Anatomy of a Scandal (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 - Hi.
- Hi.
What time is it? Uh, nine something.
Are you hungry? What's the matter? There's there's been a She's lying now.
Who's lying? Come out here.
He's asleep.
He's She's made an accusation.
Olivia Lytton? It's absurd.
Well, what did she Rape? It's a love-hate relationship.
I love the clear goal, and I quite love the number 10,000, but on the other hand, it's sort of like, "Yes, thank you.
" "Track my activity and mind your own fucking business," you know? How many steps so far? Well, this has 4,300, but I think it's wrong.
All I've done this morning is boil an egg and wash my face.
Wake up, Big Brother.
God, such deliberation.
Next to you, Michelangelo just threw paint at the chapel Jackson Pollock style.
Presentation matters.
Look at us in our silly costumes.
Why do we still buy into all of this nonsense? Don't you ever wonder? I like the pomp.
You mean the facade.
I said, "pomp.
" You know you don't stand a chance with this one? Now that just tells me you're terrified.
I am terrified.
That my Fitbit's on the blink.
That would be your case, lovely.
Irrevocably flawed, two separate things.
Mr Whitehouse! Mr Whitehouse! Sophie, do you believe your husband is innocent? Sophie, this way, please.
Ready? - Mrs Whitehouse! - Good morning.
Sophie! Do you think he can get away with it? What's it like sleeping with an accused rapist? As I said, this is the easy part.
Shall we? I'm Angela Regan.
You must be Sophie.
Thank you for your help.
Of course.
Are we ready to enter a plea? Yes, My Lord.
James Whitehouse, you are charged with rape.
That on the 12th day of October 2018, you intentionally penetrated the vagina of Olivia Lytton with your penis, the said Olivia Lytton not consenting to the penetration, and you, James Whitehouse, not reasonably believing that Olivia Lytton consented.
How do you plead? Guilty or not guilty? Not guilty.
Thank you, Miss Regan.
Now, I understand both sides have agreed that three months will be adequate for preparation.
Yes, My Lord.
The date for the trial has been set for the first of April.
Does either party have any difficulties with the date? Counsel have discussed the date and we are agreed that the first of April is suitable.
And what are his bail conditions, Miss Woodcroft? To surrender his passport and not to contact any prosecution witnesses.
Well, those conditions are to continue until the next hearing.
I believe that completes the housekeeping? Yes, My Lord.
Thank you, My Lord.
Be upstanding.
A person, A, commits an offence if a, he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person, B, with his penis, b, B does not consent to this penetration, and c, A does not reasonably believe that B consents.
Someone should set the Sexual Offences Act to music.
Oh, I did, almost.
Well, not music, but a mnemonic thing.
VAMP, for vagina, anus, mouth, penis.
Do you know what vamp means, other than in terms of music? It's old-fashioned slang for a flirtatious woman, isn't it? Well, it will always be vagina, anus, mouth, penis to me.
Juries don't like relationship rape, do they? What's there to like? Take it from your pupil mistress, Maggie, prosecuting sexual assault is as urgent as it is frustrating.
Lest we forget, we live in a country where raping your wife wasn't legally considered rape until 1991.
Well, curious he's got the PM on his side, Whitehouse.
I can think of at least three government blokes accused of similar things when it seemed like Tom Southern couldn't cut ties fast enough.
- They're old friends.
- He looks like a rapist.
Why do you say that? I always think when someone's that handsome, look out.
Madam Speaker, there's a notable absence in our chamber today.
Unless you've been residing under a rock, you'll know that the honourable member for Thurlsdon is facing a charge of rape, and has therefore been stripped of his ministry.
Now aside from what a nasty business that is, it leaves Mr Whitehouse's proposed amendment to his own immigration bill, um, hanging, as it were.
In light of which, Madam Speaker, I wonder if the Prime Minister fears postponement of its consideration lays the ground for thousands of migrants to be similarly left hanging.
Mr Aitken can rest assured I have no such fear.
Immigration is top of both mind and agenda in our cabinet.
Consideration of the measure will proceed under the general auspices of the Home Office.
