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Aliens in America

Strange carvings They predate any known civilization in the Americas.
mysterious sightings There are things in this country that nobody's even dreamed of.
and unexplained phenomena.
When you see radar tracings, ground-based eyewitness reports, there's something going on here.
Is there more to America's past than is found in our history books? And could the mysterious stories and relics found throughout the land be evidence that the American continent has extraterrestrial origins? America's really a very mysterious place with all kinds of strange legends.
And some of the explanations may have to do with extraterrestrials.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, can the proof be found in America? Stephenville, Texas.
On the cloudless evening of January 8, 2008 more than a dozen people, including a police officer and a private pilot, spot a luminous spherical object floating silently across the sky.
It was very intense bright light and they spanned - a wide area.
- It was so fast when it took off, you know, and it made not a sound.
Radar reports released by the FAA confirm an object without a transponder exactly where ground observers see the UFO.
The January, UFO over Stephenville, Texas, is particularly interesting.
A number of people saw this giant glowing ball of light moving through the sky.
It was picked up on the radar.
According to reports, for two hours, the UFO slowly moves some 70 miles across the Texas countryside.
Military aircraft are in the air nearby and radar records show that they initially made no overt action toward the unidentified object.
The first government report said that this was not anything except for some bizarre optical phenomena, such as a reflection of light in the sky.
But when you see people who have radar tracings, ground-based eyewitness reports, that's not a reflection.
There's something going on here.
Stephenville, Texas, certainly implies that UFOs are a commonplace occurrence in America, and the military stays out of the way.
In the United States, there are over 6,000 UFO sightings reported every year, more than any other country in the world.
But why? Is there an explanation for such a high number of UFO sightings? Could aliens have a special interest in America? According to ancient astronaut theorists, not only are aliens watching over America today, but in fact, they have been visiting us for hundreds, and possibly even thousands, of years.
And they claim the evidence can be found in the strange sites, structures and monuments that lie in every corner of the continent.
America's really a very mysterious place with all kinds of strange legends.
So trying to put all of these things together in context shows us that we're living in a very unusual continent full of magic and mystery.
Serpent Mound in Adams County, Ohio.
The kivas at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.
Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming.
Many Native American tribes say, that at these ancient sites, and countless others, entities that they call "star beings" came down from the sky to teach their ancestors.
To the Zuni people and other tribes there's a spiritual connection with the star beings.
They're the ones that actually rule the universe, or the world that we're on.
If you look at the petroglyphs, there's a lot of references to those type of entities.
According to tribes like the Zuni and Hopi, stories of these otherworldly visitations exist not only in the oral traditions passed down from their ancestors, but also in petroglyphs carved into rock all across America.
On the Zuni pueblo in New Mexico, there are literally thousands of ancient carvings that most outsiders have never laid eyes on, and the Zuni claim that some of these petroglyphs depict visitations from star beings.
There's definitely evidence that aliens visited North America in a distant past, and there are petroglyphs throughout this part of the country carved by ancient Americans that depict just that.
What can you tell me about this petroglyph right here? You know, it's, if you can see on top of that where maybe a head would be, it's kind of eroded off.
- But on the next part of it there's four compartments, look like extension - of something sticking out.
- Yeah, almost like legs.
It could be something that they saw in the air.
Isn't there a legend that beings - visited on top of this mountain? - Oh, yes.
- on all of the mesas.
- In conjunction with all the stories of star people descending from the sky in fiery shields and things like this, when I see a pattern like that, I always think, "What if this is something that they saw", and then they carved onto a rock?" And a lot of these are sacred drawings.
They're just not graffiti, like a lot of people say they are.
- No, never.
- There was no such thing as that in those days.
Look at that triangle up there.
And you've got the dots around it that have been carved into the rock that remind me of, like, stars.
Could the ancient people in this part of America really have been trying to depict encounters with alien spacecraft? There are legends and myths all around the world that can be interpreted as having been visits by extraterrestrials.
