Anatomy of a Scandal (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 [clattering.]
[bell dings.]
Shadows ♪ [both moaning, breathing heavily.]
Desire takes over ♪ [woman whimpers.]
Lost all control ♪ Break down our walls ♪ Lost all control ♪ How the mighty fall ♪ [music crescendos.]
How the mighty fall ♪ We want it all ♪ It's a dangerous game ♪ Fuck yes.
[music swells.]
How the mighty fall ♪ We want it all ♪ How the mighty fall ♪ You need a towel, miss.
I need a drink, Brian, but I'd settle for a towel, thank you.
[indistinct chatter.]
That closet is magic.
Oh, it's just the basics really, miss.
When the apocalypse comes, I hope I'm with you.
- It would be my pleasure.
- [woman chuckles.]
Glad to hear luck went your way in the Butler trial.
- What do you mean "luck"? - [Brian chuckles.]
I don't know how you do it, miss.
Anything decent come in? There is something in your pigeonhole.
Next-level stuff, I'd say.
I'll take a look.
Shall I wait? No.
You should go.
Are you sure there's nothing I can do? Yes, there is, Brian.
Have a glorious weekend.
[tense music playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[cork pops.]
[indistinct chatter.]
There you go, madam.
- [waitress.]
Champagne? - Thank you.
- [woman.]
Hi, Sophie.
- Hello, darling.
- [woman 2.]
Mrs Whitehouse.
How are you? - Oh hello.
- What could be bad on this beautiful day? - [woman 2 chuckles.]
[woman 3.]
- [woman 4.]
There she is.
- Hello, hello.
- Where's your handsome half? - That is a very good question.
He promised he would leave the constituency on time for once, but - How's the birthday boy? - In denial.
[Sophie chuckles.]
- [man.]
Thank you.
- [woman 5.]
Enjoy your night.
- [Sophie.]
- I don't like the number 44.
Oh, but 44 is the luckiest number in ancient Egypt.
- Highly associated with wealth and wisdom.
- Is that true? No.
I just made it up.
- Cheeky Sophie.
- [man 2.]
Happy birthday.
You have half your whole life ahead of you.
We are lucky.
- Where's James? - Let me find out.
- Happy birthday, Mark.
- Excuse me.
- [Ellie.]
- [Lucy.]
Ellie, darling.
[Mark chuckles.]
- [Lucy.]
- You've reached James Whitehouse.
Please leave your name and number.
I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
My darling man, where the fuck are you? [cell phone vibrating.]
I counted.
I stood on the kerb, and I counted.
And the little green man flashed for a mere five seconds.
- Well, that's not enough time, is it? - No, it's not, Minister.
I mean, I think they decided that pedestrian crossings only needed a second per metre.
Now, I know that you do have more important things to consider, but show me an old bird who could manage that.
First of all, show me an old bird, Mrs Murray.
Oh [chuckles.]
And I take the safety of my constituents personally.
What I want for my family is what I want for Mrs Sibyl Murray of Thurlsdon.
We'll write a letter.
- Right away.
- Thank you very much indeed.
[whispering indistinctly.]
[ominous music playing.]
- [James.]
Got everything? Okay.
- [woman.]
Yes, sir.
[birds chirping.]
[car door opens.]
Straight home, please.
- [driver.]
- Thank you.
- Would you go back? - [Sophie.]
To Corsica? In a heartbeat.
It was the most relaxing holiday of my life.
James taught the kids how to sail, and I sat on the beach and remembered that I knew how to read.
- Four novels.
- [cell phone chimes.]
Speak of the devil.
I'd be happy to die in Corsica, as a matter of fact.
I nearly did die in Corsica.
I didn't know about this thing called anaphylactic shock.
Yes, it was before I knew about my shellfish allergy.
Three bites of shrimp.
My face [whispers.]
I have to go.
it blew up like a balloon.
It was absolutely It was just enormous.
- My throat closed off, I got sick - Sophie? What's going on? James can't make it.
