Analog Squad (2023) s01e07 Episode Script


[clock ticking]
[reflective acoustic music playing]
[knocking continues]
[knocking on door]
[knocking continues]
[Pond] This is Grandpa Kew.
Say hello to him.
Hello, Grandpa Kew.
- What are your children's names?
- He's Mon and I'm Mag.
How's Mom doing?
[somber music playing]
[Pond] I bought you some fruit, Mom.
[Sodsai] Oh, why did you come back, Pond?
My condition isn't that serious.
[Pond] I had to come, Mom. I wanted Mag
and Mon to meet their grandparents.
I wanna have an apple.
No. They're for Grandpa and Grandma.
- But I want an apple!
- [Pond] Mon!
[Sodsai] Aw, there, there.
Don't cry, Mon. You can have mine.
[Mon] Thank you.
[Kew] Hmm. This wound hasn't healed yet.
It looks like you've been bitten.
You're covered in a rash.
- Look.
- [Pond] She didn't get bitten.
She's allergic to milk.
- Why do you keep drinking it?
- Grandpa gave me cookies and a glass of
Don't do that.
Don't blame others.
You know you're allergic.
Grandpa didn't know that.
Mag's fine, Dad.
Her rash'll clear up with some medicine.
- No, I want Dr. Kiat to look at her.
- There's no need!
- [Kew] Come on. Let's go.
- Dad! Leave her be.
Come on.
[Kew] Poor Mag.
[Sodsai] Pond doesn't want to go out
in case someone sees him.
His case is still active. You know that.
Just be happy he came back.
Having to live in hiding like this
It's hard enough doing it alone,
but with a wife and kids?
He's managed until now.
It's only four more years.
Why do you always think
you know what's best?
He's my son, not a stranger.
- [knocking]
- [Kew] Dr. Kiat. Dr. Kiat?
Hmm. She's allergic to something.
She's got a rash. Hmm.
I said she was fine! Why'd you have
to make a big deal out of it?
What kind of care can you give, huh?
You're in hiding.
How can you take care of her?
I can do better than you did!
What do you mean?
[Kew] Huh?
If you had listened to me then,
your life would've turned out differently.
You came back home,
but you don't dare go outside.
Your kid is sick,
but you don't dare take her to the doctor.
You never gave me that option.
Think about your kids,
not just about yourself.
That's the pot calling the kettle black.
[Pond] Come here, kids.
Okay, everyone.
Look at the camera. Sit up straight.
One, two, three.
- [shutter clicks]
- [knocking on door]
[man] Pond?
[knocking continues]
[man] Pond?
Pond, are you there?
[knocking continues]
- [knocking]
- [man] Pond, are you there?
[Kew] Go and give them your statement.
Just make it clear.
- Then you won't have to hide.
- [man] Pond!
[Kew] Pond, you haven't been accused
of anything yet.
You can prove you're innocent.
Do it for yourself and your family.
[door sliding open]
[officer] We need you to come
and give your statement, Mr. Pond.
Come on, Pond. I'll go with you.
[Sodsai] It's okay.
I'll go with him.
[officer] All right. Let's go.
Come on, Mon.
And if I go to jail,
what'll happen to Mag and Mon?
[officer] Take your car and follow us.
[Sodsai] Pond, stop the car.
Just go, Pond.
Take good care of yourself.
Don't worry about anything.
- [breathing shakily]
- [door opens]
- [Lilly] Pond!
- [door closes]
[footsteps approaching]
[Pond sniffling]
[somber music playing]
I lied to Dad.
I lied to Mom.
Mom died without knowing the truth.
I didn't even get the chance to apologize.
[Pond] I lied to everyone.
I lied to everyone.
Trust me.
I'm sure everyone will understand
why you did it.
What's this?
- [Pond] Hmm?
- [Lilly] Mm.
[laughs softly]
Told you, didn't I?
Your life isn't as shitty as others.
Some people have worse things going on.
What do you mean?
[Lilly sighs]
I have cancer.
What stage are you at, and where is it?
Why didn't you tell me?
[Lilly] Hmm.
Why would I tell you?
There's nothing between us.
After this, we won't see each other.
It's all good.
