Ancient Aliens s14e10 Episode Script

Project Hybrid

NARRATOR: Thousands of claims of alien abductions.
NICK POPE: People are reporting the extraterrestrials are harvesting genetic material from humans.
NARRATOR: Animals mutilated with surgical precision.
NICK REDFERN: What we know is that something is harvesting body parts, blood and DNA.
NARRATOR: Are aliens performing genetic experimentation here on planet Earth? LINDA MOULTON HOWE: Other intelligences can mix and match any gene they want and hybridize and hybridize again.
ERICH VON DANIKEN: The question which remains is: If extraterrestrials have made hybrids, why? What for? NARRATOR: And if extraterrestrials are engaged in creating alien-human hybrids, could it signal the end of humankind? GIORGIO TSOUKALOS: Perhaps more hybrids are being created right now in order to continue this extraterrestrial evolution.
NARRATOR: There is a doorway in the universe.
Beyond it is the promise of truth.
It demands we question everything we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
NARRATOR: Luzon island, the Philippines.
Archaeologists announce the discovery of an entirely new relative of the human species: Homo luzonensis.
Found in a large limestone cave, the remains of Homo luzonensis date back 67,000 years.
Without a land bridge to mainland Asia, this strange species arose isolated from other hominin species.
So I think when you look at the evolution of humanity, and the different species that have existed throughout time, early on, we had a pretty simple story.
We split from chimpanzees and monkeys, the Homo sapien ancestors developed, and you end up with Homo sapien, and we're the ones that are left.
As we do more research in archeology, we're discovering a wide range of different hominids.
One of them is the Homo luzonensis, and one of the interesting things about it is the structures of some of the bones are sufficiently different that it is a different species.
NARRATOR: In addition to Homo luzonensis, other ancient human-like species are continually being discovered, like the Denisovans in Siberia and the hobbit-like Homo floresiensis in Indonesia.
Given the great diversity of the number of different species, how is it that Homo sapien sapien ended up the only one left? NARRATOR: Although scientists now believe that at least eight human-like species once walked the Earth, only Homo sapiens survived.
But why? The answer remains one of archaeology's greatest mysteries.
Could it be possible that this survival, or the reason why Homo sapiens has survived to this day, is due to an extraterrestrial interference? Are what we're looking at here failed experiments, prototypes? Are we just the latest experiment? Were there, previously, other branches of the human family that were themselves either created or enhanced, but which didn't quite make the grade? NARRATOR: Is it possible that extraterrestrial intervention could explain the existence of multiple hominin species on Earth and the fact that only Homo sapiens have survived into the modern era? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that evidence to support this hypothesis can be found in the historical records of the earliest known civilizations, and, in particular, the Sumerian stories of the Annunaki, also called "the guardians of the sky.
" In the ancient Sumerian texts, they talk about the Annunaki, who were described as being able to fly, having elongated heads, and also being very wise and bringing knowledge and science.
It's often said that the Annunaki were specifically involved in genetic experimentation.
And so, here we have the story of extraterrestrials genetically engineering people starting around 6,000 BC, although I suspect it must go back much further than that.
In order to keep their territory, they made hybrids.
They made hybrids that would extend the Annunaki bloodline into standing-up primates that would carry out their territory, their bloodline.
What you can find with many of these depictions of these ancient gods is they're described either with wings or they're depicted inside flying animals or flying machines.
And whoever visited, uh, ancient Sumeria, those same guys visited elsewhere around the planet.
Because, for example, present-day Teotihuacan, there actually are statues that have been found that are uncannily similar to statues that have been found in present-day ancient Sumeria.
NARRATOR: Might species like Neanderthal and Homo luzonensis represent failed attempts by alien visitors to create hybrids of themselves from earthly primates? And could there have been other even stranger creatures that resulted from their experimentation? Mosul, Iraq.
While excavating the ancient ruins of the Assyrian capital city of Nimrud, famed English archeologist Austen Henry Layard unearths an amazing stone covered with detailed carvings.