Speaking of Mr Whitehouse, could the Prime Minister clarify for the electorate whether he still has full confidence in his dear friend, given that his dear friend is about to stand trial at the Old Bailey for rape? And if his dear chum, Mr Whitehouse, does indeed continue to enjoy the Prime Minister's full confidence, would he be so kind as to explain why? Order! Order! Order! Order! Why? Why? Because last time I checked, a man accused is not a man convicted.
Because until an allegation is proved beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law, a man who abandons a long-standing colleague and friend is not only fair-weather but spineless.
This won't be the end of it.
First it's an affair, then a rape.
What's next, cannibalism? - You don't need this shit.
- Is there a pill you could take? Let's consider what you might take, because it'll be right up the arse.
- Lovely.
- It's not just that he's a minister - He's no longer a minister.
- Who's your best mate.
People will wonder what he's got on you to earn your support.
How about that he's innocent.
Would that count for anything? He needs to be "former" best mate, "former" inner circle, I say this as one who has affection for James.
I can see it oozing out now.
Gone are the days when a shag would be a mark in the Whip's black book.
It's different now.
The road is paved in Me Too land mines.
I beseech you, Prime Minister, don't let Whitehouse's fucking fuck-up bring you down.
- Chris.
- Has he got something on you? Just tell me.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Is it just me, or does it feel many degrees colder than it is? Maybe it's the wind.
Or winter? We're looking forward to Saturday.
I promise no last-minute bailing.
Which is what I needed to tell you.
Mark has been roped into some constituency event, so we now won't be here.
That's such a shame that Ginny will have to miss her dance recital.
Oh no, we'll go up after that.
So the constituency event is late on Saturday night? Must be.
Mark talked me through how it was all going to work, but now I forget the specifics.
- Another time.
- Please.
How about Sunday? I'm joking, Ellie.
Bye! Hello.
Come on.
Quick, quick.
- Can I go over to Joe's? - Not today, darling.
Why not? 'Cause it's a busy time.
I'm not busy.
Come on.
Scarlet was talking about Daddy going to court today.
Well, people will talk.
We've discussed this.
What you need to remember is it's all a big misunderstanding.
But people believe it's true.
Is he going to go to jail? Don't be ridiculous.
- Guess what? - What? Daddy's got a surprise for you.
Are we keeping him? Well, it wouldn't be very nice to return our new pup.
Would it? What's he called? She's a she, and she needs a name.
She's so warm.
Can I have a turn? What's your name? What did she say, Finn? She said Velcro.
Velcro Whitehouse.
I hereby christen our lovely new pooch - A Whitehouse.
- And what's the thing about Whitehouses? We always come out on top.
Welcome to the family.
Oh I love them, Aunt Kate! Oh I'm so pleased, Ollie.
Look what I got.
Oh great.
Do you like it? Don't take this the wrong way, but occasionally I do imagine the unfortunate accident that would lead to having my gorgeous godson all to myself.
You raise one, you raise all three.
I'd do it happily.
I remember the young Kate.
You never wanted kids.
Now and then my imagination does.
As is the secret you kept from me.
What secret? I take it this is the "quite high-profile" case to which you referred? - Yes.
- You sure about this one? Well, you're the one who encouraged me to take it.
But it's James Whitehouse.
And he's a minister.
Former minister.
For now.
Look, I hate to say it, but he seems to be doing a good job, for a Tory.
I don't care who he is.
The CPS thinks it's a strong case.
As long as you know what you're doing.
go out clubbing, am I, Chris? Obviously.
As I've already told you a thousand times, only Olivia.
Well, of course.
Of course.
That was Chris Clarke, confirming I'm gonna keep a low-profile.
And what was he saying about Olivia? Nothing.
He wanted to be sure there wouldn't be any more surprises from my past, which I assured him there would not.
What about her past? Why doesn't he focus on Olivia Lytton for God's sake? Why is she lying about you? Why doesn't he poke into that? Oh, he'll poke into everything, believe me.
And apparently, we've got a proper cunt, his word, as a QC.
He says this Kate Woodcroft is relentless.
I hate her.
Who? Olivia.
For lying about you, for trying to destroy you.
And for what? She's upset over a fling.
In the meantime, you have to rally the troops.
