Ancient Aliens s07e01 Episode Script

Aliens and Stargates

A doorway to other dimensions They were traveling through some sort of energetic portal.
an unexplained disappearance The idea that, all of a sudden, they would just disappear into thin air there's something going on there.
and a cave said to be the gateway to Hell.
Even today, any birds going near it fall down dead.
Is it possible that portals to other points in the universe truly exist right here on Earth? And might these so-called stargates actually provide a connection to alien civilizations? It's possible that we were created by these ancient gods who came here in stargates and they intended for us to one day join them in the stars.
Perhaps today is that day.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, might they have arrived here through stargates? Pamukkale, Turkey.
Here, 200 miles south of Istanbul, lie the ruins of Hierapolis, an ancient city that served as a sacred site to the Phrygians in the 3rd century BC.
In March 2013, Italian archaeologists announced that they had unearthed something the ancient Greeks described as a gateway to Hell.
The ancients in Greece and Roman civilizations had a fascination with the underworld, the realm of Hades and Pluto.
There were many stories of travelers who were able to transit into these unseen realms.
To go to the land of the dead and survive was a great miracle showing great heroism.
According to the accounts of Greek geographer Strabo, this cave, now partially bricked up, was known as a Ploutonion, or Pluto's Gate, for the god of the underworld.
It was considered so sacred that only cult priests were allowed near it.
These priests worshipped a powerful goddess known as Cybele.
Cybele started out as a goddess that was important in Asia Minor and then spread west into Greece and Rome.
She is known as the guardian of the gateways.
You would have to get Cybele's permission to move through time and space.
Iconographically, she is often portrayed as standing next to the gate to the other world.
I think the realm of the gods has always fascinated humans because it is imagined as being very different from our own realm, and so humans have always sought a way to enter the realm of the gods, to have those ecstatic experiences that happen when you are in communication with a deity.
Legends from around the world describe sacred entryways similar to Pluto's Gate that led to the land of the gods.
In many cases, these gates not only provided instant passage outside the confines of Earth, but even beyond space and time.
And according to some myths, they were traversed by otherworldly beings.
Throughout the ancient world, we're presented with stories of advanced beings who came from the stars, star beings.
In many of these instances, they are described as passing through portals or star doors.
The term we use today is stargate.
A stargate is a place that allows transportation to another planet or somewhere out in the stars.
There have been a number of locations across the planet where it's been felt that the ancients built stargates.
Are such passages or stargates just the product of our ancestors' imaginations? Or might this kind of interstellar travel have actually existed in the ancient world? If so, who or what created such advanced technology thousands of years ago? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe more clues can be found in the descriptions of the elaborate rituals that took place at the Turkish Ploutonion.
It was a great spectacle when the priests of Cybele would do their ceremonial sacrifice.
They'd lead a bull into the cave, and the bull would die of the gases in this cave, and the people were gathered, watching this whole thing.
Then the priests would bring out this sacrificed animal, and everyone would notice the priests were alive, showing they had some great power or direct connection to the divine source to be able to survive the rituals themselves.
This would prove then that this was the gate to Hell, and all the people would be afraid and have great respect for it.
The fact that these rituals existed the fact that Cybele was known as the guardian of the gateway, tells us that the ancients were doing something really important with this idea of time travel, of portals.
Excavations have revealed that in fact there are vapors rising from the ground at the site that contain poisonous levels of carbon dioxide and other gases capable of killing anyone or anything that breathes them in.
The ancient story said that animals that came anywhere near this would drop down dead.
The same still occurs today.
Any birds going near it fall down dead.
If the toxins within the cave were potent enough to kill a bull, how did the priests survive this ritual? Is it possible, as some ancient astronaut theorists believe, that the priests had received secret knowledge and perhaps even access to a stargate from an otherworldly being known as Cybele? In Pamukkale, Turkey, this does appear to be a preserved record of a possible stargate technology that is being used.
As these special priests were able to go into this area, they may have been traveling through some sort of energetic portal that gave them the ability to reach some other location that was completely different from where people normally were going if they walked into this area.