Dating to 825 BC, the black limestone obelisk commemorates the deeds of King Shalmaneser III.
Curiously, depicted alongside his military conquests and various offerings made to him are strange hybrid creatures.
The Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III is incredibly fascinating because, as far as hybrid beings are concerned, what we have here are creatures half-animal, half-human, some with a-a human head with then an animal body.
And what's so interesting is the fact that the artist was very clear in depicting something and that is that some of these creatures are held with a rope and one even with a chain.
Now, did these creatures actually walk around here on Earth? And frankly, I would not be surprised if that's what happened because the basic tenet of the ancient astronaut theory is manipulation artificially of genetic material.
NARRATOR: Hybrid creatures abound in mythological traditions all over the world, and in many cases, they are part-human.
The ancient Greeks wrote about the centaur Half-human, half-horse.
In Hindu mythology, the naga are often depicted as serpentine creatures with human heads, while the Egyptian god Horus has a falcon head and a human body.
Even in the Quran, the flying horse that was said to have flown Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem had a human face.
VON DANIKEN: By natural evolution, hybrids can never have existed.
If hybrids existed, then there must be genetical design behind it.
Our ancestor, in Egypt or elsewhere, had no genetical designs, but we had the hybrids.
You can prove it in the literature, you can prove it in the sculptures, which still exist worldwide, especially in Egypt.
The question which remains is: If extraterrestrials have made hybrids, why? What for? NARRATOR: Could the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III and countless other depictions around the world be a physical record that hybrids have existed throughout history? And if so, is there an alien hybridization project that continues to be carried out even today? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining the bizarre and gruesome phenomenon of animal mutilation.
NARRATOR: Moscow, the Soviet Union.
February, 1954.
At the Institute of Experimental Clinical Surgery, organ transplantation pioneer Vladimir Demikhov conducts a potentially groundbreaking and highly controversial experiment.
He transplants a dog's head onto the torso of another dog using vascular connections to the host dog's heart.
The procedure is a success, and over the next five years, Demikhov performs several more head transplants.
As far as these experiments are concerned, what they demonstrated was that scientists now had the potential to quite literally play God, by mixing human DNA with animal DNA, creating, if you like, sort of chimeras.
NARRATOR: Looking back at Demikhov's efforts more than 50 years later, they seem like the work of a mad scientist.
But surgeons today have gone even further, actually merging animals with humans.
In 2003, Chinese scientist Hui Zhen Sheng fused human cells with rabbit eggs, resulting in the first human-animal hybrids created through genetic engineering.
In 2004, researchers at Minnesota's Mayo Clinic created pigs with human blood flowing through their bodies.
And in 2018, Chinese scientist He Jiankui used a powerful new gene editing technique called CRISPR to create the world's first genetically-edited human babies, Lulu and Nana.
DENNIN: It's basically molecular scissors that also do a cut exactly where you want to cut and puts the new pieces that you want into the DNA.
So, as we learn how to map out DNA, as we learn what the different genes are, we finally have the tool that would allow us to design the genes in certain ways.
NARRATOR: In recent years, some scientists have even proposed that building upon Vladimir Demikhov's experiments with dogs, transplants of human heads may soon become a reality.
But for ancient astronaut theorists, all of these animal-human hybrid experiments are nothing new.
In fact, they are eerily reminiscent of the depictions of hybrid creatures found on numerous ancient carvings, like those on the Obelisk of King Shalmaneser III, that seem to show stitches around the necks of what appear to be human-faced dogs.
I sometimes wonder if what we're doing now was also done tens and tens of thousands of years ago, in different parts of the world, and possibly that could have led to the creation of these multiple different types of early humans.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that the discovery of other human-like species that once roamed the Earth, as well as ancient depictions of hybrid creatures, provides evidence that, thousands of years ago, extraterrestrials performed genetic experiments similar to those being conducted by scientists today? According to ancient astronaut theorists, not only did this happen in the past, but a disturbing phenomenon suggests that what they refer to as an alien hybridization project is still underway.
