An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


Coming. Hold on.
Coming! Coming.
Can you help me?
I brought multivitamins, paracetamol,
ibuprofen Everything.
You still don't get it yet?
Except to those who are completely naive
or bereft of any aesthetic taste,
it should be obvious,
the moment someone says "Leo,"
it stands for reliability
and force.
And so, if you get the honor,
or good fortune,
to land the king of the jungle,
here's a reminder.
the rest of the world
will be extremely jealous.
I knew you'd get
an invitation to the wedding.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Look, he's not the one for you!
Yeah, I know, but
he was something, at least.
I mean, look at me.
After Carlo, I haven't had
a real relationship, and
I truly got nobody else.
I'm lonely and hopeless.
Come on!
"When the going gets tough, then"
Give it all up?
"The tough always gets going."
I give it my all, Paola.
Tonight, I dreamt
about Carlo and his baby, though.
Come on, let's clean up.
You know a lot has changed.
Just think about the show you created.
You single-handedly saved DoraTV
from bankruptcy.
Be proud!
You're killing it!
You're some sort of superhero, Alice.
And since when
do superheroes catch cold? Huh?
Enough of these depressing thoughts.
The sun is shining.
It's time to draw a warm bath.
Trust me, you need a good bath too.
Are you expecting someone?
The Red Cross is here!
Are you Paola?
I'm Tio.
Did you rob a fruit stand?
I got leafy greens,
which are rich in zinc and iron.
Hello, my poor little peach.
Listen, I got you garlic as well.
Eat it whole one and bang!
Strengthens your immune system.
You're not kissing anyone anyway.
Then I got you Oh my!
- Is this Sandrino?
- That's right.
You are a sight! Ooh Hello!
Little cutie.
Oh, I brought chicken
to make some nice soup,
fresh ginger for tea,
and, Ali
- I got you vitamins.
- I got some already, Tio.
- Okay!
- Please, behave for me.
How is she?
She was fine when it was just us girls.
We'll see now, though.
Here you go, honey.
You're really cute, aren't you?
What's this?
He is amazing, just marvelous.
Cutie-pie. Hello!
Oh, what do you think?
Look, I'll use them
like a big handlebar mustache.
- He wants me to hold him? That it?
- Yep.
- Now you have to.
- Seriously?
Well, I've never picked up a baby before.
Put down the veggies,
then wash your hands and
Oh, okay.
There you go.
You like Tio, right?
Who do we have here, huh?
Careful there, because sometimes
he likes to squirm around like an eel.
Okay, then.
Wait a second
You are so great!
Do you know
that you're adorable and sweet?
He seems to like you, mister.
I like him as well.
Yes, I like you too. A lot!
- A 102 °F fever.
- Oh, no.
Aunty Alice has a fever.
It must be wonderful
to have a baby, right?
The majority of the time, yeah.
But it can be very challenging at times.
I was thinking what it's like to
be responsible for someone
who depends on you and you alone.
You get it.
Alice told me what you do
for your grandmother, that is.
Let me help you.
What's Mommy doing?
Where's she taking all those veggies?
Ooh, a big box of cookies!
- You want one?
- No, no, no, no, no.
Because this is for big kids.
- Right, my dear?
- Oh.
His cookies are right there.
Oh, shoot! The bathtub.
What did Mommy do?
Let's take a nap, shall we?
Sleepy boy.
There you go.
Yes, it's Davide Sardi.
I was looking for
Is Alice there?
Hi, it's Paola.
- Alice is taking a nap.
- Ah, hello.
Mimì, hey.
No, Paola.
We met a few weeks ago, if you
Yes, of course. No, Mimì is
She's my dog.
Ah, a dog.
Anyway, I'll let you speak to Alice.
She just woke up.
Mimì, come!
- It's your boss!
- Huh?
- And this?
- Don't worry. He didn't open it.
I made it just in time.
Um, hello?
Alice, hi.
Sorry to bother you on a Sunday.
I just wanted to
see how you were feeling.
Thanks. Um
I feel
- How bad is the temperature?
- 102.
Oh, super. Excellent, I'd say.
Glad to hear.
You're in good hands
if Paola is there to watch over you.
The very best.
- And you?
- I'm good.
I wanted to tell you
that I talked to Channel 8.
They asked us to film the next episode
somewhere more evocative this time.
Totally different location.
If you come up with any ideas
Okay. I'll think of something.
Then again, if we had Enrico Uh
It's no rush.
Get better, then we'll talk about it more.
I'll see you next week.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hello, Claudio.
And so?
What does he want on the weekend?
Tell us what's going on, Alice.
In your own words.
Nothing, really.
He's just opening up more.
He kissed me the other day.
- What?
- Yeah, but it was nothing.
No big deal. On my cheek. A friendly peck.
I'm still angry at him because of Enrico.
You say it's nothing,
but it doesn't seem like nothing.
Seems like much more.
- Paola, what do you say?
- I would certainly agree, Tio.
Knock it off! Leave me alone!
Has she told you
what sign Davide Sardi is?
No, but now I'm very curious.
Wow, you look like shit!
