American Vandal (2017) s01e07 Episode Script


-[Dylan] That's your theory? -[Peter] Yeah.
[Dylan] No, that's not-- I mean, that That's crazy.
-Just admit it to me, you wouldn't-- -[Dylan] I'm not You won't have to go to court next month.
It'll be over.
Come on, just tell me that I'm right.
-Tell me that I'm right.
-You're-- No.
You're not right.
Dylan, you asked me if I'm doing everything I can to get you off, but are you? Fuck you, Peter.
-Dylan, come on.
-Fuck you.
[Peter] A lot of stuff here.
[grunting] My God.
I feel like I need my inhaler.
We have to find anything that could be related to this photo.
Anything that has to do with Mr.
The picture I received of Coach Rafferty's trashed office was a strong indication that someone had a serious vendetta against Rafferty.
So, our next step was digging through Hanover High's teacher conduct files to find out exactly what that vendetta was.
After our meeting, Vice Principal Keene assured me that the school was updating the digital records of their teacher conduct files to be compliant with state regulations.
In the meantime, we were allowed to access the hard copies.
-There has to be something on Rafferty.
-Nurse Ravelli.
Harassment complaint.
Says she requested a student to wear deodorant [chuckles] repeatedly.
-[Peter] Who was the complaint made by? -[Sam] It doesn't say.
I think because they're all students you can't use the names, but I can almost guarantee you it was Dave Larsen.
[Peter] The files were full of information.
Most of it was unusable.
But some of it's interesting.
Let's see.
Uh, Maeda.
"Personal property violation.
Confiscated student's vape pen.
" Oh, Rafferty file.
"Inappropriate conduct with a student.
" We don't know who filed the complaint.
Details are sparse.
Just a vague description: "Inappropriate conduct with a student.
" So, someone files a complaint against Rafferty for inappropriate conduct with a student.
On March 10th, someone trashes Rafferty's office, and writes on his whiteboard, "Stick your dick somewhere else.
" Then, five days later, someone draws a dick on Rafferty's car, and there's splatter on the balls, clear evidence that he could've been targeted first.
Splatter, trashed office, and teacher complaint.
I feel like these are definitely connected.
The question is how.
Or by who.
I can see someone from a rival school not liking Coach Rafferty, but everyone here loves him.
I don't see how anybody would have a grudge with him.
I mean No, he's about as cool as it gets.
I'm not part of the football crowd, so, uh, I don't really have an opinion.
Besides me thinking he's kind of a douche.
[Peter] Do you know anything about his office being trashed? No.
But does this mean he boned a student? I mean, 'cause [chuckles] I would.
Him, I mean.
I would bone-- Yeah.
Um -[Peter] Uh, thanks for doing this.
-Are we done now? -[Peter] Yeah.
[chuckles] -Okay.
-[Peter] Thanks.
-[Abby chuckles] So professional.
[knock on door] -[Peter] We try.
-[Rafferty] What can I do for you boys? Hear you've been asking about me.
My ears have been burning.
-[Abby] Hi, coach.
Sounds like you're hearing all kinds of crazy rumors.
-[Abby] Bye, guys.
-[Peter] Bye.
Uh [Sam chuckles] Yeah, we've been-- Yeah, we've been hearing a few, but we-- [chuckles] Don't worry, we're not giving in to them.
We like, uh-- -We like facts, not rumors here.
-[Peter] Mm-hm.
What do you wanna know? [Peter] Why does no one know that your office was trashed? I cleaned it up and didn't wanna make a big deal about it.
So, it has nothing to do with, uh, this? Or even this? All right, look.
I can't speak to the vandalism.
I know as much about that as anyone else.
These other two things, sure, there's a connection, but guys, this complaint is being taken way out of context.
There was no inappropriate conduct with a student.
I did have a relationship with a student's mom.
That's over now.
[Peter] So, that's why your office was trashed? Yeah.
[Peter] Well, who did it? [chuckles] Guys.
Guys, come on.
That would be totally inappropriate for me to say.
But, Sam, you should ask her out.
-Who? -[Rafferty] Gabi.
Ask her out.
-We're not really on speaking terms.
-[Rafferty] Be assertive.
Girls like that.
All right.
I'll see you boys later.
Peter, don't get yourself in trouble with this.
-[Peter] Thanks for stopping by.
-No problem.
[Peter] Mr.
Rafferty was dating a student's mom.
That student trashed his office.
So, if we can identify which mom he was dating, we'll uncover our student vendetta.
