Ancient Aliens s13e04 Episode Script

Earth's Black Holes

1 Strange, unnatural forces This is when you experienced the time vortex? That's when it started.
Mysterious disappearances They find tracks in the snow.
The tracks stop in the middle of the lake.
He completely disappeared.
Could black holes not only be found in the universe, but also here on Earth? And if so, could they be facilitating extraterrestrial visitation? Eventually, it rips the fabric of space and time.
And that's where all hell breaks loose.
Menlo Park, California.
May 2017.
Scientists working at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory fire the world's most powerful x-ray laser at a molecule.
They were looking to see what would happen if you took an atom with a lot of electrons and hit it with a high-energy X ray.
Could you knock the electrons out of orbit around the atom and produce something that had very few electrons? But the system behaved very differently than expected.
At first, the experiment goes as planned.
Electrons are knocked out of their orbits like pinballs.
But then, in one quadrillionth of a second, a powerful force sucks electrons into a void, and the molecule dramatically explodes.
It would suddenly start sucking in all the electrons from the rest of the molecule in a manner that they just had not anticipated.
The electrons were then compressed and then drew other electrons into the process.
And, by golly, it looked like a black hole.
A black hole? A region of space that exhibits such a strong gravitational field that nothing, not even light, can escape from it? Fundamentally, they're just a lot of mass crammed into a very small space.
What does that mean? That means there's a very strong gravitational field around them.
Light can't even escape.
And that's where it gets the name "black hole.
" When one puts in spin into the black hole equations, one gets a much more exotic phenomenon.
What happens then is you get a vortex around the black hole, a vortex of space-time.
And here we actually saw something that resembled a black hole, except it wasn't gravitational.
It was electromagnetic.
That is, it used the power of laser beams.
Now, how's that possible? Well, it turns out that in Einstein's theory, not just gravity, but any form of energy If it's concentrated enough Could become a black hole.
For decades, since their discovery, scientists have long believed that black holes could only exist in outer space.
But if that were true, how is it that they can be simulated in an Earth-based laboratory? Normally, when we think of black holes, we think of a collapsed star and a great mass.
But with these new experiments, it's showing us that black holes can be created in different ways, including with electromagnetic energy or high-energy pulses in a laboratory.
And so, therefore, black holes could be in any place.
There's areas around the Earth that we don't understand, that have unusual characteristics similar to a black hole, and so it's possible that these places are also black holes.
If black holes can exist here on Earth, could their presence help to explain the numerous reports of strange phenomena going back thousands of years? On Earth there have been stories of people missing time or jumping a distance at much faster speeds than what it would've taken in their plane or in their boat.
And that raises the question whether very strange things apply in the vicinity of a black hole.
Maybe a vortex opens.
Maybe some type of passageway into the other realms and dimensions which exist all around us.
Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that evidence of humans taking incredible journeys through time-space portals exists in ancient texts from all over the world.
One such example can even be found in the Old Testament of the Hebrew Bible and involves the story of Moses on Mount Sinai.
Something very bizarre happened on Mount Sinai.
There's an ancient legend that states when God calls Moses to heaven, a cloud descended.
And then it curiously states a door opened in the cloud, and Moses walked in.
The door closed behind him, and he ascended.
According to the Bible, Moses ascends for 40 days and 40 nights.
Does not eat, does not drink, does not sleep.
40 days passed for us on Earth.
How much time passed for Moses in heaven? What was the opening at Mount Sinai? It sounds like the cloud was some type of a transportational device within the context of an open vortex.
The entire mountain seemed to have been subject to some radical alteration of the normal physical laws that govern us.
If this has any kind of a literal understanding to it, then a doorway to heaven would have been an alteration in the fabric of space as we understand it today, possibly of time itself.
In light of our modern understandings, we need to reinvestigate what the Bible is actually teaching us.
If black holes can and do exist here on Earth, what impact would they have? Could they open up gateways that, if harnessed, would allow us to quickly travel back and forth through space and time? And if so, have they been used by extraterrestrials to visit Earth for centuries? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining ancient knowledge about powerful vortices carved in stone.
March 26, 2016.
