American Vandal (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Clean Up

[gunfire and explosions on video game] [man on game] Run! [Mackenzie] Thank you.
I just dyed it, actually.
[Mackenzie chuckles] Yeah? Why are you running away, like a little bitch? Ah.
That was bullshit.
[sighs] Your turn.
[gunfire, explosions, and chattering continue on video game] Um, will your roommates be out of town, or what? [Dylan nearby] What's up, Ruff? [Ruff barks, then door opens] -Mac, you still--? -Dylan, what the fuck? Can you get--? I was changing, Dylan.
[Dylan] It's nothing I haven't seen before.
[Mackenzie scoffs] I brought you dog food, babe.
Thank you for the dog food.
What? Why did you say, "Home bored"? -[Mackenzie] Can you go? -I thought-- [Mackenzie] Can you just go, Dylan? Please? [Dylan] Seriously? [Mackenzie] Yeah.
[Dylan] Fine.
[Peter] The school board never had any hard evidence connecting Dylan Maxwell to the vandalism.
He was a known dick drawer, so, he fit the profile.
They didn't need hard evidence to expel him, but we needed it to exonerate him.
[Mackenzie on video] Will your roommates be out of town, or what? Dude, what the fuck? -[Dylan on video] Hey, Mac, you still--? -[Mackenzie] Oh, my God.
Dylan-- Dylan, you know what that means, right? She's fucking cheating on me.
That video places you at Mackenzie's at 2:09 p.
, which means that you couldn't have drawn the dicks.
That video exonerates you.
She had this the whole time? Apparently.
Who should we show this to? Everyone.
[Peter] We decided to start with Dylan's attorney.
Dylan, how's your mother? What's up, man? She's chill.
I'm Sam.
-[Morgan] Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
[Peter] Hi, Mr.
What you guys got for me? [Sam] Right here.
Do you know what Twitch is? No.
[Peter] Uh, Twitch is a live-streaming app that lets other people watch you play video games.
Yeah, you can make either private streams or public streams.
This video is a private stream from Mackenzie Wagner's archives.
It says "2:09 p.
, March 15th.
" It's even geotagged.
Uh, Dylan's in the video.
He could not have been at the parking lot doing the dicks.
See, dude? Told you I was telling the truth.
All right, well, then that's great, guys.
Um, there's video of Dylan playing the game? [Peter] He's not the one who's playing the video game, but he's in the video.
Yeah, you can see him very clearly in the background.
Here, I'll show you.
-Whoa! Uh, what is that? -[Sam] Oh, don't worry.
Don't worry.
[Dylan] You've never seen tits before, Dave? Turn that off.
Yeah, I-- Those are minor tits.
No, dude, those are not minor tits.
[Morgan] Okay, stop recording.
[Peter] It's fine, she's 18.
Stop recording.
[Peter] Understandably, it took some explaining for Dylan's attorney to make sense of what he was looking at.
And while he wouldn't let me turn my camera back on, he did agree that hard evidence like this would get us an expedited hearing to appeal Dylan's expulsion.
time-stamp and geotag.
This proves that my client, Dylan Maxwell, could not have been at the site in question, on the date in question, at that time.
This evidence shows that my client is innocent, and I would respectfully request that he be reinstated to Hanover High School immediately.
[Peter] So, um, how have people welcomed you back? Are, like, people hostile towards you, or are they welcoming of you? Uh, dude, people are all about me right now.
I walked into school this morning, everyone was like, "Yo, Dylan.
What up, dude? Glad to have you back.
" [boy] Dylan! -Victory blunt right now.
Tell me about-- -No.
Don't pull that shit out right now.
-You're right, you're right.
Yeah, yeah.
-I'm trying to be good and everything.
Hey, Dylan.
It's good to have you back.
[Dylan] Ming, I love you, man.
I missed that guy.
People I didn't know are coming up to me, like, "I missed you, dude.
" I was like: "All right.
