Ancient Aliens s07e03 Episode Script

The Star Children

They have super-human intelligence They are vastly more intelligent than the average person.
knowledge of other worlds He was able to access information that there's no way he could know about.
and possess mysterious powers.
There was one girl who could wave her hands and spontaneously flower buds popped open right in front of everyone's eyes.
On every continent, there are incredible stories of children so advanced that some believe they come from the stars.
So these star children, in a way, are some new race, perhaps, that's living amongst us right now.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, might there be a connection between extraterrestrials and star children? Throughout the world, there are children who possess astonishing abilities.
In 2002, Sho Yano graduated summa cum laude from Loyola University Chicago at the age of 12.
Six years later, he received a PhD in molecular genetics and cell biology.
In 2006, six-year-old Ainan Celeste Cawley of Singapore who spoke his first words at two weeks old gave a science lecture about acid and alkaloids.
And in 2013, Adam Kirby became the youngest member of British Mensa at just two years old, scoring 141 on an IQ test and reading books by the age of ten months.
Highly gifted children often know things that they shouldn't know.
They often surprise us with the things they're able to understand at very young ages.
And they're able to bring together disparate pieces of information from history, scientific discovery and their own experiences and heightened intuitive sense.
Throughout human history, there have been children who stand out for their advanced knowledge and incredible abilities.
But are these uniquely talented and intelligent children simply the product of good genetics? Or could there be another explanation for why some children display abilities far beyond their years? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe there are children born here on Earth who have a connection to beings from beyond our world.
They call them "star children.
" When we see these star children, these children who are gifted with extraordinary human function, born seeming to know things already, show that there is some sort of interaction going on with a nonphysical intelligence.
The concept is that children are being born with a higher level of awareness.
These kids, many people believe, are being born in order to help usher in a true new age a time of peace, a time of greater consciousness and greater prosperity for the planet.
What is commonly termed the "star" "children" has always been with the American Indian people throughout the ages.
And, uh, these are special children.
They're the ones that can heal with their hands.
These star children are said to have lots of special qualities.
Their psychic abilities are quite enhanced.
So these star children, in a way, are some new race that's living amongst us right now.
Is it possible that some of the world's most gifted children really have an otherworldly connection, a connection that endows them with special gifts and the power to transform society? Today, there is evidence that a higher number of unusually gifted children are being born than ever before.
There is genetic evidence to prove that humans are evolving at a rapid rate of speed.
For example, an anthropologist from the University of Wisconsin named Professor John Hawks studied human DNA, and what he found was that in the past 5,000 years alone, human DNA has evolved by seven percent in its overall genetic structure.
That is a staggering amount.
Every decade we're getting smarter and smarter and smarter.
But those who have studied the star children phenomenon say that these unusually gifted children display more than just superior intelligence.
Star kids are advanced in several departments.
These kids are much brighter than the old schoolchild of a previous generation.
They are very sensitive.
They are compassionate.
They have a mission sense.
They're using, uh, special gifts they have as advanced star kids.
For example, in the area of telepathy they can pick up on things that somebody else is thinking or sensing.
Parents of star children know that their children are different.
Maybe their child is psychic and talking about seeing things that other people can't see or hearing things other people can't hear, or knowing things that other people don't know.
Some of the star children have very high energy.
They can go long periods without sleeping, without eating.
It's just not your normal, typical child.
According to Nikki Pattillo, her daughter Maddy has told her that her home is in the sky, and has displayed numerous astonishing abilities like telekinesis and psychic visions.
But could ten-year-old Maddy Pattillo really have superhuman abilities? If so, where did they come from? And is it possible that star children have been with us for thousands of years? Ancient astronaut theorists say evidence that star children may have existed on Earth in the distant past can be found in a story that dates back over 2,000 years.
Greece, the 6th century BC.
Mnesarchus, the father of philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, was traveling home from work one day when he came upon an abandoned infant staring at the sun and he was surviving solely on the dew from a nearby tree.