Reach out to Tom.
Make sure he really is still on side.
He can't be seen with me right now.
So don't be seen with him.
Oh right? Lovely.
See you later, old chap.
Excuse me, would you hold that thought? Did you do it? - Rape her? - Yes.
How can you ask me that? You know better.
You know me better than anybody else.
I'm sorry.
I had to ask.
Chris thinks they're gonna start digging into the past.
Well, let them dig.
What else are they gonna find but photos of a bunch of posh lads behaving badly? They published those when I became PM.
They might not stop there this time.
We'll get through this.
I am terrified.
We'll get through this.
Chris says the case against you is pitifully weak.
It'll be over soon.
Omertà of the Libertines.
Omertà of the Libertines! Omertà of the Libertines! More champers.
- Excellent work, Tom.
- Let's not drink it.
Let's waste it.
Let's drink it and piss it up the wall.
Yeah! Put your todger back, man.
Come on, man, open it.
Pour it away.
More Bolly! In years to come, we'll be able to say we were rich enough to pour our Bolly away.
Mwah! Don't look so shocked.
I'll support you.
A thousand apologies for my beastly friends.
We will, of course, reimburse you for the damage.
Yeah! All the Bolly, now pour it away! All the Bolly, now pour it away! All the Bolly, now pour it away! All the Bolly, now pour it away! All the Bolly, now pour it away! All the Bolly, now pour it away! All the Bolly, now pour it away! the power difference, for one thing.
Olivia was his employee.
Yes, but don't you find that juries often have a soft spot for the office romance? Not when there's such a difference in status and age.
What kind of agency did she really have? Now, that's a buzzword for you.
It is if you've never had to worry about it.
I'm objecting to the lingo, not the concept.
I know.
The hard part, of course, is that she fancied him.
You know what Maggie was saying? Who's Maggie? My pupil.
I told you about her.
From Slough.
- Bright, ambitious.
- Which is why she got out of Slough.
Anyway, she thinks that James Whitehouse looks like a rapist.
Based on what? Nothing.
It's probably nonsense.
She just has an instinct about him.
Anyway, I like her.
- Who? - Maggie.
She's direct, doesn't hold back.
As long as she follows your lead.
Times have changed since you were my pupil master.
How so? I never questioned what you told me.
They're more sceptical these days.
Can you come home with me? Yes, please.
Felicity? In Wiltshire.
Why are you sitting in the dark? No reason.
How was he? Steadfast.
Can I get you something? I made a mistake.
Marrying me? Giving up my career.
Stupid mistake.
I think you're revising history a little bit.
What do you mean? I was utterly invested in children's literature.
I practically lived in Narnia while I did my dissertation.
What? I just remember a lot of "bloody Narnia"s" and "fuck Narnia," and Well, you're the one who jokes about having charmed your way through a degree.
Well, yes, dissertations are hard, but anyway, it got me a job.
You were frustrated at Macmillan.
It was all lost socks and narcoleptic dinosaurs.
I was frustrated with the preschool division.
If I'd stuck it out, moved on to YA I suppose I didn't love it like you love your job, but I still managed to get a degree from one of the best universities.
I'm sure I could get hired somewhere.
So you want to look for a job, now? Well, when all this is over, then.
I think that's a wonderful idea.
Maybe it's best I'm not there.
Where? In court every day once the trial starts.
I don't know if I can bear it.
And what use would I be anyway? What use would you be, Sophie? I can tell you right now.
If you don't show up in court, you may as well announce to the world you think I'm guilty.
Don't get sharp.
I could go to prison.
That's not going to happen.
If you believe me, you'll be there.
I do believe you, but I'm gonna have to see how I feel in three months' time.
It's a long way away.
I didn't mean to imply that you weren't a serious student.
It's the ultimate test.
"Sir Gawain, the youngest of all of King Arthur's knights, bravely volunteers to accept the Green Knight's challenge, and in doing so, he proves his commitment to the code of chivalry.
" What about you, Holly? Do you agree with Sophie's analysis? Yes and no.
I think things get more interesting after the Green Knight picks up his own severed head.
Gawain's a womaniser, And he has to choose between loyalty or courtesy.
