An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts (2021) s01e04 Episode Script


Wait, wait.
Let's swap.
¡Dios mío!
I know that. Sex is important.
But the rest is so perfect.
That matters too, wouldn't you say?
Because it's not just about our chemistry.
Our routines matter too.
Knowing each other, you know?
For example,
I clearly remember that at the beginning,
you and Giovanni
weren't very sexual together.
No, you're mistaken.
The first week we were together,
we received many complaints
from the neighbors
because we were so loud.
The good old days!
They are gone and over, aren't they?
Oh, there he is.
Maybe, just maybe, this is my chance
at happiness, finally.
- You serious?
- Yes, Paola.
I have a wonderful boyfriend.
He's thoughtful.
And work is really taking off too.
- Thankfully.
- And Enrico?
Well, Enrico I tried calling him,
but he won't respond to my text messages
or my calls.
Why must I feel bad whenever
something good happens to me, huh?
Don't I deserve some happiness too?
Huh, little guy?
This Saturday, Mom!
Yes, all right. Saturday.
You don't seem particularly excited,
I gotta say.
You haven't asked me anything
about my show.
What show?
Stars of Love.
The show we're producing about astrology.
Ah, that show.
All right. I'll see you on
Saturday and I'll pick up my stuff then.
No, wait! I'm also in line
for the enchufla, yes?
Oh, Mom, one more thing.
I'm coming with a friend
who'll help with the boxes.
I thought I'd let you know.
You'll like him.
He's a great tango dancer.
Listen, it's a bit difficult
to talk right now.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
You're probably right.
Morning, Carlo.
- Olmo.
- Morning.
Good morning to you.
Where are you off to?
To my desk.
I'll come with.
- Come to my desk?
- After you.
But that's my desk.
I thought that the creator and producer
of Dora TV's new hit show
deserved her very own space.
Channel 8 really enjoyed it. A lot.
An executive from the show will be
stopping by today to observe the shoot.
What do you think?
Enjoy your office.
I know you're angry at me, Enrico.
But I had nothing to do
with Sardi's decision. Nothing.
You've gotta understand.
He's the coward who fired you that way.
And at a painfully difficult time.
I'm missing you.
Can you call me back, Enrico?
Try smiling at Marlin
every now and then.
You gotta include her
in more conversations.
But she knows nothing about astrology.
Marlin's a personal friend of Bodrato's
and very good at her job.
A little effort.
So, how's it going?
Well! Well, I'd say.
He's not really the typical Gemini.
He's really meticulous and thoughtful.
- And?
- And what?
As a lover?
Hmm Mm.
So romantic too. You see?
Well, okay!
How cute.
Tiziano Falcetti?
Tiziano Falcetti, that's me.
It's your lucky day.
Thank you. So pretty.
She's not too bad either.
Who sent them?
I don't know.
Let's find out.
Someone that I know
through the acting courses.
Does "someone" have a name at least?
Yes, "F."
No, it's either Francesca or Filippo.
You are unbelievable!
- I know, I know.
- Ugh!
I've never believed that there is
just one person. Okay?
And in particular,
I've never bought into the whole
"and they lived happily ever after"
that you like so much in films.
But what's wrong with that?
Films help us dream.
Nothing, but I always think,
"Why do we need to dream,
when every day we could meet someone
who's different, interesting,
and above all, real?"
Don't you want someone
to grow old with later on?
Someone who'd love to share
their whole life with you.
Grandma was married for 54 years
all to one man.
The only man she ever had.
Then, one merry day,
He disappeared
with a pretty housekeeper half his age.
And she was alone and heartbroken.
And now, in her golden years.
What a pretty picture
of getting old together.
Honestly, I can live without that.
Hey, chiquitita.
I'm sorry, but regarding Saturday,
I won't be able to make it
to your parents' house.
I'll make up for it, okay?
Oh, fuck.
I got no plans this Saturday.
What do you say?
If you want
Ada! Come here!
Our little girl just arrived.
What did you bring?
My specialty.
- Come on, honey.
- Alice!
What a great surprise!
I'm so glad you could come, honey.
What brings you here?
This was planned.
I told you I was gonna visit.
Let's see, our Saturday plan
Sure. I was expecting you to come earlier.
Actually, you've come right on time.
They're beginning salsa lessons.
Mrs. Bassi. I made something.
Oh, thanks! How nice!
Call me Ada.
Okay, will do.
He's a friend of mine. Tiziano Falcetti.
- Normally go by Tio. Pleasure.
- I'm Guido.
I've seen you somewhere before.
Oh, you're Marcus Alvarez de la Rosa
- from Love Hurts, right?