The Hitomi, an x-ray astronomy satellite launched by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency just five weeks earlier, begins spinning uncontrollably.
The on board altitude control system is unable to slow down the spinning, and over a period of hours, the satellite breaks into ten fragments and is observed tumbling out of orbit.
In the ensuing investigation, a significant factor emerges: the satellite's Star Tracker system, designed to keep it properly oriented, experienced glitches whenever the satellite passed through a field of high radiation known as the South Atlantic Anomaly.
The Earth's magnetic field is generated deep in its interior by motions of liquid iron and other substances, the thermal currents generated by a radioactive decay in the core, etcetera.
So it's a very complex phenomenon.
What we see on the surface looks like a magnetic field of a bar magnet.
But apparently, there's some kind of imperfection in it that is very deep, and it creates a very localized reversal of the Earth's magnetic field.
This is called the South Atlantic Anomaly.
Astronauts flying through this region Or satellites are exposed to a very brief but intense field of radiation.
Comprising the area of the magnetosphere above much of South America as well as the Atlantic Ocean, the South Atlantic Anomaly has caused problems with spacecraft for decades.
It is for this reason that the International Space Station requires extra shielding when passing by it and why NASA laptops have crashed when the space shuttle flies through its intense levels of radiation.
When you go through the South Atlantic Anomaly, strange things happen.
There are flashes of light.
Electronics will malfunction.
And even spacecraft have to be specially shielded to go through this area.
Although scientists understand the nature of the South Atlantic Anomaly, there is disagreement as to its effects.
And there is an increased number who believe it may also create vortexes that can alter both time and space.
Nature has found thresholds and doorways that people don't even know exist that can open under these specific circumstances.
If one can change the metric of space-time directly with electromagnetic fields, then nature itself, because of the enormous electromagnetic fields it develops in weather disturbances, for example, could possibly create its own electrodynamic black hole or rotating black hole solutions.
Many ancient astronaut theorists support this claim and suggest that our ancestors were so aware of it that they even carved numerous representations of it in stone all over the world.
Ingá, Brazil.
Here stands an ancient rock formation known as the Ingá Stone.
The formation is covered with carved symbols that are of unknown origin and meaning.
But some researchers claim to have at least partially deciphered the carvings and suggest they reveal that whoever made them had advanced knowledge of both astronomy and physics.
In the Ingá River in Brazil, we find this incredible 150-foot-long, 12-foot-tall stone, the Ingá Stone.
It's covered with the most immaculate carvings, highly detailed but totally mysterious.
We don't know who exactly created them for what purpose.
They have the most strange carvings on the rock, on the surface.
There's also another petroglyphs and geoglyphs around the Ingá Stone, and some of them have to do with constellations: the Southern Cross, Milky Way, the Orion constellation, and other constellation that were describing in area, as well.
Some people interpret that the spirals around it have to do with energy, vortex of energy.
There is magnetic anomalies on the Ingá Stone, that's for sure.
We know that the Ingá Stone contains astronomical data.
And what's interesting about this is that the native peoples typically didn't make astronomical depictions.
They made depictions of supernatural beings.
So this kind of hints us in the idea that maybe the origin of this knowledge is indeed extraterrestrial beings.
Curiously, the Ingá Stone is located within the exact same geographical area as the South Atlantic Anomaly.
Is it possible that the stone's enigmatic carvings were inspired by the arrival of an ancient space traveler, one who had landed here centuries ago? And if so, could the South Atlantic Anomaly, while perhaps the largest and best known of its kind, be one of many similar anomalies that exist here on Earth? The Bermuda Triangle.
The Devil's Sea.
Easter Island.
The Indus Valley.
These are just a few of 12 triangular zones spaced evenly around the globe known for disappearances, high energy, and other unexplainable phenomena.
Collectively, they have been referred to as the vile vortices.
The Scottish-born biologist and cryptozoologist and writer Ivan T.
Sanderson came up with a theory to do with paranormal phenomena occurring at different parts of the world.
He believed that there were 12 principal locations where this would actually take place, and he referred to them as the vile vortices.
In other words, that they were quite violent in their action.
