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The Vanishings

A tribe gone missing.
It was some kind of harvest.
It was an experiment.
A city mysteriously abandoned.
All of a sudden they disappeared.
We don't know where they have gone.
And an entire culture that dropped off the face of the earth.
Have they been abducted? Have they been beamed up? Throughout history and across the globe, there have been accounts of mass disappearances that defy explanation.
But did these people suffer some horrible fate? Or might they have been taken by extraterrestrial visitors? Ultimately they vanish, and we don't know what happened to them.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, might they be responsible for mankind's most mysterious disappearances? Nunavut Territory, Canada.
Located at the northernmost point of the country and stretching across most of the Canadian Arctic, the Nunavut Territory is among the most sparsely populated regions on Earth.
Yet Inuit tribes have continuously inhabited the region for at least 4,000 years.
Because of its remoteness, most people had not heard of the region until 1930, when it first made headlines across North American newspapers with the report of the mysterious disappearance of an entire Inuit tribe.
A fur trapper by the name of Joe Labelle comes upon a small village, and it's empty.
There are tents, there are shelters, there's a fire, there's stew in a pot on the fire.
But there's nobody around.
There were graves in this village where every top of every grave had been lifted off, and every dead person was gone.
There was no sign of violence or disturbance in the Anjikuni village to explain how an estimated 25 men, women, and children would have vanished.
After the disappearance was first publicized, other details began to emerge.
When the Royal Canadian Mounted Police got to the village and they went around and talked with locals, they were hearing all about strange things in the sky.
The Mounties themselves saw blue lights, twinkling and hovering and moving around on the horizon, as if being watched by something in the sky.
One thing that makes the Anjikuni case really stand out is the fact that an entire village was just gone.
And that is something that we don't see too often.
But we do see it now and again.
And, possibly, that demonstrates a very disturbing aspect of the UFO phenomenon.
Could it be that the Anjikuni tribe actually disappeared from the face of the earth? Some ancient astronaut theorists claim that accounts of mass disappearances can be traced back thousands of years to some of our earliest civilizations.
What is happening on all of the mass disappearances? Nobody knows.
In the mass disappearances where cultures or towns or villages have disappeared in Earth history, nobody has come back.
Throughout ancient history, there are various reports of large amounts of people just completely disappearing from the earth and going to some unknown place.
We don't know, but it's possible that this is connected, in fact, to extraterrestrials.
Is it possible that there is a common thread linking mass disappearances throughout history? And if extraterrestrials have, in fact, been removing entire groups of people from the planet since ancient times, what might their purpose be? Perhaps further evidence can be found by examining recently discovered artifacts left behind by a lost ancient civilization.
Guanghan City, China.
Construction workers unearth two sacrificial pits that contain the relics of a long lost civilization.
The cache contains hundreds of bronze and gold masks, statues, and figurines, in addition to numerous marble and jade artifacts.
Chinese historians consider the discovery one of the most important finds of the 20th century and date the site back between 3,000 and 5,000 years, to the very start of Chinese civilization.
Before the Sanxingdui discovery, Chinese civilization was understood to have arisen from the Yellow River basin basically, one spot in China.
This discovery showed that there were other very advanced cultures on the periphery of the Yellow River basin that also heavily contributed to the formation of Chinese civilization.
Nobody wrote about the culture at Sanxingdui.
There's nothing that comes up in Chinese texts, and the Chinese are very good at documenting their history.
So one of the most surprising things is how a culture that was so sophisticated could slide under the radar of history.
The Sanxingdui culture left no written record, no human remains have been found, and, according to their artifacts, they appear to have only existed for 350 years.
For some unknown reason, the artifacts were broken, burned, and placed into two pits and covered up, rendering them useless.
So it's very curious as to why that happened.
Adding to the intrigue of the vanished civilization, they left behind dozens of bronze heads with odd features.
On November 1, 2007, the official press agency of China asked the question whether or not what we're looking at here are ancestors or in fact extraterrestrials.
And my question is, what if what we have here is both? If you check out this one right here, look at the eyes.
Now, why would any artisan carve or create something like this? Because our eyes don't look like this.
The whole thing is very bizarre-looking.
