America's Next Top Model (2003) s24e01 Episode Script

The Boss Is Back

1 Tyra: Many people believe I created "Top Model" to show girls just how to become models.
But no, it was about much more than that.
"America's Next Top Model" has changed the definition of beauty and empowered women when they needed it the most.
Model 1:People tell me I'm too old to model.
Model 2:I've been judged for my shape and size.
I feel shameful about my body.
But I define myself.
I can do anything.
Tyra: We celebrate the beauty in all of us.
All shapes, all sizes, and all colors.
"Top Model" is my baby and the fight continues to show you that you are beautiful.
That's why I'm back.
TyTy's ready for you.
Tyra: Tyra's back.
Touch me, I just wanna feel you guys.
- We're here.
- New family.
Khrystyana:I'm very happy that Tyra's back but she's the boss, she's everything.
Let the games begin.
Tyra: This is the most diverse group we have ever had and you know I got rid of that age limit.
Ashley: That's a thick thigh, honey.
I like 'em! - It feels so good.
- Yeah, you like that? Tyra likes it.
Model: Everything's just so different this time around from anything I'd ever seen in past cycles.
What's happening right now? Oh! Ooh! Come on.
Let's do it.
You better vogue, girl.
Model: Oh, my God! Work! Work! You better get into this picture, baby girl.
Drew: This is your moment, not mine, girl.
Do something! This would go never go viral.
This would go like on your refrigerator on a magnet.
This isn't a shot that you should be proud of.
Not everybody's gonna like me and I'm not gonna like everybody either.
Law: Wow.
When you come in this room, you respect my judges.
She takes my gay away.
( gasps ) Awful.
You fake as ( bleep ) and I don't like you.
This is deeply rooted, psychological warfare.
I don't want America's Next Top Model to be any of these sociopaths.
( screaming ) Just stay away from me, each and every one of you! I know you're a bad bitch, congratu-( bleep )-lations.
I don't want people to feel like I need pity.
But you're acting pitiful.
You have to let that ( bleep ) go because you're gonna go right back to where you came from.
Just saying I felt like I'm not good enough.
Tyra: Beauty know no age, no size, no color I put my dreams on hold, but I never stopped dreaming.
Drew: All of those people that have insecurities I've worn mine on my face every day.
I'm not gonna cry right now because I'm better than that.
Tyra: You can model your ass off.
( screams ) Law: Only menage-a-trois, bad man.
This is what I've been waiting on.
Tyra: #nextlevelfierce.
Oh, my God! Touch me, I just wanna feel you guys.
- ( laughter ) - We're here, you're here! - New family.
- Yes ma'am.
We have one week to go from 26 to 14 girls.
I've got the girls here for casting.
so we can evaluate their overall looks and their personality.
And we've asked each girl to bring a photo that represents her raw talent.
- Got it.
- Tyra: Are we ready? - Ashley: I'm ready.
- Yup! It is good to be back for 24.
Model diversity is so important.
We want a girl that is not like anybody else and who is authentically herself.
The modeling industry is really evolving and "America's Next Top Model" is right there in front of it.
We have every shape, every size, every color, and you know I got rid of that age limit.
I was like "paddow" it's gone.
So, it is 18 and infinity.
- Good.
- Oh.
I'm so excited that Tyra is lifting the age limit.
I've been known to work with some of the biggest stars.
Celebrities can be any age, and you buy into their image even before you hear them speak or know what their talent is.
We're doing something a little different this cycle.
We will talk to each girl, and at any time if you feel she not next level fierce, no matter where we are we have the power together to cut her.
Next level fierce.
I of all people really believe that women of all kinds should see themselves in media.
To have their bodies portrayed in a beautiful way.
And that's what I'm trying to do today.
( overlapping chatter and laughter ) Are you excited to meet Tyra? I'm gonna try to like hold it in.
Oh, my gosh, like, Tyra Banks! Like, I just love her because she represents not only being a model, but being a mogul, which is something I aspire to be.
I've just been following her all of my life.
All right, send in the first girl.
Hello! - Drew: Hello - Hi.
- Ashley: Hey, hey.