San Luis Valley, Colorado.
On the King family ranch, a horse named Lady is found dead in a pasture.
The skull is stripped so clean of flesh that it appears to have been exposed to the elements for weeks.
Yet the King family had seen Lady alive just two days earlier.
More astonishingly, no blood or animal tracks of any kind are found near the corpse.
Authorities are shaken and perplexed.
The skeleton was completely clean and white.
Even brain tissue was gone.
But the rest of the horse looked as if it should get up and walk.
It was that fresh.
NARRATOR: Lady has become famous under the name "Snippy," as early press coverage misidentified the animal as the horse which sired her.
But the incident likely would have been lost to history completely were it not for the fact that near-identical slaughters soon became commonplace across the American heartland.
You had farmers and ranchers getting up in the morning and finding their animals dead in the fields.
And these were clearly not attacks by mountain lions or coyotes or anything like that.
The farmers actually reported how blood was drained from the animals, organs were removed, and it seemed as if the bodies of the cattle had been opened up by some sort of high-heat weapon or device.
NARRATOR: Animal mutilations have continued to this day, and in many cases, ranchers report seeing strange bright lights in the vicinity of the butchered animal.
HOWE: The deeper you get and the more people you interview And I have literally interviewed thousands now You hear, "I saw this kind of light.
"I saw this beam lowering an animal to the pasture and it was mutilated.
" Somebody else, "I saw this animal coming up in a beam of light, and later it was found mutilated.
" REDFERN: What we know is that something is harvesting body parts, blood, cells, DNA from animals.
NARRATOR: If aliens are, in fact, harvesting genetic material from the food chain, how does this tie in with their agenda for humanity? Scientists have recently discovered that humans are remarkably similar to many other animals in terms of genetic makeup.
Human beings share roughly 80% of their genes with cows, 85% with mice, 90% with cats, and 96% with chimpanzees.
Considering the commonalities in DNA, is it possible that if there really is an alien hybridization project underway, its goal is not to direct human evolution? Could it be that we are just one of many species from which they are extracting genetic material to create an entirely new life-form? If you can genetically extract from any life-form and take those genes and hybridize and hybridize again We are the product of the manipulation of DNA in already-evolving primates by other intelligences that can mix and match any gene they want for any purpose.
What are their motivations? Now, so far, at least, they haven't destroyed us.
But in saying that, I haven't really seen much in the way of positive activity on their part to help us as a species.
I think they're probably self-serving, and that self-serving situation may well involve the creation of an extremely complex experiment, and that experiment happens to be us.
NARRATOR: Are extraterrestrials extracting DNA from all manner of earthly species in an effort to create so-called alien-human hybrids? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest further evidence can be found by closely examining some of the stories told concerning alien abductions.
NARRATOR: Boston, Massachusetts.
October 25, 1965.
A local newspaper known as the Boston Traveler runs a front-page story about the alleged alien abduction of New Hampshire residents Betty and Barney Hill.
In the more than five decades since this now-famous incident, thousands of others have come forward with similar reports of being abducted by extraterrestrials.
What's particularly notable is the fact that during alien abductions, people talk about DNA taken from their bodies and essentially experimented on by these strange, short, black-eyed entities that have become known as the Greys.
NARRATOR: As far as ancient astronaut theorists are concerned, an equally chilling aspect of these reported alien abductions is the role that human blood and blood type seems to play in determining which human subjects become the targets of experimentation.
NARRATOR: New York, New York.
At the Rockefeller Institute, Nobel Prize-winning scientist Karl Landsteiner makes yet another groundbreaking finding in his work surrounding human blood types.
Landsteiner discovers the Rh factor, a type of protein, or antigen, on the surface of red blood cells, setting the scientific world afire.
DENNIN: One of the things about human blood types is we have an Rh, either positive or negative blood type.
And it simply has to do with a particular antibody on the outside of our red blood cells.
