American Dad s18e09 Episode Script

Saving Face

Stan, what are you It's Saturday.
I thought your spin class was cancelled.
I don't know,
the alarm's got a mind of its own.
- Wait a second.
Oh, my God, it's my peak day alarm.
- I set this years ago.
- Why, you ask?
It's all here,
in my vintage issue of Men's Health.
Aside from correctly
predicting Zachery Ty Bryan's
A-lister career, it has an article about
when a man hits the
scientific prime of his life,
his "peak," at the third month
of his 42nd year. That's today.
What's it say about women?
When's my peak?
Oh, good Lord,
that would have been ages ago
a-and stretching far into the future.
Yes. Even my obvious lies
are at peak performance.
Good morning, U.S.A. ♪
I got a feelin'
that it's gonna be a wonderful day ♪
The sun in the sky has
a smile on his face ♪
And he's shinin'
a salute to the American race ♪
Oh, boy, it's swell to say ♪
- Good ♪
- Good morning, U.S.A. ♪
Good morning, U.S.A. ♪
Welcome back to "Morning Mimosa"
with Trish and Suze.
It's time to call some of the men
who ghosted Trish after one date.
First up on the list is a
humorless little schmuck
named Suckboi Tony.
- Come on.
- What the [BLEEP]
It's time for a thrilling
I have officially hit "peak Stan."
Everything at this moment in
my life is hitting its stride.
I've got it all
wonderful wife, great kids,
fridge in the garage.
A blend of faculties and experience
that are in total sync.
Cool, Dad, great.
Speak up, my boy,
can't hear you up at the peak.
Can we put the TV back on?
Hayley, is that you?
Wind's whippin' like a mother up here.
Be careful, Stan,
as they're constantly saying
on the series "The Crown,"
"heavy is the head
that wears the crown."
What are you talking about?
I think he's saying that when
you're on top of the mountain,
people are gonna try to knock you off.
- Right, Klaus?
- Right.
Man, you always get me, Francine.
Meet me in the kitchen.
You may be right.
At the peak, I'm most exposed.
But also at the peak,
I can see my enemies coming
in every direction.
I can also see them not
able to handle the altitude.
Should've hired a sherpa, haters.
Come on, honey,
let's go to the grocery store.
I want you to see what it's like
when a man at his peak buys baked beans.
So, Roger, if you need pointers
on how to maximize free samples
without these crummy farmers
giving you crap, just ask.
We do this a lot.
I like to grab a sample,
take a little lap, come back and pretend
I'm a different talking fish.
That was my tip. I told you that.
No you didn't. My oma taught me that
when I was a young ski
jumper in Düsseldorf
Are you [BLEEP] with me right now?
How did I end up in this grouping?
Feel like I got put
on the practice squad.
Four bucks for one apple?
That's robbery, I'll give two.
They're $4. We have samples if you
No, no, no, no, no,
I'm not trying anything.
I am in control of this negotiation.
Take the sample.
- What is he doing?
- Is it even good?
The best you'll ever have.
See, now you've overplayed your hand
and just lost a customer.
I'm walking away.
Adios, señor.
Still got any of those apples?
Sucker. That's a fiver.
This is gonna be amazing.
People forget,
but apples can go toe-to-toe
with any fruit out there.
Well, not peaches, plums, pears,
pomegranates, pineapples
and those are just the "p's"
but a good apple is good.
What are you waiting for?
Get to munchin', bro.
Oh, no, I paid out
the ass for this thing.
The setting must be perfect.
Every single bite has to be savored.
My hands are empty.
Why are my hands empty?
I dropped the apple.
When did I drop the apple?
There it goes.
- Aah!
It went into that tiny sinkhole.
I know.
I thought for sure it
would go into that one.
- Say, "pe-e-e-e-eak."
I'm ready now.
I'm thinking about a prime filet.
You offering any discounts?
I've hit my peak, see.
Congrats there, friend.
Guess it's all downhill from here.