- My name is Ivana.
I just came from China where I was getting my masters degree - in global affairs.
- Whoo! I want to be America's Next Top Model! You also like to speak some Mandarin, right? - She just cussed me out, but it's all good.
- ( laughter ) I feel like I'm similar to Tyra in many ways because she went to Harvard.
I even graduated valedictorian in my high school.
But that's not something that people would you know, naturally think when they see me.
So, you brought a picture here to show us raw talent.
Let's see what you brought.
( judges reacting excitedly ) You were giving me bootch-tootch realness.
You're every woman and this picture is sickening.
- It's a yes, baby.
- It's yes.
Ashley: Beyond being a beautiful woman and having great shape you are smart and there is a brand behind you.
- Thank you.
- So, I'm a yes.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you! ( screams ) - You are next level fierce! - Whoo! Is it weird I kinda wanna date her? - That is next level fierce.
- ( laughs ) Tyra: Oh, she's so happy.
Ashley: Look at these curved girls.
Hi, I'm Khrystyana, I'm 32 years old, and I am from Siberia, but currently from New York.
- 32, hollah.
- Khrystyana: 32, yeah.
Past the 27 limit.
I used to love "America's Next Top Model.
" Just the fact that they're breaking all the molds and the idea of what's beautiful.
I think you're beautiful inside and outside.
- Law: Yeah.
- Thank you.
Krhystyana : I'm not obviously perfect, I have a ton of beautiful cellulite and stretch marks and they're all over me.
Let's see your picture.
- Tyra:Those hips are gorgeous! - Ashley:Yes! Ashley:Even though you've got your black shirt and your arms around, your face is shining through.
For me, this is a yes.
I think the picture is wonderful.
I think it really shows your beautiful body.
You're a yes for me.
You are next level fierce and you're moving on in this competition, girl.
( squeals ) Thank you so much.
My name is Shanice, and I am from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Have you been to Tennessee? I have, you got some good ribs.
- I have good ribs? - Um, no, no, Tennessee.
- ( Judges laugh ) - Oh! Tennessee has good ribs.
You actually thought I was saying you have some nice ribs? - Yes.
- I love it.
How many tattoos do you have? Shanice: Too many.
I originally got inspired by my brother.
My oldest brother who just passed away.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Of a heart attack.
I've had it hard.
We were very poor.
The house I grew up in.
It's my mama's house.
This is house is really old.
I'm ready to prove to my mom that I know, that at least one of her kids can be somebody.
Can you see your picture that you brought today? Okay.
Drew:This wouldn't be my first choice.
I think you are cooler than this picture, but I see tons of potential.
So for me, it's a yes.
I say yes.
Shanice, we all love you.
We love your story and unfortunately you're gonna be stuck with us for a little longer - 'cause you are moving on! - ( judges laughing ) - Thank you so much! - Drew: We love your ribs! ( laughter ) - Hello! - Judges: Hi! My name is Liberty, I am from Lava Hot Springs, Idaho and I'm 20 years old.
- Idaho! - Liberty: Yes.
Everyone always says potatoes, don't they? Yeah, everyone says potatoes.
Where I'm from is 500 and like 60 people maybe, so it's conservative and pro-Trump.
I genuinely didn't really know what a Muslim was when I moved to L.
and we had I think two African-American people in my town and so I need to know more.
Law:You're a really pretty girl but I don't really see a model.
I think this is more of a pretty country singer and this is your album cover.
It's a no from me.
If you're willing to put in the work, then you're a yes from me.
Well, Liberty, I see what Law sees.
But I also see potential.
You are next level fierce and you are moving on.
Thank you.
I thought I was going home.
I thought that maybe they thought that maybe I was just another beautiful face, but luckily they did see a little something there.
No, as a people, what we need to do is speak up a lot more.
I am actually pro-Trump.
Because of his empire, I believe that he's really going to bring in some career opportunity for us and hopefully bring up our economy a little bit.
Chrissy: I know your parents, they might be racist and they might be Trump supporters but you don't have to follow that cycle.
You can get out of there, okay? Hi, I'm Mia, I'm 19, and everybody calls me Bambi.