Did you need to come in today?
- Good morning, Loredana.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Any better?
- Yes. Good enough. Thanks.
Listen, have you spoken to Carlo
at all recently?
No. Not very recently, no.
'Cause usually
you tell each other everything, so
We're not super close
You're just friends, right?
Not at all romantic?
No, absolutely not.
Actually, we've barely
even been acquaintances lately.
But why did you leave Carlo?
Sometimes it seems
as if you broke Carlo's heart
and it still hasn't mended.
I did? No!
He's the one that broke my heart.
is your heart still broken?
Why is she asking me this?
- Alice, your tea.
- Oh.
Yeah, thanks.
So it's true, you've returned.
Yes. Thanks for the pasta.
Don't mention it.
I knew you really always liked it
when you were sick, so
And besides, the stars.
No? Extra special?
Listen, um
Would you ever wanna grab a drink
some evening?
I mean, we could talk, you know?
Just chat, 'cause it's been a while.
What do you say?
Just a minute.
Why does Cristina believe
there's something going on with us?
She does?
What are you saying?
She was asking me
if we were more than simply friends.
Ah, I mean That's ridiculous.
It is. That's what I told her.
But it's obviously something on her mind.
- Anyway, talk to her, okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yes. Thanks a lot to you.
Thanks so much.
Come in.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I wanted to speak to you
about some possible spots
where we could film the episodes.
Sure. Take a seat.
Well, after you spoke to me about it,
or maybe I was already mulling it about
I don't know.
Anyway, my first image was
the Museum of Cinema.
As a possible backdrop
for the coming episodes.
And why cinema?
First off, great actors
are named "stars," right?
And everybody already associates
the film industry with the star system.
Of course, I need to scout it out, but
Not bad.
I like it a lot.
Uh We'll want some info
about the permits.
That's mine to do.
Then tomorrow, I'll go scope it out
and we'll be able to know more.
Wait a minute.
I wanted to also apologize
I mean, for the other night.
When you were replacing the wheel.
I don't believe it.
That was inappropriate.
I'm sorry if I embarrassed you
or if I gave you the wrong idea.
Ah, so I could have misunderstood him?
We work together.
Plus, there are things that
Difficult to explain.
Anyway, forgive me.
It's all good.
Ah, just out of curiosity.
What was your sign again?
I never revealed it.
Filming in that museum
is a brilliant idea!
but let's go back to the kiss.
Do you think it means something?
Yes, of course it does, Alice. I think.
- He even said he was sorry.
- Yes, you're right.
Oh boy.
I'm completely lost. Ugh!
What do you think his sign is?
Listen, I think it's time
to really understand who you are,
my little Libra girl.
- This is your natal chart.
- Ah!
I started from your time of birth.
- 11:45 am, right?
- Mm-hmm.
Come on, show some enthusiasm, yeah?
This piece of paper tells you
where the stars and planets were
at the exact moment you were born.
I'm sorry, Tio,
but I don't understand a thing here.
Alright, look.
Making a natal chart is not easy.
No, wait! I wanna know everything.
These are the 12 famous houses.
As you should know by now,
each house represents
a different element of your life.
Self-awareness, communication, money,
health, etcetera, etcetera.
When the planets are inside
of a specific house,
they open up that specific element
of your chart.
- For example, let's take
- Okay.
What's happening to my love of house?
Um, love's in the seventh house,
which is also the house
that covers marriage and relationships.
- Stop. Are you serious?
- Why?
It's empty! Why is there nothing there?
I mean, it is what it is.
It's not such a terrible thing.
I mean, not that terrible.
So I'm here complaining
that I am unable to find a boyfriend
and my love house is a giant black hole?
Okay, the fact
that the house of marriage is empty
doesn't tell you
you'll be by yourself forever.
It means that, in that aspect,
you're free to make your own story,
your own happy ending.
Now you believe in these kinds of stories?
I've always believed in them.
- Mm-hmm
- Just not in the traditional happy ending.
That's all.
look at your career house.
There are so many planets
that it's standing room only.
There's the Sun, there's Jupiter,
then Mercury, and then
Ah, Andrea.
Hi, hello.
Sorry for interrupting.
Andrea, Hi.
Hi, Tiziano.
Hello, Miss Bassi.
- Alice.
- You live close by?
The university where I work
is pretty much around the corner.
Plus, they have delicious coffee here.
Creamy and rich, yet smooth.
- Take a seat.
- Thanks.
Can I have a coffee? Thanks.
I saw the program.
Tiziano e-mailed me the link.
I have to say,
it's was a whole lot of fun.
- Thanks.
- Yes.
Even though the girl I chose
is not It didn't go so well. Anyway
Oh, what a disappointment.
Did you know that, Tiziano?
Hmm? Mm-mm.
It had nothing to do with the show.
I think I might have scared her.
- Scared?
- Yes. Thanks.
views on relationships
are a bit old-fashioned.
And as I was trying to explain to Tiziano
during the show,
I don't want someone,
but rather "the" one.
True love.
To spend the rest of my life with.
Seems like you two have this in common.