If you have it, you're positive, and if you don't, you're negative.
NARRATOR: Landsteiner was the first person to identify the original A, B and O blood groups.
But his latest discovery ignites a much more fascinating mystery underlying the nature of human blood.
REDFERN: One of the most intriguing aspects of the Rh negative versus Rh positive is that science really does not have a specific answer as to why some people should be negative and why other people should be positive.
DENNIN: Just like any virus or bacteria or disease, if you mix these blood types, you can get interesting effects.
If you're Rh negative and you get Rh positive blood, the red blood cells look different.
They look like an invading bacteria or virus, and your immune system will react to that, and that can lead to various diseases and problems.
(monitor beeping steadily) REDFERN: When you're in a situation where you have a pregnant woman who is Rh negative and the father is Rh positive, what we find is that the pregnant woman's immune system quite literally views the growing fetus as something alien, no pun intended.
In that situation, medicine is provided to ensure that the fetus grows healthy.
NARRATOR: How and why the Rh negative blood type developed remains a mystery to scientists.
And while the blood type is rare, there appears to be a disproportionately high occurrence of Rh negative individuals among one particular group of people: Those who claim to have been abducted by aliens.
HOWE: I don't think anybody would be able to stand behind a number and firmly know, but maybe three, maybe even some four out of ten people that you would interview in the abduction syndrome would say, "I'm Rh negative.
" NARRATOR: Could determining the origin of Rh negative humans be the key to uncovering the mystery behind potential human-alien hybrids? Is it possible that a link to an ancient history of Rh negative people could be found in a modern-day population of humans? Basque Country, Northern Spain.
Wedged between the mountains and the shore, this isolated and unique culture near the border with France contains a genetic heritage rare in most of the world.
The Basque people have the highest concentration of Rh negative blood on Earth.
What's particularly fascinating about the Basque people is their huge percentages of Rh negatives in their populations.
Typically, it's above 50% in the entire Basque population.
What's particularly notable is that, in the rest of the planet, across the world, the figures are actually only about two to three percent.
And because we know that ancient man roamed around those same areas of-of Spain and France thousands and thousands of years ago, this has given rise to the potential theory that the early humans were also Rh negatives.
NARRATOR: While it is unclear exactly what role the Rh negative blood type plays in what many believe to be an ongoing alien hybridization project, there are some who are certain that the ultimate goal is to alter the human race.
But why? As far as they are concerned, the answer is clear, because they claim that they themselves are hybrids.
NARRATOR: Baltimore, Maryland.
November 9, 2018.
Thousands gather at the Baltimore Convention Center for AlienCon, a three-day event dedicated to exploring the possibility that life not only exists on other planets, but that intelligent beings have been visiting the Earth for thousands of years.
I would like to ask this audience at this AlienCon: How many of you have had missing time, an abduction experience, have encountered perhaps an entity in your room, or you have seen some kind of lights, craft that have left you with the feeling that you were seeing or experiencing something that was not human and fits into this category? - How many? - Wow.
That-that is wow, that is an impressive show of hands.
That's staggering.
NARRATOR: The large numbers of allegedly abducted people in the audience stuns the panel.
Equally impressive is the credibility of the stories.
Let me just say I'm a very logical person.
He looked at me, he tipped his head down, and he looked up.
At that moment, his eyes went black, his nose started to turn almost beak-like, and I couldn't break the gaze.
I've had beings walk through the wall.
Um, I'm Rh negative, green-eyed.
I do have some missing time.
We wake up, and we're not in our bedroom anymore.
We're laying on tables.
They pulled me up on the ship.
They did surgery on me.
I had no idea what they were doing.
I later found, may have been extracting sperm.
NARRATOR: But if alien abductions are really happening, what is their purpose? Are extraterrestrials simply examining the human species, or is there another even more profound agenda? The reptilian who visits me on a regular basis Apparently he realized I was infertile, and he backed away.
As I began to do more and more deep research, eventually you come out at another layer.
