Ancient Aliens s12e09 Episode Script

The Majestic Twelve

1 This is the best document that's been leaked.
What is in this book is, I'm going to say, shocking.
You have the illustrations of different craft.
I've seen this shape before, in India.
It's an upside down vimana shape.
I mean, this is sensational.
There is a paragraph in here that implies some agreement between the United States and the extraterrestrials.
"The encounters will take place "at military installations selected by mutual agreement.
" This is solid confirmation that our government knew, and was dealing with extraterrestrial entities and technology.
This is solid.
Burbank, California.
December 1984.
Movie producer and UFO researcher, Jaime Shandera, arrives home to find a manila envelope has been dropped through the mail slot of his front door.
The postmark indicates that it was sent from Albuquerque, New Mexico, but no return address is written on the envelope.
When he opens it, he finds only a roll of 35mm film.
And what he had received was this package right here.
This is the original package.
And inside the package, there was a roll of film inside this canister.
And this is actually the roll of film that he received.
And this film, when copied properly, produced these eight pages of the Eisenhower Briefing Document.
The Eisenhower Briefing Document is a memo that was allegedly written in 1952 by the first director of the CIA, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, to President-Elect Dwight Eisenhower.
In it, Hillenkoetter writes that sitting president Harry Truman has formed a secret group within the U.
government, called The Majestic-12, to examine crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft.
The document that he received basically reported that we had had previous crashes, including the one at Roswell.
The bottom line recommendation to President Eisenhower was that this topic continue to be kept secret.
Aerospace engineer, Dr.
Robert Wood, was one of the men Shandera asked to examine this memo.
His 43-year career included work on aerodynamic heating, ballistic missile defense, radar, and the space station.
It is his opinion that this document is the smoking gun to prove that the most famous alleged UFO crash of all time The Roswell incident Really was an extraterrestrial event.
For several years, I was looking at the authenticity of this memo and trying to relate to other sources.
In terms of the main ideas and the statements of fact in the memo being correct, I'm-I'm confident that they are.
The Roswell incident that is detailed in the Eisenhower Briefing Document occurred in 1947, during Truman's first term in office, when Eisenhower was chief of staff of the Army.
On July 7, an unidentified object crashed on a ranch just outside the town of Roswell, New Mexico.
The next day, the local newspaper announced that officials from the Army Air Field had reported the capture of a "flying saucer.
" But just a few hours later, the military revised that statement to say the object was nothing more than a weather balloon.
Since that time, further details have emerged from alleged insiders, that not only one craft, but three, and even alien bodies were retrieved that night.
Harry Truman is President of the United States.
Dwight D.
Eisenhower, General Nathan Twining, these people would be the very first that would get these calls.
And there was some sort of a communication glitch.
That's how that headline made it out.
That one headline was telling the truth that this government did not want information about non-humans out to what their perceived enemies were.
And Harry S.
Truman A practical man, in every way Looking at this whole situation, he must have said, "I need help I can trust.
" If you were President Truman in 1947, and you were presented with credible evidence that there was an alien presence on planet Earth, what would you do? You would create a commission to study what is going on, and make recommendations and explore the subject.
What did President Harry Truman do? He created Majestic-12.
He created the National Security Act.
He created the National Security Council, and he created the CIA, all at the same time in response to this threat.
The U.
government decided it needed to have a main central oversight committee that would handle the so-called alien problem.
The mission of MJ-12 was to decide on what the United States government policy should be towards aliens and extraterrestrials, what it should be towards releasing the information or keeping it secret.
And they were empowered to ultimately decide everything regarding the presence of aliens on the planet Earth.
President Eisenhower's great-granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower, claims that the Majestic-12 was a real organization, and that her great-grandfather had no choice but to continue what his predecessor, Harry Truman, had started.
President Eisenhower was definitely, uh, in a very challenged position as far as how to handle the exo-political issues going on.
Uh, he was actually the scapegoat or somebody, uh, everybody could later blame for some of the things that are happening, that is actually MJ-12.
This is the hidden shadow government.
He wasn't able to do anything about it.
But the ones that were close to him knew that he was going to put out this information for the public.