And many think that such stories don't exist here in the United States.
But the fact is that there are things in this country that nobody's even dreamed of.
According to ancient astronaut theorists, there is evidence that otherworldly beings were not only witnessed by Native Americans, but also by the European colonists.
And curiously, one of the earliest UFO sightings reported in the colonies occurred in an area that the local Wampanoag Nation claimed was a point of contact with star beings.
The Hockomock Swamp, southeastern Massachusetts.
Located 25 miles south of Boston in and around the suburban town of Bridgewater, this vast wetland is infamous for being the heart of the Bridgewater Triangle.
According to Native American legends, this 200-square-mile region has been a hotbed of UFO sightings dating back to before Columbus arrived in the New World.
Within the Bridgewater Triangle, a huge amount of interesting paranormal activity has been reported, including very high numbers of UFO sightings.
Some people speculate that maybe it's the presence of the Hockomock Swamp.
The very name Hockomock means "place where evil spirits dwell.
" European colonists settled this area in the 17th century.
But the stories of paranormal activity here go back long before that time.
Time and time again we see stories about beings that live in the sky, flying canoes, what are apparently spaceships that land, people that get out and interact with the Native Americans.
On May 10, 1760, in this same area where Native Americans say star beings interacted with humans, European colonists reported seeing mysterious lights in the sky.
The account appeared in a publication that was read throughout the English-speaking world called The Gentleman's Magazine.
According to historical records, at appeared that emitted a light bright enough to cast a shadow in bright sunlight.
And this object was reported to be seen not only in Bridgewater, but also in Roxbury over 30 miles away.
Now that's interesting to me because the fact that people in two different cities reported seeing the same thing at the same time, to me, says that they really saw something.
It was seen by a huge number of people.
And one observer remarked that the sound that this giant ball of light made was heard more in the middle of its travel than at the beginning.
Which, I think, is a very interesting detail that does correlate, to some extent, with more modern UFO reports.
The Bridgewater sighting of 1760 is just one of many incredible events that took place in colonial America.
It was mysterious.
It was the frontier.
Something was up there in the sky way before any powered flight had been invented by modern humanity.
Is it possible that the strange lights seen over the Bridgewater Triangle were produced by the same alien beings that exist in Native American legend? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and claim that a recent archeological find suggests that extraterrestrials have not only been visiting America from the time of our earliest known civilizations, but even centuries before recorded history began.
Western Nevada, 2013.
On the west side of the dried-up Winnemucca Lake, researchers take samples from a group of ancient petroglyphs carved into limestone boulders.
Radiocarbon tests performed by the University of Colorado, Boulder, reveal that the petroglyphs were etched between making them the oldest petroglyphs ever found in North America.
Winnemucca Lake in Nevada is the site of petroglyphs that date all the way back to 8,000 BC.
That is amazing because right here in America we now have absolute proof of a civilization that predates the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia by over 3,000 years minimum, and there's nothing else like them.
Looking at some of these petroglyphs, you've got to wonder if these aren't being drawn by early Americans who are interacting with extraterrestrials, and then drawing what they think they see.
When we look at the petroglyphs themselves, the actual designs, we also find very unusual formations, including spirals.
This is something that we see very consistently in many ancient cultures which is often associated with the shape of the galaxies.
They may be aware that they were a part of a galaxy.
Who gave them this information? How did they obtain this? Why would they make these illustrations? This has given rise to the theory that could there have been civilizations not dissimilar to ours, but thousands of years ago, or tens of thousands of years ago that have now become lost to the fog of time.
This inevitably sort of raises the question, does the human race go in cycles, you know? We're a warlike species.
Will we one day be somebody's memory and somebody's folklore, and they think they're the first? Could these petroglyphs, that predate even the earliest known Native American tribes, be evidence of an ancient lost civilization? And if so, might other, even more profound secrets lie hidden in North America waiting to be discovered? The Grand Canyon.