Sanderson was trying to find an explanation to all of these disappearances.
And it was this geometric pattern on the Earth that he thought was a solution to what was going on, and that certain spots on the Earth were just anomalistic and had these strange energy patterns.
There is no question that his work proves to me that there's a lot more that we don't understand about this planet.
Whether it's natural or some kind of paranormal episode, I don't know.
But there's no question this planet is very, very unusual when it comes to these certain spots.
If extraterrestrials visited Earth in the distant past, maybe they simply harnessed what was already present in the Earth.
And that they had a technology to bring these places into a higher energetic state where they could use them as black holes, or wormholes, or for other purposes.
Is it possible that the so-called vile vortices, in addition to phenomena like the South Atlantic Anomaly, could help explain mysterious disappearances? And that there are locations on Earth where conditions are optimal for the creation of black holes or portals? Areas where humans could, without warning, be suddenly thrust into another space or time? If you look at the bottom of a black hole, it could be a place where you want to think of a hole, actually, in space and time, that reconnects somewhere else.
And so you can go through the black hole, like a door, or a tunnel, and end up either in another part of the universe, or in another actual universe.
Could extraterrestrials have used these so-called, "portals" to visit the Earth in the distant past? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest further clues can be found by investigating one of the places that in recent decades has been the site of more curious disappearances than any other: the Bermuda Triangle.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
December 5, 1945.
Five Navy Avenger torpedo bombers, collectively known as Flight 19, set out on a training mission over the Bermuda Triangle.
Without warning, all five bombers experience malfunctions with their on board instruments.
They contact air control and report their mysterious difficulties.
All five of their compasses were not working correctly.
They had two navigational instruments that they could use, and they were not working properly, either.
It caused total confusion.
They didn't know their position, so they did what a lot of other pilots have done in the past: they made a series of turns.
And that's what causes pilots to become confused.
The planes disappeared from radar, and their last communication consisted of nothing but eerie static.
The Navy immediately launched two seaplanes to search for the missing bombers.
Just 20 minutes after takeoff, they, too, vanished.
The unusual thing is they didn't find any parts.
No life jackets or life rafts.
Despite some claims in more modern times that Grumman Avengers have been discovered that might have been Flight 19, the actuality of the case is that it is a mystery of exactly what happened.
The disappearance of Flight 19 is one of many bizarre and unexplainable events that have taken place in the area that is now known as the Bermuda Triangle.
The Bermuda Triangle is really located off of-of Florida.
The northern point of it is the island of Bermuda.
It then goes down to, essentially, southern Florida, and then out into the Bahamas.
And this is an area that has historically had strange phenomenon.
It is something that goes back all the way to the time of Christopher Columbus as he passed through this area, because he found that his compasses, strangely, didn't work as he passed through what we now know as the Bermuda Triangle.
He also saw mysterious lights in the same area just a few days later, after his compasses failed.
The famous Mary Celeste ship was found in the Bermuda Triangle without any crew on it at all, and no one could explain it.
What's very bizarre about some of these instances is that these people vanished in front of multiple witnesses, in circumstances that seemed to be impossible.
It's like these people were here and they suddenly just blinked out, as if they walked off the surface of the Earth.
My guess is that you're dealing with something that is dimensional.
And when you go through it, there's that possibility you may never come back.
For decades, scientists and researchers have struggled to find a cause for the mysterious disappearances.
They are equally puzzled by the numerous reports of everything from instrument failure to compasses that, strangely, point to true north instead of magnetic north.
Electromagnetic phenomenon associated with thunderstorms, that can perhaps open up portals in space-time that we never would have thought possible.
An analogy is that lightning is still poorly understood.
Lightning typically carries several million volts.
This is not sufficient voltage to jump from a cloud, miles above the ground, to the ground or between clouds.
Yet, nature does it.
Combine that with the strange location of the Bermuda Triangle, with the collision point of these cold and warm currents You can have a playground for exotic physics, I believe.
Might storm clouds, lightning flashes and powerful ocean currents located within the Bermuda Triangle have unexpected, and otherworldly effects? Ancient astronaut theorists believe such an audacious theory is possible, and point to the story of pilot Bruce Gernon as the best evidence that such incredible phenomena can and do exist.