You have to wonder if there was something secret in this cave that they were hiding, perhaps some kind of inter-dimensional stargate technology, and that they would put on this show to basically frighten them, make sure that they realized this cave was a forbidden place to go into and in fact was some kind of repository for alien technology and possibly stargates.
Could the Ploutonion really be an extraterrestrial stargate one that was protected by priests in order to dissuade others from approaching it? And if so, why? Perhaps the answer can be found at another ancient site more than 7,000 miles away.
Machu Picchu, Peru.
Approximately 50 miles northwest of Cuzco, nestled high up in the Andes Mountains, these ancient Inca ruins believed to have been a palace complex date back to the 15th century.
Located in the southwestern corner of what archaeologists contend was the site's main plaza is the Temple of Three Windows, a stone hall 35 feet long and 14 feet wide, containing three trapezoidal windows along one wall.
Textbooks say that the windows of the Temple of the Three Windows are aligned perfectly to let June solstice sunrise come right in at a perfect angle, that the entire building is oriented to receive the first light as it comes over the mountains through those three windows at summer solstice.
Some scholars believe the three windows symbolize the Incan creation myth.
According to legend, the children of the sun god Viracocha stepped into the world through three mysterious openings in a mountain, and gave rise to the Incan civilization.
In the creation story of the Incan people, the Children of the Sun, the Ayar Brothers, came down through three portals, three windows, to begin the Incan people.
The temple at Machu Picchu, with three windows, is said to represent this miraculous event.
These brothers were the offspring of the god Viracocha that seemed to have brought the first wisdom and knowledge and rudiments of civilization to the peoples of South America.
And by simply looking through these three windows, the mind could reach out and connect once more with these gods and communicate with them.
Some ancient astronaut theorists believe the Incan creation story may be more than simply mythology.
They believe it could be a description of stargate travel taking place thousands of years ago.
When you read this story, you're instantly thinking that this is some kind of a stargate they're describing, and that these children of the sun, these advanced solar beings possessed some kind of stargate technology that enabled them to open these gateways.
And maybe the Inca story is a recollection of their utilization of this stargate technology.
The Ayar Brothers could be very real beings who came in, visited the Incans, gave them the basis of their science, their technology, their spoken language, all of the aspects of civilization, and used a stargate portal technology on the side of a mountain to get there.
Was the great Inca Empire actually created by extraterrestrials that traveled to Earth through a so-called stargate? And might that explain why ancient sites like the Ploutonion were so highly guarded? Perhaps the answer has already been discovered, not in the ancient world, but by modern science.
Princeton, New Jersey.
July 1935.
While collaborating at the Institute for Advanced Study, physicists Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen publish a groundbreaking idea.
They come to the conclusion that the Theory of Relativity actually allows for shortcuts across the space-time continuum.
These paths, called Einstein-Rosen bridges, more commonly known as wormholes, connect two distant locations, making travel to the most remote stars in the universe a possibility.
What you're talking about is a structure in space that involves very, very strong bending of space and the connecting of two different parts of space.
So, if you think of a piece of paper curved around and then punched out and connected from one place to the other, that's your basic wormhole.
If we look at the distance from our planet to the nearest star system, it's 4.
2 light-years away.
That means you would have to travel for 4.
2 years at the speed of light, which is 186,000 miles a second, just to get there.
The only way, really, to do that would be by something like a wormhole.
While the idea of wormhole travel offers incredible possibilities, realizing this technology poses immense challenges.
Scientists estimate that creating a traversable wormhole would require a far greater amount of energy than anything we can produce today.
But there is a theory that so-called "exotic matter" may provide the key to unlocking wormhole travel.
What you need is matter with negative mass.
And we're only aware of matter with positive mass.
So, we call this exotic matter.
Not that it couldn't exist, we're just not aware of it yet.
But the bottom line is, it takes huge amounts of energy to create these.
Imagine taking all of Jupiter now, its entire mass, and converting that to energy.
You know, you're talking millions and millions of times more energy than you have in a nuclear bomb.
