Ancient Aliens s07e04 Episode Script

Treasure of the Gods

Sealed vaults, believed to be cursed There seems to be a bizarre magical power that hides behind that door.
Mysterious relics under guard from above.
As they approach, the skies open up and the gods intervene.
and riches so great, it has cost men their lives.
People have died over this.
This is for real.
On every continent, there are stories of incredible treasures that have been lost for centuries but how have these vast fortunes remained hidden for so long? Is it possible that the world's greatest lost treasures have a connection to otherworldly beings? Man has always been fascinated with ancient treasures the gold, the silver, the jewels but in other cases, it can be technology of the extraterrestrial gods themselves.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, might the proof lie hidden with the Treasures of the Gods? Qumran.
The West Bank.
It was here, between 1947 and Scrolls were discovered Religious writings that include the earliest known surviving manuscripts of works from the Hebrew Bible.
But one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, found in Cave 3, was much different from the rest.
Known as the Copper Scroll, it is the only scroll that is not parchment or papyrus.
The first translation of the Copper Scroll was probably done by John Allegro in 1956, and he immediately realized that it was a list of treasure; buried treasure.
The Copper Scroll is possibly the greatest treasure map in human history.
It gives us 64 locations where a treasure that is worth potentially $2 billion could be found.
People assume that these 64 items of treasure had to have been buried or come from Jerusalem, because there clearly were references to temple-type treasure.
A number of very intrepid explorers have tried to find the treasure, but no one has been successful yet.
It has not been discovered in Jerusalem.
Does the vast treasure described in the Copper Scroll remain buried in Jerusalem to this day? Or is it possible that it has remained hidden for all these years because it's actually buried in another part of the world? Metallurgist and treasure hunter Robert Feather has spent years studying the Copper Scroll, and believes that the treasure isn't that of the Israelites.
As a metallurgist, the first thing I kind of noticed was, you don't measure gold in kilograms, which is what they were doing.
So I looked at it again, and interspersed amongst the ancient Hebrew letters were Greek letters weight terms were Egyptian.
And it's engraved on highly pure copper, 99.
I began to research it and realized the only place that you could find copper of that purity was in Egypt.
After examining the Copper Scroll from every angle, Robert came to the conclusion that the treasure does not lie in Jerusalem, but over 600 miles southwest in Egypt.
When you start to analyze the phraseology, you get things like , which is "great river.
" There's no great river near Jerusalem or in Judea at that time at all.
The only great river, and it's always referred to in those same terms is the Nile.
But most compelling of all Robert's finds was a name he found hidden within the text of the Copper Scroll.
I took the first ten Greek letters and put them together, and read the name Akhenaten.
And I came to the conclusion the Copper Scroll was talking about Amarna, the capitol city of Pharaoh Akhenaten.
Is it possible that the famous treasure of the Copper Scroll millions of dollars in gold and silver.
is really hidden, not in Jerusalem, but somewhere in Amarna, Egypt? And if Robert Feather's analysis of the scroll is correct, why is there a connection to Akhenaten? Akhenaten was known historically, uh, or rather through modern history, as the heretical pharaoh.
Akhenaten banishes multiple gods, and declares that there is only one god, Aten, and the Aten is the sun disc.
Ancient astronaut theorists contend that Aten was not merely a symbolic deity, but based on something Akhenaten actually witnessed in the sky.
Akhenaten and other Atenists are seen worshipping this special disc of the sun that is reaching down to touch them.
And you have to wonder if this sun disc isn't a representative of some kind of alien spaceship or flying saucer.
Prior to Akhenaten, the pharaoh was one of the gods, but not god incarnate.
Akhenaten changes this.
With Akhenaten, he is the living god, in a way that no pharaoh had been before.
Akhenaten was a very interesting fellow because of the way he looked.
He had a very bizarre face, with an elongated skull with a spindly body, sort of a potbelly, and chicken legs, and so some have proposed that Akhenaten himself might have been an extraterrestrial.
Is it possible, as ancient astronaut theorists contend, that Akhenaten was actually an extraterrestrial being? Curiously, much like the treasure written of in the Copper Scroll, the fate of Akhenaten remains shrouded in mystery.
