American Horror Story s02e03 Episode Script


(screams) Help me.
No! (grunting angrily) (pounding) (Teresa screaming) (grunts) (yelling) Come on, come on.
We gotta get out of here.
We gotta get to the car.
Come on, baby, get up.
(groaning) Ready? Come on.
Come on.
Let's go let's go.
(dials phone, line rings) WOMAN: TERESA: What? Oh, no.
No! Are those gunshots? Ma'am, what is your location? Can you hear me? You shot 'em, man.
Please answer me, ma'am That was so sick.
Sh Did you see how they dropped? It was like a sack of potatoes.
It was like bang! Lights out! That's what you get for stabbing Joe.
- This ain't funny, man.
This shit went way too far.
- Come on, man.
It went as far as it could go.
Now don't puss out on me, Cooper! Devon check it out.
His arm's been ripped off.
I mean, what the hell could have done that? (distant clang) (footsteps approaching) ("The Favre Requiem" plays, knock at door) I have today's mail.
There's a storm coming, Sister Jude.
Big fat storm.
Oh Where did this come from? The mailbox.
No, you ninny, I mean who brought it here? The mailman.
ANNOUNCER: We interrupt "The Favre Requiem" to bring you a severe weather warning.
There's a nor'easter storm approaching the entire Eastern seaboard.
The eye of the storm is expected to hit Friday night.
Many areas have been evacuated, but if you're still at home, fill empty containers with clean drinking water and stay put.
We'll bring you another update within the hour.
(panting) (sighs) (stifled sob) THREDSON: Everything all right, Sister? Inclement weather always upsets the natives.
They're fragile souls.
That's why you should stop using corporal punishment.
I mean, at our meeting yesterday, Mr.
Walker couldn't even sit down.
I realize you're likely unfamiliar with the work of B.
Skinner, but positive reinforcement has proven to be far more effective.
In lay terms, Sister, a little compassion would go a long way.
Me? I'm a beacon of compassion.
In fact, I spent all morning on the phone with St.
Angela Parish, to borrow their movie projector.
I thought a movie could distract our charges when the storm hits.
I wouldn't have figured you for a movie buff.
Even I can concede that there are a few exceptions to the usual Hollywood dreck.
The Archdiocese is loaning us a copy of The Sign of the Cross.
I'm impressed.
And if I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to ask.
Oh yes.
As attending physician of Jed Potter, I'll need his autopsy report for my files.
I'm very busy, Doctor.
But I'll try to locate it.
I'll bet it says he died of natural causes.
If it's natural for a 17-year-old boy to die of a heart attack.
You have quite a suspicious mind, Sister.
Bordering on delusional.
Or maybe it's just a form of projection.
A defense to protect your own guilty conscience.
It was you, wasn't it? The newspaper, where did you get it? What newspaper? That office we gave you-- I need it back.
You've had more than enough time to advise the courts.
You've got two weeks, and you're out.
("Dominique" plays) (music stops) Sister Jude has asked me to make an announcement.
There's a big storm heading our way.
And when it hits, half of you are going to be too afraid to move.
And other half won't be able to stop moving.
It would be chaos.
And that won't do.
So, Sister Jude has arranged for a distraction.
A movie, on Friday night, when storm will be at its worst.
We're all going to be together in the dark, watching The Sign of the Cross, a movie full of fire, sex, and the death of Christians.
What fun.
(quiet hiss) KIT: There won't be a lockdown this Friday night if we're all supposed to be watching a movie.
We were just caught trying to escape.
Which means they won't be expecting it to happen again so soon.
You ruined our chance of getting out of this place.
I'd do it again, if it means I can stop him from killing any more.
Can't say I blame you.
I'd have done the same thing if I believed what you believe.
But I'm innocent.
CARL: Walker.
Arden wants to see you.
He had lunch in his office-- tuna fish sandwich, by the way, some oatmeal cookies.