And it got shut down.
They even had a planned date, and nothing ended up happening.
March 1994.
Almost a decade after Jaime Shandera received the Eisenhower Briefing Document, Majestic-12 researchers are shocked when a second roll of film surfaces.
This time it is sent anonymously to a UFO group in Maryland from Quillin's drugstore in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Investigative journalist, Linda Moulton Howe, was among the first to examine these documents, and she has been conducting research on MJ-12 for more than two decades.
In April 2017, editor and researcher, Giorgio Tsoukalos, traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet with Linda and find out what she knows about these mysterious documents.
So if I understand this correctly, the first documentation of the MJ-12 files came in the form of 35mm negatives, that somebody, at some point, took photos of a document that existed in paper form.
Do we know who did this? Who took those photographs? Throughout my experience as a reporter, there are people who have served in the military or CIA, DIA, NSA, NRO, and they are out there, and they have grudges, they are angry, they feel that this story should come out, or that they have been infringed against.
And in this case, this might have been somebody who had this manual in their work, photographed it, maybe right there at the pharmacy, and the rest is history.
Of all the documents that I've ever seen and studied, it is this restricted SOM1-01, Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual that I think is really confirmation.
It goes beyond disclosure, because this is April 1954, Majestic-12 Group.
It's the War Office stamp; it is real.
And, the title: "Extraterrestrial Entities "and Technology Recovery and Disposal.
Top Secret.
Majic Eyes Only.
" And in here, "majic" is defined as the top, the highest national security clearance in the United States.
This is sensational.
Did the United States government learn about an alien presence on Earth in the 1940s, and devise a top secret committee to investigate this shocking revelation? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest further examination of the MJ-12 documents reveals that the government was not only aware of extraterrestrials, but also interacted with them.
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos is at the home of Linda Moulton Howe.
After examining all of the material related to the Majestic-12, she believes that the most compelling documents are those that surfaced in Maryland in 1994.
This, to me, this is the best document that's been leaked.
It's called "Restricted SOM1-01.
Majestic-12 Group.
" And all of us, when we first saw that title, "Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal," one of the first things that everybody wanted to do was find out, okay, did they use this stamp in 1954 from the War Office? Turns out that they did all the way up into the '60s.
And one of the more important pieces, I think, is as you go through here they found, in a government printing office Take a look at this.
This is from a blowup where they were doing a test, and look at this "unauthorized" and look at what happens to that "Z.
" It raises slightly.
- Right.
- So, Bob went to the government printing office and found a guy named McCarter who was printing in the GPO in Washington, D.
in 1954.
And he took one look at this text and he said, "This was done on a monotype.
"I used it.
"And the 'Z' would collect dust, and that's why the Zs would print raised.
" So different steps have been taken to authenticate this document.
The fellow I spoke to, he, fortunately, had been a long, longtime employee of the public printer and had actually worked on the kind of presses that he thought were appropriate for this document.
He said, "Based on the printing, I'd say "it clearly was printed on one of the presses, "in this building or in this basement of the Pentagon "in 1954," which is what it says.
And then when you start getting into what is in this book, you have the illustrations and sketches of four different categories of different craft, UFOs.
And on this page, here are the discs.
Here is a long cigar shape, which is described in this document as being up to a thousand feet in diameter.
And then, this one, the ice cream cone, and this, the triangle.
And there is a paragraph in here that implies that we are dealing with collaboration, that there must be some agreement between the United States - and the extraterrestrials.
- Really? There is, on this page 17 It's under chapter five, and it goes into, "a.
Encounters initiated "by the extraterrestrial biological entities.
"Possible contact may take place "as a result of overtures by the entities themselves.
"In these instances it is anticipated "that encounters will take place "at military installations "or other obscure locations selected by mutual agreement.
" - By mutual - This is 19 Yeah.
- Wow.
- 1954.
According to the Majestic-12 documents, the men who made up this group and were in communication with beings from other worlds included top scientists, government officials and high-ranking military personnel.
In 1954, President Eisenhower, uh, supposedly met with, uh, extraterrestrials in Palm Springs at Edwards Air Force Base, otherwise known as Muroc.
