American Dragon: Jake Long (2005) s02e10 Episode Script


So you don't remember
anything about your parents?
They died right after
I was born.
The huntsclan took me in
and raised me.
My earliest memory
is lying in my huntscrib
and crying out
for my huntsnanny
mine, too!
Well, except for the nanny
and the hunts Everything.
On that depressing note,
these are the best
crepes ever!
Yeah, but if we're
having dream crepes,
we may as well make them
real dream crepes.
Speaking of dreams,
let's give a warm aloha
to mine.
You gotta love
the dream charms.
Very nice.
Listen, Jake,
I would never
have the courage
to tell you this
in the real world,
but I--
[Alarm buzzes]
Oh, man!
Mr. Long, today
was the latest example
of your growing
hit parade of tardies.
Care to explain yourself?
Well, I--
Although flunking you
out of the seventh grade
would please me more than
a felfenkuchen on a hot plate,
the school board mandates
I give repeat offenders
one last chance
to earn make up credit.
Very gracious of them,
wouldn't you say?
Um, what the heck
is alfa-feltha--
Your make up credit
shall be a written examination
on one of the greatest
scientific minds
of modern time.
Ok, fine.
Which one?
Ah, that little detail
will remain ploggin
in my noggin.
What? But I have to know
what to study.
Otherwise, how do you
expect me to pass?
That's the thing, Mr. Long.
I don't.
Ha ha ha ha!
I don't. Ha ha ha ha ha!
Oh, man--
You say that "oh, man"
thing way too much.
He's cool, he's hot
like a frozen sun ♪
He's young and fast,
he's the chosen one ♪
we're not braggin' ♪
He's the American dragon ♪
He's gonna stop
his enemies ♪
With his dragon power ♪
Dragon teeth, dragon tail,
burnin' dragon fire ♪
A real live wire ♪
American dragon ♪
He's the American dragon ♪
His skills are
gettin' faster ♪
With grandpa,
the master ♪
It's destiny,
who wants some tea? ♪
It's showtime, baby,
for the legacy ♪
I'm a dragon,
I'm not braggin',
it's my destiny ♪
I'm the magical protector
from the N.Y.C. ♪
American dragon ♪
I did not hear my shoes
asking for a spit shine.
Wow. I can't believe
I fell asleep
during study hall
Without making use
of my special stash
of study hall
slumber wear.
The quiet, the calm,
my trusty jug
of sleepytime cocoa.
Nothing says night-night
like the school library.
So, jakey, how's
the studying going?
Not good.
I got exactly 43 hours
to study up on
every great scientific mind
or rotwood's gonna
hold me back a grade.
Rotwood is tripping
even harder than usual.
How come you been late
to school so much,
Well, I've been doing
the whole dream dating
thing with Rose.
Oh, dish, boyfriend.
We can finally hang
without worrying about
the huntsclan seeing us.
You lucky dog.
No matter
how hard I try,
I can't remember
a single dream
machine: Dream wave activity
printing now.
Checking for
brain activity
[Monitor flatlines]
Speaking of not
remembering things,
no way am I passing
biology this semester.
It's like I read
the words on the page,
but nothing sinks in.
Aw, it's all right,
Who needs to know
about bones and guts anyway?
Only surgery
I'm ever gonna perform
is on that broken
snack machine downstairs.
Who's with me?
Sorry. I got
tons of studying to do
before I meet Rose tonight.
Did you know
the flush toilet
was invented by
a dude named John?
The voyage channel
aired a special
on hot air balloons.
Hey, isn't that the show
where everybody's pants--
[audience laughs]
Yeah, that one.
Hang tight.
This is great,
isn't it, Jake?
Hey, this is
our dream date.
No off-topic
Huh? What?
Oh, sorry.
If I don't pass,
rotwood's gonna hold me
back a grade.
And the worst part is
unless I can climb
into his head and see
what he's thinking,
climb into his head, huh?
Hmm. Follow me.
What? Where you going?
Watch your step.
What is this place?
Everyone's dreams
coexist within
the same dream realm
connected by
this common corridor.
Totally! How'd you even
know about this?
I did a little
dream realm exploring
back at the huntsplan
It was either that
or stay up late
about how to get
dragon blood out of blouses.
So this is the door
to rotwood's dreams?
Not just his dreams.
His subconscious.
His hopes, his fears--
His test answers?
It's like
you read my mind.
Have I mentioned lately
how much you rule?
After you.
This is the upper level
of rotwood's
I'm proud to present
the golden beagle
to baumschtieken
most accomplished graduate,
the devilishly handsome
and physically fit
hans rotwood,
for his amazing discovery
of magical creatures.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Oh, my goodness.
Thank you.
So where do we find
the test answers?
Where all secrets are kept:
In the deeper levels
of the subconscious.
Come on. This way.
Come with me, fraulein.
We are running!
Ha ha ha ha!
Ah, fraulein,
my noble she wolf.
Will you give me
your man hands
in match?
Oh, hans!
No. You have
ugly shaped elbows
and smell of wet pigskin.
