American Vandal (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Sh*t Storm

I haven't exactly been honest with you, Peter I'm no longer able to participate in your documentary.
I'm sorry, but your ending is the same as your beginning.
I did it.
It's me.
I am the Turd Burglar.
Kevin texted us, about dropping out of the doc, the morning after DeMarcus and Lou confronted him in this video.
But at the time we received Kevin's texts, we didn't even know this video existed.
Gonzo had just told us about a team-wide cover up protecting DeMarcus and Lou.
DO YOU HAVE DEMENTIA? Then Kevin stop talking to us, before we had a chance to tell him.
He blocked our numbers and social media, and we had no idea why.
All we knew is that something must have happened.
Something must have stopped Kevin from talking.
Something or someone.
- Hey, buddy.
- Hey.
- Is Kevin here? - No.
- Really? You sure? - Yeah.
We just need to hand him a piece of paper.
We just need to ask him a few questions, it won't take long.
- He's not here.
- He's Okay.
Listen, he's not answering any of our texts and calls, and this is something really important that he's gonna want to see.
- Could you give me a second? - Sure.
What is going on? - Yep, he is not here.
- Really? Can you give to him and tell him to call us when he gets back? He'll want to see this email from the basketball team.
Are you? Myles.
Myles! - Really? - That was so rude.
That's just mean.
Alright, we're leaving it in your mailbox! That was just rude.
Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system.
Let's just go.
Nine-six-zero-four is not available.
He blocked us on everything.
He won't respond to our texts, our phone calls, our emails.
He's even pretending not to be home.
We went to his house.
But he's on house arrest.
I just don't understand why.
I mean, we're so close to proving that he's innocent.
It doesn't make any sense why he'd drop out now.
Okay, so what do we do? I mean, we could show up to his house again, but he's probably won't even answer.
It can't be that hard to get a hold of Kevin.
He only hangs out one of two places.
I'm either at home with my sister and my grandmother, or here at the 24 Stop.
Oh, the 24 Stop.
We could try to meet him there.
- That's actually not a bad idea.
- I know.
You just have to get it by surprise.
- I mean, it's like cold - Hey.
No loitering.
- Oh.
- Yeah, no, sorry.
We're waiting for our friend.
He's gonna be here real soon.
Well, you gotta buy something or wait somewhere else.
We're waiting for our friend Kevin.
You probably know him.
The kid with the Newsies hat and the pocket watch.
He lives down the block.
I know who you're talking about.
He's not coming back here.
Why do you say that? Because I banned him.
- What? - Why did you ban him? Guys, look, buy something, leave, or I am calling the cops.
Calling the? Let's go, let's buy something.
Would you mind telling us why Kevin was banned? It's a chip, not a swipe.
Maybe what day he was banned? - Or, like, anything you can tell us.
- You can't stand there.
You're gonna have to move out of the aisle.
I have customers.
Sir, I'm afraid that my friend might be in trouble, so I'm just trying to find out, like, what was going on.
Do you want a bag? Nah.
You know what? I'll wear it out.
Come on, we bought something like you asked.
Could you please just tell us something, anything? Look, he came in here, okay, I had to kick him out.
He made a mess of my store.
Okay? Wait, Kevin McClain, the one with the pocket watch and the hat? Look, I have footage.
Alright? He's lucky I haven't sent that footage to the cops.
- Could you show us the footage? - No.
You're gonna buy seven more hats? And a snow globe, if you show us the security footage.
So the kid, I guess, dropped his ice cream outside.
He goes crazy, comes in here like some kind of zombie.
Opens up the freezer, just starts taking ice cream out without paying for it.
Sits on the floor Look, he's eating it.
Never paid a dime for it.
So I go over and I tell him, "Hey, you can't do that.
" He doesn't say anything to me.
I kick him out.
I mean, what am I supposed to do? Banned him for life.
Could you show us the outside footage? Yeah.
As we watch DeMarcus pull up in Lou's car and get in Kevin's face, everything began to take shape.
It made sense that Kevin dropped out of the documentary.
