American Dad s11e15 Episode Script

Seizures Suit Stanny

Thanks for driving, Hayley.
I really need both hands free to make the float inside my mouth.
[ Munches, slurps, swishes ] What your father's doing is called molecular gastronomy.
The swishing releases the carbon dioxide from the soda.
He's enjoying his dessert on a chemical level! Klaus, I don't care about that.
[ Clicking, text bloops ] Hayley, get off your calculator and learn something about flavor, please.
It's important.
Um, no.
And this isn't a calculator, okay? [ Cellphone chimes ] I'm texting.
Texting?! That's even worse! Here we go about the kids.
You kids today, all shuffling around aimlessly with your heads buried in your phones.
One day, you're gonna look up and say, "Wait -- why are the signs all in Chinese? Oh, it's because I'm in communist China!" Are you saying I'm gonna walk to China? I'm saying this becomes China! Come on, dude.
You knew what he meant.
I'm putting my foot down -- no more texting in the Smith family.
That's it -- done.
That's insane.
Yeah, there's no way Francine lets that fly, Stan.
[ Cellphone chimes ] Okay, then I forbid you to text and drive.
Yeah, that's actually smart.
And no texting at the dinner table.
And at school.
Andwhile you're doing your homework.
Andwhileyou'replaying board games with the family.
Andat church and the movies and funerals and weddings -- Ohhh, they're coming to me now -- and charity events and work functions and during the national anthem and the "In Memoriam" part of the Oscars.
Just put my foot down hard on texting.
Klaus, read that back to me.
[ Clears throat ] [ Inhales deeply ] I didn't have a pen.
I'm sorry.
Ah, damn it.
But I remember them.
I-I remember all of them, I swear.
All right, well, don't forget and just write it all down when we get home.
Nobody talk to Klaus while he's remembering my list.
Good morning, U.
I got a feelin' that it's gonna be a wonderful day the sun in the sky has a smile on his face and he's shinin' a salute to the American race oh, boy, it's swell to say good -- good morning, U.
Aah! Good morning, U.
[ Birds chirping ] Looks like life just hit someone in the gonads.
You know, I-I don't get it, Roger.
I've been acing my practice tests at school, then flunking the real tests.
Why is this happening to me? Sounds like you got the "yips.
" The what? The yips.
You're choking under pressure.
It's the type of thing that can ruin your life, amigo.
How can I fix it? You can't.
Oh, my God! [ Laughs ] Kidding, bud.
You fix it where you fix everything in the swimming pool.
Wait -- h-how is swimming gonna make me a better test taker? Not swimming, you tiny Adonis -- diving.
What do you want to see? I want to see perfection.
[ Chuckles ] That narrows it down.
All right.
How about a 2 tuck reverse? Do it! Do it now! [ Wind blowing ] [ Claps slowly ] What's with the sarcastic slow clap? That was a tight cowboy tuck and clean entry.
Sure, it was tight and clean, and I'm as hard as concrete, but you did it in your own backyard.
I want to see you do that exact same dive at the public pool in front of the entire neighborhood.
Ohhh! So this was a practice test.
There's always a method to my madness, Steve.
Now watch this.
[ Wind blowing ] I just do the dive.
I don't mess with the water.
[ Birds chirping ] So, I'm in the checkout line, and I have to swipe my card a few times before it goes through, and I hear the guy in line behind me do the whole "ugggh.
" Like he's in such a hurry.
Then I see he's buying stove-top popcorn, and I say, "Sir, if you're that pressed for time, maybe you should buy the microwave popcorn.
" Well, the checkout lady takes her microphone thing and goes, "Major burn on register 1!" And she immediately gets fired.
Turns out she had a history of playing with the microphone.
Hello? Oh, my God.
Have I not been talking to anyone? [ Door opens, closes ] Stan! I have zero bars! That's correct.
I'm having the C.
scramble the signal inside our house until Hayley starts obeying my no-texting times.
I also wrote them in German.
I did the German side in purple as a little incentive to learn German.
Wish me luck, everybody.
I'm going on my first business trip.
Jeff got a job field-testing products.
I work for a company! Well, I guess if Jeff can figure out how to use a product, anyone can.
