American Woman (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

The Heat Wave

1 [UPBEAT ROCK MUSIC] Should've known better than to put you Under lock and key It's like an oven out there.
We keep saying we're gonna put air conditioning in but we haven't done it yet We all just huddle around the fan in the living room.
My husband calls it family time.
Ah, you find everything okay? Yes.
- Oh, can I get a gift box? - Mm-hmm.
I'm in a hurry.
Oh, uh, this darn thing, it gets stuck sometimes.
These people certainly take their time, don't they? Sorry, what did you say? Bonnie, can you help me with this, please? - Don't.
- She can't talk - to you like that.
- Yes, she can.
And if you say anything, all you're gonna do is get in trouble and you need this job.
So don't.
[CARD MACHINE SLIDES] [SIGHS] Sorry for the delay.
Have a wonderful day.
Well, just gonna blame that on the heat.
Louise, why don't you and your family come over this weekend and swim? Kathleen and Diana will be there.
You can meet them and our kids can play together.
You don't have to do that.
- I don't have to do what? - You don't have to - try to fix what just happened.
- I'm not.
I really want you to come.
- You sure? - Yes.
That's very nice of you.
Thank you.
Makes me go Oh, my, ooh, my Oh, my, my, makes me go Oh, my, my Mr.
Bishop, I need your signature, please.
[SIGHS] Ohh.
Do you want me to turn that off? No, it feels nice, actually.
[CHUCKLES] There we go.
Do you have any idea of when you might be making your decision as to who's going to be senior loan officer? Well, you're being considered, Diana.
Can I take this fan? My office is like an absolute oven and there's a nice breeze out here.
I'm sorry.
Could you be a bit more specific? Fine.
You want the truth? Here's the truth: I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you.
Thanks, Diana.
I think you should wear this one.
I don't think I'm in the mood for a pool party.
I just had the worst day at work.
Well, all the more reason to take a dip and relax.
I I'm going nowhere.
And a new bathing suit isn't gonna change that.
Oh, my.
It's hotter than the dickens out there.
- Hello, Kathleen.
- Well, hi, Mrs.
- I love your little outfit.
- Thank you.
What are you girls up to? Oh, just a little shopping.
Look at this suit we just got for Diana.
Isn't she gonna look great? Where is the rest of it? God, Mother.
I hope you're not going out in public like that.
We're going to Bonnie's to go swimming.
Are you? Oh, that's funny.
Diana didn't mention anything about that.
I think I'm a little old to be asking permission to go to a friend's house to go swimming, - don't you think? - That's not what I meant and you know it.
You should come, Mrs.
She can't.
She can't, she can't be out in this heat.
It's very bad for all of her internal organs.
And external.
Every organ.
It's bad.
I could, as long as I stay out of the sun.
But as you can see, my daughter doesn't want me to go, so I'll stay home.
Oh, that's not true.
Is it, Diana? Do whatever you want to do.
If you're done, please put your glass in the sink.
Actually, I'm getting more.
[MUSIC PLAYING ON TV] Girls, we're having company tomorrow.
Who? My friend Louise and her family.
Why? Are you trying to prove how cool you are by inviting - your black friend over? - No.
I invited her over because I thought it would be a nice thing to do.
Yeah, well, whatever.
I'm not gonna be here.
I'm going to the beach with Monica.
Well, I'm sorry, but you can't go.
Mom, it's the Sand and Sea Club.
Just ask her if you can reschedule.
Oh, okay, yes.
I will see if Monica and her entire family can reschedule for me.
That's the spirit.
Jessica, go brush your teeth.
You had better change this attitude.
Or what? Or you're going to be grounded.
But having me around the house may cut into time with your new boyfriend.
I think we should talk about this.
- I really don't want to.
- Why not? Because I don't care what you do.
When I was a teenager, when I'd get upset, I'd lock myself in my room.
Or I'd get in the pool and float around in the water for hours.
I just wanted to escape.
But you can't escape your feelings, sweetheart.
Are you and Dad ever getting back together? I don't know.
But whatever happens, we'll always be a family.
Yeah, I'm sorry, but I don't feel like I have a family anymore.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh I'm a little cold.
Do you want your sweater? I can't sit by a pool and wear a sweater.
