Analog Squad (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

There’s no turning back

[upbeat acoustic music playing]
[music on CD player slipping]
[woman] Why not try cassettes?
They don't skip.
CDs sound better,
and I can pick the songs.
But if they're scratched
and the player can't read them,
you'll have to throw them out.
No. No! Don't die yet. [sighs]
- Isn't that game for kids?
- [chuckles]
It's not feeling well. Aw!
- You find it fun to raise fake creatures?
- [game beeping]
It's fun because it's all fake.
No hard feelings.
I can start over when it dies.
How many have died so far?
[laughing] Five!
But this one's survived
for over four months now.
[man laughs] You planning
on raising it till you're old?
[woman] Well, I'm single.
What do you want me to do?
Other people raise cats and dogs.
[man] So? Why's it sick?
- [woman] I forgot to collect its poop.
- [man] What?
[woman laughs]
[upbeat music continues playing softly]
- [woman sighs]
- Where are we now?
We should practice, man,
so I can get used to it.
Hey, don't call me "man."
I'm your client, kid.
[kid chuckles]
We're almost at Takua Pa.
We should be there in an hour.
I told you to just act the part.
No need to ask what he thinks.
I was just practicing.
I'll play it for real when we get there.
- Bung.
- I know.
What are you named for? Uh
You're a bad Bung? Tough Bung? A Bungkee?
I don't know.
My dad named me. Why don't you ask him?
I don't know, but
I think it means "bug."
You make me itch.
Hmm. You're hilarious.
And you're Keg. What keg?
Beer keg? Keg party? Or keg stand?
I don't know.
I also got it from my dad,
but he's dead, so you can't go ask him.
Whoa! Phang Nga is really gorgeous.
I've never been here.
Hey. Take this.
- Here.
- You have a nice body.
Hey. Control yourself.
[both laugh]
I'm your mother.
These breasts fed you
when you were a baby, so behave.
- You got it, Mom.
- [chuckles]
- I wish my mom was funny as you are.
- [chuckles]
By the way, girl
Do you know why Pond hasn't been home
for the past 20 years?
Did they have a big fight?
And where'd his wife and kids go?
Why'd he have to hire us?
How should I know?
I thought you said you were his ex.
Girlfriend, yeah.
Not his wife.
Ah! So why'd you take this job, then?
Are you getting back together with him?
Get real!
[woman] Hmm.
[Keg rinsing mouth]
So, uh do we do any activities together
as father and son?
Like playing video games?
We're seeing my parents
for a couple of days.
I doubt they'll ask that.
I slept at a friend's house once,
and he drank with his dad.
I had a great time!
I don't play games, but I can drink.
So how close are you, anyway,
with your dad?
What's Grandpa like? Is he really strict?
[footsteps approaching]
[Keg] Okay.
What do you think?
- Nice.
- [woman chuckles]
Am I girlie enough, Pond?
[woman and Keg laugh]
- Sir?
- [Pond] Hmm.
- Well, you look more like her now.
- [Keg laughs]
Mag is a sweet person.
She's not really ill-mannered.
[Bung] Come on.
You said she only met her grandparents
once when she was little.
People can change, you know, Pond.
Don't you want a daughter
who's pretty, sweet, and chic,
like Julia in Notting Hill, or
a cool lady
like Faye Wong in Chungking Express?
Who are they? I don't know them.
But from what I see,
you look like a country girl.
[all laugh]
- Girl.
- Oh, come on.
All right. Let's do a quick review now.
We're a family who hasn't seen
the grandparents for 20 years.
You make a living by importing goods
from Hong Kong to sell here.
[Pond] Hmm.
[woman] Your dad opened up a photo studio,
and your mom worked as a secretary
for a foreigner who worked at a mine.
My name is Mam.
I'm a housewife.
I've never met your parents before.
- [Pond] Correct.
- Okay.
My name's Mag.
I graduated from ABAC. I work at Thai Air.
- [Keg] Hmm!
- [Mam] Yes.
Well, my name is Mon.
Mag's little brother.