I mean, I don't know you, but" -Hey.
-Can you draw a dick in my yearbook? Uh, yeah.
I signed a dick in a girl's yearbook this morning.
You saw that.
I was like, "You want me to draw a dick in your yearbook? Okay, but" But that's probably gonna be worth a shit ton of money in a few years.
Don't forget the ball hair.
Of course not.
Come on.
Never forget.
Shit, you think she was trying to sell that? 'Cause-- Oh, fuck.
[Peter] Dylan was never the most popular kid in school.
But after his reinstatement he was like a celebrity.
-Everyone was happy to see him.
-"Don't forget the hair.
" [all laugh] [Peter] Well, almost everyone.
I really thought I saw him.
I look back and I replay it in my mind, and I I just thought I saw him.
But there was so much fucking pressure on me to tell them who did it.
I'm definitely worried he's gonna beat me up.
That's definitely my biggest fear right now.
Hey, man.
Look, I'm really sorry how everything went down.
I really thought it was you, but obviously it wasn't.
The guy looked just like you, I swear.
Like, this could have happened to anyone.
Hundred percent.
I just hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
I mean, lunch was on the line, and there's just so much fucking pressure.
I swear to God, I did not mean to do this on purpose, and I would never do-- Someday we're gonna get even.
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even the day after that.
But someday you're gonna get what's coming to you, Trimboli.
Looks like it was today.
[Peter] While he was expelled, Dylan talked constantly about beating Trimboli's ass the next time he saw him.
But fortunately for Alex, Dylan Maxwell had some new resolutions.
[Dylan] I'm not just gonna come in like Old Dylan, and be fucking around and doing Old Dylan stuff.
I'm a new man.
I'm gonna put in 100 percent.
And the teachers are gonna be like They're gonna be looking at me like Like, "Dylan, wow, you're really Dylan is really participating.
" In 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, which ignited which incident? Dylan? All right, which war? The War of 1812? No.
You know, I get there, and I'm answering questions, and, you know, I have a pencil.
You know, I'm actually writing answers on the whiteboard instead of dicks.
And I'm not making whale noises, and I'm not, you know, pulling my balls out of my waistband, and being like, "Hey, look at my belt buckle," and then they look, and I'm like Nut.
Okay, everyone has their packets.
Does anyone need a pencil? Nope.
Not me.
I brought my own.
I might even bring an extra pencil, just to, like, give to someone, just to be, like, "Hey, did you forget your pencil?" Then they'll be like, "Actually, yeah," and I'll be like, "I have an extra one.
" And they'll be like [mimics explosion] "What the fuck?" I can't wait to see Shapiro apologize to me.
Like, "Oh, Dylan, I'm so sorry.
You know, I didn't mean to accuse you of the dicks.
" I'll be like, "Shut up, Shapiro.
" [Shapiro] You're going to graduate.
That much has been made clear, so, I guess, to that end, some congratulations are in order.
[Dylan] Thank you.
[Shapiro] I'm sorry that I suspected you vandalized the cars.
But let's be honest with each other, Dylan.
You have terrorized me for four years, in and out of this classroom, and your brother, four before that.
So, yes, I'm sorry that I suspected you vandalized the cars.
I was wrong about that.
But I don't believe I was wrong about you.
So, good luck to you, Mr.
[Dylan] You know, I couldn't wait to shove my acceptance letter in Shapiro's face, but, uh got a letter from Boulder.
Said they regret me to inform me they will not be able to offer me admission.
And that I should apply for January.
[Peter] Did you think that you were gonna get in? I mean, I was on the wait list, so, yeah, I thought I was probably gonna get in.
But I guess now I have to stay in fucking Oceanside.
Like my brother.
[knock on door] Hey.
[Mackenzie] Can we talk? Look, I fucked up.
[Dylan] Yeah.
[Mackenzie] And no matter what you think, I just want you to know that I am sorry.