And you look like a bird.
- Like a beautiful bird.
- ( laughter ) Drew: You can't tell what ethnicity you are.
I'm Black, White, and Japanese.
- ( laughs ) - She's like, "I don't know what she's saying.
- ( laughter ) Like, I know a little bit, but not that much.
Girl, that was thank you, you need to know that.
Right now, I'm a little shy because I'm very nervous.
This is like the real deal.
I'm not 100% sure that you have exactly what it takes to be in this dog eat dog kind of fashion world so for me it's a no right now.
I love your natural hair, I love your little bird-like nose but I think we need Simba, not Bambi.
So, we don't think you're next level fierce yet.
I'm very shy, but I completely switch up when it comes to photo shoots and runways and I didn't even get a chance to show them.
- ( crying ) - You made it this far.
Yeah, you got all the way here.
Put that towards your passion, you have passion for this industry.
Ashley: The photo sucks, but for me it's a yes.
It's an absolute yes.
You're moving on in this competition.
Thank you so much! Drew:It's yes! For me it's a yes.
Congratulations, Chrissy.
( screams ) Oh, my God! Ashley: This photo is overly retouched, and so it's hard for me to see the raw you.
For me, it's a no.
I'm so sorry, but you will not be continuing on in the competition.
- Thank you guys, thank you so much.
- Judges: Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hello, everyone.
My name is Erin.
I am this bold, vibrant, 42 year old.
You are frozen in time.
- ( chuckles ) - Girl, did you throw on a wig? - Yes! - Take that thing off right now.
- ( overlapping chatter ) - Tyra: There's a beauty.
Give me that thing! - Child.
- ( laughter ) This is how you look? Do you see how crazy I look? That's how you look.
You got all this beauty up under there and hide behind bozo, girl.
You're a grandmother of three? Three grandchildren and I have five children.
42, you can be fierce at any age.
You know what trips me out about age in the modeling industry is I don't know why people are so caught up in the number.
To me it's how you look.
- Ashley: Yeah.
- You are so gorgeous.
Thank you so much.
Ashley:Those legs are life.
You're a yes for me.
As long as you promise me that you'll never put that wig on again.
- Never.
- I say yes.
Congratulations, you're moving on in this competition.
Whoo! This is unbelievable! Congratulations.
( screams ) Hi, everyone.
Judges: Hi! Whoo! I knew it! I knew this would happen.
But that makes me remember you.
That girl that tripped, what'd you think about her? Ashley: Ooh, Liz? ( screams and laughs ) I love what you're doing, Ashley.
and I wanna be one of you.
- I love you too.
- ( screams ) How many shots of vodka did you have before you walked in this room? - This is me sober.
- Drew: No.
I want to create a brand just so that I can book you to be the face of it.
- It's a yes.
- You're a yes.
You are next level fierce, honey, and you are moving to this next level.
Can we like get drinks when this is all over? Just pull that flask from between your boobs because I know you got one.
( laughter ) Hi, I'm Christina, I'm 34 years old and I'm from Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.
- Wait, how old are you? - Whoa! - 34.
- My - Child.
- You have a very editorial face.
- Thank you.
- It seems that you can do high fashion.
Do you think that you can also do, let's say, a makeup campaign? I've had a lot of success with modeling.
I've shot with Ellen von Unwerth, I've shot with Ryan McGinley, I know I have a beautiful face.
I'm a model.
Your presence is a little off-putting to me, - Yeah? - it's almost like-- yeah, I don't really like her.
As I've gotten older, I've learned that not everybody's gonna like me.
This is true.
And I'm not gonna like everybody either.
- Oh, my God.
- Drew: Wow.
Tyra: You can get cut at any time.
So bring your A game every single moment.
I've done runway before, but I've never done runway where Tyra Banks is watching me.
I'm just saying, it's obnoxious! Liz is crazy.
Get out of my face.
Behind this fabric is each of you's fate.
As I've gotten older I've learned that not everybody's gonna like me.
This is true.
And I'm not gonna like everybody either.
- Oh, my God.
- Drew: Wow.
What's happening right now? It's a way to read out your resume but not to make it sound like, "I'm better than.