My dad is Pond, and
Mm [sighs]
- Mom is Mam.
- [Mam] Mm-hmm.
I don't have great eyesight,
and I'm a sixth-year med student.
[Pond] Yes.
- And your grandpa's name is?
- Grandpa Kew!
- [Mam] Mm-hmm!
- Grandma Sodsri!
- [Bung and Pond] Sodsai!
- [Mam laughing]
So are there any other details
that we should know about?
Why is it we never visited them?
That's it. You can improvise the rest.
If we say whatever we want,
then it might not be consistent.
Hmm. True.
It's easy to make stuff up
when you're alone,
but we've gotta know who said what,
or we'll be screwed. Got it?
- Okay.
- [Keg] Hmm.
Then just don't talk much. If you can't
talk about something, change the subject.
I'm not worried about the two of us.
But this guy
Okay. From now on, no real names.
- It'll be only Mag, Mon, and Mam.
- Mag.
- [Mam] There are no retakes here, okay?
- You got it, girl.
[all] Mom!
[steady rock music playing]
[Pond] Hi, Mom.
You finally came.
Is this Mam, Mag, and Mon?
- [Pond] Yes.
- [Mam] Hello.
The doctor's
going to remove the ventilator,
but I wanted to wait for you.
Your dad told me he didn't
want to prolong the inevitable.
[somber music playing]
[Sodsai] Honey.
Pond brought your grandchildren here.
Mag, Mon,
come say goodbye to your grandpa.
Go on.
Uh, hello, Kew.
It's me, Mam.
I'm sorry that we took so long
to come visit you.
Wait, Mag!
Uh. I'll
I'll go check on the kids, shall I?
[Sodsai] Pond.
Please forgive your dad.
Bung! Wait!
Where are you going?
I can't do it after seeing their faces.
They believe we're their grandkids.
But that's our job, isn't it?
To make them believe that.
You said it yourself, Bung.
That woman believes that her grandchildren
have come for a visit.
Are we just gonna
run out on her like this?
I understand
that you're not comfortable with this.
But if that man dies now,
she'll be all alone.
How about
we help her get through
this tough time in her life?
[Keg] Hmm.
I think I get why Pond's doing this.
He probably wants his parents to feel
their grandchildren are here for them.
[Mam] Hmm.
Hmm? What are you gonna do?
If you don't wanna do it,
we'll leave right now.
I'll talk to Pond about it.
[machine beating steadily]
Don't worry, Grandpa.
We'll take care of Grandma.
[Keg] Lying to make other people happy.
I get it. I do.
I lie to myself often.
Just to make my life happier.
Because real life is no fun at all.
[Keg] 1999 was the year of a major change
after the country got a taste
of the Tom Yam Kung.
The economy collapsed,
and the baht was in free fall.
A new millennium was approaching.
Y2K is the computer glitch that threatens
to crash the world's computer networks.
may read zero-zero
as a signal to shut down altogether.
This was not about computer technologies.
This was war fighting.
[Keg] Will all computers stop working?
Will airplanes crash?
Will missiles be dropped around the world?
Will there be an apocalypse?
I don't know.
I was also going through
a major change in my life.
Pagelink 453. How may I help you?
After graduating, I was unemployed
for almost a year before getting a job
which may not have paid well,
but I got to know people's secrets,
just like a CIA agent.
I knew who had a crush on who
"I want to be a holy thread
to tie your heart to mine."
"From MOS, Class Four, to AOM, Class One."
or who meets who in secret.
"See you at 11:00 p.m. in the parking lot
on Floor B2, Pillar F4."
"Get dressed and wait for me there."
"DTF in car."
Thank you for using Pagelink. Goodbye.
[upbeat rock music playing]
[people moaning]
Holy cow! Whoa!
[man grunts]
Who's there?
[Keg] The coolest thing was I knew
all kinds of secrets people were hiding.
"Title deeds and ten baht of gold"
[typing on keyboard]
"are kept in a safe in Mom's bedroom."
"The password is one, four, eight."
Anything else?
