An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts (2021) s02e06 Episode Script


Being on your own has its perks.
I'll tell you how to work it right ♪
Oh girl, trust my generosity ♪
Woop! Woop!
What I want ♪
No one bothering you
when you're trying to relax.
No one asking you to change the music.
Yeah! ♪
Woop! Woop!
Why do the good girls
Go for the bad boys? ♪
No one telling you what to eat.
But we end up being toys ♪
And no one dumping
their emotional baggage on you.
Go for the bad boys? ♪
We only mean good
But we end up being toys ♪
'Cause when I walk out the door ♪
I know you won't give a damn ♪
♪or who I really am ♪
All you want is my magic ♪
The number
you have dialed is unavailable.
So let me say, "Have a nice day!" ♪
- Cristina.
- This is all your fault.
You've brainwashed him.
Did I?
He tied himself up
to the heater in our living room.
He won't move until I forgive him.
He did what?
He said you put him up to this.
That actions are more important
than words.
But what I meant was
I said he should've thought about that
before getting me pregnant
and having an affair
with one of his students.
Fucking actions!
Actions got me into this mess.
Who has the key for the chain he, um
He does.
But the lock got jammed,
and he can't even free himself,
that imbecile!
Don't you have
any sun-dried tomatoes?
Or salami?
I thought you were a vegetarian.
Mmm, I need meat.
Okay, Cristina, come. Sit here.
Come here. Eat this,
and start from the beginning.
I mean,
is Carlo still chained up?
Hello. Good afternoon.
Is this Alice Bassi?
Look, if this is a marketing call
No, look, my name's Valentino Felice,
I'm a TV producer based in Rome.
If it's Carlo, I'm not setting him free.
Well, I run Suit&Tie Productions.
This morning,
I read an interview on La Stampa
about you and your shows,
very interesting.
- Ah!
- I'd love to know a little more about you
- Yes.
- because we're looking for new talent.
And, I don't know, I believe your profile
is what we're after.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, okay.
Amazing. Look, I'll be in Turin on Monday.
Shall we meet up?
Of course, Mr. Felice.
Perfect. As soon
as I have my schedule for Turin,
I'll let you know when we can meet.
Miss Bassi,
it was a pleasure talking to you,
- and I look forward to meeting you.
- Excuse me.
Same for me, Mr. Felice.
Thanks for reaching out to me.
Oh, excuse me, just one last question.
What star sign are you?
Ah, always on the job.
I'm a Pisces.
Pisces have no problem admitting
that they're in love with you.
But you'll never know if it's true.
They're creative,
and act impulsively.
And there's nothing stopping them
from plunging headfirst into you.
Beware, though,
as there's also
nothing stopping a Pisces
from looking for
a more rewarding relationship
as soon as they have hit the water.
they're always on the lookout
for a more refreshing partner
to dive into.
Well, then?
Yes! Yes! Yes!
"Valentino Felice" you said?
Okay, let me look him
and his production company up.
He better be the real deal.
To be honest, I feel a bit weird.
Somehow, it feels like
I'm cheating on him.
Him who?
Have you heard from him?
Did he call you
after your dinner with Barbara?
Seriously, honey,
don't lose out on this opportunity.
Does it seem normal to you?
He saw us together.
He knows we talked.
And not even a word?
Nothing that man has done so far
seems normal to me.
Am I wrong?
How's it going with your new roommate?
I swear I would have never imagined
Cristina to be so messy.
And I can't even say anything
because she's literally about to pop.
Well, I know exactly how she feels.
The problem is that
Cristina doesn't believe
that someone like Carlo can grow up.
And do you believe he can?
I believe what I see, you know?
I took this before setting him free.
Even though Cristina
turned up the heat,
he still had love for her
in his eyes. Look.
The mysterious ways of love.
Build me a paper plane
I'll fly it all day ♪
Give me a time and place ♪
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Good morning. This place is incredible.
Right? It's even better than the photos.
It's just gorgeous.
Everything's ready in the hall. We'll get
the last few things and meet you there.
Ah, by the way,
do you know where I can find Davide?
You may find him at the production desk.
All right, thanks.
Don't need a hundred dollar bill
To make it stay ♪
Build me a paper plane
I'll fly it all day ♪
Hey! ♪
We got 24 hours and a minute ♪
What the hell
Are you gonna do with it ♪
Good morning.
Good morning.
I want the wig the way I asked.
Can't you see?
