America's Next Top Model (2003) s24e02 Episode Script

Beauty Is Los Angeles

1 Tyra:I'm back.
- New family! - Yes, ma'am.
- Tyra Banks.
- Khrystyana:I'm very happy that Tyra's back because she's the boss, she's everything.
Tyra:We have brought the best to Los Angeles.
This is the most diverse group we have ever had.
My name is Ivana, I just came from China where I was getting my master's degree.
I grew up very poor in a trailer.
My name is Shanice and I am from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
- Hi, I'm Maggie.
The hip-hop is my thing.
- Tyra: Oh.
And you know I got rid of that age limit.
Fierce in the age of 42.
- Work.
- Whoo! Next level fierce.
- Look at this view! - Shanice:This is L.
I don't see this in Tennessee.
Like, I dream of things like this.
The final faces.
( screaming ) You've given millions of ladies my age the courage to say "I can do it.
" The fiercest is going to the next level! ( screaming ) No one got best photo either.
'Cause I wanna know who got best ( bleep ).
Seeing all the other girls and having that competition, I can't just relax.
Especially because when we first all got to go to the panel, I was so misconstrued for my idea of being this homegirl.
So, what do you like to refer to yourself as? White homegirl, but that's my name.
I'm confused about the personality of Maggie.
But when the veil came down of all the photos, I, like, completely swarmed the wall.
I was like, "Give me that!" Like, I found my photo.
I was like, "Yes!" I was like, "Wait, that bitch is on the bottom though.
" Growing up in Maine, I was always very preppy and girly, and then as soon as I went off on my own for college, I was way more laid back with my style and very homegirl-esque.
She was like, "Y'all all winners!" - No, no, no, no, no.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- That's not how it works.
- Tell it in order.
Maggie, um, tends to talk in a very, um, ghetto, like, homegirl type of way.
Like, I had no eyes, my nose was hella big and my mouth had this weird, like, "Ooh, girl.
" I don't if she's trying to relate to whatever culture's she's around, but that doesn't really relate to me.
I was like, "Ooh, ooh, ooh, girl!" At the end of, like, when I needed her to be around, she hasn't contacted me or anything.
- What? - My mom.
"America's Next Top Model" has been something that I've wanted to do my whole life.
My family wasn't very supportive of it either and they're still not.
Brendi K.
: I was homeless in Atlanta living in my car, and the bitch still didn't care.
Are you serious? Yeah, baby, I asked for ten bucks for tampons and she told me no.
You can't rely on anybody.
I depend on my mom for everything.
Every time I've ever asked for help, there's a no.
- Yeah.
- So, I got tired of asking.
Winning "America's Next Top Model" would prove everybody in my hometown wrong.
It would mean that I didn't fight my whole life for nothing.
Tyra mail.
Oh! Tyra mail.
Guys! Coura: So we get our first Tyra Mail, which we've all been waiting for.
- ( model shouts ) - I can't hear it.
Liz: I can't believe I'm here and I'm getting Tyra mail.
Like, this is nuts.
Well, hello, hello, hello.
Welcome to your new home in the hills of Los Angeles.
Oh, my God! You know, some girls like to just chill and glide through this competition.
But I say, no, you need to focus.
Chill and glide.
She's talking about ice-skating.
Being in Los Angeles, we're going hang-gliding, we're going parasailing, and I'm afraid of heights.
Well, this is gonna be fun, whatever it is.
One, two, three Liz:Our bus pulls up, and we're at Venice Beach, baby! And we see these skateboarders and graffiti and the beach.
I'm just over here like, "Oh, it's about to go down.
" Hi, models.
All: Hi! Welcome to the Venice Beach skate park, home of sick art, views, and of course, skateboarders.
I'm Stacey McKenzie, and you might remember me from last season.
As a model, I've walked the runway for some of the top major designers.
Erin:When I saw those legs and that bright yellow jacket.
I said, "Oh, yeah, this girl's about to teach me some things.
" So, Tyra brought "Top Model" back to Los Angeles, and this city's laid back yet glamorous style inspires international fashion designers from Tom Ford to Tommy Hilfiger.
Now I know you guys just walked in your first runway show, so come on down and show me what each of you got.
Before I get each of you to walk, I'm gonna show you how it's done.
Stacey has this amazing walk.
She's next level fierce.
She's got the criss-cross, she's got the face.
She's got the whole charm going on, and you can sense it with her runway walk.
Got it? All: Yeah! All right, who's first? - What's your name? - Maggie.
All right, Maggie, walk for me.
All right, I want you to drop your chin a bit, and I want you to make your arms naturally move.
Shanice, I don't want you walking straight because you're a little bit bow-legged.
So criss-cross your feet a bit.
Shoulders back, arch your back a bit.