There's been some sort of emergency, which usually means a debate about noise pollution, but Is everything okay? Absolutely.
- Well, then you should stay.
- [Sophie.]
I can't.
 I heard from Krystyna.
She's not feeling well, so I have to take over with the kids.
This was so lovely.
Thank you.
[tense music playing.]
[bells chiming.]
[bells continue chiming.]
[car brakes screeching.]
[car door opens.]
[car door closes.]
[keys jangle.]
[door unlocking.]
That was rather embarrassing.
I invented three separate excuses in less than 30 seconds on your behalf.
James? [gasps.]
You owe me.
I've fucked up, big time.
Does she have a last name? Lytton.
Olivia Lytton.
You've probably met her.
She's one of my aides.
- Administrative? - Parliamentary researcher.
So she's new? Relatively.
And young? [James sighs.]
It had been going on for about five months.
I broke it off two weeks ago, right after the party conference.
It meant nothing.
I was flattered.
It was just sex.
Not that there's ever been anything wrong with that part of us.
You know that.
I'm so sorry, Soph.
There's more.
You're not telling me just to tell me to unburden yourself.
There's more.
- Is she pregnant? - No.
God, no.
[Sophie sighs.]
The story is about to break.
- When? - Tonight.
The Mail is splashing it tomorrow.
Online, late tonight.
Chris Clarke's on his way over.
He's coming here? Now? We have to get ahead of this.
We have to figure out how to protect our children from it.
We have to do both.
Can't believe I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet.
Well, you can buy me a drink and save on gift wrap.
[both laugh.]
[door closes.]
[phone line ringing.]
[man 2.]
Hello! [indistinct clamor over phone.]
Called to see if you fancied a drink.
- It sounds like you did.
- Join us.
I'm not in the mood for a crowd.
[man 2.]
Well, you should be.
I heard about the Butler result.
- The truth won today.
- [door closes.]
No, no, no.
Kate Woodcroft won today.
Not many lawyers could've pulled that one off.
[Kate chuckles.]
[man 2.]
It's the Christmas season.
Come and join us.
I hate Christmas.
[pop music playing.]
I would have had you over tonight, but Felicity decided to stay in town.
Oh, how unfelicitous.
[man 2.]
See you soon? [Kate.]
Of course.
Have fun.
[tense music playing.]
"Top Tory cheats with aide," that's the headline.
I mean, it's not brilliant, but could be worse.
God knows these knobheads are capable.
Um, "PM's friend in trysts in the corridors of power.
" Don't like that.
Oh for fuck's sake.
"Britain's most fanciable MP had sex with his female aide in a lift in the Commons.
" Uh, "James Whitehouse, a Home Office minister and confidant of the prime minister, uh, conducted his affair with his parliamentary researcher in the Palace of Westminster.
The married father of two also shared a room with stunning Olivia Lytton, 28, during the party conference.
" [chuckles.]
Well, that was fucking stupid.
[tense music playing.]
So she's a classic woman scorned.
Is that it? I can't speak for her.
But did you speak to her leading up to this? - Did you know this was coming? - [James.]
"He used her" [breathing heavily.]
[indistinct conversation.]
[seagulls warbling.]
Yay! [water splashes.]
[Sophia and James.]
Oh! [James.]
Whoa! [Sophie screams playfully, laughs.]
[melancholy music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
Basically, your priority from now on is to rebuild trust all around.
The party conference is not funded by taxpayers.
Think anyone's making distinctions? Johnny Public bankrolls your salary as a minister in Her Majesty's government.
No one's paying you to bang the help in a House of Commons lift.
[exhales sharply.]
[breathing steadies.]
- [James.]
She has a brilliant mind.
- [Chris.]
That'd make a better headline.
"Minister bangs brainy bombshell.
" - Alliterative and to the point.
- [James.]
Christ almighty, Chris.
[Sophie sighs.]
I don't give a fuck about Johnny Public.
Johnny Public's gonna be reading this in the Daily Mail.