Look where we are.
This is a hunting manor, all right?
I want to rehearse with the wig on.
Otherwise, It makes no sense.
Marlin, please, there's no point
in wearing the wig now.
Plus, I still have to put the flowers
and birds on it, like you asked.
I'm sorry.
Hadn't we agreed on a Zodiac theme?
Stars and planets?
Yes, yes, sure,
but I wanted something a bit more
more majestic, like a rooster.
I mean, today we're live,
right girls?
Yes, exactly.
Stars and planets
will be perfect. Trust me.
So no cock?
No cock.
but you should know
that you are holding back my creativity!
Let's go.
Oh, excuse me,
have you guys seen Davide?
- No.
- He may be at the production desk.
Oh! I said cock.
Now stop!
- Good morning, everyone.
- Good morning, Alice.
- Hello, Alice.
- Hello.
have you seen Davide?
Uh, no.
Oh, Enrico!
Alice, hello.
How come you're around?
Why are you surprised to see me?
Didn't they tell you?
Tell me what?
They asked me to come back.
I mean, Davide asked me back,
at least until they find a replacement.
Come with me for a sec.
I'm really surprised
he didn't tell you that he was leaving.
Where to?
Apparently, he got a big job opportunity
in Hong Kong.
Holy shit!
So he asked me to replace him
for this live special.
He also told me
that it was a really
difficult decision for him to make.
What the fuck?
He was very clear on one thing, though.
You're in charge.
This is your show,
so I'll do whatever you say.
Look at this.
Wonderful, isn't it?
- Well, I'd like to show you something
- Alice, you're going crazy.
Give me a minute.
I need that coffee, please.
Is it ready, guys?
Bring those lights, please?
Come on. We haven't got much time.
This is exactly
what we're talking about
Oh shit! Shit! Shit!
That side
Miss Bassi, are you okay?
Do you need some water?
- Olmo.
- Yes, I'm coming.
- Some water.
- Some water, please.
Are you okay, Alice?
Look at all the beauty.
Are you kidding me?
Yeah, I love it. This is amazing.
Do you want to try this on?
Yes, that one.
- Which one are we on?
- We're on four.
Maybe we can talk
more about this tonight.
Enjoy some good wine?
Are you okay?
How is it going?
It's going well.
Do you need anything?
No. I just forgot to tell you
that Davide left
and he won't be there today.
He got that job in Hong Kong.
Yes, I just found out.
Yeah, I'm so sorry,
with everything that was going on,
I just
I understand.
- What channel are we on?
- Hey, Olmo.
- Four.
- Perfect.
Good morning, my dear troops.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- How about we do a rehearsal?
- Is that Carlo?
Mm-hmm. Yes.
Well, tell him he's
- Olmo, are you ready?
- Yep.
tell him he's an asshole.
I'll tell him in a minute.
But until then,
you're gonna sit back,
and enjoy the show.
See you.
Was that Cristina?
Is she at your house?
Okay, are we all ready?
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
and four,
Stars of Love
Stars of Love ♪
Stars of Love
Stars of Love ♪
Stars of Love
Stars of Love ♪
This hairdo is just sublime.
Let me quote the great astrologist
and philosopher from the Renaissance,
Marsilio Ficino.
This century
All right, Sergio, camera C. A bit closer.
Turn it up a bit.
and astrology,
as well as poetry, grammar, rhetoric,
sculpture, architecture, and music too.
Today, we're so honored
to have all of this available to us!
Today, with the help of the stars,
our amazing contestants
will manage to find love
in the most magical way ever.
- Ladies
- And gentlemen
Welcome to the special edition
of Stars of Love!
Please welcome
our first contestant! Woo!
- Here she is.
- Welcome!
Put your hands
- Excuse me, okay? I'm gonna go to the set.
- Okay.
Our wonderful Cristina.
Wonderful, truly.
The first star sign competing today
is none other than a Leo.
The feline, the predator,
the regal star sign
for the first time ever
on our show
we have a group
of beautiful guests that includes
both men and women
to celebrate the rivers of love
flowing through the entire known universe.
Move towards Lisa.
Put your hands together,
and again, welcome to you all!
Ladies, you created
a magic world especially for us
and everyone watching at home right now.
And I also want to point out,
that we have turned Marlin
into a modern Marie Antoinette.
Do you think Marlin ever heard
of Marie Antoinette?