Andrea's seventh house is empty as well.
I've got to run. I'll take the check.
No, no, no, no, come on.
Please. For a coffee?
It'd be my pleasure to meet once again.
Let me take you for dinner
one of these nights.
Oh, the three of us?
- Well, why not?
- Yeah.
Saturday? I'm free.
Mr. Magni.
- Ciao.
- Bye.
Three-way dinner. Mm
Yes, Mom, I'm coming.
- Good morning.
- Hello, dear.
- Hi.
- Come in.
- Ada! So nice to see you.
- Oh!
Look at your nails! Fantastic!
You look great too.
Something's different with your hair, no?
I'm glad that you noticed at least.
Follow me this way.
I was thinking of setting you up there.
- Ah!
- And Alice?
- Yes?
- Having yours painted?
No, thanks.
- I'll be there, Mom.
- What do you mean?
Make an impression for your date.
It's not romantic, Mom.
It's among friends.
You're going out, and you can't go
with hands this crummy looking.
Even towards the end with Carlo,
you let yourself go a little.
Here she goes. Keep calm, Alice.
Since then,
it's one weird guy after another.
What was the name of that one last fellow?
- Alejandro.
- No.
The younger one
that I danced the tango with.
- Tio?
- Tio, yes.
So much fun, yes. Too bad the boy's gay.
He's not gay, Mom.
He's fluid.
Uh, tonight she's going out
with an anthropologist.
A geologist.
Anyway, it's someone really intelligent.
Do you mean
that I'm not intelligent enough
for someone who's that intelligent?
No, I was only trying to say
that you've never been someone
who pursued nerds.
You're picky in your own way.
Yes, Mom. I love you too.
Uh, yes, I know.
I'll be as quick as I can,
but I gotta sort out
a little technical problem first.
You better not ditch this dinner.
Yes. Um
You'll get along with Andrea.
He's an interesting guy.
- Hurry up, Tio!
- Okay, bye.
Bye, I guess.
Grandma, so
Have you remembered
where you left the key?
Which keys, Tio?
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Miss?
- Yes?
- Your jacket.
- Ah, thanks.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
- Andrea.
- Alice.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Good evening.
- Evening.
Wow, this place is lovely.
Not bad, right?
- Have you been waiting long?
- No, no. Just a minute.
What beautifully colorful nails.
They were so colorful in the cafe.
It's my mom's fault.
Or her merit.
Thank you.
His grandma's story is really intense.
I couldn't believe it at first.
You wouldn't think so at first glance,
but Tiziano seems like one truly
truly sensitive person.
Yeah, he really is.
And he's usually punctual as well.
It's weird he's not here yet.
So weird, in fact, that it seems planned.
He's actually quite cute.
You've always liked men with curly hair.
My God. What is that?
Have you known Tiziano for very long?
Huh? No!
No, we've been friends for a few months.
So, you're
You're, uh, very close, then?
No, not in that way.
Just that
You know somebody.
We're just friends with one another.
Did he want to check I was single?
Ugh, God!
- Have you decided?
- Yes.
So, the lady would like
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
We geologists study matter
in solid, liquid and gaseous forms
on Earth and other planets.
Not to mention the fascinating evolution
of tectonic plates and
God, that hair.
They are specific microparticles
that reflect the light
I gotta go, I'm sorry.
Uh, so soon?
It's just that
You're not the one for me.
I gotta go to the bathroom.
Look, I know what you're trying
to do, Tiziano.
Even if our seventh houses are both empty,
and both have
the same romantic idea of love,
just keep in mind
that I could die of boredom tonight.
So, either you show up
in the next five minutes,
or I swear I will not talk to you
for the rest of my life.
- Good evening.
- You're here.
I'm sorry.
- Hi. You look beautiful.
- You are also beautiful.
My grandma had hidden the keys.
A real mess to find them.
But okay, I'm ready.
Okay, that's our table.
- Shall we?
- No, no.
I'm sorry, I I'm not going back in there.
You'll find out
in the voice message I sent to you.
Anyway, thank you so much for trying this
but I'm done for tonight.
- I'm taking myself on a nice stroll.
- No!
What do I say? What happened to you?
Say whatever you want.
He won't even notice.
Go. Seriously, go on.
- Andrea Magni.
- Hi!
I'm sorry. Hi. How are you?
- Good. How are you?
- Good, thanks.
- Please.
- Thanks.
Look, Alice says bye.
She had a little setback
and she had to leave.
Good night.
Sometimes I feel a little frustrated ♪
All these squares wanna get X-rated ♪
I came here
To get a little liberated tonight ♪
Tonight ♪
If I get a little lonely
Don't you worry ♪
I can love myself ♪
If I get a little hungry
Don't you worry ♪
I can touch myself ♪
I can love, allow myself ♪
Ooh, ooh ♪
When you're feeling
A little frustrated ♪
Those squares and circles
Got your rhythm regulated ♪
You wanna boogie, shake your goodies
Till you fall out of line ♪
- Thanks.
- Of course.
If I get a little hungry
Don't you worry ♪
I can touch myself ♪
I can love, allow myself ♪
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