- Claro que sí.
Oh, impossible!
Alice, you never told me
you ran around with VIPs!
Delia is such a big fan of his.
Come on! I'm gonna introduce you to her.
- Delia, look who's here!
- Have fun.
Thanks for your help, Tio.
Sweetheart, come here!
By the way, you were wrong.
Your friend is pretty bad at tango.
He's not the friend I wanted you to meet.
Come on, leave all those boxes.
Come dance!
You were the one telling me
to take them away!
You can throw it out.
It's all garbage, honey.
Oh, no. Here she comes with Carlo.
Try moving on, dear.
Like Carlo has.
I was wondering when you were going
to bring up Carlo.
Let's go dance.
Anywho, Tio is really nice.
And handsome too.
I honestly never thought
you'd meet anyone cuter than Carlo.
You know that?
Yeah, he's not Carlo.
It's the party of the century!
Anyway, just for the record,
I'm also moving on.
And if you had ever asked me
one thing about the show I created,
you would know.
So cheers.
Hey, Alejandro.
I'm sorry you couldn't make it.
I hope work isn't driving you crazy.
Nothing, I was just thinking about you.
That's all.
Ali, Ali! Come, come.
I saved us a spot in line.
- Come with me! Let's get some food.
- No.
Let's go. Come on.
Come on!
All right, Alejandro didn't come.
Can you enjoy my company instead, please?
I wanted to enjoy your company
while moving boxes.
Listen, I know you're a little Libra
who wants everything perfect all the time,
but look around you for a second.
Everything you need is right here.
It's easy, trust me.
You just need to let yourself go!
It's easy for you.
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
I mean, everything's much easier for you.
You jump from one person to another,
male or female, doesn't even matter,
as if it's the most normal thing for you.
And if someone gets hurt,
what's your reaction?
Who cares, right?
You move on to the next person.
I'm not like that, all right?
To me,
what matters to me is
Oh, here we go. Hold on.
I really wanna hear this.
What matters to you, Alice?
How romantic someone is?
Or how often he checks his phone
to text you?
Or how well he dances tango,
or maybe how
I'm sorry, I I don't get it.
You can say whatever you want
about you and Alejandro.
No one's buying any of it.
Babe, because life's too short
to stay with someone
who won't even give you
a single orgasm!
It is not always about sex.
It's about feelings too.
- Looking after each other
- Blah, blah, blah.
Exactly, that's it. Look.
Even a little Libra like you
can be selfish occasionally, hmm?
Okay. Interesting.
Especially coming from a guy
who doesn't want to be in love
and hides behind his "fluidity"
and his grandma's misfortune
just so he might carry on
being a purely selfish narcissist!
I see you pretending
The way you cover up your scars ♪
But broken parts are just another part
Of who we are ♪
Stop worrying about everything
That you can't control ♪
Thank you
for everything. Guido
Thank you for introducing me
to your wonderful friends.
- But you don't have to change a thing ♪
- Goodbye.
Your body is a work of art ♪
What happened?
Your colors make you who you are ♪
You don't ever have to cover
Who you are inside ♪
'Cause that's where your pretty lies ♪
Underneath your pretty lies ♪
Good morning, chiquitita.
Sorry about yesterday.
But I'm here now.
I thought you'd forgive me
once you tried my famous fried eggs.
- With guacamole.
- Ah!
- May I?
- Mm-hmm.
Then we'll have to add a bit of salt.
And a little bit of pepe?
Well done, chiquitita.
- You like pepper?
- Muy.
And a bit of lemon.
Ah, wait, wait, wait.
Stay here a little longer.
I wanna slow things down
a bit more.
I'd like you to get to know my body
and take your time doing it.
There's no rush.
I'm not rushing, you know?
It's just a lot of passion.
Of course, I know that.
But even all that passion can be, um
Are you telling me
you don't like the way I do it, huh?
No, just that every person is different.
- The eggs! Sorry.
- Uh
So, Scorpio is fine.
Mara, could you please go stand
behind Sagittarius?
There. When you shoot this,
Sergio, careful.
'Cause even those wide shots
are equally necessary and important, okay?
- All right.
- On the other side too?
On the other side. Right.
- Tio!
- Miss Bassi?
This is the exec from the network,
and I would also like to introduce you
to Alice Bassi, the creator of the show.
I'm pleased to meet you, Miss Bassi.
The pleasure is all mine, really.
I hope you like today's episode.
If you need anything,
and I mean anything at all,
I'm at your disposal.
The only thing we need you to do
is ensure the show is
as fun as possible. Right? Huh?
Let's put these,
and that too, in the front,
like last time.
Have you met the lady from the network?