Okay? I should have given you the video when I know it could have gotten you off.
I Look, I just want you to know that I didn't mean to.
Okay? I was I was embarrassed, and I didn't wanna hurt you.
Right after we had just gotten back together again.
And I wish I could take it back, but I can't.
I didn't get into Boulder.
I'm sorry, Dylan.
Hey, at least you tried, right? Yeah, but, you know, that was the plan.
We were supposed to go together.
I mean, Boulder was always a bit of a stretch for you.
Right? [Dylan] Long-distance relationships are tough.
I mean we could try to make it work, but But I would have to get faster Wi-Fi, and I mean, I just Just don't really know.
I don't think we should get back together, Dylan.
What? What do you mean? Why are you here? I really just came to apologize.
Um I'm ready to move on.
I'm ready to start over, and I don't know, I think that's what's best for both of us.
Yeah, well I'd never take back a cheater anyway, so [Peter] Just a few days earlier, Dylan received a hero's welcome when he returned to Hanover High.
But on the evening of the senior prom, Dylan sits on his couch, drinking whiskey.
Dismissed by Shapiro, rejected from Boulder, and rebuffed by Mackenzie Wagner.
So, what was it like, watching yourself in the documentary? I actually didn't watch it.
You're joking.
Wait, why didn't you watch it? I don't know.
I mean I didn't draw the dicks.
So, I already knew the ending.
[Peter] Dylan later clarified that he sat down once or twice to watch the documentary, but couldn't bring himself to do it.
He knew everyone thought he was guilty.
He didn't need the doc to remind him he was expelled for a crime he didn't commit.
But now that he's been proven innocent, things are different.
For the first time, Dylan is well-liked among the student body.
He never really cared about his reputation, but after a month of loneliness and false accusations, Dylan is enjoying the recognition.
That's why he's off to Caleb Van der Holme's after-prom party, ready to make an entrance.
[hip-hop music playing over speakers] [chattering and laughing] Yo, Pete.
Ready? [Pete] Yeah, man.
Let's do it.
What's up, motherfuckers? [all cheering] Yeah! It's Peter! Vandal! Vandal! Vandal! Vandal! Vandal! Vandal! Vandal! Vandal! Vandal! Yo, yo.
[all yelling] -Yeah! Pete, Pete, Pete! -That's my boy right there.
That's my boy right there.
-Who that? That's my boy right there.
-Get me a shot.
Hey, Pete, Pete, come on.
Give him the camera.
Hey, Spencer, take the camera.
-Hey, I'm good.
-Come on, come on.
-[girl] Where did it go? -[Brianna] This is Dylan.
You get over here.
-Get over here.
-[Lucas] Here's yours, dude.
-No, give me half.
-You can't say no.
[Spencer] It'll make your dick bigger, Pete.
Don't-- Why would you smell it? -Pete's got a shot! -Pete's got a shot! [all cheering] So, you're gonna go down, up, down, and then drink.
All right? Come on, dude.
[boy] He doesn't know a fucking thing about me, dude.
[Dylan] All right, come on, Pete.
Come on, Pete.
Come on, Pete.
I need to talk to you.
[Lucas] Oh, guys, go.
Go, go, go.
Go, go, go.
[Spencer] Oh, shit, Sara Pearson, dude.
What you did is not okay.
Your documentary fucked with people's lives.
-Didn't mean to mess with anyone's lives.
-Let me finish.
How do you think Mackenzie feels? How do you think I feel? You put people on blast, and for what? I had to find the truth.
I-- What did my hookup list have to do with the truth? It didn't prove anything.
It had nothing to do with Dylan.
It was just humiliating.
My dad saw it, Peter.
Do you have any idea how that feels? I'm sorry, I-- -Fuck you.
-I All right.
Again? -[Dylan] Oh, yeah.
-[Lucas] Yep.
Let's do it.
[Peter] I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little embarrassed when Sara Pearson called me out at the party.
