American Horror Stories (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Bloody Mary

You light a candle in a dark room.
Then you say her name three times.
Bloody Mary.
When Bloody Mary appears,
she can see into the
depths of your soul.
Bloody Mary.
And if she doesn't like what she sees
Bloody Mary.
Okay, but why anybody
calling on Bloody Mary
if she's gonna scratch your eyes out?
Girl, she could see the future,
and she could tell you
how to get what you want.
- If she don't kill you first?
- Correct.
No, thank you.
So, can Bloody Mary help
me get back with River?
I don't think he'll be into a
girl with scratched-out eyes.
I'll wear sunglasses.
But guys don't really
look at my face anyways.
God, is there anything
you wouldn't do for a boy?
Oh, don't be so judgy.
River's been my best
friend since second grade.
We belong together.
Even if he doesn't see it yet.
Ooh, you know who I'd sell my soul for?
That new guy from Columbus.
You know who I'm talking about?
Uh-huh, his name is Joaquin,
and he is in my trig class.
Oh, no, he's a ho. Was
caught finger banging
Susie Jameson in the janitor's closet.
Ew, I don't care how hot he is,
I am not getting it on in
the janitor's closet. Ugh.
Germ central.
Might get rabies or something.
Rabies are not sexually transmitted.
How would you know?
You know, maybe Bloody
Mary can help Bianca find
- a boyfriend.
- Ooh!
That is so dumb.
- Can't y'all talk about anything real?
- Whoa.
Bloody Mary is real.
Bloody Mary.
Bloody Mary.
- Aw, come on. -
Bianca. -Really?
Don't be such a baby. It's just a game.
It's not fucking funny.
See, I told you not to bring her.
I'm sorry, y'all. Hold on.
Why you always got to embarrass
me in front of my friends?
I just didn't want to do
it. What's the big deal?
You ain't got no friends,
so you hang around with me and mine,
and now you're ruining everybody's fun.
I didn't ruin anything.
Y'all can do whatever you want in there.
I am so sick of carrying you around.
You're a weight around my neck.
Always scared of something.
I'll do it.
Take it down.
All of it.
You never know.
If she turns out to be real,
Bloody Mary might be some kind
of fairy godmother or something.
I don't remember nobody
bibbidi bobbidi boo-ing
Cinderella's eyes out of her head.
It's on.
We're gonna do ours out here.
Wait, I want my own mirror, too.
Ooh, stay here. I'll
be in the other room.
Don't need y'all eavesdropping
on my amazing future.
Okay, everyone turn off the lights.
Bloody Mary.
Bloody Mary.
Bloody Mary.
I'm so sorry.
To crave knowledge is
truly a noble thing.
If you obey me,
you shall have what you wish.
What? What happened?
- Holy shit!
- What the fuck?
Bianca, wait.
It's okay, it's okay. We're all okay.
The fuck we are. We just
saw Bloody Mary kill Maggie.
No, I-I'm fine. I'm right here.
No, no, no. We all saw
it. We heard you scream.
- I did not scream.
- But but you saw her? In the mirror?
Oh, you did. You saw her, didn't you?
Look, I thought I did, but
it's not real. It can't be.
Bloody Mary spoke to me.
- I didn't imagine that.
- She spoke?
What did she say to you?
Tell me.
She knew about me
wanting to get into Yale.
She said if I accuse
my guidance counselor of
molesting and raping me,
then he'll get fired.
And I'll get a full ride to Yale.
She told me to drop Anna
from the top of the pyramid.
She'll be paralyzed,
but I'll be cheer captain.
What did she promise you?
If I want to be with River,
I have to steal his girlfriend's nudes
and put them on the Internet.
She'll be humiliated,
and he'll be mine forever.
I told Bloody Mary that
I wanted to be rich.
She told me that if I want
the money, that I have to
I have to hurt You know what?
It doesn't matter 'cause there's
no way in hell I'm doing it.
Elise, what if she does to
you what she did to Maggie?
But for real?
Okay, maybe she's just,
like, trying to scare us.
Well, it worked. If that was a warning,
I'm fucking warned.
Look, maybe it's one of those
mirror hallucination things.