Thank you, although Marie Antoinette
had issues managing her finances
and had extravagant taste,
she was actually responsible
for the overthrow
of the Monarchy in France
that happened in the year 1792.
Therefore, I'm not sure I should take it
as a compliment.
Well, I guess,
please bring cake to our queen, guys.
Cake! Bring some cake!
Now you can stay on Marlin
a bit more, huh?
Now admire
the amazingly mixed galaxy we have today
and tell us, what are the signs
that you like the most.
Let's start with Taurus!
A round of applause for our Taurus.
- What's your name?
- Luca.
Luca! Luca, It's a pleasure, sir,
to have you with us at the palace today.
- Our second star sign is an Aries.
- I'm an Aries.
- And her name is?
- Alice.
Well, Alice is a sacred name here
at Stars of Love,
because it's our creator's name,
Alice Bassi!
Please put your hands together
in her honor!
- Thanks!
- Good job, sweetheart.
Thank you.
Well done!
- The audience likes this stuff, right?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Seriously?
- Very interesting.
- Very nice.
- Oh, all right.
- Hmm?
- Yes.
- Goodbye.
- See ya.
What are you doing?
As in what?
This is none of your business.
You remember my birth chart
drawn by Klauzen?
Cruelty and selfishness
deeply hurt me, Tio.
Just relax, all right?
I've got no intention of hurting her.
I'm referring to Andrea.
What about Andrea?
You know what about Andrea.
Everything, Tio.
- No.
- Yes, and you know it.
All right, I don't want to talk about it.
Wait, why not?
I think we should talk about Andrea.
Better to talk about him
than pretend nothing happened,
and flirt with the first person
you bump into.
Did you like it?
He called my mother
to tell her it's still on.
What are we talking about, Cristina?
I'm confused.
He told her, "Cristina was joking.
Of course the wedding will go ahead."
"Of course"? What the fuck?
I'll never marry you, man!
Can we please talk about this
when I get home?
Your mother will understand.
No. No one will understand.
it looks like
I'm beginning to go into labor.
Wait, what?
Yes, hurry!
- Okay. I'll be right there.
- Okay.
Sorry, have you guys seen Carlo?
- No.
- No?
Maybe he's in the office?
I'll just go. I'll just go.
Oh, Sergio!
Sorry, have you seen Carlo?
Alice, there you are.
Listen, I wanted to tell you
how proud I am of you and of the show.
It's amazing. I mean it.
Oh, thanks a lot.
I'm sorry, but I've really got to go now.
Oh, have you seen Carlo?
He just left. He said he had
something really important to do.
More important than the fact
that his fiancée is about to give birth?
Okay, thanks.
Nobody move, nobody get it? ♪
First person move
First person feeling it ♪
So fill up your purse
'Cause my verse is about empty it ♪
All get crunked
Get up or get jumped ♪
'Cause when this shit drops
My pockets get ♪
- Where are you going?
- Cristina is having the baby!
At my place!
I advise my contenders, to surrender ♪
Move so the truth can enter ♪
Come and let this liquor
Fuck up your liver ♪
I advise my contenders, to ♪
False alarm.
Listen to me, Cristina.
I've really enjoyed
having you as a roommate
these last few days,
but we need to find a solution
to the situation with Carlo.
Yes, we do.
But not now.
I've got to run.
Where are you going?
I've got a meeting
with that producer, remember?
- Mm-hmm.
- The one who called me the other day.
He's in Turin and we're meeting
at the Carlina Cafe for a drink.
Cristina, please,
come to the window.
I know you're there.
Forgive me!
I love you, baby. This song is for you!
- Hmm?
- Oh my little kitten ♪
What is that?
♪let's not cancel ♪
- This wonderful wedding has to happen ♪
- It's Carlo!
Our love is immense
Like an ocean of water ♪
Please, let's walk together
Holding hands to the altar ♪
This song is for you! It's about our love!
I know I behaved
Like a rotten scoundrel ♪
That's because we men
Are weak and fallible ♪
But through the mistakes
I've had to ensue ♪
I discovered the strength
Of my love for you ♪
In order to get you
There's nothing I wouldn't abide ♪
I would walk the aisle
Dressed like the bride ♪
I'd go to Bodrato
And quit my job ♪
For you, my love
I'd do that and much more ♪
- Keep going, man!
- That's awesome!
I know that Carlo always, um,
makes kind of questionable decisions,
but the truth is that he needs you.
I'll throw myself
From the highest tower ♪
He needs both of you.