And there's a lot of whistleblower testimony about his presence, um, at this meeting.
He was just as probably alarmed or shocked as anybody, you know, realizing the larger picture.
With all the whistleblower testimony about these different encounters, I pretty much side on the fact that he-he did make contact.
One of the interesting members of MJ-12 was Doctor Professor Donald Menzel who actually had written three books on the subject that had the general flavor of-of debunking it.
And I read this book, and I said, "Here's a guy who's allegedly a Ph.
in physics, but he's obviously ignoring the data.
" I'm highly confident that Dr.
Menzel was working in a counterintelligence mode.
He was intentionally trying to deceive the public that there was nothing to it.
So, I personally met him, shook hands with him and carefully avoided any discussion of UFOs.
And he knew perfectly well that we had recovered a number of crashed flying saucers.
Let's go to one of these that is so important, to July 4, 1947.
Look, see those all cap letters, "IPU"? -Mm-hmm.
Date: 04 July '47.
What was happening that we know? - Roswell.
- Exactly.
IPU stands for Interplanetary Phenomena Unit? That's it.
And this is, "Directive to Lieutenant General Twining" - "from Dwight Eisenhower.
" - Eisenhower.
In the general chain of command.
And what he's doing is, "You will proceed "to the White Sands Proving Ground Command Center "without delay for the purpose of making an appraisal "of the reported unidentified objects being kept there.
" This is not only disclosure.
It's confirmation.
I mean, that's incredibly fascinating to me.
And in many ways, Giorgio, this is one of the more astounding documents because this is General Nathan Twining, and what is he talking about? "Upon examination of the interior of the craft, "a compartment exhibiting a possible atomic engine "was discovered.
At least, this is the opinion of Dr.
" Robert Oppenheimer, the one who made the bomb.
Robert Oppenheimer is often credited as being the father of the atomic bomb for his work on the Manhattan Project.
"A possibility exists that part of the craft itself "comprises the propulsion system, "thus allowing the reactor to function as a heat exchanger "and permitting the storage of energy into a substance for later use.
" And what they mean, we all today have a bit of an idea that you could have an entire craft be both the propulsion system, the craft system.
It might even be a, uh, point to point, go through dimensions and timelines in the UFO.
That's 21st century discussion.
This is back in the week of the discovery of the bodies and the craft.
I mean, that This is sensational.
-It is.
If the Majestic-12 documents provide proof that the United States government employed its top scientists to examine and reverse-engineer extraterrestrial craft, how have they been able to keep this hidden from the public for all these years? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining the death of the first man allegedly appointed to lead the Majestic-12, as well as the assassination of John F.
Bethesda, Maryland.
May 22, 1949.
James Forrestal, the first United States Secretary of Defense, is found dead at the naval hospital.
He reportedly fell from a 16th floor window after being committed for depression.
His death was ruled a suicide, but many have challenged this conclusion and believe Forrestal was assassinated because he was threatening to go public with information he had acquired about an extraterrestrial presence on Earth.
James Forrestal was one of the most significant military figures in the history of the United States.
He was Secretary of the Navy during and after World War II.
He was eventually appointed the very first Secretary of Defense of the United States, and he visited all of these secret German technology facilities after the war.
He went to Peenemunde, he went to Mittelwerk, he went to the different places where they had developed the V-2.
And he also visited this really interesting so-called "rubber plant" in Silesia, which is where the Germans were supposedly developing the very, very high technology, super hyperphysics weapons and weapon systems, like flying saucers.
Some believe that during the Second World War, James Forrestal discovered that the Nazis had acquired extraterrestrial technology.
Perhaps not coincidentally, they say that after the war, President Truman put Forrestal in charge of a secret investigation into all this, heading up an organization known as Majestic-12 or MJ-12.
There's a lot of controversy about Secretary Forrestal's final years.
He was on MJ-12.
He became familiar what was transpiring with the alien presence.
And there's always been a question: was this a suicide? Was he pushed? What really happened? Some people say that Forrestal was determined to tell the American public about what he had seen regarding the alien presence, the alien influence on Nazi technology, and that when he wanted to go public with this, that they created a fake backstory of him being despondent and murdered him by literally throwing him out of the 16th floor window of the hospital facility he had been imprisoned in.