Although most scientists say that we're a long way from developing the technology to create wormholes if such a thing is even possible at all there are those who believe these celestial shortcuts already exist.
In 1991, scientists at Vanderbilt University proposed that the chaos of the Big Bang not only created the universe, but also may have caused the formation of mini wormholes billions of years ago.
During the Big Bang, space-time itself was being mashed together, expanded, contracted.
And one theory says that if you had something of the size of the Himalaya Mountains, the space-time around it could have been so badly stressed that it would mash this matter inside its own event horizon.
In the same way, you can imagine space-time being mashed together and forming a mini wormhole.
The possible result, according to researchers, would be a wormhole about the size of an atom.
Once located, these mini wormholes could possibly be stretched to create a traversable wormhole.
One of the things we know is that since the Big Bang, the universe has been expanding, which means space-time, overall, has been stretching.
So, if when the universe is quite small, you make a teeny little wormhole, as that whole structure stretches, that whole wormhole stretches and grows big as well.
So, you could end up with a very large wormhole now.
If wormholes were created in the earliest stages of the universe, is it possible, as some ancient astronaut theorists suggest, that celestial beings have already used them to travel to Earth in the distant past? It's very possible that wormholes or stargates opening and beings coming through them are a way to explain how man was interacting with ancient gods.
Chihuahua, Mexico.
Just 125 miles from the Texas border.
This vast archaeological site, situated near the base of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain range, dates back to 1,200 AD.
Known as both Paquimé and Casas Grandes, only part of the extensive remains estimated to contain more than 2,000 clay rooms have been excavated, revealing a well-planned city containing plazas, stores, workshops and multi-story residential buildings with an advanced water and sewage system.
Paquimé or Casas Grandes is larger than any other site for hundreds of miles in any direction.
And there's an interesting melding of different cultures.
In some aspects, it's a very Mesoamerican, or Aztec, city.
In other regards, it's a very Pueblo or Southwest culture city.
At its height, Paquimé is believed to have had a population of more than 10,000.
But this thriving pre-Columbian civilization declined and mysteriously disappeared by the 16th century.
While no one knows exactly who the inhabitants of Paquimé were, it is believed that their descendants may be the indigenous people of the region, known as the Tarahumara.
The Tarahumara now live high up in the canyons of the Sierra Madre, and much of what is known about the ancient city of Paquimé comes from the stories passed down to them from their ancestors.
According to their legends, Paquimé is a sacred place where star people have appeared for centuries.
Described as light, tall and blond, the Tarahumara say these mysterious beings emerged from doorways in the ruins.
The Tarahumara truly believe that the star people exist still today in the Chihuahua Desert.
They believe that these tall, blond people represent maybe the heirs of the star people that first brought them to this world.
They believe that there is a portal, and that these star people use this portal today to transport to various places on the Earth and off world as well.
Throughout the architecture of Paquimé are hundreds of uniquely T-shaped openings, openings that closely resemble an ancient doorway more than Here, perched high in the Andes Mountains, this shallow T-shaped opening called the "Doorway of Amaru Muru," is surrounded by many legends describing it as an active portal that transports beings both into and out of this world.
This could be a coincidence if it weren't for the fact that at Paquimé, there are strange stories of the appearance of these Caucasian-like beings.
And there are very similar stories to do with this gate of the gods in Peru.
It's possible that this does represent a stargate location in which extraterrestrial humans are seen as coming and going during certain opportune points in the year when the stargate becomes active.
Considering the similar doorways and legends of otherworldly beings at Paquimé and Amaru Muru, is it possible these ancient sites were built by extraterrestrials as stargates? Some ancient astronaut theorists say that not only were stargates present at places like Paquimé and Amaru Muru in the distant past, but that there may be functioning stargates here on Earth even today.
The Sargasso Sea.
Stretching 700 miles wide and body of water is completely isolated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.
It is a sea without shores, surrounded by some of the strongest currents in the world.
And due to a number of unexplained incidents that have occurred here, it has earned the nicknames Sea of Lost Ships, the Calms of Death, and the Sea of Fear.