" For me it's a no.
If I come off that way, I apologize.
- I don't know if that was genuine.
- Okay.
And again, it's like, "Okay.
" You know the interesting thing is, you're probably older than people on this panel.
- Older than me.
- But now you are a child.
and I am talking to you almost like a parent, like tough love.
So when you come in this room, in my house, you respect my judges.
You got that? I'm trying to hold together all the emotions and the nerves 'cause I do think I am a person that people should want to call up.
This is not what I had pictured in my head to happen.
It was stupid stupid.
Tyra: Well, let's see the photo that you brought.
I see potential.
You're a yes for me.
I do not like attitude, with that said I think that there is something in you so you are a yes for me.
For you to come for Law, and then cry moments later, I'm confused.
But I'm listening to the judges and I'm looking at you and I also see potential.
Congratulations, you are continuing in this competition.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Let's just take a moment.
I have never in the auditioning process of "America's Next Top Model" had a model talk back to the judge.
So there's a first time for everything.
I am Jeana, I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota and I'm 24.
And what makes you interesting, special, different? I have a disease called alopecia universalis so it's autoimmune.
It attacks my hair follicles and my hair falls out.
It's hard to talk about.
I was told for so long that I wasn't beautiful.
I've been accused of being a man because I have no hair.
Constantly battling and trying to prove yourself and be feminine it's exhausting.
Law: I like your story and I like your energy for me it's a yes.
You're a 100% yes.
I see a very beautiful girl with hair or without hair.
You're next level fierce.
- Hey, guys.
- Hi.
I'm Maggie, 20 years old from Surry, Maine.
About to be 21, girl.
Ooh, what was that pose? It's like the hip pop is my thing.
- Tyra: Oh.
- So what to do you like to refer to yourself as? - White homegirl.
- What? Yeah, that's like my nickname.
Surry, Maine is like very white, preppy and then when I went to college, like, we're talking Oakland, it literally, like, stripped me of my, like, white girl.
Tyra: Let's see the picture that you brought.
- Law:Very Ralph Lauren.
- Ashley:Yeah, very Ralph Lauren.
I don't see you as a white homegirl.
Like, I see it completely go away until you're trying to be sassy.
But I love this picture, I love your look, I think it's really modern, so for me, it's a yes.
You're continuing on in this competition.
Thank you.
- Hello Ms.
- Hello! I'm Lyric, I'm 22, and I'm from Los Angeles.
You are kind of like royalty.
My dad is Kenny Anderson, a retired NBA player, my mom is a reality star, she's on "Basketball Wives.
" - Whoa.
- Drew: Whoa.
You have a great personality, you have a celebrity in you.
But I think that you can explode in other areas well beyond modeling.
You're a no for me.
- A no? - Ashley: I have to agree with Drew.
You're a no for me.
I agree, that we need a lights, camera, action on you.
You're an actress.
So, Lyric, that mean you will not be continuing in this competition.
- Judges: Thank you.
- Thank you guys.
Can somebody drop a beat? I'm a boss, B, O, double S And I got the sauce - ( fight sound effects ) - ( judges reacting ) And you got sound effects too.
So, you're kind of a pure woman.
Yes, I'm Muslim.
I am a virgin, I don't drink or smoke.
I'm two of those three.
- Really? - Yeah, girl.
- Hi.
- Oh, my goodness, look at this gorgeousness.
- You are not real.
- Stop.
- Don't she look like an alien? - A beautiful alien.
( stammering ) I'm sorry, when I say that, that's a compliment.
- Ashley: No, it is, it is.
- Coura: Thank you.
This is your leader.
You are next planet fierce.
I think that's the best thing I've ever heard.
( laughter ) ( cheering and clapping ) I'm so excited, but I want to make it to the end.
I want to be America's Next Top Model.
I wanna make it all the way.
Well, ladies, congratulations.
( cheers and applause ) You 20 are moving on to the next level but don't get too comfortable because there are only 14 spots for the finalists.
The next thing you're gonna do is a photo shoot and you can get cut at any time this week, so bring your A game every single moment.
Everything's just so different this time around from anything I'd ever seen in past cycles.
