American Dragon: Jake Long (2005) s02e31 Episode Script

The Hong Kong Longs

Welcome to Hong Kong,
beloved family
and daughter's husband.
Come. I'll show you
to your rooms.
Hey, dad. Do you
think that maybe
we can dial down
the crazed
on this vacation
a little bit?
Oh, don't worry, Jake.
To a mere 748 sights
and/or attractions.
But, dad, isn't
this the time for you
to, you know,
chill out
and get to know
your family?
Oh, of course, Jake.
Your mom's side
of the family comes from.
I don't want to miss
a single solitary thing.
Ah. I still can't believe
gramps is springing for us
to tag along on
the big family vacation.
Hey, jakey. What's wrong?
Water too hot for you?
I never thought
I'd have the chance
to see her again,
jakey, you wished
for her to have
a happy life,
it just doesn't
include you, dude.
You have to let her go.
I know. Come on.
Let's kick back
and enjoy the view.
We got the harbor
over there,
the city down there.
Yo, look at those hills.
The tallest
one is called
yup, but it's known
by the locals
as the back
of the dragon.
The first dragon
temple was built
on that very summit
thousands of years ago.
Come on, spud.
Let's just rotate
back inside
and dial for some
room service.
I think I smell some
dragon business in the air.
Come on, g. I'm on
vacation here, remember?
But the timing
of this vacation
is no coincidence.
You see, that temple
only appears on the hill
once every thousand years
during a very rare
lunar eclipse
which just so happens to
be--badumsky--tomorrow night!
And on that night,
all of the world's
gather there for
a mandatory meeting.
The eclipse only lasts
a couple of hours,
kind of like most of
my romantic attachments.
Ya ya ga goo goo.
We are completely
free to enjoy
the city
with friends
and family.
Yes. Everything is going
according to plan.
He's cool, he's hot
like a frozen sun ♪
He's young and fast ♪
He's the chosen one ♪
People, we're not braggin' ♪
He's the American dragon ♪
He's gonna stop
his enemies ♪
Dragon teeth, dragon tail,
burning dragon fire ♪
A real livewire ♪
American dragon ♪
hey! ♪
American dragon ♪
He's the American dragon ♪
His skills
are getting faster ♪
With grandpa the master ♪
His destiny,
what's up, g? ♪
It's showtime, baby,
for the legacy ♪
I'm a dragon,
I'm not braggin' ♪
It's my destiny ♪
I'm the magical
protector from the NYC ♪
You heard? ♪
Hey! ♪
American dragon ♪
Yoww! ♪
Oh, my, oh, my!
Wasn't that snail
farm something?
And only 48 blocks away
from our hotel, too.
Jonathan, wait.
Let's take a break.
But, honeybunch,
it's 10 A.M.,
and we've only hit
72 sights.
Dad, this is supposed
to be a chance
for us to hang together
as a family.
You're spending
more time with
those tour books
that reminds me--
I really want to check out
some of the stuff
in this book.
This? Oh, I found it
in your dad's office
when we locked up
the store.
It is full of cool
local stuff
that is not
in the other books.
Mom, that's a magical
tour book.
Haley, come on.
We have to get that
book away from him.
Chang just snatched
your gramps.
We got to do something!
Can't dragon up here.
Too many people.
We need some wheels.
Come on!
It's no use,
American dragon.
Your grandfather
is mine!
Ha ha ha!
Guys, watch out!
[Horn honks]
They got to be
in here somewhere.
This is the Hong Kong
convention center
and exhibition
center, jakey.
But I got a feeling
that we just walked
into a, uh--
A trap!
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Question. Is the bad-guy
laugh really necessary?
I mean, come on.
It's such a cliché.
Or is it a stereotype?
Spud! Now is not
the time.
No. Now is the time
for this.
Dragon up!
Come now. Is that
any way to treat
an old friend?
Ha ha ha!
How do you like
the new and improved
dark dragon?
Uh, he does seem
a lot bigger.
Yeah, like maybe
he's been working out.
I have imbued
the dark one
with powers you cannot
even imagine.
Let my grandfather go!
Dark dragon:
Of course,
but first I expect
a favor from you.
Tonight during
the eclipse,
the world's dragons
will hold
the traditional
thousand-year toast.
You will slip a few drops
of this potion
you're gonna to slip them
a little surprise
at the party, yo.
You will never see
your grandfather again.
Ha ha ha!
There's the evil
Jake, don't do it. Don't!
Grandpa, no!
Too much exercise.
Uh, what? Did
I miss anything?
What happened?
Ok, this is definitely
some kind of
dark mind control
If you slip this
into the toast tonight,
you're gonna give
the dark dragon a free pass
to rule the magical world.
I know, but if I don't,
what's gonna happen
to grandpa?
Dad: There you kids are!
Hey, I thought we'd
try this little
you literally have to walk
through a wall
to get there.