Wait. Wait. Wait, what do you mean?
Don't you get it, I'm at my peak.
Sure, but once you've gone
all the way up,
- there's nowhere to go but, uh
- Farther up?
Uh, how about a dry-aged steak?
Is that what I look like to you?
Hey. I couldn't help but notice you,
and I had to ask.
What's your number?
[GIGGLES] Oh, Tom.
Hey, are you hitting on my wife?
I was just joking about
what number she was in line.
Tom, your horniness is a
problem for our business.
Everybody's coming for me.
They smell blood in the water.
You're reading way too much into this.
Oh, this is rich.
Even the flier guy thinks I'm weak.
Stan, they're on every car.
I'm not weak!
Alright, update on the peak.
My enemies think I'm on the downslope.
And thank you for warning me.
Your loyalty will be rewarded.
We were just teasing, Stan.
I wasn't even listening.
Don't take this the wrong way, Dad,
but other people don't
spend a lot of time
- thinking about your life.
- Maybe.
But lemme bounce an idea back at you.
I am Tom Brady.
People are jealous and
dying to see me lose.
But, like Tom,
I'm starting an anti-aging regimen.
Goop lotions and serums,
removing nightshades from my diet,
and daily brain training,
like the crossword.
I don't know any of these.
Point is, with this regimen,
I can take my peak and turn it into
a mesa.
Flat greatness. Forever.
Stan, I think you're going
about this all wrong.
And honestly?
Being pretty narcissistic.
I'm thinking about other people
and how they think of me.
Huh, him again.
Hmm, my curiosity is piqued.
Hi, there, Stan.
I'm Dr. Revánche.
Like I said to the tech,
I don't want to do
anything crazy, just
Freeze the peak.
You came to the right place.
Look what I can do.
Damn, son, bring a bucket and mop.
Am I right? [LAUGHS]
But if I can be serious,
this is moving fast.
Maybe a tiny bit of botox
to freshen up instead?
Of course. Let's start small.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's the needle you use for botox?
This is the needle I
use for heart paralysis.
- I'm a bad guy.
Oh, that's honest, at least.
Hello, Stan.
Aah! What did you do to me?!
Stan, don't worry.
You're going to love your new face.
your old one is pretty nice, too.
- You were right,
someone was coming for you.
It was me.
I started with your face, but trust me,
it doesn't end there.
I'm gonna take your whole life.
Aah! Oh, my God, this is crazy.
And what is going on with my voice?
Oh, I also switched out
your larynx with that guy's.
And I love it.
Good morning, alleywa-a-a-a-a-y ♪
My beautiful face.
My beautiful voice.
That doctor changed everything.
Oh, my God.
I guess it's the same.
Oh, my God,
what are you even going on about?
Sorry, I was talking to myself.
So was I.
Not everything revolves around you.
No. No. Lose the hat.
You're right, it's too much.
Okay. We are a family at the table.
- It is time for a meal.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
- Good summary, Dad.
What's going on with your voice?
It's peaking, along with the rest of me.
It's like a second puberty.
There's a second puberty?
Oh, no.
- Got you.
I said that way too soon.
Stay where you are. I said, "got you."
- Cop tackle!
- Lemme go.
Who is that?
And why are they here?
I asked them to stake out the house.
I noticed this man following me,
and was afraid he might
come for my home and family.
Lies. He's not who you think he is.
He stole my face and my voice.
I'm Stan, not him.
How do you explain this, then?
Can't fake that.
You gotta believe me.
I just went to the doctor to get botox,
you know, to preserve my peak,
and maybe some lip filler
- I'll give ya some lip filler.
He said lip.
Why didn't you punch him in the mouth?
Oh, duh, of course.
Hey buddy, say that sweet,
sweet set-up line again.
C'mon. If we retrace my steps,
I can show you how he did it all.
Okay, let's go.
I don't think it's coming back.
Let's just get another apple.
No, that was a once-in-a-lifetime deal.
