American Vandal (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

The Dump

The Turd Burglar is an online entity that has been terrorizing St.
Bernardine High School for quite some time, with a series of crimes.
They're poop crimes.
Okay, how How is he using my private photos? He or she must have had access to your phone.
We actually know from one of his victims that the Turd Burglar was contacting people in August of last year.
Was your phone ever out of your possession, maybe, - during that time? - I I don't know.
I can check.
"Broke my phone, won't have it for the night.
Hit me up here if you need me.
" Okay, and what date was that? - August 6th.
- August 6th.
Okay, is there anything else you remember from that day? Anything else that you can tell us? Yeah, I remember I was FaceTiming my boyfriend, and I didn't look where I was walking.
I've dropped my phone, like, a million times, but this time it hit every step on the way down and just, like, completely shattered.
I couldn't even unlock it without glass on my fingers.
So I looked on Yelp for a place to fix it and I called them and they said they would have it done in under an hour, but I showed up and this guy said that he needed it overnight, and I gave him my password.
- So - Huh.
He had access to everything.
Where did you get it fixed? It's, like, a kiosk at the mall.
- What mall? - The Kirkland Mall.
The Kirkland Mall.
Was it a Broke 2 Fixed kiosk? Yeah, that sounds right.
Hold on a second.
Was this who helped you? Yeah.
I made a joke, and they kicked me out of the fuckin' school.
I discovered he was tweeting some pretty unsavory stuff.
Grayson's a weirdo, but I couldn't believe that they actually expelled him over a few tweets about "chlamyds.
" Guys like Kevin and me, we are easy escape-goats.
And we end up with ankle bracelets, and a job at the fucking Kirkland Mall.
Grayson worked at the kiosk.
That's so gross to think about, man.
I mean Think about it.
Every time you take your phone at one of those places they have access to all your shit.
- He had a history of cyber-bullying.
He had He has a grudge against the school and he had access to Aby's phone, I mean she even identified him by photo, dude.
It's him, man.
Grayson's the catfish.
He is the Turd Burglar.
We're fucking done, man.
We take this to the police, right? Yeah.
We take this to the police and the school.
What do we do now? Messaging the Turd Burglar, letting know it's over.
Hi, Greyson.
With definitive proof of the Turd Burglars identity Sam and I headed to the Bellevue police station.
But before we can get there It became clear that we needed to change our course and head to Saint Bernardine.
We just receved a notification from the Turd Burglar.
Except, it wasn't a response to our DM.
He posted something.
"The Dump is coming.
" He knows he's caught.
Students of St.
Bernardine, it would appear that you're all about to learn my true identity.
But not before I unleash my fecal finale, and show you the complete truth.
That you're all full of shit.
Today at noon prepare for The Dump.
We just had no idea what it was going to be.
The Dump? What does that even mean? I was so scared.
I thought we were gonna get pooped on.
I was eyeing the ceiling for cracks.
Any student leaving this campus will get Saturday detention.
I thought it was gonna be, like, helicopters coming down like Like, poop missiles just blowing up everywhere.
I was all like, "Fuck this.
I do not want to know what The Dump is.
" So I just walked out.
But it didn't really matter, because The Dump wasn't like the others.
Nobody saw The Dump coming.
It was Grayson's darkest, most impactful crime yet.
But ironically, The Dump was the first Turd Burglar crime void of any turds.
It was an information dump.
Grayson posted a download link containing dozens of compromising photos and videos sent to Brooke Wheeler, the persona Grayson used to blackmail his victims, and to performing his poop crimes.
These pictures that I sent her They're, like you know, like, super suggestive photos.
I just feel, like, so stupid because I thought she was a real person.
I miss you so much, Pickle.
And Jenna wasn't alone.
There were three other victims who fell for the catfish, including the Tech Ed teacher, Mr.
I really wish I had not seen those pictures of Mr.
Faculty member, Matthew Gesualdi, has confessed to committing the crime in the faculty lounge.
He has resigned, effective immediately.