On December 4, 1970, almost 25 years to the day after the disappearance of Flight 19 a pilot by the name of Bruce Gernon was in an aircraft flying between Andros Island and the island of Bimini, when he had an absolute incredible experience.
The controls on his plane also went crazy.
He felt, in the end, that somehow he had been in the Bermuda Triangle when it was activated.
Since that time, researchers have been trying to find out exactly what happened during that flight.
In March 2018, ancient astronaut theorist and author David Childress traveled to an airfield in West Palm Beach, Florida - Hi.
- Hi.
-To meet face-to face with one of the very few men who experienced the strange power of the Bermuda Triangle, and survived.
So what is our plan today? Well, we're gonna recreate our flight that I had in, uh, 1970.
And I can show you on the chart here.
We're gonna go direct from Palm Beach right to this curved area of Andros Island on the western shore.
And we're gonna go down to a thousand feet at this point.
And that's where my experience in 1970 began.
I am the only living person that has flown through the heart of it, and then exited what I call a time-tunnel vortex and survived.
So have you ever retraced your flight? I've never been on the exact flight path that I was when I had this event.
And that's what I'd like to take you through today, the exact flight path.
Into the Bermuda Triangle.
And this isn't a one-way flight, is it? No sir.
We'll be back.
I'm ready.
At the North Palm Beach County Airport, located 20 miles outside of West Palm Beach, Florida, author and researcher David Childress and professional pilot Bruce Gernon are about to retrace the exact path of a mysterious flight that Gernon made nearly five decades ago.
It was a flight over the region of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle, during which Gernon claims to have experienced an inexplicable shift in time.
So, Bruce, uh, it was, it was 1970, and you were flying out of Andros.
Who-Who was with you on this flight? Uh, my dad and our business partner was with us, and it was a routine flight, but, uh, this is the area where I, uh, took off and started my ascent.
I was at a thousand feet just like we are right now.
And I started climbing straight out over that bank right there.
- There it is.
- Is that it? Okay.
I don't know, it looks kinda eerie here.
There's nothing much around, is there? Very remote area of the Bahama bank.
Wow, what was that? Did you feel that? - Uh - There it is.
Ah, that was the weirdest Can you catch that? Something we should maybe Okay.
It's out of control? It's okay, guys, we just hit a rough spot.
We've just got a little turbulence here.
It's turbulence.
How about that? Yeah.
I have to admit, I'm actually glad that-that we didn't vanish.
It's right in this exact area here where it did that.
- Wow.
Uh, a premonition, maybe.
- Kind of, yeah.
All right, so you did you think that anything strange - was gonna happen to you that day? - No, no.
I had no premonitions, but this strange cloud formed right in front of us, and it was like a lenticular-shaped cloud.
But it was just sort of hovering there.
And it did look a little strange.
As soon as I got over it, it started expanding.
And then before you know it, I-I'm inside the cloud.
And so now I can't see anything.
Visibility was near zero.
There was lightning in there.
It was flashes of lightning.
These flashes got more and more intense the deeper we went in it.
It got darker, too.
It was almost like night and day.
My co-pilot, my dad, he said, uh, maybe we ought to turn around and go back to Andros.
I didn't want to turn around and go back through this cloud that was freaking me out, you know? It would've been worse.
There was no turning back, you felt.
I said to my dad, "well, hold on, not yet.
" Rather than turning back for land, Bruce decided to pull out of the cloud that the plane had become immersed in, and continued on his flight path.
But when he came out of the cloud, he realized that the situation was even more incredible than he first thought.
His plane was surrounded on all sides by a giant storm.
And there appeared to be no way out.
I felt like we were trapped inside this strange storm.
And then I noticed a big tunnel about a mile wide and ten miles long.
So I said, "oh, well, we'll go through that.
" My dad agreed.
When we entered the tunnel, an incredible thing happened.
A series of clouds formed a swirling line that was slowly rotating counterclockwise.
It felt like we were hydroplaning.
Somehow we were at zero gravity.
We were floating and going forward somehow.