So it is a test.
It's subversive.
It both elevates and rubbishes the whole idea of chivalry.
That's rather a neat take.
You're clever.
Let's divide and conquer.
What? The Anglo-Saxon translations.
We are tutorial partners after all.
- But - I'm just being practical.
There is so much to read and so many more fun things to do.
What do you think? I think he would have gone for you.
Who? King Arthur's knight.
You're his type.
Did you finish the whatsit? - The Malory? - Yeah.
Did you read your part? Not yet, but I am getting an essay from my friend Ned later.
I got it in exchange for two beers.
Is that all it cost you? Holly.
What are you implying? So do you have those notes? Okay.
Well I've got to get to practice.
You're a goddess.
When are you leaving? Half past.
I'll be ready.
Do you have the Prime Minister's support, Mr Whitehouse? What'd you think your marriage If you follow politics, if you follow the media, you may recognise the man being tried.
But I want you to be impervious to whatever you've read or heard.
This is a rape case.
A serious crime, obviously.
Now, we all have prejudices, but you must not let preconceived ideas or conjecture influence you at any time.
The case must be tried solely according to the evidence.
So from this point on, you are instructed to stay off the Internet.
Nor under any circumstances are you to conduct your own research.
Most importantly, you are not to discuss the case outside the jury room.
Not with friends, not with family.
I am Miss Woodcroft, and I appear on behalf of the prosecution.
The defendant, James Whitehouse, is represented by Miss Regan who sits to my right.
This case concerns an event that took place between two individuals, James Whitehouse, the defendant, and a young woman named Olivia Lytton.
Mr Whitehouse, as his Lordship has said, may look familiar.
He is a member of Parliament, and until he was charged with this offence, a government minister.
He is married with two young children.
Miss Lytton was his parliamentary researcher.
She started working for him in March of last year.
By May, the two of them had embarked on an affair.
It was a consensual relationship, which was ended by Mr Whitehouse on the 5th of October.
And that might have been that.
Except it wasn't.
Miss Lytton continued to work for James Whitehouse, and on the 12th of October, a week after their affair had finished, he raped her in a lift off the committee corridor in the heart of the House of Commons.
There is no dispute that sexual intercourse took place.
What is in dispute is the nature of it.
Was this, as the Crown submits, a violent act of rape to which Miss Lytton did not consent? Or was it, as the defence submits, an act of passion, a frenzied bout of lovemaking by two individuals caught up in the moment? Yes, or no.
That is what consent comes down to.
In this case, it is the Crown's simple contention that what began as a "yes" very quickly became a "no.
" When you come to consider your verdict, you must decide three things.
One, did penetration by a penis take place? The answer is yes.
That is not in dispute.
Two, at the point of penetration did Miss Lytton consent? And three, at the point of penetration did Mr Whitehouse reasonably believe that Miss Lytton was consenting? It really is no more complicated than that.
Can you swear in the witness? Can you read the words on the card? I swear by almighty God that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Could you state your name, please? Olivia Lytton.
Your full name and a little louder, please.
Olivia Clarissa Lytton.
Ms Lytton, I'm going to ask you some questions and we're going to take things slowly.
Okay? Let's begin at the beginning.
When did you start working for Mr Whitehouse? In March.
And what was your role in his office? I was a parliamentary researcher.
Did you enjoy your work? Very much.
I was able to put my education to use.
I don't think it's in dispute that you went to Cambridge University and took a degree in political science.
And studied public policy as a postgrad.
Could you just tell us a bit about what your work as a parliamentary researcher involved? In addition to investigating all the nuances of a given issue, I would also contribute writing to briefings and press releases.
How would you describe the culture within the office? Collegial.
Uh, we worked long hours and felt like we were in the trenches together.
And how did the staff feel about Mr Whitehouse? We all liked him, respected him.
How did you address him? We all called him Minister, but he preferred James.
- Did you call him James? - No.
Always Minister.
Until later.
What was he like? Friendly, but not overly so.
Did you socialise together? Patrick and Kitty, the staff in the private office and I, would sometimes go for a drink.
- But James never did.
- I don't disagree.
It's a sound immigration reform the minister is proposing.
