Analog Squad (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Let's make a trip

- [man] That's it, boys. Pass it around.
- Hey! Over here!
[grunts] Guys, come on! I'm open!
Right here, right here!
- [boy 1] You guys ready?
- [Keg] You guys ready? Yeah, yeah!
What are you looking at, buddy?
Come on! Show us, man. Come on!
- [boy 1] Come on!
- [Keg] Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo!
[boy 2] Look!
- Is it your dad's?
- Yeah. Course it's my dad's.
- Awesome.
- Your dad is the best.
Would you look at that?
Oh, this is amazing!
- Awesome.
- Ooh!
- So cool, man!
- So cool!
- Amazing.
- Aww! Let's check out the next page.
- Oh!
- Bam!
- [laughing]
- Awesome! Ooh!
- She's the real deal.
- Yeah! Oh, yeah!
- Oh, wait, wait.
- There's more?
Check out the next page. Yeah.
- Look at that!
- Holy fuck.
Oh, she's outta this world!
- Ooh-ooh
- She's got it all!
Mmph! Oh!
- Hey!
- Damn.
- What?
- What?
- She's fuckin' hot. Can I see up close?
- I know. I told you.
- She's the hottest one.
- Oooh!
- Just be careful with it.
- You like her, don't you?
- Oh, she's smokin' hot, man.
- Teacher's coming! [grunts]
- Hey! Oh, you fucker!
- Hey, Keg. Come back here! Hey!
- Keg, come back here.
- Come on, man, don't be a dick!
- Get off!
- No, no. You can't take it.
- Hey! No!
- Give it to me!
- Gimme that!
- Get off!
Hey! Hey, Keg!
- Hey!
- Keg, come on man!
- Come out.
- Open the door, dude!
Give it back!
I know what you're gonna to do in there.
- Yes! Ah! Do it, Keg.
- [laughing]
- Yes! That's it! Slow and steady, Keg!
- Come on! Let us see it too!
Don't hog it all to yourself!
- Finish up and give it back!
- Give it back!
[Keg] The world may have entered a new
millennium and decades may have passed.
How much more time you gonna need, man?
But my mother's nude photos will forever
be in the hearts and bedrooms
of every male in the country.
[boy] You can't tell what a woman
looks like? Come on, Keg!
[moody music plays]
[woman 1] Pupae has a really hot body
for someone who has a kid.
Isn't she worried that her career'll
mess her child's life up, though?
I mean, seriously!
- [beeping]
- [woman 2] What do you mean?
[woman 1] Look at her! She's a nude model.
Won't her son get embarrassed
when he grows up?
[woman 2] I see what you mean.
- It is embarrassing.
- You see?
[Keg] I'm not embarrassed.
[woman 1] If you say so, honey. [chuckles]
Are you sure it doesn't embarrass you?
If you're not okay with it,
you'll tell me, right?
Yes, Mom.
[woman] I'd like to welcome all you tenth
graders and your parents to the school.
- Does anyone have any questions?
- I do.
If my son doesn't like
the science program,
can he transfer to the art program?
[woman] Yes, but he'll need
to fill out some paperwork.
Oh, okay. Thanks. Thanks.
Thanks a lot.
Want me to come on Mother's Day?
- I'm available.
- [Keg] Sure.
[thinks] My mother loves her job.
And I love her.
So, how can I be embarrassed?
- [crickets chirping]
- [birdsong]
[Mam] Pond!
[PA chimes]
Pond. Pond!
Hey! Pond!
[sighs heavily] What's wrong with you?
I thought you said
you needed to talk to your father.
He's awake. Why don't you do it now?
He's awake, which means
everything's fine. Don't get involved.
I hired you to play my wife.
- I don't need you to start nagging me now.
- Hey. What the hell?
You begged me for help back then.
Now you're telling me not to get involved?
It's too late for that now.
I feel sorry for your mother, you know.
I might be your fake wife,
but I'm honestly really worried about you.
[Mam] I wanted to be his real wife.
But he dumped me, the shithead.
What a great fucking way
to bring in the new millennium.
[woman] The results are in.
You have stage one cancer.
I strongly suggest
you have the tumor removed.
You should talk it over
with your family first.
But don't take too long, though.
Once the cancer spreads
to the lymph nodes,
it will be more difficult to treat.
[upbeat pop music playing]
- [man 1] Cut! Cut!
- [music stops]
Lilly, you said they could sing and dance.
