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The Akashic Record

What I think is cool is that we're watching all this stuff that's happening here on the screen, but we're looking at Dr.
Chopra right now.
He sits there perfectly still, motionless, but look at all the activity.
Very, very conscious control of his brain activity and all this inner world that he can activate, or not.
In many spiritual traditions in the East, they say there are three states of consciousness that we all go through every day: our sleep, dreams and waking.
But then there's a state of consciousness that's called "cosmic consciousness," which is beyond the physical world, and basically a record of the entire history of the universe.
Although completely invisible to the naked eye, a virtual universe of electromagnetic waves permeates our entire world.
And this vast network of impulses carries within it information and data that we have come to depend on in our digital age.
It is the backbone of what is otherwise referred to as the cloud, which remotely stores billions of gigabytes of data.
When we think about the cloud, what we're really talking about is data transfer, information transfer.
You're sending bits of information through the air, wirelessly, up to satellites, down to servers, back again, into your computer, into your phone, and there's close to seven billion people using cloud computing now.
So you can imagine that pretty much anywhere on the planet that has Internet access, you're going to find these hidden, sort of, secret patterns and codes that are floating around us.
According to historians, the concept of an intergalactic computer network was first proposed by scientist J.
R Licklider in the 1960s.
However, ancient astronaut theorists suggest that the idea may actually trace all the way back to our ancient past.
Korva Island.
Raichur, India.
Religious pilgrims seeking enlightened wisdom travel here to a temple dedicated to the celestial sage Narada.
According to the Hindu scriptures, Narada had the supernatural ability to gain access to a hidden domain that most humans are completely unaware of: the realm of cosmic knowledge.
Tales about Narada appear in the Mahabharata, in the Ramayana, in the Puranas.
Tradition has it that Narada transcended consciousness to gather his stories and give teachings of great wisdom.
The Narada is called Narada Rishi.
Rishis are like sages in Western concept.
So they have gained this ability to be able to tap into the knowledge, access that knowledge directly from the cosmos.
Narada is interesting, specifically that he clearly had access to an essential knowledge that is at the fabric of the divine cosmic order.
This idea of an otherworldly repository of cosmic information is most commonly referred to today as the "Akashic record.
" The term was coined in 1883 by author Alfred Percy Sinnett, in his book Esoteric Buddhism.
In it, he describes how, according to Eastern philosophy, universal records physically exist in the ever-pervasive realm known as the "Akasha," which can be accessed by enlightened individuals.
"Akasha" is a Sanskrit word; it means sky.
So Akashic records can be considered as cosmic knowledge.
So it is belonging to the cosmos.
Everything written in the sky.
It's not belonging to human beings.
You simply cannot go and bring it in its tangible form.
It's something that can be accessed through your mind, through your brainpower, through your spiritual wavelength.
The Akashic Field, it's the immeasurable potential of all that was, is, and will ever be.
It's completely non-local.
"Non-local" means there is no experience of space or time.
This is the level of entanglement, where everything in the universe is inseparably correlated with everything else in the universe.
I have always called the universe "the wireless network," where information is just out there and stored from all our minds and memories, from every creature living in this universe.
This bank of knowledge has been with us since the formation of the universe.
The idea of the Akashic record, it's where inventions come from, it's where art comes from, it's where science comes from.
You can call it whatever you want.
It's something that's in the substrate, right? It's something that you could access and, sort of, find information that's been hidden.
Not even hidden.
I mean, it's available to us all the time.
It's just that certain people who tune into it can unlock it.
This Akashic record may be something that every biological entity in the universe can gain access to.
I believe it's something that even extraterrestrials would tap into.
Throughout history, countless prophets and visionaries have alluded to accessing such a realm.
And spiritual practitioners the world over claim that, through deep prayer and meditation, an individual may be granted glimpses into this divine domain.
There seemed to be a common way to tap into all of this information that all these prophets were following.
The first thing was to quiet your mind, and this is the time where your brain waves start to tap into higher-dimensional realities.
When we say "deep meditation," we mean going into that state of awareness.
That's called "cosmic consciousness.
" What you're accessing is the non-local aspects of consciousness, which are connected to past, present, future, in a sense.
If a cosmic realm of information truly exists, could there really be a way for humans to access it? Perhaps further clues can be found by testing what's happening in the brain under deep meditation.
Los Angeles, California.
March, 2017.
Nardi? - Oh, yes.
- I'm Giorgio.
Editor and researcher Giorgio Tsoukalos meets with neuroscientist Dr.