Sound? It's brilliant.
It manages to be tough and humane and apolitical all at once.
That's how talented a politician James is.
He can sell anything to the public.
Those cocktail eyes of his don't hurt.
Olivia! He's old and married.
I'm merely referring to his ability to seduce the electorate.
And why didn't the minister join the staff for drinks? He had a heavy workload, and he would say he needed to go home to see his family.
Did things change between you and Mr Whitehouse? - Yes.
- How did that change come about? When we first went for a drink together on the 18th of May.
I'd been for a drink with friends earlier from the office.
- See you tomorrow.
- Too late.
- No, no, no.
- I've already bought us a third round.
See you tomorrow.
What happened next? I realised I'd forgotten my gym bag at the office, and I was planning on an early-morning workout, so I went back.
Oh, Minister.
And on the 18th of May, when you ran into Mr Whitehouse, what happened? I think I was nervous.
The House wasn't sitting, and I hadn't expected to see him.
I was I was just rushing to collect my bag.
- And what happened when you stumbled? - He helped me.
Uh, he sort of - You all right? - Yeah.
And had anything like that ever happened before? He'd never touched me.
It was all quite proper in the office.
How long did he carry on touching your arm? Well, he Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, he he dropped it once I'd put my shoe back on.
- What happened next? - He asked me for a drink.
He asked you? Yes.
Do you remember the words he used? The exact words.
Do you fancy a drink, Olivia? And what did you say? I said, "I probably shouldn't, but - Yes.
- Where did you go? The Terrace Bar.
I'd call it navy.
What about you? I'd call it night.
You think like a poet.
- Is that a criticism? - Not at all.
Politics could always use more poetry.
I like working for you In in your office.
I've learned a lot, actually.
What have you learned? How to lie.
Excuse me? Uh, for for the right reasons, I mean.
Um, strategically, expertly, not not lie as much as redirect attention to more favourable facts.
I'd call it navy.
You think like a poet.
I'd call it night.
I like a woman who likes her whiskey.
My dad taught me.
He says I have a discerning palate.
I'm not a liar, Olivia.
I'm sorry, Minister.
You always smell so good.
That's the truth.
Did you talk about anything else? Just one thing actually.
And what was that? I said Your wife must be wondering where you are.
- And what did he say to that? - He didn't.
What happened next? I repeated the question.
About his wife? I don't know why, but I said No, really.
Won't your wife be wondering where you are? And what did he say the second time? She trusts me.
Did the affair with Mr Whitehouse start that night? No.
Nothing happened until a week later.
This is May? The 23rd of May.
What happened on the 23rd of May? He booked a hotel.
What do you think? Shall we have some more? I owe you Parliamentary Questions in the morning.
Worry about the morning tomorrow.
My heart says yes, but my head says no.
My future headache that is.
Hearts are much smarter than heads.
Really? Always.
Heads are idiots.
How long did the relationship last? Five months.
Could you tell us when Mr Whitehouse broke off the relationship? It was the 5th of October.
Olivia? Do you have a moment? Just so you know, James, Mary and Roger are still managing constituent emails a mere three metres away.
So You are such a lovely woman.
We've had a great time, but it had to conclude.
We both know that.
It's my preference that you continue in your position as parliamentary researcher because you're so damn good at it.
But if you'd feel more comfortable elsewhere, then I'd happily have a chat with another minister or different department.
No, no, no.
That won't be necessary.
So we're all fine then? Yes.
Of course we are.
Because I do so appreciate your talent.
Which talent? You're amazing, Olivia.
You're young, you're bright.
You could do anything you want.
What about the amendment? Uh, the immigration amendment? I had some line edits, some language I think might help push it through.
Do you need to take a break, Miss Lytton? No.
I'm fine.
That day in the office, did he say anything else? Honestly, once he'd broken it off, I couldn't process the words coming out of his mouth.
Mostly I was concentrating on my own.
Your own? Mouth.
I was focusing on not letting him see my lip move.
I didn't want it to end because I was in love with him.
Taxi! Krystyna? She doesn't mean anything to me.
It was just sex.
I was weak.
She trusts me.
I'm still in love with you.
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