Longer strides.
Ooh! That was awesome! Make it harder.
All right? Make it stronger.
Come on.
Erin:These girls don't have nothing on me.
I'm 42 years old.
You know, I have years of experience.
I don't know.
They're probably all into their selfies, and I know how to walk.
We gotta step you up.
Okay? I want you to do it one more time.
There we go.
There we go! There we go! - ( cheering ) - There we go! There we go.
Okay, you're good, you're good.
You're outta here.
Don't give me that, like, commercial walk.
This ain't no commercial show.
This is high fashion, baby.
Stacey:Oh, no, girl.
Hot wreck.
She's got a lot of work to do .
A lot of work.
I want you to look really super tall.
Much better.
You surprised me.
Being under 5'7", I'm tiny, but I'm fierce.
That's what's up.
I love that attitude, I love that confidence.
That's what's up, Jeana! I'm sorry, you guys better step up about 50 million notches right now.
Don't move your shoulders.
Go back.
Move your arms only.
Just think, like, how fabulous you are.
I want you like a black Marilyn Monroe.
I don't have any experience in this.
The show that we did the other day was my first runway show.
And also, just being very curvaceous, I don't know, I think I kinda get anxious.
- You gotta criss-cross your feet.
- Okay.
Okay, so do you guys feel good about your walks? - All: Yes.
- Great, because guess what.
You're about to walk a runway show right now ( gasping ) right behind us for designers Baja East.
Oh, my God.
Ivana:Baja East fashion is kind of like beach meets runway.
It's, like, really dope.
Like, I wish they could restock my whole wardrobe.
You're gonna need to navigate the runway down a narrow piece of concrete while some of Venice's hottest skateboarders carve, flip, and trick all around you.
So you really gotta stay focused.
All right, let's get you guys into wardrobe.
- Whoo! - Thank you! Ivana: Runway is what some of these other girls do.
I know it's going to be harder for me because I know I'm starting at a different place than a lot of people.
- What's up, girls? - Hi! A summer breeze coming through on Venice Beach.
Mister Law Roach, everybody.
I want to introduce you to two of my best friends, Scott Studenberg and John Targon - from Baja East.
- Hi, everybody.
( models cheering ) Oh, my God, the guy with the white hair? Like, this dude is fine.
We're gonna come in, we're gonna take a peek, we're gonna look at hair and makeup, and then we're gonna get you guys fitted, and we're gonna start the show.
Are you ready? - Yes! - All right.
- Cool.
All right.
- We're gonna check it out.
- This is cute on her.
- I'm liking this.
Embody that attitude.
You have to be who that brand is.
I think when, like, skateboarders are flying at your head, you're gonna be, like, focused.
The overall vibe of our brand, right, it's very luxe, but you just want to be effortless.
Like, you don't want to look like you're trying too hard.
There's an ease to it.
- Hello! - How are you Miss Black Marilyn? - What's going on with you? - What's going on with me? You're not confident.
I guess I just, like, criti-- you know, like-- You criticize yourself too much, huh? You need to stop doing that, girl.
You know how many girls would kill to be in your position right now? I think I overthink things 'cause I was, like, criticized a lot, so I just wanna be right all the time.
I wanna be perfect.
Sometimes I can be a perfectionist, so I, like, come down hard on myself.
I'm like, I didn't get that right so I'm worried about how other people are looking at me.
You are gorgeous and beautiful and you are here for a reason.
- Yeah.
- Okay? You're here for a reason.
Brendi K.
: This competition is a chance for me to get out of the life that I need to move on from.
Oops! - Ooh! - Uh-oh! Rookie move.
Makeup's gonna take a little bit longer than usual.
Not nine months.
There's nothing elegant about it.
It's not working.
- Hey, ladies! - All: Hi! Oh, my God, you guys look wicked! All: Thank you! Sandra: We're here at Venice.
We're at the skate park.
Today's challenge is going to be walking in a fashion runway shoot with skateboarders all around us.
The winner of this challenge gets to walk in a Baja East runway show.
- At where? Where? - New York Fashion Week.
All: Yes! Holy ( bleep ).
It's like a real life challenge, because you're about to book a real life show.
Have fun! All right, looking good.
Let's see y'all walk, you hear me? All: Walk! "Top Model" is back.
Tyra is back.
So you need to show up and show out for mother.
Erin: Oh, my gosh! She gets to see the full Erin-- in work, in action.
Go! Go, go, go.
( rap music playing ) Yes! Yes! Rhiyan: So, first we gotta kill the walk.
Then we gotta avoid skateboarders flying left and right across our face.
I'm just like These pants are heaven when they walk.
Go, baby, go! Liz: I'm not shocked at all.
It's "Top Model.