Dario Nardi, who has extensively studied neurological effects on the human brain during deep meditation.
Chopra, I'm Giorgio.
Great pleasure to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
- And are you ready? - Always ready.
World-renowned physician, author and guided meditation expert Dr.
Deepak Chopra has agreed to allow Dr.
Dario Nardi We're just going to step outside the room.
To utilize advanced brain-mapping software to observe real-time changes in his brain as he enters a state of deep mediation.
Okay, Dr.
Chopra, we're going to get a baseline.
Okay, so we're taking a look at the brain now before his meditation.
So each of the sensors corresponds roughly to a particular brain region and anatomical areas of the brain.
We see activity more towards the front of the brain.
What do these different colors mean? -So when we see that red and orange and even yellow, that's much more active, and when we see the dark blue and the black here, then the brain has gotten very quiet.
-And each one of these views here indicates a different wave band.
And you're expecting to see something different once he goes into deep meditation.
Yes, absolutely.
Okay, Dr.
Chopra, when you're ready.
Okay, so he's going into his meditative process right now, and we can see the brain activity swiftly dropping and becoming much darker.
Yeah, there we go.
Okay, so we're seeing here a region that doesn't get used very often, certainly not by itself, down in the corner here.
So this is in areas of the brain in the back, the visual cortex, and where we're seeing that the brain is really disengaging from everyday life and going into this special state, this altered state, and to really connect with something beyond ourselves.
Is that something that only a person that's been trained in meditation for a long time can activate? It's not a region of the brain that people normally activate upon command.
What I think is cool is that we're watching all this stuff that's happening here on the screen, but we're looking at Dr.
Chopra right now.
He sits there perfectly still, motionless, but look at all the activity.
Very, very conscious control of his brain activity and all this inner world that he can activate or not.
In many spiritual traditions in the East, they say the three states of consciousness that we all go through every day are sleep, dreams and waking.
But then, there's a state of consciousness that's called cosmic consciousness, which is beyond the physical world and basically a record of the entire history of the universe.
Is it possible that humans have the ability to access information beyond that which has been accumulated through their own experiences? Theoretical scientists propose that they have found evidence that there truly is a vast field of information present in the cosmos.
But if so, just what is it that we are tapping into? Tuscany, Italy, 2004.
After years of studying the nature of electromagnetic and gravitational fields, celebrated futurist and Nobel Prize nominee Dr.
Ervin Laszlo announces that he has found evidence of the "A" or Akashic Field.
Laszlo took work from the discovery of the quantum zero-point energy, which is a radiation field that exists all around us that we can't perceive, but we can detect it indirectly.
It's very solid theoretically.
It was first discovered by Einstein.
So, we know that the zero-point energy exists and it carries a lot of information about the universe in it.
Laszlo proposed that this didn't carry just a physical information about the physics of the universe, but also it contained intellectual information.
According to theoretical physicists, zero-point energy is an all-pervasive sea of quantum energy waves that is invisible, but exists throughout the universe.
The fabric of space itself is made of energy and information.
And the way this information propagates through the universe is through waves.
We call that quantum waves.
And so, the Akashic Field is made of quantum waves that are common to all intelligent life.
This means that all human brains, extraterrestrial brains, any sort of otherworldly beings also are tapping into similar quantum waves.
This idea of an intelligent informational field that we can access with our consciousness is not pseudoscience.
It's not superstition.
It is a basic fact that our scientists are finding out is really true.
Nearly two decades prior to Lazlo's discovery, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman published his groundbreaking work in quantum physics, The Strange Theory of Light and Matter.
In it, he explored the idea that electrons in our brains can be activated and informed by quantum waves, affecting our thoughts and subconscious.
So, Richard Feynman talked about the quantum entanglement theory, and the idea that you could have subatomic particles at any distance whatsoever and they could affect each other, where information can be sent, uh, at great speeds, uh, instantaneously, actually.
The human brain is full of electrical activity.
That creates radiation that a very sensitive radio receiver could pick up.
And other minds, other places would also be able to send such waves.
Feynman found from the idea of a quantum field of information an electron moving in our brains could be receiving radio signals from the past.
But to compensate, it must also receive waves from the future.
Now, this means that every electron in our brains is actually a receiver.
Information could traverse to any part of the universe instantaneously.
This could mean that intelligent civilizations could send complex information to us by quantum wave propagation or other means.
They could very much be nudging society along through people having apparent visions, which could be nothing more complex than a radio broadcast, some sort of thought transference through the Akashic record.
