American Horror Stories (2021) s02e06 Episode Script


Morning. Oh, God, Mom.
- What?
- Tell me you're not doing
- that thing to your face anymore.
- Course not. Didn't work anyway.
Think it gave me more spots.
Even if it made you
look 16, it's disgusting.
Well, you can say that because
you're still in your 30s.
Yeah, I'm in my 30s,
in class all day, surrounded
by students in their 20s.
- Wait, what is that?
- It's asparagus-beet juice.
Two-day antioxidant load.
You need to get over this
obsession with growing old.
You know, the reason you're
hitting the books at your age
is because you forgot one of
life's most important rules.
Never marry someone who
can't deliver the alimony.
I didn't marry Tim for his money.
And you see where that got you.
I'm going to law school
'cause I want to do
something for myself for once.
That's very admirable.
We'll see how admirable it
is when I fail this baby bar.
Oh, you're not going
to fail the baby bar.
I have faith in you.
You know, actually,
Bernie is getting divorced.
Really? They-they
always looked so happy.
Well, I guess not.
And I know you've always
had a thing for him.
I said once that I didn't think
he was a terrible-looking man.
Your dad held it over my head for years.
Well, let's just accept it.
Why don't you go over there right now
- and say hello?
- No.
- "Hi. Hi, Bernie."
- No, no, no. No.
No, no, no, no.
O-Out of the blue like that.
No, you-you have to meet someone
in the natural course of the day.
Really? Okay, well, I
may have heard something
from the clerk at the
Camden Way Wine Shop.
And what's that?
That every Friday
afternoon Bernie pops in
to pick up a bottle for the weekend.
You're impossible.
Is everything okay?
Oh. Yes.
It's just you-you've been here for
quite a while, Ms. Mellon.
I thought maybe I could
help you find something.
Uh, no. I'm just-just browsing.
Stay as long as you like.
And, please, let me know
if I can recommend anything.
Well, most certainly will.
It's great to see you.
- Bernie! What a surprise.
- Oh.
It's been much too long.
How you holding up since Bill passed?
Oh, it's still one day at a time.
Well, you look positively wonderful.
Oh, thank you.
S-So do you.
Oh, um, how-how's Anita?
Uh, we're taking some
time apart, I'm afraid.
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
Yes. It was
- leading up to it for some time.
- Mm.
- But I don't want to dwell on sad things.
- Oh.
As a matter of fact,
- I was
- Bern-Bern,
the Olavidia came in.
- I got the last one.
- Ah.
This is Cassie.
Oh. Hello.
- Actually, we know each other.
- We do?
Cassie Brooks.
Cassie, oh
oh, my gosh, you
We were in the same college dorm.
I can't believe the two of you
were in college together.
Three doors down, if I remember.
You should drop by next week.
It'd be great to catch up.
Wait, we're gonna be in Tahoe.
I'm afraid so.
But you can make it another time.
Oh, well, I don't want to break up
- your wine and cheese shopping.
- Yes.
I will go get the Claret.
- It's good to see you, Virginia.
- Good to see you, too.
I-I just, I
I have to ask.
How do you ?
What's your secret?
Oh, just diet and exercise.
Oh, you, cut the crap.
This doesn't just happen.
What are you doing?
I'll tell you on one condition.
What's that?
You stay away from Bernie.
I don't know what you mean.
This was an innocent run-in
Why don't you cut the crap, Virginia?
I'll keep my distance.
Call and make an appointment.
I'm hideous.
At least that's what I feel like.
For a long while I
couldn't understand where the time went.
One minute I was young and traveling.
And loved being photographed,
going to parties.
And the next minute I'm
I never in a million years
would've considered coming
to a plastic surgeon,
but after I saw Cassie,
well, I just, well,
here I am, ready for the hard sell.
I think you've come to the wrong place.
I-I wha what?
I don't think you're
right for me or what I do.
I-I know this game.
- Game?
- Yeah, you act
like you're too good for me,
so I'll want you even more.
This isn't a sales tactic, Ms. Mellon.
Do I look like a used car dealer?
I wouldn't say so.
Then I'm not in the business
of turning "hideous" people
into beautiful ones.
If you believe you're hideous,
nothing anyone can do will change that.
You're gonna tell me that
beauty starts on the inside?
Maybe you should stop anticipating
my thinking and start working on yours.
Thanks for coming in.
Okay, please, stop. Stop.
W-Whatever I said wrong
I didn't, I didn't, I didn't mean it.
I don't really think I'm hideous.
I'm having
a truly shitty week.
I just want to be able
to look in the m-mirror
and be happy with what I see.
I'm basically alone. I
uh, I have no friends.
I even drove my housekeeper off.
This is not how I want to end my life.
You can understand that, can't you?
You're not originally from
Beverly Hills, are you?