And I came out of the tunnel, I looked back behind and I watched the tunnel collapse.
The radar controller comes back on the microphone, and he's-he's yelling really loud.
He's all excited.
He says, "I got an airplane directly over Miami Beach.
" So I look at my watch.
"No, I got another 30 minutes to go here.
"Uh, I'm, uh, "at least 80 miles east of you guys," I tell him.
But then I look down, and there's Miami Beach right below me.
I traveled 100 miles in only three minutes.
100 miles? In three minutes? Bruce's plane would have to have been traveling 2,000 miles per hour to cross that distance in such a short amount of time, a speed that his small plane was not even remotely capable of.
But the people on the plane, they're except for a little bit of mist and fog around them, they're they don't really notice anything strange is happening.
No, they didn't notice anything strange.
But, uh, all their watches were set back 20 minutes.
I believe now that what was happening was I-I was seeing the fabric of time.
And I believe that is what creates the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.
Could it be that the so-called tunnel that Bruce describes was actually some type of electromagnetic vortex, one that, like a black hole, could alter both time and space? For ancient astronaut theorists, the answer is a resounding yes, and they argue that even more evidence can be found by studying ancient disappearances not only of individuals, but of an entire civilization.
Easter Island.
Located in the Pacific Ocean, over 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile, this remote island was once home to the Rapa Nui people, who, after flourishing for hundreds of years, seemed to mysteriously disappear sometime in the 18th century.
It seems, at some point, it may be as much as 10,000 people lived there at its peak.
But about 100 years later, when more Europeans started showing up on a regular basis, it seemed to be down to about 1,500 people.
So something happened at Easter Island to seriously decrease their population.
While mainstream historians have long debated the cause of the mass disappearance of the Rapa Nui, ancient astronaut theorists believe it may have something to do with Easter Island being located in one of the 12 areas that were identified by cryptozoologist Ivan T.
Sanderson as "vile vortices," places on Earth where strange electromagnetic activity is more likely to occur.
We know there are places around the world that have an unknown energy.
Easter Island, Egypt, Indus Valley, Mexico.
Also in Asia, in Tibet.
All around the world in these areas also there were built megalithic structures.
How we can explain that? The only possible explanation is an ancient contact with sophisticated alien civilizations around the world.
The traditions of Rapa Nui are absolutely incredible, because their entire society is based on this idea that they were seeded by none other than the birdmen.
So what were they describing? And so if you look at this whole idea of the Rapa Nui, what if the stories of the birdmen are nothing else but a description of extraterrestrials that somehow were involved on the happenings that were going on on Easter Island? Extraterrestrial groups have been terraforming and harvesting genetic material on this planet for more than 270 million years.
Is that what Easter Island was, a genetic experiment? And maybe that's why they were transferred out.
Is it possible that because Easter Island, like the Bermuda Triangle, is located at a place of increased electromagnetic activity that the area serves as a kind of extraterrestrial portal, a gateway which, when opened, could allow alien beings to come to Earth and humans to travel back with them? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest this phenomenon might also happen in every country on Earth.
Holland, Michigan, February 18, 1978.
Steven Kubacki, a student at Hope College, tells his roommates he is going out cross-country skiing.
When Steven doesn't return by nightfall, his roommates contact the police, and a massive search and rescue operation is launched.
Two days later, they find Steven's backpack and his skis sitting on the beach to the Great Lakes.
And they walk out and they search the area, and they find tracks in the snow leading out onto the ice towards the lake.
The tracks appeared to stop in the middle of the lake.
There was no hole.
There was nothing.
That was just where they stopped.
He completely disappeared.
A little over a year later, Steven Kubacki awakens in a field some 700 miles from where he disappeared, certain it was the same day as the one when he went missing.
He had no memory of where he had been, or how he had travelled across the country.
Where he was for that one year and two months is a complete black hole.
After months of investigation, there was no credible evidence that Steven Kubacki had staged or faked his disappearance.
So how was it that a 23-year-old skier suddenly vanished without a trace, only to return just over a year later, and with no memory of where he had gone or for how long? These are the questions currently being answered by former police detective turned missing persons investigator, Dave Paulides.