This isn't working.
I need them to be more energetic
and happier.
They need to look like they're having fun.
- Understand?
- Mmm.
- Can you go talk to them, please?
- Okay, yeah.
Listen up, girls.
The director wants you
to be more energetic.
He wants you to look happy when you dance.
Like, how?
Um Uh, move!
[pop music plays]
You've really gotta move to it.
Be happy that you're dancing!
Yes! Just like this. That's it!
- Wait here.
- [Lilly] Move those hips. See? Happy!
- Move!
- [man 2] Lilly.
- Whoo! Aah!
- [man 2] Lilly.
- Whoo! [laughs]
- [man 2 shouts] Lilly!
- [music stops]
- You have a friend here.
[warm acoustic guitar music plays]
- [Lilly] How'd you know where to find me?
- Jean told me.
[Lilly] Hmm.
What do you want?
It can't be anything good.
My father's really sick.
I need you to pretend to be Mam
and visit him with me.
[Lilly] Huh
Are you fucking serious?
You're asking me to pretend to be
your wife who you dumped me for?
[chuckles] You're un-fucking-real.
You know that?
I asked you to introduce me
to your family while we were dating.
But you kept finding excuses.
Now you're asking me
to visit your parents with you? Huh?
You're insane.
Do you honestly think you can
treat me like you did before?
You're my only hope, Lil.
[Lilly] Maybe I'm too sympathetic,
but I felt sorry for him.
Or maybe I wanted to make use
of what time I had left.
- Fine.
- Hey. Thanks a lot, Lil.
Look. You don't need to thank me.
But a bride needs a dowry.
It's customary, you know.
A hundred thousand, in cash.
I don't want gold.
Hmm? Since I'm getting married,
I'll need a boob job.
[Lilly] So this is how
I got to this point.
[PA chimes]
[Keg] It's startin' to feel
like a real family.
But my parents never fight.
What? Were you raised by penguins?
I'm sorry, but my parents
really love each other.
- Hah!
- Hah!
[warm, upbeat music plays]
- Don't forget to get gas.
- Okay. I won't forget.
Bung! Come here, honey.
[Bung] My dad always asked me
what I wanted for New Year.
- So heavy!
- Tell Daddy to drive safely.
- The only thing I asked for every year
- Blow them out!
was for my dad to stay home
and stop driving long distances.
- I'll take it.
- Give me a kiss
Ever since I can remember, my dad was
always out of town making sales.
I only got to see him a few days a month.
- Dad!
- Hey, Bung!
[both laughing]
- But every time we were together
- Look at you!
- it was the best time ever.
- Hey. I bought you something.
- [gasps] Thank you!
- It's a new video rewinder.
- Oh!
- Top of the line.
Come, quickly.
- Wow, Dad! Thank you!
- Dad never makes us feel unloved.
- Smile, you two!
- He made us believe that the love we had
never depended
on how much time we spent together.
Okay. Bye-bye. Bye-bye!
Why are you wearing pants to the wedding?
I put a nice dress in your room.
Honey, let her wear what she wants.
Even though
we don't spend much time together,
we understand each other
just by exchanging looks.
I'm definitely my father's daughter.
[engine spluttering]
- Again?
- Seriously, Dad!
- Honey!
- Come on!
Dad, come on! When are
you gonna buy a new car?
- I won't ask Dad for anything this year.
- Faster!
- Come on! Get your back into it!
- Instead, I'll buy him a new car
with the money I make from this crazy job.
[music fades]
[Kew] Is Pond really leaving?
He was hurt by what you said to him.
I meant it.
You're lucky. You've
been given a second chance.
Make the best of it.
I'm so sorry, honey.
I gave up on you.
You were right to. It's fine.
[warm acoustic guitar music plays]
[music fades]
[sighs] I don't know what it is that
happened between you and your father
[sighs]but I know
it made you really sad.
[sighs] Why don't you
just go and talk to him?
Then you can decide
whether you wanna stay or not.
If you don't wanna do it for your father,
then do it for your mother.
[distant siren blaring]
[poignant music plays]
[ringing tone]
- [click]
- Noi! Hey. It's me.
Pond, you piece of shit, are you tryin'
to run? I've been looking for you.
Noi, if I was gonna run,
I wouldn't be calling you.
Where the fuck are you?
My father's real sick. I came to see him.
I'll be back when I'm done.
Look. I gotta go. I'm outta coins.