But I felt like I should include it.
Because she's right.
I took a private conversation from her iPad and talked about her hookup list like it was public record.
And for what? To show that the school board's key witness lied about a hand job? A claim only vaguely related to Dylan in the first place? I understand that Sara won't forgive me.
And if I were in her shoes, I wouldn't, either.
I can't really defend myself.
Looks like, uh, Brandon's been busy.
[Sam chuckles] Honestly, Sam and I just got caught up in the madness.
You're dating Brandon.
What did you expect? -Fuck you, Sam.
Fuck you both.
[chattering] [Sam] Gabi.
Gabi, hey.
Hey, can we talk for a minute? [Gabi] What's up? [Sam] Can we talk somewhere more private? [Gabi] Fine.
[door closes] [boy] Sammy's going to Dartmouth.
Everybody [Sam] Do you wanna sit? [Gabi] Sure.
[Sam] Gabi, I'm so sorry.
Okay? About everything I said, and about the fucked-up joke I made about Brandon.
I just-- I guess I got carried away in the documentary, and if I'm being honest, I guess I was jealous of Brandon.
But you are so much more important to me than the documentary.
I mean, you're more important to me than anyone.
I mean I mean, not in a crazy way.
You know? Like, I wouldn't spray paint 27 dicks on cars for you, but [Gabi] You wouldn't? I mean, what kind of friend are you, Sam? [Sam chuckles] [Sam] Well, I think you should forgive me for the fans.
Have you read those comments? All of them are like, "Oh, Sam and Gabi are so cute.
Sam's adorable, Gabi's all right, too.
" [Gabi chuckles] [Gabi] For the fans, huh? [Sam] Yeah, I mean Class of 2016! [Sam] if you wanna disappoint thousands of people, I get it.
Okay? But I am really sorry.
-[boy] I think you look gorgeous.
-[girl] Stop.
Stop it.
But only for the fans.
I'll take it.
Love you, kiddo.
-[girl] Yeah.
-[boy] Believe it.
[girl] Yeah, we're living the dream.
It's like this is, like, it, you know? [laughing and shouting indistinctly] Smile for the camera.
[laughter] [Dylan grunts] -Fuck, yeah, dude.
-[Lucas laughs] Whoa, dude.
Oh, way to do this, dude.
Yo, Pete, Pete, Pete.
Caleb's got a projector, man.
Put on American Vandal.
Oh, shit.
We can do that? -[Brianna] Yeah! Yeah, come on, guys! -Oh, that's a great idea.
-Oh! -Shit.
-[Sam] Is everyone ready? -Ready.
-Play it.
[Peter on video] Dylan, why am I interviewing you? -[Dylan] Because everyone thinks I did it.
-[Peter] Did what? The dicks.
[news anchor] KOYF3's Erin Caldwell is live on the scene Yo, this is dope.
Dude, the way you got, like, my-- The-- My face in the shadows of the dicks? Dude, that's sick.
Everyone thinks I did it.
Like, everyone.
Yo, like, how professional does it look? It looks sick.
It's like some Like some National Geographic thing.
[boy] Yeah, dude.
[Peter] Even if they had their story straight, it's not easy -to trust Dylan and his friends.
-Good shit.
They call themselves the Wayback Boys.
[chuckles] So fucking dumb.
Those guys are idiots.
[Duncan] Of course he's gonna say he didn't do it.
It's called a lie.
[boy 1] I don't know what they said, but Dylan did it.
I don't think he was gonna graduate.
Who gives a shit about Dylan Maxwell? [Gabi] Guys, I wouldn't trust anything that Dylan says.
[boy 2] Dylan's a burnout loser.
Of course he did it.
[boy 3] Dylan Maxwell is the stupidest kid I've ever met.
[girl] He's a fucking idiot.
[Spencer] What's up, man? What? What's going on? They don't fucking know me, man.
I barely even know half these kids' fucking names.