Uh, then he made a phone call to the doctor's office about, uh, removing a mole.
Was anything suspicious, Frank? Nothing, Sister.
Thredson seems like he's on the up-and-up.
Well, I'll determine that.
You won't believe Hold your water, Sister.
I'm finishing up something here.
Keep watching, Frank.
Assume the worst.
Roger that, Sister.
What are you doing? Someone's been drinking the communion wine.
I think it might be Spivey.
I saw him sneaking out of the chapel.
Taste it, Sister.
I'm sure it's been watered down.
You know I don't imbibe.
Oh, of course.
How could I forget? Since 1949, when you had a calling from Jesus Christ our Lord, which inspired you to renounce alcohol, and turn your back on all worldly pleasures.
I'll taste it.
What's that on your face? On your mouth, to be exact? Mm.
I might have been mistaken.
It tastes rich.
Put that wine down.
You look like a streetwalker.
Are you wearing lipstick? Mm-hmm.
It's called "Ravish Me Red.
" It suits my porcelain complexion, don't you think? Hand it over.
Oh, it's for you, actually.
I hope you don't mind that I tried it first.
We don't wear makeup.
And I told him that.
But Dr.
Arden insisted.
He said, "Red is Sister Jude's favorite color, and she'll understand just why I want her to have it.
" ARDEN: Do you recognize this, Mr.
Walker? It certainly seems to recognize you.
It's what came out of you during your last visit.
And so desperately wants to get back in.
What are you doing? I assume it works on some sort of magnetic principle.
Have you noticed any other lumps or protrusions? No.
Who are you working for? What? Come, come, Mr.
Let us not play games.
This is not the first attempt to infiltrate my labs.
I don't know what you're talking about! You were approached by someone.
Someone who knew you were being sent here.
They implanted this technology in you, in order to spy on me.
No, you're wrong.
Was it the Stasi? The East Germans have a particular talent for surveillance.
KGB? I understand there are even some elements within the U.
S government.
Oh, yes.
Jews, and fellow travelers.
Who was it? It was no one.
I swear.
You can swear all you like, Mr.
Walker, but I will get to the truth.
In here, we have all the time in the world.
(screaming) (gasps) Why are you so fearful, my child? I can't imagine what you're so afraid of.
Get on your knees and we'll pray it all away.
No no.
(woman praying in Spanish) (praying in Spanish) (wind whistles, thunder rumbles) (thunder crashes) (raspy breathing) (knocking on door) Who is it? (door opens) (opera music playing) You wanted to see me? Little Sister.
My ray of sunshine.
Come in.
So, tell me how are you doing? I did a feeding last night.
The creatures are getting hungrier.
I'm worried, Doctor.
What will happen when it's freezing? And now this storm? We only have to get them through the winter.
I can't tell you how much your compassion for these creatures means to me.
Oh, please.
You know you got me in here just so you can undress me with your eyes.
Imagine sucking on my rosebud tits.
Don't talk like that.
Come on, big boy.
Show me what you got.
A little bride of Christ has had an awakening.
Not to the Lord but to the power of sex lust desire.
Stop it.
Put your mouth where you want to.
Don't let it go to waste, Doc.
I'm all juicy.
(grunts) Shut your filthy mouth.
(laughing) I didn't know you were such a sad little pantywaist.
Get out of my office! (laughs) THREDSON: A little lower on the right there.
Thank you, gentlemen.
("Dominique" playing) Dr.
Thredson? My name is Lana Winters.
Can I have a word with you? In private? Would you excuse us for a minute, please? Thank you.
Miss Winters, I know a little about your case, but I'm not authorized to discuss your treatment.
Unfortunately, I'm only officially here to evaluate one patient.
No, it's not about me.
I'm going to go out on a limb here.
But I've been watching you, and I know you're not one of them.
I'm desperate.
I need to get a message to my friend on the outside-- Wendy Peyser Your friend-- she's the reason why you're in here? She hasn't written or called.