[Sodsai] This is Pond's favorite thing
to eat. Did he tell you about it?
- [Lilly] Mmm.
- What do you guys usually eat?
I buy premade food.
It's easy 'cause I live alone.
Uh uh
What I mean is
- Pond is usually out of town working, and
- Mm-hm.
- Mag is flying all over the place.
- Mmm!
- Mon, of course, stays at the dormitory.
- Mm-hmm.
So I don't really cook very often.
[laughs] Right, Mag?
Yeah! Right. I'm always working.
- I'm hardly ever home.
- Where do you usually fly to?
[comical music plays]
I fly everywhere. Sometimes Europe?
Singapore or Hong Kong?
- [Lilly] Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
Uh, by the way,
Grandpa wants a new camera.
- Mmm!
- You should buy one for him from abroad.
I bet it's a lot cheaper over there,
isn't it?
[comical music plays]
Uh [chuckles awkwardly]
It probably wouldn't come
with a warranty, Grandma.
And the voltage is different.
I say buy it here.
[both] Mm-hmm!
Grandma, there are loads of camera stores
in downtown Bangkok.
- Yeah.
- Right, girl?
Mom wouldn't know that.
[both laugh awkwardly]
- You should ask me.
- Yeah.
[laughs nervously] Yes.
[both laughing]
What would this "girl" know?
[all laughing]
[Sodsai] Right!
[Keg] Aah
[both] Aah
- [man] Kew!
- [Lilly] Hmm
[man] Hello, Kew?
Are you back from the hospital?
[dog barking outside]
[Sodsai] I'm in here, Boonmee.
[Bung] "Girl?"
- I know.
- [Boonmee] How is he?
- What about her?
- Is he back from the hospital? [coughs]
[Sodsai] Not yet, Mee.
But he's a lot better now.
Oh, that's good. Here, I brought him
some fish maw. It's good for him.
I'm going to pay you for it this time.
Nah. Kew's done so much for me
over the years. It's my pleasure.
Uh, by the way, which building is he in?
What's the room number?
I'm planning to go to the hospital
myself soon. I could go and visit him.
- Why are you going to the hospital?
- [coughs]
I've had a sore throat for a few days now.
You don't need to go. My grandson is
a doctor. He could examine you.
[comical music plays]
[Boonmee chuckles] Oh. That'd be great.
[Sodsai] Dr. Mon? Can you come?
- Just come with me.
- Uh
Dr. Mon.
Can you please examine him?
He has a sore throat.
[Lilly] Uh [chuckles]
- [Keg] Mmm
- Ma?
Mon hasn't graduated yet.
He's still a med student.
I think it would be better
if he went to the hospital.
Hmm? I'm sure Dr. Mon can
treat a simple sore throat.
Why bother going to the hospital?
Medical bills are so expensive, hmm?
Come on, Dr. Mon.
Please. Do this for me.
- You can do it. I know you can.
- Grandma
- I'm still a student. [laughs awkwardly]
- [Sodsai chuckles]
Uh your throat hurts.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
[Keg] Let me examine you, then. Uh
Please open your mouth wide.
Tongue out.
Ehh ehh
Ow! Ow! Mon, I got hot chili in my eye!
Can you help me?
Hurry! It hurts real bad!
[playful music plays]
[Lilly chuckles]
- What?
- [under breath] Break your glasses.
- [whispers] Break your glasses.
- Huh?
He'll be back.
You gotta be careful with these, you know.
[Keg] Hmm
[Bung] Mmph.
Hi, Pond. What did you buy?
[Pond] Seafood.
[comical music plays]
[both] Mmm.
- Oops.
- Oh
Is your eye okay now, Mag?
Ah uh
Yeah it's better now, Grandma.
[Sodsai] You are still as clumsy as ever.
You tripped and fell at the beach
last time you were here.
I remember you getting
all those stitches on your knee.
I even teased you about it.
I said you'd never be in a beauty pageant.
Do you still have a scar there?
[tense music playing]
She's fine, Mom.
Let's eat. Come on.
I guess I'll just go the hospital, then.
[comical music plays]
[Pond] I'll set the table.
[Keg] Mmm.
[Sodsai] He just put the dishes
on the table.
- He only eats extremely hot food.
- I see.
- Here.
- Thanks.
[dog barking outside]
- Give me some rice.
- [microwave beeps]
Can I have some more?