Is it possible that James Forrestal was silenced to keep him from revealing the truth about an alien presence here on Earth? There was a release of another I'm going to say shocking Document.
As extraordinary as the notion of Forrestal's assassination may seem, ancient astronaut theorists propose that one of the Majestic-12 documents points to the assassination of an even higher-level government official.
The story is that it was supposed to have been destroyed, and somebody put it in a fireplace, and that another person pulled it out.
So what does it say? "Top Secret MJ-12, Central Intelligence Agency.
"From: Director of Central Intelligence Agency (MJ-1).
" Who was that? That was Allen Dulles.
'60 to '63, under Kennedy.
"You must know" "Lancer has made some inquiries regarding our activities.
" And Lancer, during the Kennedy administration, was the secret service name for the president.
This is the head of the CIA, MJ-1 Going against the president's wishes of finding out more.
"Which we cannot allow.
" "Please submit your views no later than October.
" If that was in '63, he was dead one month later in Dallas.
And, in fact, Bob Wood told me This was in a report I did "Linda, as far as I know, this burned memo is the only document "that I've ever heard anyone claim could be the authorization to kill President John F.
" I mean, that's an extraordinary claim.
It's, uh, absolutely fascinating, and unlike anything I've ever heard before.
The inference of the scorched memo is that if JFK keeps doing what he's doing, that he, maybe, is a problem.
It identifies a number of actions that could be taken.
One of which, the last one, implies that if Washington does not respond to what they want done, it should be wet.
And that's the language I think the Soviets started to use for-for assassination, because "wet" is associated with blood.
If the Majestic-12 documents are indeed authentic, are they proof that not only were members of the United States government aware of And in contact with Extraterrestrial beings, but also that they would go to any length to keep this information hidden from the public? Former Washington, D.
attorney Douglas Caddy was a close friend of E.
Howard Hunt, who he represented when Hunt was found to be at the center of the Watergate scandal in 1972.
Hunt was an officer in the CIA when John F.
Kennedy was president.
Caddy claims that he asked Howard Hunt about the assassination one night and received a shocking answer.
The last time I saw Howard Hunt was in 1975.
He called me and said he'd like to have dinner.
So the dinner was finished, we went out to the sidewalk.
And I thought, "Well this may be the last time I'll see Howard.
" He's going away and I'm moving from Washington.
" And so, for my own curiosity, I said to Howard, "Why was John Kennedy assassinated?" And he said, "John Kennedy was assassinated "because he was about to give our most vital secret to the Soviet Union.
" And I said, "Our most vital secret?" I said, "What could that be?" He leaned forward and-and looked me in the eyes and he said, "The alien presence.
" He shook my hand and walked away.
If the stories about the Majestic-12 are true, and those involved with the top-secret group were ready to take such drastic measures to keep its existence hidden, was it ever discontinued? Do you think that MJ-12 is still in existence today? Well, what I've been told is that they have changed the letters and the numbers, probably more than once.
So it's the same idea, it's the same control, same files, same archives, same power.
If you look at what has happened in the last 60 years, it's really possible that more decisions have been made in a side of our government because of this subject E.
s and technology Than any of us would ever know.
July 20, 1969.
Six years after President Kennedy's assassination, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin become the first humans to land on the Moon.
That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
But there are some who believe this was not the first moon landing, and that other highly-classified missions preceded it.
In 2014, declassified documents revealed that the United States had a secret project underway in 1959 to not just reach the Moon, but even establish military bases there by 1965.
- We choose to go to the Moon - When President Kennedy said we're gonna go to the Moon, there were many, many proposals on the table.
One of them was called Project Horizon.
And the idea behind Project Horizon was that we would launch more than 140 rockets up into low-Earth orbit, assemble basically empty fuel containers Large tubes Send them to the Moon, soft-land them on the Moon and assemble them together into a permanent Moon base that would start with about 20 astronauts, and eventually be populated by hundreds.
The idea being that we would establish a permanent military presence on the surface of the Moon.
