Ancient Aliens s14e11 Episode Script

The Trans-dimensionals

1 NARRATOR: Are alien visitors coming to Earth in spacecraft? WILLIAM HENRY: These mysterious lights appear to be intelligently directed.
NARRATOR: Or could some be coming here by other means? DAVID CHILDRESS: When we think of encounters with extraterrestrials, it's quite possible that they are using some interdimensional way of traveling.
NARRATOR: There are those who believe that not all close encounters are of the physical kind JOHN BRANDENBURG: Would we perceive life in these parallel universes as like a ghost or a spirit? An angel? NARRATOR: And that alien contact often happens without our knowledge CAROLINE CORY: It exists beyond the visible spectrum.
So the fact that we don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there.
NARRATOR: And leaving no trace.
RABBI ARIEL BAR TZADOK: Maybe we're not really dealing with extraterrestrials from outer space, but ultra-terrestrials coming from parallel space.
NARRATOR: There is a doorway in the universe.
Beyond it is the promise of truth.
It demands we question everything we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
NARRATOR: Pisgah National Forest.
Burke County, North Carolina.
As darkness descends on the Brown Mountains, strange glowing orbs materialize on the horizon.
They hover over the range for a few seconds at a time, and then mysteriously vanish.
The Brown Mountain Lights have been observed for centuries.
There are Indian accounts as early as the 13th century.
Back in the antebellum days, some plantation owner was hunting there, disappeared.
Some of the people from his plantation, slaves we would presume, went looking for him, they disappeared; Never explained.
But that night, these lights were seen.
For decades, these lights have been talked about, studied, and no one is sure exactly what causes these lights.
There are many theories about them, but nobody really knows for sure.
There's the very curious story of a person named Ralph Lael who claimed that he was following the Brown Mountain Light one night and that it led him into a secret cave full of crystals.
And a booming voice then told him about extraterrestrials (distorted voice) and that they had the technology to go from one dimension to another, to appear and disappear.
NARRATOR: Extraterrestrials Appearing and disappearing? Moving between dimensions? While it may sound like a fanciful story, the Brown Mountain Lights have confounded attempts at conventional explanation for centuries.
And this phenomenon, while baffling, is not entirely unique.
All over the world, there are these anomalous lights.
One of the most famous is the Marfa Lights in West Texas.
There is an area of the Mekong River between Thailand and Laos, where lights appear on the river every spring.
And it's a well-known phenomenon in that area.
We have these lights, too, that appear in the Bay of Bengal, and fishermen believe that they are the lights of dead fishermen who are sometimes guiding them to their deaths, or, conversely, they're helping them get back to shore.
These incredible occurrences of mysterious lights that appear to be intelligently directed as if they're alive; And people have the sense that they're coming from somewhere else, coming from other planets, perhaps even other dimensions.
GIORGIO TSOUKALOUS: When these lights are seen, in my opinion, it's the result of a technological process.
Some type of technology is involved.
And that technology would have to be extraterrestrials.
NARRATOR: Could there really be an alien connection to these seemingly intangible orbs, often referred to as "ghost" lights? Might they offer a brief glimpse into other worlds, possibly within other dimensions beyond our reality? Are they extraterrestrial, from another planet? Were they ultra-dimensional, from a different dimension? That all depends who you ask.
But the one thing that all held in common was there is a greater reality in which we exist.
NARRATOR: In the modern world, there is an invisible sea of wireless data.
Radio waves, microwaves, and various other frequencies exist everywhere that go unseen.
And in fact, what humans are able to perceive with the naked eye is extremely limited.
The human visible spectrum goes only from 380 to 770 nanometers.
This means that humans are only capable of perceiving one octave of light of this entire spectrum.
The fact that we cannot see the rest of the spectrum does not mean it's not there.
NARRATOR: Technology has enabled humankind to become aware of much that cannot be perceived with the five senses.
But could there be far more that exists, even outside the range of humanity's most sophisticated technology? Perhaps even hidden dimensions and alternate universes that exist right next to our own.
Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and point to cutting-edge scientific research that may have located proof of these alternate, unseen worlds.
Pasadena, California.
October 2015.
A team of scientists at the California Institute of Technology utilizes data collected by the powerful Planck satellite telescope to examine physical evidence of the Big Bang.