Thank you for choosing Pagelink.
Shit! Ten baht of gold?
If we found their house,
we'd be rich, man.
I don't care about the money.
I'm not doing it!
Don't you understand?
I don't do that kind of thing.
Listen. Don't you get it, lady?
I'm not doing it.
[indistinct chatter in background]
Pagelink 453. How may I help you?
[woman] Gosh, 453. You sound
a whole lot younger than that other guy.
How old are you?
What time do you get off work?
Do you wanna have dinner with me?
[playful music]
- What number would you like to message?
- [woman] What number?
- Can I send them to your number?
- Yes, ma'am. May I have your messages?
[woman] "If I wanted you to do it with me,
how much would you charge?"
"If I wanted you to do it with me,
how much would you charge?"
[woman] How much?
"If I wanted you to do it with me,
how much would you charge? How much?"
Is that all, ma'am?
[woman] No. I'm asking you
how much you would charge me.
I just wanna sit and talk.
Maybe something fun will happen.
"If I wanted you to do it with me,
how much would you charge?"
"No, I'm asking how much you'd charge me."
"I just wanna sit and talk.
Maybe something fun will happen."
It's all done.
Thank you for choosing Pagelink.
You've gotta keep your cool, man.
If you take it out on her,
you might get your ass reported.
Jeez, I almost gave that girl
the height of shit.
You gotta keep your cool.
- Hey.
- [Keg] Hmm?
Are you busy tonight?
[Keg] No, man.
How about a
- Of course.
- [man] Okay.
Work was hell today,
so I might need three.
We'll drink to forget about today,
all right? Okay.
[phone rings]
Pagelink 453. How may I help you?
[woman 2] I'd like to send a message
to multiple numbers.
- Yes, ma'am.
- One, two, zero, four, four, five.
- One, two, zero, four, four, five.
- Eight, six, six, three, nine, zero.
- Eight, six, six, three, nine, zero.
- Two, one, two, two, five, six.
- Two, one, two, two, five, six.
- Four, eight, four, zero, four, eight.
Four, eight, four, zero, four, eight.
Here's the message.
"We're looking for
an actor and an actress."
"We're looking for
an actor and an actress."
"Between 18 and 23 years old."
- "Between 18 and 23 years old."
- "For a three-day job down south."
- "For a three-day job down south."
- "The pay is 100,000 baht."
"The pay is one 100
thousand baht?"
100,000 baht?
That's right.
But tell them the casting is today.
Uh-huh. Today. Where's that?
A food court in Sam Yan.
- [Keg] Uh-huh. What time?
- Right now.
Okay. So do they have
to prepare anything?
No need. Just tell them to come now.
Okay. Thank you for choosing Pagelink.
- Hey.
- [man] Yeah?
I can't go for drinks.
Something's come up. Next time.
[Keg] Financially, it was tough.
And this job alone paid as much as I made
in a year at work.
So of course I was gonna take it. Duh!
Hello, Grandpa.
How are you doing?
I'm really sorry that I never had the time
to come and visit you.
[forced laughter]
- She's really bad.
- I know that.
That was good.
Thanks for coming, and we'll definitely
let you know when a decision's been made.
- Okay.
- [Mam] Bye.
- Thank you. Bye.
- [Mam] Hmm.
- Hey.
- Hmm?
Look at them.
They're supposed to be our kids?
[Mam] Yeah, I know.
- [Pond] Why aren't there any guys?
- [Mam] Oh, you're right.
Wait. I asked them to send out the message
saying we needed girls and guys.
Where are the guys, then?
Are you here for the casting?
Hello there. Are you the ones
casting the job down south?
Okay, start whenever you're ready.
Oh. Okay.
p pa.
[Keg breathes deeply]
How are you holding up?
I'm s sorry.
- Let me try one more time.
- [Mam] Sure. Relax. Take a deep breath.
Hmm. Start whenever you're ready.
- [Keg] Okay.
- [Mam] Uh-huh.
[continues sobbing]
How are you holding up?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry
that I never came to visit you.
