American Dragon: Jake Long (2005) s02e03 Episode Script

The Academy

Jake: Are you sure
about this, spud?
Yeah, 'cause you know
I'm always happy
to help you out.
For once, I'm gonna find
my own date for the dance.
Lone wolf's spot is
officially on the prowl.
Okay, so who you
gonna howl at?
Hmm I'm not sure which
area of the cafeteria
to try first.
There's the jock table.
The nerd table.
Goths. Freaks.
bandies, hip-hoppers
I guess I'll cast my line
out on the stream here.
See if I can get a nibble.
Afternoon, m'lady.
Hey, I love that
Hi, my name is
Say, do you
I'm sure there are plenty
of girls who would love
to tell you the truth, Trixie's
the one I'm worried about.
Me not asking her
to the dance has gotta be
the biggest tragedy of her
Uh spud?
Sure, that sounds
great, Kyle.
Pick me up
at around 7:00 then.
Did you guys see that?
Kyle Wilkins!
I'm going to the dance
with the Kyle Wilkins.
Kyle "I'm livin' lime
in the summertime" Wilkins.
Humph, I'm sure she's
crying on the inside.
So what about you, jakey?
Who you gonna ask to the dance?
I i think I just
might You know,
go by myself.
Huh? You, jakey?
Flying solo?
Quit playin', player.
There must be somebody
you wanna go with.
No, not really.
Kara sara!
Check it. It's those
freaky oracle twins.
The ones that see into
the future and all of that.
Sara had a vision.
How bad are
we talking here?
Go ahead,
tell him.
I wouldn't let it ruin
your day or anything.
It's just the huntsmen is
putting together
a play that will mean
the total annihilation
of all magical creatures.
Ooh, you're gonna get
a really huge zit next week.
He's cool, he's hot
like a frozen sun ♪
He's young and fast
he's the chosen one ♪
People we're not bragging ♪
He's tamerican dragon ♪
He's gonna stop
his enemies ♪
With his dragon power ♪
Dragon teeth
dragon tail ♪
Burning dragon fire ♪
A real livewire ♪
American dragon ♪
He's the American dragon ♪
His skills are
getting faster ♪
With grand pop master ♪
It's destiny
what's up, g ♪
It's showtime baby
for the legacy ♪
American dragon ♪
I'm the magical protector
from the N.Y.C. ♪
American dragon ♪
[Gong rings]
The vision doesn't
have many specifics.
I see a circle of skulls,
magical creatures
crying in agony.
Oh, I love
the colors in this rug.
It's just like
Rose told me in my dream.
The huntsclan is up
to something big.
You're supposed
to see the happy stuff.
Let's see I see a vision
Of girls fighting
over spud.
Really? Tell me more.
Okay, I see you guys
setting a trap
to catch a member
of the huntsclan
And it works.
Catch a member
of the huntsclan?
Hmm well, I have been
working on a little something
that might just do the trick.
You know how the huntsclan can
teleport from place to place?
Well, theoretically,
it might be possible
to intercept their
teleportation beams
problem is, the beams are
encrypted in a huntsclan code.
Dude, let me plug in.
The dragon council
has been working
for hundreds of years
to break the code.
It may be impossible to
Yeah, I'm in.
It's a mirror
encryption pattern.
Kinda tricky,
but I found a back door
someone forgot to shut.
Yes, bud.
You rock!
Kid, that's what
I'm talking about.
Hold on, I'm locking
on to something.
[Cat meows]
Awww, look
at the cute little
[All scream]
Uh, wait, that was a typo.
Uh, spud?
Hey, potato boy,
do you mind pain?
Definitely a huntsclan
teleportation signal.
[Cat screams]
[Electrical shocks]
Prepare for battle,
young dragon.
[Both cough]
89, are we here?
Dude, I am so wicked psyched
to slay my first dragon.
First dragon I'm run into,
I'm gonna be like,
yo, what's up, fool?
And then he's gonna be like,
no, spare me,
mighty number 88.
Then I'm gonna be like,
[karate yells]
You in there, sucker?
He's gonna be like Huh?
[Both growl]
Dra dra
Ahh! Momma! Momma!
[Record scratch]
I don't get it.
Who are these clowns?
They appear to be
huntsclan trainees.
Their teleportation beam
was gonna take them here.
A secret huntsclan
training facility upstate?
Lots of parking.
There's also a central
mainframe computer.
But I can only access
it there at the source.
Getting to that computer
may be our one chance
but it will involve some
dangerous undercover work.
This oughta put you right back
into the same
transporter beam path.
Get the information,
and get out quickly.
I wish you both luck.
In case something happens,
and you don't come back,
I just want you to know
something About the dance.
Sure, trix.
I just want you to know
I'm going with Kyle Wilkins!
Can you believe the
realness right now?
Okay, I just can not say
that enough times!
Kyle Wilkins
Kyle Wilkins ♪
Oh, my goodness.