There was a concerted effort to eliminate Akhenaten.
His name was stricken, carved out of the temple walls.
The Amarna heresy, as it was known, had to be completely deleted from the Egyptian record.
In 1932, when British archaeologist John Pendlebury excavated Akhenaten's tomb, he found no evidence that Akhenaten had ever been buried there.
Some speculate the final resting place of the pharaoh was in a tomb in the Valley of the Kings: Tomb 55.
However, recent archeological evidence has led others to suggest the body found in this tomb belongs to someone else.
Most Egyptologists would agree that the body found in this tomb is not Akhenaten.
Akhenaten just disappeared.
But had we had his tomb survive, for example, one would imagine that the treasures, the wealth would have been probably equivalent, if not more, than Tutenkhamun's tomb.
One of the great mysteries of ancient Egypt is where the body of Akhenaten is.
If they could find his body, it might reveal that he was, in fact, part extraterrestrial and that this is why he looked as he did.
Could the treasure locations given on the Copper Scroll also lead to the mummy of the heretic pharaoh? And if Akhenaten truly had alien origins as ancient astronaut theorists suggest might this treasure hold some value to beings from beyond our world? According to author Zecharia Sitchin, Sumerian texts suggest ancient humans were made to mine gold for their gods gods who were, in fact, extraterrestrials.
Many ancient cultures were in the pursuit of finding precious gold and silver and jewels.
They always did this under the premise that they were gathering it for their gods.
It's very possible that, just like we have from the ancient Sumerian texts, man was actually created to mine the gold and precious jewels for the gods.
Zecharia Sitchin speculates that gold is absolutely necessary for the people of the 12th planet, who we often think of as the extraterrestrials who visit us as gods.
Gold has also proven to be a valuable element for space travel.
Gold's highly conductive, and obviously you would probably have a lot of electrical-based equipment on your ship.
Gold also has great thermal properties.
It's incredibly easy to work with.
You can make it very thin.
So I think the properties of gold really make it very useful for interstellar travel.
Might our ancestors have secreted away vast caches of gold upon the orders of extraterrestrial gods? Or if the treasure described in the Copper Scroll is truly buried in Amarna, hidden with the mummy of Akhenaten, is it possible that once it is found, it will reveal something even more valuable than just gold and silver? Could the treasure be buried with some type of alien technology? I think the Copper Scroll will lead to much more than just the simple finding of material treasure.
The more I immerse myself in the subject, the more I realize that it opens up a whole panoply of truths that are far more important than mere gold and silver.
Once the code is finally cracked, will the Copper Scroll lead us to evidence that aliens visited Earth in the distant past? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and believe that, not far from where the Copper Scroll was found, a treasure of even greater significance is still waiting to be uncovered.
Temple Mount.
Summer 2013.
Just 164 feet from the Temple Mount's southern wall, archeologist Dr.
Eilat Mazar makes a stunning discovery an inscribed earthenware jug that dates back 3,000 years to the time of King Solomon.
The discovery may confirm what many historians have suggested that Solomon's Temple once stood at this exact location.
In addition to the historical significance, the find intrigues treasure hunters, as it may indicate that other, much more valuable relics may also lie buried at Temple Mount.
Solomon's Temple was built in the 10th century BC by the great king of Israel, Solomon, and it was built initially to house the Ark of the Covenant.
According to the Hebrew Bible, Solomon's Temple was constructed upon direct orders from God.
Although it is best known for having housed the Ark of the Covenant, and possibly even the Holy Grail, some treasure hunters believe another relic of profound historical significance may lie buried at the site a relic that ancient astronaut theorists claim is of extraterrestrial origin Solomon's Ring.
One of the lesser known great treasures of history is Solomon's Ring.
It is said that this ring had the name of God engraved upon it in a very secret and cryptic way.
The ring was representative of the authority from beyond this world.
The wielder of that ring would be able to compel any and all who recognized that source of extraterrestrial power to do whatever he wished.
In the Islamic records, the Ring of Solomon was given to him by angels.
It gave him magical powers.