Drew Pankratz was also a victim.
He was already infamous for the embarrassing photos of him in a diaper that leaked months earlier.
But those photos pale in comparison to the video he sent.
My God.
I mean, that video of Drew How is that even possible? Like, physically? It was actually kind of cool, I guess.
I mean, I guess he's pretty flexible.
God did not design us to bend that way.
Certainly not for that reason.
With The Dump, the Turd Burglar was making his biggest statement to date; a statement heard around the country, thanks in part to the stature of his fourth victim, DeMarcus Tillman.
Let's talk about DeMarcus Tillman.
You gotta question where this guy's head's at.
Instead of working on his handles, and putting up Js in the gym, this guy is sending pics of his junk to a catfish, and doing poop pranks.
Red flags all around it.
He's a great player, but the catfishing thing? Can't escape it.
Gonna be a big distraction.
DeMarcus Tillman, of all people, I can't believe he fell for a catfish.
I was, like, "Why are you talking to fake online girls? I'm right here.
I don't care that you're uncircumcised.
DeMarcus was the fourth and final victim of The Dump.
He was one of four people who were coerced into performing poop crimes.
And now his private photos were exposed to the world by Grayson Wentz.
Witness testimony has led Bellevue Police to reopen the case.
Former St.
Bernardine student, Grayson Wentz, has been taken into custody without incident.
He will face charges for crimes that former St.
Bernardine junior, Kevin McClain, confessed to in November of last year.
They've actually got Grayson in custody.
- Really? - Yeah.
So what's next for Kevin? You should probably get a lawyer just to be safe, but, I mean, I can only imagine that his sentence is going to be overturned Kevin McClain had been intimidated, manipulated, isolated.
But The Dump changed everything.
There were four crimes committed and four people blackmailed, none of whom were Kevin McClain.
You actually knew Grayson Wentz.
Right? I did.
Fruit Ninja! - Fruit Ninja.
- The Fruit Ninja, man! In fact, there was a time I might have even called him a friend.
What do you think of him now? I can't believe what he was capable of.
Why did Grayson go down such a dark path? And how did he choose his four victims? We'd unraveled so much, but there were still plenty of loose threads.
So the computer teacher, Mr.
Gesualdi, confessed to doing the Crap Calendar.
- Yeah.
- So that we know.
Then we got Shit Launcher, and Jenna Hawthorne confessed to that.
- Yes, she did.
- So she did that.
And now that leaves us with the Brownout, and the Poop Piñata, and two blackmail victims.
So, which one do you think DeMarcus did? I guess there's only one way to find out.
Pete, maybe just knock, dude.
- Hi, Mr.
Tillman, is DeMarcus home? - We're not taking visitors right now.
Okay, I was just wondering if I could maybe speak - really quickly with DeMarcus and - Yo, Pete, get the fuck out of here.
I just thought that maybe he might want to share his side of the Goddamn.
- Hey, can we - Let's talk, man.
- Thanks, dude.
- DeMarcus! Come on back here, boy! Hop in the passenger seat.
Are you joking? Man, it's embarrassing.
People see your dick pics, whole school talkin' 'bout it look like my dick got a turtleneck on.
I keep trying to explain to people, outside the United States, that's how dicks be looking.
But that ain't cultured.
The worst part is people know I got catfished.
DeMarcus Tillman, catfished.
By a dude.
More than anything, man, I feel bad for the people at school.
I mean, Miss M.
She's corny, yes, who cares? But she don't deserve shit in her eyelashes.
Like, that's fucked up.
I feel bad as shit for that.
- So you did the Poop Piñata? - Yeah.
I did it, yeah.
Would you mind walking us through how you did it? A'ight, she told me to meet her in some alley.
I walk in the alley and there's a package.
I open it up.
And there's just, like, these big bags full of shit.
And then I pull out a Turd Burglar card, and then it was some directions, and then she had printed out pictures of every embarrassing thing I ever sent.
Said if I don't do it, she was gonna spread around my dick pics.