Located in the American Southwest, this enormous gorge is 277 miles long and a mile deep.
Much of it is remote and rarely traveled.
In 1909, an explorer named G.
Kincaid was boating through the canyon on the Colorado River when he noticed stains in the sediment on the east wall of a canyon gorge.
According to his account, when he stopped to get a closer look, he found the entrance to what appeared to be a man-made cave.
Kincaid saw what he thought was an ancient gold mine.
As he climbed up onto the walls of the canyon to investigate it, what he really discovered was not an ancient mine but a labyrinth of rooms and tunnels cut into the side of the canyon that went back hundreds, even thousands of feet.
There were passageways radiating from this main chamber.
He found stone tablets with Egyptian-style hieroglyphics.
He also came to another chamber, and it contained a marble-carved statue of Buddha sitting in a lotus posture holding a lotus in each hand.
There was all kinds of statues made of bronze, and mummies as well.
He described them as Egyptian and Tibetan kind of things.
So therefore, he believed he had discovered some vast secret city and treasure inside the Grand Canyon.
Anxious to spread the news of his extraordinary find, Kincaid reportedly made his way to Phoenix, where he told his story to a reporter for the local newspaper.
He then contacted his employer, the Smithsonian Institution.
They sent an archaeologist named Jordan.
And Jordan then examined the caves.
The Smithsonian allegedly began excavating and removing the artifacts out of the secret caves.
And supposedly, they were all sent back to Washington D.
But mysteriously, there was no follow-up to the story, and G.
Kincaid was never heard from again.
The caves were apparently sealed up, metal doors and gates put over them.
The National Park now denies any knowledge or existence of these caves or cave entrances.
And if you talk to the Smithsonian today, they will deny any knowledge of the secret city in the Grand Canyon, or that an archaeologist named Jordan worked for the Smithsonian.
And in fact, essentially, the knowledge of the secret city in the Grand Canyon has completely disappeared from history.
How is it that such an incredible story that the Arizona Gazette reported in two separate articles dated a month apart was suddenly dropped? Was Kincaid the victim of a cover-up? And if so, what was it that the American government didn't want the public to know? According to his own description, Kincaid's cave lies in one of the most remote and inaccessible parts of the Grand Canyon.
And since a government permit is required to enter this treacherous terrain, few people have ever been able to explore the area where the cave was allegedly found.
If, in fact, there are artifacts that exist from Egypt or from the Orient in the United States and they predate history as we know it, it would completely change everything we know about our own history.
We'd have to rewrite our history books.
Is it possible that G.
Kincaid really did find Egyptian and Oriental artifacts in a cave in the Grand Canyon? And if so, how did they get here? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe the answer can be found by examining the stories of the Native American tribes of the Southwest, who say there is a connection between the Grand Canyon and star beings.
According to the Hopi, just before a catastrophic event struck the area where their ancestors lived, these star beings led them to safety.
The Native Americans followed an object in the sky night and day to the Grand Canyon, where they found refuge.
The Hopi believe that they were taken to an underground or subterranean city where they were nurtured and progressed through levels to emerge, eventually, on the surface of the Earth.
They emerged through a hole called a sipapu.
It's a very holy place to the Hopi nation.
The sipapu in the Grand Canyon we know there is such a place.
This is our Garden of Eden, where we had the beginning of the present world.
We hold the Grand Canyon as a very reverent place that came out after the last catastrophe into the present day systems that we have.
The Hopi elders only recently revealed the Grand Canyon as the site of their sipapu, causing some to question whether this might be the same cave dwelling G.
Kincaid claimed to have found in 1909.
But the exact location remains a mystery.
Supposedly, the entrance into this underground city of the Grand Canyon is on this eastern part, on these slopes right over here.
We were able to get to the edge of the canyon to look down, but it's hundreds of feet straight down on cliffs into this area of the Grand Canyon.