He was scared.
Who wouldn't be? We had spent so long organizing puzzle pieces.
Now, they were quickly falling into place.
Alright, take a seat.
- Okay.
- Yeah, whenever you're ready.
- I like that hat.
- Thank you.
Oh, shit.
And this is from the night before Kevin texted us.
So this happens, and the next day Kevin re-confesses to being the Turd Burglar.
I mean, Lou and DeMarcus are clearly threatening him.
It's right there in the video.
What other reason would they need to threaten him? Do Kevin and DeMarcus have any reason to be speaking other than this documentary? - No.
- Is this a weird meeting? - It's super weird.
- They don't talk.
So you don't think this was a planned meeting? You think he was definitely confronted? See, look, there.
Kevin seems genuinely surprised to see them.
And how did they know to find him at the 24 Stop? Well, actually post-expulsion, Kevin's been very active on social media.
Like, Instagram, Twitter, and stuff, and he's always sure to tag his location.
Do you care to defend the $3 surcharge on this ATM? No.
Didn't think so.
So they probably stalked him online and knew where to find him.
They actually were really smart about this, 'cause if you're gonna confront someone, you don't do it in front of their grandma, at their house, in front of their sister, you do it somewhere else.
- You find neutral ground, right? - Exactly.
I think we confront Lou and DeMarcus about this video.
No, let's go to the cops first.
No, no, no.
There are two sides to this video and I want to hear both sides.
No, I'm with Chloe on this one, man.
Let's go to the cops.
We will, just not yet.
We need to hear what they have to say about it.
I'm sending them this footage.
"Would you care to explain what's going on in this video?" Yeah, okay.
You don't know what happened in that conversation.
Okay, so what exactly was said? Look, bro.
It's just so clear that Kevin did it, alright? It's clear.
So all we said was stop talking shit about us.
"We know you did it.
Ain't no need to be trying to bring us down with you.
DeMarcus is one of the best players in the country.
If it gets out that he did some turd shit" Okay, but why would you feel the need to hide something if you have nothing to hide? We not trying to hide! We're just trying to figure out why does he want to start rumors about somebody else? DeMarcus didn't do this, man.
He didn't do it.
There's no way he could have done it.
So, the email from the captain of the basketball team, Gonzo's black eye, the 24 Stop footage, that's all - just a coincidence? - Yes, it is all just a coincidence.
Man, that email has nothing to do with the whole Turd Burglar thing.
Oh my God! The email from the captain, this wasn't part of some crazy cover-up.
This is about DeMarcus's ankle, man.
DeMarcus had just tweaked his ankle, so we went to see a physical therapist before the pep rally.
We didn't need anybody finding out about that.
If a rumor like that gets out about D, him being one of the top athletes, man, that's just bad news.
Real bad news.
So, we skipped the pep rally rehearsal to go handle some shit.
So, you're saying that Gonzo and the rest of the team had no idea about the physical therapy.
No, I'm telling you they had no idea.
We didn't tell nobody but Tyler.
No one else.
And that's why he sent the email, man.
We don't want anybody finding out about that shit.
Physical therapy.
Look at the date and look at the time.
So, then, what about Gonzo's black eye? Chloe was telling the truth.
She saw the Turd Burglar card in DeMarcus' wallet and I saw it too.
Yeah, I punched him in his eye.
I don't give a shit.
I'll tell anybody that.
He's lying, man.
I don't like liars, bro.
D is a cool dude.
He don't deserve to have a rumors like that going around right now, man.
We almost done.
So, then, why were you late to the pep rally? We was always gonna miss the rehearsal for physical therapy, but we would have been on time for the pep rally if we didn't get into a fender bender with Jenna Hawthorne.
We was pulling up to the gym, she ran into my car with hers.
She broke her side view mirror, scraped my shit all up.
You think I'm lying? There you go.
Invoice from Jenna Hawthorne, $750.
Look, Peter You looking at all of this wrong, man.
It's not me.
It's not DeMarcus.
It's your boy.