Through this ring he could control the jinn, or genies.
According to both the Quran and the Hebrew Talmud, Solomon's Ring also aided him in constructing the temple itself.
Somehow this ring gave him the power to control otherworldly beings, for want of a better term demons, you can call them genies.
Or you can call them extraterrestrials.
Solomon was in need of a higher technology in order to build his temple.
He knew that he had to contact Asmoday, later known by the Greek name Asmodeus, who is the head of the "daemons.
" With this ring, clearly not of human origins, Asmoday was hereby compelled and required to provide for Solomon whatever he needed to fulfill the building of the Temple of God.
So Asmoday gave to Solomon something called a shamir.
Now, the shamir is described in traditional literature as this little worm that you put on the stone and it would cut it The shamir was a, quote-unquote, "worm" that could cut and drill through even the hardest of stones rather with ease.
What if this shamir was some type of laser-cutting device? Is it possible that Solomon possessed an extraterrestrial device wielding incredible power power that gave its bearer control and command of otherworldly beings? And if so, might this explain the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Solomon's Ring? Solomon's Ring, like many of the other temple treasures, like the Ark of the Covenant, were considered too hot to handle by average human beings.
These things were concealed when the time was made proper.
In 586 BC, the first temple, Solomon's Temple, was destroyed sacked by Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king.
One theory holds that the most fabulous treasure we can almost conceive of gold, silver, the Ark of the Covenant, possibly Solomon's Ring are buried in a secret chamber beneath the Temple Mount.
Could the Ring of Solomon, like the Ark of the Covenant, have been hidden somewhere under Temple Mount for hundreds of years? Or has it been discovered and secreted away to another location? In 1867, British Army engineers map the vaults under the temple ruins and discover pointed arches with keystones after the Gothic style.
Archeologists would later discover artifacts, including a sword, a spur, a lance, and a small cross all of which belonged to the known as the Knights Templar.
Originally formed in 1118 AD to protect pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem, the Knights Templar were based at Temple Mount.
During their time in Jerusalem, the group of warrior monks rose from relative obscurity to being the most powerful order of the Crusades.
By 1139, the pope makes them answerable to nobody except himself.
When you look at ancient biblical histories and I do treat them as histories basically the Ark of the Covenant and Solomon's Ring are the two most powerful weapons in the Bible, and the possession of either one of those would have made their order, the Knights Templar, virtually invincible.
Did the Knights Templar actually find the lost Temple treasures, including Solomon's Ring? If so, could they have discovered that the ring really did possess some otherworldly power? And might that power have led to their untimely end? On a Friday the 13th, in 1307, the Knights Templar were rounded up and burned at the stake for heresy.
With their demise, did Solomon's Ring and its otherworldly powers vanish from the Earth forever? Or might it have been spirited away and hidden with the rest of the purported Templar treasures? It is said that Solomon imprisoned the demon Asmodeus to protect the treasure in his temple.
Later on in the legends of the Knights Templar, we discover that the Templars are communicating with Asmodeus.
And to this day, there is a church in the southwest of France, near Rennes Le Chateau, known to be a Templar stronghold, which has a statue of Asmodeus in the front of the church.
Was Solomon's Ring more than just a myth, and will it someday be rediscovered with the rest of the Templar treasure? And is it possible that this ancient artifact along with the treasure of the Copper Scroll could reveal an alien connection in the distant past? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and claim that yet another long lost treasure with a direct link to extraterrestrials may still lie hidden on the other side of the world.
Kanab, Utah.
Located on the western Colorado Plateau, this town of less than that's been going on for over a century.
And what many believe is hidden here among the red rocks and canyons is one of the greatest lost treasures in the world.
Something's buried here that's very valuable, that cost people their lives.
People have died over this.
This ain't no fun and games.
This is for real.
If you've ever seen Indiana Jones or National Treasure, that's fictional, but the treasure that we're looking after is real, and that's what all of those movies were based off of, is the truth and history of the ancients.
research has us convinced that Montezuma's treasure is here in Utah.