Mnesarchus named this baby Astraios, which literally means "star child" in Greek.
And here is an early example of a magical child.
He adopted it.
He raised it with Pythagoras and his two brothers.
So it was part of their family.
According to the Greek myth, as recorded by Antonius Diogenes, Mnesarchus gave the child to Pythagoras to be his servant and apprentice.
Although Pythagoras is considered one of history's greatest mathematical minds, some ancient astronaut theorists believe he may have received advanced knowledge from the boy, Astraios.
It's believed that Astraios was actually sent to Earth in order to instruct Pythagoras, whose mystic concepts became foundational to the ancient world.
So, here we have a curious story of someone named Star Child, who had these special powers, uh, whose birth is really a mystery.
And so this child, Astraios, was perhaps one of the early extraterrestrial children sent to planet Earth.
Could this peculiar child have actually instructed one of the greatest minds of the ancient world? And considering the Greeks described powerful beings who came down from the sky, is it possible, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest, that Astraios was the offspring of the gods part human and part divine? Many ancient cultures, among them the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians and many others, describe how some children were born from humans and the so-called gods.
Star children are what some consider a new breed of people.
Is the story of Astraios really an early account of a star child? And if the star children have existed here on Earth throughout our history, what is the source of their superior intelligence and unexplainable abilities? Science tells us that in addition to the two-strand double-helix DNA, there's an additional ten etheric strands of DNA that is dormant in humans, and has been since recorded history.
It's highly possible that alien crtors have designed us this way and certain individuals are chosen throughout time to awaken these dormant strands in order to help mankind advance.
Are star children really tapping into something inherent in our DNA? According to geneticist David Reich of the Harvard Medical School, there is, in fact, something mysterious inside us that has yet to be identified.
In his study published in the fall of 2013, Reich examined the genome of Neanderthals and another group of ancient hominids known as Denisovans, both of which interbred with humans.
He discovered that their DNA, dating back more than 400,000 years, contains an unknown ancestor.
Now, this is incredibly exciting to me, because I've always maintained that what some geneticists currently refer to as "junk DNA" might not be junk after all.
And this study proves this in part.
DNA is a code.
And just because its code hasn't been cracked yet doesn't mean it's actually junk.
And to speculate even further, what if this unknown species was not of earthly origin, and every human being already is part alien? Is it really possible that extraterrestrial beings modified mankind's DNA in the distant past, as ancient astronaut theorists contend? And if so, might certain exceptional people like star children have found a way to channel their alien origins? Perhaps additional clues lie in the Mexican desert, where a discovery was made of a mysterious skull.
Copper Canyon, Mexico.
In 1930, while exploring a mine tunnel, a teenage girl unearths two skulls.
One of them is oddly misshaped.
Radiocarbon dating tests reveal the skull is roughly 900 years old.
And according to a dentist who examined the upper jaw, the mysterious relic came from a child no more than five years old.
Mainstream scientists insist the deformation of what is now known as the Starchild skull is due to a genetic disorder most likely hydrocephalus a condition in which an abnormal amount of fluid causes the skull to enlarge.
But paranormal researcher and caretaker of the skull, Lloyd Pye, says he has ruled out this possibility, based on the skull's unique shape.
It wasn't hydrocephalic, because it's clear that if you're hydrocephalic you blow up like a balloon.
You don't blow up with a defined shape and with a crease down the middle.
You definitely don't grow up with a crease down the middle between two of your suture lines.
But many researchers are not only baffled by the volume of the skull, which measures more than ten percent larger than that of an average adult, but also a number of other characteristics they say are distinctly not human.
The Starchild skull has half the thickness of ordinary human bone, but it's also twice as dense as ordinary human bone, with a consistency more similar to dental enamel.
It has bizarre, thick strands in it, almost like there's some extra powerful weave inside the bone.
It also has this bizarre reddish residue that appears to be similar to bone marrow but very different from what we normally see.
