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The Alien Agenda

A civilization suddenly destroyed.
I think they possessed incredible technology.
And then something happened.
Centuries of knowledge wiped out forever.
When these books were all destroyed, it was a way of setting the knowledge back to zero.
And the world's most powerful weapons inexplicably taken offline.
We were being sent a message: "We're watching.
" Is it possible that extraterrestrials have intervened that key moments in our history to manipulate our progress? And if so, what is their ultimate goal? There are extraterrestrials that want to see humanity evolve and grow, and another group that wants us destroyed.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, is the advancement of mankind determined by an alien agenda? Washington, D.
At the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, six former members of the United States Congress listened to testimony from former high-ranking government and military officials, along with a variety of scientists and researchers, about extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.
One of the speakers was former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer.
The American people and the people of the world have a right to know.
UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.
We live in a cosmos teeming with life.
To have a former defense minister and deputy prime minister come out and say that the UFO phenomenon is real and that we're being visited and that there's a government cover-up is in of itself sensational.
And he also expressed the view that some alien civilizations are concerned about humanity and do not want to share technology with the human race for fear that we are not ready for it, that we'll abuse that technology.
We are, after all, a race that has used atomic bombs on our own people.
Other distinguished speakers at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure included nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, retired Air Force Captain Robert Salas, and a former official for the Federal Aviation Administration, John Callahan, all of whom corroborated Paul Hellyer's assertion that we are being visited by otherworldly beings.
They also claim that these visitors have an interest in our technological advancements, especially when it comes to nuclear weapons.
These objects know, uh, in great detail how our missiles operate.
They can shut down our missiles at any time.
If you release that information to the public, um, what do you say to that, about, uh, you know What kind of defense do we have against these things? Could the UFO phenomenon be real? And is it possible that extraterrestrials have been monitoring and perhaps even interfering with the technological advancement of mankind? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest that the earliest and perhaps strongest evidence of this can be found in the biblical story of the Tower of Babel.
According to the Book of Genesis, the Tower of Babel was built in Mesopotamia after the Great Flood.
Some accounts suggest it reached nearly 30 stories, or 300 feet tall.
It was described as a bridge between heaven and Earth, built by a unified people.
In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 11, it says, "In the beginning, there was only one language and few words.
" And then a group of people got together and decided that things could be improved.
Someone got the idea of building a tower, a tower to heaven, to make a name for ourselves.
Well, this starts to become hubris, where you start challenging the gods.
This is a key idea, a certain kind of arrogance that is starting to think that you are a god.
And so as the tower lifts up, God is annoyed.
God comes down and says, "Wow, they can actually accomplish this feat; they can actually build a tower up into the heavens.
" So let's disperse their language, and then they can't communicate, and then they can't build this tower.
Biblical scholars contend that the story merely attempts to offer an explanation for the various languages on Earth.
But ancient astronaut theorists suggest the biblical account may actually reveal a greater truth about extraterrestrial interest in the technological progress of mankind.
From the other literature that we have peripheral to the Bible, a much deeper story is told.
What was this tower? According to this ancient source, this ancient technology that they discovered was to reach to the heavens.
When you look at the story of the Tower of Babel, it's essentially a story of mankind developing technology and being like the gods, being like our extraterrestrial creators.
And therefore, mankind was, in a sense, kept from reaching a technological level.
The word "Babel" means "gate to God," and some believe that the gate to God was in fact a star gate, a ladder, tower or stairway that reached into the heavens.
And so when God saw that humankind were building a star gate, this was too much.
Well, what happened next? Powers that be watched.
They observed.
They spoke to one another, saying, "We have to descend to the Earth to bring an assault upon the builders of the tower.
" What kind of an assault? The biblical text is very clear.
They touched the minds of the people and corrupted their spirit of unity.
The Tower of Babel story really relates to a decision that the so-called gods had made: human beings were not only supposed to speak different languages, they were also supposed to fight with each other.
They were supposed to come into conflict with each other.
And as long as they're squabbling with each other, they're not gonna unite and fight against you.
Is it possible, as some ancient astronaut theorists suggest, that otherworldly beings have been carefully watching the advancements of humans and have intervened, creating barriers as a way to keep mankind from obtaining powerful technology? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining the remnants of an ancient civilization that appears to have been destroyed by a massive explosion.
Sindh Province, Pakistan.
An officer of the archaeological survey of India is led by a Buddhist monk to an area believed to have been a religious monument.