I'm in the shade, but I'd just like to be a little warmer.
It's the sun, Mother.
You can't turn it up.
Would you try and be nice to her? I have tried.
It doesn't do anything.
I know that you think that she's adorable, with her little quips and her underhanded remarks, but you don't have to spend every day with her.
Well, one day she's gonna die and you're gonna thank me for these memories.
I really don't think I will.
Everyone, this is my friend Louise and her daughter and son, William and Rachel.
This is Kathleen and Diana and her mom, Peggy.
It's so nice to meet you, ladies.
Did you guys say hello? - Hi.
- Hi.
- This house is really big.
- Oh.
Well, come on in and I'll show you around.
See you in a few.
Well, they seem like a nice family.
- Uh-huh.
- Would've been nice to know they were colored.
What difference would that have made? Doesn't make any difference.
It just would've been nice to know.
And this is the rec room.
This is Becca, my daughter, and Jessica.
Oh, you have a beautiful home.
Thank you.
I have a pitcher of margaritas in the kitchen, - if you want one.
- Oh, that sounds good.
Oh, Ma, can I go swimming? Well, ask Mrs.
Of course he can.
- Becca.
- [SIGHS] Maybe you'd like to join William swimming.
- I'm watching TV.
- Well, you can watch TV later.
- We have guests.
- Bonnie, it's fine.
She doesn't have to entertain William.
He's just happy he gets to go swimming.
Is there somewhere he can change? There's a bathroom right down the hall on the left.
Thank you.
He seems like such a nice boy.
Ah, he's shy.
Just like his father.
Oh, by the way.
Martin sends his apologies He has to work at his brother's auto shop on the weekends.
Well, we'll just have to do this again sometime - so he can come.
- Oh, that would be great.
- Let's go get those margaritas.
- Yes, please.
So we rented a house down in Mexico for a girls' getaway.
And this was, like, three years ago? - Four.
- Four, that's right.
And it was hotter than it is now.
But of course, that's Mexico in July.
So Kathleen and I went out and we had a few drinks.
- Oh, we were drunk.
- [LAUGHTER] And we finally get back in and we look around, but we don't recognize anything.
'Cause we went in the wrong damn house.
[LAUGHTER] [BOTH SIGH] You been down to Mexico, Louise? Uh, no.
Knott's Berry Farm is about as far south as we've gotten.
Well, you would love it.
You should go sometime.
Yes, I probably should.
So where were you at in the story, Diana? I didn't go.
I was in Phoenix.
We went to see Andy Williams.
On a bus.
Mother doesn't like to fly.
You can't stop and see the Hoover Dam from an airplane.
I'd be careful, Diana.
When you've had a couple drinks, you tend to eat more and I'd hate to see you put that weight back on that you lost.
She put on seven pounds.
Ah, when was that? Uh, two summers ago.
I mean, a pound or two is normal.
But seven? In case anyone was wondering, the answer is yes, today is the best day of my life.
- [LAUGHS] Oh, Diana.
- Sorry.
Well, we've heard so much about you, Louise, but Bonnie never mentioned how beautiful you are.
Oh, well, thank you.
You're welcome.
You have such pretty skin.
You know, the thing about colored people that I noticed is that y'all have different colors of skin tones.
Some colored people are very light-skinned and some are very dark.
But you have just the perfect tone.
- Um - It's like chocolate.
Anyone hungry? Mm, no.
Have you had much experience with babies? - Yes, I've been a baby all my life.
- [SIGHS] Don't you worry about Jack - Mom.
- Go out there and talk to William.
You're being very rude.
Um, you're the one who invited them over.
You go talk to him.
Becca, this afternoon is awkward enough.
Yeah, I told you it was gonna be weird.
Come on.
I really want Louise and her family to have a good time.
What am I even supposed to say to him? You're a teenager, he's a teenager.
Talk about whatever it is you talk about.
It can't be that hard.
I don't want to.
If I have to physically force you to do it, I will.
But you're gonna go out there and talk to that boy.
Am I making myself clear? I'll let you use my Italian tanning oil.
[SIGHS] - Fine.
- Thank you.
Doesn't mean I don't hate it here.
[ROCK MUSIC] You getting in? Yes.
Yeah, the heat's getting to me.
Not to mention the alcohol.