Imagine that.
Dad: Wow. Would you take
a little looky look
at this place?
It's like dinner theater
for dungeon masters.
Uh, yeah. Great costumes.
It's a local specialty--
Transformation tea.
Mmm. Oh, my. Yep,
that needs a little sugar.
Uh, let's see what's
on the menu.
We have to rescue
before the eclipse
Yeah. We got to
fight the dark
And by "we,"
I mean mostly
and the other
It shouldn't be
too hard.
All the dragons
in the world
are right here
in Hong Kong.
If the dark dragon
is as pumped up
as you say,
you see, the dark dragon
is the only dragon
dragons just don't have
that much experience
fighting other dragons.
No, but I know
someone who does.
Spud: Rose? But you
don't even know where
to find her.
I looked up where
she goes to school.
You got to be
kidding me.
Hey, I guess I'm not
that good at letting go.
Jake, she never trained
to slay dragons.
She was never a member
of the huntsclan.
I know, but she still
has the birthmark.
She's still a natural
dragon slayer.
This photo of
you guys shouldn't
even exist.
It's only because
you had it with you
when you created
the parallel reality
of the--oh.
My head hurts just
thinking about it.
Look, I know
it's a long shot,
but we don't have
any other choice.
The dark dragon
is too powerful.
Yeah, but even
if you convince her,
she doesn't have her
ninja huntsgirl
staff thingy
or any other gear.
Maybe they had
a Hong Kong
Check it out.
I'll get Rose
and meet you back
at the hotel.
Uh, I got to go
meet grandpa.
He wanted to show me
his old neighborhood
and stuff.
Well, catch
you guys later.
[Speaking foreign language]
Hey, yourself.
Uh, it's Rose,
Do I know you?
You do,
or you did.
We went to school
together back in
New York.
It's complicated.
Can we go somewhere
and talk?
Talk? About what?
It's just--
I'm pretty open-minded.
Give it a shot.
Ok. Here goes.
Is an alternate
reality that I wished
for you.
You're actually
a mythical dragon slayer
and trained since birth
to fight and slay dragons.
I need you to come
with me tonight
to Victoria peak
to slay the dark dragon
and possibly the entire
magical world.
Yeah. I'm not that
Dad: Yes sirree Bob,
the Hong Kong
botanical gardens.
Well, we can check
off number 128
check it out.
There's an abandoned
huntsclan lair
uh, hey, papadop,
spud and I are going
to, uh, go check out
Museum thing.
Oh, a museum.
How did I miss that one?
Lead the way.
Jake: Hold on.
Look, if you just
let me explain, I--
Look, just
leave me alone.
Ok. If I'm some sort
of dragon slayer,
that would mean that
dragons are real,
but we're the good
guys, actually.
Oh, yeah.
I almost forgot.
I'm officially
creeped out. Bye!
Look. Wait.
Look at this Mark
on your hand.
It's a dragon.
How did you know
about that?
I'll turn into
a dragon and prove
it to you.
Rose, look at
my eyes.
Somehow you have to
remember me.
Let me call ahead
and make sure
my family's not home.
If you have proof,
you can show me there.
Well, this is just
the strangest museum
of ancient Chinese
warrior artifacts
and modern art.
Oh, look.
It's some kind of
interactive display.
Female voice:
sequence initiated.
T-minus 10 seconds
until thermal
Yeah. I think this
museum might be
closing early today.
Do we need to pay
for this stuff
spud: Uh, yeah.
I'm sure they'll just
send us a bill.
Rose: So here we are.
Rose, I'm so sorry
I had to spring
all this on you.
It's just that
my grandfather's--
Jake, these are
my parents.
I had to. Listen,
Jake, you seem
really nice,
but you obviously
have some powerful
and I think you need
help letting go.
Rose, no. I know
it sounds unbelievable,
but everything
I told you is true.
I can prove it.
Watch this.
Rose, wait!
You have to remember me.
You have to.
Dragon up!
No. I'm too late.
The eclipse
already started.
I'm gonna go grab
some ice.
Be back in a jiff
and a half.
Will someone please
tell me what's
going on here?
Long story short--
gramps has been captured
by the dark dragon,
who's forcing Jake to slip
a mind-control potion
to all the world's dragons
at a secret meeting tonight.
Oh. You'd think I'd get
used to this kind
of thing by now.
Where is Jake?
He was supposed to
be here with Rose
I don't know, but
I'd better practice
my fight moves.
Silly me. I forgot
the ice bucket--aah!
Oh, good golly.
Honey, wait.
I can explain.
My daughter. She's--she's
some kind of
pink flying reptile here.
Uh, it's a mirage.
No, wait.
Um, you're dreaming.
Yeah. It's--it's--
Oh, it's my side
of the family.
We're dragons.
I just never knew
how to tell you, honey.
And since the cat's
out of the bag here,
how do you like
them apples?