Montezuma's treasure? In the American Southwest? Why would the lost treasure of a culture that existed in Mexico, hundreds of years ago, lie hidden in Utah? According to legend, the ancestral birthplace of the Aztec people is, in fact, somewhere in this area of the United States.
The Aztec mythology says that they came from a land called Aztlán.
And this is a city that was apparently in what's now the American Southwest.
Very, very advanced civilization.
In the Aztec stories, their homeland of Aztlán was created through an extraordinary event an event that, according to ancient astronaut theorists, depicts an encounter with extraterrestrial beings.
The Aztec chronicler Gerónimo de Mendieta recorded a very interesting creation myth in which a goddess threw a giant flint knife from the heavens into the Seven Caves of Chicomoztoc, causing the birth of 1,600 gods.
Now, imagine for a moment, that you know nothing about high-tech.
You'll use words with which to best describe what you see.
And all of a sudden, you have these giant flint knives descending from the sky.
So what are we really looking at here? Could it have been that these extraterrestrials who had crash-landed on Earth and then brought their civilization to the indigenous people of that time? According to the Aztec codices, their ancestors were instructed by the gods to migrate south to Mexico around 1064 AD.
Over the course of the next 500 years, they grew to be the greatest empire in North America.
But on June 29, 1520, King Montezuma II was killed during the Spanish conquest of Mexico, and the Aztec empire came to an end.
What happened in the aftermath is debated by historians but according to some accounts, the Aztecs gathered as much of their valuables as they could carry and fled to the north.
This treasure was spectacular.
It was epic.
It was hundreds of pounds of gold and silver and priceless objects a golden disc the size of a cartwheel, that was shaped like the sun.
They needed to get this treasure out to a safe place.
And this is the story behind the Aztec exodus, north into what we now know as the American Southwest.
The Aztecs are said to have carried tens of thousands of pounds of gold, silver, and priceless relics north in the direction of their ancestral homeland.
But why? Why would the Aztecs travel nearly 2,000 miles, putting both their lives and their treasure at risk, to reach a homeland that they had left over According to their own stories, the Aztecs' vast treasure was a gift for their most important god.
This wealth of the Aztecs was being held in safekeeping for their god, Quetzalcoatl.
So it was a sacred treasure.
Quetzalcoatl is said to have brought understandings of astronomy and astrology.
He is really the father of the Aztec Empire.
But we have to ask ourselves, is it possible that Quetzalcoatl was an historical figure and not just a mythological being? Quetzalcoatl is represented as a feathered serpent, but also he's represented, he's a big being, with a helmet, and he's sitting on a half-open sort of egg.
Quetzalcoatl was definitely an extraterrestrial.
If Quetzalcoatl really was an alien being, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest, could this be further proof of Zecharia Sitchin's theory that gold is an important commodity to extraterrestrial space travelers? And might the Aztecs have brought their treasure back to their ancestral homeland in the hopes that Quetzalcoatl would exact vengeance on their enemies? The purpose of this treasure was to preserve it as tribute for Quetzalcoatl when he returned and helped them, hopefully, eventually vanquish their enemies.
What's really interesting is that as you get into the American Southwest, what you find is that there are Aztec writings, Aztec hieroglyphs and petroglyphs on rocks even as far north as Utah.
Perhaps, somewhere, they actually do have these treasures still stored away, still waiting for the day when Quetzalcoatl returns.
In the 1950s, four stone tablets known as the Peralta Stones were discovered near the Superstition Mountains in Arizona.
Treasure hunters Paul and Dan Dillman are convinced that the symbols carved on these stones, along with a fifth tablet they discovered in 1982, will one day lead them to the legendary gold of Montezuma, hidden here in the mountains and canyons of Utah.
Check this out.
Look at the markings.
This is amazing, man.
You got an Indian headdress, - you got the sun symbol.
- Sun symbol, just like the tablet.
Right here, cave.
Wavy lines.
And the arch, the "T.
" Everything's on here.
- It matches the tablet perfect.
- Yeah.
But if the Dillmans ever do uncover the entrance to the Aztec homeland of Aztlán, and the hiding place of Montezuma's gold, might they find more than they bargained for? If Aztlán was founded by an extraterrestrial god, as treasure hunters get closer and closer to perhaps finding the location of Aztlán, do they really want to break that seal? Because no one really knows what's behind it, and what the consequences of such a find might actually be to the human race.