What if I splash on
of the Cologne
and wear of
the long sleeved shirts?
Ok, then. Drive safely.
Follow me.
Heavens, milady.
You have quite
the twinkle toes.
[Knock on door] Hans!
Where's my seamstress dummy?
I need it for the work.
Don't come in, mother!
I haven't seen her--
I mean it.
Ooh, it, it. Ohhh!
Gretchen, what have I
done to you?
No wonder rotwood's
so messed up.
The deeper you go
into someone's
subconscious mind,
the deeper you're going
into their psyche
and childhood memories.
But I don't need to see
young rotwood in love.
I just need the test.
Then let's keep going.
This has gotta be it.
This is it!
You know, baby rotwood
really is kind of cute
when you--
[loud belch]
Uh, strike that.
Ok. Let's get out of here
before stuff starts
coming out the other end.
Jake, look out!
What is this thing?
It's a chimera.
A chimo-what now?
It must be trapped
deep inside rotwood's
Dragon up!
Yo, fyi.
Three heads
aren't better than one.
Jake, get out of there!
Quick! This way!
And I would like
to now say
to all the scientists
who ridiculed my thesis,
entitled magical creatures
you can now begin
with the kissing of my feet.
Thanks, Rose.
Rotwood's gonna be in
for a big surprise
when I Ace
that test of his.
Do you mind?
Do you mind?
Hey, dad.
What up, mom?
Can I get a side of bacon
to go with my usual?
You'll eat
what I make you.
Dang. This toast
is toast.
You'll have to excuse
your mother, Jake.
She woke up
on the wrong side
of the bed-inski.
You heard me,
All morning, you've
been acting like a--
Oh, yeah? Well,
you've been ranting like a--
[blender whirs]
I'm just gonna
grab a bite at school
where people are
a little less hostile.
You did what?
You lifted the answer key
from rotwood's mind and--
Ok, technically
it is cheating, but--
[speaking Spanish]
Couldn't you have swung
by my teacher's mind, too?
Call me crazy, but
I thought you'd be happy
rotwood's not gonna
flunk me out of
the seventh grade.
Yeah, sorry. I mean,
I am happy for you,
jakey. Really.
I'm just saying biology
is kicking my keister.
I barely slept
a wink last night.
Oh, yeah? Well, not only
do I dislike your tone,
I dislike your new
boyfriend. There. I said it.
He's nothing but a shifty,
video-game-playing slack
who trolls around
on his power scooter
looking for trouble.
Ok, but this conversation
is not over, Nana.
Oh, man. What wrinkled
her doily this morning?
Spud, it's not
just your grams.
Got up on the wrong side
of the bed or something.
Jake, I'm glad
I found you.
We have to talk
But not here.
I think I know why
everyone's in a bad mood.
People have been describing
terrible nightmares
they've had,
and they all sounded like
our chimera friend.
Oh, yeah.
I remember now.
That nasty thing was
all up in my dream, too.
Mine, too.
Oh, and boy,
was it hideous.
Ok, I'm lying.
I can't remember
a thing.
We must have accidentally
let that chimera out
of rotwood's subconscious.
Rose, please. The words
Jake and mistake
ok, yes,
in a rhymey kind of way,
but there's no way
I could have let
that thing escape.
Did you remember
to close the door
on the way out?
Here. For your ears.
[Shouting in Chinese]
Of all the irresponsible
things you have done,
have you learned nothing
this past year about cheating?
Uh, there was something
about shortcuts,
the importance
of friendship,
nothing specific to
cheating comes to mind.
Because of your action,
the beast is using
the dream corridor
to gain unlimited access
to everyone's dreams,
plaguing them
with terrible night terrors!
To get that thing back
into rotwood's subconscious
before the whole city
goes bonkers.
Hmm. I think I can
probably whip up
a magical snare
that'll trap
the chimera,
but it may take a while.
Jake, I will stay
and help fu dog.
You must reenter
the dream realm,
track down the chimera,
and meet me
in my dream
where I'll be waiting
with the snare.
On it. Who's up
for a trip
to slumberland?
You guys may not want
to stick around here
if you're planning on
getting some shuteye.
It's gonna get
pretty loud.
We'll need to find
someplace quiet.
Someplace where it's easy
to nod off.
I know!
You sure about this, spud?
This old library
seems even creepier
in the P.M.
Says you.
One person's creepy
is another person's
cocoon of cozy.
Ok, just concentrate.
Let yourself drift off.
Check it out!
This place is off
the chizang!
Yeah, I can't wait
to see my own dream.
Wait. We came here
to find the chimera first.
Now, if we can just--
Jake: After it!
Trixie, it's heading
for your dream door.
Dr. Carter, the patient
is ready for surgery.
Surgery? Quit playing.
I can't even pass biology.
Hold up. I recognize
the digestive tract,
the circulatory system.
Well, that should do it.
We got some bad,
nasty creature to catch.
Hold up.
2 second detour.
It would be so wrong
not to check this out.
Look at me! I'm like
a beautiful butterfly.