[forced laughter]
How's that?
[Mam] Um
What's your name?
- I'm Keg.
- [Mam] Keg.
- Okay.
- Yes.
[Mam] Who do you love the most?
- Uh my mom.
- [Mam] You love your mom.
- Let's try this, then.
- [Keg] Okay.
I want you to imagine this, Keg.
You are going to visit your mom
who is dying.
What the fuck?
- You shouldn't joke about stuff like that.
- [Mam laughs]
- [buzzing]
- It's okay. It's hard. [chuckles]
Look. It's not for real.
This is just acting.
[Mam] If you were going to visit her,
how would you be feeling in that moment?
[Mam] Seeing her lying there.
- Now, just take your time with it.
- Can you leave tonight?
For 100,000? I was ready yesterday.
- Okay. You're hired.
- Huh?
And for the daughter,
you know anybody who can do it?
It's gotta be someone
who can leave tonight.
Find one.
Bung, have you watched every video here?
Pretty much.
And I've rewatched some of my favorites.
Can you guess
who this is?
[playful piano music]
[sultry music playing]
Sharon Stone. Basic Instinct.
How about
[slow jazz music playing]
this one?
Kate Winslet in Titanic.
[engine revving]
Who was that?
That's Andy Lau in A Moment of Romance.
[Pond sighs] Not her.
Hey. Wait a sec.
Check her out.
Hey, girl! Where've you been hiding?
Your late fees are piling up.
[Mam] Mm. [tuts]
Let's just deal with that later.
I've got a proposition for you.
Wanna hear about it?
- Mm That mean you're going?
- Yeah, I should.
I miss you already.
Got an acting job for you.
Good role, easy money.
You get to travel
down south for free. Interested?
Acting job? I can't go.
I gotta look after my store.
[sighs] That's a real drag.
It's a 100,000 for three days. Come on.
Hey, girl! Hold on.
A little work and travel could be fun.
Who's gonna watch your store?
My mother can do it. It's pretty slow now.
[laughs] Good.
This is Pond, your client.
And this
- I'm Keg.
- He'll be your little brother.
Hello, Mr. Client.
What's up, bro?
- Have you ever acted before?
- Hold on.
Found it.
When I was in kindergarten,
I was on stage.
- [Keg] Hmm.
- Also
When I was in high school,
I was in the drama club.
And in university, I was a commando
who defused bombs.
[imitating gunfire]
I've acted my whole life,
so I can take on any role.
Why don't you act like a Red Devil fan
the day you beat Liverpool?
What would you say to Owen
if he asked you out?
No way!
That's like converting
to another religion.
So where exactly are we going?
- Phang Nga.
- I play?
A granddaughter
who's visiting her very sick grandpa.
- Name?
- Mag.
- What does he have?
- Don't know, but he's really sick.
Oh. Well, how long's he been sick?
Is it a chronic illness?
Has he ever been sick like this before?
Did you just find out,
or have you known for a while?
Do we need to know all that?
[Pond] Yes.
- What's your name again?
- Keg.
Your character!
Oh! Mon.
Mon, come here.
- What?
- [Bung] Come here.
How close are we, do you think?
What are you saying? I just met you.
Well, we grew up together,
and every day we fight over something.
You also used all my school books.
Whenever you have a problem with girls,
you always ask me for advice.
And when you snore,
I don't kick you out of the room.
So are we close now?
A little closer. [chuckles]
You need to put emotions into acting, bro.
You need the characters' backgrounds
to see how they're related.
And what you might say
when you say goodbye to them.
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh! All right.
Let's try a little improv here.
Bung, you're visiting your grandpa
who you haven't seen in 20 years
because your dad took off with you
when you were little.
What will you say to Grandpa
when you see him?
Okay. Pond, you play Grandpa.
I haven't seen Grandpa for 20 years?
Why has Dad never taken me to see Grandpa?
What kind of person is that? He sucks.
Pond, come here.
How are you feeling?
I'm sorry I never came to visit you.
Get better soon, okay? Mon said he'll take
you on a road trip once you feel better.