I'm eating that apple.
You can't fit in there.
Sure I can.
Been in a weight-loss contest
with college friends,
so I'm slim right now.
Slacked off bad the first week,
got chicken carbonara from
Domino's like 11 times,
but this week I've only had coffee.
Okay, it's tight, but not so bad.
Oh, no, oh, no, I'm stuck, I'm stuck.
Pull me out, pull me out!
I don't wanna do this anymore!
- Dude.
- I lied.
I had four clif bars
and a tub of strawberry
frosting this morning.
He made it.
Hi. Okay, it's way down there.
I'll be back.
If you don't hear from me
in a week, um
Ya know what? Just give up.
Move on with your lives.
We'll all be fine.
Just ahead is Dr. Revánche's office.
You'll see where that monster duped me
and drugged me and set his
twisted plan in motion.
Buddy, it's empty.
I don't get it. Just yesterday this was
a fully-functioning doctor's office.
I mean, his receptionist,
Susan, sat right there.
She had a gruff exterior,
but she really went
to bat for me with my insurance company.
Real Stan,
why are we indulging this guy?
We're trying to appease a crazy person
because he knows where we live.
- Plus, it's funny, right?
- I know.
He put his ads everywhere
on my drive to work.
- I'll show you.
I swear, he had like five ads in a row.
He couldn't have gotten rid of them all.
Sir, you've peeled these ads
all the way back
to old Hollywood.
Oh, wait, the flier on my windshield.
Follow me.
I tossed it down here.
Is this it?
No, just a lotto ticket.
Ooh, someone left a box unscratched.
Nope, that was just bird shit.
Can we just arrest this clown?
Say, this guy's clearly
going through something.
Ya know maybe I can just
talk some sense into him.
I speak clown.
Why are you doing this?
You don't remember me, do you?
Let me freshen your memory.
Many years ago,
I placed a bid on my dream home,
but I had competition.
So the sellers asked each
of us to write a letter
to help them decide.
I put my heart and soul into that letter
but you must have put more
because you got the house.
And at the time,
I still believed the
world was a fair place.
Later on, I ran into the sellers,
who informed me that they
only received one letter.
Look familiar?
"I like house.
Want to live there bad.
Other guy seems like douche."
This is good. How come
you didn't get the house?
That was the letter you wrote!
I don't know how you did it,
but I know you made my letter disappear.
Good instincts.
It was definitely me.
I took it and made a clean getaway.
After that, I was enraged.
I became consumed.
My wife couldn't dedicate
herself to a life of revenge,
so I ended it.
And soon I discovered
your weakness vanity.
So I planted the peak
day idea in your head
and led you into my arms
After med school,
a plastic surgery
residency in North Dakota,
and a couple years keeping
my [BLEEP] sister's
sandwich shop afloat in Woodstock.
And now I have what's rightfully mine
the house and the family I
never got the chance to start.
A security camera.
That'll prove everything.
I can't get through to this guy.
Arrest him.
- We'll never catch him.
He had a crazy head start.
He probably ran track.
And now I have what's rightfully mine
The house and the family I
never got the chance to start.
See? Told you it was me, old friend.
Oh, my God, you are you.
You look good, Stan.
Get a bucket and a mop.
The voice is sexy, too.
Say "banana."
No. Stop making eyes at me and listen.
I've been in hell.
But you can save my soul.
You're the linchpin to my whole plan.
Oh, I'm a great linchpin.
Reliable, strong, sexy,
charming when I need to be.
Ooh, and if your plan involves walking,
I got a great new set of sneakers.
Comfortable, good price, brown.
Oh, and they got
the longest laces, Stan.
Shhhh. Less, Tuttle.
Got ya.
Got it.
Oh. Lost it.
Got it.
Nope. Got it. Got it, yes.
Can't hardly see a thing in here.
An orange? Ech. I don't want this.
Feel like I shoulda thrown the orange.
As you can see,
I've got some heat on me right now.