I know Sister Jude is keeping her away from me.
If I could just see her, I could straighten this out.
Thredson you are my last hope.
Will you help me give her this message? You're asking me to betray Sister Jude who is the administrator of this sanitarium.
I saw you guys conspiring upstairs.
You're plotting your next escape.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Are we talking to you? I can help.
I'm smart.
Smarter than that stuck-up bitch reporter.
Come on, Grace.
I got to get out of here.
Why? So you can screw more guys? You think, as a little girl, I dreamed I'd waste my life away in the bughouse? I want to go to Paris, France.
They're 20 years ahead of us.
Here, I'm a freak.
There I'd be celebrated.
Haven't you read Delta of Venus? Anais Nin embraced her sexuality without apology.
You're from there-- you must know what I'm talking about.
We left when I was nine.
But my mother and sister, we speak French at home.
I'm gonna get out of here with or without you.
We could help each other.
Please? (man yells in distance) MAN: No, no.
ORDERLY: Come on.
Feathering your love nest? The radio said there was a danger of the bridge being washed out by the storm.
I thought it prudent to spend the night.
Sister Jude, I've had a very long, particularly strange day.
Whatever it is you wanted, I'm sure can wait till tomorrow.
"Ravish Me Red"? (thunder crashes) Sister Mary Eunice told me everything.
I admired her purity.
Her innocence.
I never had any.
Even as a boy.
Now it's gone.
It's been taken from her.
Are those tears? Sister Mary Eunice has been corrupted.
It's this place.
Those patients.
That loathsome Shelley.
She's a wretched influence.
If she's been corrupted, it's because of you.
Your leers are quite transparent.
She's a sensitive child.
Your perversion has awakened something in her that she can't begin to understand.
My feelings for her are nothing if not entirely pure.
She came in here and propositioned me! Exposed herself to me, like a whore.
I see through your game.
You're trying to drive me from my position, so you can take over.
First the newspaper and now, lipstick? But it's not gonna work because you don't know what you think you know.
You're coming apart at the seams, Sister.
Perhaps it would be best if you took a leave of absence.
(quiet laugh) I'm on to you.
Blessed are thee, blessed are thou among women (phone ringing) Briarcliff Manor.
Hello? Hello? Who is this? GIRL: You left me there.
Who who is this? You never even bothered to get out of the car.
(sobbing) I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
(click, dial tone drones) (sobbing) No (sobs) (thunder crashes) ANNOUNCER: Travel warnings continue for Freemont and Braintree Counties.
Flooding expected in Miranda and parts of Cape Cod.
Stay indoors.
We have more on those strange lights sighted over parts of Wasagee County.
Residents continue to insist these are not lightning strikes.
Fears of a possible downed aircraft have put local emergency rescue workers on the alert.
So far, the cause of the strange activity remains a mystery.
(patients clamoring) (blows whistle) Take your seats! Take your seats! No more dillydallying! Sit down! Sit down! Is everyone accounted for? The Mexican wasn't in her room, so I was gonna go look for her.
No, I want you to stay here.
I'll go, after I introduce the picture.
Welcome, one and all, to Briarcliff Manor's inaugural movie night.
(chuckles) Whether this evening marks the start of a, of a beloved trend, tradition, or just another bitter disappointment, is entirely up to you.
Now settle in, relax, and return with me now to ancient Rome as we present the 1932 Cecil B.
DeMille classic, The Sign of the Cross, starring Miss Claudette Colbert as the Empress Poppea or "Po-ppea," and as the Emperor Nero, the incomparable Mr.
Charles Laughton who I understand is an enormous whoopsie.
(thunder crashes, patients scream) Now none of that! None of that! None of that.
Chin up! Chin up high! Hey! Now don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm is a golden sky the bright silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind.
Walk on through the rain.
(chuckles) Though your dreams may be tossed and blown walk on, walk on with hope in your heart.