Thanks, Mr.
One day, I will insult you in a way you can understand.
Okay! Enjoy that job until your first drug test.
Oh, it's cool, Mr.
S I know everything about drugs.
I mean, is it me, or are kids just getting dumber? Oh, they're dumb as shit now, Stan.
I swear, it's all the texting.
I don't know.
I use texting all the time.
Yeah, it's a great way to cut to the heart of a conversation without all the chitchat.
Texting just doesn't jibe with my sense of humor.
I have a really dry wit -- like bone-dry.
It's all about nuance with me -- deadly timing.
You can't get that in a text.
Actually, emoticons are a great way to get those subtleties.
Here, I'll show you.
Stephanie's my mistress.
A winky face.
I guess that could be helpful if I'm saying something tongue-in-cheek.
And emojis even go a step further.
Look at that little face! It's like he's saying, "Um, check, please.
" That's one of my go-tos! [ Cellphones chiming ] [ Farting ] [ Laughter ] Oh, my God! That's texting? That was real, you guys.
[ Cellphone blooping ] [ Camera clicks ] [ Cellphone bloops ] [ Cellphone chimes ] I know my P.
is A.
My energy is M.
and never coming back and FYI, the 411 on the F.
list anyone will tell you [ Cellphones blooping ] It's a lot like doin' crack W-T-F-I rolling on the floor laughing, L.
interaction wait for another reply A.
Are you gonna T.
me back tonight? [ Cellphone blooping ] [ Door opens, closes ] I noticed the phone service is back on.
[ Cellphone vibrates ] [ Keys clicking ] Huh? Oh, yeah.
But don't think for a second that means you can break my texting rules.
I'm watching you like a hawk.
Really? How many fingers am I holding up? You're holding up one finger, and it's the middle one.
That would have been better.
Hold on a minute, Stan.
If you're texting now, why are you still all over Hayley about it? Because, Klaus, when a parent makes a rule, they have to enforce it, no matter how stupid they realize it is.
Otherwise, their kids won't listen to anything they say.
So you're a hypocrite? Name-calling, huh, Klaus? Well, I guess I'm not texting you my joke of the day anymore.
Aw, come on! Don't be like that! I will.
I will be like that.
[ Cellphone chimes ] [ Door opens ] [ Engine revs ] [ Cellphone bloops ] Better.
Oh, this is just too good.
[ Tires squeal ] Don't smile.
[ Camera clicks ] Jeff, prepare to understand your first insult.
And send! [ Cellphone bloops ] Ooh! [ Tires screech ] Aaaaaaaaaah! Oh, look -- there's a Klaus.
[ cellphone bloops ] Dad, are you okay?! Oh, God, Stan! How did this happen? WellI was just driving all normal.
I remember I had just said to myself, "Wow.
Everything's super-normal right now.
" It was weird that it was so normal.
Andyou want more.
And so Ihad a seizure.
A seizure?! You've never had seizures before! I'm gonna bring in our seizure expert to run some tests, make sure that's what it was.
[ Pager beeps ] You paged me? This man claims he had a seizure.
We just need your expert opinion.
My pleasure.
So, when the episode happened, were you shaking all over? Yes.
This man had a seizure.
Okay, Stan, I want you on bed rest.
I'm also prescribing some pretty aggressive antiseizure medication.
Now, there are a number of side effects -- I don't care if he can't get erections.
That'snot one of the side effects.
Well, maybe it should be.
I could use a break.
I'm just getting railed.
[ Indistinct conversations ] Okay, I got you a day pass.
It was 20 bucks, so we're stealing towels.
We're also stealing chlorine, but that was already gonna happen.
Ah, the public pool -- society's unflushed toilet.
[ Children laughing, screaming ] If you can perform the same dive you did for me in front of these savages, you've got nerves of steel.
Bye-bye, performance anxiety.
Not so fast, hotshot.
You have to wear these.
Only two types of people wear speedos to the public pool -- great athletes and perverts.
Which one are you? [ Keys clicking ] "Seizure," my ass.
Beg pardon? You didn't have a seizure when you crashed.
You were probably texting someone a picture of your balls or something.
