An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts (2021) s01e06 Episode Script


The sun is shining, Alice.
The air is filled with change.
And with priorities that put you
at the center of your life.
Erase your name ♪
I can't explain it ♪
A healthy life.
I can never go back ♪
But you never pick up ♪
Because when you hit rock bottom,
the only way to go is up again.
And Carlo is rock bottom.
Oh oh ♪
I tried everything to find you ♪
It could have been you
instead of Cristina.
Yeah, it could have been you!
Yeah, you've got me hung up ♪
I know we're never gonna get back ♪
I tried to rewind it ♪
Alice, wait!
Hung up ♪
Oh oh ♪
Damn, the gears are stuck!
Listen to me.
I don't wanna listen.
What you saw last night
is really not what you think.
That bullshit is exactly
what I don't feel like hearing.
I mean No, no!
It's nothing! Sonia is nothing to me!
Please. Stop, stop, stop!
Listen to me. She's just
a student of mine.
It's nothing.
And during my class
on the History of Cinema,
she wouldn't stop watching me.
- You're lecturing her, no?
- I was!
Come on, hey! Are you saying
a girl looks at you,
waits for you outside of school,
and you forget your baby,
and not to mention your fiancée?
I broke it off yesterday. I swear.
Come on, wait.
If you weren't so busy at work
with everything,
I'd have probably mentioned it
and avoided this whole mess altogether.
You're saying it's my fault?
No! No! No! It's
Hey, listen, I don't want
to get involved with it, okay?
But fuck off!
Hold on.
Coming! Ah! Ow!
Alice, hello!
What are you doing here?
you don't answer my texts
or phone calls
All right, come in.
Sorry, but what texts? What calls?
No, that was my company phone, you see?
Which I obviously returned to Sardi
when I left.
Oh, shit!
Why? In the messages,
what were you saying?
Hmm, that I was sorry and that
I felt guilty because Sardi fired you
because of me.
For my program, you know?
Nobody fired me, I left!
Oh yeah.
It didn't make sense
to stay there anymore.
I wanted to straighten things up.
No, don't be a smart-ass.
It's just that
Riccardo is with Elvira this week.
You see?
In any event,
I'll tell you what we'll do now.
Help me tidy up
since you got me fired, okay?
Is it over with Elvira?
I am very sorry.
You wash and I dry?
Sounds like a plan. Let's do it.
I got a part-time studio job in radio
because of what Sardi helped me realize.
- Yes.
- Hi.
So, in order of urgency,
first, Carlo asked for you
three times already.
- Next?
- I'll take that.
Then we have Tio,
who has been acting weird.
- Tio is always acting weird.
- And then there's Marlin,
who wants to film the show playing
Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.
Then you have
to go through the video inserts.
Tell Marlin I'll get to her right away.
And to Carlo, I should say?
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Davide, I owe you an apology.
Come again.
Because I thought you had fired Enrico,
but actually, now I know it's not true.
And that in reality,
you've been really kind to him. So
So, that's why you've been treating me
as if I'm some medieval leper?
I'm sorry.
You're forgiven.
Speaking of Enrico
do you have his company phone?
Do you use it?
- Um, no.
- Good!
No, it's just
I mean, I was just saying
that it's complicated enough
with just one phone, imagine with two.
Could I maybe have it?
Mine is acting up.
Mm It's not a problem.
I've gotta find it.
Sure. Whenever you want.
- Alice?
- Yes?
Marlin is already dressed.
Here I am!
I'm scared to like you ♪
I'm scared to care ♪
I'm scared because I don't think
We're going anywhere ♪
I really like it.
These colors are really nice.
Perfect. We'll talk about it later.
Great idea, thanks.
Let's do it. Let's test it out.
Mara, remember, two here and two here.
Could you please ask him
to do it all together?
Some sort of game
Thank you so much.
I'm a lowkey mess ♪
- You're fragile, I'm stressed ♪
- Hi.
Can we talk just a sec?
Cristina, I'm sorry.
I really have a ton of things
Please, just a minute.
I know that with us
it hasn't always been that, well
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
The truth is, I've always envied
the relationship you have with Carlo.
Look, seriously, me and Carlo aren't
He tells you everything.
By chance, has he also said
he's still interested in marrying me?
And having a baby with me?
He's just acting very bizarre these days.
Has he told you anything?
I know you're more his friend than mine.
But, maybe
Maybe he's acting bizarre because
With the wedding getting closer, you know?
He could be a bit
Well, anyway, thank you.
Tell her!
Run after her and tell her!
- If you have any issues, we'll talk.
- Yes, of course.
- Good morning.
- Oh.
- Hi!
- Hi.
I only have half an hour.
- Will you keep me company?
- Yes.
- Is everything okay?
- Sure.
We haven't really seen each other lately.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Um, I'm glad you're here
because I'd like to chat a sec.
You gotta go on a break.
We have to watch the video inserts.
Yes, but the responsibility
for the videos is mine, yeah.
Are we seriously having a discussion
about your responsibilities?
