Analog Squad (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

It goes on

- [Pond's boss] Pond.
- [groans]
I warned you not to run away.
- Yeah!
- Hey!
[boss] You want some more? There you go!
- [man 1] Whoo!
- [boss] Take that!
- [Pond groans]
- [man 1] Yeah!
Ha-ha! Yeah!
[Pond and boss grunting]
[man 1] Ah, yeah!
- No! Pond!
- [glass smashing]
- What?
- [boss] Take that!
[laughter and shouting]
- [man 2] Yeah!
- [man 1] Yeah! Ha-ha!
- Come over!
- [man 2] One more. One more!
- [men grunting]
- [man 1] Keep kicking.
[Pond groaning]
- [Lilly] Stop! I'm calling the police!
- [boss] None of your business!
- [Lilly shrieks]
- [Pond] Don't hurt her!
[Bung] Ma! Ma, are you okay?
[glass smashing]
[Keg yells]
- [Lilly] Ah! Ah!
- No, Ma!
Ah! If you wanna hurt someone, hurt me.
- [Lilly] Pond!
- [boss] All right!
You asked for it! Fucker!
[Bung] Asshole!
- [Bung grunts]
- [boss groans]
- Ow! That hurt!
- Hey!
[Bung] Keg!
Get back!
Bung, watch out!
- [gunshot]
- [man groaning]
- [dogs barking outside]
- Get out of my house!
[all panting]
[boss chuckles]
This was just a warning.
'Cause you owe us money,
and you need to pay it back.
Aah. I know where you live.
And I also know
what your family looks like.
I wasn't running.
I came back for my mother's funeral.
You are a flight risk.
How was I supposed to know?
If you'd told me, I would've
driven you to the funeral myself.
Why the hell did you run?
Fuck you.
[Kew] Hey.
How much does he owe you?
[boss] Well, the principal and interest
total about six million baht.
This is all I've got right now.
But. I'll give you the rest in full
within a month.
If you see anything of value that you want
in my studio, take it.
And if I can't find the money, I'll work
for you to pay off the entire debt.
Dad, stay out of this.
It's my debt and I'll pay it.
No father in his right mind
wouldn't help his son.
[gentle, hopeful music plays]
As of now, no more lying to your wife,
all right?
You should've told us, Dad.
I still have the money you gave me.
I'll give it back.
- [boss] Aww.
- [slow handclap]
Am I supposed to be moved by all this?
Look, whatever! As long as you get it.
[music fades]
You have to pay back what you owe.
A loan comes with interest.
It's still six million
for the next two weeks.
But after that, 20% interest. Compounded.
Got that?
That's not a loan. That's robbery!
You weren't this arrogant
when you begged us for money.
- Hey!
- [boss chuckles]
[tense music plays]
All right.
Fine. Come down here and get
your money two weeks from now.
[pops lips]
This is for the gas.
And that's for my Game Boy!
Fuck you!
- [Lilly sighs]
- [engine starts]
- [Keg sighs]
- [tires squeal]
- [car drives away]
- [music fades]
[glass crunching]
[Pond] Thank you.
And I'm really sorry
for dragging you into this.
[sighs] Look.
The person you should apologize to
is that man there.
I'm sorry, Dad.
caused you trouble again.
It's okay, son.
Just come home.
I'm so sorry
for thinking
that you never did anything for me.
[Keg] You're a fool.
[emotional music plays]
You only care about yourself.
After you ran away,
your father looked high and low for you.
He went to everybody for help,
hoping to find evidence
to support your case.
You almost lost him once.
Learn from your mistakes.
Don't go your separate ways
without saying goodbye again.
Grandma told me everything that happened.
If she was still here,
that's what she would say to you both.
I always believed you.
You know that, right?
I knew that you would
never, ever lie to me.
[music fades]
[Pond breathing shakily]
I did lie, Dad.
These three people are not my family.
[music resumes]
That's Lilly, Keg, and Bung.
[exhales shakily]
I hired them to be my family.
Because I I didn't want
I didn't want you to think
I was a total failure. [sobs]
I'm so sorry.
But that's what I am.
When it comes to work, or to family.
My wife left me years ago.
She took Mag and Mon with her.
And now
And now, I've become a liar too.
[Bung] I'm sorry too.
For lying to you, Grandpa.
[Lilly sighs]
I'm sorry too, Dad.
But I want you to know something.
We might not be your real family,
but one thing's for sure.
The love we have for you is real.