To their astonishment, they also discover evidence of so-called hot spots, places where our universe could actually be coming into contact with others.
MICHAEL DENNIN: Picture two balloons being blown up really close together, and they happen to touch or bounce off each other, or even just come very close enough to interact.
That will leave an imprint in our universe that will show up in this cosmic microwave background signal.
BRANDENBURG: This raises the question, would we perceive other dimensions and other universes with other dimensionalities? This also raises the question of whether life and intelligence could exist in these parallel universes, and would we perceive this as, like, a ghost or a spirit? An angel? CHILDRESS: When we think of the Brown Mountain Lights, it's quite possible that they are interdimensional, or even from another universe.
And it makes you wonder what other unseen energies are everywhere that we're unaware of and can't detect.
NARRATOR: Could the Brown Mountain Lights actually be emanating from a parallel universe? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and they suggest that intimate knowledge of these inhabited worlds can be found in the world's most sacred texts.
NARRATOR: Seaford, New York.
February 1958.
In a relatively unassuming suburban ranch home, an unseen force begins to terrorize the Hermann family.
Screw tops mysteriously pop off bottles.
Objects fly across the room.
Furniture topples over.
CHRISTOPHER BADER: After this phenomenon went on for several weeks, the Hermanns became confused, perhaps even a little bit frightened.
They reported the phenomena to the police department.
A couple of police detectives came over.
YOUNG: A psychological investigation would look into the family dynamics.
Is there something happening at this particular point in their journey that causes distress they're not aware of so that the physical vibrations would affect their surroundings? Eventually, the parapsychology lab at Duke University came in to investigate the case.
The Duke lab talked about poltergeist phenomena as possibly the release of emotional energy, particularly from adolescents or young children, or kids going through puberty.
The idea being that they were confused, they didn't know what was happening to their bodies, they had emotional energy and trauma.
They were operating under the assumption that the poltergeist phenomena was due to telekinetic energy being released by the young boy in the family.
These things were seen by a whole group of people.
Even some of the experts saw the phenomenon.
Can this be something from another dimension? It's not clear.
Is this a group hallucination? Are they somehow channeling the sighting to each other? The psychic expert said it's often an adolescent girl, so she watched the girl to see if somehow it was happening when she was there.
But it didn't really pan out, so it didn't follow classic lines, and yet there were lots of witnesses, experts, and no explanation was ever found.
Years later, Steven Spielberg wove the tale into a fine movie that was a big hit Poltergeist.
NARRATOR: If this poltergeist event was not simply the result of telekinetic energy, as some investigators suspected, then what can explain it? Was the Hermann family really haunted by ghosts? Or could they have encountered an entity from another dimension? We know science has been able to measure all sorts of invisible things: The electromagnetic field, the heat signature of objects and people.
So the fact that we don't see it doesn't mean it's not there.
Any contact that we have with an interdimensional being is actually happening beyond our normal visual spectrum.
There is no question in my mind that there is more than one species right here on the Earth that is operating within different frequency ranges.
That's why we don't really see them.
Most of our extraterrestrial encounters are interdimensional.
These beings are not coming from far away, they are actually within our human plane, only existing in another dimension.
And all we're doing is crossing from one dimension to another within this earthly reality.
It doesn't mean that all extraterrestrial encounter is interdimensional.
In fact, I believe it's both.
NARRATOR: Could the Hermann poltergeist and others like it have been caused by beings from another dimension? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that such an audacious concept is possible, and believe this could also help explain the existence of everything from so-called ghosts to angels and demons.
For their proof, they point to a particular phrase found in multiple religious texts.
A phrase in the Hebrew Talmud, as well as the Quran, which details the existence of seven levels of heaven and Earth.
TZADOK: What are the seven levels of heaven? Some associate them with the different planets of our solar system.
But others refer to them as being parallel dimensions.
So when we speak of the other worlds, which people have interacted with throughout the centuries, maybe we're not really dealing with extraterrestrials from outer space, but ultra-terrestrials coming from parallel space.
NARRATOR: Could it be that what are commonly understood to be ghosts are not spirits of the deceased, but entities from other dimensions that, while able to manipulate things in our world, cannot be fully perceived by humans? Jabal al-Nour, six miles north of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
602 AD.
While in deep meditation within the Hira Cave, the prophet Muhammad is visited by an otherworldly messenger, the archangel Gabriel.