And curiously, although the waters around it are violent, the Sargasso Sea itself is calm.
The water is unusually blue mysterious, as if the currents don't affect this one area, as if the winds stopped or as if time stands still.
Back in the time of sailing ships, if sailing ships went into this area, they could not necessarily get out, and they were seen as sort of being trapped by the Sargasso Sea.
Boats will be found perfectly intact there, but the crew will have disappeared without a trace.
Now, why would that be? Because it's strange, since the Sargasso Sea is known for its calm waters.
Perhaps the oldest known and most famous disappearance reported from the Sargasso Sea occurred in August the Rosalie was traveling from Germany to Cuba.
According to the London Times, when it was discovered drifting aimlessly, the vessel was completely abandoned, although perfectly intact with the sails still set.
What happened to the Rosalie remains a mystery, but similar occurrences have continued to plague the Sargasso Sea for centuries.
In 1881, a ship by the name of the Ellen Austin found a derelict schooner in the Sargasso Sea.
They put a crew aboard it, and sailed in tandem back towards London for several days.
About two days later, the schooner was found to be sailing erratically, and when it was boarded again, that crew had also disappeared, absolutely into thin air.
It was as if the people were simply beamed out of it.
It is also interesting to note that the Sargasso Sea is directly in contact with the area we call the Bermuda Triangle.
There may be some type of stargate or portal activation in this area.
Could the reports of strange disappearances occurring in the Sargasso Sea, and also in the Bermuda Triangle that overlaps this body of water, be explained by the presence of a stargate? Ancient astronaut theorists believe further evidence can be found deep within one of North America's largest lakes.
Lake Michigan.
Stretching across this 22,300- square-mile body of water from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, to Ludington and Benton Harbor, Michigan is another mysterious area known as the Michigan Triangle.
Like the Sargasso Sea, this portion of the massive freshwater lake has been associated with bizarre and puzzling disappearances.
In 1937, there was a freighter named the McFarland which passed through the Michigan Triangle.
The captain of the ship went to his cabin to get some sleep, told his second mate to come and awaken him at a specific time.
When the second mate knocked on the door, there was no answer.
The door was locked from the inside.
They broke in, and the captain had simply disappeared.
None of the portholes were open.
None of the windows were open.
There was no way for the captain to have gotten out of the ship.
They never could find the guy.
Did he jump off the ship? Who knows? But the ship was exactly in this triangle in Lake Michigan.
But ships aren't the only crafts affected by this area of Lake Michigan.
There are accounts of as many as in the Michigan Triangle.
In 1950, 13 years after the captain of the McFarland went missing, Northwest Airlines Flight 2501, carrying 55 passengers and three crew, disappeared as it passed over the Michigan Triangle.
The wreckage has never been discovered, and investigations continue to this day.
No wreckage was ever found.
The families have been despondent over it.
They continue to look for the wreckage.
There's a monument to them on the shores of Lake Michigan, but not a trace not a belt buckle, not a wallet, not a chair nothing from the aircraft has ever been found.
And the area was searched for six days afterwards.
It's been searched extensively by salvagers in the decades since, and no one has ever found a thing.
Ships have been there they've disappeared.
Airplanes have flown into the region they've disappeared.
These aircraft and ships are just gone.
Now, for me, the very fact that they are totally vanished, that makes me think that possibly they've been sucked into some form of wormhole and unfortunately get trapped on the other side.
Could the murky waters of Lake Michigan actually be hiding the entrance to a wormhole, as some researchers suggest? Might that explain why there has been such peculiar phenomenon here, including countless sightings of strange unidentified flying objects, both overhead and coming from below the surface? There have been witnesses that have actually seen green glowing disks fly up out of the lake.
They've seen blue spherical objects fly into the lake.
Gateways through space and time will have a luminous quality.
They will appear as spherical formations of plasma.
It seems that certain areas of water are often where these portals are naturally forming.
It's possible that extraterrestrials may have been accessing that area and, in fact, it may still be active today, thus accounting for these UFO sightings and all the bizarre disappearances.