[music fades]
I already knew.
[music resumes]
Bung, I read that letter
that you wrote me.
And, well, I just decided
to take the blue pill.
I think I made the right call.
[Bung chuckles shakily]
It's time I did some self-reflection,
to figure out why people
don't tell me the truth.
I'm sorry, son.
- I'm sorry, Dad.
- [Kew] It's okay.
Whatever your real names are,
it doesn't matter to me.
I still consider you family.
[Bung] I'm sorry, Grandpa.
I'm so sorry.
And so am I. [sobs]
[all crying]
[music fades]
I kept my promise.
- Job's done.
- [Keg chuckles]
[upbeat country music plays]
[Michael] The world is full of poverty.
And yes, it's full of sadness.
The world is full of atrocities.
And yes, it's full of discontent.
The sun will set.
And yes, and the world will end.
But when the sky is pitch black
our love will shine.
You will be my pride.
You will be my guide.
Will you marry me?
[music fades]
You don't have to give me an answer now.
[solemn music plays]
I know you have to talk to Keg first.
But don't worry.
I'm gonna tell Keg
the truth about everything.
It'll prove to you how serious I am
about you, and becoming a family.
[applause and cheering]
[Pupae] But what if
Keg isn't okay with this?
[Ruk] I'll prove to Keg
what a good father I can be.
[music fades]
As a highly experienced call center
agent in the popular pager business,
I've got a game I think
would be fun for us to play.
The game is called
The rules are pretty simple.
Everyone needs to put
their pager on the table.
We close our eyes and switch the
pagers around, and you randomly pick one.
Then each of us
is going to read
one locked message
on the pager you picked.
- [all chuckle]
- [Keg] What do you say?
- Wanna play?
- [Lilly scoffs]
It's just a trick to read our
private messages. Count me out!
Yeah. I don't wanna play.
- I'll play!
- [Bung sighs]
[Keg claps]
You guys know all my family secrets.
It's about time I find out some of yours.
- [Lilly chuckles]
- [Keg] Okay. Let's get started.
- Let's go!
- [Bung] Ugh. Fine.
[Keg] Okay, everyone close your eyes.
I'm gonna count to three.
One, two
You ready?
You go first, Lil. Ladies first.
[presses button]
"Happy birthday, from Dad."
What's that mean?
[gentle music plays]
That's mine.
"You will never walk alone."
It's a Liverpool thing.
- [Keg chuckles]
- [Lilly] Ohh.
- [chair squeaks]
- [Pond] That's sweet.
Your dad paged you a birthday greeting.
Mmm. That's because he was
never there for any of them.
- [Lilly] Hmm
- Well, then
- Happy birthday, Bung! Cheers!
- Happy birthday!
- [Lilly] Cheers! Happy birthday!
- [Keg] And to many more!
[Lilly] Mmm.
[Bung groans]
- You drinkin' for her? [chuckles]
- You getting drunk?
- Mmph.
- [chuckles]
- [laughs]
- Why? Why do you drink her liquor?
[Pond chuckles]
It's your turn, Pond.
[Pond] Okay.
[Keg chuckles]
"Thanks a lot, my brother."
"From your beloved sister."
- That's it? Why keep this?
- Reminder.
Mmm. [chuckles]
- Next one. Cheers.
- [Pond and Lilly chuckle]
- [Keg] Okay, I'll go next. Pour for me?
- [Pond] Mmph.
This one's Pond's!
"Dad and I are very happy
to have seen the grandkids."
"Come visit whenever you like. From Mom."
Here's to you, Mom.
- To Grandma!
- [Lilly chuckles]
- [Keg] Aah!
- Now! Your pager's next.
- Hmm.
- [Bung] Let's see what you have in here.
"Bralee Chalatorn"
- [laughs] Is that your real name?
- [music fades]
[laughs] Hah
"Your operation is scheduled
for January 21st."
"If you cannot make
this appointment, then please
contact the Cancer Institute."
Reminder. Mmm.
Do you already know?
Do you need it right away?
[Lilly] Yes.
I'll go with you, then.
Mm-mmm. That's all right.
I always go there alone.
[Bung] Mmph.
Well, come on. You have all of us now.
We're all family now, Lilly.
[gentle music plays]
Seriously, girl. Why didn't you tell us?
- Hmm?
- [Lilly chuckles]
- [Lilly sighs]
- [Bung] Hmph!
I love you.
Mmm. It'll be fine.
- It'll be great. She'll be A-OK.