Right, Mon?
Yes. [laughs]
You've gotta be strong
so you'll get better soon.
When you're well, we'll be together again.
I'll take care of you.
Yeah. She's good. Let's get in the car.
Okay. Let's go. Come on.
Wait a sec. Are we leaving now?
Why is there only just the four of us?
Where are the cameramen and the crew?
[Mam] Well, uh
Pond's father is not well,
and we're all going to visit him.
You mean
we're going to go see his real dad?
This guy's not an actor?
Whoa! This isn't acting at all.
This is what you call fraud.
- Hey.
- [Mam] It's not fraud.
Pond just happens to be my ex,
and his wife ran away
with his real children.
He just He doesn't want
his parents to know that.
I feel really bad for him,
but it's still a lie.
We lie to make other people happy.
Just think of it
as us making his parents happy.
My dad's been transferred to the ICU.
If you wanna come,
we're going now. You in?
[playful music]
Look. This is a real job. Okay?
50,000, up front.
It'll take three days,
and then we go our separate ways.
[upbeat rock music playing]
You want me to go tonight? It's 200,000.
Okay. [snaps fingers] Get in the car.
[Bung] Mom, I'm going south
for three days. I'll be back soon.
- [Keg] So same deal for me?
- [Pond] No, we already had a deal.
[Keg] Oh!
If you don't feel comfortable,
tell me. I'll take care of you.
Take care of me? We're close now?
Of course. I'm Mon,
your little brother.
[Bung scoffs]
- [Keg] Pull over by the sign.
- [Pond] Which sign?
- [Keg] This yellow sign.
- [Pond] I can drop you at home.
[Keg] It's okay.
I won't be long. It's a short walk.
- Pull over here.
- [Pond] Here?
- [Keg] Yes.
- [Pond] Here you go.
- Keg.
- [Keg] Yeah?
[Pond] The deposit.
[upbeat rock music playing]
[people cheering and whooping]
[woman] Wow. I haven't done
a photo shoot for over a decade.
Thanks for thinking of me.
Pupae, you were the top model of that era.
- Everybody wanted to have you.
- Mm-hmm.
[crowd cheering]
[camera shutter clicking]
Oh, hey, guys! This round is on me!
[all cheering]
Wahay! [laughs]
Whoo! [laughs]
[Pupae] Cheers!
She is amazing. [chuckles]
- So charming.
- Mm.
You know, this is one of the best places
to visit on Khao San Road. [chuckles]
The nude star hostel.
Good atmosphere and cheap.
[man laughs]
- Have a good time, dude.
- [laughs]
- [man 2] Woo-hoo!
- [photographer] Okay!
[people whistling and whooping]
[photographer] This'll be a great shot.
All right. One, two, three!
[sultry music playing]
[woman] Wow!
Such a classic photo.
[Pupae] Oh, that?
Someone wanted to buy it,
but I wouldn't sell it.
That's the photo
that lets people know who Pupae Parach is.
[woman] What did you do
before you ran this place?
[Pupae] I was just selling stuff
before I came here, you know.
I sold clothes.
Then I opened this hostel, mm,
three years ago.
The baht went down
after that financial crisis,
so there've been
a lot of foreign tourists.
[men laughing]
It's enough to make a living.
Now, back when you were posing nude a lot,
how did people treat you?
How did they look at you?
They couldn't differentiate
between a nude model and a hooker.
Men would leer at me.
They acted as if I was a walking sex toy.
Someone once asked me
how much it cost to have me.
When people treated me like that,
it would make me feel cheap.
And I'd wonder why
I was putting myself through it.
[sighs softly]
But then I had a child,
and my views on life totally changed.
My child looks at me
as a woman and a mother.
[cheering and laughing continues
in background]
[unsettling music playing]
- [woman] All right.
- [man] Okay.
- [woman] One more shot.
- [man] Okay. One, two, three.
[woman] Nice!
[Pupae] Keg?
Come here!
Where are you going?
Come here. I wanna introduce you.
This is my son.
- Hi.