No, Wichita, Kansas.
I came out here for college,
and I told myself I was
gonna change my life.
And I did, I married a-a very rich man.
Old Beverly Hills money.
I loved him, but I never
gave myself a chance
to become my true self.
now I'm afraid it's too late.
It's not too late.
First of all, I don't consider
myself a plastic surgeon.
That's a medical term invented
- to get a license.
- Mm.
I'm not an artist, either.
Not a sculptor.
Not a healer.
I'm a worshipper.
I worship the human form
in all its glory.
Time is a vandal that sprays graffiti
all over the work of the gods.
I'm just cleaning up.
If you want my help,
you need to believe
you're worthy of being worshipped.
Are you?
I'll be honest with you.
I don't right now.
I don't, I don't love myself.
I want to become someone I could love.
That is an honest answer.
Follow me.
The first thing you should do
is toss all preconceived notion
of what we do here.
I'm not slicing and
stretching skin around
like I'm making sausage.
I use a proprietary face augmentation
and skin rejuvenation technique
that I've perfected after a lot
of study and travel.
No one does what I do, the way I do it.
Sounds mysterious.
It's secretive, but
there's a reason for that.
Which is?
The same reason no one knows
the formula for Coke.
All finished.
They don't even look
like the same people.
In a way, they aren't.
After visiting me, these
individuals experienced
a profound change
in their lives, in their careers,
in their relationships,
their happiness.
So what-what happens next?
Do I look at drawings and
tell you how I want to look?
I don't work that way.
The universe has already
decided what you look like.
I'm just removing the graffiti.
My compensation.
You're getting a service you can't get
anywhere else in the world.
That's worth something.
Think it over.
I really want this, Grady.
We-we have to try to make this work.
I've already run the
numbers twice, Virginia.
I can't advise you to take
on this additional debt.
I drive a Bentley.
I have a mansion in Beverly Hills.
I can't be this broke.
Yeah, if you want to keep
the Bentley and the mansion,
then you'll continue taking my advice.
Look, Virginia, the simple fact is
Bill left behind a lot of debt
when he passed, and a
big chunk of that debt
is in both of your names.
And these creditors,
they-they have to be paid.
What the hell? I can cut back.
Sell the Bentley. I
can drive a Mercedes.
It's not that simple, Virginia.
Maybe I just need
another business manager.
Any other business manager
would've already made
you sell everything
and move to Sylmar.
Will you be smart and
stop with the threats?
Okay? You can't afford this, Virginia.
Accept it.
Where are you going?
Come back here.
Very good.
May I see your hands?
- My-my
hands? - Yes.
You have beautiful hands.
Once, back when people drove Pintos.
Oh, but the beauty's still there.
It's just waiting for
someone to bring it out.
You see, there's no harmony if your face
- is in one era and your hands are in another.
- Mm.
I-I've never heard
of anyone having work on the hands.
The "work" you're talking
about isn't generally
done on the hands, but
my procedure is different.
Your hands have a voice.
And they're crying out to me.
Well, they're making me cry.
I-I'll be honest with you, Dr. Perle.
I had to move a lot of
money around just to be able
- to afford my face, so I really can't
- This
will cost you nothing.
You'd be granting me the favor.
You may find this hard to believe,
but I don't just do this for the money.
I bring a vision to life.
And if the vision isn't
complete, it pains me.
My hands are in your hands.
I've heard of company spirit,
but tattooing the company logo
on your neck and on his arm
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn
I-I don't, I don't like anesthesia.
Ms. Mellon, we're about to begin.
Lie still.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn
Dìonadair gach nì a tha breagha,
deònaich deagh fhortan
dhuinn agus sinn ag ullachadh
na h-ìobairt seo airson do
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn,
tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn
Is that you?
Oh, my God! What happened?
I left the painkillers in my purse.
Can you get them, please?
- Yeah.
- And a glass of water.
- Okay.
- Uh, it really
- really hurts.
- Oh, my God, okay, okay, okay.
Okay, talk to me. What-what happened?
I went to Dr. Perle.
She's a plastic surgeon.
Okay, I got it, I got
it, I got it, I got it.
Can you hurry up, please?
I want to make sure you don't O.D.
Have you had anything
in the last four hours?
No, which is why I feel
like I want to die right now.
Okay, I'm coming, I'm coming.
Please, please.
What did they do to your hands?
Just put the pill
in my mouth already!
Oh, God.
How long are you going
to be like this, Mom?
For about a week.
About a week.
I can't believe you went
and did this to yourself.
It's my body, Fay.
I can do whatever I want.
It's not just about you.
- Oh? Oh.
- It's not.
Grady, your business
manager, called and he
- Oh, God.
- He told me how much in debt you are.
Mom, I had no idea things
were this bad when Dad died.
Neither did I.
