An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts (2021) s02e01 Episode Script


Hold on, hold on ♪
Something to scare ♪
There are days
when you feel it in your bones.
Hey, watch out ♪
She hates whеn she cries
When she speaks ♪
Sorry for the lies, never spoiled ♪
The moment with its truth ♪
You know that nothing
is going to go your way.
But by now, you know
it's pointless trying to escape them.
face that's full of lies ♪
Hmm, I said hold on, hold on ♪
She's waiting for a nightmare
Nightmare ♪
Hold on, hold on ♪
Something to scare ♪
Hold on, hold on ♪
Just a little nightmare ♪
Hold on, hold on ♪
We need to talk.
I said hold on
Something to scare ♪
Something to care ♪
Her name's Barbara.
Yeah, I know.
I've been with her two years.
I swear, what happened between us
in the museum
has never happened to me before.
From the first moment we met,
I've liked you.
But I can't.
She's suffered a lot.
I just don't want her to suffer anymore.
I'm sorry.
I've taken two weeks off.
process all this, and
give you some time to do the same.
And you really think that in two weeks
everything is gonna go back to normal?
I really hope so.
If nothing has gone Libras' way of late,
then better not to cross their path
for a couple of months at least.
Self-appointed guardians
of the universal order,
these children of Venus
tend not to appreciate
receiving too many surprises.
Especially when it could put
their own heart in any danger.
Just know that anybody who dares
to foolishly dash their hopes,
can be certain they'll be on a shit list.
And banished,
let's see, um, for a century.
Who can say?
All this while Libras
are consumed with ardent passions.
Because they would swear
they aren't suffering the least bit.
Yesterday's show had me in stitches!
So my dark mood
didn't totally ruin the show?
With Marlin dressed
as an ancient Roman? Not at all.
It's her personal homage
to Nights of Cabiria.
Very sophisticated, no?
You feeling okay?
Uh, not at all. Why?
Isn't he there today?
Oh, that's right. I had almost forgotten.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry! Sorry!
- Didn't you see me?
Wow, okay.
A tiny bit nervous, yeah.
What about you?
Ready to go back to the news desk?
A working woman again.
I'm sure that must feel good.
I'm very excited, but actually,
I'm also nervous.
I'm feeling a bit guilty, of course,
but I'm ready to go back.
Your poor colleagues
don't know what they're up against.
Talk more later.
We'll talk about everything.
- Absolutely.
- Big kiss.
I won.
- Gio!
- Yo.
You're gonna be late to daycare.
Hi, bike.
- Wow! Look, guys.
- What is it?
- Just picture Alice's face.
- Unbelievable, seriously. Crazy.
- Here she is.
- Morning. Hello.
Have you seen?
- What?
- Um, yesterday's audience ratings.
The show at the Museum of Cinema
was a massive hit.
- Isn't it too soon to trust these ratings?
- Sardi already got a copy.
He's back in the office this morning.
Oh, he did?
I didn't know.
No shit!
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- Seriously?
- Can I keep this?
- Yes, of course.
Not bad, Alice.
What's this?
No card.
Don't even think about it.
They're not from him.
Underestimating me.
That's the right word.
Underestimating me!
Have you seen the ratings? Hmm?
Do they not mean anything?
Ah! Just the person I've been looking for.
Can we tell this creative director
who had the idea
for Nights of Cabiria? Huh?
Marlin, please.
Will you please tell him?
Where are you going?
I'm leaving.
- Marlin
- I'm leaving you!
Marlin, I've told you.
We don't have the budget
to shoot an episode inside of Versailles.
But can you picture me,
dressed and made up
like a 19th-century noblewoman?
Eighteenth century, you mean.
In the Palace of Sisi!
That's Vienna.
You don't get it, guys.
You're failing to grasp that my audie
Our audience is hungry for romance.
For love, guys!
Let them eat cake, for all I care!
You don't understand me.
What if we went to Stupinigi?
To the bowling alley?
Well, it's a palace from the 18th-century.
With an astrological fresco
in the main hall.
We build on Marlin's idea.
We could do a game show too.
But with the courtship etiquette
of that time.
You mean a quadrille dance,
with music, for example.
Yeah, precisely.