I'm not like they fucking I'm not who they think I am.
What do they think you are? I don't know, they think I'm some fucking dumbass.
I'm not I'm not, like, book smart or fucking street smart or whatever, but, like I'm not dumb.
I'm not fucking dumb.
-Wait, where are you going? -I don't wanna be on camera, dude.
[all cheering] Yeah! [all chanting] Ming, Ming, Ming [hip-hop music playing on video] [all cheering] -[boy 1] Ming.
-[boy 2] Ming.
[boy 3] Ming.
[boy 4] Ming.
[boy 5] Oh, shit.
[boy 6] Ming.
[Sam] Yo, what's going on? -Excuse me.
Watch out.
-[Brandon] Is he breathing? -[Sam] Excuse me.
-[Brandon] Is he fucking breathing? -[Sam] Yo, what happened? -He tried to fucking funnel a six-pack.
-I thought he could handle it.
-[girl] Yo, we need help, you guys.
Who knows CPR? Who knows CPR? Does anyone know CPR? Oh, my God.
Do you know CPR? [murmuring] [coughing] [Sara] You okay? -[Christa] Thank you so much.
-[Brandon] Ming.
Love you, man.
Don't do that.
[Sam] Dude, did you see that? [Peter] Yeah, man.
That was crazy.
[Sam] No, dude, Christa.
[Peter] What about her? [Sam] She didn't know how to do CPR.
Her alibi.
[Peter] Where were you on March 15th, 2016? I was finishing my CPR training.
[girl] Who knows CPR? Who knows CPR? Does anyone know CPR? theory.
So, this is her alibi, that she was getting her CPR training, but she doesn't even know how to do CPR, so, how did she fake it? Um I don't know.
Photoshop, maybe? Let's just call the camp.
[phone line ringing] [Jim on phone] Hi, this is Camp Miniwaka.
Jim speaking.
Hi, how are you, Jim? Um, I'm calling to confirm a CPR certification.
[Jim] Okay.
Uh, what specifically are you looking for? Um, well, it's just that I'm planning on hiring a student go-- By the name of Christa Carlyle to be a lifeguard at the pool that I own, so, I was wondering if I could, um If I could just confirm her certification before I do so.
[Jim] Uh Sure.
Say that name to me again.
Christa Carlyle.
C-H-R-I-S-- [Jim] Yeah, I know Christa.
Um Yeah.
Yeah, I see her.
March 15th, two p.
Instructor was Van Delorey.
Yeah, she was certified.
-Wait, who was the instructor? -Who was the instructor again? [Jim] Van Delorey.
[Peter] You may remember Van Delorey as the camp counselor that Sara Pearson had a huge crush on.
She was into me? I guess I didn't notice.
Until Van started dating Christa Carlyle.
-Thank you so much.
I appreciate it.
-[Jim] No problem.
Have a great day.
Dude, her alibi was her boyfriend.
[chuckles] Motherfucker.
[Peter] So, Christa lied to us.
Wait, what about her broken leg? I mean, we timed out the time per dick.
There's no way, you know, you could account for wobbling with the broken leg.
There's no way you could do the 27 dicks in the parking lot.
Do you think the broken leg was fake? Fake cast? No.
No, no, no.
It wasn't fake.
What about this? What if Christa didn't do the dicks alone? What if Van was her accomplice? So, our couples theory.
Our couples theory wasn't wrong.
We were just looking at the wrong couple.
It wasn't Mackenzie and Dylan, it was Van and Christa.
Van and Dylan are both 5'10" Caucasian males with wide builds.
Alex Trimboli claimed he saw Dylan wearing a hoodie, but maybe he didn't get that clear of a look.
I kind of noticed something out of the corner of my eye, so, I turned.
That's where I saw him.
It's not crazy to think that Trimboli saw Van Delorey instead.
Van drew the dicks while Christa erased the footage.