It is not necessarily human.
It is something else.
The masks look very unusual.
They have big ears, big eyes.
They don't look like normal human beings of today.
Could it be that the masks found at the Sanxingdui site are depicting ancient astronauts who visited our planet in the remote past? And if so, could this help explain the abrupt disappearance of a seemingly advanced civilization? Ultimately, they vanish, and we don't know what happened to them.
So, were they some kind of extraterrestrial civilization or-or human hybrid civilization and were ultimately airlifted out at some point in time and-and perhaps moved to another place? Is it possible that the Sanxingdui, as well as other ancient civilizations, were literally taken off the face of the earth? And if so, why? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that clues can be found by examining the stories of Easter Island and a lost tribe of giants.
The southeast Pacific Ocean.
Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, as it has become known, is one of the most remote places on the planet.
The nearest inhabited island is 1,100 miles to the west, and its nearest continental country, Chile, is over 2,000 miles away.
Scattered around the perimeter of the island, most with their backs to the sea, stand nearly 300 massive stone figures known as the moai.
Most are between 15 to 20 feet tall, but the tallest stands over 70 feet and the heaviest weighs up to 165 tons.
Why did these people go to such great effort to build these giant statues? No one else in Polynesia was doing that.
When you talk to the people of Easter Island today, the Rapa Nui people, they say that they were doing them to honor certain important ancestral ariki, or rulers.
Some ancient astronaut theorists have suggested that the moai may have been erected by a lost race of giants that once inhabited the island.
Interestingly, C.
Behrens, a member of the Dutch expedition team that first discovered the island in 1722, described some of the priestly class of inhabitants as Goliaths.
Behrens reported that he saw giant people, that someone had rode up to their boat that was some 15-foot tall.
He really made a big deal of these giants on the island.
When the first explorers landed on Easter Island, what they found was that there were two types of people there.
There were the Short Ears and the Long Ears.
And the Long Ears were often described as giants, and they were a different race from the Short Ears.
Presumably, they had these very, very long ears and earlobes.
And they were the priestly caste.
They were directing the creation and the movement of these statues around the island.
Francis Maziere, a French ethnologist who conducted research on the island in 1963, recorded local legends that the first men to live on the island were of very large stature.
In his book, The Mysteries of Easter Island, Francis Maziere talks about that the first islanders of Easter Island allegedly were these tall, giant people.
There were inhabitants there that were eight to ten, maybe even 12 feet high.
And what do you automatically think of? Genesis in the Bible talks about how something that was nonhuman, perhaps angelic, perhaps extraterrestrial, saw the fair maidens of humans, had intercourse, and from that came the hybrids known as the giants of old.
Is it possible that the accounts of giants on Earth are in fact true, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest? Did the remnants of this lost race continue to exist on Easter Island? And if so, just what happened to these beings? Up to 15,000 people lived on Easter Island prior to its Western discovery.
But only 52 years later, explorer James Cook described a sight of mass devastation, with nearly all of the moai statues toppled over and only about 700 inhabitants left on the island and no mention of giants.
Something seems to have happened at Easter Island that decreased the population seriously.
And it seems that a number of people either died off, left, or something happened to them.
Some ancient astronaut theorists propose that evidence left at the site may point to a more intriguing theory regarding their disappearance.
Archaeologists found unfinished moai left at the quarry and tools scattered around, as if the work had been suddenly abandoned.
We don't know why they would have stopped this and even what happened exactly to the priestly castes of giants who was overseeing all of this work.
Suddenly these people just vanished.
All the work stopped.
The issue that keeps coming up about Easter Island: was this a genetic experiment where nonhumans would use islands, high mountains, peninsules, so that would not be interference with or contamination of their experiments? Maybe that's why they were transferred out.
Could it be that an entire tribe was physically removed from Earth shortly after their discovery on Easter Sunday? And if so, could mass disappearances be part of an extraterrestrial experiment on Earth? Perhaps evidence of such a connection can be found in the jungles of Central America, with a civilization that seems to have strategically abandoned all of their sacred sites and vanished without a trace.
Tikal National Park, Guatemala.