What do you think?
I haven't met her yet, so
Uh, Olmo,
can you make sure the audio is clean?
Tio's ridiculous jacket
always rubs the microphone.
Okay, got it.
What is your problem?
Why is it so hard for you
to be happy for me?
I'm sorry Alice, what's this?
- Um, today's schedule.
- Yes, today's schedule.
And why does it say
Tio's going to do all the interviews
and also present today's contestants?
Well, because
I am the one who's been waking up Torino
for the past 25 years.
It's me the audience wants to see
when they switch on the TV.
I won't let anyone treat me
like I'm a part of the furniture.
'Cause you're looking
at a professional here.
That's crystal clear.
We'll sort it out straightaway.
Excuse me, Tio. Marlin was asking me if
Tio! I'm talking here.
Today, would you mind sharing
introducing the contestants with Marlin?
Whatever you decide, I'm fine with.
Actually, you're right.
And it's you
who's going to do the entire introduction
by yourself.
- Ah, very good.
- Hi.
I was wondering, would you know
where I could find Dora TV?
- I'm Andrea Magni.
- Ah!
Contestant on Stars of Love.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Alice Bassi.
The assistant to the
- The creator of the show.
- Ah!
- Follow me.
- Of course.
It's just
I'm actually quite nervous.
Um, let's say it's not really
my kind of environment.
- I'm an academic.
- Ah!
My mother insisted I come on television.
I have a few minor questions for you
about the, uh
Uh, what's the name of it?
The natal chart. May I?
Most certainly.
Though Tio, our astrology expert,
is going to explain it beautifully.
In the meantime, take a seat.
- Andrea, we'll start soon.
- Okay.
- Be ready!
- Will do.
- Is everything in order?
- Yes, thank you.
Okay, everyone in position.
- Camera one.
- Mm-hmm.
- Open up on the two of them.
- Alice.
Welcome to a new episode
of Stars of Love,
dear Dora TV aficionados!
Before moving on, let me present
our astrological hero of the day,
Andrea Magni!
Stars of Love, Stars of Love ♪
- Come in! Welcome.
- Thank you.
- Is here okay?
- Yes, there is perfect.
Andrea is a geologist.
- Is that correct?
- Correct.
And single, for now.
- He's passionate about rocks
- Mm.
and tectonic plates. Surprise, surprise!
Wonderful passions.
It's time to move on now
to see if these amazing girls
in our zodiac
will make him grow fond of the stars.
What is Tio doing?
And now, our Tio
It's all right.
Will explain your birth chart
to all of us, Andrea.
No, go ahead.
Tio, a bit of help here?
Andrea Magni is
a Cancer, right?
Cancer, precisely.
Let's make things clear.
You'll never manage anything better
than the beloved mother of a Cancer.
It's always so nice between them.
Intimate and harmonious
So much so, that a Cancer
has no reason to leave the nest.
But don't you worry.
By virtue of that,
you will meet your competition
early on in the game.
Of course.
The first moment the adorable
and protective Cancer
invites you to their place,
prepare yourself for a visit
to their childhood bedroom.
So, you're the expert astrologer?
So they say.
I have some questions regarding
my natal chart. Mind if I ask?
Please do. That's why I'm here.
Um, because I don't think
there's any scientific evidence
linking the stars and human nature.
Scientific evidence?
There's no plausible reason
to split the whole human race
into 12 groups,
dividing each one of them
with totally random symbols.
If I should cut, tell me.
- Moreover, the magnetic field
- Okay.
generated by the stars is much smaller
than the field
of minor household appliances.
At that point, we could even add
a microwave or a radio to the zodiac.
I think it's best
to stop the filming, right?
No, wait for Alice.
So, I was wondering,
how is it possible to understand
who's the right person for me
based on the zodiac?
I mean, in the end,
love is the only subject
that doesn't have to obey
any scientific reason.
That's its beauty.
Yeah, well
Okay, Marlin.
I'm going to tell you what to say.
"Love is a real mystery."
Well, love Love is a real mystery.
"Going back to the first question"
So, returning then to this question
you began by asking initially, Andrea
"in astrology, all our feelings
and emotions are governed"
in astrology, in large part,
it is the moon that governs our emotions.
"And the moon, in astrology,
is always associated
with the water sign Cancer."
is always represented
in all the water signs,
like our dear Cancer.
Stay on Marlin.
that yes, of course,
we can feel secure or protected
under our impervious shells,
but if we let ourselves go
with the natural flow of life,
we can drop all the heavy armor,
because we didn't really need it anyhow.
"In other words, this is what"
astrology does. It allows us
- to realize who we are
- Focus on two.
helps us understand ourselves better,
and above all,
it helps us understand
the people around us.