Could the Akashic Field be similar to our modern invention of the cloud, but hold an infinitely larger field of information, one through which the user can gain not just insight, but even foresight into future events? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest further clues can be found by investigating the story of a blind, Bulgarian peasant and her incredibly accurate prophecies.
Novo Selo, Bulgaria.
A 12-year old peasant girl, Vangelia, is playing with her cousins in a field when she gets caught up in a freak storm.
She was carried off into the air by tornado.
And-and they found her motionless body in a field.
And strangely, her eyes were completely caked with sand and dust, and she said that she couldn't open them without excruciating pain.
And what then began was a decline in her ability to see.
After the accident, Vangelia developed a striking ability to predict the future and began making accurate revelations for the local population.
By the 1980s, the blind prophet, who adopted the name Baba Vanga, had given thousands of accurate predictions and gained a reputation as the Nostradamus of the Balkans.
Baba Vanga said that she could see in her mind's eye.
And when she would look at a person, she said that she could see their whole life in its totality, complete, from birth, through their life, until death, as if she were watching a movie.
She was the study of many Bulgarian and Soviet scientists, who scientifically started testing her and interviewing her and the people that she read.
And they have found that it is an 80% accuracy.
Her predictions were actually very accurate, which tells us that the ability to retrieve information beyond this Earth plane has nothing to do with our five senses.
In fact, when she became blind, it is as if her other senses developed to receive messages and information about the future.
Among her numerous claims were predictions relating to world events, many which would later come true.
New York City.
September 11, 2001.
Two planes hijacked by members of a terrorist group called Al-Qaeda crashed into the World Trade Center, taking the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent civilians.
Sumatra, Indonesia.
December 26, 2004.
A 9.
1 magnitude earthquake off the coast of the island creates a devastating tsunami, completely engulfing over 3,000 miles of land and claiming the lives of over 230,000 people.
Washington, D.
January 20, 2009.
I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear Barack Obama, an African-American senator from Illinois, is sworn into office as the 44th President of the United States.
Congratulations, Mr.
We must remember, these amazing things are coming from someone who was born a peasant, who has not read books, had a slight, maybe functional literacy with braille.
But she essentially has no access to televisions, no access to movies.
This is coming out of her interiority.
Baba Vanga proclaimed her prophetic abilities not only allowed her to tap into an unknown realm of information, but it also put her in contact with extraterrestrials.
Baba Vanga talked about these extraterrestrials that are invisible, or more like they are presences like clear reflections of water shimmering.
And they shared with her many secrets, which she says are locked inside the scriptures of many religions.
You have to wonder with her where she was getting this information.
Is it possible she was able to access some kind of knowledge that's out there that normal people cannot access? Throughout the centuries, there have been oracles and prophets that have claimed contact with otherworldly realms as a source of their inspiration.
This includes prolific seers like Michel de Nostredame, better known as Nostradamus, who published his seminal book, The Prophesies, in 1555 A.
Biographers claim that he predicted numerous future events, including the Great London Fire of 1666, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and even the Iranian revolution of 1979.
- Nostradamus has been often shown as a man looking at bowls of water.
He did do that, but that was very minor.
His main use was tapping into the divine source.
Nostradamus tries, in his labored narratives, to explain a divine state where everything is happening, not in a linear sense but all happening at once Past, present and future concepts bind into one thing.
Most prophets say that they are tapping into another reality beyond this earthly existence.
So, potentially, they could be tapping into a layer of reality that is shared by otherworldly beings, extraterrestrial intelligence, and so on and so forth.
It may be the information is there, it's that our brains are not evolved yet to see the information.
So there have been mystics and there have been prophets and there have been philosophers who are able, through either meditation or observation or whatever their medium is, to get to that place of information, and have been able to access something deeper, something greater, a bigger picture.
If seers like Baba Vanga, Nostradamus and others are able to access an unseen cloud of information to obtain their prophesies, might this realm have also been tapped by some of history's most brilliant minds? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining the shocking statements made by one of the greatest visionaries of the 20th century, Nikola Tesla.
New York City.
Two Columbia University sociologists, William Ogburn and Dorothy Thomas, publish a paper in the Academy of Political Science Journal entitled "Are Inventions Inevitable?" In it, they cite 148 instances of simultaneous inventions where two or more individuals, each operating without knowledge of the others' work, came up with the same groundbreaking innovation or theory at the same time.
How is it that people in different continents, different cultures can come up with the same idea at almost exactly the same time? And it's seen throughout history.
Albert Einstein says that he came up with the idea for relativity in a few moments.
It suddenly came into his mind.