HENRY: Muhammad was meditating in a cave when suddenly, as if out of nowhere, the archangel Gabriel manifested.
In the Quran, they describe Gabriel as standing on or between horizons.
This is a tip-off that we're dealing with an interdimensional being.
Because in ancient texts, it means that they had the ability to phase in between dimensions, to take on a physical form and then to revert back to their light body form.
NARRATOR: According to the Islamic tradition, Gabriel provided Muhammad revelations direct from Allah.
These teachings would inform the Quran, and become the basis for the Muslim faith, the second largest religion in the world.
Might it really be that the messenger Gabriel was an interdimensional being from an unseen realm here to assist humankind? CHILDRESS: Here we have an angel who's basically acting like an extraterrestrial who even has some kind of aircraft that he's flying Muhammad around in.
When we think of space travel and encounters with extraterrestrials, it's quite possible that they are using some interdimensional way of traveling, but it doesn't mean that they are necessarily interdimensional, or even from another universe, but they have the technology to go from one dimension to another, to appear and disappear, and it all has to do with technology.
NARRATOR: Could it really be that religious prophets like Muhammad have gained access to parallel dimensions beyond our known reality? Dimensions from which they and other advanced beings might access our world via interdimensional highways that allow them to move without any space or time restrictions? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest further evidence can be found by examining a shamanistic practice in Australia that dates back thousands of years: Dreamtime.
NARRATOR: The Australian Outback.
Located hundreds of miles from the bustle of the major city centers of Sydney and Melbourne, this sparsely-populated region of the continent is home to an indigenous population that can trace their roots back over 40,000 years.
Through ceremonial trances, elders claim to be able to freely access a realm where they connect with ancestral beings.
They refer to this alternate reality as the Dreaming, or Dreamtime.
YOUNG: The task of the traveler, the dreamer, is to connect the two worlds, is to bring the reality of the dream Which they consider superior to the reality of what we call waking life To bring that over because it is full of guidance and treasures.
Dreamtime allows the indigenous people of Australia to travel back in time, or at least visit with ancestors very far back in time.
They say back to their original ancestors.
NARRATOR: The Aboriginal artwork depicts these ancestors with oblong heads and large eyes, an appearance that ancient astronaut theorists find eerily similar to modern-day accounts of Grey aliens.
But Australia's Dreamtime is not an isolated anomaly.
In fact, shamans and holy men in numerous other world cultures speak of alternate realms.
Throughout Asia, Hindus and Buddhists believe in the existence of infinite universes.
The Yoruba of West Africa believe another realm exists above the physical realm.
In the Kabbalah, it is taught that there are 125 levels between humans and the creator.
And even in North America, many native tribes perform ceremonies that connect them with unseen entities.
But if spiritual leaders really are able to see into other dimensions, is it possible that there may be a way for all humans to obtain such vision? The Upper Amazon region of South America.
For hundreds of years, medicine men here have utilized a plant-based drug called ayahuasca for healing and to access otherworldly realms.
YOUNG: In these ceremonies and altered states that are conjured up in the Amazon and other places, there is information that seems to be of great value.
Ayahuasca makes the curtains between realities vanish.
Such journeys are central to shamanistic initiatory rituals.
Whether they are breaking through to parallel realities or exploring the hidden dimensions of their own inner worlds, these experiences are dramatically significant in the lives of the travelers.
HENRY: One of the great revelations of the ayahuasca experience is that they experience ancient ancestors as well as extraterrestrial beings, suggesting that, in fact, the ancestors and the extraterrestrials are the same beings.
NARRATOR: The ayahuasca brew is made from two ingredients: A root from one specific plant, and a leaf from an entirely different species.
The active ingredient in the prepared concoction is dimethyltryptamine, or DMT.
This powerful psychedelic chemical is found in small quantities within the human body.
The substance is believed to be released into the human endocrine system and floods the pineal gland upon death and during near-death experiences.
While mainstream scientists consider the action of the ayahuasca to be purely hallucinogenic, some modern researchers believe the substance can open doorways to new realities.
McQUEEN: DMT seems to be able to alter our brain wiring in a way that allows us to perceive in more than four dimensions.