Alright? The dude did it.
Enough already.
He confessed.
Something about my conversation with Lou made me feel like he was telling the truth.
Somehow, his defense felt plausible.
Maybe I was seeing it all wrong.
Perhaps the email from the team's captain wasn't meant to cover up a crime.
Maybe it was just meant to keep the health of their star player under wraps.
Perhaps the confrontations with Gonzo and Kevin weren't simply about intimidation.
But instead, about keeping them from spreading untrue rumors that could hurt DeMarcus.
Okay, see, I'm not buying any of this shit.
I mean, it's new evidence that we need to process.
This physical therapy form could easily be faked, and the Venmo receipt? It's nothing.
I mean, if anything it's a distraction because this is all we actually need.
I mean, look.
It's recorded.
At 7:52 on January 22nd, we can clearly see that DeMarcus and Lou are trying to shut Kevin up.
We need to go to the cops with this.
You know what, Pete, I think I might be with her.
I mean, we've talked to Lou, Kevin won't talk to us.
We've exhausted all of our resources.
I understand that you want to use all evidence, but, like, this is legit, we don't know if this is.
Okay, but then we go to the police? The police who convicted Kevin in the first place? And how is that gonna turn out for us? But if we don't go to the cops, then we're sitting on evidence that could exonerate him? Like, what's worse in that circumstance? You know what, I'm I'm gonna message the Turd Burglar just one more time.
What? Why, man? What are you gonna say? I don't want to go to the police just yet.
We're not there yet.
Does the Turd Burglar usually respond quickly? It's sporadic.
Okay, Peter, when was the last time the Turd Burglar contacted you? The other day, like, at Oh, shit.
Oh, shit! It'll be a short interview, and trust me you guys are gonna be very happy.
There's something really important I need to show you guys.
It'll only take a second.
I promise you it'll only take a second.
So, the night you guys went to visit Kevin at the 24 Stop it was the same night that these DMs were sent to me from the Turd Burglar.
And we watched the footage a few times.
And none of you guys were ever on your phones.
So? The DMs were sent to me at the same exact time - that this footage took place.
- Right.
Which means that none of you guys could be the Turd Burglar.
Oh my God.
Thank you, bro.
I told you.
What'd I tell you, bro? You think my man got time to be dealing with all of y'all's shit crimes? But actually, here's the thing, this also proves that Kevin couldn't be the Turd Burglar, 'cause he also is not on his phone.
A video that once looked so damning for Lou and DeMarcus ended up exonerating them.
It proved that the Turd Burglar had to be someone else, and it led to information that steered us in an entirely new direction.
- Wait, so Kevin didn't do it.
- That's correct.
So, who you think did it? Well, that's why I wanted to sit down with you again, 'cause there's something you said in our last interview.
We would have been on time for the pep rally if we didn't get into a fender bender with Jenna.
You guys said that you were late to the pep rally - 'cause you got into an accident.
- Yeah, with Jenna.
Could you tell me a little bit about that accident with Jenna Hawthorne? What I remember was Jenna was running out of the gym, like, real fast.
And then I see her get in her car.
We were coming back from D's physical therapy, trying to park.
And Jenna, her dumb ass, just pulls out without even looking.
She scared the shit out of me.
She came out at this weird angle to where her side mirror on the passenger side hit my headlight.
Fucked up my bumper.
And the paint on my car is hard to get.
That's why I was pissed.
Because my shit is vintage, you know.
But she gave me the money on the spot, I ain't trippin'.
Yeah, you gotta respect her for that.
If you rich and you're gonna be a terrible driver, that's the way to be.
Treat it responsible.
Outside of crashing into shit, she pay for it, know what I mean? Yeah.
Why you asking about Jenna? Well Jenna claims that she was at her internship at the time of the Shit Launcher.
As soon as that I could get, like, an internship that was three days a week for credit, I hopped on that opportunity.
Jenna claims that she goes to an internship a few times a week Yes, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.
but this accident completely shatters her alibi.