It was a most unwelcome
and unwanted surprise.
- You know Grady said we could lose the house.
- Oh, no, no.
- Yeah, he did.
- No. No, no.
- And I won't be able to pay tuition.
- No, no, no, no.
No, he's overreacting.
None of that is going to happen.
And if it did, you take a student loan
Like everybody else.
Okay, well, that's very nice
of you to think of your daughter.
You're my stepdaughter.
- Oh, God. Oh, my God.
- You really said that?
I'm sorry, I just No, I
You know, in all of our fights,
- you've never called me that.
- No, no, no, I didn't mean it.
Sorry, can we please not overreact.
I'm not overreacting, I'm just
getting the hell out of here.
No, no. Oh, for God's sake, Fay, please.
Please, I need you tonight, please.
No. You just need some pain pills.
Here they are. Good luck.
No, no, no, please, please.
No, don't leave me.
Please, please, please don't leave me.
Oh, God.
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no. No.
Na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn,
tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
- It's okay, I'm right here.
- Get away!
- Ready?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm. Mm.
- You got it? Okay.
- Mm.
- Okay.
It hurts, huh?
Thank you.
You were
pretty wacked-out last night.
I want you in this bed all day, okay?
What made you come back?
I remembered something that I did.
In high school.
I wanted one of those
side shaves to be
oh-so-cool and feminist.
And Daddy and my bio mom
said no way, but I did it anyway.
They freaked out. They took
away my phone and my computer
until it grew back.
It was a long time.
- Ah.
- I was so mad. I just
trashed my bedroom.
Even this heirloom necklace
my mom had given me, passed on
from my grandmother.
I-I didn't know
that happened.
We all have things we want,
and sometimes they seem so important
that we do things we shouldn't.
Well, I gue
I guess that's true.
What I'm trying to say is I-I don't
I don't know what you're going through.
But I shouldn't I shouldn't judge.
I meant what I said.
You've never made me
feel like a stepdaughter.
So, I want to help.
I do have one question though.
Wh-What's that?
This, this procedure that you got
what exactly is it?
That's a weird question to ask.
It-It's a facelift.
Okay. Just
These bandages, they seem a little,
like They just seem a little thick.
Well, she said there'd be swelling.
Okay, well, okay, I'm not a nurse
and I promised myself
I'd just be supportive.
So as long as you're
talking to your doctor
and she says everything's
okay, what do I know?
Let me know
if you feel any pressure.
Why can't doctors use the word "pain"?
Oh! I felt some pressure right there.
- What about what my daughter was saying?
- Uh, well,
you already know the answer to that.
You said it yourself.
A procedure like this
causes trauma to the tissues.
There's always going
to be some swelling.
But good news
it's already coming down.
How long do I have to wear these?
It's very hard not to
be able to use my hands.
I think the bandages
will come off in a
day or so.
You know, it feels like you
did more than work on the skin.
The-the bones actually feel different.
I don't just work on the skin.
I work on the whole you.
These sensations you're feeling
are just the healing process.
Your nerves are interpreting
signals in the wrong way.
There's nothing to worry about.
All right, all done.
Your recovery is a tad
slower than I'd hoped,
but it's on track.
So, I'm very pleased.
Can I be frank with you, Virginia?
I don't think your daughter
is a very positive force
in this recovery process.
I know she's being very helpful to you,
but any experienced
physician will tell you
that, for the healing process,
state of mind is as
important as anything else.
And she's affecting yours.
Fay has her problems with this,
but I need her help.
What if I were to tell you
that there is a place where you can go
where all your needs
will be taken care of
and you'll be surrounded
by supportive people
who want nothing but the best for you?
This exists?
I have a small retreat in
the Santa Monica Mountains.
This weekend, I'm having
a small gathering of
patients and colleagues.
And I'd like you to join us.
My staff is medically trained
and will tend to all your needs.
And this will coincide with
the removal of your bandages,
which I can do up there.
Uh, sounds like heaven.
But I can't
- be doing
- This is complimentary
for all my patients.
I don't like not knowing where you are.
Well, she likes to keep
the location a secret.
I would think you'd be happy
having me out of your hair.
Okay, that's everything.
Thank you.
I don't trust this doctor, Mom.
I did some searches in the
legal database at school,
and there's no record of
her having a medical degree,
at least not in the United States.
She has a certificate
of medical science
whatever that is and
it's from some school
that I've never heard of in
some country I can't pronounce.
What happened to you being supportive?
This is me being supportive, Mom.
She has three malpractice suits
from Oregon and Washington,
all of which vanished before
she moved to Beverly Hills
and set up her firm.
This woman is shady, Mom.
All these things you are saying,
all these negative thoughts,
they are not helpful.
I am leaving.
Oh! Thank you.
Oh I can smell the ocean.
- I feel better already.