Cuts are just happening.
I don't think I'm gonna stop freaking out.
Shanice: Today is our very first photo shoot and I am so nervous.
This opportunity is surreal, like, this is L.
, like, I don't see this in Tennessee.
Like, I dream of things like this.
Hi, ladies! We are in L.
, this town is the focal point of film and fashion, and that's why were here at Greystone Mansion.
This historical home has been the site of many movies, television shows, fashion shoots, runway shows, and even Tyra Banks shot with Victoria's Secret here.
( cheering and clapping ) You guys have the privilege of this being the site of your very first photo shoot, So, styling today's shoot, he is the man behind Lady Gaga's iconic looks.
He is the artistic director of Diesel, he has his own line, Nicopanda.
My dear friend, Nicola Formichetti - Yeah! ( laughs ) - ( cheers and applause ) Nicola: I'm so excited to be here.
We're gonna have so much fun today.
Drew: So today we're going to shoot in the upper gardens.
So Nicola has made some amazing "avant-garden" couture pieces for you to wear today.
Remember, there are 20 of you now, there are gonna be 14 by the end of the week, so be on your A game.
The fact that we can be cut at any time like, you can't let up or feel safe at any moment because Tyra can do anything she wants.
All right, go! Let's get ready! ( cheers and applause ) ( gasps and chuckles ) I'm in heaven.
How you feeling right now? Like, if Courtney Love was Alice in Wonderland.
- Whoo! - Fierce! Well, Tyra said I'm next level fierce so you know what, for the rest of my life-- I'm writing that on my resume.
I think the girls should look out for the fact that I have been through hell and back already.
When I was 19 I came down with a tumor that was seen in 65, 70 year olds.
I was ready to die.
I remember telling God, if I'm not gonna make it to Hollywood just take me, it's okay.
12 hours later I woke up.
This is my battle scar, super proud of it.
I think that was God's way of telling me, "Look, don't waste this.
" Drew: All right, Rio.
This is our first photo shoot of the season, so I'm looking for the authentic self of these girls.
They need to bring their personality to life because any moment these girls could be eliminated.
- That's nice.
That's nice.
- Wow, amazing, yeah, amazing.
Drew: Love how this looks on your body.
That's fabulous.
You gave it.
- Photographer: Ooh! Careful.
- Drew: Careful, though.
Now, Liz, do something where you look beautiful instead of, like, drunk.
( chuckles ) See? I like those.
Yes, that's nice.
I like this variety.
This looks amazing! Pressure's on.
I have to win over Law.
Law doesn't like me.
You're a really pretty girl, but I think this is more of a pretty country singer and this is your album cover.
I have to show him that I'm not an actress or a country singer.
- Model: Yup! - That I'm high fashion modeling.
Beautiful, oh, wow.
That looks beautiful! Lift up your head a bit.
Put it in your brain, "I'm the queen of the butterflies and this is how I roll.
" Photographer: That's good.
It's a really crazy feeling to be here because I've been watching "America's Next Top Model" ever since I was, like, a kid.
My dad, he's African-American and my mom's white.
Growing up, people would always say racist things like, "Oh well you're only half, that shouldn't offend you.
" That's when it started to anger me.
and so I wanted to make a difference and I hosted a rally.
- Photographer: Beautiful! - Drew: That's great.
As a woman, as an African-American I just think that it's so important to be very educated.
and I think it's very important to have a voice.
And I want to use modeling to make a difference.
- Photographer: Yes.
- That's good, thank you.
And honey, keep those eyes open.
Never have your eyes closed.
Ilka: The fact that I was a boxer before is something that's really gonna help me in the photo shoots.
I feel really confident about it.
Drew: And twirl all the way around.
Photographer: All the way, 360.
Arms out.
It's more theatrical.
360! Okay, you're done.
Hi, how are you? I might be 42, but I have this opportunity and I need to prove myself to the judges.
I'm just praying and hoping and wishing that I can be able to stay in for the long haul.
You know, I don't want to go home.
Photographer: Just keep giving me stuff.
A little bit more straight.
No, you have to give us all kinds of different looks in this.