And costumes and make-up. That too.
It seems very evocative.
And romantic too.
And that's what this show
absolutely needs.
Then I'll dress as a lady
from the 18th-century.
- Oh!
- Oh! I'm sorry!
- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no, no!
- Come in. Come in.
- We're sorry.
We were, uh, just
- celebrating the ratings.
- You idiot.
- Uh, well?
- Well, what?
Well, how is it
to be the queen of ratings?
Let's not exaggerate, huh?
However, I wanted to speak to you
about an idea for the show.
Uh, but we can talk later though.
We'll talk later.
- Don't worry. Don't worry!
- No. No, stay. Stay!
Bodrato and Davide, they're waiting for us
to start the weekly meeting.
I'll keep them busy for a few minutes,
- to give you a chance to talk.
- Thanks.
Love you.
See you in a bit.
Seems everything is going well.
It's all thanks to you!
I'm glad to hear it.
And so?
What did you want to discuss with me?
So, you think this idea
of Stupinigi is feasible?
Sure. Yeah.
- We'll have a lot of fun.
- Okay, great.
Just in case Bodrato asks, you know.
What is it?
Well, you haven't celebrated the success
of the episode at the Museum of Cinema
and you already have another idea?
No, it's not just my idea.
Yeah, but Sardi just follows your lead.
Everyone knows that you're
the creative one in the couple.
The couple?
You and Davide Sardi.
Let's go.
Here she is.
Amazing! Mwah!
- Wonderful.
- Congratulations.
Thanks. Thank you all!
This morning's ratings
are the perfect reward for a splendid job!
Well done.
And to celebrate,
we've organized a party
at Club 84 tonight. You're all invited!
Great, Bodrato.
Now, moving on to serious things.
Alice, about the palace idea,
I've spoken with the chairman, and
No, Sardi. No, no.
The serious things
are directions to the party.
Always thinking about work.
Ladies and gentlemen, this guy here,
even on vacation, he never stops.
Have some fun. Enjoy it!
Cheers. To you, Alice.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Of course, my invitation
extends to Barbara.
Of course.
To us.
Micaela, Raffaella?
- Yes?
- Sorry. You busy now?
- My darling.
- Hey.
Do you want to do lunch?
Yes, all right.
Did my little Libra love her flowers?
See, they weren't from him.
They're from you?
Thanks. You're so sweet. Mmm.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Listen, have you already decided
what to wear
for the big party in your honor?
I can't make it tonight. I'm busy. And
Hmm, you're busy.
I'm gonna give it a pass.
It's one thing working in the same place,
it's another drinking cocktails
For a party in your honor. Sure.
Better to give that one a pass.
- By all means.
- It's not a party in my honor. Come on.
But you heard what Bodrato said.
She's gonna be there too.
I don't feel like dealing
with her right now.
Dealing with her?
Don't you realize what Barbara is like?
Uh, smart.
And gorgeous, and confident.
Probably amazingly dressed tonight.
No. I I can't deal with it, Tio. No, no.
Nope! That's enough. Come with me.
This one should fit you.
Shame. It was kind of my style.
- Hmm.
- Okay. No way.
Go to the mirror.
Oh, here we go.
And now, picture the scene.
Hmm? Everybody is there.
And all of a sudden,
Alice appears in the middle of the room.
You, a successful woman,
running the hottest show. Huh?
Slumping against the bar
while the DJ plays a romantic song
that I'll be dancing to all by myself.
Okay. Listen. Listen.
Do you really want to ruin your big day
because of one stupid kiss?
It's not because of the kiss.
It's just that
it sucks to be the sad,
second choice of Davide Sardi.
That's his loss.
Because with this dress,
you'll be everyone else's first choice
without a doubt.
Well, I've got a little surprise for you.
Ladies, she's all yours.
- Okay.
- Where shall we start?
Just breathe and relax.
No, no. Not like that. Stand up straight.
Good job.
Knock 'em dead.
I'm not really in the mood.
Remember that this party
ain't just any old party.
This is your party.
I told you,
this party is not in my honor, Tio.
It depends on how you look at it,
all right?