Project Horizon was the brainchild of Wernher von Braun, the former Nazi rocket scientist whose multi-stage rocket design is still used today.
And who, according to the Majestic-12 documents, was one of the men that worked on reverse engineering the extraterrestrial craft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.
In addition to establishing bases on the Moon, Wernher von Braun had another goal: to reach Mars.
He considered this to be achievable even as far back the 1960s.
And there are those who claim that the United States, and other nations, have bases there right now.
One of the first alleged missions to Mars was a project called Solar Warden.
At least one person, Corey Goode, has come forward to say that he was recruited for Project Solar Warden.
According to Corey, he was targeted because his grandfather was involved in another secret project that took place around the same time MJ-12 was allegedly formed: Project Whitecoat.
Project Whitecoat was set up during World War II.
Officially, they were taking soldiers and experimenting on them with viruses.
Well, it turns out that our government was working with genetics far before we supposedly discovered them in the '50s.
Genetics were being manipulated, and genetic changes were being delivered to people through viruses.
My grandfather happened to be one of these participants.
They were keeping an eye on my lineage because of this program.
And they brought me into this training program that would last from the age of about six-years-old to about 17-years-old, when I was officially drafted into Solar Warden.
Very soon after joining the space program, I was assigned to a research vessel.
I was doing communications.
A subprogram that I was a part of in the beginning was called the Intruder Intercept and Interrogation Program.
Different beings were living on our planet amongst us, and the mandate was to capture these beings, interrogate them, and find out why they were here.
The United States secret space program Its roots actually go back to Nazi Germany.
A lot of the scientists that we obtained in Operation Paperclip were in contact with the breakaway society that had already developed spacecraft.
Currently, there are at least three dozen nations involved.
Some of the countries involved right now are countries like Estonia, the Ukraine, and, uh, of course, we have the larger players: the United States, China, Germany, Russia.
Britain is also a large player in the secret space program.
If this seems impossible to believe, remember that the Manhattan Project was an operation for almost ten years in the development of the nuclear bomb.
It employed over 130,000 people.
Not one person came forward with information about what they were working on.
That proves that the government can keep a secret.
Could there really be over 30 different countries with secret operations in outer space working at bases on both the Moon and Mars? According to Corey Goode, not only is this true, but the first members of these secret space programs found that when they reached these celestial bodies, they were not the first visitors.
When the secret space program began to travel to other bodies in our solar system, they were finding ancient structures.
They quickly dubbed the people that built these structures "the ancient builder race.
" What our astronauts were mainly finding were structures that had been destroyed a long time ago, and they were very interesting structures.
Some of them were floating off of the ground and were mostly complete.
Others were completely shattered.
You can find all the proof you want that there are ancient extraterrestrial inhabitations of the planet Mars and our own Moon just by looking at the NASA pictures.
You'll see pyramids, you'll see bridges.
And you see all kinds of so-called rocks that do not appear to be rocks.
I have seen numerous images of what appear to be structures that may or may not be active, and may or may not be inhabited.
Perhaps we are now on both the Moon and Mars with brand-new space installations that are using ancient structures that were built thousands and even millions of years ago.
Could Corey Goode's incredible claims be true? Is Project Solar Warden the product of plans put in motion by the Majestic-12 decades ago to deal with an extraterrestrial presence in our solar system? Nearly 20 years after the first Majestic-12 documents surfaced, a computer hacker named Gary McKinnon claimed to have discovered the strongest evidence yet to support their authenticity within the secret files of NASA.
London, England.
March 19, 2002.
At 8:00 a.
, the National High Tech Crime Unit arrives at the home of 34-year-old Scottish systems administrator Gary McKinnon.
They are there to arrest him on behalf of the United States Justice Department and NASA.
For the past year, McKinnon has been hacking into top secret Pentagon and NASA computers.
What he uncovered were files that he claims could provide undeniable proof that the Majestic-12, and the secret space program it gave rise to, truly exist.
Among the things I found, there was an Excel spreadsheet entitled "Non-Terrestrial Officers," which I took to be a space-going fleet made of human personnel, not aliens.
It did list their names, and I couldn't find them on the Internet at the time.