Einstein's discovery of relativity was preceded, almost simultaneously, by a theoretical physicist, a Frenchman named Poincare.
You have the radio being developed by both Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi at the same time.
You have the telephone, also being developed at the same time.
There's many incidences in history like this.
During World War II, British engineer Sir Frank Whittle and a German physicist, Hans von Ohain, both invented the first jet engine.
The designs were strikingly similar, and because they were serving on different sides of the war, neither had any knowledge of the other's work.
More recently, a revolutionary discovery was made by two scientists independent of each other.
In fact, they were thousands of miles apart.
And they came up with the same discovery that neutrinos have mass.
And one has to wonder if this can be attributed to coincidence or if both scientists tapped into what is known as the Akashic record.
There have been discoveries that have shown up around the planet at the exact same time.
People that aren't connected, people that have no influence upon each other, and those are the things that start to emerge simultaneously around the planet.
Here's the interesting thing.
This goes back to the idea that we find information in the substrate of the physical world.
It may just be that every single discovery that we ever wanted to discover is already in the room right now.
It isn't that the information is not there, it's that our brains are not evolved yet to see the information.
Now, not everybody is on the same wavelength.
Not everybody's evolved at the same rate; that's also true.
So there are people throughout history that could access that information.
This effect has been documented all the way back to the time of the Renaissance and the Reformation Things like the discovery of the telescope, the identification of the colors in the rainbow, the identification of basic chemistry, the theory of evolution.
Scientists try to explain it.
And they think people have a certain level of technology at a certain time, and they have the tools in front of them to be able to make breakthroughs.
That doesn't explain why it happens so precisely, that in many cases it is literally simultaneous.
We have to look at the possibility that extraterrestrials could be introducing ideas into this information field.
It's sort of as if something has been uploaded into the cloud.
Curious statements made by one of history's greatest visionaries, Nikola Tesla, seem to point to some sort of influence from an otherworldly realm of information.
Tesla was most notably responsible for the practical application of alternating current, the foundation of our modern electrical grid.
In his autobiography, Tesla, he talked about the day that he had the revelation of how to harness alternating current.
Right before that, he had a serious flu, but he said that he felt that he could detect light from his forehead and that he was able to receive information from other sources, and that this other source entered his consciousness and he was then enabled to come up with this invention which changed the world.
Tesla felt that we were receivers, that all impulses came from the outside and that we worked under these impulses.
So, he doesn't believe that they come from dreams or inner visions.
He really felt that we were, in a sense, self-propelled robots.
It appears that Tesla got more information than anyone rightfully should have been able to get for his time in history, where he was and when he was.
It could be the result of outside influence from the Akashic Field steering us along a path to make sure that we have reached a certain level of technological sophistication within a certain prescribed time window.
Could the nature of genius lie in the ability of visionaries to tap into an otherworldly realm of knowledge? If the information contained within this field was uploaded by extraterrestrials, as ancient astronaut theorists propose, does this suggest that humans are on a predetermined path? And if so, what are we being guided to do? Sofia, Bulgaria.
After her death in 1996, the home of the 20th century prophet Baba Vanga is turned into a museum so that followers can continue to pay their respects.
Among the hundreds of thousands of future readings given by the blind prophet during her lifetime, many relate to events concerning the whole of the human race, events, centuries, and even millennia into the future.
If we look at Baba Vanga's prophecies, they're a lot like contemporary science fiction.
In her accounts, Baba Vanga claimed the world will undergo many changes.
It will rise, and it will fall.
But the balance will be established when extraterrestrials start to communicate with humans.
She said, "You don't see it now, "but there is a huge movement of crafts in the sky.
"Usually, there are three of them flying.
"They tell me, 'Be prepared for a big event, ' but they don't tell me what it is.
" Baba Vanga is unique in being very much a prophet that looks at the future of man in space, humanity in space and extraterrestrial contact, which she assures us will happen in the next 200 years.
By 2130, Baba Vanga prophesied that human colonies deep under the ocean would be created with the assistance of extraterrestrial beings, who would lend us a tremendous hand in developing this new civilization.
By 2183, humans would already have a colony on Mars.
The human colony would revolt, ultimately leading to a nuclear confrontation.
By 2221, humanity in search of alien life would come into contact or knowledge of something absolutely horrific, but she does not tell us what this means.
Are we headed toward the future that Baba Vanga somehow tapped into, a future that is written within the Akashic record? March, 2017.
The U.
Congress passes the NASA Authorization Act and issues a mandate for the organization to get humans to Mars by 2033.