Okay, now happy, what would happy look like? Is that it? Be sure, this is your moment not mine, girl.
Like, I'm gonna have to choose one of these photos to decide if you stay in or out.
Drew: Erin is going to have to use age to her advantage.
She's struggling.
What else do we got? I'm really trying to get a great shot of her because I know that she has it in her.
It's frustrating.
Do something! You're done.
I gave off a really bad impression on the first panel.
I definitely have a lot to prove.
Let's be a real model.
Somebody gotta go.
We are about to get our heart crushed.
Today is my very first photo shoot, but I definitely need to win this.
I'm ready to be able to support my mom the way that she supported her six kids.
There is nothing that is gonna get in my way.
There you go, that's great.
That's fabulous.
And just move it in front of you, like, a lot.
- That is really cool.
- Nice.
One, two, three, go.
Photographer: That is the shot.
Yeah, that's good.
Like, "Oh, my God, I get to be in this beautiful garden! On 'America's Next Top Model' and this is my first shoot.
" Ooh! Nice, that's beautiful.
- Drew: Yeah, that's it.
- Yeah? Let's see a new expression other than "I'm a model, I'm standing here in the middle of a set.
" Okay.
Queen! Queen! Queen! It looks like you're a part of the wild life, so make sure you're giving us variety with your face.
( tiger growling ) Maybe not so literal? I gave off a really bad impression on the first panel.
As I've gotten older, I've learned that not everybody is going to like me.
This is true.
And I'm not gonna like everybody either.
Drew: Wow.
Christina:Until I hear some really strong positive feedback from the judges I'm gonna be nervous all the time.
Make it count, these count! Let's be like a real, like, model.
- I love that, that's it.
- Nicola: That's amazing.
All right, that's a wrap! Tyra: How'd it go? Well, some were great, some struggled.
Drew, if they don't have a good photo, this could be it.
- Drew:Amazing.
- Tyra:What? Broken down doll! -Whoa! - Drew:She really did an amazing job.
Tyra: Oh, Erin looks beautiful.
-She's modeling to me though, like 1982.
- Drew:Right.
If she stays she has to be broken out of this, - like, church fashion show modeling.
- Church.
I learned how to walk on the church fashion shows.
But see then I twisted it and made it my own.
She's still in the church.
- Drew:Ms.
- She don't look like no homegirl right here.
Tyra: Whoa.
This is Lady Gaga and the Queen of Hearts.
Drew: The first two shots she already had it.
Tyra: She looks a little lost like she doesn't know what the hell she's doing.
- Drew:Right.
- Tyra:But there's a raw talent there.
Liberty's sweet.
She's a little safe.
Not super interesting.
More traditional.
- Drew:Laminat.
- Tyra:Oh, she doesn't know.
Drew:I mean, she probably has the least amount of experience.
If she starts to rap, maybe that would have helped her.
Yeah, she didn't.
Drew: Ilka really struggled too.
and I tried to get her to do so many different things.
Drew:Christina was difficult as you can imagine.
- There's more in her.
- Yeah, there's something.
So, Drew, a couple of these girls, I don't think they should continue.
They are not up to par with the other girls.
You know, interviewing them, now they got the photo shoot somebody gotta go.
- Well hello, ladies.
- All: Hi.
You all look like pieces of art.
And I want this art to walk down a runway.
- Hey.
- Tyra: Below this garden is a fashion show.
( models cheering and clapping ) We can't just have this in a photo only.
However based on your photo shoot today and based on your presentation yesterday, I made a decision.
Not every single one of you will be walking in that fashion show.
I'm like ( sharp exhale ) here we go.
Who's it gonna be? We are about to get our heart crushed.
Laminat, Ilka you will not be continuing.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for the opportunity, it really means a lot.
I've always been a fighter so I'm really proud of myself for making it this far.
So who else is not walking in this fashion show? You're just jumping from one thing to another.
This is how I feel! It's Liz, making all this commotion.
All I hear is her.
I'm not! All of you guys are! - ( screams and cheers ) - Tyra: Whoo! I'm retired y'all.
Drew: For the rest of you you're gonna get to walk in your first fashion show right now.
