American Vandal (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

All Backed Up

Yo, this my main man Lou right here.
You know what it is.
Most assists on the team, most passes.
He inbound the ball, I take it forecourt, and I score - but they count it as an assist for him.
- Whatever.
A dime a dime.
I give it to you, you make the shit.
[Tillman] Look, Lou's a good guy.
I mean, he's always there for me.
It's a deeper relationship, it's more so like family.
Like, Lou like my brother Don't get me wrong, I love all the kids here, but I kind of look at it like I'm a parent.
[Lu] Right.
So he kinda like the uncle to the students.
I whoop they ass when they get out of line.
[laughs] It's cool, though.
That's my man.
I wouldn't do anything without this dude.
[Peter] In the 12 hours of footage we acquired from the camera in Kevin's locker, it seemed clear that the teachers' lounge was strictly off-limits to all students.
Except one.
Lou uses my key card once a day.
He heats up DeMarcus' pre-packaged food in the teachers' lounge.
[coach] Look, everything about DeMarcus' life is regulated.
His training is regulated.
His rest periods are regulated.
His caloric intake is regulated.
He doesn't get to where he's gotten by eating chicken fingers and tater tots.
So, that's why Lou goes into the teachers' lounge to heat up the prepackaged food.
Lou has daily access to the lounge, which means he had access on December 4th.
[Sam] Yeah, the day fucking Fernandez ate shit.
And Lou is an extension of DeMarcus.
Maybe that explains why DeMarcus doesn't have the glitch.
[Sam] So you think that they did the Turd Burglar account off, of Lou's phone? [Kevin] Right.
It makes sense to me.
They basically do everything together.
[Kevin] Lou's assistance would answer one of the largest lingering questions about the DeMarcus theory.
On November 2nd, the Turd Burglar had the Apple iOS glitch, but DeMarcus didn't.
So there's no way the Turd Burglar posts could have been made from DeMarcus' phone.
But they could have been made from Lou's phone.
Because on November 2nd, Lou did have the glitch.
So this was a two-man job.
DeMarcus is the Turd Burglar, with Lou along for the assists.
Got to school right on time yet again.
Another assist for my boy Lou! [Lou grunts] Lou does everything for DeMarcus.
Lou's like a chauffeur.
Except a chauffeur gets paid.
Lou says they're like Batman and Robin, but they're more like Batman and Alfred.
- [girl] In literature - Uh-oh! Lou with the assist.
No more sniffles.
[students chattering] You know what DeMarcus' alibi always seemed, you know, - sort of shitty to me.
- Oh, very shitty.
Coach Devlin vouches for him, but, I don't know, that's never seemed all that reliable.
No, and DeMarcus clearly had the access he needed to have committed the first three crimes.
And now that we know that Lou has access to the teachers' lounge, all four crimes make sense.
[huffs] Yeah, but what about motive? Listen, I still think that it's a prank.
I mean, the school and the police made it seem like it was this dark, vengeful crime.
We're looking for a student that's alienated by the rest of the school.
[Peter] But DeMarcus isn't bullied.
And I don't even think that Kevin sees himself as bullied.
I love being the Fruit Ninja.
I love making the videos.
It's fun.
It's a creative outlet.
Two-fruit combo.
So I don't think these were crimes committed by a lone wolf.
[Peter] This wasn't about revenge.
I think that DeMarcus and Lou created the Turd Burglar just as a prank.
This was the act of two friends who feared no consequences.
- These are my people! This is my world! - Think about it.
DeMarcus walks these halls like he can get away with anything.
Hey, what's up? I'm sorry.
My bad.
I got to take this.
Huh? I'm in class right now.
Hold on.
Go ahead, you can keep teaching.
That's not a question for me.
That's a Lou question.
You gotta ask Lou that.
Just call his phone.
Hey Lou.
It's my dad.
To me, this is just DeMarcus raising the stakes on Sir Fucks-a-lot.
Think about how elaborate those pranks were.
Costumes, Photoshop, props, an online Instagram.
- [Sam] You're right.
- And Perry set a precedent.
Athletes pull off offensive pranks, and they get away with them.
Get this.
If I was DeMarcus and Lou, I would probably go to Perry for advice, right? Since Perry has experience with pulling pranks, and setting up online accounts, aliases.
- So, maybe Perry knows something we don't.
- We should interview him.
Maybe he knows something, you know, concrete.
[Peter] Yeah.
[Peter] Testing, testing.
[incoming video call] - Perry.
- Yeah.
- Hi, how are you? - Good, how are you? Thanks for sitting down with me.
I really appreciate this.
And you're cool with us recording this interview? - Do what you need to do.
- Awesome.
So let's start off with you telling me a little bit about your relationship with DeMarcus.
Aw, D? DeMarcus, us family.
I mean, he a good ball player, he's funny as fuck.