And why would she lie to me about where she was unless she had something to hide? Jenna's internship was her alibi for all three crimes.
But as we now know, on the day of the pep rally, she was parked in the lot right outside the basketball gym.
That would have given her the ability to load the launchers and quickly get away.
We also know that Jenna's parents own a food processing company that manufactures preservatives, including Maltitol Industrial quantities of it.
The ingredient that caused the Brownout.
But as bad as this all looks for Jenna, it pales in comparison to what Sam discovered in one of Lou's insurance photos.
Jenna initially told us that she WAS at her internship on the day of the Shit Launcher.
- That was her alibi.
- Right.
But we discovered that she was actually at the school and in an accident with Lou and DeMarcus, - which means that she was actually - She was at the pep rally.
Exactly, - But that's not all.
Sam? - No.
Look what we found in the front seat passenger side of her car.
Oh, shit, are those the T-shirts? Yeah, from the pep rally.
And now here's my question.
Can you get those T-shirts anywhere? Can you get them from the school store? No, they're made specifically for the pep rally.
So, the only place those T-shirts could have come from The T-shirt cannon.
So, she has a strong motive, she hates the kids at St.
Bernardine, for the ridicule over the Kendall Jenner photo, so she would want to shit all over them.
She has access to the Maltitol.
She lied to us about her alibi, and we have the smoking gun T-shirt evidence in the front seat of her car.
Shit! I think I'm gonna do it, man.
- Can I do it? - Yeah.
Do your string thing, man.
Jenna's the Turd Burglar.
NICRO HEADQUARTERS DURING INTERNSHIP HOURS - You want to carry that? - I I'm alright.
Yeah, here.
Alright, close it for me? Come on.
This is it.
Let's wait at her car.
- This is the one, yeah.
- Turn on the camera.
What are you guys doing? Oh.
Hi, Jenna, I didn't even Sorry, I didn't even realize that you were in your car.
Yeah, well, I am.
Did you go to your internship on November 14th? I don't know.
Probably, yeah.
So, you weren't in a collision with Lou and DeMarcus? Yeah, I was in an accident.
So you were at the school at the time that you told us that you were at your internship? Right after you did the Shit Launcher.
Yeah, you're crazy.
Are we? Yeah, I skipped my internship.
Then why were the T-shirts that were supposed to be in the T-shirt launchers in the front seat of your car? You have no alibi.
You were at the school.
You did the Shit Launchers.
- You're the Turd Burglar.
- No, I'm not.
- Then why were the T-shirts in your car? - Peter, I swear to God, I'm not the Turd Burglar.
Could you answer the questions? Why were the T-shirts in the front seat of your car? Because I was there and I helped, but I didn't do it.
Like, I'm not the Turd Burglar.
I just did the gym and that's it.
Literally none of the other stuff.
She, like blackmailed me, she, like, made me do it.
Who made you do it? Someone Someone named Brooke Wheeler.
Brooke Wheeler? Shit.
I'm just, like Sorry, guys.
I'm just, like, way too stoned to do this right now.
- Okay? - Can I'll talk to you later.
Jenna agreed to sit down with us for a formal interview, after giving herself time to get less high.
I'd been so upset about my break-up last year.
And then I, like, opened Instagram one day and this girl had liked, like, ten, maybe 15 pictures of mine in a row.
There's only one reason why people do shit like that.
They want your attention.
And she got mine.
So, I click on her profile, and she's, like, not the type of girl that normally likes my stuff.
Like, she's not super into fashion and travel.
She's just, like, a normal girl.
Except she's, like, cute.
Like, she's, like, really cute.
So I like a couple of her photos back, and it wasn't long before she DM'd me.
And, like, she didn't know about my family and our money, so it really felt like a fresh start.
But then things started moving really fast, and we started texting every day, like on and off the Gram.
And it wasn't long before she told me that she loved me.
And I thought she did.
And I thought that I loved her back.
We talked about everything, like like, every night for, like, hours.
You know, like, our secrets and insecurities.
Like, I'd never been so open with anyone in my entire life.