And you may have the opportunity to move into the model house tonight.
Let me tell you, you're gonna want to move into this house.
( cheers and applause ) So you better bring it and me and Drew will be watching all of you.
- Okay, good luck.
- Drew: Good luck.
- Thank you, Tyra.
- All right, bye-bye.
Oh, ( bleep ).
I rock 24 karats 24/7, 24/7 I rock, rock 24 karats, 24 karats Rio:I've done runway before, but I've never done runway when Tyra Banks is watching me, okay? You know, this could be the moment where I could get eliminated.
Tyra: Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh.
I rock 24 karats 24/7, 24/7 I rock 24 karats Tyra: Uh-oh, whoo! Just as crazy as she want to be.
- ( laughter ) - I love this girl.
24/7 Oh! Sandra: I am very unique from the other girls.
You don't see a lot of Muslim models out there.
Just because they do not believe in modeling, and so making it to the final 14 would inspire a lot of Muslim girls to be like, "Wow, she's Muslim and she did what she loved.
" I rock 24 karats, 24/7, 24/7 Erin: I get pumped up when I get on the runway.
My walk tells a story.
I'm glad that Tyra is able to see the walk that lives within Erin.
Like, this is me all day! ( chuckles ) I rock 24 karats.
24 karats 24/7, 24/7 I rock, rock 24 karats, 24 karats ( applause ) Shanice: Living in a mansion with models, that's a dream come true.
I lived in raggedy, run-down houses.
We used blow dryers for heat.
Erin: I'm used to being in a house full of kids.
I'm about to beat the competition because I have years of experience.
These girls don't have nothing on me.
- ( overlapping chatter ) - Oh, my God.
I've never stepped foot in anything this nice in my entire life.
Honestly, it's like a big Cinderella story.
I'm the little girl that comes from nothing.
I grew up in a trailer.
And the kitchen is as big as my trailer was when I was growing up.
Look at this view, y'all! - This is so awesome.
- ( laughter ) Mama, I made it! Do you guys think they're going to eliminate today or tomorrow? - Today.
- Tonight.
Really? One, two, three, four, five, six.
Six up here.
The amount of beds is not equal to the amount of girls that is here.
There's only room for 14, so we know that there's four girls going to be cut.
Tyra could literally walk through that door so that moment of is-- is coming.
And that fact that anybody could go home at any time.
- I fell like that's a constant thing throughout the cycle.
- Yeah.
I'm nervous because I definitely didn't start out on the right foot and there's too many girls.
Someone's not gonna be happy.
- Tyra! Tyra, are you there? - ( laughing ) I'm, like, really struggling and it makes me really sad.
And that's why I'm, like, upset.
And yeah, it's jealousy, it is.
Liz: Khrystyana, we're both curved models and she is definitely some really stiff competition and I'm feeling a little jealous and I'm just having a really hard time with it.
- I'm just saying-- - You're just jumping from one thing to another-- Wait, no, no, no.
You're not letting me finish.
It was just like one thing after another after another.
Khrystyana: Liz seems very upset and I'm feeling very confused and I'm not really sure what is she upset about.
I think she thinks we're really close friends which I don't understand why.
Liz: I'm just telling you my feelings.
- With all due respect-- - I'm telling you how I felt.
Rio: It's the very first night It's Liz, like ( gibberish sounds ) she's making all this commotion.
She's on a whole 'nother level.
Liz: I'm just saying, like, it's obnoxious! Because this is how I feel! Jesus, my head hurts.
It's insane.
All I hear is her, like, chill out.
Liz is just crazy.
At least-- I just-- like, I just want you to know that, like-- I just feel, like, really, like, crappy, you know? Erin: This girl, Liz, is crazy over the top drama.
- You have to tone it down.
- You have to calm down.
You don't have to be aggressive and argumentative with her.
- I'm not being aggressive.
- Yes, you are.
- Sweetie, yes, you are.
- Please just get out my face.
Up there.
Sandra: The fact that there's not enough beds in the house is really scary.
Like Tyra said before you can go home at any time, so it makes me really nervous.
Come here.
Model: Well, that's not bad.