Oh fuck!
Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!
I'm gonna go get the car.
I love you, Cristina! Marry me, my love!
How sweet.
- Here I am.
- Woo.
I'm ready. Come.
Okay. One
- Two
- Two
- Three four
- Three
- What's going on?
- What do you think, Einstein?
Oh my God!
Oh my God! He's coming!
- My baby is coming!
- Yes!
I don't want him in the car.
I don't want him in the car!
- He won't get in the car.
- What do you mean I can't get in the car?
You, you can't get in the car!
Cristina, he's our baby.
- I can't not
- Go, Carlo!
He's our baby, Cristina!
It's all your fault!
Let's go to the hospital.
What can I do, Alice?
My bike. You know where it is. Go!
- Huh?
- Go, Carlo! Come on!
I get that runner's high ♪
Oh my God!
I don't want to have a baby anymore!
I think that's impossible.
It hurts! It hurts!
Cristina, don't push.
Don't push! No, no, no!
Don't push!
Wait. Sorry. Excuse me.
Move, you dumb fuck!
- It's Carlo!
- Go. Pass me, pass me!
- I'm here. I'm coming.
- Carlo!
Honey, I'm here.
I'm right here. You're doing great.
Go away!
Cristina, you're the best thing that's
ever happened to me. I love you.
Fuck you!
That's right.
Let it all out, honey!
Go away!
- I love you!
- Shit! Shit!
I love you! You got this!
One, two, three!
Cristina, I love you!
You're my hero! Women are heroes!
- What are you doing?
- Hurry, hurry!
- What's wrong?
- She's gonna give birth. Hurry up!
- I don't want to poop myself!
- Just breathe.
- Breathe, honey!
- My phone.
Okay, let go of my arm.
- Call an ambulance!
- Okay. All right. I'm calling.
Keep breathing, Cristina!
It's nothing. Nothing, nothing.
Well, my girlfriend is giving birth.
It's going well. I'm calling an ambulance.
Keep breathing. Just breathe.
Hello? Yes, look, it's urgent,
my girlfriend is having a baby in our car.
Please hurry. We're in Corso Trento.
A woman's giving birth! My girlfriend.
- Honey, they're coming.
- Go away!
Fine, fine. I'll leave.
- Go away!
- Okay.
You're okay. Keep breathing.
- Breathe. Okay, okay.
- Here they are.
Here! She's here!
- Here! Here!
- We're here!
It's fine.
- Keep breathing. Keep breathing!
- She's giving birth to my baby, my son.
Okay. What's your name? Keep breathing.
You're gonna give birth here, okay?
We don't have time.
Don't worry. Keep breathing.
There's not enough time. Calm down.
Keep breathing. You're doing a great job!
Hey, Alice, it's Valentino.
I watched the show today.
Very, very amusing.
Oh, I I
You remember our meeting, right?
I'm here waiting for you. Where are you?
Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Felice.
But I can't make it.
Hold on, don't say anymore.
You're playing hard to get.
Fine. So, here's my offer.
We want you.
So I am willing to offer
twice your salary at Dora TV,
and a two-year contract
as creative producer with us.
Well, what do you say?
You did amazing.
Oh my goodness!
He is so adorable. How sweet!
Oh my gosh, he's so cute.
- He's opened his eyes. Hi, Lorenzo.
- Hello.
Oh my God, how cute.
What should I do?
What do you mean?
You have to take it.
Of course, you have to.
Davide left Dora TV
without even saying goodbye to you.
Hey, you don't owe him anything. Hmm?
Yes, I know.
But it's in Rome.
It means I'll have
to give up my apartment.
You'll find an even better one.
Plus, I'd be far from you two.
Oh gosh.
If that's what
you're really worried about, relax.
Don't stress. We'll visit regularly.
Every two days.
Two hours?
By the way,
Lorenzo is magnificent. Look.
So gorgeous.
Your taxi is waiting.
Yes, just a moment.
I can't believe
I'm actually leaving.
Don't be scared.
Everything will be all right.
I promise you.
That's not the promise I want you to make.
I want you to promise me
that you won't be scared either.
I'm not.
I'm not scared.
When you met him,
you told me you felt as if
you were sailing in uncharted waters.
And I know that the sea is scary.
So scary that sometimes
you feel like swimming back ashore
and staying where
you can touch the bottom.
It's useless, though, Tio.
Because people like us love the sea.
The deepest
the scariest kind of sea.