And you'll never walk alone.
You'll never walk a But she was alone.
A tiny, little fragile thing out, out in the world, in the gloaming.
And the storm that came was not rain and it was not wind.
It was something altogether else.
(gasps) (thunder crashes, patients clamor) Lights.
I'm off to find the Mexican.
What the hell was that all about? LANA: She's bats, or hadn't you noticed? MAN (in film): Burn, Rome, burn! (laughing) Did you speak to Wendy? What? I tried to phone you, but there was no answer.
So I went to check on her.
(door creaks) Hello? I rang the bell, but the door was unlocked, so I let myself in.
(door creaks) Hello? Is anyone here? Miss Peyser? Wendy? (wind whistling) Miss Winters, I know how alarming this is, but I'm afraid something might have happened to your friend.
What do you mean? (wind whistling) THREDSON: There were certain similarities between Miss Peyser's disappearance Shh! and some of the other victims.
Shh! Other victims? What are you saying? MAN (in film): Yes, Divine Caesar, these rumors about my setting fire to the city That I have some Shh! Shh! Couldn't we shift the blame to? The Christian? (man yelling) (film continues indistinctly) That I have some concerns, concerns which I've related to the police.
But unfortunately, they're so invested in the idea that they've already caught their maniac that they won't even entertain the idea.
But maybe they haven't.
(man yelling) Sit down and watch the movie! Hey, Bernie? (yelling continues) But they have caught him, haven't they? Do you think I could use the bathroom really quickly? What is it with you people? Haven't they? To be honest, I'm not so sure anymore.
I'm having my period.
Ah, I don't want to hear it.
Don't make me come with you, okay? Yeah.
Thank you.
WOMAN (in film): Which perfume, Empress? EMPRESS: The jasmine and the acacia.
(various patients wolf whistling) There are so many beautiful women in Rome.
It's really not appropriate for me to be seeing this considering my condition.
Sister Jude will understand.
I'm going to the ladies'.
POPPEA: Dacia, you're a butterfly with the sting of a wasp.
Take off your clothes.
Get in here and tell me all about it.
Hello? (thunder crashes) Where's that goddamn Mexican? (distant clank) Who's there? Who's there? We picked a hell of a night for it.
Yeah, it's good.
Perfect, in fact.
The storm will cover our tracks.
All we have to do is go through those doors, through the staff lounge and into the boiler room.
And that'll take us where, Narnia? There's an old tunnel that leads into the woods-- assuming it's really there.
It's there.
That touched nun brought me through it.
I'll show you; just take me with you.
Screw you.
You had your chance.
I was wrong about you.
I'm sorry.
But someone I love may be in danger.
I know you can understand that.
GRACE: We have to take her down.
She'll raise the alarm.
No, she won't.
She's coming with us.
GRACE: What?! We don't have time to argue.
Come on.
Carl's out there.
What are we gonna do? Whatever we have to.
We may not get another chance.
We're going through that door.
You're not taking down Carl.
He was a Marine.
He fought in Korea.
I'll make sure you get through the door.
Just, just try and wait for me.
Wait for you? If you can't, if I don't make it out, make sure you write the story that blows the doors off this place.
Don't forget about me.
Shelley, what are you doing out here? I got bored.
Yeah, you're always bored.
You need to be in that movie with the others.
Go on.
I've already seen it.
The Christians get eaten.
I'd rather be eating something else.
Shelley, I don't have time.
The Mexican's missing.
Jude's out here looking, too.
Did you check the hydrotherapy room? What? Come on, Carl I'll help you look.
You never know where she might be hiding.
Shit, Shelley.
Come on.
Stop! Damn it, I said stop! There you are whore.
(groans) I don't see a door.
It's here.
Come on.
Whore Whore! (moaning) Hey, why'd you stop? I'm sorry, Carl.
I gotta get out of here.