It's just almost impossible to get a good look or see what is in this park.
Could extraterrestrials really have led ancient Native Americans to this nearly inaccessible area of the Grand Canyon? Whether Kincaid's cave really exists remains a mystery, but some ancient astronaut theorists believe indisputable proof of extraterrestrial contact can be found today some thousands of miles away in the American Midwest.
Henry County, Missouri.
July 19, 2013.
Driving across her land, rancher Lyn Mitchell comes upon a horrific sight: one of her Black Angus cows lies dead and maimed in a field.
The tongue had been removed.
The udders, the anus and the reproductive organs had also been removed.
The veterinarian ruled out blunt trauma as the cause of death.
In fact, no cause of death at all could be determined.
The Mitchell event is just the latest in a half-century long epidemic of mysterious animal mutilations that have occurred all across America.
Although experts say they don't know exactly how many animals have been affected, they estimate the number ranges from for the past 20 years.
Investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe was working for CBS News in Denver, Colorado, in firsthand the strange, precise injuries inflicted on animals.
We flew do to San Luis, Colorado, because I had gotten a phone call from a sheriff there and he's telling me, "You need to see this.
" We start crossing a field and using our arms to get through thick willows.
Pushing the tree branches.
And when we got into this space underneath these trees, it didn't seem possible.
Here was a black and white steer and it was lying perfectly, like it should get up.
There's no violence.
But there was a perfect circle around that left eye that's up.
The hide had been removed just down to the bone.
And then the left jaw was perfectly removed, the tongue is removed and there's not a single broken branch.
Curiously, researchers say that in almost every animal mutilation case, the organs appear to be the target.
These are very carefully removed.
Not torn out.
Not chewed away.
But precisely and carefully cut away with what appear to be surgical-type incisions.
There's never any blood found near these carcasses.
In fact, most times there is no blood within the carcasses themselves.
When you're dealing with natural predators such as coyotes, you're dealing with lots of blood.
It's an entirely different process and does not produce these clean, bloodless excisions.
Are these animal mutilations truly extraordinary? Or are farmers and ranchers simply mistaken about how the animals died? Dr.
Jim Reynolds is a professor of livestock medicine at Western University in Pomona, California.
Over the course of his career, he has seen thousands of animal injuries.
After closely examining pictures of these mutilations, he believes many of the animals died from ordinary disease or natural predator attacks.
But he says other pictures like this one, taken in Caldwell, Kansas in 1992 are harder to explain.
Just looking at the picture, I can't, uh, I can't explain how this happened.
What's strange about it is that there's no evidence of-of hemorrhage or bleeding around the area.
We don't see any blood on the tissue.
As a long-time field veterinarian, I've not seen this on a dead cow, um, in my career.
Another mutilation case from 1982 also raises questions for Dr.
Reynolds, because of the surgical fashion in which the body parts look to have been removed.
I can't really explain the removal of this ear.
It-it could have been chewed off by a scavenger, but I can't really explain I would expect, if this had been chewed off, that there would be a little more tissue damage and, um, probably fresher tissue.
I'm not sure about this one.
While mainstream medical professionals are unsure who or what could be responsible for these attacks, ancient astronaut theorists suggest the answer may be found by examining strange findings reported at other mutilation sites.
Sometimes, the animals are lying on top of charred patches of ground.
Sometimes those charred patches are exactly the same size and shape as the animals themselves.
And very often there have been reports of strange lights in the sky or on the ground in and around the time where the mutilations are taking place.
I have come to the conclusion the phenomena that is behind the global animal mutilations of the last at least biological entities.
Is it possible that extraterrestrials are behind the cattle mutilation phenomenon? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that the evidence for this conclusion dates back much further than just the past 50 years.
The oldest case that I have been able to discover is from England in 1606.
This is mentioned in James I's court records.
Hundreds of sheep were being found strangely slain and parts were taken away, but the meat was left behind.