There are no sinus cavities, for instance.
There are many attachments inside the skull for tendons that human beings don't have and it appears to be some sort of hybridization.
It's part human, but also part something else.
When the Starchild skull is subjected to forensic reconstruction, the face that is produced appears eerily similar to descriptions of gray aliens.
It has all the physical attributes that are typically described by people who have encounters, or allege that they have encounters with gray aliens.
It has very unusual eyes.
It has expanded parietals.
It has a crease down the middle.
It has a very, very narrow lower face.
Plus, it has that monster brain in that head.
Lloyd Pye launched what he calls the Starchild Project, working with independent researchers to determine exactly who or what this unusual skull belonged to.
According to him, DNA tests carried out by Trace Genetics in While scientists uncovered mitochondrial DNA or DNA inherited solely from the mother they were unable to detect nuclear DNA or DNA from both the mother and father.
When we tried to recover the Starchild's nuclear DNA, in six attempts, no recovery.
So at that time, what that obviously indicated was if the Starchild's mitochondrial DNA was recoverable, that meant it had a human mother, and if its nuclear DNA was not recoverable, then there was something wrong with the father's DNA.
'Cause if the father had been human, you would have had as easy a recovery of it as you did of the human mother.
So we knew right then, in 2003, something was very wrong with, at least, dad.
And so we formed the assumption, based on the evidence, that it was a human-alien hybrid with a human mother and an alien father.
But more advanced DNA testing in 2011 revealed something even more shocking: the DNA, not only of the father but also the mother, did not appear to be human after all.
Once we began to recover longer stretches of the mitochondrial DNA, we found out that they didn't really fit at all.
And so now the genetic evidence indicates that it didn't have a human mother.
It's just purely alien.
The reasons mainstream science resists any kind of information that is in support of UFOs and aliens is simply because it's going to change everything about a certain aspect of their bailiwick, of their purview.
Although Lloyd Pye passed away in December of 2013, his research team hopes to one day recover the entire genome of the Starchild skull, ultimately revealing the truth about what they and other researchers maintain is an otherworldly species.
By looking deeper into this skull and looking at the genetics, it's very possible that if we can analyze the full spectrum of the genome we might find our first proof of extraterrestrial intervention.
One of the things we have to seriously consider is the possibility that human life on Earth did not originate on Earth, that we might be the surviving remnant of settlers who came here long ago.
When we find brain sizes that are twice as big as a normal human brain, we are left with compelling evidence that the extraterrestrials that we think we're looking for might be a lot closer to us than we ever would have dared to imagine before.
Might this extraordinary skull have been that of an alien child that lived here on Earth hundreds of years ago? And, if so, is this an ancestor of the star children that some believe are among us today? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining cultures who believe certain children are born with a direct link to the stars.
Currently, there are 562 Native American tribes in the United States.
Many of them like the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni have stories of otherworldly beings visiting Earth.
Often referred to as "Star" "Beings," these alien visitors are said to come down from the sky to teach mankind, and, in some cases, they are even said to mate with human women, resulting in the birth of star children.
Stories of star children are quite common in Native culture.
There can be quite a variety of forms of that sort of thing as well.
But, typically, there's a star and a human being that joined together, and the child is born from that union.
They were then cared for and raised by the Indian tribes until the age of six, when the Star Beings would return and retrieve the star children and leave the entire tribe staring up into the night sky wondering what had happened to them and where they'd gone.
That's quite an interesting story in itself, to give birth to a star child and-and then have it taken from you.
There's also the story of some star children had been left behind to become interwoven into the tribe.
A lot of them, later in life, become elders even at a very young age, and that's because they're believed to carry the ability or the knowledge to heal the Earth.
According to the Hopi people, a tribe of more than 18,000 living on a reservation in northeastern Arizona, it is the star children who will ultimately repair what they call the Koyaanisqatsi, meaning a life of corruption and turmoil, or life out of balance.