Is Kanab, Utah, really the hiding place of the lost Aztec treasure? And if so, when it is found, might it reveal evidence of alien contact in the distant past? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and claim that more evidence of a connection between the world's greatest lost treasures and extraterrestrial intervention can be found in Greece.
Delphi, Greece.
Near the Gulf of Corinth, on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, a religious shrine known as the Sanctuary of Apollo was established sometime before that the legendary Oracle of Delphi a succession of priestesses of Apollo prophesized for the people of Greece.
According to the Greek author Plutarch, the Oracle would enter a small chamber in the Temple of Apollo, take her seat on a tripod, and inhale sweet-smelling vapors, inducing a trance-like state from which she could communicate with the gods.
It was the seat of Apollo's oracle, so he was the one who provided The priestess is there just as a conduit for it and, in fact, she has no power of her own.
So Apollo himself is not going to show up to actually deliver the oracles.
He's on Mount Olympus.
He's with the other Olympian gods.
His line is open for for questions, but he's not going to show himself.
Lots of people came to visit, looking for answers to questions that they had.
And these are people not only in mythology but, in fact, actual people in history coming to visit.
If you go to Delphi today, you can see inscriptions of the answers that were given to questions.
Although the Oracle made her final prophecy over Sanctuary of Apollo remains an important site because of the buried relics and offerings that may still lie there to this day.
But some believe that among these riches lies a much more profound treasure an Omphalos stone.
In Greek, the word omphalos literally translates to "navel.
" And while there were numerous Omphalos stones throughout Greece, the egg-shaped Omphalos stone at Delphi was the most significant.
This navel really just represents sort of the center of the Earth.
Now, not the center of what we think of as the Earth, but the center as in, the most important place for the Olympian gods.
One story is that Zeus sent some birds flying in different directions, and where they met was the Omphalos.
That was the naval of the Earth.
This is where this oracle would be established.
But in addition to marking the center of the Earth for the Olympians, in some ancient Greek accounts, the Omphalos stone was also the source of her prognostications.
So, sometimes, the Omphalos stone exerts some power.
Sometimes it's just a vessel for gaseous fumes that get you high and put you in the right mindset to talk to the gods.
Sometimes it's just a stone.
If true communication took place between our world and extraterrestrials, which the ancient Greek gods were, then I prefer to think that some type of transmitter was used and only the Oracle knew how to operate it.
Why? Because she was the chosen one.
It may be that the Omphalos stone is a depiction of a working technological device that was not made of stone at all.
Could the Omphalos really have been a technological device that enabled humans to communicate with extraterrestrials? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and, as proof, they point to the stories of what happened to those who dared to go after the treasure.
According to the 2nd century Greek author Pausanias, in 279 BC, the Celtic King Brennus led an attack on Greece with a force of more than 200,000 men, intent on claiming the treasure of Delphi.
It is said that the Celts were coming to Delphi in order to steal the treasure.
But as they approach and they get close to the Oracle the skies open up and the gods intervene.
Apollo caused the ground to shake fierce storms landslides finally, a terrible frost.
Legends grew that the great treasure was protected.
After over 1,500 years of offering divine guidance, the Temple of Apollo was shut down by Roman Emperor Theodosius in 395 AD, and ever since, the fate of the Delphi treasure and the Omphalos has remained a mystery.
This was probably one of the most important centers for Greek religion in the ancient world and so, of course, it has got a big old bull's-eye on it once Christianity starts taking off.
And the Omphalos stone, which, if you believe that it was invested with the power that made the oracle work, they would naturally get rid of that.
Curiously, a Roman recreation of the Omphalos stone, carved with an intricate net-like pattern, remains in the Museum of Delphi to this day.
And there are those that believe the original was not in fact destroyed, but confiscated and hidden away at the Vatican.
But others believe the Omphalos still lies in Greece And in 1936, the German government funded an excavation of Olympia and Delphi headed by archeologist Hans Schleif, a member of the famous Nazi Ahnenerbe Society.