So, we got the access, Morning Show, spray paint in the can, alibi, Van Delorey, which would make sense, he would cover for her, because he was doing the dicks with her.
Now, the only thing that we're missing now is the motive.
Why? Why would she do this? Was it some? I don't know, some social cause or protest or something? -She's always doing that.
-[Sam] Hold on.
It's Christa Carlyle we're talking about, our student body president.
There's no way she would risk her career, her college applications, her future, -for some social cause.
-It would have to be personal.
[Peter] What vendetta could Christa Carlyle have had? She's a straight-A student, beloved within the Hanover High community.
So, do we go back and look at all 27 cars that were hit -and each of the teachers? -No, start with the three.
The splatter.
-[Sam] The Splatter Three? -[Peter] Yeah.
There were three cars with splatter, three faculty members that could have been hit first.
And if you recall, Christa has a history with one of them.
Coach, he was pissed.
This is proof that religious equality is more important than football.
She's a protester.
She's always coming up with something to stand up for, which is cool.
It's cool.
I just, uh I wish Christa hadn't done it right in the middle of my pep rally, but hey, good for them.
Happy New Year.
[Peter] Rafferty never had Christa as a student.
Since Christa was captain of the varsity soccer team, she didn't need to take phys ed.
Christa and Rafferty did meet in the fall, when she tried out for the football team.
Remember this clip? -[boy 1] Yeah! Yeah! -[boy 2] Get her down! [all cheering] [Peter] Christa was trying out for kicker, so, there's no reason to put her in a hitting drill.
Did Rafferty do it to spite her for the protest? The full video shows him walking up to Christa as she lies on the ground.
Right there.
What does he say to her? Maybe it's just the coach talking to a player.
Or maybe he said something that went too far.
[Sam] Do you think what he said could be inappropriate conduct with a student? -The complaint file.
-[Peter] Yeah.
And it was It was issued on the same day as tryouts.
I still think that Mackenzie trashed his office, but that had nothing to do with the complaint.
I think that the complaint came from Christa.
What do you think? And look when it was marked resolved.
Yeah, five days before the vandalism.
[Peter] The complaint was filed the day of tryouts.
If Rafferty said something terrible to Christa, the school waited over six months before sweeping it under the rug, when, on March 10th, they marked the complaint "resolved," leaving us with just a vague five-word description: "Inappropriate conduct with a student.
" The very next day, instead of reprimanding Coach Rafferty, the school awarded him with Teacher of the Year.
It doesn't feel like a coincidence that the vandalism happened just four days later.
I reached out to Christa a few times for an interview.
I told her I just wanted to ask each member of the Morning Show Nine a few general follow-up questions.
But she ignored me, until finally agreeing to talk.
The day after graduation.
So, you're known for doing a lot of political protests and demonstrations.
Like when you spoke out for gender equality by trying out for the football team.
That wasn't a demonstration.
No? No, I was all-state for soccer, and I wanted to be the kicker for the football team.
I didn't know that.
Were you frustrated when you didn't make the team? I did make the team.
Then why didn't you play? I decided not to join after the fact.
Why? I don't really wanna get into it.
Of course.
Um, can I show you something? -Yeah.
So, Sam came across these videos.
I don't know how he got them, but, um, it was from tryouts.
And right here Looks like you get hit pretty hard, right there.
That was uncalled for.
I mean, I was trying out for kicker, not receiver.
And it's no telling that Coach Rafferty was upset after that whole pep rally walkout thing.
So, do you think that hit could've been on purpose? I don't know.
Did he say something to you after you got hit? Right here, specifically? [Christa] I don't wanna repeat it.
Did you tell anyone about it? Look, Peter, he's an asshole.
What do you want me to say? Can I show you something? Right here, if you could draw your attention to the first page.
Did you make this complaint on the day of the tryouts? The complaint was marked "resolved," but was it? According to them.
And March 10th, that was a big week for Coach Rafferty.