- [Lilly sighs]
- [Lilly] Cheers!
- Come on. Cheers!
[Pond] Just one glass, okay?
- [Lilly] Mmm.
- [all] Cheers!
[gentle music continues]
[Kew] Have a safe trip, Bung, Keg.
I'll email you.
[Keg] Thank you, Grandpa.
If you're having family trouble,
talk to them, okay?
Don't wait 30 years like I did.
- I will.
- I will too, Pond.
If you need anything, call me.
I'll come right away.
You Superman?
- [laughs]
- [engine starts]
[Keg] Bye-bye!
- [Lilly] Whoo!
- [Bung] Bye! Bye!
[music fades]
[crowd, in Japanese] Eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one.
[celebratory music plays]
- [woman, in English] Happy New Year!
- [man] The year 2000!
- [fireworks exploding]
- [people whooping]
[horns honking]
[Yuyee] Mumu!
You've been gone for so long!
I missed you!
Mwah! Mwah!
Are you gonna come tonight?
To the countdown.
Yeah, sure. I'll be right back.
Count down with your boyfriend.
Look. Just because she's turning me
down, doesn't mean she'll choose you.
Yeah. Buh-bye now Mumu.
[Yuyee tuts]
Where've you been? I paged you
several times. Why didn't you answer?
Look. Give her a break.
She must be exhausted.
Don't try to be understanding.
Why do you think she doesn't
wanna be here? It's 'cause of you.
[sighs] Why do you have
to keep bringing that up?
[knocking at door]
[Kanet] Bung.
I'm coming in.
Bung [sighs]
I want to apologize to you.
[quiet, emotional music plays]
[crowd cheering and laughing in distance]
[quiet, emotional music continues]
[lid clicks]
[music becoming hopeful]
[music fades]
Stop teasing.
- You clean up nice.
- I said don't tease!
- That's it. I'm getting changed.
- Wait! Hold on!
[upbeat, joyful music plays]
[music fades]
[dance music playing on speakers]
[excited screaming]
[Keg] This is where I live.
[Bung] Wow! It's amazing!
- [Keg] Mom!
- [Pupae] Hey, Keg!
- This is my mom.
- Wait. What happened to your face?
Oh. I fell.
How on Earth did you do that?
- Hi, Miss Pupae!
- Hi.
I'm your biggest fan in the whole world!
[Pupae] You are! You even called me Miss!
Oh-ho! I think we're going to get along
very well. Come on, let's dance.
Keg has never brought
a friend home before.
You must be very special to him,
young lady.
Oooh! [giggles]
[dance music playing]
- Mm-mm-mm!
- Hey! Ruk!
When did you and my mom get so close?
Well, you did ask me to take care of her
while you were away.
Wait. Are you hitting on her?
Are you?
[both chuckle]
This is Bung. Bung, this is Ruk.
She that girl?
- What have you been saying?
- Nothing.
By the way, Keg, when you
re-applying for the visa?
Middle of next month.
Let's rehearse again closer to then.
I'll even pray to the gods
this time. Maybe that'll help.
[Ruk] Yeah, yeah, sure.
Wait! Is your girlfriend here with you?
[crowd] Ten! Nine!
Eight! Seven!
- Six!
- Save us.
- [cheering]
- [fireworks exploding]
Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
[joyful music plays]
Happy New Year, Dad.
Happy New Year, son.
Happy New Year, Mek!
[phone rings]
[Pond] Happy New Year, Lil!
[tearfully] Happy New Year to you too.
Let's get through this year together!
[laughing and crying]
Thank you.
Happy New Year, Ruk.
[cheering and music fade]
[Ruk] Keg.
About my girlfriend.
We have a child together, you know?
[Ruk] He's 23 years old now.
Something happened and I didn't
get to see him for many years.
I met him just a couple of years ago.
He wants to go to America.
I'm even helping him get his visa.
And I'm very happy to do it.
I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner.
[emotional music plays]
Is this true, Mom?
You've known all along?
My father's dead.
But didn't you once say
I could be your father?
Yeah, but that was different.
My dad never hurt my mom's feelings,
and he didn't pretend to be someone else.
[Ruk] I just wanted to get to know you
better, and to get close to you.
But not this way, man.
I don't even know
if I can trust you ever again.
Would you have confided in me
if I had told you I was your dad?
Stop calling yourself that.
Please, hear him out.
Give him a chance, honey.
This man abandoned us.
And you want to give him a chance?
Why? Aren't you happy here with me?