If this all helps us find true love,
well then,
what's the matter with that?
Right, Tio?
Well said, Marlin.
Well said.
You took the words right out of my mouth.
Put your hands together, please.
And Marlin, I might mention that
you look extremely ravishing this evening.
A mermaid of the stars
in the foamy sea of our uncertainties.
The Stars of Love, the Stars of Love ♪
The Stars of Love, the Stars of Love ♪
and 16 personalities.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- I'm gonna find you.
- I'm gonna find you!
Sweetheart, Alice Bassi!
You were great! Thank you!
- Thanks!
- You were great.
- No, completely your doing!
- Hey, Marlin?
- Thank you, sweetheart.
- Marlin, phone call.
Who is it?
Congratulations, Miss Bassi.
Can I call you Alice?
- Yes!
- Such a fun episode.
- Thanks! It's a collective effort.
- Well, that's true.
Congratulations to Davide as well
for being the first to endorse the idea.
It's simply a wonderful idea.
Shall we go for a celebratory drink?
Yes, that would be great!
- Excited?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
you should have seen their faces.
The exec's eyes were totally sparkling.
And Sardi's too.
But he's the asshole who fired you.
So, uh
We're friends.
But when it comes to work,
listen, if I ask you to do something,
you need to follow directions.
With no arguing, okay?
And please don't speak
about my grandma like that.
Nevertheless, I still shouldn't
have reacted so badly.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry as well.
I didn't mean to judge you.
I know.
By the way,
that Andrea guy
He had a lot to say, right?
What a guy.
Interesting, right?
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Are you tired?
I saw you going up and down.
Hold on.
- Would you give me a sec?
- Sure.
Well, I wanted to tell you
that you did
The show really works.
It's fun.
And you were right.
I was a bit jealous of your success.
I had always imagined
that we would make it together.
Maybe the truth is
I needed you more than I thought.
Much, much more than you ever needed me.
- Hmm?
- All good, yeah, yeah.
Excuse me, Mara. Have you seen Alejandro?
Who hasn't seen Alejandro?
- Thanks.
- You'd be perfect for dancing tango.
- That's not true.
- I swear!
- You fell for it too, right?
- Huh?
In the end,
he does the same thing with us all.
At the beginning, it goes well.
It goes so well
that you feel comfortable,
and express to him that he too
has to work on something, right?
And then, poof!
He doesn't show up anymore.
He avoids you in the corridors.
Until the day he finds another girl
to make his fried eggs for.
Between us women, it's better this way.
Life is too short to waste time
on someone who can't fuck.
Hi, Alice.
I didn't send you the horoscope
this morning 'cause I was mad,
but it said:
"Today you're inspired.
It's a nice feeling,
but you might not know
exactly how to channel it."
"It could be the start
of a spiritual turning point,
of a new artistic breakthrough,
or of a deeper understanding of others."
"What's almost certain
is that you'll wanna spend
some time alone."
"But don't doubt yourself,
regardless of how low you feel."
Ugh. No!
- Need some help?
- No.
Not from you, or from anyone else.
I'm perfectly capable of
looking after myself.
And of changing my own tire.
You've got a bit of
Don't know why you're angry at me.
I just wanted to congratulate you
for the amazing work.
Good night
Miss Bassi.
I've got a radar for trouble
And you're a renegade ♪
I take a leap, then I stumble
While you are unafraid ♪
I keep repeating, repeating
The way we shouldn't be ♪
Oh, oh ♪
But I like the idea-dea of you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
Wonder how it'd be
Be to love you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
Ooh ♪
I know I shouldn't be guessing
But you're impressing me ♪
And I can't help reading into
What you've been texting me ♪
I keep repeating, repeating
The way we shouldn't be ♪
Oh, oh ♪
Ooh ♪
And yeah, I know I don't need it
But wouldn't it be neat? ♪
We fall in love with a feeling
Just feeling you and me ♪
I keep repeating, repeating
The way we shouldn't be ♪
Oh, oh ♪
But I like the idea-dea of you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
Wonder how it'd be
Be to love you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
Wonder how it'd be
Be to love you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
Ooh ♪
Get everything that you want
My love, my time, my money ♪
You think I'd learn but I love
Your touch is sweet like honey ♪
There's nothing I wouldn't do
To hear you call me funny ♪
Guess I'm a sucker for you
Ooh, ooh ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
Wonder how it'd be
Be to love you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
Wonder how it'd be
Be to love you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
Wonder how it'd be
Be to love you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
Wonder how it'd be
Be to love you ♪
I like the idea-dea of you ♪
Ooh ♪
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