(screams, gasps) (thunder crashing) Where do you think you're going whore? (rattling in distance) (door clanks, screeches open) (thunder rumbling) We waited as long as we can.
Something must have happened to her.
Any minute now, they're gonna notice we're missing from that movie, if they haven't already.
We'll get her out.
Her and everybody else.
I'll expose every sick thing going on here.
Let's go.
(thunder crashing) (whooping, laughing) I didn't think I could feel this good ever again, and I hate the rain.
(thunder crashing) Come on, we have to get as far away from here, while we still can.
From what I remember, the road's a couple miles north of here.
That way, through the trees.
I don't trust you.
Once we get to the road, that's as far as you go with us.
(anxious whimpering) (hissing) (woman screaming in film) It's our time! It's our time! We're not afraid.
MAN (in film): Stand up there! (whip cracks) WOMAN (in film): Go proudly! Singing! There is no death, only a crossing over to the Father.
(lions growling in film) Excuse me.
What? There appear to be some patients missing.
Have you been aware of that? Oh, shit.
Pepper pee.
Yeah, go on.
Go pee.
(Christian martyrs singing in film) Excuse me, Sister.
I think we might have a problem.
Now? But the Christians are about to be eaten.
(thunder crashing) (singing continues in film) (thunder crashes) I was just going to the infirmary.
(lock clicks) I think I'm going to vomit.
That's fine.
Go ahead.
We can play doctor right here.
No, I'm not in the mood.
(chuckles) You're always in the mood.
I must be the only guy in here who hasn't had you yet.
That's not true.
What's more, I'm the one who does the choosing.
Not tonight.
Turn around and spread your cheeks.
I thought I repulsed you.
Any port in a storm.
Now bend over! (yells) (thunder crashes) I don't want to.
I want to go back to the movie.
(with mock sympathy): Oh (Shelley yells) No! No! No! Help! Rape! (scoffing): Rape.
Help! That's rich, coming from you.
(screams) Go ahead, scream your head off.
No one's going to hear you in here.
Help! (laughing, then muffled snickering) Don't you dare laugh at me.
(laughing): What happened? Shut up! Were you in an accident? Oh, you're seven feet all, I thought you'd be hung like Shut up! (thud) (thunder crashing) (screams) (screams) I think we found the Mexican! (eerie growling in distance) KIT: Run! (screaming) What are they? What's chasing us! (screaming) KIT: Don't look back! Just run! (screeching) (growls) Come on! KIT: Go! Run, run! Into the tunnel! (door clanks shut) (knocking on door) Sister Jude? Sister Jude? Sister you need to wake up.
What's going on? Frank said I had to fetch you.
There's a big problem.
They're very worried.
Oh, my God in Heaven.
They've seen it, too.
Seen what, Sister? What? Please explain to me how three patients could just get up and walk out of here right under your nose.
I guess I was just watching the movie.
(crowd yelling in movie) MAN (in movie): renounced his faith.
Movie night is at an end.
(audience protesting) But the picture's not over.
Yeah, well, they all die.
Satisfied? Now, listen up.
There will not be another movie night nor any other special privileges in the foreseeable future.
And for that, you can thank the three scofflaws who abused my good will.
(thunder crashes) A sex-crazed deviant, a Mexican, and a pinhead won't get far in this storm.
I hope they all drown out there.
Lights out in ten minutes.
All right, let's go.
(raspy breathing) (groans) (gasping) SHELLEY: Please let me go.
Sister Jude will look for me.
Oh, they are looking for you.
In the woods.
You see, they all think you ran away last night, along with several of the others.
In fact, Sister Jude thinks you're the ringleader.
(anxious gasping) Please if you let me walk out of here, I won't tell them anything.
I promise! I'm afraid that's quite impossible.
You were a very naughty girl last night.
You tried to fly away, so I had to clip your wings.
But not to worry.
My surgical training was impeccable.
(gasps) (screaming)