Do you want to have a little chat about it? [James.]
Johnny Public will support me.
I'm sure of it.
I expect she'll be dubbed "the ravishing researcher.
" You're not gonna be springing any surprises on us? Such as? Well, announcing that you're leaving.
Putting on your side of the story.
Do you need to ask? - Of course I do.
- Of course she's not leaving.
- Sorry.
I didn't mean to - [Sophie.]
Of course I'm not leaving.
We've been married for 12 years.
We share two children.
Why would I throw all that away over a stupid mistake? And there's no need to offer my resignation? The PM will make it clear if he wants that, but he doesn't abandon his old friends, especially not his closest, and you're one of those.
Says so right here.
Besides, sex doesn't have to kill a career these days.
You might even gain some fans amongst the older male voter.
I mean, they're hardly gonna argue with some touchy-feely, some fun on the side with a filly.
She's a woman, not a horse.
I'm trying to help your husband.
And you, for that matter.
Well, try not to reveal too much of yourself in the process.
Someone's coming out punching.
That is very good.
That is exactly what we need right now.
Uh, so listen.
No details, but also no denials.
Denials have a way of coming back to bite you on the arse.
Therefore, do not elaborate.
The sum of your script is this, deep regret, brief affair, prioritise your family and constituents, deflect and dismiss, but never deny.
Got it? - Who's there? - [girl.]
Em? - Were you sitting on the stairs? - How long? - Not long.
- [James.]
You should be asleep, darling.
I heard voices.
- Hello, Emily.
- Remember Mr Clarke? [Sophie.]
Let's get you back to bed.
Come on.
[smacks lips.]
What's that Paul Newman quote? "Why go out for hamburgers when you've got steak at home?" Listen to me, you little prick.
This isn't a fucking joke, it's my life.
I love her.
Got it? Oh, mate.
I'm only here because the PM told me to be.
So do your fucking job, mate, and help me fix it.
[sighs shakily.]
Is it over? [whispers.]
Five months? It was, as you said, a stupid mistake.
At the party conference? Where else? Work mostly.
Usually late at night.
What, on desks? In the broom cupboard? On the right honourable leather sofa? Did the whole office know? [James.]
We were careful.
Apparently not.
Hotel rooms? [James.]
A few times.
- [Sophie.]
How many? - Well, I didn't count.
I would like to have a number in mind.
- I would find that helpful.
- I don't know.
20, 30.
[tense music playing.]
She doesn't mean anything to me.
It was just sex.
- Nothing's just sex.
- But it was, Soph.
It was.
I've been so stressed out at work these past many months.
[breath shuddering.]
I'm honoured to have the immigration portfolio, but it is impossibly complex and literally life and death.
I haven't even told you a fraction of it.
She she was just there.
[melancholy music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
I was weak.
For the life of me, it's a mystery how it even start That's enough.
I'm going to bed.
[tense music playing.]
[sighs heavily.]
[bell ringing.]
[haunting whooshing.]
- Oh my God.
I'm sorry.
- [Olivia.]
Sorry, James.
- Minister.
- Olivia.
Can I get you a cab? Yes.
Or you could get me another drink.
Get me another drink.
[lamp switch clicks.]
[dramatic music playing.]
I'll keep this simple.
Before you stands a man who made a mistake.
[siren wailing.]
My brief affair with a colleague showed disrespect to my marriage, to my family, and to the trust of my constituents.
As I sometimes say to my children, under vastly less serious circumstances, "not okay.
" Forgiveness and understanding must be earned, so I don't presume to ask for those yet, but I do ask for patience as I try to repair the damage done to my beloved family and my esteemed constituents.
Thank you all.
[journalists clamor with questions.]
That's all for today! [TV shuts off.]
[melancholy music playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[Sophie sighs.]
- Hello there.
- [Sophie.]
Hi, Ellie.
It's nice to see you.
It's nice that it's not last week.
Apologies for bailing on Mark's birthday.
Oh, don't give it another thought.