- [man] Hi there.
- Let's get a picture.
- Okay.
- [man] Let's take a couple.
- [woman] Sure. Take them.
[man] Okay. One, two, three.
Oh, wait. Uh, okay. Let's do another one.
- Okay, okay.
- [man] Yeah, come on. One, two, three.
- Ah. Okay!
- [Pupae giggling]
- [woman] Just one more?
- One more shot?
- [man] Look straight at the camera.
- Okay.
[man] Right? Just this way.
Okay. All right.
One, two, three.
- Oh, not again!
- [woman] Okay.
- [man] Okay. All right. Look at me.
- One more shot?
- [man] Yeah. One more.
- [woman] One more shot.
I'll put on a hat so I'll look handsome.
- You're already handsome.
- [man] You look handsome.
Look straight ahead, all right?
One, two, three.
- My son is gorgeous, isn't he?
- [man] Yes.
- Uh, Ma?
- [Pupae] Yes?
I'm going to a friend's place
for three days.
- [Pupae] Three whole days?
- Mm-hmm.
[Pupae] Be careful.
- I need to go. They're waiting. Bye-bye.
- [Pupae] Okay. See you soon. Mm!
- [Keg] Goodbye! Nice to meet you.
- [man] Goodbye.
- Don't get too drunk.
- Okay. I'll try.
[woman] All right. Where were we?
Mind if I ask him for a couple more shots?
Oh, sure! Get a lot of shots.
- Okay.
- Okay. Thank you so much.
Thanks! See you in a bit.
[music playing over speakers]
Sir! Sir! Uh, excuse me. Sir?
I didn't get a shot of your face.
Let me try again.
I can't let you do that.
[Keg] Like I said,
I understand what it's like
to lie to make other people happy.
[machine beeping steadily]
Are you okay, Mon?
[Keg sobbing]
Wake up and talk to me.
We've got a lot to talk about, Dad.
[mellow music playing]
[doctor] Now that I've removed
the oxygen tube,
we'll let the patient go
when he's ready in his own time.
As for how long that will take,
that'll depend on how strong he is.
I'm so sorry.
[Bung] I'm so sorry, Pond.
[machine beeping steadily]
[Keg] I'm
I'm sorry, Grandma
for never coming to visit you and Grandpa.
You can come and visit me
anytime from now on.
[Sodsai] Pond, would you please go and get
a change of clothes for your dad?
There's a gray and brown plaid shirt,
and the collar's all worn out,
but it's his favorite shirt.
Oh, also get the black pants
in the left-hand drawer.
[Sodsai] We moved down to the second floor
to the room beside the darkroom.
[Bung] When was this photo taken?
[Pond] It was in April.
Twenty-four years
and seven months ago.
If you're thirsty,
check the fridge in the kitchen.
I need to go get something.
We look alike.
[playful music]
[pensive music playing]
- Do you want some?
- [clicks tongue]
- [scoffs]
- Don't drink?
Yeah, I do drink,
but I've been drinking too much lately,
so I'm taking a break from it.
[breathes deeply]
If it weren't for this,
things would have been a lot worse.
Pond told me that you were
quite something when you were young.
You drank every day at the mine.
Well, my subordinates were all men.
I had to drink with them to control them.
I would always sleep on the sofa
when I got home.
[both laugh]
And he didn't say anything?
No, not a word. And he chose
to stay with an alcoholic wife.
I threw up all over the sofa one night.
The fabric was ruined.
We had to throw it out.
He didn't say anything.
But then when we got a new sofa.
He'd put a plastic sheet on it
every night.
[Mam laughs softly]
I'll have a sip, then.
I'll be your drinking buddy.
He didn't mind it when we dated,
so why would he
after we got married, you know?
Is Pond the same way?
I don't seem to bother him that much.
We finally got to meet Mam.
[gentle acoustic music playing]
Mag and Mon have really changed a lot.
They don't look the same at all.
Does Pond ever plan to move back home?
Pond can be so stubborn, you know.
I never thought
that he'd take this many years
to finally forgive his dad.
