American Dragon: Jake Long (2005) s02e06 Episode Script


This is nice, isn't it?
Well, except
for the part
where my fingers
turn into popsicles.
Yeah, it is nice
to finally be done
with the secrets.
The you trying to slay me,
stuff me,
and mount me on your mantle.
It's all so weird.
The huntsman
always taught me
that dragons were
disgusting and Oh.
It's the huntsman.
Ever since
I left the academy,
he's been keeping
a close watch.
It's like I have
to prove myself
all over again,
and we still don't know
what he's plotting.
[Sighs] Us spending
time together right now,
it's just too risky.
Maybe I should just use
my charm bracelet
to talk to you
in your dreams
like before.
What's the worst
that can happen
if we're together?
It's not like
the huntsclan's just gonna
come charging out--
Aah! Don't let him eat me!
No! Aah!
[Coughing and gasping]
88, check it out.
Rose went and found herself
a big hunk of man.
What? No, no, no.
Rose and her boyfriend
sitting in a tree,
What are those jokers
doing in the city?
They're working as
apprentices for
the huntsman, and--
On second thought,
explain later.
Ha! That'll teach you
to mess with the--
Jake, look out!
Yo, man, is she fighting
with that dragon?
Come on, 89. Let's go
tell the huntsman, dude.
Aah! Uh!
Ok, that was freaky.
So, you up for dinner later?
Jake, we can't.
What if 88 and 89
had seen us fighting
We're gonna have to
keep our distance
from now on.
I'm sorry.
He's cool, he's hot
like a frozen sun ♪
He's young and fast,
he's the chosen one ♪
we're not braggin' ♪
He's the American dragon ♪
He's gonna stop
his enemies ♪
Dragon teeth, dragon tail,
burnin' dragon fire ♪
A real live wire ♪
American dragon ♪
He's the American dragon ♪
His skills are
gettin' faster ♪
With grandpa,
the master ♪
His destiny
who wants some tea ♪
It's showtime, baby,
for the legacy ♪
American dragon ♪
I'm a dragon,
I'm not braggin' ♪
It's my destiny ♪
I'm the magical protector
from the N.Y.C. ♪
Yikes, bro.
Sounds like roso
gave you the old
I'd offer you some advice
on how to handle it,
but the spudster's
never faced that kind
of rejection from the ladies.
Eh, there, Stacy.
What's up, girl?
Eew! Aah!
Oh, I'll call you.
That's the frustrating
part, spud.
But she's convinced that
spending time together's
too dangerous.
You know, jakey,
little miss ninja thang
does have a point.
But it's only dangerous
if I'm around her
as a dragon.
We're just 2 kids who
chill at the same school.
Rose and I can
totally make this work.
I'm just gonna have
to find a way to
spend time with her.
Attention, hoodlums!
Since Mr. Ugenstein,
your science teacher,
is still recovering
from last week's
bunsen burner debacle,
I'll have
the distinct pleasure
of handing out
this week's assignment.
[Students grumbling]
Enough with your
overlapping grumblings!
You will each pair up
with a partner
to invent something
that will impress
the lederhosen off of me.
Projects are due Friday.
I will grade you
on originality,
and revolutionality.
Jake long, begin
the choosing of the partners.
With pleasure.
Eye of the dragon.
But mister--i mean
principal rotwood,
Jake and I can't be partners.
Well, I did totally
randomly pull your name
out of the--
But that doesn't matter,
'cause Jake and I
Uh can't stand
each other.
I mean, who
in their right mind
wears that much hair gel?
Say what? Well,
your hair's totally
Enough! You will
be spending a lot of time
together this week,
so whatever problems
you have with each other,
deal with it!
How about we invent
a pick 'n' flick?
nose picker?
Boy, don't make me smack you.
Some people just aren't
ready for progress.
Oop. Time for
a liberal slathering
of lip ointment.
Behold. My winter supply
of lip treatments,
face lotions,
and petroleum jellies.
Together, they create
a fortress of protection
the harsh elements
of mother nature.
"Hangnail helper.
Apocalypse wow."
Spudinsky, you got,
like, 100 different things
going on here.
What's up with
just one skin product?
That's it!
We'll invent one product
with 100 uses.
And we shall call it
100 use cream.
Hmm. Well,
the name needs work,
but let's get fixin'
to do some mixin'.
For the record,
you don't wear
too much hair gel.
Look, I know you're
totally worried
about us hanging out,
but it's out
of our hands, right?
I mean, you've
gotta pass science
you're right. I mean,
it's just an innocent
school assignment.
So how's
tomorrow night sound?
4th street library?
Say around sixish?
It's a date!
I mean, study date.
Not even a date.
A study adventure.
A boring study adventure.
But not totally boring.
I'll be looking
forward to it.
Guys, check it out.
Operation Rose
is officially a go.
And before you know it,
we'll be studying
from the book of love.
Ah, the book
of love.
I know it well.
Eh, there, girl.
Uh! Aah!
Ha ha! It's like
I'm a rock star.
So what should I wear?
My red jacket
or should I mix it up
and wear my other
red jacket?