They said if you look at your face
in the mirror long enough
with crappy lighting,
you start to see strange
faces, apparitions.
But the same one, all of us, really?
No. We saw what we saw.
Bloody Mary is coming for us.
Whatever it is we saw,
or thought we saw
it's over now.
Let's go home.
You know that was real, right?
Ain't nothing real but the rent.
Aw, shit. I thought you
said we had the place
- to ourselves tonight.
- We do.
- What y'all doing here?
- Mama, something happened.
Your friend house burn down?
'Cause that's the only reason
you ought to be at my door.
- We'll be in our room.
- The fuck you will.
I deserve a night to myself.
Y'all almost grown.
Get out of my house right now.
You know what the hardest part is?
I really want to go to Yale.
- I want to get out of here.
- You don't need Bloody Mary
to get into Yale. You're
smart enough on your own.
Do you know how many smart
people don't get in every year?
Thousands of people who want
to learn and make a difference,
but they never get the chance.
They just disappear into the masses
and struggle like
everybody else in life.
I don't want to disappear.
That's not gonna happen, B.
Not to you.
Now get some sleep.
- Get any sleep?
- Not a wink.
Me neither.
Lena Lawrence.
Why aren't you dressed up
for spirit week? Unacceptable.
Oh, damn. That was today. Sorry.
Get your shit together, Lawrence.
Might not be a bad idea to
drop that one on her head.
Good morning.
Many of you will be glad
to hear that our segment
on black hole math is over.
Hopefully bringing the
class back down to Earth
will allow some of you to
resurrect your averages.
You know who you are.
We're gonna spend the
rest of the quarter
talking about the laws of
reflection and refraction.
Reflection is all about
how light hits an object.
In a way, you could say
everything we see is a reflection
because the reflection of light
is what enables us to
see everything around us.
But reflections aren't real though.
Oh, they're as real as
you and me. Maybe more so.
The ancient Mayans
and other Indigenous cultures believed
that reflections on water and in mirrors
were portals to other worlds.
Essential gateways
between humans and gods.
Wait, so mirrors can be
doors to other worlds?
Well, the Mayans didn't
have many mirrors.
They did mine silver,
which is the most reflective metal,
but, with all due respect to the Mayans,
reflection is just the change
in direction of light waves when they
bounce off of a barrier,
and they obey physical laws.
Three laws.
You all made pacts with me.
Fulfill them!
Oh, God, she's real. She's really real.
She's not going away. Ghost, demon,
- Babadook, or whatever she is.
- What are y'all doing here?
You're supposed to be in class.
No, no, I texted her.
She's a part of this.
Look, Bloody Mary can get to us
from anywhere. We just
got to do what she says.
Are you seriously talking about
putting a girl in a wheelchair
just so you can be cheer captain?
Anna being in a wheelchair
is better than me being dead.
who said anything about dying?
My mom, when she was in high school,
there was this-this slumber party
that she wasn't invited to.
She was devastated, but then,
every person that was there, one by one,
either died
or ended up in the psych ward.
Rumor has it, it was all
because of Bloody Mary.
So you knew this could happen?
It was just a dumb ghost story.
No, you said she granted wishes.
You didn't think to mention the part
where everyone dies or goes nuts?
You're the one who forced us
- into playing the stupid game.
- Oh, my God.
If I accuse Mr. Miller of
rape, it'll ruin his life,
but if I don't, I'm gonna die?
Stop talking about dying.
Nobody's gonna die.
There's got to be a way to
get her to leave us alone.
I'll figure it out.
I always do, right?
Better, but not there yet.
They need to feel the
desperation of your situation.
The essay's not desperate
because I'm not desperate.
Things are hard, but my sister and I,
we can handle it.
Bianca, think about what
you're trying to do here.
Yale is for prep school
kids and legacies.
Every once in a while, they throw a bone
to the less fortunate.
If you want to get in,
you're going to need to
tug a few heartstrings.
Lean into your, you know, advantage.
Wish I had the advantage
you have when I applied.
Wait, first, I'm desperate,
and now I have an advantage?
I get straight A's, always have.
I'm in the robotics club.
I've been elected junior class president
before sophomore year's even over.
I'm on your side. You know that, right?
You okay?
Yeah. Um I'll start another draft.