But under the mounds of dirt, archaeologists find instead an ancient Indus Valley city dating back to 2,000 BC.
It is called Mohenjo-daro, or Mound of the Dead.
And it is one of the oldest civilizations discovered in the world.
Mohenjo-daro was very advanced for that time.
They had sanitation, they had all kinds of good things going, and they had a lot of trade going with Mesopotamia.
The city of Mohenjo-daro rivaled the ancient civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia.
Archaeologists believe that over However, only 43 skeletons have been discovered at the site.
There are many theories surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the Indus people from Mohenjo-daro.
In 1977, British researcher David Davenport discovered that part of the archaeological site showed evidence of having been destroyed by an extremely powerful explosion.
He found what remains of the blast.
And he believed that this area was the epicenter of something that he believed was an explosion that destroyed part of the city.
And he found the evidence of vitrified pottery, bricks that were totally fused, melted, or vitrified.
Scholars claim that several calcified skeletons found at the site suggest they suffered an instantaneous death.
In Mohenjo-Daro, they found bodies arm in arm, skeletons arm in arm, that had been vitrified, virtually vitrified.
For years, restricted access to the site has prevented scientists from analyzing the vitrified ruins.
But in 2014, mineralogist Dr.
Sam Iyengar was able to obtain a piece of fused pottery from Mohenjo-daro, and put it through a series of tests.
When I did the elemental analysis, it showed me that the Mohenjo-daro rock contained mostly silicon, aluminum, with some calcium and potassium.
So my thought was maybe it could be some type of a clay.
Till I did the X-ray diffraction.
X-ray diffraction is able to determine exactly how a material was formed.
When I did the X-ray powder diffraction, this is the pattern I got.
And you can see some crystalline peaks here, along with an amorphous hump, which usually results from a glassy phase in the rock.
The composition is very similar to volcanic rock.
The only way the clay can be converted into something which we saw is subjecting the clay to a very, very high temperature.
I'm talking 4,000 to That is not something a early civilization can do intentionally.
It has to be something supernatural.
Could this pottery sample, which shows irrefutable evidence of having been subjected to extreme heat, be definitive evidence that Mohenjo-daro really was the site of some type of powerful explosion in the ancient past? David Davenport and other researchers of India's ancient Vedic texts have suggested that this is the case, and that Mohenjo-daro may in fact be the kingdom of Lanka.
A city whose destruction is detailed in the Indian epic known as the Ramayana.
In the Ramayana, it is described that the god Vishnu decides the leader of Lanka, a mortal named Ravana, has grown too powerful.
Vishnu takes the human form of Rama and does battle with Ravana, who has become like the gods himself.
Ravana was a very formidable enemy.
In fact, most of his power, it was acquired from-from God, Shiva himself, because he was a great devotee of Shiva, and Shiva gave him lethal weapons.
During the battle between Rama and Ravana, they used particular weapons of energy.
Weapons of the gods.
They have a very big power of destruction.
It was described as the sun turning into 50 even more brighter suns, with this incredible blast.
So some people have suggested that perhaps at Mohenjo-daro some type of nuclear blast occurred.
Not only do we have a textual reference to a possible nuclear blast, but we also find physical evidence that show vitrification of stone.
And the only way that stone can be vitrified is if it's exposed to extreme heat.
This is not mythology.
This is not superstition.
This is documented historical events of people that are warring with each other using advanced technology.
I happen to believe that mankind possessed incredible technology, incredible knowledge, and that they did things that we're doing right now, and then something happened.
And they had to literally start all over again.
Whoever got involved said, "Uh-uh, that's not gonna happen.
Let's let them have knowledge, but not too much knowledge.
" And I think that's probably what's happening here.
Is it possible that the vitrified ruins at Mohenjo-daro are evidence that humans were in possession of advanced technology thousands of years ago? And does this suggest that extraterrestrial beings intervened in the affairs of mankind to prevent the exploitation of these weapons? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest further proof can be found by examining the ancient world's greatest repository of knowledge and how it came to be destroyed.
Egypt, 391 A.
The Great Library of Alexandria, which houses perhaps the most extensive collection of knowledge in the ancient world, is set aflame.
It is burned by decree of Emperor Theodosius I, who has deemed many of the works contained at the library unorthodox and heretical.
Built by the Egyptians in the third century B.
, the Library of Alexandria was said to contain as many as a million scrolls on a wide variety of topics, including astronomy, mathematics, physics, medicine and philosophy.