What are we? What are Homo sapien sapien really? And then you get to my perspective today: The harvest of genetic material from this planet.
And so one of our greatest questions is: Who walks around on our planet, looks human but is not? NARRATOR: Could human abductions be part of a greater effort by extraterrestrials to hybridize the human species with alien DNA? Many ancient astronaut theorists insist that such an audacious notion is not only likely, but that evidence of it can be documented by means of regression therapy.
Barbara Lamb has conducted nearly 2,000 regressions on people who believe they have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings.
Most recently, she has been studying the case of California native Robert Fullington, who has, under hypnosis, revealed details of his numerous encounters with extraterrestrials over the course of the past ten years.
I came to know hybrids several years ago, and since then, I've been conducting long, long interviews, and have been doing regressions with them.
And out of all that material, I have become convinced that they are indeed ET-human hybrids living here on Earth.
ROBERT FULLINGTON: I was 215 pounds, and I went down to 115 pounds.
And doctors had no idea what was going on with me.
I was starting to have experience with ETs.
It's things like going to sleep and then becoming aware that something's happening.
It's these little tiny blips of real clear ET interactions.
And I have no idea what's going on.
LAMB: A wonderful thing is that our subconscious part of our minds records everything that happens to us, even those things that we have not been consciously aware of.
NARRATOR: On June 6, 2019, Barbara conducted another regression session with Robert - Okay, nice and comfortable now? - Mm-hmm.
NARRATOR: In an effort to find out not only why he had been abducted, but also the specific way in which he might have been genetically altered.
So now we're going to go into a nice state of deep relaxation.
More and more deep.
More and more relaxed.
People are, uh, laying in lines, and they're working on people.
Like, I'm last in line to be worked on.
Now, are these people in line, - are they lying down or are they - Yeah.
They're It's like a bunch of tables in a row.
I feel like there's something inserting into my stomach.
They're extracting something.
Like they're collecting DNA from different people.
LAMB: In the regression, it turned out that one extraterrestrial actually made an incision and took out DNA.
Now, that is something that has come across through my work.
Some of them seem to be very scientific, and they want to understand how human bodies work and what our physiology is like.
In many of the regressions I have done, it turns out that the ETs are creating hybrids for their own purposes.
NARRATOR: If extraterrestrials are extracting genetic material from humans and experimenting with alien-human hybrids, what might their purpose be? Is it to benefit the aliens, humanity, or could it be both? NARRATOR: Berkeley, California.
An international team of anthropologists and geneticists at UC Berkeley discover that between 1.
5 and 2.
1 percent of the genomes of modern non-Africans can be traced to a hominin that lived alongside humans: Neanderthals.
The finding provides proof that early humans came into contact with Neanderthals, and even interbred with them.
But one thing scientists are still unable to explain is why humans survived, and Neanderthals, who were in many ways a superior species, did not.
One of the biggest mysteries about Neanderthal man is how and why they became extinct.
They were very strong, robust, intelligent people, not the sort of cartoon image of so-called cavemen.
HOWE: The space for their brain in their head is bigger than ours.
And they know from pollen that they put flowers on their graves.
That meant they had compassion.
TSOUKALOS: Neanderthals not only had much, much larger brains, but also their bodies.
I mean, they were walking refrigerators.
They were as strong as you can imagine.
So what made the difference here? Extraterrestrials.
NARRATOR: If, as many alleged alien abductees have testified, extraterrestrials are performing genetic experiments on humans for their own benefit, could they have favored Homo sapiens over Homo neanderthalensis because it was a species more compatible with their own? Or did they create numerous hominins, and humans represent the most favorable parts of each of them? In either case, two important questions remain.
Is this process still underway, and if so, what is the ultimate objective? One theory is that they are a dying race, and that by harvesting genetic material from humans, they are injecting into their own genome some new genetic material which will help save them.
Another related theory is let's take human DNA, let's take alien DNA, and let's create something even better.
When we hybridize something, we do so to gain a benefit.