Here, deep in the northern jungles of South America, lie the ruins of one of the largest cities of the Classic Maya.
Starting around 800 AD, their sacred sites were abandoned, one after the other.
And then, finally, Tikal.
Tikal was perhaps the largest city of the entire Classic Maya period.
It really was the signature city of the Maya.
It was also one of the last cities to be walked away from.
So you get the impression that whatever happened that compelled people to walk away from the cities, Tikal was the last one to do it.
Scholars believe that at its height, the Classic Maya population may have been as large as 20 million.
But after the collapse, up to 95% of the Maya were unaccounted for.
We still do not know why they left their cities.
Because of a sudden they disappeared.
And it was not a war, because you find no traces of a war, no traces of destruction.
They left.
We don't know why and where they have gone.
The question remains: why? Where did they go and why did they leave their cities? Of course, there's a lot of practical reasons that have been brought forth.
Possibly overpopulation, quite possibly drought, deforestation, a lack of water, and so forth, and so forth.
But nonetheless it remains quite interesting to think that so many people disappeared all at about the same time.
Historians have noted that the disappearance of the Classic Maya seems to correspond with the end of one of their calendar cycles.
The priestly class seemed to have made a new calendar called the Long Count.
We're still not really sure why they created this calendar, but I do note that its timing seems to time with major events.
The Maya are leading their lives based on this Long Count calendar.
The Maya constructed the Long Count calendar to count down 5,125 years, or one Great Cycle.
The calendar was further divided into 13 units of approximately At the end of each baktun, the Maya held a major celebration.
But curiously, on the tenth baktun, they did not.
Their Maya calendar has this very important juncture called a baktun, it's a 400-year period that comes up in 830 AD, and they should have celebrated it, but it's odd, we know at Tikal, for example, that there was no celebration of that tenth baktun.
The Maya are the best timekeepers, possibly, of any civilization of all time.
So if they know so much about time, and they knew when to do things, was their disappearance from their cities really planned according to their calendar? Now, the Maya of today that have survived talk about how their ancestors went home.
Where is home? Is it possible the Long Count calendar was actually counting down to a preordained date when the Maya knew they would disappear? And if so, could further evidence of this be found by examining the clues left behind in Tikal? Archaeoastronomers have noted that the seven most important pyramids in the Grand Plaza form the same geometric patterns as the seven stars comprising the Pleiades constellation, a star cluster revered by many ancient cultures across the globe.
Many of the Mayan monuments have undeniable celestial alignments with the Pleiades star cluster.
Is it possible that these people originally came from the Pleiades? And that's why they encoded the Pleiades in their monuments so many times? And then eventually they returned home.
Today in abduction lore many people report that the their abductors come from the Pleiades.
That's what they tell the people who have been taken away.
So we seem to have a situation, potentially, where entities from the Pleiades have visited the earth, have interacted with humans for literally thousands of years.
Those Mayans didn't leave because of drought.
They left because it was some kind of harvest.
It was an experiment.
The Mayans reached some place and somebody took them from here.
It was the end of a calendar cycle and the beginning of another calendar cycle that means a lot to some intelligence out there.
Could it be that the collapse of the Classic Maya society was due to a mass abduction, as some ancient astronaut theorists suggest? Was this an event that the elite priests and rulers were counting down to? Perhaps answers can be found 2,300 miles north with the disappearance of another tribe intricately connected to the Pleiades.
Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.
In the desolate high desert of the American Southwest, mysterious ruins stand as a testament to a great civilization that once flourished here the Ancient Pueblo peoples, or Anasazi.
With a population estimated at well over 100,000, the Anasazi settled nearly 50,000 square miles of the Four Corners region of Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.
The highly sophisticated culture built hundreds of miles of ancient roads, many converging from all directions to Chaco Canyon, a ceremonial site believed to be one of their most important.
The people that built this site somehow came onto the engineering principles to be able to build multistory buildings, such as Pueblo Bonito behind me here.
They developed a culture here that integrated the alignments of the buildings with celestial objects and events such as the rising of the Pleiades.
The Anasazi were a very successful civilization up until about the 12th century, and something very strange happened, and there's a great deal of argument as to what that event may have been.