I cannot understand how you can walk around like that.
Like what? It's a swimsuit, I'm going swimming.
But why make a spectacle of yourself? Na ah I'm sure Louise agrees with me.
I mean, your people could never walk around like that.
It's disrespectful.
- My people? - I'm sorry.
- Mother.
- All I meant is that in my day, a woman knew something about modesty.
Let me tell you something about modesty.
If you're a woman nowadays, it gets you nowhere.
Okay, it's just like saying, "Sit in the corner and be a good little girl.
" The only way to get ahead in this world is to make a little noise.
Modesty gets you a seat at the tea party, But isn't much God damn good for anything else.
- Where are you going? - I'm leaving! What about your mama? You wanted her to come, so you can take her home.
You gonna get in? Uh, no.
Water's kinda cold, so Just gotta get used to it.
Um, my friend Emma, she has a heated pool so you can even swim in the winter.
So what type of music do you like? Um, I like everything.
You know? Do you like KC and the Sunshine band? Yeah.
Yeah, they're okay, I guess.
Okay, so what bands do you actually like? Uhh, I like Queen.
You know, Earth Wind and Fire's pretty cool.
Uh, The Ohio Players.
I actually have an Ohio Players album.
- Which one? - "Fire.
" Good pick.
That's my favorite.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
Do you wanna go listen to it? - Okay.
- Okay.
I would like to say a few words Something's weighing on my mind It's become a perfect time Hi.
Martini, please.
Another Manhattan, please.
How's your day going? I've been better.
[THE OHIO PLAYERS' "FIRE" PLAYING] Becca, I need my tanning oil.
Becca! Fire Say it slow, hold on Fire Is this how I taught you to act when you're in someone's house? - No, ma'am.
- You apologize to Mrs.
Nolan and to Becca, right now.
I'm sorry.
Now go outside.
Becca, go to your room, please.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] I am very sorry about this, Bonnie.
I don't know what to say.
I guess this is what you can expect when you raise teenagers in this day and age.
I can tell you, when you walk into a room and you see something like that, it stops you in your tracks.
It's not right.
[SOFT MUSIC] It's not right? I think we should probably head home now.
Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.
[BOTH LAUGHING] You want another one? No, I shouldn't.
I mean, I do, but I shouldn't.
Do you wanna go back to my place? And do what? What would we do? Just thought we'd get to know each other a little better.
I wanna hear you say it.
You wanna take me back to your place and you wanna do what? Have sex.
That's what you wanna do? - Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm? Well, then, we should probably go back to your place - and have sex, right? - Yeah.
Here you go.
I think if you drink something nice and cool, it'll make you feel better.
I'm worried, Kathleen.
Where could she be? I'm sure she's fine, Mrs.
It's not like her to go off and not let me know where she's going.
Oh, you poor thing.
Do you wanna watch some TV? Might take your mind off things.
Oh, "Saturday Night at the Movies" is on, and they're playing "To Kill a Mockingbird.
" You wanna watch that? I just love Gregory Peck.
Greg actually met him once.
Where was Greg today? Oh, he had something planned with some friends in San Diego.
It's probably for the best.
He would've been bored silly.
I was hoping I was going to finally get to meet him.
I'm very curious to see what he's like.
Well, maybe next time.
But I know you're gonna like him.
He's very sweet.
That's what I've heard.
My, look at the time.
Why hasn't Diana called me? Oh, don't you worry, Mrs.
Diana was pretty peeved when she left.
She's probably out somewhere just blowing off some steam.
[MOANING] [DOG BARKS IN DISTANCE] Becca, I, um I might have overreacted.
I don't know what got into me.
It's called racism.
Becca, don't say that.
I'm not, you know, that.
I screwed up, all right? Will you please at least look at me? I never said I was perfect.
You totally freaked out.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm not the one that you should be apologizing to.
You're so far ahead of me, Becca.
You have to give me time to catch up.
Forgive me? For which thing? There's so many.
I can't imagine how hard all of this has been for you.
But it's been hard for me too.
You know, you think I have it all figured out, but I don't.
Yeah, no shit.
You can stay over, you know? I know, but I don't want to.
Am I gonna see you again? I don't think so.
You're beautiful, you know that? Hm.
Hey, wait.
I don't even know your name.
It's Deidra.