Hee hee. Ok, listen.
You should probably
sit down. You know--
Or lie down.
That works, too.
But this is a
little more than
I bargained for.
Ok, let me just
sum it all up
You're all dragons--
Well, it skipped
my generation,
but my father,
Haley, and--
He's in some
serious trouble,
Before now,
but I feel like
I know you.
Well, if Jake
is in trouble,
come on. You can
fill me in on the way.
The American dragon--
Late as usual, I see.
Jake, where are your
grandfather and Haley?
They're gonna miss
the thousand-year toast.
Uh, they're right
behind me.
Here. Let me give you
a hand pouring that.
Dad: Ok, one more
Are unicorns real?
You bet.
Gnomes, elves,
Yes, yes, and yes.
Santa claus?
And your foot on
the pedal, will you?
Welcome, dragons,
one and all,
to the thousand-year
Dark dragon: Yes.
The boy is slipping them
the mind-control potion
just as we commanded.
Grandpa: Jake, no. Don't.
His love for his family
is his weakness.
And now we toast
to another thousand years
of peace and prosperity
the magical world.
Dark dragon: Ha ha ha!
Greetings, my dragon
brothers and sisters.
Allow me to propose
another toast--
To dragons ruling the world!
Ha ha ha!
Fools! It is useless
to fight me.
The dark dragon
speaks the truth.
You are all under
a mind-control spell
that you cannot
You can thank
the American dragon
for slipping the surprise
into your drinks.
I had no choice.
He has grandpa.
Go ahead, double "d."
Make them do something.
Very well.
Korean dragon,
I command you
to destroy
Hmm. That's not
exactly what I had
in mind.
What is the meaning
of this?!
Jake: The meaning
is simple, dark drag.
I ditched your potion
and gave them
a little local
specialty instead--
Transformation tea.
Grrr. Aaah!
I tried to give you all
the chance to join me
in ruling the world,
but the American dragon
has just sealed
your destruction.
Jake: If we have to choose
between destruction
and joining you,
we'll take destruction
every time.
Starting with your
own grandfather.
Ha ha!
Sorry, tall, dark,
and ugly
You're going to have
to go through us, too.
All of us.
Very well.
You had your chance
to join me in victory.
Instead you shall all--
Uh, excuse me.
But I move that we skip
the rest of this dude's
villain banter
and get right to the cool
kung-fu fighting.
I second the mortal's
motion. Attack!
I have another
It's just
bothering me.
When they turn
into dragons,
what happens
to their clothes?
Spudinski, would you
get this thing
to shoot already?
Taste this, shade dudes.
Sorry. My bad.
Huh! Whoa!
I think I'm just
gonna wait outside,
you know.
I'm against violence.
Because I'm all for it.
Ha ha--oh!
Uh, Jonathan,
we're surrounded.
Let's see.
Shade demons.
Weakness: Light!
Dad: Hey, shade demons.
Care to be enlightened?
Just got their butts
kicked by my dad.
You have no idea
of my dark powers!
So much power.
It's too easy.
Ha ha ha!
But that evil laugh
is still a cliché,
so there.
He's not kidding about
that dark power stuff.
It's no use.
Even all of us together
are no match for him.
Are there none
who can challenge me?
Look. It's a slayer.
But how?
Who is she?
Let's just say
she's an old friend.
Rose, heads up.
What's happening?
We got to get out
of here
or we'll be stuck
in this temple
for the next
thousand years, ok?
Jake: Huh?
[Dark dragon groaning]
I'm not losing her again.
Jake, it's too late!
Let me go!
Uh! Uh!
Jake: Come on!
Ha ha ha!
No! No!
Uh! Uh!
Uh! Uh!
All right!
Way to go, Jake!
Rose, you remembered.
But how?
You left this
at my house.
Let's just say
it brought back
some memories.
What a day.
I could go for
a little soak
in the hot tub.
Ooh, me, too.
I hope you don't
mind I'm shedding.
Gets the hair in the
thing, in the filter.
Ah, what are you
gonna do?
Good night,
young dragon.
Once again, you have
made me proud
to call myself
your master.
Well, the good news is
we still have 6 days
to see the sights
in Hong Kong.
Yup. So what's left
on the list?
Oh, forget the list.
And spend some time
with my family,
you know?
That you married into
a whole family of
magical reptiles.
It's just you seem
to be taking the
news pretty well.
I don't know.
I guess deep down,
I always knew
there was something
magical about
my family.
Trust me, there's
something magical
about you, too.
Nobody gets me.
You do not want
to escalate this.
Monkey steals
the peaches.
Did you say holla?
Hoody hoody heedy heedy ♪
Hooda hooda wha ♪
Pass the dragon
what, now?
Snack mix.
That's a whole
lot of peanuts.
Do I have to pay
extra for that?
Haley: I'll pick up
an energy drink
and some pork rinds
on the way to school.
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