Dude, ball shots are played out.
It's all about making your elbow look like a butt right now.
[ Camera clicks ] Whoa! Whose butt is that? [ Door opens ] Oh, I'm so glad you're okay.
You know, your accident really put things into perspective for me.
Driving is already dangerous enough without texting.
I am gonna limit how much I text, dad.
It seems my precious rules are safe for another day, Klaus.
And now it's your turn to obey me.
You have to take these meds.
No more close calls like that.
"Possible side effects include memory loss, chalky genitals, hallucinations, underbite, unibrow, swamp palm, Daniel Calf" -- Daniel Calf? Klaus, I don't care about that.
The important thing is that we stop these seizures, right, dad? Absolutely, sweetheart.
Okay, let's forget for a second that you're taking some insane medication that you don't need.
Already forgotten.
You could have used the accident to prove your point to Hayley that texting and driving is bad.
[ Scoffs ] And what happens when she finds out you've been texting? Not gonna happen, because I am done with all that.
Just let me send this last one.
[ Cellphone bloops ] Ah! Damn autocorrect.
It changed "Doc gave me meds" to "Dog gave me AIDS.
" Let me juuuustsend.
[ Cellphone bloops ] Damn it! "Dong gave me AIDS.
" Let me juuuust It appears vaudeville is alive and well in cyberspace.
[ Indistinct conversations ] My penis feels weird in this, Roger -- like everyone can see it.
They can.
Shape and size are coming through with perfect clarity.
But don't get psyched out -- just nail the dive and show these jerks you've got ice in your veins.
A-and who knows? Maybe they won't even notice me.
Everybody, look at this dipshit! What's the matter, kid? Didn't want to pay for the whole tan? [ Laughter ] [ Chuckling ] God, that's good stuff.
Shake it off, iceman! Well.
What do we have here? An athlete or a pervert? Ignore me.
I'm just a divorced dad with weekend visitation.
Gregory! What are you doing over there by the jets?! I don't care if it fits! You pull it out of that jet! Gregory! [ Sighs ] Swamp palm.
Damn medication.
[ Door opens ] I'm back from my trip, Mr.
[ Chuckling ] Whoa! Sick unibrow, bro.
The hair is just a little side effect of the seizure medication.
[ Gasps ] Which reminds me Wow.
Empty already.
All right! I'm cured! That's not how it works, goofball.
You need a refill.
Oh, I'll drive him! I don't know why I said I'd drive.
I drove over 40 miles on my business trip, and that's gonna be it for me for a while.
By the way, I didn't really understand your text.
'Cause that person's not my mom.
That went through? Even with the crash? Wait -- Mr.
, were you texting and driving? What? No! Why would you say that? Because you sent me this video right after.
[ Splash ] Oh, look -- these's a Klaus.
Save me, texting! Okay, fine.
I was.
But you can't tell Hayley.
If she finds out I was texting, she'll never listen to me again.
I can't just turn a blind eye to this, Mr.
I'm a field tester now.
Oh, yeah? Well, you're about to get a straight-up butt pic.
[ Camera clicks ] Hmm.
I can do better.
[ Camera clicks ] [ Horn blares, tires screech ] Ooh! Somebody! Help my friend! Shouldn't you help him?! You're right there! Yes, but I'm angry at him because he was texting and driving! Come down! You'll see! It's very obvious! This, I got to seeeeeee! He was texting and driving.
It's a cautionary tale.
I hate to say "I told you so," but [ Sobbing ] You were right, dad.
You were right.
There, there.
I told you so.
There, there.
Well, the good news is, Jeff has a 60% chance of pulling out of this coma.
The bad news is, that's out of, like, 800%.
We'll call if there's any change in Jeff's condition.
Oh, no.
No, I am not leaving his side.
Me neither.
I'm staying right here, day and night.
We shooould probably get some magazines, though.
Oh, yeah.
And I need, need, neeeeeeed a hot dog.
As for you, a traumatic event like this can increase the risk of seizures.
I'm gonna up your medication as a precaution.
Oh that's not necessary.
Well, you're all set.
Looks like I'm in the clear.
They bought the whole thing.