" I know I'm going to be put in situations that are absolutely crazy.
Brendi K.
: I'm really focused on what I have to do right now.
I'm trying to get in my zone.
I'm still living in my car, so this competition is a chance for me to get out of the life that I need to move on from.
Oops! Uh-oh.
Oops! Ooh.
Rookie move.
Brendi K.
: I missed my mark and I'm really pissed at myself.
I let these skaters get to me, which now I've maybe ( muted ) up my chance to be in New York Fashion Week.
Don't walk with your hand on your hip.
Never walk with your hand on your hip.
I won't.
Stacey: Ooh! Ooh! Khrystyana: I'm a curvy girl.
Like, I'm not a runway model.
So I have not gone to any casting ever for New York Fashion Week.
- Stacey: Ooh! - Yes! - Stacey: Ooh! - She looks great.
She looks amazing.
And I'm really inside hoping for this.
You look like a supermodel, so I want you to walk like a supermodel.
Law: Yes, mother.
Yes, mother.
Whoa-oh! - Think supermodel.
- Let me see, let me see.
Then when you get to the end of the runway, three second pose.
Go, baby, go.
Ooh! Go, girl! Ooh! She didn't pose.
Ivana: I missed my mark.
I'm totally thinking like, "Oh, my gosh, am I gonna be the first one to be eliminated?" I worked so hard to be here.
This dress is made for posing like this.
You want me to-- The designer's style was high fashion, but still like so comfy casual that I was like, "Okay, it matches my personality.
" And so I was, like, your cool girl, homegirl strut is your moment to prove to everyone this is what I mean by my personality.
Law: Rio, you're closing the show.
Walk like you're closing the show.
Go, go, go, go, go! Walk the-- Girl! Girl, yes! Law: Good job, good job, good job.
Good job.
We did it, we did it Uh, uh Some of you guys ruled the runway, and some of you not so much.
Brendi, we think you might have missed one of your marks.
Brendi K.
: This whole entire experience is extremely overwhelming and I wasn't paying attention, obviously.
Ivana, as well, you just missed your mark.
Jeana, confidence and energy came out.
You looked super tall.
Khrystyana, you nailed your walk.
You nailed your pose.
Coura you were working that slit like nobody's business.
So, the girl that gets to walk in a Baja East fashion show in New York, the girl who blew us away - Khrystyana.
- ( cheering ) Khrystyana:Being curvy and being over 30, this brings me so much hope.
Man: You had a great energy on the runway.
You were focused.
Awesome job, ladies.
I'm pissed because here I am getting this big opportunity.
I cannot let it slip like that.
All right, girls, bye! All: Bye! Home sweet home, bitches.
Excuse me, baby.
- Home sweet home - ( laughter ) Home sweet home Okay, guys.
This in the fridge-- who in the ( bleep ) put a half-eaten apple back in the fridge? Guys, this is, like, a huge mansion that we're, like, super honored to be here, and you guys can't even clean up after yourselves.
I'm not pointing fingers at anybody.
I'm not saying it was any of you, but if anybody puts another piece of ( bleep ) fruit in this fridge without eating it all-- like, I don't understand.
Please stop.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
You know, I grew up really poor.
Six people in a two bedroom trailer.
I didn't have anybody to clean up after me.
I was the dishwasher in my house.
I am done cleaning up after you guys.
You're grown-ass adults I'm probably younger than most of you.
Christina: Brendi K.
didn't nail her runway walk.
She's feeling down about it, and then she takes it out on whoever she feels like.
She needs to get it together or she's gonna go home.
They're like, "Are you the mom?" And, no, I'm 22, bitch.
I'm not a mother.
I'm a clean ( bleep ).
There's a difference.
I can't even-- I'm gonna lose my ( bleep ).
So please get your shit together.
I've never done this before.
Um, are you here to shoot or are you here to cry? This would never go viral.
This would go, like, on your refrigerator on a magnet.
Oh! Tyra mail! Tyra mail! Come here! Is it me or are you glowing? Ivana: I just woke up this morning still feeling really, really down.
Like, really in a slump because of yesterday.
And then I walk in for the photo shoot and Drew is there, and I don't have any time for excuses.
There's not time for nervousness.
It's just time to perform and to work this.
- Hello.
- All: Hi! Congratulations on being our final 15.
( cheering ) Yesterday, you experienced L.
's beach life in the skate park, and today you're gonna get a taste of L.
's celebrity life with our photo shoot.
Is it just me or is there a baby boom happening in Hollywood? From red carpets to magazine covers, we're seeing the world's most famous women featuring their baby bumps.
So, today, we are going to transform you into Bohemian baby mamas and you will be posing pregnant.
Just like Beyonc� and Ciara, your job is to glow in a gorgeous photo inspired by the Blac Chyna "Paper Magazine" cover.