[microwave beeps]
Peel the shrimps. I can't see.
[microwave door slams]
[Sodsai] How bad is your eyesight?
What if you forget
to bring your glasses to the OR?
[chair leg squeaks]
Oh, Mon usually carries a spare pair.
Mag doesn't usually break my glasses.
[Sodsai] Hmm!
- Hmm.
- [Lilly] Hmm.
[Sodsai] Hmph!
When you come down south,
you have to try southern pork stew.
And you've gotta try this fish tom yum.
I put a lot of effort into it.
Go on. Try some.
I won't eat it, then.
Why won't you try it?
Because what happens if I love it?
I can't find it in Bangkok.
I'll have to come here to eat it.
[all chuckle]
You could always stay here.
Then I could cook for you every day.
[Sodsai] I hope you're not planning
on rushing home.
I'm sure Grandpa has a lot
to talk to you about.
We can't stay, Mom.
We all have jobs to go back to.
We're leaving tomorrow morning.
That's a real shame.
I thought we'd have more time.
[Bung sighs]
I don't have anything. I might
be able to stay a couple of days.
[tense music plays]
Why did you say that?
Didn't you see your mother's face?
Your father just woke up.
He'll wanna speak to his grandkids.
Are we staying?
Do I have to miss more work?
No. You don't.
[sighs] I wanna go home now.
I feel uncomfortable here.
Grandma seems to really believe
that we're her grandkids.
Hang in there. It'll be over soon.
It might be over for us, Pond.
But in your mother's eyes,
I will always be her daughter-in-law,
and these two kids will
always be her grandchildren.
[sighs] Listen!
We can't just quit
when we're halfway through this thing.
Don't you ever call me "girl" again.
Okay? And go buy new glasses tomorrow.
- [Pond] What?
- Prop money.
As for you, keep wearing long pants
and skirts that cover your knees.
Just in case Grandma
brings up that scar again.
And keep an eye on Keg.
Yes, Mom.
From here on in, whether
Grandma and Grandpa are there or not,
you've gotta remind yourself that
you're Mon, a sixth-year med student.
Not Keg, the call center guy.
You got that?
- [Keg] Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's called "method acting".
- What's that?
Like you know, Jodie Foster
did for Silence of the Lambs.
She trained to be an FBI agent.
And Daniel Day-Lewis in My Left Foot.
He stayed in a wheelchair
throughout the whole time he was filming.
We've gotta do the same.
From now on
we are a real family.
[laughs] It's like we're in a movie.
You get it? Hmm?
Yes, Mom.
- Method.
- Method!
Hey! I'm peeing.
- You didn't lock the door.
- [tuts]
This is what they mean by method acting.
You've gotta believe
that I'm your sibling, like it or not.
But siblings don't do this.
Even if we were,
you'd be my sister, not my brother.
Siblings are siblings.
It's not about gender.
[comical music plays]
[Bung] Hey.
What are you lookin' at? Eyes up here.
I'm Mag. You're Mon.
We're siblings. You got that?
[music stops]
Hey, I thought we were siblings
who grew up together, Mag.
[Bung] Pervert.
Hey, Bung.
I'm Mag.
Mag. Does your father sell computers?
Wait. Mag's father doesn't sell computers.
I'm talking to Bung now.
[Bung] Okay, fine. What is it?
Think I can get a friend's discount?
Yeah. Of course you can, Mon.
I'll call Bung's father tomorrow for you.
I'll get you a super good price.
Why are you being so nice?
[upbeat music plays briefly]
I thank the holy spirits
for bringing him back to me.
- Mom.
- Pond.
I remembered that you liked this.
I got it from that shop in Yaowarat.
[Sodsai chuckles]
I'm just so glad
that you're back home.
[warm, uplifting music plays]
Don't die on me.
How's this, Grandpa?
- Here.
- Okay.
- [Bung] You look good.
- Oh!
[Kew] I like lying down more.
The camera man was very charming,
and handsome too.
- [Lilly] Really?
- Mm-hmm.
It was nice to see his cameras.
And, would you believe it,
he treated me so well.
I thought, "You really know how to charm!"
[women laughing]
Oh, good for you.
[music fades]
[man] His blood tests look good.
- There's no more infection.
- [machines bleeping steadily]
He can probably go back home
in a couple of days.
Ah, he does need a lot of rest, though.
Make sure he doesn't overdo anything,
all right?
He's a lucky man.
Thank you, doctor.