These areas are very inaccessible.
The whole concept of some of these stargates and portals being actually underwater makes a lot of sense.
It's possible that there's a network of underwater portals spread throughout the world.
These portals could be accessed by extraterrestrial beings who use them to come and go from the stars.
Could there be stargates hidden deep within our lakes and oceans that extraterrestrials might still be using, even to this day? And, if so, might humans one day be able to access these stargates as well? Some scientists believe that not only will we travel through stargates which already exist but that we may even be close to creating them ourselves.
Cal State Fullerton, 2013.
Here, in a small lab at this public university, physicist Jim Woodward conducts experiments that he believes will one day change the way we travel through space.
I was primarily interested in trying to figure out how to make stuff go fast.
And to do that, you need to master the problem of propulsion.
To master the problem of propulsion, to achieve speeds that are a significant fraction of the speed of light, you have to be able to manipulate inertia.
And so that's how I got interested in gravity and inertia.
What I've found is that it may indeed be possible to get around space-time quickly.
Woodward's work seeks to prove a controversial theory known as Mach's principle, which says that there is a direct relationship between the motion of mass here on Earth and that of distant matter that exists throughout the universe.
Woodward theorizes that if this proves true, it could be the key to unlocking stargate travel.
The idea was first introduced in physicist Ernst Mach.
Mach's principle, at the simplest level, is the assertion that when you push on an object, the reason why it pushes back on you is because of the gravitational action of the most distant matter in the universe acting through the object.
And so the matter out there, far, far away, is the stuff that determines the inertial properties of objects locally.
Mach's principle basically says that all the stars, all the planets, all the galaxies out there do, in fact, have an effect on us here.
And the reason they do is because of the way they warp space-time.
So even though you may not see it, the world around you is determined by what's going on potentially light-years away from you.
Woodward's initial interest in Mach's principle was not to create wormholes but to revolutionize space travel by creating propulsion without expelling matter from the craft.
Our standard way of thinking of propulsion is we send stuff out the back of something.
So, you have a rocket it sends hot gasses out the back.
You have a jet engine it sucks air in from the front and shoots it out the back.
So almost all of our propulsion systems are that basic principle: throw something out the back, you move forward.
The Mach principle almost think about it maybe as a surf wave.
Right, you're riding along on the wave and that's moving you forward.
You don't actually have to send anything out back.
In this sort of effect, the idea is essentially to create a wave in space that you move forward on.
But Dr.
Woodward discovered that Mach's principle could have implications beyond just propulsion.
He believes it holds the key to actually creating traversable wormholes, giving us the ability to travel to the most remote corners of the universe.
The experiments suggest that if scientists could somehow separate or decouple ordinary mass from the influence of this distant matter, huge amounts of negative energy could potentially be exposed.
In principle, you should be able to engineer devices that will enable you to screen matter from the influence of gravity of distant matter in the universe.
And if you can do that, you can make stargates.
While the existence of Mach's principle is still debated in the scientific community, Dr.
Woodward believes his experiments prove its validity.
By running electricity through a stack of lead zirconium titanate crystals known as PZTs, Woodward accelerates and temporarily changes the rest mass of the device he calls the Mach Effect Thruster.
If Mach's principle holds true, when the mass of the Mach Thruster fluctuates, it will interact with the distant matter in the universe, resulting in a small amount of measurable thrust.
All of this is happening through a gravitational connection between this local device and the rest of the matter in the universe.
We have the Mach Effect Thruster here mounted in the Faraday cage, and it's located on the end of the beam like so.
The reason why you put the thrust balance in a vacuum chamber is because you're trying to detect exceedingly small thrust on the order of a micronewton.
This display is of data taken over a period of one day.
The red trace is thrust.
The dark blue trace is the power being delivered to the device.
This is the clearest evidence for the Mach effect.
This large thrust transient, when the center frequency is turned on, followed by a thrust transient when it is turned off.
None of that thrust should be there if there aren't any Mach effects.
Could Dr.