I don't care what the haters say ♪
I'm a star shining every day ♪
I'll be near
No matter what they say, yeah ♪
I don't care ♪
I'm dialing up like a diamond ring ♪
Shining bright over everything ♪
I'm so neat and sparkling, yeah ♪
My goodness. Look at her. Wow!
What are you doing here?
- I called for backup.
- Not gonna miss your night.
I might've missed the dress code, though.
You look great, girl.
This your work?
I couldn't stand the idea
of her going unnoticed at her party.
I'm not sure
I like this sneaky teaming up of yours,
but I'm really glad you're here.
Hey, girl. I love you.
- Wait. Wait a minute.
- What?
- It's
- You stuck on my dress?
These thingies get caught everywhere.
- Let me see.
- Okay.
This look is perfect for getting noticed,
but also somehow keeping people away.
That's the very message
I intend to convey tonight.
And it is on that note, ladies,
that this honorable gentleman
knows when to disappear.
See you on the dance floor.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Well?
- Woo!
Interesting day you've been having, no?
And you, huh?
I had forgotten how wonderful it is
to fight with editors of magazines,
you know?
- Another drink?
- Sure.
- Another one of these.
- Got it.
- What do you want to drink?
- Everything.
Oh no.
It didn't go that terribly in the end.
Okay, but the evening
isn't quite over yet.
Ah. Will you relax? He didn't even come.
I shouldn't even care, but
That's what I'm saying.
Chin up, Alice.
At least, he was honest.
But honest, yeah.
Am I wrong
or are there four empty glasses here?
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Garçon?
- Oui?
Trois vodka and tonic.
- Merci.
- Coming right up.
Where's the the lovely lady?
- Uh, she stayed home tonight, sadly.
- Oh.
Yeah, she she didn't feel very well.
- Was she queasy?
- Yeah, queasy.
So I came alone.
- Here they are.
- There you go.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Davide Sardi!
Ah, no. That's not him.
Uh, sorry.
Okay, breathe out.
So you want to dance? Huh?
No, thanks.
Co Come on.
Beautiful, come on.
- No. No, really. You go.
- Let's go!
Come on, Paola.
Woo! Lovely Libra.
- Let's get libra-ated.
- No.
Here she is, the lady of the hour!
See how perfect the dress was?
- Well, it's a bit tight, but
- No, it suits you!
You have to trust Andrea Magni.
He has superb taste.
Wait, wait. No, wait.
Oh! Oh, wait.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. One second. Okay.
Is yours okay?
Yes, I think so.
- Alice Bassi, right?
- Yes.
Well, this is amazing.
Davide Sardi! Come here!
Get over here now!
Bodrato's there.
Let's go say hi.
Okay, I'll see you later.
Jesus Christ, this fucking dress.
I think it's great.
Not my normal style, but
It makes you stand out.
I'm Giorgio.
The DJ tonight.
Superb musical taste.
That helps, you know?
In a bad mood, huh?
What gave it away?
All right.
Message received.
No, no, no, no.
Okay, okay, sorry. I'm sorry.
Sorry, I'm being grumpy.
It's just that it's really a bad time.
Of course. I get it.
By the way, you look great even grumpy.
I can be much worse. So be cautious.
- Oh yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, well, I'll be in the booth.
In case you feel like insulting someone.
Or maybe I can help you relax a bit, okay?
You know, you'd be
a perfect contestant on Stars of Love.
Oh. Hmm.
I'll be in there if you want to come.
See ya.
Could we have some champagne, please?
Hey! What will you have?
- Uh, water.
- Water.
- Whoops!
- Oh, okay.
- Okay, just a second.
- Uh, Miss Bassi, this dress is a trap.
Were you trying
to catch me, huh?
- Here.
- Gosh.
Hi! I'm so happy that you
- Give me your jacket.
- Huh?
The jacket!
Why? No!
Tio, you created this.
So unless you help me now,
I'll destroy you.
Okay. Fine.
Here you go.
You look great, by the way.
You know, without your jacket, you look
I look how?
Well, you look look
- Say it.
- You
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
Sorry, is this the line for the bathroom?
Hello! Good evening.
Do you have the passes? Please, go in.
Oh my God!
Mimì, what are you doing?
Where are you going?
- Sorry. I didn't know you were here.
- I'm sorry.