- [Bung] Grandpa.
- [Lilly] Dad.
- [Keg] Grandpa.
- [Sodsai] What are you doing?
[Bung] Don't!
Let's go to an island.
An island?
How can we go to an island?
Shouldn't we wait till
you're back on your feet?
Nothing is scarier than everything
that happened to me this past week.
If we don't go now, I don't know
when we'll see each other again.
If he really wants to go, let's go.
[light, happy music plays]
[Sodsai] You know, the family's never
been to an island together before.
Your grandpa always said
he wasn't up to it.
Pond begged Grandpa to take
him to an island so many times.
But Grandpa never took him.
When Grandpa was a boy,
his boat capsized and he was traumatized.
- Oh
- So is Grandpa afraid of boats or water?
Oh. It's the water.
He doesn't mind sitting on a boat
if it's docked and he's eating.
[all laughing]
[Pond] Breathe slowly, Dad.
Breathe real slow. We'll do it together.
- Inhale.
- [under breath] Yeah.
One more time. Inhale.
Exhale slowly.
Feel any better?
[engine starts]
[music fades]
[Keg] Whoo-hoo!
I love traveling for work!
[upbeat music plays]
Everyone, gather around! Let's
get a nice family photo together.
Come on. Let's take one right here.
Okay, everyone.
Take one step backwards now.
[Lilly] Oh. I'm sorry.
[Kew] Okay. Uh
Mam, could you stand on the other side?
That's perfect.
Mag and Mon, get a bit closer.
Okay. Everyone stand straight. All right.
Mmph. Honey, why do we have
to stand so straight? Hmm?
We aren't taking ID photos.
We're on holiday!
All right. Uh, is everyone ready?
Here we go.
One, two, three!
[shutter clicks]
One more. I want one more.
- Get closer to me.
- [Kew] Get ready.
One, two, three.
[shutter clicks]
Oh. Excuse me.
Can you take a photo for us?
[man] Okay. Everybody ready?
One, two, three.
- [shutter clicks]
- Got it.
Oh, just one more.
Let's get one with Pond and his parents.
Come on, guys!
Quick, quick, quick! Come on!
Okay. I'll take it. Give me the camera.
Come here, kids!
- [sighs] Can you stand closer together?
- Yeah. Scootch together, guys!
[Lilly] Put your arm through Dad's, Mom.
- Get closer.
- Get a bit closer.
[Lilly] One, two, three.
[shutter clicks]
- Uh Mmph
- Dad!
Come on, smile! Nice big smile.
And one more! One, two, three, cheese!
[shutter clicks]
[Bung] So you believe it's okay to lie
if it makes other people happy?
Why are you knocking? It's our room.
My sixth sense.
Your what?
Wait. You see ghosts?
[suspenseful music playing]
[Keg] No
[music stops]
It's a gecko.
[comical music plays]
- Geckos?
- Yes.
- You're afraid of them?
- Aren't you?
Bung! Uh
[music fades]
Now I'm sure you were raised by penguins.
Played with weird creatures
when you were young.
What a wuss. [laughs]
I just hate geckos.
Lizards too.
Man up! I can't rely on you for anything.
[mimics] "I can't rely on you
for anything."
You're supposed to take care of me, sis.
Go. Check the bathroom.
Ugh. Uh
- I'm a girl, dude.
- [scoffs]
Fear has no gender.
Check under the sink.
And behind the toilet, too.
They love it there.
[Bung grumbles]
- [honking]
- [yelps]
Ah! Shit! Did you hear that?
- I told you there's one in here.
- [honking]
- [Keg] Ah! Fuck this!
- [Bung] Mon!
[Keg yelping]
What is he doing? [laughs]
[Keg whimpering]
- [laughs]
- [Keg yelps]
Isn't this a bit much?
Did you tell the ranger why
you wanted to borrow the tent?
Leave me alone.
I'm not taking any chances.
That gecko might have friends.
- [Bung] Oh no! Here they come!
- Hey!
[Bung] The geckos are here!
- They're coming to get you!
- Hey! Hey!
[music fades]
[Lilly yawns]
Take a photo of your wife.
- Give me your bag.
- [chuckles]
- Ooh!
- Hmm?
You didn't use to dress like that.
I used to have an overprotective
boyfriend, but I don't anymore.
Come on. One, two.
- [shutter clicks]
- Mmm!
One more. One, two.
It's just like your father said.