So I need you to take this
tape and show my family
I am who I say I am.
I think I'm getting a blister.
Maybe I should go home
and get a band-aid.
Just go.
I'm starting to panic, Stan.
Stop turning around and talking to me.
Did that guy just step
out of the bushes?
Yeah. And now he's talking to 'em.
You think we should check it out?
Nah, now he's crawling
back into the bushes.
Just a nature freak.
Oh, my God, he's got my family!
Looks like the Smiths
are going on vacation.
Let's check the scanner.
DISPATCHER: Officer Blatt,
Caruso, where have you been?
Officer down at Sixth Street and av
Ugh, it's always bad news with that guy.
Tell me about it.
Let's go get some ice cream.
They're still gone.
We need to look for clues
to where he might be going.
Is this something?
Uch, yes, that's an iPad.
I mean this.
Oh, my God.
Why would he do this to her?
He's going to do surgeries on them.
That godless mons Actually,
Steve might be able to pull this off.
No, must find them.
Okay, Stan, I'll go get my car.
Quiet. Let me think. Where?
- I remember him testing the tools.
- There was a bird
and a bridge.
A rickety wooden bridge.
Tuttle, where is the closest
rickety wooden bridge?
Uh, there's a pretty solid
one over at the library.
Rickety. Rickety for chrissakes.
Oh! There's one
at the Japanese tea garden.
Yes! You're a genius.
You absolute fool.
This is not it.
I think ah
It's not a bridge ow
But there's a rickety
dock at the Marina.
The bridge was a dock.
The bird was a seagull.
Yes, I was on a boat.
That also explains this barnacle
that's been stuck on me for days.
Let's go.
He must have them on one of these boats.
Some kind of, I dunno, surgery boat?
Do you know which one?
It could literally be any of these.
Surgery boat, surgery boat ♪
up faces on a surgery boat ♪
It's the eighth row over,
and the third boat do-o-o-o-wn ♪
Look, we're never gonna find
'em if we stand around
listening to this guy sing.
Let's split up and check
the boats one by one.
Okay, who wants to go first?
Please, no.
Please, sir, have mercy.
I'll go. Always get the
first appointment of the day,
when the doctor's fresh.
Life hack for you kids.
Stop. You guys have to believe me.
That's not the Stan you know.
Uh, yeah, we've pretty much
figured that out by now.
Ugh, will you please
just leave me alone?
Listen up, Doc.
I'm only gonna say this once
Fix my son's cheekbones,
then get the hell away from my family.
Tell him, Dad. Wai wuh?
[CHUCKLES] Looking at you now,
I see that you need a little touch-up.
Nurse, scalpel.
- Still tied up over here.
- Right.
I don't care how
obsessed you are with me,
you can't have my family.
You don't get it.
I don't want to have your family.
I want to ruin them,
just like you ruined my whole life.
Watch the face. Watch the face.
Obviously, it's mine.
How dare you try to change my family.
Let me tell you, as a plastic surgeon,
your family is far from perfect.
You bitch.
Maybe they're not perfect to you,
but I love them all as they are
Except my wife, she's a [BLEEP] fox!
Time to face the music.
I'm so sorry.
When I said I love and
accept you as you are,
I realized maybe that's
what I've been worried about
this whole time.
That once I'm past my peak
you might not love and accept me.
- Just untie us.
- Hold on, I'm not quite done.
I realize now, though,
you'll never give up on me.
On good ol' Stan.
- Uch, take it off.
- Jee-zuss.
[MOANS] Get a bucket and a mop.
Whew! Glad that's over.
Wait, is it over?
Hopefully Dr. Kalgary
can squeeze me in today.
Although, I do like carrying around
this big 'ole flappy face.
Come on, I'm kissing your ass.
Someone stop that apple.
- Roger?
- Whoa, look at your face, dude.
What happened to you?
That's a $4 apple.
What am I doing?
I'll just go buy another one.
Bye! Have a beautiful time!
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