We'll be fine.
Of course you will.
Sometimes, I think sex is the root of all evil.
That's rubbish.
Sex is great.
At least, our sex is great.
It's never been a problem for us.
[inhales deeply.]
You're lucky.
And a very forgiving person.
[school bell ringing.]
Not really.
Like the man said, he made a mistake.
A fling is just that.
Bye! [children chattering indistinctly.]
You're right.
If mere infidelity were enough to ruin a marriage, there wouldn't be an intact family in this whole bloody school.
Wow! It's an eyeball.
She can see that.
- Bye.
- [Emily.]
Can't wait to show Daddy.
[elevator bell dings.]
[indistinct chatter.]
- [woman.]
Prime Minister.
- Afternoon.
- [man.]
Prime Minister.
- Afternoon.
- Prime Minister.
- [man 2.]
I believe he's in? [man.]
Yes, indeed.
I'll - [man 2.]
- Tom.
[James chuckles.]
Can we get you anything? Does anyone have chocolate? Chocolate? Anything sweet.
Just a nibble.
We've got Percy Pigs.
Oh cheers.
Still eating sweets, Mr Creosote? [in French accent.]
Just a wafer-thin mint.
Thank you.
Thank you for not hanging me out.
- Well, this is the worst of it? - Yes.
I wish she hadn't been on your payroll.
I wish I had a time machine.
- [Tom.]
How's Sophie? - Pretty great.
Oh, she's always been that.
I guess she's always been that too.
This was the first time in 12 years of marriage, I swear on my life.
Don't look so serious.
The past is the past as far as I'm concerned.
[tense music playing.]
- [knocking on door.]
- [door opens.]
- Prime Minister, your diary - I know.
Thank you.
I was planning to introduce the amendment to the immigration bill.
- With your blessing.
- Yes.
Amend away.
Now listen.
Be good to that wife of yours.
You might think the public are looking to me, but they'll be looking to her.
- Mummy, what's a Libertine? - Beg your pardon? It says here Daddy was a Libertine.
- [Sophie.]
What are you doing with that? - It was in the study.
I told you to stay out of the study.
Don't be a snoop.
- Sorry.
What would you like for dinner? - Pizza? Pizza? [Sophie.]
Good idea.
Let's do it.
- But, Mummy, what is a Libertine? - [Sophie.]
Mmhmm? Um, it was a club that Daddy was in at Oxford with Uncle Tom.
But what does the word mean? It means someone who likes to have a good time.
Would you like a pepperoni or plain cheese? - Plain cheese, please.
- [Sophie.]
I'll call when it's ready.
Krystyna? Wasn't she helping you with homework? We finished.
I'm a Libertine.
You're not.
Why not? Ask Daddy about it.
Go, go.
I'll call you when it's pizza.
Emily? [man.]
Let's go! Libertines! [man 2.]
Go, Libertines! [woman.]
Sophie! Sophie! Fuck's sake.
Please tell me that puddle I stepped in was cider and not fresher piss.
More likely to be second or third-year piss.
To making it through our first week.
To escaping Mom and Dad.
[indistinct chatter.]
[dramatic music playing.]
- [woman.]
- Sorry, sorry.
[woman 2.]
She lives outside of the library! - Very funny, Alison.
- Oh, I didn't think you'd show.
- You told me not to be such a spod.
- And are you? A spod? - Yes.
- Oh, Holly Berry, Sophie Greenaway.
Holly Berry? I was conceived on Christmas Eve.
- Christ.
- Yeah.
That was the other possibility.
[boys yelling in unison.]
Chug! Chug! Chug! - What are they doing? - They're anal chugging.
Anal what? It's a drinking game the rugby boys like to play.
Some of the club boys too.
I spot a trio of Libertines over there.
[boys laughing obnoxiously.]
[dramatic music playing.]
and, while I will go to my grave respecting the opinion of the honourable member from Morewood and Barnsford, I must dispute her objections to this amendment.
The honourable lady is concerned about fairness.