But pinning down the exact relationship in question is actually harder than we thought, with a serial dater like Kyle Rafferty.
He's been rumored to have been with PTA president Beth Schachter, the lady who prints spirit week T-shirts, Amy Agbulos, the local news reporter, Carolyn Tran, and Tongue Ring Tanya from the mall Applebee's.
-He's all over the place.
-[Duncan] Coach respects moms.
No one respects moms like Coach.
I mean, Coach respects moms at the homecoming.
You know, Coach respects moms at fundraisers.
And, I mean, these moms are, like, legit hot moms, not, like old moms, with, like, weird wrinkled necks, but, like moms with, like, regular necks, you know? [Peter] So, it's common knowledge.
Coach Rafferty and moms, definitely a thing.
But how to find the right mom? As you know, I've tasked myself with finding the hottest moms here at Hanover High, and I've got something you might like.
[Peter] Bear with me.
If a list of Hanover hot moms seems dumb to you, you're not wrong.
But Sam does these mini-side investigations from time to time.
They usually end up on the cutting room floor.
"Hanover's circumcised wieners.
" The most important one, though, is Dylan Maxwell.
Is he circumcised? I don't know.
Do I wanna find out? Yes.
[Peter] But I'm including this one because it actually leads to something useful.
[Sam] Starting with number eight, Mrs.
Riley, moving our way to number seven, Ms.
Wyland, Mrs.
Wagner, -Mrs.
Johnson, going to Mrs.
Finn, -Yeah, that one.
Kapoor, Ms.
Romito, -Yeah.
and finally, number one, who's hot not only because she's hot but also because she's a strong, independent, hardworking woman and also your mother Mrs.
-Can I see that for a second? -No.
-Just let me see it.
-I feel like you're gonna hit me.
-What you get for putting my mom on there.
[Peter] This list means nothing without any context, but it'll be important later.
Now, we're lucky that the complaint file included Mr.
Rafferty's middle name, because when we went to Facebook, a search for "Kyle Rafferty" didn't reveal anything, but a search for Kyle Joseph did.
So, I went through all of his Facebook friends to see if any of the hot moms would show up, and one actually did.
Number six.
[Sam] You can see there's two halves of the same image posted in early March.
-So -Yeah.
-And that's Mackenzie Wagner's mother.
[Sam] And look, hand around her and everything.
They were totally dating.
Can you believe this shit? But why wouldn't Mackenzie tell us this? [Peter] Who knows? If Rafferty was dating Mrs.
Wagner, I can see how Mackenzie would trash his office in response.
But 27 dicks? A hundred thousand dollars in damages? Doesn't that seem extreme? Well, when it comes to Mackenzie Wagner, and anything to do with her parents, extreme response is kind of her thing.
[Brandon] Mackenzie, Mackenzie Wagner.
I mean, you know her.
She's a mess.
But the thing about her is she used to be really fucking smart.
I used to cheat off her all the time.
-[Peter] Really? -Yeah.
I mean, then she She went downhill.
I mean, her parents got divorced or some shit, and she just gave up on school.
I mean, this chick went from straight-A honor roll to not even filling out the tests.
It was bullshit.
I had to cheat off Dan Chang, and he looks smart, but he fucking isn't.
[Peter] Mackenzie's parents divorced when she was in eighth grade.
Then she completely retreated from school and her friends.
So, where did she go? She started spending a lot of time gaming on the live-stream site Twitch, a place where she excelled.
She gained a following.
People would watch her consistently beat guys twice her age.
She loved it.
So, when the real world got too real for Mackenzie, she found a new one on Twitch.
-Mackenzie Wagner? -Oh, yeah, she sucks.
[Peter] Yeah, all the Wayback Boys say that, but could--? No, no, no.
They hate her because of Dylan.
I know Mackenzie and she's a fucking psycho.
[Peter] Could you tell me why? 'Cause she sucks, man.
[Peter] But sucks specifically how? Okay, in ninth grade, we were in JV basketball, and her parents were in the middle of a divorce.
So, she started fouling out.
Like, taking down everybody.
In this one game, she fucking elbowed a girl right in the face.
Started fucking blood everywhere, you know? Yeah, she's a fucking psycho.
[Peter] Is Ganj right? Does drama with her parents make Mackenzie go psycho? Remember Dylan talked about his breakup? -I posted a video on Instagram.
-[Peter] How Mackenzie broke up with him for posting an Instagram of her at Nana's party.
He also said that, around that time, she was on edge because of her parents.