The one that makes you feel more alive
than anything else in the world.
People like us can't settle for puddles.
As Seneca once said,
"Every new beginning comes
from some other beginning's end."
- Awesome.
- Great job.
- Break.
- Okay, cut!
Lunch break, thanks.
Great job, you guys. Thank you!
Good job, guys.
Happy birthday to you! ♪
Happy birthday to you! ♪
Happy birthday, dear Alice! ♪
Happy birthday to you! ♪
Why don't you say happy birthday
to your auntie Alice.
- Happy Birthday! Happy birthday!
- Thanks, guys. I miss you so much.
We miss you too,
little Libra with Leo rising.
As promised,
we're having a party in your honor.
- Thanks.
- Happy birthday, Ali.
- May I have a coffee, please?
- Sure thing, Alice.
Happy birthday! Forgive me.
I didn't know.
I just heard the conversation.
- Thanks.
- We'll celebrate, right?
- Of course. Absolutely, thank you!
- Excuse me, one sec. Just one sec.
- So, how's it going in Rome? Any gossip?
- More than anything, how's the show going?
Um, it's going well.
It's fun.
Much more pressure,
definitely many more people to deal with.
Uh, Miss Bassi
your coffee.
Hello? What's going on, Ali? Are you okay?
I'll call you back.
Okay. Hmm.
Before you say anything, let me talk.
I went to the other side of the world
hoping that this way
I would have all the time to think.
And yet, I kept staring at the sky
looking for the stars.
But I couldn't see them.
I even asked why I couldn't see them
in the sky over Hong Kong.
And they told me
that it's because of all the smog.
But I don't think that
was really the reason.
I, uh
I think the stars are very upset with me
because of how stupid I was to let you go.
But now I'm back
because I'd really like to be forgiven.
By the stars.
And you're the only person
who can help me.
Would you be willing
to please put in a good word
for this Leo
with Libra rising?
Twenty-second of August,
In the morning.
Not evening.
Because I'm told it's pretty importa
I've always dreamt of saying this.
You had me at "hello."
I knew ♪
When you told me
You don't wanna go home tonight ♪
And you tried to just shrug it off
When I asked why ♪
Somebody hurt you
Somebody hurt you ♪
But you're here by my side ♪
And I knew ♪
'Cause I can recall
When I was the one in your seat ♪
I still got the scars
And they occasionally bleed ♪
'Cause somebody hurt me
Somebody hurt me ♪
But I'm staying alive ♪
And I can tell
When you get nervous ♪
You think being yourself
Means being unworthy ♪
And it's hard to love
With a heart that's hurting ♪
But if you want to go out dancing ♪
I know a place, ooh ♪
I know a place we can go ♪
Yeah! ♪
Where everyone
Gonna lay down their weapon ♪
Lay down their weapon ♪
Just give me trust
And watch what'll happen ♪
'Cause I know, ooh ♪
I know a place we can run ♪
Yeah! ♪
Where everyone
Gonna lay down their weapon ♪
Lay down their weapon ♪
Don't you be afraid
Of love and affection ♪
Just lay down your weapon ♪
Right now ♪
It's like you're carrying
All the weight of your past ♪
I could feel the bruises
Yellow, dark blue, and black ♪
But baby a bruise is
Only your body ♪
Tryna keep you intact ♪
So right now ♪
I think we should go get drunk
On cheap wine ♪
I think we should hop on
The purple line ♪
'Cause maybe our purpose ♪
Is to never give up
when we're on the right track ♪
And I can tell
When you get nervous ♪
You think being yourself
Means being unworthy ♪
And it's hard to love
With a heart that's hurting ♪
But if you want to go out dancing ♪
I know a place, ooh ♪
I know a place we can go ♪
Yeah! ♪
Where everyone
Gonna lay down their weapon ♪
Lay down their weapon ♪
Just give me trust
And watch what'll happen ♪
'Cause I know, ooh ♪
I know a place we can run ♪
Yeah! ♪
Where everyone
Gonna lay down their weapon ♪
Lay down their weapon ♪
Don't you be afraid
Of love and affection ♪
Just lay down your weapon ♪
Just lay down your weapon ♪
They will try to make you unhappy
Don't let them ♪
They will try to tell you
You're not free, don't listen ♪
I, I know a place
Where you don't need protection ♪
Even if it's only in my imagination ♪
I know a place we can go ♪
Where everyone
Gonna lay down their weapon ♪
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