So, yeah.
I did it.
Looking back at it, I wish I would have just been like, "Fuck you, bitch.
You shit-loving bitch.
I'll call the FBI.
Fuck you.
" Instead, I said nothing, and she still spread around my dick pics.
Can we talk about Brooke? You don't have to answer if you don't feel comfortable, but why do you think that she was able to manipulate you? You know, like all the girls at this school, you know, they they're obsessed with you, so why this girl that you've never even met? I don't know.
I think I just wanted it to be real so bad.
We started off normal.
She was liking a lot of my pics.
I was just thinking it's a thottie tryin' to smash, so I slide in her DMs You know how it is One day we was just talkin'.
I remember thinking, like, "Yo, she different.
" She didn't care that I was the man.
She didn't even watch sports.
She didn't care that I hoop.
She liked me.
When I started getting rank, everybody either, they started acting like they was scared to talk to me, or they was just acting like they was my best fucking friend and shit.
That shit is alienating.
People don't understand.
Like, when you're in a position where everybody's looking at you, nobody's honest with you.
It's hard to know what's real when nobody's real with you.
Like, I'm not from the same world as those kids at St.
This is where I grew up at.
And all of those people, they might act like they love me, you know, and sometimes I feel like they do.
It just don't feel real.
It don't feel genuine.
But with Brooke, it was different.
A conversation from November 2nd, 2017.
Everyone's so nice to my face, but it doesn't feel right, you know? I just don't trust anyone.
- What about Lou? - Especially Lou.
Hate saying it, because he's all I got at Bernie, but I know he's finessing, talking to recruiters behind my back, all that shit.
I don't even know if he likes me anymore.
I don't know if anyone really does.
I do.
I really like you.
I really like you too.
That's why I kept it so real wit' her.
Then when I found out she was just playing me too, it was just That shit fuck with you, man.
That shit fuck with you hard.
Hey, Sam.
You see my dick pic? Yeah.
We had to look at it for the documentary, so Nah, man, it's cool.
I was curious.
It's just weird, though.
Like, I'm talking to two dudes I met a month ago and both of y'all seen my dick.
I mean, I'm sorry, man.
It's cool.
Shit, it could be worse.
I could be like Drew Pankratz.
Yo, you saw that video? That shit is fucking crazy.
How you fit the whole thing in there? I hope that dude doing a'ight.
So, we now know that DeMarcus did the Poop Piñata.
Jenna Hawthorne did the Shit Launcher, and Mr.
Gesualdi did the Crap Calendar.
Which leaves one less crime, and one last blackmail victim.
Let me tell you about Drew.
I mean, he's a theater kid, who lives in the friend zone.
He's like a brother to me.
My parents let him sleep over all the time.
Like, I can change in front of him.
That's how asexual the situation is.
And then the pictures came out.
There were picture leaks of him in, like, diapers with baby bottles.
I'm not sure if it's some sort of weird fetish.
I just really want to know who it was for.
Thank you so much for sitting down with us, Drew.
So, would you Would you actually care to speak on that video? I mean, how much practice did that take? I don't really want to talk about the video.
You don't have to.
Just, forget about it.
- So you met Brooke online, right? - Yeah.
And how did she get you to do the Brownout? I didn't do the Brownout.
Well, we We know who did all the other four crimes, so by process of elimination Look, no, I'm telling you, I didn't do it.
She asked me to.
But I said no.
She already had some photos of me, so, that's when she started to blackmail me.
So Brooke leaked the photos.
Yeah, she She said she had a diaper fetish, and Honestly, it was the first time a girl seemed to take me seriously, so I went along with it.
Biggest mistake of my life.
So, you knew about the Brownout and you didn't say anything? Yeah.
Are you serious? I mean, she still had the video.
Yeah, no, I wouldn't have said anything.
Yeah, no shit.
Now everyone knows how you know flexible I am.
Your nice-guy best-friend act isn't fooling me.
If you don't, I'll show the school the pictures, so they can see how desperate you are to get laid.