The Hopi believe the Earth is out of canter.
It's not balanced any longer.
And it's these star children, that live among the Hopi, that advise even the elders on how to put the Earth back into balance again.
The star kids' job as they grow up is going to be not only to inherit the Earth, as the phrase goes, but to reform the Earth, to remake human society.
In the Hopi legend, it is said that the star children will prepare humankind for the arrival of what they call the Blue Star and the Kachina, or Star Being, who will arrive with it.
There's a lot of debate what the Blue Star is.
But when the Blue Star comes it will crash to the Earth.
This dwelling place in the sky will crash to the Earth.
And the Blue Star Kachina will take off his mask in the village plaza, and that will be the end of the fourth world.
Many Hopi refer to the Blue Star as a "house in the" "sky," leading some ancient astronaut theorists to suggest that this prophecy is a reference to the impending arrival of extraterrestrial life.
Some Hopi refer to the Blue Star as a "house in the" "sky" or a dwelling in the firmament that one day will descend from the stars amidst a fiery crash.
Now, what does this mean? To me, what is described here might be the eventual arrival of extraterrestrial craft.
The day they will return will change mankind's history forever, because then the truth will be revealed to the masses, in one instant, for everyone to see.
But if the star children of Hopi mythology really were advanced otherworldly beings, might there be some still living among us in the present day? And, if so, might we find other ancient cultures with similar legends of unusual children possessing extraordinary powers? Tibet, just northeast of the Himalayas.
This plateau is the world's highest and largest, spanning more than 450,000 square miles.
Known as the Roof of the World, it is here that the Buddhist spiritual leader called the Dalai Lama began his rule more than 600 years ago.
In 1937, the 14th Dalai Lama was recognized.
Now living in exile in India, following the Chinese takeover of Tibet in 1959, Tenzin Gyatso is believed to be the reincarnation of a Buddhist deity.
So all of these Dalai Lamas are then, uh, the bodhisattva incarnated beings and, uh, then Dalai Lama is obviously the incarnated being of the previous Dalai Lama.
So, in a sense, they all are the, you know, incarnations of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.
Upon his death, the outgoing Dalai Lama will transfer his essence into the form of a Buddha until the time at which his spirit can reincarnate into its new chosen A committee of high lamas or priests is tasked with searching for the young boy who will be the next leader.
The choosing of the Dalai Lama is a long and arduous process.
The thirteenth Dalai Lama, before his death, pointed towards the East, and so, when he died, the expectation was that the thirteenth would be reincarnated in the eastern part of Tibet.
Now, the first thing that they do is they go to Lhamo La-tso, a lake that is sacred to Palden Lhamo, a protector deity of the Dalai Lama's line.
And the viceroy, then Reting, went and had a vision, and saw a house close to a monastery with a turquoise roof in the east.
And, so, they began to send out explorations of that.
A selection party they will go and look for the signs of the previous Dalai Lama.
And if this particular child exhibits certain of those qualities, and then he will be presented also with many of the personal belongings that the Dalai Lama had, along with other newer objects.
And if he's a true reincarnation of that particular Dalai Lama, then he will identify those objects that belong to the previous Dalai Lama.
And this is seen as a test of the Dalai Lama that the Dalai Lama would have some access to past memories and familiarities of a previous incarnation.
There is some sort of interaction going on with a non-physical intelligence.
They are essentially downloading information they didn't seem to have in and amongst themselves.
One explanation for this is the possibility that there is a soul aspect that is from the gods, from extraterrestrials, that is somehow coupling with people on Earth.
This idea of a reincarnated child carrying knowledge from beyond our world mirrors the modern day star child concept.
These souls are coming from all areas of the galaxy.
Some of them are souls that have reincarnated here on Earth many, many times.
Other souls come from other places.
So you have to wonder if the Dalai Lama himself isn't some early star child who's here on Earth to help the Tibetan people, especially, and all of mankind.