This is Dave.
For the past nine years, he has been investigating the world's most baffling missing persons cases, and has concluded that there are certain places on Earth where unexplained disappearances occur in astonishingly high numbers.
I know a lot of people throughout the world have heard of the Bermuda Triangle Missing ships and planes over water.
I don't think many people have heard about the disappearances of people on land that fit this exact profile that we've established.
Certain profile points replicate themselves time after time after time.
When they bring in search dogs, bloodhounds, they can't pick up a scent.
They bring in professional trackers.
They can't track point to point.
Many, many times, there's a weather event in relationship to the disappearance.
Other times, the person disappears near a body of water, or is found near a body of water.
Other instances, if the person is found, they're found in a location that has been previously searched Not just once, maybe dozens of times.
They leave the searchers scratching their head.
After examining thousands of missing persons incidents, Dave Paulides has identified 59 so-called "hot spots" in the United States alone.
Places where more people appear to vanish And without any signs of foul play Than anywhere else in the country.
In the work we do, it-it's a rare event that you find somebody who's alive.
But in those instances, the vast, vast majority of times, the victim doesn't remember what happened.
They don't know why they got lost, they don't know where they went, they don't know where they've been.
I've been very fortunate to meet some of the smartest people in the world of theoretical physicists.
And during those conversations, many times it's gone towards portals.
And the response coming back from the physicists was these portals can be directed and targeted.
Is it possible that when people go through these time-tunnel portals, and they have no memory of what went on, it's because there's nothing for them to have a memory of, because, for them, it was just an instantaneous thing? So, I'm one of these people, as an investigator, that lives in the world of facts.
I don't hypothesize, I don't theorize, and I'm very careful about where I tread and who I talk to about these things.
And when you hear from the scientist who's credible saying these things could be occurring, it makes you uncomfortable, and it makes you wonder, really, what might be going on.
Could mankind be on the verge of an incredible breakthrough One that acknowledges that black holes exist not only in deep space, but also here on Earth? For the answers, ancient astronaut theorists point to additional research being done, not out in space or in a laboratory, but deep beneath the Earth's oceans.
September 3, 2013.
Scientists from ETH Zurich and the University of Miami publish an incredible report.
According to their research, they have discovered that many circular-shaped ocean patterns, otherwise known as "eddies," are the mathematical equivalent of black holes in space.
Mainstream scientists are now forced to ask themselves Have black holes been on Earth all along, not only in the oceans, but also on dry land? Some people will say, "Oh, we understand black holes completely," and that's nonsense.
We're seeing in the universe black hole candidates, and they're displaying a range of behaviors which we hadn't anticipated.
It turns out that when you look at the mathematics of vortices, there's a certain universality That we see them when you pull the plug in your bathtub, you see them in hurricanes and twisters.
You see them as a universal feature of nature.
We are looking for solutions to a unified electrodynamic space-time that will allow us to open a portal A vortex portal, perhaps To another star system that we can transit, and to do that with a far lower threshold of energy than one would expect from conventional black hole theory.
But if, as scientists are now beginning to discover, black holes can provide gateways through time and distance not only in outer space, but on our own planet, could they also be controlled? As far as ancient astronaut theorists are concerned, the answer is a resounding yes.
And they argue that Earth's black holes have been controlled for thousands of years, and by beings that are not of this world.
We have to think of these vortex areas around the Earth as something that is useful That if extraterrestrials and other people can manipulate these vortex areas, that we could do that, too.
Physicists are always talking about our strange and beautiful universe.
But our Earth is pretty strange and beautiful, too.
And maybe these black holes on Earth are going to be the key to open up the gateways to the universe for us.
This is the stuff of science fiction.
But it's actually the border between science fact and science fiction.
And these are things that cannot be ruled out.
Will the realization that black holes exist here on Earth help to resolve some of history's most unanswered questions Questions concerning not only mysterious disappearances, but also those involving extraterrestrial visitation? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest that mankind is standing on the threshold of an exciting future.
One where dreams of traveling through time and space will become reality, and where contact with our alien ancestors will unlock the mysteries about our ancient past.

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