Please, Brooke, don't.
And if you tell anyone about me, I'll release the videos.
Not the videos.
Please, Brooke.
It felt good twice, but it doesn't feel good anymore.
I don't get it.
If there are four crimes and four blackmail victims, if you didn't do the Brownout then who did the Brownout? I don't know.
All I know is it wasn't me.
Four blackmail victims, four Turd Burglar crimes.
But if Drew Pankratz didn't do the Brownout, then why didn't The Dump include blackmail of the individual who did? There was still a dingleberry of information that we didn't have.
Fortunately, Grayson's trial unearthed new evidence.
He had wiped his phone and laptop before police raided his house.
But Washington State's Technology Crimes Unit was able to recover most of the data.
That included Grayson's conversations and all of his passwords, which led to the discovery of several angry videos posted to 4chan and YouTube after his expulsion.
I got expelled today and no one seems to care.
They're talking about it on Twitter.
Let's see my classmates are saying.
"Grayson Wentz is a creep.
I'm glad he's expelled.
" "Fuck Grayson Wentz.
He's a piece of shit.
" A piece of shit? I'm the only one not hiding on Instagram fishing for likes, and I'm the fucking piece of shit? He began obsessively following his former classmates, digitally stalking them.
Their social media became his only connection to the world.
He devoured every detail he could.
Every post.
Every profile.
But the more he consumed, the sicker it made him.
Instagram filters, Snapchat filters.
They're not fucking filters, they're masks.
You all pretend to lead these perfect, happy lives when you're just as lonely as me.
You're fucking fake.
You're fucking plastic.
Grayson believed that behind their happy social media profiles, they were just as insecure and lonely as he was.
He wanted to make them pay for being so desperately artificial.
And prove that they were, quite literally, full of shit.
The recovered data from Grayson's trial also revealed that he didn't just target the four people who were exposed in The Dump.
He reached out to as many faculty and students as he could.
He was fishing.
I heard the name "Brooke Wheeler" and it sounded kind of familiar and I was, like, "wait a minute, she DM'd me too.
" When she asked for pictures of my privates, I told her I didn't feel comfortable.
That's what she just stop messaging me altogether.
I obviously knew it was, like, some sort of bot or whatever, because Grayson didn't need everyone to take the bait, just the ones who were desperate enough to do so.
A small number of people responded to Brooke, and an even smaller number engaged in prolonged conversation.
Grayson found that Jenna, DeMarcus, Drew, and Mr.
Gesualdi were all particularly vulnerable.
I think I just wanted it to be real so bad.
With Brooke, Grayson was able to attract people who were longing for a deeper connection.
I feel like I can talk to you forever.
Everyone's so fake, but I can just be real with you.
You don't know how it feels to have found someone who takes me seriously.
I wish I could talk to everyone like I can talk to you.
She told me that she loved me.
And I thought she did.
And I thought that I loved her back.
He used their own loneliness against them to get back at the school that he hated, including the teacher responsible for his expulsion.
I discovered he was tweeting some pretty unsavory stuff.
As you probably are aware, these computers are supposed to be used for nothing but schoolwork Grayson took great pleasure in pointing out the hypocrisy.
Your self-righteousness makes me laugh.
Put the crap in the calendar, or I'll show you the world all the unsavory stuff you're sending young girls from school computers.
And he relished the power he held over the people who opened up to him.
Everyone can see that behind your pretty, little, rich-girl Instagrams Your nice-guy, best-friend act isn't fooling me.
You're no hero, you're a phony.
This was no prank.
These were the actions of an individual completely lacking any form of empathy.
The victims of your crimes In total, Grayson reached out to 41 people as Brooke Wheeler.
He exchanged over 30,000 messages between August 12th and December 4th.
But of all the conversations uncovered at the trial, Grayson's longest, most intimate exchanges, were not with DeMarcus, Jenna, Drew, or Mr.
They were with Kevin McClain.
I'm sorry, Peter.