Yo, bro? I think
you've got bigger
oh, yeah, and it's
staring at us from
the end of your nose.
Stand back, gramps.
I think this thing
is gonna blow!
I am sure the blemish
is just the beginning
of your molting cycle.
Now tell me again
about the serpent
you encountered.
Well, let's see.
It had this freaky skull
around its neck,
oh. Sure. A dragon
shed its skin
every 10 years or so.
I think I'd remember
having a discussion
about my skin
peeling off my body!
Listen, kid, before you go
making a mountain
out of a molehill,
you know how a caterpillar
transforming into a butterfly
is a perfectly natural
and beautiful process?
Good, 'cause molting's
nothing like that.
Oh, it starts with a zit.
Then before you know it,
your flesh turns grayer
and lumpier
than a big old bowl
of expired oatmeal.
Say what? I have
a study date with Rose
tomorrow night,
who, until a few months
ago, thought dragons
were sick and nasty.
You can't go about
your business as usual.
Take the old man,
for example.
He could've let molting
get in the way
of his singles cruise
to boca last year,
but he didn't.
Welcome to
the lido deck, ladies.
The water's f-i-n-e. Fine.
We have much more
serious matters
to worry about
you must tell me.
Is this the serpent
you encountered?
Yeah. Why?
Gramps, what is it?
A guardian serpent.
How could you let
the serpent get away?
See, we were opening up
a can of hunts smack
on that smack sucker.
Especially me, but look,
out of nowhere,
pow! Zing! Hyah!
Huntsgirl tags in
and starts fighting
side by side with
a dragon. For real.
What? Master,
I was left fighting
against the dragon
and the serpent
after these 2 ran
away like cowards.
I know you are,
but what am I?
Silence! I want
that serpent, not excuses.
But master,
if I may ask,
the serpent guards
one of 13 mystical
aztec skulls.
It is believed
that the skulls,
if ever brought together,
would spell certain doom
for all magical creatures.
That's gotta be
what the huntsman's
been planning.
And if he gets
ahold of the rest
of the skulls
I shall finally
have the power
to wipe out
magical creatures forever.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Morning, guys.
What's up?
Hey, Jake--aah!
Dude, what happened
to your face?
What? Oh, this?
Just a little,
you know, molting.
It's a whole
once every 10 year
dragon thing.
Is it that noticeable?
[Both gagging and retching]
You good.
What am I thinking?
I can't go to school
like this,
let alone go out
with Rose tonight.
Ok, dude,
I got an idea.
Last night, me and trix
developed a prototype
of our 100 uses cream.
But we only came up
with 99 uses.
Yeah! Maybe
tightening dragon skin
can be use 100.
After all, we did mix in
some of grandma Carter's
firming eye gel.
Lay it on me.
I'll try anything.
Yeah, if by helping
you mean making it
get nasty.
Oh, man.
Jake, I was calling you.
Oh, you were saying Jake?
'Cause I thought you
were saying, um Steak.
Why would I be saying--
Look, I need to talk
to you about the--
I gotta go, um, find
homes for Stray pigeons.
Stupid! Stupid!
Uh, is everything ok?
Mm-hmm. Let's talk
later, ok?
But Jake, I need
to tell you something.
Jake? Why are you--
Stay back.
Never mind. Listen,
there's something
me, too. I've been
thinking about what
you said this morning,
and you're right.
We can't see each other
for a while.
Not even at school.
It's just too dangerous.
I'm sorry.
But Jake, I--
I have to talk to you
about the huntsman's plan.
88, check it out.
The dragon!
Ooh, and huntsgirl.
Yo, this proves
something is going on
between them.
Tonight after our mission,
I am telling huntsman
what's up.
Garcon, toilet water
all around,
and keep it running.
Fu dog?
Oh! Eew.
Hey, Rose. What are you
doing in my dream?
But he's acting
all weird and won't
let me tell him
so I'm hoping
I can tell you
to tell him.
Interesting. Do tell.
The huntsman
has tracked down
the guardian serpent
I'm supposed to
retrieve the skull
with 88 and 89,
but it's imperative
that Jake
get there first
and intercept it.
Ok, I'll be sure to tell him
just as soon as I wake up.
Now, if you don't mind,
I was just about
to get my groove on.
Va va voom!
What up, fu?
Bad dream?
Your little sweetheart
just interrupted
my dream
to pass along a message.
You gotta get
to central park pronto.
Here, snakey, snakey.
Yo, chill, snake dude.
Just give me the skull
and I'm out of here.
Well, lookie
who it is.
b-f-f forever.
Fool, the last "f"
stands for forever.
You just said
best friends forever forever.
Man, you shut up.
Shut up!
I don't know
what either of you
are talking about.
Now get that skull!
Aah! Aah!
[Gasps] Aah! Uhh!
[Both shouting]
Never send an apprentice
to do a dragon's job.
All right!
We got the skull!
I believe that's mine.
Man, you just let
the dragon get away
with the skull.
No, I didn't--
Ooh, someone's about to get
a wicked hard smackdown
from the huntsman,
and her names
rhymes with--
That huntsgirl
might be working with
the American dragon?