I mean, Mac was going through some home shit.
Like, her parents are always kind of off and on.
It's complicated, but for a while it looked like they were gonna get back together, so, she was all stoked about it.
And then, like, her dad just kind of up and bounced, after some drama.
[Peter] It looked like her parents were going to get back together.
Then her dad up and bounced, because of some drama.
We now know that that drama has a name: Kyle Joseph Rafferty.
Everyone close to Mackenzie confirmed that problems with her parents always led to some extreme reaction.
So, if Rafferty kept her parents from getting back together, it would make sense that she'd trash his office.
But if Rafferty covered it up I cleaned it up and didn't wanna make a big deal about it.
[Peter] Would she wanna hit him again? This time even harder? [Sam] The Mackenzie theory.
-All right.
-[Peter] The motive was revenge.
Rafferty stopped her parents from getting back together.
-Strong motive.
-Strong motive.
-Next up, alibi.
-Her alibi.
-Home bored.
[Peter] Remember Mackenzie's Instagram post? The one where she said "home bored"? Dylan thought that was an invitation for him to come over.
I always thought that was a bit of a stretch.
But do you know what does make sense? Mackenzie posting that picture as an alibi, an attempt to prove that she was home during the time of the vandalism.
[Sam] She could have taken that photo at any time, and then just posted it wherever.
And the caption "home bored," she may as well have written: -"I'm not out vandalizing something.
" -Yeah.
And she posted it at the same time of the vandalism.
So, Dylan went, but she wasn't there.
She said she saw him, but she was lying.
-Motive, alibi um, access.
-Her access.
[Peter] In the Instagram boomerang video that caused the breakup, we can see that she's shotgunning a beer.
But those aren't Mackenzie's keys.
That's Dylan's keychain, which includes a distinct naked lady bottle opener, and, more importantly, the key to the media server room.
If she never gave Dylan's keys back to him, she could get into the server room.
She's more technologically savvy than Dylan.
-She could've deleted the footage.
[Sam] She's on Twitch all the time, so, she knows computers.
[Peter] Crazy.
I can't believe that we missed this.
'Cause we've never been looking for it.
Oh, yeah, and, uh, the can.
This photo proves Mackenzie Wagner was at Nana's party, which means she could have gotten the can at any time.
And she was in the backyard between 12:30 and one, in the area where the can was stolen.
Motive: Rafferty.
Very strong motive.
Alibi: Latergram.
Weak alibi.
Access: Dylan keys.
Easy access.
And she was at Nana's party, so, could've took the can.
Dylan didn't draw the dicks.
It was Mackenzie Wagner.
Do you know that Mackenzie's mother was dating Mr.
Rafferty? -What? -Yeah.
-No, she wasn't dating Mr.
-Yeah, she was.
So, do you think it's possible that maybe she--? There's other things she's not telling you? No.
Dude, she tells me fucking everything.
She tells me shit she doesn't tell anyone else.
Dude, she tells me when she's on her period.
And that's not even gross to me.
It just-- That's just the way that shit works.
So, you saw the Instagram photo, and went to Mackenzie's house, correct? -Yeah.
Then you left back to do the Kiefer Sutherland call, correct? Then you were accused of the dicks and you needed an alibi, so people would know you didn't draw the dicks, correct? -Yeah.
So, Mackenzie gave you an alibi.
She said, "I was with you at my house.
" -So -What are you trying to say? I think that Mackenzie drew the dicks.
Wha--? You think Mackenzie drew the dicks? Yeah.
I believe you were at Mackenzie Wagner's house on the day of the vandalism at 2:09, but I don't believe that she was there.
-[Dylan] What? -You got accused of the dicks, right? You need an alibi.
She gave you one.
"We were at my house.
" It was a perfect alibi for you, but it was a perfect alibi for her.
Yeah, no, that's not-- I mean, that That's crazy.
-Just admit it to me, you wouldn't-- -I'm not You won't have to go to court next month.
It'll be over.
Come on, just tell me that I'm right.
-Tell me that I'm right.
-You're-- No.
You're not right.
Dylan, you asked me if I'm doing everything I can to get you off, but are you? Fuck you, Peter.
-Dylan, come on.
-Fuck you.
Dylan, don't let her do this to you.
Dude, Dylan is actually crazy.
He's about to have to pay $100,000.
He's not gonna be able to go to college.
He's about to ruin his entire life for some girl.
For some girl he thinks he's in love with.
-No, that's not-- -It makes no sense to me.