I couldn't tell you.
I couldn't tell anyone.
Tell us what? I did the Brownout.
Kevin, if you had told the police that you were being blackmailed, they probably would have helped you - or been a little easier - I couldn't.
Why? Because I wasn't blackmailed.
When I first met Brooke, I was instantly smitten.
We had so much in common.
We had similar tastes in movies, TV.
We bonded over the same critiques of Rick & Morty.
She made me feel all these things I had never felt before.
A conversation from October 28th, 2017.
One week before the Brownout.
I thought everyone at school loved you.
You're the Fruit Ninja.
Nobody really wants to be the Fruit Ninja.
I've just never really been good at fitting in, so at some point I decided to do the opposite.
And I did everything I could to convince myself that I didn't need people to like me.
That's why I like you.
I hate people who need everyone's approval.
Maybe, but sometimes I wonder if I have anyone's approval.
Even Tanner and Chloe.
Sometimes I wonder if they're laughing behind my back like everyone else.
I wouldn't even blame them.
You have my approval, Pickle.
I think I'm falling in love with you.
I felt close to her in a way that I have never felt with anyone.
In many ways, Kevin was Grayson's easiest target.
- Fruit Ninja! - Fruit Ninja!.
The two had been childhood friends, so Grayson knew about Kevin's sixth grade nickname.
Hey, Shit Stain McClain! - Did you like that nickname? - No.
That name, it destroyed Kevin.
And it was huge for Nick Sondergoth.
And Grayson knew how much Kevin still resented the kid who created it.
You changed seats, Kevin.
Did you enjoy watching Nick Sondergoth poop his pants? Grayson planted the seeds for revenge.
And Kevin thought he could impress Brooke by sticking up for himself.
Together they laughed about how fitting it would be to see Nick Sondergoth and the rest of the kids who bullied him, get such a suitable comeuppance.
Love had blinded me.
I was willing to do anything to impress her.
She wanted me to do the Brownout, so I did the Brownout.
How did it all happen? Well, she sent me the maltitol.
She said that it was going to work better than any store-bought laxative, and that no one would get hurt.
There was a fire drill scheduled for November 6th.
It was the perfect opportunity to enter the kitchen unnoticed.
I quickly found the lemonade dispenser and I deposited the maltitol.
I'm ashamed to admit this, but it was thrilling.
Until I was seated in the cafeteria, of course.
I had no idea so many people drank that fucking lemonade.
You know, it's not even made with real lemons.
Let's talk about the horchata.
Did you knock over Brother Buckley's lemonade on purpose? Yes.
I did.
Of course.
He's not exactly in pristine health.
Okay? I felt responsible for him.
I didn't want anyone to get hurt.
Did it turn out the way you anticipated? It was like a bad dream.
It was soul-shaking.
Did anyone else know that you were speaking to Brooke? No.
I hadn't told anyone about Brooke, but obviously, DeMarcus figured it out.
He didn't want me speaking to you because he was afraid.
Of what? Exactly what happened.
All of our pictures and conversations getting released.
And when did you realize that Brooke wasn't who she said she was? I was supposed to meet Brooke.
The night after the Brownout.
It was the only thing that was getting me through a rather traumatic day.
Where were you supposed to meet? At the Holiday Inn on Route 2.
The previous day I had picked some things up at Dassey's.
Is that when Tanner thought that you were buying laxatives? - Yes.
- Ah.
I'm almost positive that he had laxatives in that Dassey's bag.
- So what did you buy? - I bought adult paraphernalia.
I didn't tell Tanner because I was embarrassed.
I got there early.
I texted Brooke after 20 minutes or so, telling her the room number.
And I waited and waited.
At 8:48 p.
, on November 6th, Brooke sent one final message to Kevin, before blocking him.
You act like you're smarter than everyone else, but everything about you is fake.
The way you dress.
The way you talk.
You're full of shit.
Just like me.
I never heard from her again.
And just like that I had no one.
Hey, Pickle.
I'm going to bed and I wanted to say goodnight.