Okay. No, you're right. Okay.
Well, maybe we'll talk about it later?
I wanted to know, though
- Bye.
- Bye.
You're so ruthless.
He's the one who put me
in a difficult situation.
Whenever I see Cristina, I'm mortified.
Is he serious with this other girl?
I don't know.
And I don't care.
What are you looking at?
It seems that
I don't know.
If you didn't know us
what would you think of me and Davide?
You know, if you didn't know
we're just colleagues?
You're telling me you like Davide Sardi?
Are you okay?
You're acting weird. Mara was right.
Is your grandma okay?
Yes, yes, she's
She's fine.
I'm the one
Hmm, how to say it? I'm questioning
my credibility as a love consultant,
that is. Nothing more.
And what for?
I mean that. Hmm
What if I'm bullshitting?
If everything I've said
is just totally wrong and
I'm just scared of falling in love
like you've said?
- What are you talking about?
- Excuse me, Alice.
Carlo sent me to help you
with the video clips.
May I?
Yes, sure, Olmo.
Go ahead.
Come here, come here.
Um, can we continue
this conversation later?
Don't worry, okay?
We'll talk about it another time.
Let's do this, Olmo!
I know you're mad at me, Enrico.
I have nothing to do
with Sardi's decision!
You have to believe me!
He was the coward who fired you like that.
Davide Sardi.
You can't imagine how much I'd like
to tell him he's just a prick!
You know, tonight I dreamt of Sardi.
He was smiling at me and I headbutted him.
He's so conceited, right?
He's handsome, that's for sure,
but I think he's had a nose job.
Have I ever told you
about that time I puked on him?
Now that I think about it,
I'm quite proud of it.
- Would you come meet me for lunch?
- Of course.
- So?
- This morning, I was so excited.
The to-do list was working,
but now I'm in a bigger mess than before.
I like Davide.
There, I said it.
- Davide Sardi?
- Yes.
I don't think it's a good idea
because he's your boss,
and it's not the right time
to complicate your life
now that your career has taken off.
Yes, all right, but when you met Giovanni,
he was your boss.
Yeah, but in our case
it was insignificant.
You're right.
You're my love guru today, okay?
Yeah, I always am.
Yet, you prefer to trust the stars.
Are you jealous?
No, but I guess today Tio wasn't around.
Come on. Don't be silly!
You're still always my bestie.
Ah, and Tio has not been reliable.
He's been saying weird stuff.
His mind is clearly in another place.
Or he's got a crush on someone
and has his head in the clouds?
Or in the stars, in Tio's case.
- Tio? A crush?
- Mm-hmm.
On who?
No, no.
- Yeah.
- No.
- Yeah.
- No!
Think about it, okay?
The stars were telling him,
strangely enough,
that anyone you fancied at all
would never work out.
Then, there was that jealousy tantrum
at your parents'
when you were into the Argentinian.
Plus, all the attention,
the nice thoughts
But he's like my brother, though.
He's not.
At all! He's cute.
And he's not your boss.
Mm, mm.
Excuse me, my sandwich?
- Sorry, it's coming right up.
- Eat this.
I'm not hungry.
- Bye, Alice.
- Thanks, guys.
Bye, Alice.
All done. Everything's ready here.
I told everyone to arrive at 9 tomorrow.
Okay. Thank you so much.
Ah, is Tio still here?
Who's the blond?
She's the one who gave us the permits.
Ah! Sardi was looking around for you.
- Thanks, Mara.
- Bye.
I wanted to give you this.
It's yours.
You've listened to the messages,
didn't you?
I couldn't resist.
It was a pleasure listening to them.
What happened
to our Audrey Hepburn in the end?
Has she resigned just to be herself?
Yes, it looks like it.
Also, I couldn't quite picture Tio
as Gregory Peck.
I don't remember where I read
that in Roman Holiday,
but he had some trouble starting
the Vespa.
If people knew
how many crazy hurdles there are
behind all those romantic scenes
They probably prefer not to know.
I hope that you don't think I'm rude ♪
But I wanna make out with you ♪
And I'm a little awkward, sure ♪
But I could touch my face to yours ♪
I just wanna kiss you
And even if I miss you ♪
At least I'll know what it's like
To have held your hand, oh ♪
No, hey  ♪
- Bad ideas, ay ♪
- Oh ♪
- I know where they lead ♪
- Hey, oh ♪
But I have too many to sleep ♪
And I can't get enough, no ♪
I wanna kiss you standing up ♪
Oh oh, no ♪
- And if tomorrow makes me low ♪
- No ♪
Well it'd be worth it just to know ♪
'Cause I can't get enough, oh oh ♪
We have to talk.
Not here.
I can't believe it.
Oh God, what did Carlo say to her?
Excuse me a second.
What is it?
- I'm useless!
- Where are you?
- Yes, I'm still here.
- Come here, please.
- I'm coming.
- I need your help.
I'm on my way.
Is everything okay?
Give me five minutes.
I'll be right back.