And the particular passage in the record has a very interesting quote at the end.
It said that these cases, or incidences, "tendeth toward fireworks.
" But why would alien beings that are presumably thousands of years more advanced than humans, choose to abduct and maim animals? What could they want with these extracted body parts? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe that the explanation behind this frightening phenomenon may be that extraterrestrials are actually conducting experiments to benefit humankind.
One intriguing theory for the cattle mutilations is that extraterrestrials might be monitoring the cattle herd to try and determine if there are emerging viruses that could jump from species to species.
That's to say, they infect the cattle and then we eat cattle in the form of beef, and then we get infected, which is exactly what happened with mad cow disease in Britain.
Could these animal mutilations really be proof that alien beings are still present in America today, continuing to monitor our progress, and even intervening in earthly affairs? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining strange events witnessed by the United States military.
Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, March 16, 1967.
Before dawn, sentries and maintenance crews near the base's nuclear missile silos see mysterious lights flying back and forth across the sky.
These lights are so bright that the men on the ground can't identify what they are, but when one of them takes up a position just outside the base's security fence, a sentry calls his superior to report a UFO.
The people on the ground were trying to make sense of this sudden wave of sightings.
Alarms started going off.
The nuclear weapons were going off alert, which means they were moving into a state in which they could not have been fired.
When one missile seemed to shut itself off, it was a huge deal.
There was an uproar.
Um, people thought, well, there are maintenance crews at this site.
Maybe they're doing work on it that required taking the missile offline.
They didn't notify us.
They didn't follow protocol.
But when the other missiles started to go offline in rapid succession, they realized something really unusual was happening.
In fact, they brought in teams of engineers later to try to figure out what had happened.
This was documented in memoranda that went back and forth between that facility and NORAD about how could this happen? They were trying to explain how in the world this has happened.
'Cause this is obviously something that would be of immense interest to the National Security people in charge of our weapons.
Boeing, who made the missiles, could not find what was wrong with them.
They could duplicate the fault by sending electronic signals into one part of the electronic system of the missile.
But that system was protected by shielded cables and the rest.
So how they were taken offline is not known to this day.
But who or what was responsible for the seemingly inexplicable nuclear shutdown? The Washington-based Disclosure Project has done detailed research on encounters between the military and UFOs, and based on the evidence, they are convinced this incident was an alien encounter.
A UFO somehow took offline and rendered unlaunchable at least 16 and maybe up to 20 intercontinental ballistic missiles.
The men who were there have told me that it wasn't just that there was the effect, they actually did see the UFO.
Is it possible that aliens at Malmstrom Air Force Base were trying to send us a message? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe that the high number of UFO sightings reported near military installations indicates that aliens are not only present in America, but that they have taken measures to shape our future.
Three, two, one.
Ever since we detonated the first atomic weapon, UFOs have taken an interest in our nuclear facilities.
They are wanting to see to what extent we might be a risk to this planet and to others who may be out in space who are peaceful.
Could it be that extraterrestrials have been visiting us now in much greater numbers since we developed the capability to annihilate the planet with nuclear weapons specifically to ensure that we do not do so? When a flurry of UFO sightings started being reported in the late 1940s, some Native Americans took it as a warning sign based on their own stories of star beings.
In 1948, a Navajo writer named Oge-Make wrote a magazine article drawing parallels between the modern UFO phenomenon and the experiences of the Native people who lived in the Death Valley area of California.
It describes a past of the Paiute Indians, and there was a species of human who lived in the mountains on the west side of Death Valley who had a marvelous and complicated civilization.
It contained vast rowing boats, as they're described in this myth.
Fast flying machines.
Oge-Make questions white man's thinking that stories of flying saucers and mystery ships are something new.
And he says, and I quote, "If you had red skin, you'd know that this is not true.
" He writes that his people have been seeing objects like this in the sky for thousands of years.