And that cover was shot by Charlotte Rutherford, your photographer today.
Oh, Wow.
Rhiyan: Charlotte Rutherford, she's, like, an iconic photographer, so I have to make sure that my A-game gotta be on point.
Okay, now makeup's gonna take a little longer than usual.
Not nine months.
So, let's get started.
You ready? Let's go.
- So beautiful.
- We're gonna look so innocent.
Rio: This maternity shoot feels very Hollywood, very glamorous, especially because celebrities have been iconic in their maternity shoots, - and now I get to.
- It looks cool! I like you straight on.
It's very cool.
Oh, I love it! Your eyeballs are the things I love.
Drew: All those wonderful pictures that we're seeing in pop-culture, this is just one part to an excitement that's on their face.
That's what I'm looking for.
Oh, I love this.
Great! I think that's good.
Keep your face warm, but you don't need to, like, fully smile.
I have to be honest, the way you're holding it, it looks like a beer belly.
All right, thank you.
Rhiyan:I'm feeling a little sad today just because a couple years back I was told by doctors that I might have a chance of not being able to conceive a child.
So I'm just kind of bottling all of this up and trying to just set that aside, because in the end I do want my photos to look good.
Oh, this is pretty.
'Cause this looks like you just got off the beach, and, oh, my God, you're having babies.
Yeah, that's nice.
That's beautiful.
I think we got it.
That's good.
- Yeah? - Yup.
I feel like a pregnant chicken looking down at my feet right now.
Maggie:The baby bump, it's very large and heavy and I didn't want to touch it.
I'm like ( retching ) Eyes just straight over the camera.
Try turning this foot in.
Kick your shoes off.
But remember you're pregnant.
Remember you're pregnant.
Do a couple more like that.
Ooh! I'm feeling like a hippie, loving pregnant lady.
Don't have your hands so posed.
Just let them kind of move.
I don't think I could have gotten any more opposite to my personality.
It definitely took the more badass vibe completely away from me, and I was like, "This kind of sucks.
" Drew: Maggie's just not bringing it today.
She's just off in her own world and I can't get a good picture of her.
I think it's because she doesn't know who she is.
Ooh! When girls try to put up a front and give me a fake personality - Drew: Yeah, look at me.
- Hey! Oftentimes, I think it's rude and it never, ever works.
Maggie: I'm making eye contact with Drew, and he's being so poker face.
He's being really serious.
I'm nervous as ( bleep ).
Please don't let me go home.
Drew: Brendi.
Brendi K.
: The baby bump is a very touchy subject for me.
It's making your face look very hard.
I couldn't keep just ignoring it.
Have you ever done a pregnancy shoot before? Oh, no.
Your kids are gonna be so mad.
They're gonna see this like, "Mom, now you're doing a fake one.
" I'm the only one that's a mother, so I have an advantage over all of them.
But I'm getting caught up by being homesick.
This looks amazing.
Have you done this before? I've never done this before in my life.
- I'm very nervous.
- You've had a child.
- Yes and I'm very emotional right now.
- Why? Why? Because I've never done this before with my kids.
Can we have a tissue or Liberty: I understand where Erin comes from, but I also feel like, you're on set, you need to be there and ready to work.
Are you here to shoot or are you here to cry? All right, well, you look fab.
Thank you.
Erin:I see this maternity photo shoot as a tribute to my family.
My family wants this for me.
And now I get this chance, this opportunity to actually make my dreams come true.
And I'm thinking to myself, "Use those five kids.
Let that be your inspiration.
" Drew: All right, you ready? - This way.
- That's great.
Give us some more face on.
Holding it.
Oh, that's great.
You made the kids proud.
Very good.
- Thanks! - Drew: Quite the look.
Ivana: My bump is really, really big.
It's like I have twins.
So, I tried to pretend like I'm Beyonc� or something.
These are good.
This is my time.
This pregnancy is all soft and warm and sensual, and I can totally pull that off.
Drew: Done.
See you to the side.
And give us your face.
Those are great.
Now these look a little bit less pregnant, so remember you have to show us that belly.
Yeah, pull your face in a little to the light so that can see that bright and shining face.
That's it.
Liz, you're very, very happy.
- I'm seeing very pouty.
- Okay.
So let's make sure that we have that Liz character that we like.
- Okay, fab.
- Whoo! Now try some different things with your face, 'cause it's all kind of pretty girl.
That's better.
I think it's fab.
Thank you.
- Great.
- Nice.
Let's turn this bitch up.
Drew: Jeana is definitely bringing MILF and she's not even a mother yet.
All right, I think that's good.
- Cute! - Drew: Great! But remember, it's about showing off the bump.
Thank you.
Do you feel pregnant? Like Virgin Mary.