Dance, pretty pretty.
Oh, I have got
to get a shot of this.
Come on.
Your grandfather
should be ready
with the trap
by now.
[Disco plays]
I don't get it.
The door says
it's gramps' dream,
but why would he
be listening to--
Go, loushi,
go, loushi ♪
This way!
Go, loushi,
go loushi ♪
Go, loushi,
go, loushi ♪
Yo, babies, watch me
grooving to the music.
Aah-ha! Loushi's got moves
you ain't never seen.
Jake! I didn't think
you'd be here so soon.
You see, I was just
practicing the ancient
Chinese art
of the uh Uh
Gramps, cut
the bell bottom boogie.
We're here for
the trapping device.
To capture the beast,
you must uncork
this device
and aim it
directly at the target.
It will automatically
suck in the chimera.
Now we've just
gotta find it.
Check it out.
It's my dream door!
I've waited
my whole life for this.
Whoa! I can't believe
I don't remember
any of this stuff.
It's the coolest place
I've ever seen.
I take it
you've spotted
the spud signal.
Is terrorizing
our fair city
of spudopolis.
Man! I ever get
my own Butler.
Brief me, dude.
The creature has been
spotted in the city's
warehouse district.
Shall I prepare
the spud-mobile, sir?
That's my catch phrase.
Trust me.
It'll catch on.
Help us, mega-spudman!
Help us!
where are you?
Nobody attacks
the innocent citizens
of spudopolis.
Time for
my secret weapon:
The spud-launcher.
Try a little
sour cream and chives,
Guess what. Gimme
one of those spud-bombs.
That's it. Keep
distracting him while
I move in closer.
That's right.
It's over, chimera.
Rotwood: Ah ah ah ah ah!
Let's go!
Come on, rise and shine.
Well, well, well.
Look who I've caught
breaking and entering
into the school library.
It's a dream come true.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
About 4 hoodlums
who dared to disobey
their superiors.
Rotwood could go on
like this for hours.
We gotta get back
to the dream.
Which is why
you should never pick
a cocker spaniel
when it's eyes--
My car alarm!
Coming, my German
engineered fraulein.
We'd better hurry.
Spud's still in there.
Take that! And that!
And that!
Huh? Uh-oh.
Must escape upward.
One potato pillow coming up.
I mean Tally-ho!
Heh heh.
Trixie, check on spud.
Jake and I
will handle the chimera.
Dr. Carter
on her way.
Time for the main attraction.
Dragon up!
Aw, come on!
The snare!
He's too quick!
We need to tire him out!
You go after the trap.
I'll try to
keep him busy.
You think you're so
tough? Well, follow me.
Let's see how you like it
in my dreams.
Say what?
Hyah! Hyah!
[Horn honks]
Where is this?
I must be deep in
my own subconscious,
in my memories.
They're twins.
I'm going
to call her Rose.
Look at this strange
It looks almost
like a Dragon.
Huntsmaster, we have
a new initiate.
Come, little one.
[Baby cries]
You are one of us.
My parents didn't die.
The huntsclan
took me from them.
I have a family.
Go ahead, freak.
Take your best shot.
Or you can just
take this!
Whoo! You did it, jakey!
You saved spudopolis.
And for that,
my friend,
I'm proud to let you
wear this badge.
I couldn't have done it
without you guys.
Yeah. I don't think
that's gonna catch on.
"You are one of us."
Rose, are you ok?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Now let's drop this beast
back into rotwood's skull
and kick it out of here.
Oh, yeah.
We did it!
Someone seems to have
sprayed my car
with baked potato.
Seeing Mr. Long fail
my examination tomorrow
will surely put me
in a better mood.
So, buddy, you ready
for rotwood's test?
I just need a sec
to peruse
the answer key and--
Hey, guys.
What's up, yo?
I think I aced
my biology exam.
Something about being
a doctor in my dream
made it all
make sense to me.
That's awesome!
Congratulations, doctor.
Dr. Trixie Carter.
I like the sound
of that one.
Our little trip
into the dream world
would be like studying,
only better.
Like studying?
I'm gonna Ace that test
without the answer key.
Uh, did I miss something?
Let's just say that
if rotwood's gonna
test me
on the scientist
I think he's gonna
test me on,
our trip into
the dream world was
better than studying.
Correct. Correct again.
on everything!
Mr. Long, how could you
have known so much
about my life?
Ok, baumshtieken
university was a gimme,
but how could you
have known
or that my mother
was a seamstress?
Don't forget about
that little extra credit
essay I added.
You know,
the one about your
oddly-shaped elbows
and pigskin smell.
What can I say?
I did my research.
Spud: Thanks for visiting
Next time, be sure to stay
and sample our many
potato-themed attractions:
The French fry-fle tower
Woman: Ooh-la yum!
Bucking-yam place.
Cheerio, and tater chip,
my good fellows.
Or the majesty
of mount russet-more.
Aah! Somebody messed
the food face!
Nobody au gratin's
a potato-based
tourist attraction
Butler dude,
to the spud-mobile.
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