If you've always wanted to do something,
do it today.
Don't wait till it's too late.
Mmm So, tell me.
Still talk to Mam?
She got remarried a long time ago. So, no.
What about you? Why are you still single?
Listen, at my age, if you can't
find a good man, it's better to be single.
I don't need an extra burden in my life.
I prefer being alone.
- Hmm.
- Hmm. Yeah, well
At least no one was there to stop me
from taking this weird job.
Can I ask you something?
What is this whole Apollo thing?
Well, my mom wants to invite
Neil Armstrong over for dinner.
You're full of crap.
Hmm. Pond?
I think your father really wants
to talk to you.
Why don't you just go and see him?
What's wrong with you?
Your parents look so happy. Why don't you?
I'm worried they might
grow attached to all of you.
Can you try not to get
too attached to them?
You guys are leaving soon.
Look. It's not our fault.
You're the one who hired us
to do this crazy thing.
I didn't know it was
going to drag on this long.
I thought you were just gonna meet
them and leave and that would be it.
Why not let them love us
and grow attached to us?
You can't manipulate
people's feelings, you know?
Are you doing all this for your parents,
or are you doing it for yourself?
[Sodsai] Mam!
Just remember that the six of us are
one big happy family now.
[gentle, uplifting music plays]
[both laughing]
[Lilly] Yeah. That'll be fun. Sure.
Go get your father's breathing thingy!
- [Lilly] Whoo-hoo!
- [Keg] Yeah!
- [Bung] Okay, here!
- [Lilly] Whoa!
- Yeah!
- [Lilly] Nice one!
- Yeah!
- [Keg] Yeah!
- [Lilly] Whoo!
- [Sodsai] Whoa!
[Lilly] Hurry, back where you were!
- [Keg] Mag, hurry!
- [Lilly] Here I go!
- [Bung] Back to me!
- [Keg] Do it, Grandma!
[Sodsai] I've got it!
- Okay, now
- [Keg] Get it!
- [Sodsai] Catch it!
- [Keg] Get it! Get it!
- [Sodsai] Go ahead, Mon.
- [Lilly] Stand further back.
- [Keg] Over here!
- [Lilly] Ow! There's sand in my eye!
[Keg] Whoo!
- Keep going, Dad.
- [grunts]
- [Lilly] Over here!
- [Keg] Whoo!
- [coughing]
- [Keg] Mag, hurry.
- Take a deep breath, okay?
- [Lilly] That's it.
The doctor wants all three balls to go up.
[Keg] Hey, hey, hey!
I'll try again.
- [Bung] Yes!
- [Keg] Treat it like a real game.
[Sodsai] Mag, come on.
- Oh, come on!
- Two more balls.
- Whoa. [coughing]
- [Lilly] Mon, come on.
- Throw it my way.
- [Bung] Whoa!
- [Lilly] Come on. Throw.
- I can't. I can't. I can't.
It's okay, Dad.
But you've gotta do it every day.
It's good for your lungs.
- Come on!
- [Lilly] Throw it! I'm ready.
- [Lilly] Where are you aiming? Seriously!
- [laughs]
- Whoa!
- [Bung] Yes!
[Lilly] Oh, come on!
- [Sodsai] Victory is within our reach!
- Look at your mother!
- [Sodsai] I'll take them down!
- [Keg] Do it!
She acts like a kid. But she'll
get hurt if she trips and falls. Hmm.
Mag and Mon are with her, Dad.
Don't worry.
[Lilly] Come on, son.
- Okay.
- [Keg] Bring it!
Yes. I'm glad we finally got
to come here together.
- [Lilly] Whoo-hoo!
- [coughs]
Look at the water out there.
You see? The color?
It's clearer than the water
near the mainland. Hmm?
- [Sodsai] Go!
- [Keg] Mind the water!
Aren't you scared?
[Bung] Yeah!
- That way, Mon.
- I am.
- But I'd be more scared sitting at home.
- [Bung] You suck, Mon.
[Keg] Oh-ho-ho!
Aww, come on!
- [Sodsai] Oh-ho-ho!
- [Lilly shrieks]
- [Bung] Okay, Mom, throw it.
- [Keg] Bring it.
- [Lilly] Here I go.
- [Bung] Throw it.
[Sodsai] Okay!
[Keg] Okay! Okay.
- [laughs] Let's see what you got.
- [Bung] Come on!
- How's the studio doing?