Hey, Magpie.
Hey, Lake. I mean,
So very funny.
You know what?
Breaking up with you was the
dumbest thing I've ever done.
Hey. What are you guys talking about?
Oh, shit. Fuck.
You okay?
Lena, what the hell?
You're stupid late. Let's go.
Okay. Okay.
Lena, I said let's go.
What the fuck is going on?
I can't do this anymore. I can't.
It's getting worse. She's everywhere.
Psych ward, here we come.
Just give Elise a little more time.
- She'll figure something out.
- Look, I love your sister,
but what makes you think
she could stop a ghost?
I don't know.
How'd she raise me like a mom
when she was just a kid herself?
How'd she make rent every month?
Or stay in school?
I-I don't know how she does it,
but she can do this.
You can put your life in Elise's
hands if you want, but I won't.
We have to do what Bloody Mary says.
That's the only way we can make it stop.
I'm not ready to die. Mm-mm. Not today.
Lena's gonna paralyze
Anna. We have to stop her.
All right, let's take it
from the top of the stunt. Here we go.
Lena, I'm about to turn
upside down really fast,
and you're gonna make sure I don't die.
- I know. Yeah.
- All right.
Five, six, seven,
eight. One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight.
You got this, Lena!
- Five, six, seven, eight.
- Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two
What the hell?
Sorry, sorry, I can't, I can't.
What makes you think this Worth woman
has something to do
with our Bloody Mary?
I don't know. It's just
a feeling, and that dress,
I mean, that looks 1800s, right?
If all this happened
around here, how come people
have seen Bloody Mary
all around the world?
Ms. Brooks said reflections can
be both spiritual and physical.
Somehow, Bloody Mary must be both.
I know you think it's your
fault that I'm in this,
but I stood in front of that mirror,
and I said those words,
and I have to pay the price.
You take good care of me,
and I am so grateful, but this time,
you're trying to take on
something supernatural.
It would just be easier to
do what Bloody Mary says.
When did you and me ever
get to do the easy thing?
I pushed your buttons.
I forced you to do something
that you didn't want to do.
You're innocent, B.
And God as my witness,
you're always gonna be.
You're not going to work.
I don't work, we don't eat.
Don't leave me alone.
Mom's here.
- You know that doesn't count.
- Go to bed early.
I'll be home as soon as I can.
Come home with food.
Leave me alone. Please.
I've been quite patient
with you, young lady.
I've given you a task.
Come tomorrow midnight,
I want it done.
What happened? You're freezing.
I saw her again.
She said I had until tomorrow
at midnight to do what she said.
I don't want to die.
You're not gonna die.
Elise! Bianca!
Maggie, what the hell?
It's-it's Lena.
She's dead.
Mrs. Lawrence was a total wreck.
The sound she made.
I've never heard anything like it.
Oh, my God!
My baby.
My baby!
- Oh, my God. Poor Lena.
- I can't believe it.
Believe it. She's dead-dead. Like,
the opposite of fine.
There was blood everywhere.
The cops think some
homeless guy followed her,
tried to rob her or something, but
we know what's what.
How do we know for
sure it was Bloody Mary?
Her eyes were clawed out.
I can never unsee that.
Oh, it was definitely her.
She was just in my room.
She's coming for me next.
Shh. It's okay.
We're so fucked, you guys. I
mean, like, hardcore fucked.
Don't give up just yet.
And don't do anything stupid.
Excuse me.
I was wondering if you have
any information about a woman
who used to live around here?
Her name was Margaret Worth.
We do. Any particular question?
Well, I read that she
was accused of witchcraft.
Oh, no, uh
She was way more bitch than witch.
Follow me.
Lot of history in that little cabin.
What happened?
Margaret Worth was part of the
Reverse Underground Railroad.
Enslaved people would get to her house,
just north of the Mason-Dixon line,
and think that they're safe.
She'd welcome them in,
give them a hot meal.
No one really knows
how Worth garnered the trust
of so many savvy travelers.
We assume she had help.
Someone folks would immediately trust.
It's safe. Come on out.
Come on.
I've got cool well water
and fixings for stew.
Safer sleeping down here
in case anyone should come by.