The Nazi Ahnenerbe Society was basically the SS paranormal division.
It apparently was the inspiration for films like Raiders of the Lost Ark.
And the purpose of it was to find relics and evidence, and possibly weapons from these very advanced Aryan gods who the Nazi's believed they were directly descended from.
The Ahnenerbe expeditions in Delphi were looking for something mysterious, something hidden.
Was it just a treasure of gold and jewels, or was it something more? It may not have been a treasure hunt at all.
It may have been an attempt to establish direct communication between the Nazis and the gods.
If the Omphalos stone was in fact a piece of ancient alien technology, then their ability to have obtained that could have actually changed the outcome of the war.
If the Omphalos stone is indeed a direct line to advanced beings from other worlds, could its power be used for destructive ends? And if so, is that why it remains hidden to this day? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest that there is another extraterrestrial treasure with even more devastating powers yet to be found.
Kerala, India.
Police officers with high-powered rifles stand guard at the entrance to the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple a sacred Vedic structure dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu.
Under orders from the India Supreme Court, appointees unlock five secret vaults hidden beneath the temple that have been sealed for centuries, and door after door, they unearth giant caches of relics, together valued at nearly $22 billion.
But when they reach the final chamber Chamber B it cannot be opened.
It has three doors on it.
The first one is a kind of a grating metal door, and the second is a heavy wood door.
And finally there was a strong iron door that is shut, it's it's stuck.
Among the warning in chamber B, are depictions of cobras a terrifying image.
Suggesting that things will happen if you open this.
And then the last door has no locks, it hasn't any latches.
According to legend, it was sealed with a mantra.
It's called Astha Naga Bandhana mantra, and no one knows what that mantra is.
There seems to be a bizarre curse around whatever is in this room.
Anyone who tries to get into the room has all sorts of bad luck or even illness or fatalities.
On July 17, 2011, just three weeks after the first five chambers were accessed, the person who petitioned the court to force the chambers opened, T.
Sundara Rajan, came down with a fever and died.
The following month, a group of Indian diviners issued a dire warning that opening the final chamber would have deadly consequences for the people involved and for the land.
The locals started circulating the rumors that any attempt made by man would cause tremendous harm.
We do not know what is in the chamber, and there has been rumors that it contains deadly weapons.
But what is it that lies behind the door of Chamber B? Could it be simply monetary treasure? Or is it something more profound and dangerous? Indian texts, such as the Mahabharata, describe gods wielding ancient divine weapons, and waging epic battles in the sky.
In the Mahabharata, there is a fierce battle that reads like modern-day science fiction, with references to unknown weaponry: a single projectile charged with all the power in the universe an iron thunderbolt a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced everything to ashes.
Is it possible that Chamber B is the hiding place for the kind of deadly technology described in the vedic texts? What's behind it is something special and dangerous.
It's possible that what's inside of this unopened chamber is some kind of extraterrestrial technology that changed the world.
You're talking about extraterrestrial technology which is not meant to be found, it is not meant to be understood, and it is not meant to be utilized by man.
Could Vishnu's treasures, sealed behind the ironclad door of Chamber B, really be an ancient link to some devastating alien technology? And if so, might this mysterious treasure, like other so-called ancient lost treasures in Egypt, Greece, Jerusalem, or the American Southwest, be far more valuable or perhaps dangerous than mere monetary riches? The buried treasure may not be the reason for our yearning or our searching.
It might be the meaning of life.
It might be the good life itself.
Life is so full of mysteries, and you have to open your eyes.
There's so much to uncover here, so much treasure, and it's not just gold and silver, it's knowledge.
Man has always been fascinated with ancient treasures and discovering these treasures the gold, the silver, the jewels but in other cases, it can be technology of the extraterrestrial gods themselves.
Could the world's lost treasures, like those listed on the Copper Scroll, serve as a direct link to our extraterrestrial ancestors, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest? And if so, would finding them help us unlock the mysteries of the universe, or lead to our own destruction? Perhaps it's meant to be a puzzle one designed to take centuries to solve.
And only after solving it will we know the truth about our alien origins.

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