I even told her about, like, what happened at school with you know, everyone turning against me.
Including my girlfriend, who dumped me because of it.
And Brooke was going through a breakup at the time too.
A conversation from September 14th, 2017.
One day everyone wants to be your friend.
The next, everyone wants to see you cry.
Aw, babe, I'm sorry.
It's because everyone's so jealous of you.
You know what's sick, though? After everything happened, I realized that's all I had.
What do you mean? When everyone decided to hate me, all I could do was either curl up in a ball and cry, or post things to make everyone more jealous of me.
I realized I liked when people were jealous of me.
It made me feel less alone.
I've never told anyone that.
I don't see how anyone could hate you, Jenna.
I think I'm falling in love with you.
She knew exactly what to say to cheer me up.
I don't know how I'm going to tell my family I'm in love with someone who lives an hour away.
Me neither.
What a pickle.
She had this cute nickname for me.
" I was her little Pickle.
Hey, Pickle.
I'm going to bed and I wanted to say goodnight.
And so, yeah, I sent her some pictures.
Pictures, I wouldn't want anyone seeing.
But then things got dark.
She starts telling me that, like, I should get back at my classmates.
That, like, I should do something bold if I hate everyone at my stupid school so much.
If you don't, I'm going to show everyone all of your pictures and all of our conversations, so everyone can see that behind your pretty little rich-girl Instagram is a self-absorbed liar who's completely full of shit.
Brooke please She starts telling me that I, like, better keep her happy, or else And I realized, all the stuff that's been happening in school it's her.
I asked if she wanted, like, money, but she only wanted one thing.
And at this point, like, I'm honestly, like, I'm afraid, and I don't know what to do.
So I did the launcher.
Do you mind telling us how you did it? Brooke sends me these coordinates.
She tells me that I need to go to this location.
Look, dude, those are coordinates.
It turns out to be an alleyway.
That's definitely poop, yeah.
Like, my heart is just racing and I get to this location, and there's a box in the middle of the alleyway with my name on it.
FRAGILE It was, like, really planned out.
Like, this shit was truly next level.
And at this point, like, I'm honestly scared.
Like, what is this person capable of, you know? And, like, I know that I'm in over my head at this point, but, like, what am I gonna do? And, like these pictures that I sent her they're, like you know, like, super suggestive photos, and, like, all of our conversations are just, like, in this box, and, like, she knows that I'm not gonna have any choice.
She makes it real clear that she's not fucking around, and I better do what she says.
So, inside the box there's instructions that tell me how to do it, and Ziploc bags that are full of shit to use.
Like, actual shit.
And, like, I'm just thinking, like, who is this person that I thought I was in love with? She's some kind of monster.
During the pep rally walk-through, the coach's office would be open and I was supposed to replace the shirts that were in the cannon with, like, the Turd Burglar shirts.
There's printed out instructions telling me, like, how to roll the cat poop into these shirts, and she tells me to take a picture of the guns that are loaded and send it to her.
I mean, like, of course I did it.
Like, what else was I supposed to do? You know? So I send her the picture and she fucking ghosts me.
I JUST LOVE WHEN A PEP RALLY BECOMES A RALLY So, Brooke Wheeler is the Turd Burglar? Did? Yeah.
So, does the name Jenna Hawthorne mean anything to you? No.
Does the name Brooke Wheeler mean anything to you? No.
So, you're not Brooke Wheeler? No, I'm a Abby Samuels.
Do you mind taking a look at this? Hey, Pickle.
I'm going to bed and I wanted to say goodnight.
And I miss you.
This is a private video that I snapped my boyfriend.
Pickle is what I call him.
Yeah, actually, that video, along with these photos, were all private videos of yours, which actually made it really, really hard to track you down.
But, thankfully, we reverse image searched all these photos and luckily one popped up.
That's how we were able to find you.
This is really creepy.
Look, I didn't post these pictures anywhere, so how did? Eww.
I hate to tell you this, but, your photos have been used by the Turd Burglar.
What the fuck is a Turd Burglar?