How can you say
there's nothing between us?
And why do you still drink?
You can't drink from now on.
No more drinking.
You cutting me off?
- Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
[Lilly laughs]
[Pond] That's not funny.
[Lilly sighs]
[gentle rock music playing]
- [Pupae] Is it locked in place?
- [Ruk] Yeah, should be.
[Pupae] Okay.
- [Pupae] You all right?
- [Ruk] Yeah.
Uh, we're closed today.
We're not here for photos.
Uh so!
What's this about, officer?
This lady here says
that you and your friends
conned her grandfather
into giving you his money.
What? Money, sergeant?
Oh! Uh
Captain, there's been a misunderstanding.
Who are you?
I'm Mag, Kew's granddaughter.
How did you and your friends
get into my house?
[laughs nervously]
Are you crazy?
Just go ask the people in town.
Everyone knows I'm Grandpa Kew's grandson.
I'm Mon. My sister's Mag.
I'm Pond and Mam's son.
Captain, sir.
They're a gang of con artists.
They have pretended to be myself,
my little brother, and my mom.
Why are you doing this?
Do you want his assets?
What assets are those?
Since you're the one accusing me,
do you have any proof
that you're who you say you are?
[scoffs] How about we show you ID?
What? Come on.
[captain] Okay. Give them to me.
[scoffs] Hurry up, kid.
I've got other things to take care of.
Come on. Hand it over.
- What's your grandfather's last name?
- [together] Juengniran.
[captain] Uh
- That's neither of your last names!
- [together] I use my mom's name!
[Keg] Huh. You've got no proof then.
So can I file a report against her?
What you're doing here
is committing slander.
When Grandma passed away, I was the one
who brought her back from Bangkok.
If you were the real Mag,
where were you then?
Well, I haven't seen my grandparents
for a long time now.
I also haven't seen my dad.
So, between the two of you
I don't know who's lying and who's not.
- We could always do a blood test.
- Why don't we just go ask Grandpa?
[man] You're always pissing me off!
[people arguing]
Hey, what's going on out there?
Hey, keep it down!
I can't deal with this right now.
Get out. Settle this on your own.
Hey! Hey! Keep your voices down!
This is a police station, guys!
[arguing continues]
I'm sorry Mag.
Hey! So you admit it now.
- Sir! Sir!
- Hey! No! Wait, wait, wait.
Listen to me first.
Look. I'm not trying
to con Grandpa out of his money.
He was really sick a while back,
so your dad
hired us to
um, act as you and your ma.
He didn't want Grandpa and Grandma to feel
that their family had abandoned them.
So why didn't Dad try to contact us?
I always thought that
the reason Dad didn't come see us
was because Mom stopped him.
But the fact
that he hired people to pretend to be us
makes me realize
that he never really cared about us.
What you said about Grandpa and Grandma,
I honestly didn't know.
[melancholy music playing]
Your grandparents
are very kind.
They're so kind,
I almost felt like
they were my real grandparents.
[Mag] Mm.
Now I'm the one who
doesn't feel like
they belong in this family.
Why would you say that?
Well, it's like you said.
Even Grandpa didn't recognize me.
Can I ask you something?
Why now?
Why are you looking for your dad now?
I wanted to invite him to my wedding.
But I don't think it matters anymore.
He wouldn't care.
He might not even recognize me.
take care of Grandpa and Dad, Mon.
Hey. Hold on.
My name is Keg,
not Mon.
And you're Mag.
I think that Pond had
his own reasons for doing this.
Why don't you just meet him?
See what he has to say about it.
[Mag] Mm.
[Mag] But can you keep this
between us for now?
I wanna see if Dad'll recognize me.
[Bung] Where've you been, Mon?
We were starving, so we ate without you.
[Lilly] Are you hungry?
I've saved some for you.
Well, I went for a walk.
This is Fiona. We met at the market.
She's visiting here alone,
so I invited her.
We met before.
She came here to get a photo taken.
That's impressive, Mon.
You just met her at the market,
and you brought her home.
She's beautiful.
- [Bung] Huh?
- [both laugh]
I'm Mag, Mon's sister. You're on a trip?
Hello, Mag.