That's my little brother.
So you guys could obviously confide in one another? Yeah, I mean, we was air tight when I was at St.
[Sam] Are you not as tight anymore, then? - Who was that? - Oh, sorry.
- My name is Sam.
- This is my co-producer.
Nice to meet you, Sam.
- Nice to meet you.
- What's going on, Sam? So, you were saying that you and DeMarcus are not as close anymore.
[sighs] Why? Because of Lou.
But from my understanding, Lou is like DeMarcus' butler, like his assistant, no? [laughs] Brah wish.
Lou runs the DeMarcus show.
He's pulling all the strings behind camera.
How so? Could you mind explaining that a little bit? Look, Lou and D's dad want DeMarcus to go play in Oregon or some shit.
So they feel like if he's hanging with me, I'm gon' brainwash him to come to UCLA.
So they do whatever they can to keep us apart.
So you're saying that Lou controls DeMarcus.
When we were in town playing Washington, Lou literally called the cops on a party me and DeMarcus was going to.
He goes to great lengths just to keep DeMarcus under his wing.
Wait, what party was that? Skip Day.
[Peter] In a group text between DeMarcus, Lou, and Perry at 1:21 p.
Perry texts, "Leaving now.
Be there in 30," and shares his lift route with the guys.
One minute later, at 1:22 p.
, DeMarcus responds, "See you soon.
" Then, at 1:33, while Perry is still in his lift on the way to the party, Lou responds, "Hey, don't bother.
The cops are here.
" Skip Day is well documented because of the Great American Challenge.
And from the footage, it's clear that the party is still going on at 1:33, with no signs of the police.
Finally, the police arrive to break up the party at 1:39; a full six minutes after Lou's text to Perry.
Dude knew the cops were coming way before anybody was talking about 12.
Don't let the act fool you.
Lou's smarter than you think.
[Peter] Perry believes that Lou saw him as a threat, so much so, that he called the police to keep Perry away from DeMarcus.
And from this partygoer's video from 1:23, we can see two things.
First, we see Tanner and Chloe making out; perhaps the real reason Tanner was so upset that Skip Day was broken up early.
And we can also see that Perry appears to be right about Lou.
[Perry] He been hittin' licks off with DeMarcus for years.
What's "hitting licks"? Using him for clout.
Ever since he knew DeMarcus was gonna be a star, he's been that way, in every aspect.
Look, when it comes to females, Lou talks to girls that's just way out of his league, but he does so because, you know, he's in proximity to DeMarcus.
If you wanna get with DeMarcus, you gotta get with his friend.
It's some real Spice Girl shit, man.
[Perry] And on top of that, all the recruiters know that Lou is the inside man, so they do whatever they can to please Lou because they want DeMarcus that bad.
He's a leech, bro.
[Peter] In your opinion, do you think it's possible that Lou and DeMarcus could be the Turd Burglars? Like maybe, DeMarcus saw this as, like, a funny prank or something, kind of like your Sir Fucks-a-lot.
[laughs] Oh my God.
There's no fucking way.
Lou would never let D do a prank like that.
He's just to invested in his business.
This Turd Burglar shit is funny, man, but Lou would never let D get in trouble.
That's his meal ticket.
That's just crazy.
[Sam] I believe Perry.
I just don't think that Lou would ever commit any of these crimes.
Then maybe DeMarcus did it on his own.
And why do you believe Perry so much? - They're best friends.
- 'Cause he brings up some good points.
DeMarcus kind of lives under Lou's microscope, and DeMarcus is Lou's business.
So, I don't think Lou would let DeMarcus commit these crimes.
But Chloe said that she saw the Turd Burglar card in DeMarcus' wallet.
I know.
Pete, you keep bringing that up.
[Peter] But that's a valid point Sure, but, look, we're kind of just running off Chloe's word here.
I know those eyes.
Those are the Turd Burglar eyes.
[Sam] And I'm not saying she's unreliable, but she could be mis-remembering.
That could have been a yogurt card.
It's got a chocolate swirl on it, and it looks like shit.
I mean, they don't really realize that, but everyone else seeing it, like, it looks like shit.
[Peter] DeMarcus has endless access.
- [Sam] But I'm telling you - He has no alibi.
And he acts like he's above the law.
If Perry's telling the truth, then Lou would never let DeMarcus commit these crimes, ever.
Maybe we should interview them together.
Maybe there's something they're not telling us.
It's not like one of them's just gonna crack, and then point the finger at the other.
Yeah, but we finally know something that can drive a wedge between them.
- What are you talking about? - Skip Day.
Okay, we'd like to show you guys something if you have a moment.
- Yeah, what's up? - You and Lou also.
- Yo, Lou.
- Huh? They trying to interview us.
You're trash.
Come on, man.
This is a photo of the both of you guys at Skip Day.