I forgot you've never done the dirty.
I want you to think more Kim Kardashian, less pageant.
Two more and then we're gonna go.
Ready, one, two.
Who's next? Nice.
Drew: Give us your face more.
Yeah, let's see what that looks like.
I think it's fab.
I think you're done.
Oh, my God! Look at you! The baby bump is a very touchy subject for me.
Are you ready to be a mom? I don't know.
I had a physically abusive ex that caused me to miscarriage when I was 18.
So Drew: Brendi, some of the angles that you're doing, it's making your face look very hard.
We need to have it look a little bit softer.
So maybe a little more straight on and open up those eyes up a little brighter.
The thing about it-- we can't tell that you're pregnant.
What we have to accentuate-- it's the glow.
That's what we're really showing here.
Drew:Brendi, I love her and I want her to do well, but every time she comes, she has this weird kind of blank face to her.
I'm kind of just am completely pushing it out of my mind.
I don't really like to show emotions, so I'm kind of just ignoring it.
- Thank you! - That's a wrap! We're done.
I think everyone's done.
( cheering ) - Tyra mail.
- Tyra mail! All: Tyra mail! Are you next level fierce enough to survive? Oh! A panel.
Panel, panel, panel.
Brendi K.
: We're all pretty nervous.
I'm especially nervous.
I didn't do well with the photo shoot or on the runway, and if I'm the one to go home, then it's definitely going to be a disappointment because here I am, getting this big opportunity.
I don't want to miss this chance.
Well, hello ladies.
All: Hi, Tyra.
Welcome to your very first judging.
It's exciting, but scary as hell isn't it? - Yes.
- Yeah.
In this room, we will decide who is next level fierce and who is going home.
This week was all about living the L.
You learned how to work that runway, and then you had a very interesting photo shoot with pregnant prosthetic tummies.
And with this photo shoot, we wanted to just celebrate womanhood.
But I have to say, I and "America's Next Top Model" do not condone any type of teen pregnancy.
Are we ready to get this judging going? - Yes! - Yes, ma'am.
All right, first we have to introduce these amazing people.
He is the creative consultant for all of your photo shoots and the creative director of "Paper Magazine.
" Mr.
Drew Elliot.
And then this lovely copper specimen is a supermodel and a super body activist.
Miss Ashley Graham.
And image architect-- this is Mr.
Law Roach.
Now the winner of "America's Next Top Model" will be featured in a fashion spread for "Paper Magazine," be offered a modeling contract with Next Management.
"America's Next Top Model" has launched a new mobile game and the winner will be featured as an avatar, next to my avatar, and you can download it right now.
And finally, the winner will receive $100,000 thanks to Pantene.
Are we ready to get started? - Yes! - First up is Khrystyana.
- You look so scared.
- She looks so nervous! Tyra: What's going on? Um, I just feel a little bit insecure about my photo shoot, that's all.
Here's your best shot.
Ashley: I believe you there.
You look like a beautiful pregnant model who's gonna sell everything in that photo to me.
And so for you to come up with no confidence really means you're not in tune with your work.
Tyra: I think that the picture is absolutely stunning I feel that you're like ( inhales ) "My baby's coming into the world.
" Law: I love the photo.
Like, it's beautiful.
But to say all of that, let me bring it to something more important.
This outfit, baby? You are giving me skater girl on top and kitten heel along bottom.
You cannot come in here with those shoes ever again.
Now, go ahead, click-clack back with your little church chillers.
- Thank you.
- Tyra: Rhiyan.
So how did it feel as a Bohemian baby mama? I was told that I might not be able to have kids, so that was just something I was trying to not really focus on during the shoot, because I didn't want that to come across or translate in my photos.
I went through a crazy struggle trying to get pregnant.
And on cycle 22's final runway at the Disney Concert Hall, I had to go into a back closet and give myself my final shot.
And that was the seventh round of IVF, and that's the round that I had my baby.
So there is hope, okay? Here's your best shot.
Ashley: Here you just look like you have a beer belly.
But your face is beautiful.
You've got that.
It's about the practice and the work that has to go in before you get to the next photo shoot.
Thank you.
Tyra: Rio.
Here is your best shot.
- Ashley:Yes! - Tyra:Ah.
Ashley: You look amazing.
The coloring, the pose, the confidence.
I mean, that's a smize if I ever saw one.
- Yes, child.
- Right? What I gave you as direction for this was to glow.
You glowed.
You had an edge to you, and you delivered.
And I loved working with you.
All right, thank you, Rio.
Liz, how was it to have on the pregnant prosthetic? I know I'm nowhere near ready.
- Um, that's obvious.
- Drew: Yeah.
- But I-- - ( laughter ) - Very.
- But I really want to be married and have a baby.