This proposed change to the immigration bill represents the most equitable approach to both skilled and low-skilled workers of any legislation in the past 50 years! - It is more inclusive, not less! - [indistinct clamoring.]
Esteemed colleagues, if I have learned anything in my 44 years on this Earth, it is this.
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, vote aye for that duck.
[indistinct clamoring.]
And what about a duck caught having an affair with a duckling in his employ? [man.]
What does the honourable gentleman think such a duck should do? - [man 2.]
- [man 3.]
[all laughing.]
[tense music playing.]
Order! Order! So he acquitted himself well? Oh, you mean other than having an affair with a subordinate half his age and fucking her in a Westminster lift before elevenses? I mean today, in the House.
And she's not half his age.
- Looks it.
- Plus, he's popular.
You're the one who told me he's number two on sexymp.
uk, or whatever it is.
He's moved to number one.
Well, that's surely a first for a member of the Conservative Party.
Besides which, he's the most naturally gifted politician on our side of the Chamber.
Still, if he gets full on MeToo'd, it could start to make your loyalty look ill-advised.
It would make the public wonder what it's based on, Prime Minister.
Nothing more complicated.
James Whitehouse's famous shepherd's pie.
- Isn't that Granny's recipe? - [James.]
Only better.
This is version 2.
We haven't had this in ages.
I make it all the time.
Really? Is that why you had Tuppence walk you through the recipe on three occasions? Well, uh I suppose it has been quite a while.
It's yummy, Daddy.
- Good.
- Napkins.
Yes, James.
Really good.
So yummy.
- Would you like some wine? - Please.
- Krystyna, would you some? - No.
Thank you.
I'd like to propose a toast.
- [Emily.]
To what? - To Mummy.
Why? 'Cause she's the most wonderful woman I know.
- To Mummy.
- [all.]
To Mummy.
- [Sophie.]
- No.
[dramatic music playing.]
- [coughs, laughs.]
- [Olivia.]
So I read your draft proposal.
And? I think it's cracking.
Too bad.
The hardliners are telling me it's too humane.
[Olivia moaning.]
What do you think? Can I have some more? [laughs.]
Oh God, sorry.
I'm sorry.
- [James laughing.]
- Oh, now it's empty.
Well, that explains how you managed to take advantage of me.
Oh yes.
Sorry about that.
[breathing heavily.]
Where are you? [Kate.]
At the office.
At this hour on a Friday? That's bonkers.
Come round for a drink.
I'd love to, but I got pulled into something.
Oh, it's the holiday season.
For fuck's sake, live a little, Woodcroft.
I'm already sipping a Scotch, you'll be happy to hear.
Well, you can chase it with some fizz.
A kid in my class's parents knew just what I asked Father Christmas for.
[Kate chuckles.]
- [Kate.]
Where are Ed and your kids? - He took them to a movie.
So I've, more or less, one more hour of peace, quiet, and laundry.
Come on.
Please? We can get pleasantly pissed while you watch me fold.
Look, I'll just be distracted until I finish with these papers.
What is it? The usual [sighs.]
but quite high-profile.
I'm not sure I should take this one.
Of course you should.
Look, I really shouldn't discuss it.
Oh don't be ridiculous.
You can certainly tell me.
Love you.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[bell ringing.]
Thanks, Kenneth.
See you in a bit.
[car door closes.]
[gate buzzes, unlocks.]
[indistinct chatter on police radio.]
[gate closes.]
[woman whispering.]
Is that Mrs Whitehouse? [indistinct chatter.]
Isn't that James Whitehouse's wife? - Sophie.
- Mrs Whitehouse.
Can you give us a comment about your husband's affair? Mrs Whitehouse.
Sophie! [elevator whirring.]
[tense music playing.]
[Olivia breathing heavily.]
[James and Olivia breathing heavily.]
[elevator bell dings.]
[indistinct chatter.]
- Hi, it's Whitehouse.
- [whispers.]