Why do you want him back in our lives?
Look. It's your decision.
- But I'm not staying if he is.
- [Pupae] Keg.
[Pupae sobs]
- It's funny.
- [music fades]
[sighs] We lie to make other people happy.
When I was the one lying
I thought I'd understand.
But now that I've been lied to, it hurts.
[gentle music plays]
You know what else is funny?
I once thought that
it'd be nice to have Ruk as a dad.
He understood me.
He listened to me.
He drank beer with me.
[music fades]
But now that he really is my dad
I don't like it at all.
You don't hate him.
You're just angry, sad, and
disappointed because of what he did.
It wouldn't hurt this much
if you didn't love each other.
- [sighs]
- Do you think that I should forgive him?
Give him another chance?
I don't know.
Wasn't easy for me and my dad.
But when Grandpa Kew forgave us,
it felt nice, didn't it?
I asked Grandpa Kew why.
Why he wasn't angry.
You know what he said?
He focuses on the good times we had.
Because if you compared it to death,
anger is literally nothing.
Thank you.
[gentle music plays]
[music fades]
Okay. Now I'm sure.
Don't wait for me. I didn't feel anything.
[music resumes]
I'm sorry.
[music fades]
You really felt nothing?
- When are you going to America?
- Next month.
Good luck, brother.
Thanks a lot!
[rock music plays]
Aren't you scared to go alone?
We're entering the new millennium.
Planes haven't crashed.
Lights haven't gone out.
The world hasn't exploded.
Life continues to go on.
As for the future
[yells] I'm not scared of you!
[yells] I'm not scared either!
[fireworks exploding]
[music fades]
[gentle music plays]
I'm sorry, Mom.
What happens with you and Ruk
is your decision.
As for me and him,
let me decide, all right?
I'll let you know when I'm okay with it.
From now on
there'll be no lies between us.
Are you embarrassed that I'm a nude model?
I've never felt that way, Ma.
I thought we weren't
going to lie to each other.
Is that why you're going to America?
[breathing shakily]
Mom, I know you love what you do.
And I love you.
And that's why I'm going.
[both sniffle]
You know what, honey?
Before I had you,
everyone told me
that nude models shouldn't have children.
But I chose to have you.
[Keg sniffles]
And do you know
how lucky I've felt to have you?
To have such a warm, understanding son?
You never once made me feel
that my profession embarrassed you.
But it's made me realize
[sobs]how hard
it must have been for you
Mm-hmm? To put up with all of it.
[Keg] Mmm.
I'm so sorry.
I can't change the past.
But I promise you that,
from now on, I'll never do
anything that'll make you uncomfortable.
Mom, do it.
I know how happy it makes you. [sniffles]
I'll even take you to the shoot.
And this time, I'll brag to everyone,
how beautiful you are
[chuckles]despite your age.
Thank you so much, honey.
You're so wonderful.
Thank you so much.
All right.
I want nothing but the best for you.
Go. Follow your dreams, honey.
Finally, you'll be living your own life.
[emotional music continues]
[music becomes hopeful]
[Bung] Come on! Hurry up!
I'm coming!
Taxi's leaving. You all set?
You bet.
Are you ready?
Don't be scared.
Your family's all here to support you.
- Hey!
- You can do it.
Aww, look. She's tearing up!
[all laughing]
[yells] I'm not scared of you!
I'm fine. You're so sweet.
You look so beautiful.
Debt's been settled. I owe you nothing.
It's all good. The studio
needed to be renovated anyway.
- Hang on, Dad. I'll help you.
- Okay.
- Want me to put the sign up?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Great.
I'll find the money to pay you back, Dad.
Dad. Hmm.
This isn't an ID photo.
Give me a big smile! Go on.
Put your arm around Pond.
One, two, three. Smile!
[cheering and applause]
- Congratulations!
- [Mag] Thanks!
- Are you gonna start a family now?
- No. Not right now.
How are you doing?
When are you coming back?
I'm not sure yet.
- I wanna save up some money first.
- [Lilly] Is he coming back soon?
- Did you get my email?
- Keg, talk to Grandpa.
- Don't rush him!
- Grandpa!
- Hello, Grandpa!
- Hello, Keg. Did you get the email?
- [Pond] You just sent it.
- [Lilly] My turn!
- One at a time, guys!
- [Lilly] How's it going, Keg?
[Keg] I'll see you soon.
[joyful pop song plays]
[music fades]
[upbeat pop song plays]
[music fades]
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