According to archaeologists, sometime around 1130 AD, all construction ceased at Chaco.
The buildings were sealed, and the roofs of the ceremonial structures, called kivas, were burned.
It's fair to say that there were groups that did move, migrate to other areas.
Those then became the Pueblos and the Hopis.
What is confusing is what happened to the central part of the civilization, the ones that were the astronomers that built the observatories.
Where did they go? It appears as though they simply disappeared.
Some ancient astronaut theorists, like author David Childress, propose that there is, in fact, more to the disappearance of the Anasazi elders than a simple migration.
And they claim clues can be found throughout the ancient site.
On this cliff behind me here at Chaco Canyon, we have about a dozen unusual spirals carved into the cliff.
Archaeologists believe that they represent the sun, but some of these spirals are very unusual.
One even has little spirals coming off of it.
So, you have to ask yourself, are these spirals, in fact, representations of some kind of portal, some door to another dimension? There are some that believe that that may represent the portals by which the Anasazi and other southwestern cultures crossed from this world into their point of origin.
I think there's a possibility, at least, that there is a connection between the alignments of certain celestial events and the openings and closings of these portals.
Is it possible that the Anasazi themselves vanished on masse from this site, and did they go into another dimension? Could it be that the spiral-shaped petroglyphs left behind by the Anasazi actually represent portals? If so, did the Anasazi have knowledge of when and how to access these other worlds? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and believe further evidence of an otherworldly connections can be found in the oral stories about this lost civilization that have survived through other tribes.
The Anasazi is actually not a name that they gave themselves.
It was a name that was given to them by the Navajo.
The Anasazi the name meant "stranger from afar," or "strange enemy" something that was separate, apart.
It is possible that the Anasazi are in a another dimension, in another timeline, another planet.
All of these various disappearances of people over time, whether it is the Mayans, whether it is the Anasazi you can look through history, and you can begin to see these rhythms.
Advanced intelligences that are behind all of this are using the planet like a laboratory.
Is it possible that the Anasazi elders were an alien hybrid race, as their Navajo name would imply? And could extraterrestrials have used ancient portals to remove entire groups of people off the planet? Some ancient astronaut theorists suggest that such portals still exist on Earth today, and that the evidence can be found by examining recent disappearances.
Burke County, North Carolina.
For at least a century, a strange phenomenon has been witnessed regularly by thousands of people in the foothills of the Brown Mountains.
Unidentified lights moving erratically just below the horizon have been photographed and even recorded on video.
There it is! There it is! Ooh! Ooh! Look at that! Look at that! Brown Mountain in North Carolina is an area that has, for centuries, been associated with mysterious lights and disappearances.
And for decades, these lights have been studied, and no one is sure exactly what causes these lights.
There are many theories about them.
There are tales of people who have gone out into those foothills or onto the mountain and never come back.
There is a long-standing tradition of disappearances that happened in this area.
In 1850, we have a case of a plantation owner who wanders off into the mountains and disappears completely.
And then a whole group of his slaves, carrying lanterns, go out trying to find him, and they cannot find him.
And then they also disappear.
In another case, a woman went missing on Brown Mountain, and a whole team of people who were dispatched to search for her did not return.
There have been mysterious disappearances of people who have gone up on the mountain and never come back, and in each instance, there is always this reference to mysterious lights, as if these lights somehow function as perhaps a portal or a gateway through which these people disappear into.
Could it be that there are actually places on Earth where entire groups of people could disappear through some sort of portal? If so, is it possible that the Brown Mountain lights and disappearances are part of a larger agenda? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest that this may offer clues for some of our most baffling modern disappearances.
The Pacific Ocean, 2014.
Malaysia Air Flight 370, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, mysteriously disappears from radar over the waters of Vietnam with no indication of distress.
The plane vanishes, as well as the 12 crew members and 227 passengers on board.
After one of the largest and most expensive searches in history, no debris has been located.
Theories abound as to what happened to the craft, including the possibility of extraterrestrial involvement.
As soon as Flight MH-370 disappeared, there were some people who immediately started speculating that it might have something to do with UFOs or aliens.
And there is a historical precedent for these kinds of disappearances.
All around the world, you hear these stories of people mysteriously disappearing.