That's not what happened.
I keep coming back to this text: -"I'd do anything for you.
" Right? -[Peter] Yeah, I know.
It's crazy.
-He's so whipped-- -[Sam] Just wait.
"I'd do anything for you.
" Think about it.
Mackenzie is Dylan's alibi.
Dylan is Mackenzie's alibi.
They did it together.
[Peter] This wasn't the first time we'd considered that this was a two-person job.
But it was the first time that it really made sense.
And when you think about it, it makes complete sense, okay? Think about the time per dick.
It was super tight for one person, -like, barely enough time for one person.
-But two, there's plenty of time -to have done everything.
And that's-- -Also explains why the whiteboard dicks did not look like the parking lot dicks.
-Mackenzie drew the dicks.
-Mackenzie was the dicks.
-And Dylan was deleting the footage.
That's why he won't admit that she did it, -because they're both -Exactly.
-So, he lied.
-So, he's just been fucking with us.
He's been lying to us, yeah.
[Peter] Dylan Maxwell.
I'm Dylan Maxwell, and this is breadfacing.
[Peter] Mackenzie Wagner.
Thank you.
[Peter] For months I filled notebooks with their words corkboards with their faces.
I grew to believe what they told me, but everyone has something to hide.
People withhold information.
People exaggerate.
People lie.
And when it's impossible to trust anyone you just have to go back to the facts, and draw your own conclusion.
[Sam] Why are we even doing this? Why go back? You know he's just gonna keep denying it.
[Peter] I just want him to know it's over.
Hey, dude, stop knocking on my door, all right? [Peter] Where's Dylan? -He doesn't wanna see you.
-Where's Dylan? I need to speak to him.
-I need to speak to him.
Where's Dylan? -He doesn't-- Screw this.
Hey, Dylan.
So, that's it.
You're just gonna keep lying to me? After everything I've done, you're gonna keep lying.
I was on the honor roll before this.
I said "dick" to teachers for you.
I got suspended for you.
You know that, right? -The fuck are you talking about? -You're an asshole.
-I'm an asshole? -You're an asshole.
-I'm an asshole? Just a guilty asshole.
You're not guilty because you're an asshole.
-You're guilty because you did it.
-Come on.
You did the dicks with Mackenzie.
It's ironic.
I set out to expose all the biases in the school.
Biases that could have led to the expulsion of an innocent student based on reputation instead of facts.
But I got a little too close to my subject.
And I think you can see here Do you know how hard I worked on this? Know how many hours I slaved over this, trying to prove you innocent? I may have had some biases of my own.
[Mackenzie] Really, Peter? That's your theory? You creep on my Insta, and find some bullshit Latergram from weeks ago, and, oh, that proves your point, right? -Fuck off.
-[Peter] No, it's not just that.
Yeah, your alibi sucks, and, yeah, you had access because of Dylan, but it's the motive.
You know Mr.
Rafferty was the target.
So what? [Peter] Who has more of a reason to hate Mr.
Rafferty than you? He humiliated you by dating your mom.
I didn't care.
[Peter] But you did 'cause you thought your parents were gonna get back together.
-So, you filed a complaint against him.
-Not true.
[Peter] And the school did nothing about it.
They just marked it "resolved.
" So, you trashed his office and he covered it up, and no one ever knew about it.
So, you took it a step further, because that pissed you off.
And you did the dicks.
You did the dicks because he deserved it for ruining your life.
It's so easy for you to sit there behind that stupid camera and make accusations about people you don't even know.
And look, I am sorry if we ignored you before, but if this what you're really like, then I guess there's a reason everyone thought you were such a loser.
And now everyone's secrets are out, throughout the entire school, all because of what? You what? You had to make the best movie? You know what? When this is all over, so are you, okay? Because you are nobody, and you're just mad about it.
[Peter] You know, walking away is just as good as admitting guilt.
[Mackenzie] Dude, you can't post this.
It's gonna fuck up my plans for college.
[Peter] You mean like it fucked up Dylan's plans to go to college? [Mackenzie] You can't.
[Peter] I have to.
I have to tell the truth.
But if I'm wrong, then change my mind.
[Mackenzie sobs] [Mackenzie] I can't.
[Peter] Everyone has something to hide.
People withhold information.
People exaggerate.
People lie.
And when it's impossible to trust anyone you just have to go back to the facts, and draw your own conclusion.
But sometimes your conclusion is wrong.
Dude, what the fuck? Who should we show this to? Everyone.