There was also a list of ships.
I googled the ship names and there were no matches, so I knew they weren't oceangoing vessels.
Interestingly, some of the names of these ships were people allegedly involved in Majestic-12.
If there was a secret space program, and if it has anything to do with back engineering crashed alien spacecraft, then those MJ-12 people are exactly the ones you would expect to find name-checked in this way.
According to McKinnon, the most shocking file he came across was on a computer at NASA's Johnson Space Center.
Within a folder labeled "unfiltered," he spotted a thumbnail image of a high-res NASA satellite photo, which appeared to depict an unusual spacecraft.
I double-clicked on this image, and it was coming down very slowly.
But I could see this, um, tubular A classic cigar-shaped UFO, uh, with these kind of geodesic domes, like half a golf ball stuck on top and underneath.
And, um, I'm just amazed, because I've found real evidence of what I thought was a UFO, although it could have been a secret spaceship; who knows? Uh, but there it was in front of me, coming down the screen.
And then, suddenly I saw the mouse move across the screen, right-click the "LAN" icon, and choose "disconnect," and lost the chance to fully transfer the photo to my machine.
So it was a eureka moment, but also, "Ah, they got me.
" Did Gary McKinnon discover a NASA image of an alien craft, or something else? The secrecy associated with MJ-12, in my judgment, has permitted us to spend a huge amount of money Trillions of dollars.
My more recent conclusion is that some of the trillions of dollars of money have been used to take the technology we have discovered and build gravity-control devices that we would see sometimes as UFOs.
So, if you look in the sky now, in my opinion, it's a 50-50 chance that it's ours, versus theirs.
According to Corey Goode, what Gary McKinnon discovered in the top secret Pentagon and NASA files is in line with his own experiences.
Gary ended up being the first person to uncover tangible proof of these programs through his hacking.
Interestingly enough, the information he obtained on the different types of spacecraft, the non-terrestrial officers, the fleet-to-fleet transfers All of this perfectly coincided with Project Solar Warden.
Corey claims that the Majestic-12 documents from the 1950s, which reveal that interactions were taking place between government officials and numerous alien species are accurate as well.
Currently, in the secret space programs, we've been dealing with approximately 60 different non-terrestrial groups that have come here, and some of those groups are interacting with the governments of the world right now.
If there really are both alien and human factions operating throughout our solar system, how much longer can it be kept hidden from the public? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest recent government statements reveal that the truth will soon be disclosed.
New Delhi, India.
January 2010.
The India space program announces plans for their first manned trip to the Moon.
China, Russia and the United States all have similar plans in the works.
There are also numerous planned missions to Mars currently in development by both private and public organizations.
In the midst of this new fervor for space exploration, on April 7, 2015, NASA chief scientist, Ellen Stofan, makes a bold statement concerning the discovery of extraterrestrial life.
I think we're gonna have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade.
And I think we're gonna have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years.
When we look at that statement, and we compare it with the new lunar and Martian missions that are coming up we have reason to believe that we may be getting prepared, drip by drip, for an open public acknowledgement of the reality of a secret space program that has been in existence throughout much of the 20th century, and only now is going to be revealed to us.
I don't think MJ-12 is the only thing that's been kept secret.
And I think the disclosure process needs to go way beyond MJ-12, because it's just a tiny portion of the secrets that this country lives in and with.
And my goal is to find the truth.
I don't care what the truth is, I want to find the truth.
Once this knowledge is revealed to us, it will fundamentally propel us into a Star Trek age.
Almost overnight, we will have the ability to travel throughout our solar system, perhaps travel outside our solar system.
We will learn that we are not alone in the universe.
I can understand that many will have a problem believing me, and all I can say is that I've had these experiences, I know them to be true, and one of these days, this information will be revealed, and you will know it to be true.
Could there really be a government agency known as the Majestic-12? And if so, is it helping the United States, in league with other nations, to pave the way for future communications between mankind and its extraterrestrial counterparts? According to numerous top secret documents, the answer is a profound "yes.
" And the ultimate proof may very well be waiting for us when we venture back to the stars and begin the next phase in human evolution The colonization of other planets.
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