Woodward's experiments really be proof that Mach's principle is true and wormhole travel is a real scientific possibility? If so, might we be able to create actual stargates in the near future? If you're willing to devote significant resources to trying to do this, I would think that you should be able to build prototype very crude stargates within a decade or two.
Once we have this concept and, in theory, could develop the technology to move through wormholes, it's only natural that we would think that ancient extraterrestrials and alien societies would have also thought of this thousands of years ago.
Does modern research into wormholes really suggest that stargates have a basis in scientific reality? And might more advanced alien beings have used this knowledge to travel to Earth in the distant past? Some ancient astronaut theorists say the strongest proof that extraterrestrials arrived here through stargates may lie in a and a mysterious hieroglyph carved on its wall.
Abydos, Egypt.
This 5,000-year-old archaeological site near the Nile River was a burial place for the first kings of Egypt.
The ancient city was a major center of religious pilgrimage, where Osiris, the god of the underworld, was revered.
Osiris was the god that was said to have brought wisdom and knowledge to those who preceded the dynastic Egyptians.
Abydos was a place that people came to communicate with Osiris.
It was considered the place where the god Osiris had been buried.
Osiris had been the originator of the pharaonic civilization.
He was the first pharaoh, if you like.
The myth is that Osiris was cut in several pieces by his evil brother, and the head was found and kept at Abydos.
Abydos was said to have been the burial place of Osiris.
That this is where he was supposed to physically stand guard between this world and the next.
Construction on the largest of the temples at Abydos began in the 13th century BC by the Pharaoh Seti, and is dedicated to Osiris.
Depicted on the wall of the temple's Osiris Chapel is a mysterious hieroglyph that some researchers believe represents the vessel that held the head of the powerful god.
The relic of Abydos it is this sort of bell-shaped object.
And on top of it is usually two plumes.
When we look at the hieroglyphs of the head of Osiris, what we see is something that appears to be very technological or mechanical.
It looks like some kind of an ancient antenna type of a device.
Might this depiction of Osiris really represent an ancient technological device? One so important that the Egyptians memorialized it here, on the walls of this sacred temple? And if so, what was its purpose? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe more clues can be found on the opposite wall of the chapel, where Pharaoh Seti is shown transforming into this Osiris device while traveling on a solar barge.
The solar barge was a vehicle that was able to make that journey from this world to the next.
So, in other words, in many ways, it was actually a boat to the stars.
But the shape of the solar barge bares a curious similarity to the Einstein-Rosen bridge.
So, the solar barge could be a primitive depiction of people watching a luminous stargate appearing and then it being used as a teleportation device.
On the depiction of the solar barge, the head of Pharaoh Seti appears to be emerging from that portal.
Perhaps Seti was a time traveler utilizing just such technology given to him by the ancient gods.
It suggests that Seti utilized this ancient technology to turn himself into a star being so that he could travel the stargates and wormholes for eternity.
Maybe gods like Osiris were actually extraterrestrials using this stargate technology to come to Earth and teach mankind.
Could these hieroglyphs really be depicting a device that allowed Pharaoh Seti to travel across time and space? Is it possible that the Egyptians and other ancient cultures around the world really encountered extraterrestrials who came to Earth through stargates? Just because our scientists of today haven't quite figured it out yet doesn't mean that some other civilization thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of years older, hasn't figured it out either.
Remember, the universe is infinite, which means that there are infinite possibilities.
We may have known in the past what was going on, and about these portals and wormholes.
And that is why stories like astral travel and stargates and inter-dimensional voyages are something that we've been hearing about for thousands of years.
And we're just now rediscovering it for ourselves, this knowledge given to us by the extraterrestrials.
It's possible that this is the next step in human evolution.
It will represent a new beginning for humankind; and perhaps this was always the plan from the ancient times.
We were created by these ancient gods who came here in stargates and wormholes, and they intended for us to one day join them in the stars.
Could Earth really be home to stargates that link us to distant points throughout the universe? Pathways that extraterrestrials have used for thousands of years, and that we are only beginning to rediscover? And if we ever do unlock the key to stargate travel, will we discover that we've been connected to alien civilizations all along?
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