Yes. I got here two days ago.
- Oh, really?
- Dad!
This is my friend.
Uh, hello, sir.
Uh, hello.
I booked a boat for Grandma's
ash scattering tomorrow at 4:00,
but let's make sure
we leave here at 3:30, just in case.
[Bung] Okay, Dad.
- [Pond] Hey. Have we prepared everything?
- [Lilly] We've got everything we need.
- Haven't left anything out?
- Hmm, I don't think so.
[Pond] Hmm.
I'll check it tomorrow morning.
Well, um, I think I should get going.
[Keg] Oh, are you sure?
[Keg] I'll see you out.
Are you okay?
I'm not, but I have to be.
I think I'll go back home tomorrow.
Scatter Grandma's ashes with us.
I think it won't make any difference
whether I go or not.
I already paid my respects.
She'd be okay with it.
Take care of Grandpa and Dad, okay?
Hey! What's wrong?
- She's got a family problem.
- Oh.
Come on the boat with us tomorrow.
- The sea here's nice!
- [Bung] Mm-hmm.
Have you ever been here before?
I came here once when I was little.
My dad brought me here.
You probably don't remember anything.
Hey, let me show you around like a local.
- It's okay, Mag.
- [Bung] Nah, it'll be fun.
Come on!
Let's go!
Did your dad take you around last time?
We didn't really go out much back then.
I wish I had a house here.
Hey, Mag?
How do you think we're similar?
[Bung] We're not similar at all.
[Mag chuckles]
I know, right?
[both laugh]
I changed my mind.
I will come with you to scatter the ashes.
Mm. That's great.
[Bung] Mm. You're pretty drunk! [chuckles]
- We're here.
- [Mag groans]
Are you okay?
Mm, yeah. [chuckles]
- [Keg] Take it easy now.
- [Mag] Okay.
Thank you.
Fiona's cute, isn't she?
[Keg] Mm-hmm.
Very cute.
You like her?
if I didn't have my eye on someone else,
I might go for her.
If you want to, I'll help.
Do you really not know?
[Bung] I'm not into men.
I know,
but maybe if you tried,
you might like me.
[Bung] Don't waste your time.
Anyway, you're going to America.
Just put America aside for now.
What do you think?
You know, it's okay
if you don't like me now.
I can wait.
Well, you can do whatever you want.
I can't stop you.
[Ruk] This is the application form
for the language school there.
- [Pupae] Mm-hmm.
- I've prepped it for him.
At least if he has this,
his documents will be more credible.
- [Pupae] Hmm.
- And this is a bank book.
I already put some money in the account.
Tell Keg to submit these documents
for his visa application.
He should get it this time. Before,
he didn't have the right documents.
[Pupae] Hmm.
It's a shame
I don't have friends in America.
Why is that?
If he has a recommendation letter
from a family there,
his chances would be even better.
Oh wow. We don't know anyone?
[man sneezes, groans]
Okay, no problem.
Keg's like family to me. But
can I have this picture?
- Yes.
- No!
Just let him have it.
What's the worst he can do with it?
[Ruk sighs]
[Pupae] Mm.
Hey, Lil. You still up?
[Lilly] Mm.
I'm prepping things for tomorrow
so we won't be in a rush.
- Come on. I'll help.
- Yeah.
Um, hey.
Tomorrow we should find an opportunity
for Dad and his kid to talk.
- [Bung] Mm.
- [Keg] Mm.
- I agree with you.
- [Lilly] Mm.
I don't think they'll have a chance to
after tomorrow.
I did give Grandma my word.
[Lilly] Hmm.
Those two as well.
But Mag's about to leave town, isn't she?
You knew?
Mm-hmm. Yeah, I did.
Right away.
She seemed
a little too interested in Pond.
- Shit!
- Sh!
- Keep your voice down! People will hear!
- [tuts]
You let me pretend to be her.
Right in front of her like that?
- [Keg sighs]
- [Bung groans]
She asked me not to tell anyone.
She wanted to see
if Pond would remember her.
Did Pond really
not recognize his own daughter?
That's so sad.
[Lilly] Mm.
Why is everything in this family
so complicated?