Ey yo, you see the video when dude threw up on Shorty Marr? What's buddy's name? Andrew Lundgarden! You see that? - [Sam] I saw that video.
- You saw it, right? - [Sam] That was hilarious.
- Shh.
You really just shush him? That's crazy.
I ain't know people really shush outside of libraries.
That was disrespectful-ass motherfucker, man.
Were you guys there when the police arrived? What has this got to do with the Turd Burglar? It's related.
I mean, we ducked out right before they got there.
Well, you'll see here that the police don't arrive until 1:39 p.
So? And this is a picture of Lou on his phone, 16 minutes earlier.
What you saying? Well, I know that everybody in the school believes that it was Kevin who made the phone call to the police.
Actually, they use that phone call as one of Kevin's primary motivations, as to why he became the Turd Burglar.
You even went as far as to call the police to get a Skip Day party canceled, didn't you? [Peter] But I don't believe it was Kevin who made that call.
I think it was Lou who made the phone call.
This real? This is bullshit.
I ain't call the cops.
Why would I? [Peter] Well, actually it's been suggested from multiple sources that you didn't want DeMarcus hanging out with Perry Coleman on Skip Day because you don't want DeMarcus going to UCLA.
But we thought that if you didn't make the phone call, that we'd give you the opportunity to show us your call log from that day.
What's up, Lou? Show your call log.
- No.
- Show you ain't call the cops.
[Lou shouts] Fuck that! Alright, man.
Fuck that.
Look, man, I don't know what you getting at.
If Lou called the cops, he was probably just trying to help me out.
Lou, if you let Kevin go down for making that call, what else would you let him take the fall for? What the fuck are you talking about? There was a fourth crime in the teachers' lounge.
- I don't know nothing about that.
- Are you sure? We only found one student with access to a key card.
Bro, he warm up my lunch and that it.
[Lou] Who you been talking to? [Peter] Hmm? Somebody on the fucking team? [Tillman] Look, man, we done for now.
A'ight? - Come on, let's go.
- Who? I can't reveal my sources.
Let's go, man.
- Who you been talking to? - Hey, Lou! Let's go! [Sam] Alright, let's get out of here.
[Peter] No confession.
No new leads.
Confronting Lou with our evidence, may not have cast a shadow of guilt on DeMarcus Tillman but our digging into Skip Day did cast another ray of innocence on Kevin McLean.
- Yeah, there we go.
- That's it.
- Alright.
- So it's just that.
Down there.
So, we wanted to show you something regarding Skip Day.
So as you can see in this footage right here - Right.
- we see I don't know what that has to do with No, we're not talking about that.
We're talking about here, you see Lou on the phone at 1:23 p.
, at Skip Day.
Then we had this text message conversation between Lou, DeMarcus, and Perry.
Now, Perry was on his way to Skip Day when he received this message from Lou, saying don't come because the police are here.
But we know that the police actually don't arrive until 1:39 p.
So Lou knew about the police coming a whole six minutes earlier, which means that Kevin Kevin didn't call the cops.
Lou did.
Does that change anything for you? [students partying] So Perry was already in the lift, on his way to Skip Day, when Lou texts him at 1:33 p.
, right here, - saying that the cops are here.
- Mm-hm.
But from the found footage that we found from Skip Day, we know if the police don't arrive until actually right here, 1:39 p.
And these are the actual text exchange between Lou, DeMarcus, and Perry.
[Sam]And we have footage of Lou on his phone about 16 minutes earlier.
- Can I see that? - Yeah.
It's just that Yeah.
It's just there are some moments in here that you may not want to see.
So, if you want, you can take my word for it that we have Peter, thank you, but I am not in high school anymore.
I'm an adult, so no trigger warnings necessary.
[laughs] You sure? - Peter.
- Okay.
- Oh, that's Lou? - Yeah.
[students partying] And that's him calling the cops.
I am enjoying this moment.
[chuckles] - Alright - Wait, that's Chloe.
And Tanner.
But So Okay.
With tongue.
This doesn't concern me.
Okay, perfect.
So you can see he's on his phone 16 minutes earlier.
Lou denies it, but you can see that Lou was on his phone.
[Kevin huffs] - You okay? - Uh-huh.
- They hot? - Uh-huh.
[Peter] A kiss with tongue.
A canceled Skip Day.
A broken friendship.
Perhaps the guilt of a secret hook-up helped energize Chloe to protect Kevin in the first place.
- [teacher] Hi, Chloe.
- Hi.
[Peter] Only to be rebuked by the friend she was trying to protect.
And frankly, I don't really know why you're pretending to care so much all of a sudden.
Kevin, we're friends.
Are we? [Peter] And it was Tanner's accusation that Kevin called the cops, which we now know to be untrue, that led to Tanner's dismissal from the band.