What if Jeff comes out of that coma? Who said that? Down here, bro.
Hey, buddy.
Who are you?! I'm Daniel Calf.
I'm a side effect.
Of course.
Uh, please excuse me.
Today has been absolutely nuts.
[ Chuckles ] Please.
I get it.
So, listen, if Jeff comes out of that coma, he's gonna tell everybody that you were the one texting and driving.
He could ruin everything.
What do I do about that? You got to kill him, chief.
Wait -- he can't prove I was texting and driving.
His phone's at the bottom of a river.
Plus, Hayley will obviously believe me.
She's eating out of the swampy palm of my hand.
What about the mainframe? The main-what-now? The mainframe.
It's where your cellphone provider keeps all the texts you've ever sent.
As long as that mainframe exists, someone could find out the truth.
So, what do I have to do? My head's a bit fuzzy from the shot.
Look, there's only two words you need to remember -- "Destroy mainframe.
" No problem.
Destroy man! Ohh! Almost! Just channel all the energy you normally use to walk and talk and focus it on these two words -- "Destroy mainframe.
" [ Slurring ] Destroy mainframe! That's it! Now let go of your motor skills! Really focus! Yaaaaaaah! Yeah! You're doing it! Do it! Do it! What's your problem?! [ Indistinct shouting ] You've been up there forever! Dive, you freak! Show us your balls! [ High-pitched ] What he said! [ Clipped accent ] I can get behind that.
You've nailed this dive a million times.
And here comes a million and one.
Goodbye, yips.
Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! [ Exhaling ] [ Coughs, gasps ] He's okay! The pervert is okay! [ Light instrumental music plays ] [ Ominous music plays ] [ Monster voice ] Destroy mainframe! Mainframe! Sir, the mainframe's not actually in the store.
We don't even have a bathroom.
She's lying.
She works for the mainframe.
Mainframe! Mainframe! Ah.
You found our push-to-talk phone.
Cellular range, walkie-talkie convenience.
Yaaaaaaaaaahhh! [ Ringtone plays ] [ Cellphone beeps ] Mainframe? Dad, Jeff's awake! Wha? He's out of his coma.
Noooooooooo! [ Engine revving, horn blares ] [ Tires screech ] You should've killed him before -- when I told you.
Just met you then.
No developed trust yet.
[ Tires squeal ] [ Gasps, sputtering ] Hayley! I'm -- I'm -- [ normal voice ] I'm so -- I'm so sorry! Oh, God! What have I done?! [ Sighs ] Her organs are being held inside her body by the car.
When the car moves, she'll lose them.
That means she's only got 'Cause that's when my lease is up.
[ Voice breaking ] Hayley, this is all my fault! I was the one who was texting and driving, not Jeff.
I thought admitting that to you was bad parenting, but this -- this is slightly worse parenting.
[ Sobbing ] What's going on? Hallucinations.
That's a common side effect of the meds.
I'll pull him out of it.
Let's leave it for a while.
[ Sobbing continues ] [ Sighs ] Thanks for trying to help me, Roger.
I guess there's nothing we can do about my performance anxiety.
Wait -- did you learn nothing from that whole experience? Yeah -- I crack under pressure.
Buddy, you just missed the whole point of my lesson.
There is no pressure.
Huh? Those jerks at the swim club can make fun of you all they want, but at the end of the day, you get to come back here to your house with a pool, and they don't.
None of those idiots have their own pool.
You think if they did, they'd go to a place like that? Why would they? That place sucks.
And you think that if you flunk some Biology test at school, they're gonna take your pool away from you? No, I guess they won't.
No way.
You can flunk every test forever and you still get to come back here.
- To a house with a pool.
- Oh my God.
- I have a pool.
- There you go.
- I have a pool.
- We got a pool, baby.
Yeah! I take solace in the fact that her life was not lived in vain.
I, Stan Smith, solemnly vow to carry myself as she did.
With integrity, dignity and grace.
Can I bring him out of it now? Just a little bit longer.
Looks like you got a fruit cake in the deli department.
We got a major burn at register 8.
Sydney, you don't work here anymore.
I'm a customer now, Tom.
Sydney ain't going nowhere.