Tonight, the dress I was wearing
kept trapping everyone.
I'll leave you to it then, okay?
No. Don't pull.
Don't pull. Mimì, don't don't pull.
Is it gonna be like this from now on?
I hope not.
We just need time.
We work too well together
to ruin it all now. Don't you think?
For sure.
I don't know.
Maybe one day, we could be friends.
Don't count on it.
I already tried with Carlo and
Tomorrow, we'll speak about Stupinigi.
I think it could work.
Come on.
There you go.
The windows are open. There's water.
I'll be back in five.
Davide, there you are.
You disappeared.
I took, uh, Mimì for a walk.
Um, Bodrato has been looking for you.
Of course. Let's go.
I knew you were gonna stop by.
To insult me.
Let's save the talking for home.
Yes, absolutely.
Gettin' so wild ♪
Barbara, come. Come here!
No, I don't want to dance!
- I don't know how to dance!
- Yeah, yeah! Like that!
Love reaction with your touch ♪
This is ♪
I write music and play as well.
You're an artist, then.
From insulting straight
to teasing, just like that?
I'll let it pass tonight.
But only because you're pretty, okay?
But tomorrow morning,
I'll be really, really offended though.
Oh yeah?
Oh yeah.
Good night.
Good night.
- Let's go.
- Yes.
Sorry if I'm interrupting.
It's no problem. What's up?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Can we go?
I think I'm gonna throw up.
Right now?
I can't wait 'til midnight.
No. Okay. Let's go.
Thanks for tonight.
I'm sorry.
For what?
For ruining the evening with my vomiting.
No worries. It's okay.
I'll never see that guy again,
Meaning Davide, right?
It'll pass.
Like your vomiting will pass too.
I had to celebrate my return to work, no?
- Good night.
- Good night.
Are you all right to go up?
I'll get through it.
I'll do it.
- Here.
- Mmm.
- Shh!
- Oh, oh.
Hey, what are you doing here?
Did you get locked out?
I spoke to Cristina.
I fessed up.
To everything.
You did?
Please tell me that's not true.
The thing with Sonia.
No. I I feel much lighter now.
Much, much lighter.
How can you feel lighter, Carlo?
What happened?
was just waiting there.
At our house.
With those giant eyes.
As if I was the best person ever and
- Keep going.
- I couldn't keep it in any longer!
- And she
- Now I'm in the streets!
But it's just temporary.
I think.
for me to hear a word you say ♪
I'm deafened by
The lies you fabricate ♪
Can I sleep at your place?
But I ain't throwin' fountain pennies
Tryin' to wish you back, no ♪
All the ones who broke my heart ♪
They want a piece of it now ♪
They want a piece of it now ♪
Ain't it funny how ♪
All the ones who cut me out ♪
How come they callin' me now? ♪
How come they callin' me now? ♪
Used to never hit reply
When I hit you up ♪
But now you try, try, try
With your phony love ♪
It's like you think that
I've become somebody different ♪
Let me address
That my address don't make no difference ♪
What's inside ain't defined
By your ZIP code ♪
Did you really think
That I wouldn't know? ♪
Take a second and I'll bless you
With some information ♪
I'd rather haters
Than some lovers who be lovers fakin' ♪
All the ones who broke my heart ♪
They want a piece of it now ♪
They want a piece of it now ♪
Ain't it funny how ♪
All the ones who cut me out ♪
How come they callin' me now? ♪
How come they callin' me now? ♪
I guess you needed something ♪
But I ain't your callgirl ♪
It's time you realized something ♪
I ain't no one's callgirl ♪
I guess you needed something ♪
But I ain't your callgirl ♪
It's time you realized something ♪
I ain't no one's callgirl ♪
All the ones who broke my heart ♪
They want a piece of it now ♪
They want a piece of it now ♪
Ain't it funny how ♪
All the ones who broke my heart ♪
They want a piece of it now ♪
They want a piece of it now ♪
Ain't it funny how ♪
All the ones who count me out ♪
How come they callin' me now? ♪
How come they callin' me now? ♪
Ain't it funny how ♪
All the ones who broke my heart ♪
They want a piece of it now ♪
They want a piece of it now ♪
All the ones who count me out ♪
How come they callin' me now? ♪
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