Master, I was at
the library earlier,
but I never made contact
with that dragon.
For all I know,
it's stalking me.
Enough excuses!
Twice you've had the chance
to retrieve that skull,
and twice
you have failed me.
You hardly seem
like the same fighter
who slayed
her first dragon
back at the academy.
It looks exactly like
huntsgirl's b-f-f
for Ever.
Is anybody home?
'Cause huntsgirl
already slayed that
dragon, remember?
Yes or did she?
What? This is preposterous.
You were all there.
You saw me
slay that dragon.
Bring me the pelt
of the slain dragon.
And if I refuse?
Then I shall take
your refusal
as an admission
of treason.
You of all people
know the consequences
of betraying
the huntsclan.
And since I cannot trust
any of you
to bring me the skull,
I will retrieve it
The aztec serpent
has an innate ability
to track the skull
taken from it.
It'll use the snake
to locate the skull
and the American dragon.
Yeah, what's
crack-a-lackin', jakey?
Me and spud are here
to find a cure for
your illin' skin
totally! 'Cause
as co-founders of
100 uses cream inc.,
we feel your complexion
should resemble
peaches and cream,
not peaches
and creamed corn.
Thanks, guys,
but I think my skin
might be getting better.
What do you think?
[Gagging and retching]
I'll take that
as a no.
Rose! This, uh,
isn't a good time.
Excuse me,
while I, um,
use the can.
Yeah, don't mind him.
His grandpa
made a prune cake.
Jake, you've got
to listen to me.
The huntsman is using
the guardian serpent
to track the location
of the skull.
You've got to get that thing
out of here now!
I'm on it.
Whew! Must have been
some prune cake.
Rose, stay here!
Jake, wait!
There's something else.
Rose, hide. We can't
be seen together.
I'll take care of this.
I believe your work
here is done.
So, huntspunk,
we meet again.
Only this time,
you and the skull
shall me mine!
At last, dragon,
it is over.
Jake, are you all right?
Uh, yeah.
The huntsman.
My staff was set on stun.
He'll only be out
for 10, maybe 15 minutes.
Jake, I've got
to tell you something.
Can you come out here?
Look, 88 and 89
saw us together
at the library.
He's demanding proof
I've slain a dragon.
Jake, I'm gonna have to
leave the city for good.
Oh, no.
This is all my fault.
I set up the whole
science partner thing
to prove that us
being together
wouldn't be dangerous.
All because I was too ashamed
to let you see the real me.
The real you?
Filthy, disgusting dragon me.
Jake, I don't care
what you look like.
I like you
for who you are.
What's under your skin
is all that matters.
I've got
to get out of here.
I guess this is
good-bye for good.
Hey, y'all ok?
Dude, what happened?
Rose, you're not
going anywhere.
I've got an idea.
what happened?
You were
attacked from behind
by the elder dragon.
Luckily, I was able
to rescue you.
I don't remember seeing
the elder dragon at all.
You still question
my loyalty?
If my word isn't enough,
here is your proof.
If you need
anything else,
I'll be in my quarters.
Well done.
Dude, I knew we could
find a 100th use
oh, yeah, that's real.
One healthy slathering
and your old skin
slid off your body
like a pair
of silk pajamas.
But I haven't heard
from Rose.
I just hope
the huntsman bought it.
[Bell rings]
Jake long, why don't you
and your partner
be the first to unveil
your magnificent invention.
What? Now?
But we didn't get a chance--
I mean, my partner isn't--
Enough excuses!
Front and center.
And I expect
to be dazzled.
Uh, our project
is revolutionary
And, uh
My partner Rose
She's here!
Man, am I glad
to see you.
I got nothing
for the project.
Me, neither. What
are we gonna do?
My bracelet.
Hmm. Interesting.
This looks
uncannily similar
to the dream charms
I have read about in
mythological folklore.
But the slipshod
proves otherwise.
As a holographic
I find it mildly inventive.
C minus.
I guess I really
screwed things up
this week.
What matters is that
everything turned out ok
with the huntsman.
But I still can't believe
you thought I'd freak out
about how you looked.
You're a dragon,
and I'm cool with that.
Well, the huntsman's
still gonna be keeping
a close eye on me.
To get his hands
on the rest of those skulls.
So I guess we really
shouldn't hang out
I'd love to, but
it's just too dangerous.
You're right. I
Did you just say
you'd love to?
Dang! Sounds like
somebody got it bad
for the Jake man.
In your dreams, honey.
You're giving me
your dream charm?
Actually, I'm giving you
your own dream charm.
I figure since
you've got to dream
and I've got to dream
See you tonight?
What made the huntsman
pick these two yahoos
as his apprentices?
Was it their courage?
Aah! Don't leave me!
Their clever wits?
I know you are,
but what am I?
I guess we'll never know.
I see from your resumes
that you've slain 3 dragons,
a giant leech,
and a whole pack
of manticors.
Welcome aboard.
Uh, he does know
it was all in
a video game, right?
Mm, mm, mm, mm.
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