The Library at Alexandria was the greatest library of the ancient world-- thousands and thousands of scrolls, all of the ancient science, all of the ancient wisdom, the occult lore, the literature.
But as regimes changed, there was a fear that perhaps there were heresies in those volumes.
As Christianity grew and became a more powerful religion, they began to see some of the learning that was part of ancient civilization as evil.
So all of the astronomy, all of the technological knowledge, all of the philosophy had to be destroyed.
There was ancient technologies that were lost.
We know this from modern historical record.
Technologies working with systems like magnetism, crystals, energy, like the Ark of the Covenant.
We know these things existed, but we don't know what was the nature of their existence.
Some of those books were the history of our planet going back to 100,000 years, even.
So when these books were all destroyed, it was a way of setting the knowledge back to zero.
Of the volumes once held by the vast library, researchers have estimated that 95% of the knowledge that was recorded there was incinerated, plunging humanity back thousands of years in its evolution.
But why? Was the Library of Alexandria burned down simply because the Catholic Church considered some of its contents to be heretical? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest there may have been another, perhaps extraterrestrial, agenda behind its destruction.
According to an official NASA document published in 2007, titled "Unidentified Flying Objects in Classical Antiquity," there were a remarkable number of mysterious encounters during the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
They didn't use the term "UFO" or "flying saucer" back in-in the times of the Romans and the Greeks, but they spoke about things like sky armies, shields, ships.
And, I mean, this is history.
There's a very interesting report by Cicero.
And what that was is that there was a sphere in the sky, which then divided into smaller spheres.
This reflects the classic UFO reports that we get today, where there's just one big object, usually a sphere, and then it suddenly breaks apart and these smaller subsets go flying around.
This report from the first century B.
was just one of over recorded during the Roman Empire.
There's one remarkable story after another in the Roman Empire of the appearance of spaceships influencing battles.
And it leaves the appearance that these extraterrestrial beings had a direct bearing on the outcome of some of these battles and these wars.
Of all the unexplained sightings, the most famous was reported by Emperor Constantine the Great on October 27, 312 A.
, at the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, which would win him the throne and change Western civilization forever.
The real moment of truth for Constantine came when he was engaged in the midst of a great battle.
He claimed to have seen a cross appear in the sky over the battlefield.
At that point, he made a vow to Christ that if he won the battle, he would convert to Christianity for good and he would make Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire.
The vision of Constantine was extremely significant.
They thought it was some kind of message: fight this battle and establish this form of Christianity.
Shortly after Constantine became emperor of Rome, religious wars broke out between the Christians, Jews and pagans.
It was during these wars that the first attacks were made on the Library of Alexandria, ultimately leading to its total destruction in 391 A.
And according to some ancient astronaut theorists, this was done at the direction of those extraterrestrial beings that were responsible for Constantine's vision at the Milvian Bridge.
The Roman Empire, in many ways, was ahead of its time.
Now, was this something that caught the attention of intelligent extraterrestrials? Did it give them cause for concern? Were these UFO sightings at the time of the Roman Empire a monitoring process, and maybe humanity was just pegged back a little bit? Is it possible the alleged UFO sightings throughout the Roman Empire indicate that there is an extraterrestrial agenda to hold back the progress of humanity? Or might there be an even more incredible explanation? Some ancient astronaut theorists claim there may not be just one alien agenda but several.
Washington D.
After five days of expert testimony at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, astounding claims regarding extraterrestrial involvement with the human race were shared with former members of Congress.
Among the most inflammatory is the assertion from former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer that we are not being visited by just one alien faction, but several.
At least four species had been visiting Earth for thousands of years.
They are different species and consequently may have different agendas.
The thing about Paul Hellyer is the level of detail that he goes down to numbers of civilizations, alien agendas.
This is not some maverick UFO researcher.
This is a politician still deeply connected.
He has a number of extremely high-level government and military and intelligence community sources.
Is it possible the government has been covering up the presence of otherworldly beings here on Earth? And could there in fact be more than one agenda? Ancient astronaut theorists claim that not only do different extraterrestrial agendas exist, but that this notion is supported by some of mankind's earliest writings.
In Greek mythology, Prometheus acts in opposition to Zeus by giving fire and knowledge to mankind.
In the Indian Vedic texts, the gods Vishnu and Shiva are often at odds.
And even in the Bible, Lucifer is cast out of heaven for disobeying God.
But perhaps the strongest clues as to just what these opposing agendas are can be found in the detailed accounts of the ancient Sumerians.