Okay, kids,
it's blastoff time.
Uh, are you sure
this is safe?
Unless you happen to be
wearing aluminum underwear.
[Electronic whir]
Numbers 88 and 89!
You maggots
are two hours late!
Now run.
A way for the primary
mission and objective
of the huntsclan now!
Both: To rid the earth
of all magical creatures!
[Both grunt]
[Both groaning]
Welcome to the huntsclan
You're late for class!
Dragons can often be tracked
from the putrid stench
that comes from
under their wings.
Not to mention
their funny haircuts.
Spud, shut it.
You there!
Number 88, front and center!
I need a dragon.
A dragon? What?
No, no!
I'm not a dragon,
no way.
I hate dragons. Ugh.
I need you to play
the part of a dragon
for a little demonstration.
Right, no problem.
I'll just, you know,
pretend to be a dragon.
Since, I'm
definitely not
Class, you're about
to receive a demonstration
someone who has
faced dragons before.
First lesson.
Never let down your guard.
Dragons are heavily armored
along the head and back.
Uh, just for the record, that's
all muscle down there, baby.
Dragons have another weak spot.
Oh, oh, I know. I know.
Behind the left ear, right?
That's why they're such babies
when you flick
'em behind the ear
at the state park snack bar,
'cause they're
taking forever
at least, that's what I've read
about in books and stuff.
number 89.
A direct hit behind
the left ear
will result
in a clean slaying.
And one last thing.
Never show
a dragon mercy, ever.
I can't believe it,
Rose is here.
Yeah, and she's also
teaching a class
on how to carve up dragons
like Thanksgiving turkeys.
We can't trust her, dude.
Rose had a chance
to slay me once.
We're here to uncover the bad
guy's master plan, remember?
Yeah, I guess you're right.
Come on, let's do this.
[Record scratch]
That's where I need to plug in
to access the mainframe.
This place is crawling
with guards.
We 're gonna have to
Oh, hey, Rose.
What's up?
Rose, I've been looking for you.
What're you doing here?
I got your message,
you know? From my dream.
I told you not to come
after me, it's too dangerous.
Can you tell us what
the huntsman is planning?
They sent me back here
for messing up in the field.
Then we need to access
the computer in that room.
It might be the only way
we can find out.
The noise came
from this direction.
We have to get you
back to your room, now.
Hey, Rose. Nice to see you
Bed check, maggots!
Numbers 89! 88!
I can help you get
to the computer.
Rose, what about you?
I won't just leave you here.
I don't have
anywhere else to go.
I told you in the dream, Jake.
You can't save me.
[Video games beeping]
You know, you can't treat
us like this.
It's like totally barbaric.
88, clearing throat:
Excuse me, I'm empty again.
And I demand a twist
of lemon this time.
I win.
Hey, hey, no fair,
I was just getting a refill.
That is an automatic time out.
Tough Turkey.
You have to call
the soda freeze.
That ain't how.
You just made that up.
Look, I gotta unload
some cargo over here.
And I better not hear
a peep out of either of you,
when I get back.
[Both gasp]
You don't suppose these burgers
are made out of unicorn, do you?
The cafeteria breaks down
just like at our school.
Huntsclan jocks.
Huntsclan nerds.
Huntsclan motorheads.
And huntsclan hotties too.
Hey, 89, um
You seem to know a lot
about dragons.
Uh, well,
yeah, babe, sure.
Will you, like,
totally tutor me, maybe?
Back off!
Number 89 is tutoring me.
Oh, did you guys study
for the lab test in dragon
slaying today?
Lab test?
You will have 30 minutes
to mix together a venom
that is lethal to dragons.
Well, let's see
what this does.
[Coughing and grunting]
Number 88 and 89,
in addition to destroying
the class,
you have failed
the lab test.
This mixture would not be
lethal to a dragon,
it would only give the temporary
appearance of death.
You will both be punished.
Yeah, I'm used to that.
So what do you all
have around here?
Detention? Demerits? What?
[Loud woosh]
Dude, what did he say
we're being thrown to?
A cracken.
A crack in what?
I think it looks
something like
Something like that!
I guess we should've studied.
Spud, look out!
[Both grunt]
Jake, keep moving.
We don't stand
a chance in here.
Jake: I can't use any
of my dragon powers.
Everyone will see.
Not for long.
Trust me.
Run, spud!
Come on!
[Generator whirs down]
Jake: Eye of the dragon.
Jake: All right,
Jake, think.
Girl: What's going on?
I can't see anything!
Jake: Time to turn that frown
upside down, ya-hey!
[Loud booms]
[All gasp]
He is the greatest
warrior in the school.
[Cheers and applause]
[Laughs] I rule!
[Record scratch]
See spud, I told you
Rose was legit.
She totally had our backs.
89? Hi.
Do you have a date
for the dance tonight?
Well, actually,
I I, um
No, number 89
shall be my date.
I smell weakness in you.