We take a particular line, and we breed, and we gradually get a stronger, faster, better racehorse.
Extraterrestrials are effectively doing the same thing to us as a species.
NARRATOR: Theories abound as to the purpose behind a possible alien hybridization project, but is it all mere speculation? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe the ultimate evidence that an alien hybridization project is in fact underway, and clues as to the true motives behind it, can be found by examining an incredible UFO encounter reported by members of the U.
Air Force.
Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk County, England.
December 26, 1980.
A glowing craft is reported near an air base leased to the United States Air Force by the RAF.
Two U.
servicemen are dispatched to the site to investigate what they believe could be a possible downed aircraft.
(crickets chirping) When they arrive, the men observe a strange triangular craft on the ground, approximately three meters wide at its base.
One of the men, U.
Air Force Sergeant Jim Penniston, notices an inscription on the side of the aircraft, and reaches out to touch it.
One of the key points in Jim's testimony is that he touched the side of the UFO and received a sort of telepathic download of ones and zeroes that he then wrote down in his police notebook.
Years later, a computer programmer took this information, ran it through a translation program, and a message emerged.
The message read as follows.
"Exploration of humanity "continuous for planetary advance, "eyes of your eyes, origin year 8100.
" There was also a series of latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates that matched up with locations such as the Great Pyramid, the Temple of Apollo at Naxos, the Nazca Lines in Peru, Sedona in Arizona.
All around the world, sites of great sacred significance.
So Jim Penniston came up with all this information without knowing a thing in real life about binary code.
When one sees "origin year 8100," one is forced to speculate, might we be looking not just at extraterrestrials but time travelers from the future? And if that's the case, why did they come here? REDFERN: In the distant future, the human race is dying out.
Well, how do you save the human race? Maybe you go back in time and essentially reap eggs, DNA, cells as a means to try and beef up the species in the future.
But by doing that, you present yourself as extraterrestrials, so that the people of today won't actually know who they really are.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that an alien hybridization project is of benefit to both the extraterrestrials and their human subjects because they are in fact one and the same? And are future humans posing as aliens to harvest valuable genetic material in order to take that material back with them and ensure humanity's future? NARRATOR: Beijing, China.
November 5, 2017.
During a video presentation at the Tencent WE Summit, Stephen Hawking warns that in order to ensure the survival of the human race, we must work to develop the means to leave planet Earth.
While much of the speculation regarding the purpose behind a possible alien hybridization project has to do with extraterrestrials trying to find a way to live on Earth, could it be that the goal is in fact the exact opposite? Are humans being genetically altered in preparation for a future existence on another planet? We're constantly discovering new ancestors to-to humans.
Just when we think we've got it all figured out and who our early ancestors are, they find somebody new.
And you have to wonder just why are there so many different ancestors of humans, and are we being genetically engineered ultimately until the perfect vehicle that the extraterrestrials want has been created.
So, in theory, then we'll be ready to be a spacefaring race, ready to go into the stars, to return to the stars and to join these other extraterrestrial races that are watching us right now.
If you were to ask me what does Project Hybrid mean to me, I would kind of view it as like an ongoing secret clandestine program that revolves around the physical manipulation of the human race, going back not just recent times but potentially millions of years ago.
TSOUKALOS: There are some who have suggested that between 15 and 30 percent of present-day humans allegedly are hybrids.
What I am saying is that all of us already are hybrids.
Homo sapiens sapiens would not exist without the artificial mutation of our genes by extraterrestrials.
So we already are the hybrids, and perhaps more hybrids are being created right now in order to continue this extraterrestrial evolution.
NARRATOR: Has human evolution been merely the product of natural selection, as mainstream scientists and anthropologists believe? Or have we benefitted from extraterrestrial engineering? As far as ancient astronaut theorists are concerned, the answer is a profound yes.
And they believe that not only have humans been genetically altered in an effort to ensure our survival, but that our evolution has been accelerated so that we will be able to join with our alien ancestors and begin our journey to the stars in the not too distant future.

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