Tell al-Muqayyar, Iraq.
British archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley and his team uncover the ancient Sumerian city of Ur and discover numerous clay tablets containing fantastic tales of gods interacting with humans.
We have these cuneiform tablets carved into clay with a primitive stylus, but the stories they tell, the Sumerian mythology of the Anunnaki, those who from heaven to Earth came, are so intricate and fascinating.
After studying the tablets for nearly 50 years, preeminent Mesopotamian historian Thorkild Jacobsen publishes Treasures of Darkness, a book outlining the governing structure of Sumerian gods called the Anunnaki.
Thorkild Jacobson, he was not a ancient astronaut theorist or a ufologist by any means, but he just simply took all of these Mesopotamian stories, and he was able to construct from that exactly how the gods rule, how they manage, and the effect that it has on the human population once they establish certain policies.
Jacobsen outlines that an assembly of gods were charged with making decisions regarding Earth.
The unanimous will of the assembly would ultimately shape and control human history.
The high-ranking gods of the assembly included half brothers Enlil and Enki, who had opposing ideas about mankind.
Enki is a very benevolent god, a very wise god.
And in fact, he's credited with being the one who actually fashioned or created the human body.
And his agenda was to raise humankind even to the level of the gods.
He's opposed by his half brother Enlil, who's very militaristic and commanding, who prefers to keep humanity at the level of slaves and sex objects.
And so throughout the Babylonian epics, there's this continuing battle between these two opposing forces, these brothers.
Enlil did not like Enki's relationship with mankind.
So they apparently, he was the one who brought the deluge, the flood that wiped out civilizations.
Enki, on the other hand, tried to keep things going.
But just who were these brothers? According to ancient astronaut theorists, the Sumerians were visited by alien beings from another solar system.
It's easy for us to say that the Anunnaki were their gods.
But let's be clear.
The Sumerians did not refer to the Anunnaki as gods.
They referred to them as a race of giant, human-looking people who came from the stars.
Enlil and Enki, they fought over whether humanity should be destroyed or not.
And ever since then, there has been a battle that has been going on between extraterrestrial watchers that want to see humanity evolve and grow, and another group that wants us destroyed.
Look at humankind.
Some are good, some are bad.
I think extraterrestrials are the same thing.
Some are very enlightened.
They want to upgrade us.
They want great things for this planet and this universe.
There are others who don't.
They want to keep us ignorant and down and fighting and greedy.
Do the legends of gods with different agendas for mankind actually give insight into the extraterrestrial claims of Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer? And if so, are these otherworldly rivalries still occurring today? Perhaps clues can be found by looking at our more recent past and the secret technology of the Nazis.
London, England.
Former Nazi officer Hermann Rauschning publishes a book titled Hitler Speaks.
In it, he reveals some shocking conversations that he claimed to have had with Adolf Hitler, conversations about contact with nonhuman intelligences.
The surprising thing is that Adolf Hitler was basically we would call him today, basically, a UFO contactee.
He claimed that he personally had at least one contact or meeting with these so-called supermen.
They called them the supermen, or the underground supermen, but basically it was a contact with these super-people who were guiding them.
There are beings that are said to manipulate segments of humanity so as to express their own agendas, and therefore it is they who influence nations to go to war and to fight for their purposes and their agendas.
Is it really possible that Adolf Hitler was in contact with a race of extraterrestrials he called "supermen"? While the authenticity of Hermann Rauschning's accounts are widely questioned, ancient astronaut theorists propose that extraterrestrials may have had a particular interest in the quest of Hitler to obtain superweapons lost knowledge and artifacts of the ancestral gods.
The Nazis embarked on a quest for so-called Wunderwaffe wonder weapons.
Now, the Nazis were after not just making the atomic bomb, which they clearly were working toward, but guided missiles and even something called the sun gun, which actually involved plans for some sort of space station, and then effectively directed energy weapon down to the surface of the Earth.
Many people now speculate that extraterrestrials were watching humanity engaged in this cataclysmic conflict.
The theory was that this was war on a totally new scale and that it had attracted the attention of these alien visitors who were watching with concern at human beings advancing so rapidly.
There are a ton of reports that date back to the Second World War where pilots reported the so-called "Foo Fighters.
" And Foo Fighters are something that can be likened to modern-day UFOs.
So that is very interesting, because it shows to me that somehow extraterrestrials were interested in the outcome.
You have World War Two with Hitler.