You shall bathe in the stench
of your own pathetic defeat.
[Both grunt]
I want number 89!
Uh, spud, shouldn't we be
breaking this up or something?
But when is this ever
gonna happen to me again?
Spud: Fight for
the trophy that is me!
Ro i mean, huntsgirl.
Number 88, do you have
a date for the dance tonight?
I mean, let's go.
You and me.
We'll get on the dance
floor, shake our
Listen, the dance
hall is located
tonight could be our only chance
to access it, understand?
Oh, right, got it.
Yeah, but
But after we get
the computer files,
I think you better
I want you to come with us.
There's only one way I'll ever
graduate from this place.
Name it, whatever
it is, we can
I have to slay a dragon.
Fu dog: Whoo! I'm just gonna
leave the fan on in there.
Oh, no.
We got problems!
[Reggae music]
Get ready.
You got something
in mind for the distraction?
This is a school,
just like any other.
[Whispering continunes]
[Record scratch]
You said what about me?
[Punching and kicking]
Girls, break it up. Whoa!
Nicely done.
We won't have much time.
Spud, come on.
And the pretty evil girls,
and the Whoa!
Spud: Downloading
Downloading Yes!
All right, let's
get out of here.
Rose: You've gotta get that
information back to New York.
Head for the teleportation
Spud, wait.
We can't just leave her.
But, Jake.
Yo, huntsman,
that's him.
[Both gasp]
That student
is an imposter.
Seize him!
Where is the other one?
Number 89.
Look, there's
the other imposter!
Seize him!
Let's expose your
true identity, shall we?
Dragon up!
It's a dragon!
Dra dra
Aaah! Momma! Momma!
Don't just stand there,
seize him!
How would you like
one last chance
to rejoin me back
in the field?
I of course, master.
Tomorrow at dawn.
You and this
dragon will fight
To the finish.
[Keys jingle]
I'm getting you out of here.
Look, if I'm
gone in the morning,
they're gonna blame you.
I can't let that happen.
You have to slay me.
At dawn the two of us
are going into that arena,
only one of us
is coming out.
You'll get reinstated
with the huntsmen,
you can find out what he's
planning and stop him.
There has to be
another way.
Are you ready for this?
I hope you know
what you're doing.
Any last requests?
Just one.
[Electric whir]
Move it! Watch it!
Coming through!
And now, we shall
all bear witness
as huntsgirl and this dragon
fight to the finish!
Uh, I mean cake
is what I'll eat
to celebrate
the slaying of this dragon.
Huntsgirl, what're
you waiting for?
Finish him!
Behind the left ear?
This dragon is slain!
[Cheers and applause]
Yeah, that's right.
Now what, dragon?
What do you want?
Dude, I would've taken
that dragon down
in half the time.
Welcome back, huntsgirl.
You did this, you evil,
two-faced, dragon-slaying,
spud, remember the lab test
you and Jake failed?
The dragon slaying
potion you made?
The teacher said that
it would only give a dragon
the temporary
appearance of death.
But I don't see how
that could possibly
have anything to do
with what's going on now.
Oh, wait.
That's right.
He had me whip up
another vial of the potion
and plant it in the dome
before our battle.
Rose: We pretended to fight long
enough for him to find it.
I'm sorry I called you an evil,
two-faced, dragon-slaying,
ninja, she-witch.
That was the first thing
that popped into my head.
Actually, the first thing
that popped into my head
was a monkey riding
a unicycle.
And then tacos, and
Apology accepted.
[Electric whir]
[Deep inhale]
Did the potion work?
Or, I mean
Did it not work?
Jake! Welcome back, buddy!
Phew! I've never been so happy
to be bad at schoolwork.
Come on, time to get
you guys out of here.
Jake: But we still don't know
what the huntsmen's plan is.
I'm starting
the teleportation sequence.
Rose, when will I see you
[Lasers firing]
[Slow hip-hop]
Can you believe
this over here?
Kyle Wilkins and all that.
I don't suppose you
ladies would have any interest
in having a giant
kung fu battle
Yup, just thought I'd check.
Hey, stranger,
care to dance?
So you're back!
Back in school!
I'll do anything I can
to help you stop them.
It'll be me and you
fighting side by side.
We can save the world
by day, and by night
The huntsmen will
be watching me.
We can't be seen
together too much
or we'll both
be in danger.
Thank you Jake,
for everything.
Hey, Rose. Time for you
to trade up.
And shake it
with the bradster.
Oh, man.
Those two huntschumps were so
confused when they escaped,
they can't even remember
where gramp's shop is.
Last she heard, they were
looking on coney island.
She hasn't heard
from them since.
Announcer: Behold!
The latest additions
to the coney island
side show of freakness.
Number 88 and 89!
You're just lucky we're
behind these bars, man.
I'd be going crazy right now.
I'll knock you
all over this place.
I'd be like, pow, blam!
[Makes fight noises]
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