The Bermuda Triangle is a classic example.
And people, airplanes and other objects just were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and vanished through the portal or stargate.
In the United States alone, over 600,000 people are reported missing each year, and up to one percent are never located.
And paranormal researchers have noticed a disturbing trend of unexplained disappearances associated with remote areas.
Hundreds of thousands of people on Planet Earth disappear every year Every year and nobody knows where they are.
National forests, parks.
There have been stories of people talking to other people, they turn around and they're gone.
They have no idea where they've gone.
Have they fallen into portals? Have they been abducted? Have they been beamed up? We can only speculate about why the intelligence behind UFO abduction behaves the way that it does.
But it certainly stands to n that if they need to operate clandestinely, if they're trying to keep what they're doing hidden away, that might not be possible in our culture today.
It's possible that what we're seeing here is the same phenomenon, but the means have changed over time that long ago, entire cultures would vanish.
And now, for whatever reason, it's happening on a much, much smaller scale.
Are modern-day disappearances a continuation of a much older phenomena? But if entire groups of people are being taken off the planet, could it be part of a larger agenda? Ancient astronaut theorists believe answers may be found by exploring clues seen on board an alien spaceship.
Houston, Texas.
December, 1992.
Eight members of the Houston UFO Network separately report being abducted in one of the strangest mass abduction cases in history.
Derrel Sims, a former U.
intelligence operative, conducts the preliminary investigation.
All these people, independent of each other, and to my shock and amazement, they all came back with the exact same story.
The same craft, the same entities.
They identified each other in great detail.
Some of them didn't even know each other very well.
All of these people described being taken by a small craft and a small entity.
And the entity took them to a much larger craft.
After researching numerous UFO sightings that were reported the night of incident, Sims makes a shocking discovery.
Someone in Japan had filmed the moon during this time and filmed a massive craft that left a shadow across the moon as it crossed the moon's surface.
During the same time of the mass abduction.
So there was the corroboration that we needed.
UFO researchers following the case believe collective details gathered from the event may shed new light on the abduction phenomena and perhaps clues to understanding the extraterrestrial agenda.
One of the people taken saw a map-like thing on the wall.
The map that this individual saw that was on the wall indicated approximately 6,000 years of the aliens' involvement with mankind.
We were down to the last small section of that map, which was about 100 years left.
What we deduced from the information from the abductee was, simply, that this experiment, whatever it is, is almost over.
After viewing the map, one of the abductees was led through a massive hallway to another part of the craft.
It was a huge room.
Enormous size.
I said, "What did you see?" He said it looked like a collection, like, almost like a museum of things that had been collected.
They seem to have collected species, animals, people, all kinds of things.
And I said, "And what was significant about that?" And he said, "I don't think they were dead.
I think they were all suspended animation.
" This may explain the reason why some people disappear and don't come back from an abduction event.
Do the accounts from the Houston mass abduction event shed new light on the extraterrestrial agenda? If so, might the stories of mass disappearances throughout history be not fantasy but part of a program to collect human beings and other Earth species? But for what purpose? Perhaps these abductions are not happening for some random reason.
These samples are being taken so that the human seed itself can be preserved in the unlikely event of some mass ecological catastrophe that wipes out human life on Earth as we now know it.
The evolution of humans on this planet has been completely and totally an experiment on the part of extraterrestrials.
We'll call it "experimental lab process" on this planet.
Intelligences are cloning and hybridizing and mixing and matching.
Earth could very well be a farm, simple as that.
It's like the Island of Doctor Moreau, where we're genetically altered, we're mixed, we're abducted, we're taken, we're brought back.
This could be the greatest melting pot of experimental work in the universe.
But, you know, as NASA has said, they're gonna discover alien life forms in 20 years.
I think we will find that creatures on other worlds resemble us very closely.
Could it be that extraterrestrials really have been coming to Earth and abducting large groups of people through our history? And if so, are other worldly beings conducting experiments to upgrade the human race? Preparing us to become part of a intergalactic community? Ancient astronaut theorists propose that one day we'll be reunited with our alien ancestors.
But, perhaps, for some of us this reunion has already occurred.

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