- You know? - All right, Liz, let's see your best shot.
( Liz laughs ) Drew: Liz, I think the thing about you is you don't bring the Liz to the set.
I think that you need to bring the fun.
It's not about being crazy.
It's about being crazy like a fox.
Which means you know when to turn it on, turn it off, twist it, tweak it.
All right, thank you, Liz.
Next is Kyla.
Here's your best shot.
When I was looking at your film, this was you first shot.
And so this was chosen, but I'm not really proud of it.
I think you can do much better, and hopefully you'll get the chance to do that.
Law: For me, it looks like ghetto hood girl, around the way pregnancy shoot.
There's nothing elegant about it.
Beyonc� did one that went viral.
This would never go viral.
This would go, like, on your refrigerator on a magnet.
- Okay, thank you, Kyla.
- Thank you, guys.
Tyra: Jeana, here is your best shot.
- Law:( moans ) - Ashley:You are a Guess model, and I can feel the emotion in this photo as well.
It's so interesting.
I know that you're mixed with so many different - backgrounds, ethnicities, - Ashley: Yeah.
- The black girl came out on this one.
- ( laughter ) Mm-hmm.
Just so you guys know, I edited film last night with my mama.
And she was like, "I don't know who this girl is, but that's a good one, that's a good one, and that's a good one.
" Mama and Tyra approved.
All right.
Thank you, Jeana.
Law: I don't even recognize you.
Like, you actually making me wanna be pregnant.
I'm gonna go on eBay and see if I can buy me uterus.
I think that this is absolutely stunning.
You almost look like a celebrity model in this, like, kind of a supermodel.
"I'm pregnant.
Take a picture.
" Thank you.
Liberty, here is your best shot.
Law: What you impressed me with is that toe.
I love a girl who will point a toe, and even the shape of your arm and how it's ever so softly on your hip.
I think that's perfect, so kudos for that.
- All right, thank you guys.
- Tyra: Thank you.
Ashley: You should have used being a virgin in this moment, because I actually think you look older in this photo than you actually are.
Tyra:To me, when I look at you in this photo, I'm like is she just an Instagram girl? Can she break through? And this picture does not give me confidence that you can.
Okay, thank you.
Tyra: Shanice.
It's like hootchie high fashion.
I see a little hooch but I also see-- A little pooch.
I just don't think you look comfortable in this photo.
You are a beautiful woman, but it has to portray in the photos.
it just has to, because that's what makes a model.
- Right.
- Thank you very much.
Drew:I mean, I'm gonna be honest, I didn't like any of your pictures.
You don't know your angles and you often do look masculine because you don't understand that.
It was just hard to find a good shot of you, to be honest.
I think right now this is the worst picture of the bunch.
It's like you have one leg.
You have just the arm that's coming out of your belly button.
I don't know what you're looking at.
It's very, "I just got married and I'm pregnant.
" - You know, it's that.
- That's okay, you know.
- No, it's not.
- No, I mean, your opinion.
Yeah, yeah.
No, that-- my opinion is great.
Your film was, like, stiff.
- The stiffness is not working.
- Okay.
- Okay? Thank you.
- Okay, thank you.
Up next is Christina.
Ashley: 'Cause you do look frightened in the face, I'm blanked off and I don't want to share anything with you.
That's not the girl who was standing in front of me giving me all the lip, and it was fiery and smart-mouthed and that was coming for me.
And your face is weak.
Drew: I love this photo.
I think we've given you very hard looks to deal with.
You glowed, and that was the challenge.
Tyra: I'm obsessed with this picture.
- Thank you.
- It's one of my favorites.
I think there is a silent confidence, innocence to it.
It's a 50/50 split.
Oh, my God.
They're the enemy, Drew.
- Thank you so much.
- Okay, thank you guys.
Tyra: Coura.
Here's your best shot.
Drew:I think you are absolutely stunning and I think that you know it and you're confident about that.
I think you don't bring it to the world.
I want you to find your personality.
The pictures you got.
That part you don't.
Tyra: You know all those gifs or "jifs" of me - all over the Internet making crazy faces? - Like this one? Like this.
"Aah! Ooh! Oh, my God? How am I gonna make it fashion? You gotta smize! I was rooting for you!" All that crazy stuff got me hired.
Drew: Coura needs courage.
Oh, my God, you need a "G" and an "E", and then you've got "courage.
" Thank you, Coura.
Next up, Maggie.
Ashley: You're definitely an Instagram model.
But that's not why we're here, right? It's not.
I want to be that high fashion-- I want to be on the runways, on the magazines, and not Instagram.
Ashely: You can tell you are a beautiful girl.
But this is where you could have acted a little bit more Calvin Klein boy, chill, basic.