Officials at the space agency immediately respond with a detailed plan outlining their strategy to accomplish this goal.
Along with NASA mission plans, the European Space Agency, China, United Arab Emirates and India are all slated to send orbiters to the planet in the next few years.
And private ventures, including Mars One, SpaceX and even Boeing have all set their sights on successfully colonizing the Red Planet within the next decade.
At present, there's a race among several nations and private companies to get to Mars and to colonize Mars.
So what's going on here? One of humanity's great visionaries, Elon Musk, sees real problems ahead for humanity.
In his view, our colonization of Mars is an effort to save or back up humanity.
It's a compelling possibility that, in fact, there is some greater organized effort being made to steer human knowledge towards a desired outcome.
Our brain could act as a tuning fork or antenna for the Akashic record itself, which may have very explicit directions leading us down a certain path.
We're going to Mars.
We're going to be a space-faring nation and civilization, going to other planets.
And like the phenomenon of spontaneous invention, we have people all over the world suddenly pushing us to go to Mars.
Is it possible that this information is actually being sent to humans in order to-to move us forward? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that if mankind fulfills its mission to colonize Mars, we may be repeating the past.
According to scientific evidence proposed by Dr.
John Brandenburg in an article for the Journal of Cosmology in 2014, Baba Vanga's prediction for a nuclear event on Mars may have happened once before.
There appears to have been a devastating nuclear attack on Mars.
Two massive nuclear weapons detonated over the surface of Mars, apparently dropped from space.
I originally proposed as an explanation that this was a natural nuclear reactor that had gone unstable.
However, as I talked to more scientists, they said the Xenon spectrum is wrong.
That is weapons signature.
There's no natural phenomenon that can account for this nuclear data.
Evidence has shown us that there's possibility that Mars did, in fact, suffer a nuclear war deep, deep in ancient history.
This would suggest that human events are repeated and that throughout time we go back and retrace our steps.
It could be that the past, present and future has already happened.
And if that's the case, you're really looking at a system that repeats itself over and over and over again.
And that could be looked at as a script.
It could be looked at as a computer code.
Then it would make sense that we are in-in some way being directed by that information.
It is guiding our behavior.
These prophecies may be actually something where people were tapping into a future that already existed in some other sense.
And it appears to be something that is part of a greater cosmic script that we're all following that does have an extraterrestrial influence in making sure that we stay on the script.
Is it possible that the Akashic record contains a script Like a cosmic computer code That humans are being programmed to follow? Perhaps the answer can be found by examining evidence discovered by theoretical physicists that there is programming language embedded in the very fabric of the universe.
College Park, Maryland.
Renowned physicist and University of Maryland professor S.
James Gates Jr.
Coauthors a report announcing that he found specific computer code in the equations defining the fabric of the universe.
He theorizes that since these error-correcting codes are indistinguishable from those that drive search engines on our computers, it suggests that the cosmos is digital in nature.
Professor Gates finding computer code in his string theories, it literally shook me, because what he's saying is that there is code And not only code, but code that we use for our computers In the fabric of reality.
So the implication is that our reality is digital, that every experience you've ever had is based on code.
They have found computer algorithms in the existence of the universe, a code of one and zeros, which would imply that the idea of an information field or the cloud is not a new idea, and it's happened before.
Now, what the forces are behind the Akashic record, your guess is as good as mine.
If computer code is embedded within the very fabric of the universe, might it have been put there by an ancient extraterrestrial race, or possibly even an earlier race of humans? And has mankind established a new Akashic record with the creation of the cloud? But if so, are we merely following a pre-programmed cosmic script embedded within an invisible realm that exists all around us? Do we have free will, or are we totally determined? The answer is: if you're not aware of the choices you're making, you're a biological robot.
But if you become conscious of the nature of the universe, then you can start to have some degree of freedom.
As we reclaim the Akashic records, and even go beyond it, this could be the key that opens the door that will enable us to enter into a new level of existence or a new reality.
We are evolving to a stage where we're unlocking secrets and codes and patterns that have always been there.
It's mind-blowing, but it's also conscious-altering.
What it does is it starts to drive humanity towards discovering what we really are, who we really are.
What's our purpose here as a species? Is there really a cosmic repository of all knowledge contained within the universe, past, present and future? And if so, does the recent invention of what is commonly known as the cloud help pave the way to a future of limitless possibilities? Perhaps when we finally tap into the Akashic record, we will find out that humanity has been following a program that has been in place for millions of years, a program that will ultimately lead us to our final destiny on other worlds.

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