- Can I take your coat? - Thanks.
- Really? - [James.]
I know.
- Hello.
- Hello, darling.
- You remember Lawrence Hughes-Davies? - Of course.
- [Sophie.]
How are you? - Very good.
- [Sophie.]
- Listen, I was just saying to James.
I've witnessed every kind of weather in the three and a half decades I've been here.
This doesn't qualify as a squall.
Not even a disturbance.
Just a bit of rain, dear.
And look [chuckles.]
it's passed.
Now, boys will be boys, but I'm sure this one has learned his lesson.
My wife always said, "Once, okay.
Twice, go away.
" I left it at once.
Enjoy your tea.
Hmm? [Sophie scoffs.]
I'm sorry about that.
You know, I thought I was, um, fine coming here, but it's bringing it all back.
The affair? No.
My fear.
About what? I thought we were clear all those years ago.
I am not my mother.
I will not live my mother's life.
I will not be the long-suffering spouse.
"Once, okay.
Twice, go away.
" Fuck off.
I'm not interested.
And I can't do it, James.
Especially in the fishbowl of politics.
[man laughs.]
I always thought that our marriage was, um [inhales deeply.]
Was that the lift? [James.]
What do you mean? The one that I just came up in.
Was that one of the sites of your affair? The one that made the headlines? Jesus.
I'm so sorry.
I should have found another It was thoughtless.
Soph, as awful as this week has been, and everything I put you through, I am grateful for one thing.
The certainty that you are the person I want to die with.
Would die for.
Making this right with you is all I care about.
[dramatic music playing.]
You and the kids.
If you tell me to I will give up all this.
I swear.
I will stand up right now and tell this room full of MPs that I resign.
Right now.
If that's what you want.
If the future doesn't include you, Sophie Whitehouse, the future is shite.
[Sophie inhales deeply, exhales.]
[inhales deeply, exhales.]
[gate buzzes.]
You sure you don't want Kenneth to take you back? You'll get home earlier this way.
[indistinct chatter[ [dramatic music playing.]
[crowd cheering.]
Come on, James! [crowd shouting indistinctly.]
Come on, James! Bloody hell, they're fast.
They're unstoppable.
If only he were a bit dim, it might seem fair.
But no, your boyfriend got dealt all the best cards, including a spot as an Oxford Blue.
What? It comes from the Canaanite word for "lord.
" He's the god of beauty and desire.
[James panting.]
Holly, James Whitehouse is taken.
[dramatic music swells.]
I'm going to marry that boy one day.
You gonna tell him you're gonna marry him? He knows.
He just doesn't know that he knows.
Whoo! Yes, mate.
[Sophie giggles.]
[thunder rumbling.]
Oh, James.
Nice to see Sophie here.
Thank you.
[thunder rumbling.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[dramatic music swells.]
- Mr Whitehouse.
- [James.]
Yes? Detective Sergeant Willis.
This is my colleague, Detective Constable Rydon.
We've been trying to contact you.
But your office seemed to have lost track of you.
Well, I switched my mobile off while I had tea with my wife.
Criminal behaviour, I know.
- May I ask what this is about? - Olivia Lytton.
[tense music playing.]
What about her? We'd like to ask you a few questions in connection with an allegation.
An allegation of what? Rape, sir.
An allegation of rape.
[tense music swells.]
[pop music playing.]
How the mighty fall ♪ We want it all ♪ It's a dangerous game ♪ How the mighty fall ♪ We want it all ♪ How the mighty fall ♪ Burn down all the walls ♪ We play for keeps when a tyrant reigns ♪ Nobody wins, it's a poor man's game ♪ Lost all control, break down our walls ♪ Lost all control ♪ How the mighty fall ♪ How the mighty fall ♪ We want it all ♪ It's a dangerous game ♪ How the mighty fall ♪ We want it all ♪ It's a dangerous game ♪ How the mighty fall ♪ We want it all ♪ How the mighty fall ♪ We want it all ♪ How the mighty fall ♪
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