Then two days later, Tanner testified against his best friend to the Bellevue Police.
It was a three-way friendship since fourth grade, and it came apart at the seams on Skip Day.
Leaving Kevin at home, on house arrest, desperate for a friend.
[Kevin] Now, a technique I use.
- You sip a little into your mouth.
- [Myles slurping] While still holding it in your mouth, you breathe in, you're trying to create a vapor, so that you may fill your entire mouth with the flavors.
It's better.
- [Kevin] It is.
- It is.
- [door-bell rings] - [Myles slurping] - Mr.
- Hi, Kevin.
How may I help you? I'd love to talk, if that's cool? Uh.
Peter said you'd be here.
I'm always here.
Here, I got you this tea.
You had mentioned it in one of your videos.
The Arya Pearl Darjeeling White.
I spoke of the 2016 harvest, not the 2017.
Oh Sorry, dude.
Is that one no good? No.
I've heard the 2017 is quite excellent.
Better, even.
So Look, Kevin I just I wanted to say I'm sorry that I accused you of calling the cops.
But, I mean, I got that text from you and it had the pin, and then 15 minutes later the cops showed up, - so I just assumed - Yes.
That is called an unfortunate coincidence.
I know, I just Look, I fucked up.
All these things are snowballing together, I mean, I just I just, I thought the horchata thing was weird, I thought our trip to Dawsey's was weird.
[Tanner] I mean, I guess I thought you were hiding things from me.
I know you saw the Chloe footage.
Oh, yes.
[clears throat] I'm very happy for you two lovebirds.
She won't even talk to me anymore, because of what I did to you.
[Tanner] But she's right to be mad.
And you're right to be mad, because what I did was unforgivable.
- [car honks] - [Myles] That's my mom.
[Kevin sighs] Alright.
See ya, Kevin.
Great work today, bro.
- Bye, Molly.
- Thank you, Myles.
Hey, who you been talking to about Lou and D? - DeMarcus.
- [Sam] Oh, Perry Coleman.
Yeah, well, he thinks you been talking to me.
So let's get talking.
Chloe [huffs] [takes a deep breath] She was telling the truth.
She saw the Turd Burglar card in DeMarcus' wallet.
I saw it, too.
And I tried to do the right thing, I told the team.
And they didn't believe me.
Four days later, we were at the pep rally.
The team's supposed to be there 30 minutes early for the walk-through, but Lou and DeMarcus weren't.
I see Lou and DeMarcus run in at the last second.
[fans cheering] The team sees it too.
So, when shit started flying, it was pretty obvious, you know, where they'd been.
They're in the equipment room putting shit in all the launchers.
And that's when the team, you know, they started believing me, and they started pointing fingers at Lou and DeMarcus.
But then our captain, Tyler Ramsden, he sent an email to the rest of the team.
He basically told us to lie.
An email from Tyler Ramsden.
"Just to refresh everyone's memory, DeMarcus and Lou were at the walk-through.
Do you have dementia? I'm not joking.
If you remember otherwise, report to me after practice with whether or not you have dementia.
Maybe I can refresh your memory.
were with us.
We don't need the best player in the country getting bad press because of your shitty memories.
" You know, we all know they did it.
But then, two days later Kevin confessed.
It was kinda weird.
I'm not gonna lie, I was confused.
[Kevin] I did the thing at the pep rally.
But then one visit from Lou, it put that all to rest.
He came to me.
He accused me of talking to you.
He told methat there was never any Turd Burglar card in DeMarcus' wallet.
He told me that he and DeMarcus were, you know, at the walk-through before the pep rally.
He says if I get those two facts straight, we won't have any problems.
I tell him to go fuck himself.
He hits me square.
He kicks me while I'm down.
See, that's what happens with the team.
If they want you to stop talking, they shut you up.
"We don't need the best player in the country getting bad press because of your shitty memories.
" - It's a cover-up.
- Oh my God, yes, and it has to be Lou and DeMarcus.
[Sam] Yeah, I mean Or at least someone on the basketball team.
I'm messaging the Turd Burglar.
Are you happy the entire basketball team agreed to let Kevin take the fall? Alright.
Oh, dude, three dots.
- [Sam] Hmm? Really? - Yeah.
Three dots.
He's responding.
Let me see.
[Sam] "You're onto something, Peter.
Maybe they did let Kevin take the fall.
Or maybe Kevin was in on it the whole time.
" - What is he? - What does that mean? [Sam] "You want to know the truth? Here it is.
" Oh, that's a link.
[farting while shitting] Eww.
Dude, I told you.
We should have been sending poop puns this whole time.
If we were speaking his language, maybe we would have gotten across to him better.
[Peter] No, I think this is good.
This means he's dodging questions.
It means that he's nervous and we're getting somewhere.
[Peter] See, that's what happens with the team.
If they want you to stop talking, they shut you up.