How about we consider this
our last mission
before we go our separate ways?
Talking to your own family
is always the hardest.
[Keg sighs]
I told Keg to bring his friend along.
We're not going on a vacation.
Well, there's still room on the boat.
[Lilly] It's all ready.
Oh, they're here.
[Bung] You still not gonna come with us?
You all go, okay? I'll stay here.
I don't need to say goodbye
to Grandma again.
I'll be with her soon anyway.
[Pond] Let's go. We're late.
[Bung] Okay. Let's do it.
Mon said you're leaving
to go back home today.
Yes. I need to go back
and prepare for my wedding.
Here are some milk cookies.
It's a very famous brand.
Wanna try one? I bought them for you.
These cookies are great.
Thank you.
Would you like a milk cookie?
I don't like them. You go ahead.
[Pond] All right. Let's get going.
[engine turns over]
[reflective music playing]
[Keg] Fiona, you're not gonna come?
[Mag] No. I think I'd better go.
Please say goodbye to Grandma for me.
[music swells]
I know this is your favorite place.
I know where you are now.
If I miss you,
I'll come and visit you here.
There's nothing to worry about, Mom.
Nothing to worry about?
Do you really not know
what you've just done?
She's right. How can you be so cruel?
Mag's milk allergy isn't that bad.
It's just a rash.
It'll clear up
after she takes her medicine.
You knew it was her?
What dad wouldn't recognize
his own daughter?
It's been 20 years,
and I never once went to see her.
Now we meet,
and I've hired someone else to be her.
How can I let her know
that I'm her father now?
I'm cruel, just like Bung said.
Even though what you did was cruel,
you still love Mag, right?
When someone is cruel to you,
it doesn't always mean
they don't love you.
They might have their own reasons.
Just like you do now.
[pager buzzing]
"Thank you for everything."
"Please take care of my family. From Mag."
[Lilly] Pond.
Do you wanna regret this like
you regretted not telling Mom the truth?
Don't make the same mistake.
She's at Phuket Airport.
- Take us back to the pier!
- [Lilly chuckles]
[engine turns over]
[steady rock music playing]
[Keg] Gate three!
[PA chimes]
[over PA] This is the final boarding call
for passengers going to Bangkok.
Please present yourself at gate three.
Final boarding call
for passengers going to Bangkok.
Please present yourself at gate three.
Final boarding call
for all passengers going to Bangkok.
- Please present yourself at gate three.
- [Keg] Pond!
- [beeping]
- [Keg] Wait!
Hey, Pond!
[man] That guy! He just ran through here!
- Get him!
- [man 2] Stop! Hey, stop!
[man 1] Hey, stop! Get him!
- Stop! Hey, stop!
- [Pond] No. Come on! No!
- [man 2] Stop it!
- [Pond] Please!
- [guard] No, you can't go in there.
- [man 1] Come on!
- [man 2] Please stop!
- [man 3] You'll have to come with us!
I need to see my daughter!
[man 1] Sir!
Just for a second!
- [man 2] Come here!
- [man 3] Come on.
[Pond grunts]
- [man 1] Stop! I said stop!
- [man 2] Stop!
[Pond grunts]
- [man 2] Come on!
- [Pond] Let me go!
- [man 3] Go. Go! Come on!
- [man 4] This guy's tough!
- [Pond grunts]
- [man 1] Come on! Let's go!
[man 2] Stay still! Stop it!
[Mag] Dad!
[gentle piano music playing]
Oh, Mag!
- I'm so sorry, Mag.
- [Mag sobbing]
I'm sorry, Mag.
I missed you.
[Mag] You did recognize me.
[Pond] I missed you every single day.
I [sniffles]
I thought you'd forgotten about me.
I thought you had a good life
and forgot about
the bad time you had with me.
Mag, I can't tell you how sorry I am.
Do you want me to forget about you?
If you won't forget,
then I won't either.
[upbeat music playing]
Mission completed. [laughs]
Hey why are you crying?
- Too emotional?
- [Lilly] It's okay.
[Keg] Aw! [chuckles]
[Bung chuckles softly]
Hey, Pond. Your friends are here.
[Pond grunts]
[rock music playing]
[pop music playing]
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