Drew: I'm so confused by you.
When you're talking to certain people you're, "Hey, homegirl.
" And when you're talking to me you're like a white picket fence.
It's almost rude.
It shows in your pictures.
I've moved to different places and I've experienced different people at different times.
- So have I.
- We all have.
- We all have.
- I know, I know.
But just be you.
That's the best you.
When I look here, I do think I see a model.
I'm just not sure if she's high fashion enough.
- It's very catalog.
- Tyra: Okay, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Ivana! Drew:You have to use your body as part of your brand.
- Celebrate it, okay? - Okay.
We have to work harder, because we are the ones who will always be told, "Oh, your cellulite is too much" or because "Your curves are too much.
" But if you want to do it for the curved girl, step it up.
- All right, thank you.
- Thank you.
Okay, so now it is time for the judges to deliberate.
And when I call you back, I will announce who has best photo and who is going home.
I'm really comfortable in my skin, but I don't know how to channel something not sexy or pretty.
I really don't.
It's so hard.
I don't-- I'm trying so hard.
What else do you want from me? Yeah.
All right, let's talk about the best and the worst.
Drew:She's a very hard person to take a photograph, and I think it's because she hasn't been trained of someone taking a photograph of her, - only her taking a photo of herself.
- Law: Oh.
- Tyra:Maggie.
- Ashley: Is that white homegirl? - Yes.
- I actually didn't hate her photograph as much.
Can she work Paris and Milan? New York? I don't know.
- Kansas.
- Tyra:Rio.
Rio, I love.
She's so fun to work with.
She has every attribute that "America's Next Top Model" should.
- Tyra:Coura.
- Ashley:She's gorgeous, but we have got to pull that personality out of her.
Maybe she's just a black caterpillar.
She hasn't blossomed into a butterfly yet.
- Ahh, it's true.
- Ashley: I like that.
Tyra: Brendi, what do you think? She almost seems like she doesn't care.
And that's the worst part, 'cause she does care.
She's been living in a car.
She wants this.
- I have no doubt in you at all.
- ( sniffles, sobs ) 15 beautiful ladies stand before me, but I only have 14 photos in my hands.
And these photos represent the girls that are still in the running towards becoming "America's Next Top Model.
" The first name that I am going to call is best photo.
Look at that beautiful woman, glowing so beautifully on the outside.
But we need to see Coura glow on the inside.
What is that personality? - Okay.
- Congratulations.
Runner up for best photo is Rio.
You brought it.
Thank you, Tyra.
You are showing them how it's done.
You are 42, but your spirit is fresh and young and vibrant.
Jeana: I've always wanted to be able to get a photo from you.
- Congratulations, Jeana.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
The next name I'm going to call is ( laughs, snorts ) Why do you do this to me? - Liz! - You're baiting me! Well, look at this photo.
It's just kind of in the middle.
- Yeah.
- Now we gotta step our game up.
- Thank you.
- Rhiyan.
- Thank you.
Next name I'm gonna call - Shanice.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Next name I'm going to call is Sandra.
- Sandra:Thank you.
Tyra: You're still in the running towards becoming "America's Next Top Model.
" Thank you.
Will Brendi and Maggie please step forward? Two beautiful girls stand before me, but I only have one photo in my hands.
And the girl who I do not call, must immediately pack your photos and go home.
I have to look at you, Maggie, and I'm like, the judges didn't really love the homegirl-- white homegirl thing.
I'm not sure if the white homegirl should be at home just taking selfies.
And then I look at Brendi K.
Brendi "K" for "kick-ass.
" And this photo is anything but.
So who stays in this competition? Brendi.
Congratulations, you are still in the running towards becoming "America's Next Top Model.
" - Thank you so much.
- You are beautiful, you are a fighter.
I want to get you out of that car.
But I can't do it alone.
You have to work.
And this shoot was not the girl that I chose to be in this competition.
You're still in the running towards becoming "America's Next Top Model.
" - Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
You kick ass, okay? Thank you.
- Come here.
- Thank you so much.
Appreciate it.
Maggie, if you want to be a high fashion model, you're gonna have to take some time and figure out who she is in a photo - because you're beautiful.
- Thank you.
But how can you take a photo and make it interesting? - Okay.
- Okay, thank you.
- Thank you so much.
Thank you, guys.
- Thank you.
Maggie: It was really shocking.
I'm just really bummed.
I'm so excited to see all you guys kill it.
Like, I really am.
But I have many sides to me, and I felt, like, kind of cut short and read off the wrong way, and then they just didn't try with me.
I really thought there was more for me here.
Being picked as final 15, like, that's so groundbreaking for my career to have that.
So by all means, I'm just so grateful.
[music playing] Well, Maggie-- Drew.
--what happened? You are our first girl eliminated on Cycle 24.