- Hello! - ( screaming excitedly ) Come up here.
- Hi, hi.
- Hi.
Hello, hello, hello, my ladies.
- My beautiful girls.
- All: Hi.
- How're we all feeling? - All: Good.
- Ain't this house purdy? - All: Yes! I think it's one of the purdiest Top Model houses we have ever had.
So, you guys worked it in a fashion show yesterday, - Model: Yes.
- Uh-huh.
And it was like art, it was beautiful.
Some of you were fantastic, some not so strong.
And today, behind this fabric is each and every single one of you's fate.
Tyra's definitely not here to hang out, she's here to do business, like a boss woman should.
Elimination time.
This week you never know when you are going to be cut.
There are 18 of you in front of me, there are only 14 spaces for my finalists.
So what are you guys thinking? How are you feeling right now? - Terrified.
- You're terrified? I want this so bad.
( sniffles ) - I know.
- I'm excited to learn my fate.
I want to know so bad 'cause I want it so bad.
The final 14 that are next level fierce and will be competing to be America's Next Top Model are ( screaming ) your future is behind this red fabric.
The final 14 that will be competing to be America's Next Top Model are ( gasping and screaming ) Yes! We made it! Oh, that's bomb.
( wailing ) Christina: After everything that happened, I'm super excited and I'm so grateful that I've been given the opportunity to still be here.
You made it.
You look so good.
This is so fierce.
- That's gorgeous.
- ( gasps ) Let me see.
I'm pretty, pretty proud of myself.
But I start looking around and I notice that there is, like, some sunken faces.
( overlapping chatter ) I can't even really talk.
I'm sorry y'all.
Congratulations to all of you.
My kids would have been proud.
If I would have made it, I would've told them that they can do anything, be anybody, Mama went for it, and she didn't make it all the way through, - but that's okay.
- ( distant excited chatter ) Yay, hey! It just happened way too fast and I just really believed that Tyra, if she would have gave me enough time I know that I would have been able to impress her.
- ( overlapping shouting ) - Ah! Hey.
It's okay.
I'm so, so sorry.
I know this meant a lot to you, - and I just wish you the best.
- Thank you, I appreciate that.
Tyra, you're the best.
Thank you for changing the game and giving older women this opportunity.
'cause there's a chance for everyone, you know.
You're welcome.
Alrighty, Erin.
Good luck.
- There's 15 girls.
- ( laughs ) - What? - There's 15 girls.
( gasping ) Are you ( bleep )? - Are you serious? - ( laughs ) I have one photo in my hands.
Tyra! Stop! Oh, my God! There was 14 and I said you know what? - This woman is amazing - ( crying ) she is absolutely beautiful.
She was 20 years old and she had a dream, but she had babies and that put the dream on hold while you raised these beautiful human beings, but this beauty never stopped.
Beauty knows no age, no size, no color.
And you deserve to be here with every single one of these girls here.
- And girl, I started modeling when I was 15 years old - Erin: I know.
- And you are number 15.
- ( crying ) - You have to work so hard.
- I know.
You know how black girls have to work harder? You're a black girl, and you're not 20 years old.
- You're gonna get judged harsher - I know.
And that's just the truth, and I believe in you, and I think that you can do this.
Thank you.
I put my dreams on hold because I wanted to raise a family and that's what you do as a mom.
But I never stopped dreaming, I never stopped dreaming.
Erin, it's time for you to put your picture on the photo wall.
( applause ) Erin:Tyra, girl, not only are you giving me this opportunity, you're giving millions of ladies my age the courage to say I can do it.
Tyra's back and the fierceness is going to the next level! ( cheers and applause ) Stacey McKenzie:Don't give me that commercial walk.
This ain't no commercial show.
This is high fashion, baby.
Rhiyan: But first we gotta kill the walk then we gotta avoid skateboarders flying left and right across our face.
I'm just like Okay, now, makeup is gonna take a little longer than usual, - not nine months.
- ( laughter ) I am done cleaning up after you guys! You're grown ass adults, get your ( bleep ) together.
There's nothing elegant about it.
It's not working.
Tyra: We see your beauty.