This girl that I fell in love with had never existed.
Can I Can I just ask you one more question? Well, if you did the Brownout, doesn't that mean that you shit your pants on purpose? Yeah.
How do you feel now knowing Kevin's involvement in the Turd Burglar crimes? Well, I thought I was going crazy throughout the entire process.
I mean, I know Kevin better than anyone, and I just knew when he was acting up.
At first I was I felt really betrayed.
You know? I really believed in him.
And I went to bat for him.
My life is very different because of how hard I fought for him.
But I guess I should have just gone and talked to him about it.
Instead of going to the school and ratting him out, I should have just been a better friend.
Then I read his texts with Brooke and Just to see how Grayson manipulated him.
And yeah, my life is different now.
But it doesn't even come close to what Kevin went through.
I guess I guess, I just didn't really realize how lonely he was.
Man, I don't know.
Life is crazy.
I came to the realization that life is a lot more like basketball than I thought.
Like for instance, when I'm on the court, I'm in control, handle the ball, I shoot it, I tear down my own rebounds.
It's like, I'm DeMarcus Tillman, I'm in control, but in real life, it's like I'm on the fucking bench.
Feels like I'm Squeaky.
And everybody else making calls.
So from that point forward, I got off the bench.
I got my driver's license.
I'm looking after my own calendar, making my own college decisions.
Lou and my dad wanted me to go Oregon.
In the fall of 2019, I'll be attending Villanova University.
I just want to do my own thing.
I'm making decisions.
Game time.
Raise your hand if you want to play basketball.
Yeah? Raise your hand if you want to go to the NBA.
Okay, one of you tell me what you have to do to make it to the NBA? I'm the most happy when I'm on the court.
That's why I really started playing basketball, I really enjoyed it.
Outside of just being, like, really, really good, like, I liked it first.
That's me, that's the real DeMarcus, you know, just playing in the park.
I kind of want to get back to that, and I want to get back to feeling that same joy when I'm not playing basketball too.
Bless us, oh Lord, for these thy gifts which we are about to receive through thy bounty, Christ Our Lord, amen.
I am still very much an atheist, but if it gives my grandmother some peace of mind to believe in a fairy tale, so be it.
Ä°t is not Christians I hate, it's the institution.
You say that, but just wait till somebody requests a Christian rock song.
You're gonna lose your shit like you always do.
That's because Christian rock offends me more as a musician.
It feels good to have Tanner and Chloe back in my life.
I will not be returning to St.
I'm going to public school for my senior year.
I'm excited for a fresh start.
I have a good feeling.
I think it'll be a good year.
You know, Peter, Sam.
I really mean this.
I hope that we keep in touch.
On social, you know? Or in real life.
We're the first generation that gets to live twice.
Our existences are simultaneously experienced and curated.
Polished for our own protection.
Digital fortresses made of bits, bytes, and pixels.
Walls made of zeros and ones.
Grayson referred to these digital walls as masks, and he created the Turd Burglar to prove that behind them, we're all full of shit.
It would be easy to dismiss his messages, as the ramblings of a madman, if there wasn't so much truth to them.
We do all create versions of ourselves to appear to be the curators of our own stories, to appear to be in the driver's seat of our own lives.
We are the worst generation.
We're all full of shit.
You all pretend to lead these perfect, happy lives when you know, you're just as lonely as me.
You're fucking fake.
You're fucking plastic.
But pretending doesn't make us plastic.
Imagination is what makes us human.
It allows us to figure out which version of ourselves fits best.
Put you - Alright, how's the service? - Wow.
It's a big venue.
- We're gonna rock this.
- This is awesome! We're not the worst generation.
We're just the most exposed.
We're living in a constant state of feedback.
And judgment.
So maybe the masks are a tool to survive the time.
Maybe they provide a thin layer of protection.
A place to grow, discover, reinvent.
The important part is having people who know you without the mask.
And being happy with who you are beneath it.
Sorry, wrong number.
Time to die.