And he basically says that for his people, the idea that aliens have visited Earth is no merely a theory but it's a fact.
The elder Paiute chief who told this story said that they believe that these UFOs have an interest in our Earth.
And that they don't want to see our environment, our world, destroyed by the actions of man.
Is it possible that the UFOs spotted at Malmstrom Air Force Base in 1967 were the same entities that many Native American tribes refer to as star beings? And that they caused the shutdown of the nuclear missiles to send us a message? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and claim that aliens may even have played a decisive role in the War of 1812.
- Fire! According to the Colorado based, Mutual UFO Network the largest UFO investigative organization in the world in the first week of 2012, reports of UFOs in the United States suddenly skyrocketed, with a staggering from 36 states.
And ever since, the numbers have continued to grow.
If there really are aliens still visiting Earth today, have they taken a special interest in America? And might they even be helping to determine our future? Ancient astronaut theorists believe the answer may be found by looking back at one of the most important events in American history.
Washington, D.
, 1814.
Two years into the bloody War of 1812 the American hopes for victory over the invading English Army seem to be dying.
And now the unimaginable a foreign army is poised to enter Washington D.
It was a very hot summer that year.
The British forces were able to completely overwhelm the very young United States Army at the time, and they marched into Washington, D.
President Monroe and all of the other politicians had left the capital, and at that time, the British forces were finding it basically a deserted city.
So they began to set fire to Washington, D.
, starting with the White House.
And they were basically gonna just burn down our nation's capital.
The United States of America, then just a few decades old, is on the verge of going down in flames.
But then something strange happens.
That summer day was a very hot, sultry day, and at first, they thought this would really help burn down Washington, D.
, there weren't any clouds in the sky.
But suddenly the weather changed very, very drastically.
Big storm clouds moved in.
It began pouring rain.
And then suddenly out of nowhere this tornado formed and it went straight at the British troops and forced them to retreat.
And at the same time, the pelting rain put out all of the fires.
And Washington, D.
was saved.
History books record this as a stroke of incredible good luck for the Americans.
But some ancient alien theorists believe that perhaps this was a UFO encounter; that it was an extraterrestrial intelligence that created that storm and changed the course of that battle and perhaps of American history.
Is it possible that the storm that helped the United States win the War of 1812 was actually produced by extraterrestrials? And if so, were they trying to protect the fragile American experiment? It's interesting to speculate that perhaps there was something about America that an extraterrestrial intelligence took interest in, whether it was freedom of religion, new ideas about democracy, about a republic, or something else that drew the attention of aliens and might have made them want to help this country become a success.
And I think that that would really be because the United States as a country was, uh, prophesied to exist, in a sense.
And the extraterrestrials very much nurtured the, this young United States and watched its growth very carefully.
Like a parent watching a child growing up and being very protective of it, too.
And when the extraterrestrials saw this moment where the United States could lose this war and be occupied, they decided to step in and change history.
Could the mysterious sightings and strange incidents that have been reported throughout our history be evidence of America's extraterrestrial heritage? Since the beginning of recorded history in North America, we've heard of these sightings.
And we today in our modern world are reencountering these same creatures.
And you have to ask: Are they the same beings? Are they the same creatures that have been seen for thousands of years, and now we're being asked to find a place for them in our world? I'm totally convinced that the evidence makes it true beyond reasonable doubt that we are being reconnoitered by extraterrestrial civilizations.
And the big question is why is this? My personal view is that they could be teaching us, trying to upgrade us.
You know, we're a pretty warlike species.
Possibly somebody from out there might want to try and harness and reign in our warlike abilities in the event that one day we head out there as well.
Is it possible that aliens have been visiting America and watching over its inhabitants throughout human history? Could there be evidence that has yet to be discovered, hidden in caves on remote cliffs or even in the Grand Canyon? If there really are extraterrestrials still visiting Earth today, might they be slowly revealing their presence in an attempt to prepare us for their return?
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