape.
Roger! I'm gonna turn this cheese sandwich into a panini.
Delizioso! I'm leaving, Stan.
I killed someone and it's tearing my soul apart.
If I can't turn myself in then I've got to dedicate my life to helping others.
I'm going to India to care for the poor.
- Tell the children I love them.
- Wait, Francine You're not the monster you think you are.
Of course I am.
I've gone over that whole terrible night two times in my head, and the only other explanation is that someone's framing me.
But who would do something so awful? There's six months worth of casseroles in the freezer.
I love you.
- I really miss Mom.
- Me, too.
But I don't miss her six-month supply of casseroles.
Man, I'm glad we finally finished them.
Yeah, I just wish Dad hadn't added all those noodles to make them last twice as long.
Well, what choice did he have? Freezer burn ruined 90% of them.
Wait, wait, wait a minute, I can do this.
Six divided by carry the noodle It's two months later! I know we're all sad about your mom being gone, but here's something to cheer us all up.
Stan Smith's famous Dinner-Cooked Chicken.
I am starved.
Use the mitts, it's hot.
Stan, I'm an alien.
My skin is natural Damn it, Roger, I warned you it was hot.
You should have listened to me.
I told you You were right, Stan.
You were totally right.
Curse my damnable pride.
I was just about to say I told you so, but you you completely disarmed me with a simple admission of your error.
A preemptive strike, of course.
Where are you going? - India.
- India?! But what are we supposed to do for food? Oh, a girl at the bank told me about this place.
Okay, children, pay attention, because you need to learn English to survive.
Repeat after me "Thank you for calling Apple tech support.
" Thank you for calling Apple tech support.
There's the bell.
I'll see all of you who don't die of cholera tomorrow at 8:00.
Francine, I finally found you.
Stan, what are you doing here? I've come to take you home.
This is my home now, Stan.
I found redemption here by devoting my life for the neediest of the needy.
This is my son, Sanjit.
I adopted him after his mother died while toiling to feed her family.
Her final wish was that I would take care of her poor orphaned child.
Francine, you don't understand.
I was wrong and you were right about that blind date.
Terrible idea.
Bullock ended up killing Melinda so I framed you because I didn't want to hear you say I told you so.
What? But now that I've admitted I was wrong I totally took the wind out of your sails.
So come on, let's go home.
All is forgiven.
You bastard! God, it's like being in a sauna with Michael Chiklis! You made me think I was a murderer?! Do you have any idea what a nightmare you put me through? I prayed to a freakin' elephant! How am I gonna explain that to Jesus?! I'm I'm sorry You're sorry!? Do you know what super diarrhea is, Stan?! Do you know how much you've screwed up my life?! Francine, I know I've done some terrible things, but I'll fix it.
I'll fix everything, I swear.
What about Sanjit? I don't want an Indian baby! I don't even like Indian food! What are you gonna do to fix this?! Well, we won't have to worry about that baby anymore.
That's right.
Now that you've cleared the brush, we can build a sandbox where Avery, Jr.
can play safely.
Guess we won't be working any more late nights, huh, sir? I don't know about you, Smith, but some of us have families to go home to.
Yes I do! Yes I do! I'm pretty eager to get home myself.
Don't touch me.
- Still not there yet? - Not even close.

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