Could the Dalai Lama really have a connection to otherworldly beings? And might he, like the Blue Star Kachina of the Hopi stories, be here to help shape the future of mankind? While most stories of star children describe them as being here to aid humanity, could there be some that have a more sinister mission? Abilene, Texas.
Late one night, in 1996, journalist Brian Bethel was waiting in his parked car just outside a movie theater when two young boys walked up and asked for a ride home.
Bethel was nervous, initially, at the approach of these children, and he wasn't sure why.
He estimated their ages to be somewhere between ten and 14 years old.
They began to speak to him in a very strange manner.
And they came up with this unlikely story of needing money to go the local cinema.
Could he give them a ride back home? And they seemed very malevolent, very evil.
There was something deeply unsettling about them.
Finally, the children made eye contact with Bethel, at which point he realized their eyes were solid black.
Not just the pupil, but the entire eye, solid black.
This sort of pushed Bethel over the edge.
He put the car in reverse, he pulled away from these kids as quickly as he could.
And when he glanced back, there was nothing there.
Bethel documented his account on the Internet, and soon, others were posting similar encounters with the so-called black-eyed kids.
Since publicity has been given to the phenomenon, other people have come forward who talked about sightings and encounters in the '40s and the '50s, so we're not really sure when it all actually began.
Is it possible, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest, that these strange beings are star children with evil intentions? What differentiates the black-eyed children from the star children is the fact that the star children are very often described as being friendly, benevolent and positive.
The black-eyed children devilish, occult-driven and totally negative.
There's a contemporary urban legend that there are black-eyed children that will show up at your door and ask for a glass of water or bake some food or ask to use the phone or something.
They are demonic.
They are trouble.
They are children, so they seem innocent, but watch for the black eyes.
That will give away the trouble to come.
As the years have unfolded, more and more people have come forward with their encounters.
It seems very clear at this point that there's something much more sinister going on than just a simple urban legend.
Most people describe the black-eyed children as being in the age range of ten to early teens.
They are described as having very pale skin.
Not a blemish is ever seen on the skin.
Their eyes are solid black.
Now this is the most startling trait, obviously.
They tend to speak in a very cold manner and repeat phrases frequently, as if they've memorized certain key things to say and repeat.
And they say things like, "We're hungry, we" "want in," but with this dead look.
And, I mean, again black eyes.
You're looking at these kids with black eyes.
Close the door.
They will leave.
They won't, like, try to break in or anything like that.
But they want in, and I think if they get in, I think maybe they're after your soul or something like that.
Now, of course, if a kid comes knocking on your door, your first thought is, well, you want to help him.
But that's the very last thing that crosses the mind of the black-eyed children witnesses.
They want to get as far away from them as possible.
There have been cases where security cameras were present during the encounter.
Very mysteriously, the security cameras experienced glitches in their tape.
In some ways, it makes it all the more intriguing.
There are many theories about the black-eyed children, but some ancient astronaut theorists believe their appearance and mannerisms reveal an extraterrestrial origin.
They have these jet-black solid eyes, hence the name.
They look very, very creepy and weird.
It's reported that the black-eyed children, too, may be hybrids.
But they're a little more evil than the normal star children that we're accustomed to.
It's possible that, for all of the light that is coming in with these star children, there's also a counterbalance, something dark that is coming in at the same time.
And it may be that these black-eyed children represent the negative side of the actual star children that are coming into our world.
Could the black-eyed kids actually be extraterrestrials in a limbo state between dimensions? And might these childlike beings be part of a much larger, otherworldly agenda? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and point to the hungry ghosts of Thailand as proof.
According to this legend, the spirits of some children can become trapped in-between the worlds of life and death, and every year, during the full moon of the seventh lunar month of the Chinese calendar, these spirits are free to roam the Earth.
The Hungry Ghost Festival is designed to placate these spirits.
People believe that because of their desires, because of their needs, they can make contact with humans.
Often these desires translate into extreme desires for food.