If you found yourself
spending the night at ol' Worth's,
getting sold back is one of the best
things that could happen to you.
I'm thirsty.
Mrs. Worth.
What if she don't come back?
We'll all starve down here.
People thought Worth was a witch
because of the awful
things she did to people.
The inhumane ways she
would torture them.
Everyone thought that
had to be supernatural,
but it wasn't.
We can only surmise
that, at some point,
Margaret Worth captured the wrong one.
Her body was found in that cabin,
violently stabbed.
The killer was never found.
We believe this is the
knife that killed her.
This type of dagger is extremely out
of place in 19th century Missouri.
It seems perhaps more
African, Caribbean in origin.
And older, much older.
Anything else I can help you with?
No, thank you.
Hey, I was gonna go see Lena's parents.
You want to come?
- What are you doing?
- Waiting for Kristen's pictures to download.
It's taking fucking forever.
At least all these coding
classes are paying off.
Don't do it. We told Elise
she had until tonight.
We said she had till the end of the day.
- School's over.
- Look, I know you're scared,
but there's no coming back from this.
If you do this, you'll
be destroying her life.
It's either her or me.
I'm in.
Look, her body's insane.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
You are so goddamn sexy.
This is gonna be fun.
Whoa, is that a sex tape?
This was taped last week,
- and that's not River.
- Maggie.
Don't look at me like that.
Kristen brought this on herself.
River deserves so much better.
Bloody Mary shows us what happens next.
Well, what if Kirsten kills herself
because of something you did?
How could you ever be happy with River?
Who even are you?
I don't even care anymore.
I don't want to end up like Lena.
What are you doing here?
You just getting out of bed?
Don't you turn down your nose at me.
You wish you never had us?
Never waste time wishing.
Come on, we ain't got much time.
Where we going?
To commit grand larceny,
then out to Worth's cabin
so I can cut a bitch.
Wait. Please.
I'm so sorry. I have
a report due tomorrow.
- We're closed.
- Please. Five minutes.
Couldn't get here
earlier. I had to work.
Five minutes.
Can I see your section
on the Missouri tribes?
Of course.
Our class is doing a whole thing
on the plight of the Indigenous people.
I read that you guys have one of the few
authentic artifacts of the Osage tribe.
Well, yes.
This tomahawk is a rare
piece. It was traded over
from the Haudenosaunee tribe
over to the Osage
chieftain in the 1700s.
That is so fascinating.
Why is it that all the good stuff
is erased from the textbooks?
Well, the powerful just don't
want the real stories to be told.
This was a tumultuous time
for the tribes of our region.
The Europeans the colonizers,
they didn't understand the
Indigenous way of living,
where land and man can
live in harmony as one.
They only understood conflict,
destruction, conquering,
murder, despair, greed.
They were the ones who
were, in fact, savages.
And if it weren't for
the Indigenous people,
- who were actually civilized
- This has been so helpful.
Thank you for your service.
Maggie, come on, open the door.
She's not picking up her phone.
Maybe she's still pissed at you.
B, it's getting late. We got to go.
I don't care how pissed she
is. She's coming with us.
Maggie, we're running out of time.
We need to get to the woods.
- Mother fuck.
- Oh, God, no.
No! No!
- No!
- We got to get moving.
We can't just leave her like that.
We got to call the cops or something.
Cops can't help us.
There's only one way
to stop this for good.
It's just us now.
I got you.
Let's go.
Looks like we'll have to head
up the rest of the way on foot.
You really believe that if we stab her
with this silver dagger,
it'll all be over?
I'm sure of it.
I think, if we kill her
at the source of her power,
she'll stop reflecting other
places, and all this ends.
That's why we got to get
to the cabin, her home turf.
And if it doesn't work?
It's gonna work.
- Are we lost?
- No.
I think it's just really far.
You sure we're going the right way?
Yeah. I'm sure.
I think we're almost there.
I think we're getting close.
It's just the wind.
Doesn't sound like just the wind to me.
Where the fuck is she?
Can't get rid of her for
days, and now she's out?
I guess we have to call her.
Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.
What are you waiting for?
Break the mirror. Stab her.
Do something.
Did you bring everything?
What are you talking about?
Yes. I have it all.