Don't run away, okay?
I'm coming back.
The beauty lies in the contrast, right?
Miss Bassi!
- Oh.
- Ah.
I didn't think you'd still be here.
Um, I wanted you to meet the person
who permitted us
to make your brilliant idea come true.
Mrs. Barbara Buchneim-Wessler
Ricci Pastori.
- Nice to meet you.
- My pleasure.
This is Alice Bassi,
the creator of our show.
Ah! So you're e famous Alice?
I am indeed.
The only thing I'm famous for, though,
is the inability to get these things off.
Um, it is a nice helmet, though.
It's firmly planted on my head.
May I?
I might warn you that the
- There you go.
- Click!
Ah! Thank you so much!
Um, I was telling Barbara
that the contestant in the show
this week is a Virgo.
- Which is your sign, isn't it?
- Yes.
If your lover is a Virgo,
then listen to me,
you're in some big trouble.
Have you ever seen Psycho?
Or read those novels
where some murderer is
an apparently nice guy who's mild-mannered
and even-tempered person.
One of those neighbors that everyone says,
"But they were such a polite person!"
A person who'll always take
immense pleasure
in repeating their identical routine,
day after day,
hour after hour.
That reminds you of someone! Right?
Allow me to take this opportunity
to extend a formal thanks
for the availability of you and the board.
He never asks me for anything,
so now that I can do something for him
for once, it's a great pleasure.
Well, I won't keep you any longer.
I'm sure you're busy today.
Yes, yes, certainly.
Very much so.
- You'll excuse me.
- Of course.
Yes. I'm here.
Oh my God. What's going on?
I didn't know who to call.
Okay. Um, an ambulance? I can call one.
I can sense it.
Carlo is seeing another girl.
What do you mean?
He hasn't answered a call in hours.
Well, um
could be a lot of reasons
why he didn't pick up.
No. No, there's just one reason.
I saw him in the booth.
There's always bad service there.
- You know what we'll do now?
- Mm-mm.
- I'll bring a bit of hot water and sugar
- Yes.
so you'll feel better.
Then you wash your face
you put on that lipstick
that always made me jealous.
Don't worry.
We'll put you in a taxi
and you'll go home and rest.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll be right back.
- Mm-hmm.
- Wait here.
Where's Cristina?
You keep missing all of her calls,
you idiot!
Is the baby okay?
I was just there in the booth.
I didn't realize my phone had died!
Why are giving me that look?
I swear, it's true! Please believe me!
Who cares what I think?
Your fiancée is in there!
The future mother of your child.
Who's convinced you're with another girl.
And what did you say?
That you'd never do
something like that to her.
Don't make me regret covering for you.
- Hi!
- What are you doing all alone?
Um, nothing, I was waiting for
a friend, so
Listen, I wanted to tell you
that I've been thinking
about my last conversation with you.
I realized I was a bit selfish.
Are you in love?
You see? I knew it better!
Which is why I'm sorry.
Because I could've done something,
or I could've talked you about it, maybe.
- Hey.
- I was insensitive.
- I'm sorry, Tio.
- No. Hey.
I'm sorry.
- What is it?
- No, it's just that
I wouldn't want to make things worse.
What do you mean, "worse"?
Tio, I love you
very much, but I, um
But in a different way, you know?
Sorry. Sorry.
Are you completely nuts?
You told me you're in love or am I wrong?
Well Yes, yes. Okay.
I don't know. I mean, maybe.
But not with you.
The geologist?
- Why didn't you tell me before?
- I'm embarrassed a little.
You were always telling me
how boring he is.
Also because it's a new thing for me,
as well.
Loving someone so immediately.
Almost from, like, a film.
It's not just from fairy tales, after all?
I've entered a completely new territory.
I like him.
It's a bit serious, actually.
It's serious for me.
Like I've never really been for anybody.
Then swim in peace, my friend.
There are no sharks in these waters.
Just a lovely
and kind-hearted man.
Who only wants you, Tio.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
I'm coming!
Even if the night is not coming ♪
Even if my head is all burning ♪
Even if I'm late and you're on time ♪
I'd love to meet you there ♪
My heart is open ♪
My heart is open ♪
In the night-time ♪
I was walking, I was walking alone ♪
But then you came
You took my hand, you kept me safe ♪
You took my hand, you kept me safe ♪
In the meantime ♪
I'm screaming, I'm screaming to you ♪
Whatever you are thinking you are ♪
You are ♪
You are ♪
You are the one ♪
Even if the dawn is not coming ♪
Even if my cells are all waiting ♪
Even if I'm mad and you are sane ♪
I'd love to meet you there ♪
My heart is open ♪
My heart is open ♪
In the night-time ♪
I was walking, I was walking alone ♪
But then you came
You took my hand, you kept me safe ♪
You took my hand, you kept me safe ♪
In the meantime ♪
I'm screaming, I'm screaming to you ♪
Whatever you are thinking you are ♪
You are ♪
You are ♪
You are the one ♪
You are the one ♪
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