- [Keg] Stop it!
[Sodsai] I'm good at this!
- [Lilly] I can't catch it.
- Well It's a bit quiet.
[Bung] To me, to me!
There are regular customers.
- [Keg] Mom, what are you trying to do?
- It's mostly just old faces.
These days, all the teenagers use
are these bloody digital cameras.
[Keg] No, no, no! Not again.
They take photos and never look at them.
Why bother taking them at all?
- [coughs]
- [Keg] Let's do this!
- But we barely look at our photo albums.
- [Keg] Oh, oh! Here!
- We keep them in a drawer.
- [chuckles]
[Keg] Yes!
You're right.
- [Bung] Come on!
- [Keg] Yeah! Okay Whoo!
- By the way, how's your business going?
- [Lilly] Whoo!
- [Keg] You caught it.
- [Sodsai] You always catch it.
- [Keg laughs] Nice!
- It's okay.
We ship merchandise to
Hong Kong and Singapore.
Is the IMF affecting you in any way?
- [Keg] Oh, no way!
- [Sodsai] Oh, oh!
- [Keg] Okay, here.
- [Sodsai laughs] Over here!
- [Lilly] Whoo!
- [Bung] To me, to me!
[Lilly] Good job. Give it here. Hurry.
[Bung] Oh, oh
Aah! [groans]
- Nice.
- [Lilly] Are you getting tired?
[Sodsai laughs]
- [Bung] Grandma.
- [Sodsai laughs]
[shutter clicks]
- Have you thought about moving back home?
- [Sodsai] Mag, hurry.
[Keg] Oh, good hustle!
- [Sodsai] Yeah!
- [laughter]
The statute of limitations expired
a while ago. Why don't you come home?
- [Keg] Okay. A fast one. You ready?
- [Bung] Yes.
Let's change the subject, Dad.
[Keg] Oh, no way!
You're still mad at me, aren't you?
- [Keg] I got it, I got it, I got it!
- [Sodsai] Yay!
You got me arrested! Remember?
- 'Cause I knew you were telling the truth.
- [Keg] Hurry!
If you'd dealt with it then,
nothing woulda happened.
The police didn't care
about the truth, Dad!
- They cared about the evidence.
- [Keg groans]
Here! Catch.
- Hurry, hurry!
- [Lilly] Mon!
[low humming]
- [coughing]
- [Keg] Good play!
- [low humming]
- [static crackling]
[Neil Armstrong]
That's one small step for man.
One giant leap for mankind.
[static crackling]
- [Lilly] Here it comes.
- [Keg] Faster.
- [Bung] Aah! [groans]
- [Lilly] Oh!
- [Keg] Hey!
- Are you okay?
[Bung winces]
- Let me see.
- [Sodsai] Mag?
- Are you okay?
- Are you all right?
I'm so sorry.
It's okay. It's my fault.
Does it hurt here?
[Bung] Yeah.
All right. Come on.
Better get Mag to the cabin now.
- You ready?
- Mmm.
[gentle, emotional music plays]
[Keg] 'Scuse me!
I need help!
- [woman] What happened?
- [Keg] She hurt her foot.
- Could you look at it?
- [woman] Sure, come in.
So, you are reliable after all.
[music fades]
Does anyone want the shrimp's head? Huh?
[Pond] Pack your bags tonight.
We're taking the first boat back
at nine tomorrow morning.
Why are you leaving so soon?
Can't you stay for a few more days?
I have work, Mom.
Come visit us during the New Year.
Okay, Mon? Mag?
So, how's the ankle, Mag? Hmm?
Oh. [chuckles]
I took something.
I'm feeling much better now.
I'll, uh take you to the doctor
tomorrow after we get off the boat.
She's my daughter. I'll take her.
Who took Mag to the doctor when she
was five years old and allergic to milk?
Why do you always have to be so difficult?
[pager vibrates]
[emotional music plays]
I'll I'll go get her.
Hey, sir! Hey!
Hey, sir! Please!
[man] What's the matter?
Please, I'm begging you.
Can you take me back to shore?
The boat's not allowed to leave the dock
now. You have to wait until morning.
I'm begging you. It's really important.
- Bung?
- [man] I wish I could help you.
- But I can't, I'm sorry.
- What's going on, Bung?
My dad was in a car accident.
[wails] Please!
[waves rushing]
[gentle, moody music plays]
[music fades]
[uplifting pop music plays]
[music fades]
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