[Sodsai sighs]
Who would've thought
that the Apollo spacecraft would keep
our family apart for almost 30 years?
[intriguing music playing]
No single space project in this period
will be more impressive to mankind
or more important
for the long-range exploration of space.
[man over radio] Fifteen seconds.
Guidance is internal.
Ten, nine.
Ignition sequence starts.
Six, five, four, three.
All engines running.
Liftoff. We have a liftoff.
Thirty-two minutes past the hour.
Liftoff on Apollo 11.
[people cheering]
Nine, seven, five, three, one, zero.
I'm on a three-day business trip
with my family, Ruk.
Can you fill out
the leave request for me? Thanks, Keg.
Yes, you got the spelling right.
Okay. Goodbye.
Seven, zero, zero, zero, zero, seven.
When I look up into the sky
All I see is your pretty face
You brighten up my sky
I'll be back in three days.
I'll text you when I get back. Love ya.
"You brighten my sky."
- Mind your business.
- What?
You just told
the call center guy that. Don't be shy.
Well, that's a call center guy.
I'm a call center guy.
I'm a call center agent at Pagelink.
[clears throat]
Hello. This is Pagelink.
How may I help you?
- That's cool.
- Mm-hmm.
So you see messages
people send to each other?
- I bet you know a lot of secrets, huh?
- [chuckles]
Oh yeah. And I got access to all of them.
Mm! Hey
Can you check
if Yuyee's getting other texts? Can you?
Mind your business.
What's your degree in?
Why'd you end up working at a call center?
I got a business degree,
but it was hard to find jobs,
so I took whatever I could.
I'm trying to save up some money
so I can go to the United Sta
[man] Seriously?
- [man 2] No!
- [man 1] Get in the zone! Come on!
- We got a red card for way less than that.
- Yeah. No, no. That is a red card!
What the fuck?
[TV announcer] without a red card.
[Keg laughs]
[TV announcer] Robbie Fowler
will take the free kick.
So what did you wanna do
when you saved enough money?
[TV announcer] a wonderful ball in!
Across the
Well, I wanna work
in a restaurant in the States.
[Bung] You wanna go there
to chop vegetables and clean toilets?
I don't get why people wanna go.
We don't get
to do what we want here, do we?
Money's more important.
Exchange is 40 baht per dollar now.
But the cost of living
is higher, isn't it?
[Keg] Mm-hmm.
How do you know
your life will be better there?
- No!
- I don't know what it'll be like.
[announcer] Owen is in the box.
He's coming in
- But I know what it's like here.
- [TV announcer continues]
Oh, the defense slides in! No! He kicks it
over. Unbelievable play, and
- [cheering on TV]
- Owen! [laughing]
[laughing] Yeah! Yeah! [whoops]
- Yeah!
- [cheering]
are you also a red?
- Mm-hmm.
- [laughs]
[continues laughing]
[Mam] I once thought
that when my time came,
I'd probably die alone.
No one would be holding my hand like that.
You're so lucky
to have such a nice family, Pond.
I'm not any different from you.
But I don't really have anyone.
You chose to be alone.
[Mam sighs softly]
When I decided to hire you guys,
I still felt alone.
[Sodsai] Nurse! Nurse!
Where are the nurses?
I need a doctor here!
Can someone get the doctor?
What is it, Mom?
[Sodsai] Your father's awake!
[nurse] Open your eyes for me.
[dramatic music playing]
[nurse] Look straight ahead.
[Keg] The doctor's here!
[doctor] Miracles do happen.
This case is one in a million.
His lungs are still infected,
so I'll have to do
a thorough examination once again.
[Sodsai] Honey.
Pond brought his wife and children
to visit you.
Oh, Pond. So happy you came back to us.
[laughs softly]
If I weren't dying, I wouldn't
have gotten to see you, would I?
He's gonna be fine. Right, Doctor?
[doctor] He's much better now,
but he still needs close attention.
He's better now,
so I'm going back to Bangkok.
[pulsing rock music playing]
[upbeat rock music playing]
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