He was honored with Teacher of the Year.
How did that make you feel? -Where were you at the time of vandalism? -Okay, I'm not doing this.
Christa, why did you wait until after graduation to do this interview? Why? Christa, did you draw the dicks? No.
[Peter] I have mixed feelings about the Christa theory.
-Religious equality is more important -[Peter] On one hand, it all adds up: The combative relationship with Coach Rafferty, the timing of Rafferty's Teacher of the Year award, the resolution of Christa's complaint.
-And the Free Dylan T-shirts.
[Peter] The GoFundMe campaign.
Were those protests of passion for Christa, or an attempt to clear her guilty conscience? [Christa] I drew the dicks.
[Peter] On the other hand, all of this is circumstantial.
So, I have my best guess, but so did the school board.
They expelled Dylan Maxwell without hard evidence.
We now know, with complete certainty, that he's innocent, that the system convicted him of a crime he didn't commit.
So, while I do owe you my honest, best theory I'm hesitant to speak with any certainty.
Because I've seen the way an accusation can ruin someone's life.
[Spencer on voicemail] Yo, Pete, listen, it's Spencer.
I don't know if you heard, but Dylan got arrested.
They, like, came to his house last night when he was sleeping, put him in handcuffs and shit.
It's fucked, man.
I think they're setting him up.
[Peter] They wouldn't let me speak to him at the police station, but his mother filled me in on the details.
Shapiro's house was vandalized.
Dylan Maxwell was the only suspect.
[Dylan] Shapiro just wants to see me get fucked, man.
[chuckles] She's trying to pin some shit on me again.
[Peter] I mean, you had nothing to do with it.
Dude, someone spray-painted a dick on her driveway.
No ball hairs.
Couldn't have been me.
She's fucking pinning me again, dude.
What? You know that Ms.
Shapiro's neighbor has security cameras? [Dylan sighs] Yeah.
[Peter] How could you do it, man? I didn't do it.
Dylan, you were exonerated.
You were innocent.
You were back in school.
How could you throw all of that away? Throw what away? I didn't get into Boulder.
Mac's gone.
Everyone thinks I'm just some fucking idiot stoner kid, who's not going anywhere.
Shapiro's right.
So What the fuck? If that's what everyone thinks, then maybe that's just who I am.
That's not true.
I'm the bad guy.
I'm the fuckup.
[Peter] Consider for a moment the type of person who would spray-paint dicks on cars in the staff parking lot.
What do they look like? Who do they hang out with? Where do they sit in the cafeteria? What kind of grades do they get? Is this who you're imagining? Probably not.
How about him? Or her? Or him? I set out to examine the case against Dylan Maxwell, to find out whether or not he was guilty of the vandalism on March 15th.
I helped prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that Dylan Maxwell was innocent.
He was wrongfully expelled on his reputation alone.
To be fair, it's a reputation he's earned.
Detentions, suspensions, countless clashes with authority.
According to the school board, "Dylan is beyond rehabilitation.
" A short declarative statement.
I know for a fact that this administration has exhausted all other disciplinary options with Dylan.
[Peter] How long do you think the school board has felt that way? Was that box checked on day one? Was that stamp of deficiency reinforced, grade after grade, class after class? Over and over again? After four years, if enough people see you a certain way, do you start to believe they're right? I'm the bad guy.
[Peter] Who do you think this person is? Whatever you're thinking, you're probably wrong.
It's so easy to check a box.
Teachers do it, students do it.
I'm guilty of it myself.
High school is only four years of your life.
It's a span of time with more questions than answers.
How can anyone allow four years to define them? How can anyone pretend that four years is long enough to know what type of person they are? Uh, please, state your name and who you are.
My name is Dylan Maxwell, and I'm -[Peter] All right.
-I mean, I don't know, dude.
I'm just Dylan.
What do you mean, "Who am I?" That's a stupid question.
[Peter] He's right.
That is a stupid question.