The signs were really clear that we were now starting to enter a phase of our development where we are now gonna have some pretty good technology.
We're gonna start understanding some of the weirder aspects of reality.
That was the knowledge of the gods perhaps that they did not want us to have.
Is it possible that Hitler's quest for superweapons ultimately led to his downfall? Might an extraterrestrial faction have intervened to stop him before he went even further? Immediately following World War Two, the United States military enlisted Nazi scientists to continue the development of weaponry, including rockets and nuclear bombs.
After World War Two, much of the UFO activity around the world really stepped up considerably.
There are stories of how UFOs would circle around nuclear weapon silos.
UFO sightings were reported at numerous U.
Air Force bases with nuclear capabilities, including high-profile reports from the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana and Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.
In 1980, there was a famous sighting of a disc-shaped object that hovered near a nuclear bomb storage depot in Suffolk, England, and emitted laser-like beams of light.
The sightings over the missile facilities at Malmstrom and Minot involved apparent shutdowns of the missiles.
That is to say, it was alleged that the missiles were taken offline.
Now, UFO believers think that we were being sent a message and that the message was: "We know what your nuclear arsenal is capable of; we're watching.
" Are extraterrestrials monitoring nuclear facilities? Perhaps to ensure mankind does not unleash such weapons of mass destruction? And if there are in fact competing alien agendas for mankind, will proof of this be revealed with the introduction of an incredible new technology? Geneva, Switzerland.
CERN Headquarters.
A multinational coalition of scientists are working to upgrade the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest and most powerful atom smasher, which is capable of producing the energy of 70,000 atomic bombs.
The Large Hadron Collider was key to the initial discovery of the Higgs boson, or "God particle," a subatomic particle that many scientists believe exists for a fraction of a second before other particles get their mass, and the one missing piece of our present understanding of the laws of physics.
For theoretical physicists, the find opens up new frontiers in science and technology, suggesting the possibility of antigravity travel at the speed of light teleportation and even future military applications.
The Higgs particle is so new, we just really don't know what we're gonna be able to do with it.
The first person to refer to the Higgs boson as the "God particle" was Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman, who also likened the use of the Large Hadron Collider to the building of the Tower of Babel to reach the realm of God.
If we take his words literally, it suggests that the search for the God particle and the creation of these amazing particle accelerators, such as the one at CERN, is actually a recreation of the Tower of Babel.
Well, the Tower of Babel seems to have been humanity's first attempt to blast open holes in heaven, to open star gates and wormholes.
With the promise of a more powerful, upgraded collider to go online in the next few years, scientists are hopeful that humankind will make even more technological leaps in understanding just how the universe works.
When they finish the upgrade, it will be about 13 times more powerful.
So that's an enormous increase in energy.
We've never had a machine that could operate at these energy levels.
But the question is: are we at risk of opening up something we don't want? Is it a Pandora's box? Could the collaborations with scientists from across the world happening at CERN today mirror the efforts of the ancient civilization in Genesis who built the Tower of Babel? If we are reaching a level where we could interact with the heavens and connect with a galactic community, are we ready? Or will our efforts be thwarted again, pushing us back thousands of years in our development? The Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks.
Most of these empires of course fell, and for a while humanity was pegged back, but always we rose again and always we advance.
Now it seems that we stand on the threshold of the final jump.
There do seem to be cyclical patterns in history.
Each generation has to make the same mistakes.
We personally have to make similar mistakes at each life stage.
Some argue it is a spiral pattern, that the cycles have a kind of forward motion, that it's actually traveling in a direction, even as it seems to be going around in circles.
It is human destiny, from every legend, from every religion, to know we, as a race of human beings, will evolve.
We will overcome.
We will achieve the fulfillment of the messianic destiny to knowing the truth of our universe, the truth of our existence.
It's inevitable.
Could well be that what we are seeing here is the fulfillment of this long-standing plan or agenda of these extraterrestrial beings, who have been waiting for us to arrive at this level of consciousness or technology through which they will feel comfortable now to reveal themselves.
Is it possible that the course of humanity has been guided from the beginning by an alien agenda, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest? Have extraterrestrials been monitoring our progress for thousands of years, at times helping us to advance, and at other times holding us back? Are we finally reaching the point in our technological evolution where these alien visitors can no longer exist among us undetected? Perhaps the setbacks throughout our history were to assure we were prepared for full disclosure, and only then would we be allowed to realize our potential and be reunited with our alien ancestors.

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