I know.
I tell myself this every day since I was eliminated, that I'm convinced that I had too much beef with myself and the judges, and stuff with, like, the competition and the girls, because I came into it thinking it was going to go a certain way, and it didn't.
And then I wrapped myself up in that.
You felt that you had beef with the judges? MAGGIE: I came into it thinking I was a certain way.
And then you guys didn't see that about me, with being really laid back and cool, and just being me.
But then, I was seen as kind of not fake, but trying too hard to be a certain way, when I really didn't think that's how I was coming across.
So I was, like, hitting a barrier.
Do you feel like the white homegirl piece backfired on you? Yeah.
I will always stand by homegirl.
Like, my friends and I use that term homeboy, homegirl, whatever, very casually.
Like, me being a homegirl is just like laid back and cool, and we can kick it, and that's that.
There's nothing more to that.
And I think it just got too serious.
My thing was just, stay chill, stay cool.
Stay you.
Well, what are you? I mean, I'm me.
I am everything I experienced with my life and people.
And I think I have a lot of different aspects to how I was raised, and where I moved, and who I met.
And I have a funny side to me, and I have a very serious side.
And I have a more vulnerable side with what I've lived through with certain people that affect how I do act.
But every single side of me is still me.
I think you're still looking for Maggie.
I am.
And I turned 21 a month ago, and, like, I think when I'm 35 or I'm 40, I'm still going to be going to different places, meeting new people, and being like, oh my god, there's that side of me, too, where when I was young, that was not even me.
Now I realize this is me, where every single day, you might have a new part of you leaving or coming.
So what would you have done differently if you were to redo this whole experience? I think going into it, I just got very intimidated and very taken back into my shell.
And so, I was, like, going over, OK, what do you say? How do you say it? How are you going to look to them? I just wanted to take two to be calm and just be like, actually, no.
And instead, I was just trying to, like, catch up with you guys.
Yeah, and I think that that's what we really struggled with, is we didn't want you to ever have any reason to say, if I had a take two-- because if you came and presented your authentic self, I think you would have needed only one take, because I've seen your pictures.
You take a good picture.
MAGGIE: Thank you.
And you are a beautiful girl.
But I think that that piece to it, that was going to stand in your way, was, you know, can you bring that brand and that personality of who you are to life.
Were you a fan of Top Model before you came on? And that's my biggest thing.
I grew up on this [bleep].
Like, me and my mom, like-- seriously, when I found out, I was, like, instant tears.
I was like, Mom, Mom.
And she's like, I don't believe you.
I'm like, it's true.
But yeah, I think just going into it knowing so much about the show, instead of just stripping that away and being like, this is your moment, instead of knowing the whole history of Top Model and how big it is to me-- and I think it was just too big in my mind.
instead of just breaking it down, like, just take care of this moment, and then take care of this moment, when I was thinking of, like, the whole situation I was in.
So you've left the competition now.
Who should we be rooting for? My girl is Gina.
Like, she's just a little firecracker to me.
Like, I'd take her and I, like, squeeze her little body.
I just want to, like, lift her up.
She's, like, my little penis head.
I like (PEEPING) with her little head! It's like a joke between us, where we're like (CUTE BABBLING)-- Your little penis head.
Yeah, she's like a tip-- OK, well, Maggie, that is definitely interesting.
But Gina is my girl.
Who's the messiest? Liz.
Who's the horniest? Kyla.
Who is the funniest? Liz, again.
Who's the craziest? [inaudible].
Who's the toughest judge? You, in my opinion.
Who gave you the most helpful critiques? Ashley and Tyra.
It goes between the two of them.
And what was it like standing in front of Tyra Banks? She was kind of like a mirage to me.
I like, wanted to touch her to see if it was, like, actually real, because her face was just, like, perfect.
And I think, growing up this whole time, I'm like, are you real, or is this still TV and I'm just standing in front of a TV? I know, the screen? Yeah, pretty much.
I do the same thing, too.
I want to just be, like, where's the flaws? They're not there.
All right, well, you are fantastic.
And I think that you've learned a lot on this.
I have.
And I think there are big things from you, because you do take a great picture.
I will not deny that.
All right? That's big, coming from you, so I appreciate it.
It is.
Don't mess this up.
I won't.
(LAUGHING) I won't.
Thank you.
All right.
Bye, Maggie.
Okay, cool.
I definitely feel like Christina's the instigator.
You're ganging up on all of us.
Yeah! There's 55,000 people standing behind me.
She's that person.
Rhiyan:We're getting transformations.
These aren't normal makeovers.
This is what's going to take us to the next level.
We are making a high fashion video.
Ladies, Director X.
The two judges are ready to bare themselves to the world right now.
We see your beauty.