- Welcome.
Thank you.
You made it.
So lovely to see you.
Hello. Yes, I-I'm the
only one wearing bandages.
It's a little embarrassing.
No, no, not at all.
Most of the people here have
been exactly where you are now.
- Really?
- Yes.
No one is judging anyone.
That's one of the rules here.
I like that.
I think there's a lot
you're going to like
about this place.
Remember, you're among
friends and supporters. Come.
No need to be tense.
This is the only place I do house calls.
- Any discomfort?
- No. None at all.
You know, I think the
bandages are ready to come off.
If you'd indulge me, I'd
like to conduct the removal
at a little gathering
I'm having tonight.
Uh, you want to do this
in front of other people?
I know it may sound a little strange,
but I really do think of everyone here
as one big family.
And I think it'll be good for you.
You know, it can help you get
over any lingering anxieties
you have about your appearance.
I-I just wasn't expecting to
do it in front of an audience.
Well, you should be reassured.
I wouldn't be asking you
this if I didn't believe
you're going to look spectacular.
I think you belong up here, Virginia.
I really want to see you
take your place among us.
It's hard to believe, isn't it?
Another year has passed.
But here we are.
And while the rest of
the world has suffered
disease, war and economic upheaval,
we have thrived, both
in health and in wealth.
I've never seen a finer
group of human beings.
To Dr. Perle.
A'deàrrsadh aon!
A'deàrrsadh aon!
Thank you, thank you.
There'll be time for that later.
Right now I'd like you all to
meet our very special guest,
Virginia Mellon.
As you can see,
Virginia has just had the procedure.
Than-Thank you.
Welcome to the family.
And lucky for us, the
bandages come off tonight.
And she's agreed to let
us all share in the moment.
I think we just found a new member
to our very special, growing family.
And she's ready to
take her place with us.
Thank you all.
I-I'm very happy to be here.
I-I haven't felt this happy
in I can't remember when.
Unfortunately, before we can begin,
we have to attend to
something rather unpleasant.
I have to ask you, Virginia,
did you have anything to
do with her being here?
I have no idea how she got here.
I hid in the back of the SUV.
I was worried about you, Mom.
She violated our rules
and this gathering.
- She must answer for this.
- Rules?!
What the fuck is she talking about?
Something's not right here.
Mom, you don't need this.
- Please. - I-I'm
not her real mom.
- Mom, please.
- I'm her stepmom.
Fay, you shouldn't have come here.
You bitch.
What have you done to her?
- N-No
- Let me go!
The security will take care of her.
- Mom!
- Don't worry about that.
Now, let's focus on you
and getting these bandages off.
Have a seat.
Please close your eyes
and hold very still.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn
Oh, my God.
Is this a joke?
Stop. You'll hurt yourself.
Hurt myself?! What
have you done to me? No!
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn
- In the name of Etain, the Shining One
- Don't!
who takes the form of
the sun and the butterfly,
you will take your place
among us as a sacrifice.
We hold the pageant
once a year on the day
when the giver of beauty
slayed the ugliness
in the form of the swine.
- Here, piggy, piggy.
- For tradition,
this has to be a striving,
a challenge
a hunt.
Two miles down is the Pacific.
Between it and us is wilderness.
If you can get to the
water, you go free.
This is the chance we're offering you.
- Do you understand?
- No! No, I
You have a two-minute head start.
Tell me this isn't real. Please.
One for each wing of
the sacred butterfly.
I can't. I-I
Who the hell are you people?!
The beautiful ones.
And this is how we stay beautiful.
Now go.
To another year of prosperity,
health and beauty.
We sold our souls for it.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Come on.
Hello, Virginia.
Is that you?
Oh, please.
Please help me. These people are crazy.
Hello there, Virginia.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn.
Tha bòidhchead na fhìrinn
They say you can't make a silk purse
out of a pig's ear.
But pig's blood,
that's another story.
In the name of the pig,
as we sacrifice to the gods
for our health and beauty go!
What did you do to my mother?
You heard her, Fay.
She's not your mother.
Your real mother was one of us.
- Mom? No!
- And this is her gift to you.
You're one of us, too.
You were meant to live
under the blessings of Etain,
the keeper of the beautiful ones.
Try to remember.
We've loved you since
the day you were born.
We've been waiting for this so long.
She didn't deserve this.
Can't you see?
She never belonged here.
But you do.
It's time
for you to step out of your cocoon
and spread your wings.
Let your true form emerge.
The world is full of ugliness, Fay,
but the beautiful
people are coming back,
retaking our place in the world.
- Cool tattoo.
- Thanks.
Could you maybe tell me where
law school admissions is?
You want the Smith Building.
It's that direction.
I could walk you over, if you'd like.
Oh, no, that's okay.
I can find my own
Actually I wouldn't mind the company.
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