The night of the party,
Bloody Mary promised me the world.
You're not afraid of me?
You ought to be.
You think you want to be
rich, but money is fickle.
It comes and it goes.
What you really want is
safety, security and power.
No more sleeping in cars.
No more going hungry.
I can give you all that and more.
In return, I only ask for you
to bring me a few simple things.
What the fuck is that?
I needed my dagger and the
blood of three innocents.
What have you done?
I didn't want to, Bianca.
I didn't have a choice.
Bloody Mary didn't kill Lena and Maggie.
You did.
- No, no, stop, stop!
- Please, please!
That's what you had to do.
We had to stay innocent.
Three innocents.
Lena, Maggie
- and me.
- You have to forgive me, Bianca.
You have to understand.
Did you bring me here
to fucking kill me?
So you can get your fucking money?
- It's not about money.
- Then what is it about?
Bianca! Let me explain.
Come out so we can talk.
I told you
I asked for money.
It's true. I did.
But Bloody Mary could see
into my soul, like all of us.
She knew what I really wanted
was to never have to struggle again.
Bloody Mary told me how I could have
total safety and security.
She promised me money
and fame and power.
No more waiting.
No more fighting.
I'll be so powerful,
no one could ever hurt me
or touch me again.
All I have to do is set her free.
This isn't you.
I know what I'm doing is awful,
- but we'll both be at peace once it's over.
- Elise
No more going hungry or cold
or fighting off Robin's nasty men.
Safe forever.
I'm so sorry, but you're the last one.
Oh, child
If you're gonna kill
me, just do it already.
Legends and myths are
stories people tell
to hide from their own misdeeds.
Bloody Mary does not kill.
I simply reflect truth.
Push people to face what's
truly in their souls.
You chose not to do what I said,
but your sister let desperation
turn her into a killer.
None of this was her idea.
- You're not innocent here.
- Darling,
I haven't been innocent
in a century and a half,
and when I was mortal,
I did kill once.
That's why I'm stuck here.
I thought this was your home.
This is my prison.
Why are you helping that wretched woman?
My people left me here years ago,
even my mama.
They went north without me.
Mama Worth's taken
care of me ever since.
Stupid child.
Have you ever seen Worth let anyone
make it up north since you've been here?
I bet your real mama loved you.
Would've done anything for you,
just like I would for my boy.
If you help us leave this place,
we can be your family.
All right, round them
up. Slave catcher's here.
Can we keep the boy?
I don't want you! I want my mama.
No. No. My boy stays with me!
I hadn't seen my own face in years.
When I looked into that mirror,
I remembered who I was,
a servant of the most high Mami Wata.
In that moment, I called on
the goddess to give me justice.
But I didn't just
take justice. I also took vengeance.
That child was living
in deception and lies.
I should have given
her truth and empathy.
Instead, I killed her
in passion and vengeance.
I sullied my soul before the goddess.
I could not bring that poison
with me to meet the ancestors.
So Mami Wata created a place for
me to live where I found my truth.
Now, all I see is truth.
Let me tell you what
I see in you, child.
How can you say that?
I killed my sister.
You did what you had to
do in order to survive.
But I can see you have a pure heart.
No. I have nothing.
Lena and Maggie
and Elise are all dead,
and I'm still here, alone.
We are in similar places, you and I.
Cruelly parted from the ones we love.
Things can't end like this.
The suffering has to end.
You set me free.
What's happening? What is this?
What's going on?
Oh, my God. What the fuck?
What have you done? Let me out.
What's going on?
My freedom comes at a price.
I needed to be purified by innocence.
Now you will be the
new guardian of truth.
- The new Bloody Mary.
- No.
No, I don't want to be Bloody Mary.
- I don't want to be evil.
- Truth doesn't have to be brutal, Bianca.
It can also be kind.
The mysteries of the ages are
about to be opened on to you.
Do with them as you will.
No. No!
Stop. Come back. Let me out! Stop!
Please come back. Let me out!
- Bloody Mary.
- Bloody Mary.
- Bloody Mary.
- Bloody Mary.
- Bloody Mary.
- Bloody Mary.
Bloody Mary.
Bloody Mary.
Bloody Mary.
Bloody Mary.
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