The hungry ghosts that come out of Thailand seem to be descriptions of what appear to be children, and their insatiable appetite can never be filled.
These hungry ghosts are to be feared.
Some people in Asia believe that the appearance of these black-eyed children is a manifestation of a hungry ghost asking you to invite it inside so that it can have food or water or whatever else that it desires.
Are the hungry ghosts of Thailand somehow connected with the black-eyed kids seen in America today? And if so, is this further evidence that there really are star children among us? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe the answer might be connected to the prophecies of one of the world's most legendary psychics.
Edgar Cayce has been called the most documented psychic of the 20th century, having given thousands of psychic readings to seekers while in an unconscious state.
He was known for diagnosing illnesses and for revealing information about the past and future.
In July of 1932, Edgar Cayce predicted that between the years of 1998 and 2015, a new humanity would emerge.
According to him, this highly evolved group of humans referred to as the Fifth Root Race would be capable of great powers that would benefit humankind.
These children, he said, would be super-advanced humans with extrasensory capabilities.
They'd be psychic.
They might have the ability of telekinesis, the ability to move objects with their minds.
And Cayce said that they would actually be able to trace their lineage back to the ancient world.
What Edgar Cayce was getting in his future visioning was a transformed society, and that is the same kind of vision that the Hopi ancestors have handed down in their oral tradition, that there will be a transition from current corrupt fourth world to a much better, kind, just, peaceable, environmentally sensitive, made-over society.
Edgar Cayce was talking about star children, manipulated genetically by ET's, planted on this planet for some future event.
I think Cayce saw it in his trances, and it's happening now.
Is it possible Edgar Cayce foretold of the coming of star children, advanced beings that can be traced back throughout ancient mythology? And if the star children do exist, how do we identify them? In 1982, the Chinese government launched a nationwide search for children with extraordinary abilities.
Some of the talents they looked for were psychic powers, telekinesis and the ability to manipulate time and space.
There was one girl who could wave her hands over a bush that had buds of flowers on it and spontaneously accelerate time so that the flower buds popped open right in front of everyone's eyes.
Some could read while blindfolded.
Some could move objects telepathically.
We don't know what became of these children, because this was some years ago now, but the fact that the research was done and something was identified seems to bolster Cayce's prophecies.
The question then becomes, where does this extra human function come from? Is it some part of our extraterrestrial DNA that's been activated by the process that the Chinese put them through? Could we actually see a new, higher-functioning, more advanced, superior human being in our future? In total, the Chinese identified more than researchers refer to as Extra Human Function, or EHF.
Is it possible, as some ancient astronaut theorists suggest, that this is evidence that the star children phenomenon is real? A lot of people believe that these star children that are coming into our world actually vibrate at a higher level of existence than most humans do.
It's a higher level of connectivity, a higher level of sensitivity, that allows them to connect into the collective consciousness in a way that most of us have forgotten how to do.
The potential of these children is exciting, and the possibilities are unlimited.
There are those who believe that human beings are going through an evolutionary leap and that some children are being born today with special abilities that future generations will eventually all possess.
But could they also have been sent here with a profound plan, perhaps one of extraterrestrial design.
I believe that the star children, they have a mission from different parts of the universe.
But I believe that they're here for a purpose, and I think one of them is to correct what is happening to the planet that we're on, Mother Earth.
The timing of all these star seed children suddenly appearing with all these new attributes and gifts would make sense if alien creators would awaken these DNA strands in order for these star seed children to advance us into this new era of enlightenment.
With these star children, a new phase, an advanced, more spiritual, more knowledgeable type of humanity is appearing all over Earth won't this be really the end result of extraterrestrials manipulating us and helping us to grow and achieve the kind of civilization that the extraterrestrials have planned for us all along? Are there really alien children numbering in the tens of thousands being born here on Earth, as some ancient astronaut ths suggest? And if so, why are they here? Is it to replace us? Or is it to teach us about our potential, and to guide us into the future, one in which we will all become star children?
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