Dimethyltryptamine might be the mechanism to allow our perception of these other alternate realities.
It's like the key to a receiver.
You pop the key into the receiver and it activates not just a part of the brain, it literally reorients all of the receivers in the brain to pick up more information.
NARRATOR: The question of just how ancient healers stumbled across this particular combination in a jungle containing tens of thousands of plant and vine species remains a mystery.
CHILDRESS: What we're looking at here are incredible, remarkable plants that are using receptors in our brains to help us have these otherworldly experiences, contact otherworldly beings.
So who has created this incredible biological catalyst for humans to use? You have to wonder if extraterrestrials themselves didn't have a hand in this.
NARRATOR: Could it really be that our ancient ancestors were given the key to access hidden worlds by extraterrestrial beings? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest that modern-day research may be rediscovering the potential of these psychedelic substances.
Boulder, Colorado.
Psychologists at the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness explore the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic agents in cases of trauma, depression and addiction.
Along with psychedelic cannabis, researchers explore the effects of DM on the human mind.
Curiously, experiencers often claim to not only be able to see alternate realities, but also to have two-way communication with inhabitants of these hidden worlds.
Some people have experiences of angelic beings, some people have what would be considered classical alien abduction experiences, where they feel like they're being pulled into space and either operated on, uh, healed in some way.
And that some are experiencing hyper-technological civilization that somehow evolved beyond four-dimensional spaces, and that they're helping us wake up to that capacity in ourselves.
NARRATOR: Many who use these drugs believe they connect them to an even greater reality, allowing them to channel communication from unseen realms that exist all around us.
But is it possible that some people are able to access other dimensions without the aid of psychedelic agents or spiritual ceremonies? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and, as evidence, point to modern day seers who claim to be able to observe events that are happening in another place and time.
NARRATOR: Menlo Park, California.
The 1970s.
The United States Central Intelligence Agency enlists scientists at the Stanford Research Institute for a highly classified, and controversial study.
They want to test whether psychics can be effectively used for intelligence gathering.
VIVANCO: Remote viewing is developed in the early 1970s at the request of the CIA, and what they found was that, yes, they could turn psychics into spies.
This developed into a full protocol and a methodology in order to send people to remote locations that they could not send physical people and get information, bring it back.
NARRATOR: Five decades later, many law enforcement agencies continue to consider remote viewing a valuable tool, but just how it works remains a mystery.
The way that I perceive remote viewing to work is outside of space time.
We move through another dimension, in a sense, outside of our 3-D physical reality to gain information.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that remote viewers are able to witness events happening in distant locations because they are actually traveling, not physically, but mentally through other dimensions? Does the key to accessing alternate realms exist within the mind? In May 2019, Former British intelligence officer, Nick Pope, visited the ECETI Ranch in the Pacific Northwest to witness this theory being put to the test.
ECETI is home to the Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence Organization.
UFO hunters consider it a major hot spot for unexplained aerial phenomena.
Over the past 33 years, scientists from Boeing, NASA and Lockheed Skunk Works have come to ECETI to research the activity in the sky.
But what sets ECETI apart from other UFO watch organizations is that their most powerful observational tool is not a telescope, it's remote viewers.
I was in charge of the British government's real-life X-files project.
We looked at UFOs, crop circles, alien abductions.
Anything mysterious and unexplained, I did it.
Remote viewing might be tapping into unknown dimensions.
I know this sounds like science fiction, but actually it isn't.
Some of the work being done at places like the Large Hadron Collider are now quite seriously looking at the concept of other dimensions.
NARRATOR: At ECETI, ex-government remote viewing expert, - John Vivanco - Hi, there.
NARRATOR: And UFO sky watcher, Peter Slattery, lead a team of remote viewers.
Today they are working on an experiment that will combine human observation and remote viewing in an attempt to better understand what has become a recent increase in UFO sightings over Washington state's Mount Adams.
So let me know, please, what are your respective backgrounds with this? I am a remote viewer.
I've been, uh, doing this professionally for 20 years, over 20 years now, and I run a team of remote viewers, and we work operational type projects for clients, and we look at different types of phenomena that can't be explained through conventional means.
I'm known as an experiencer slash contactee, but also I hold sky watch events.
So we're gonna do a sky watch and just see what happens.
Where are we gonna do that? We're just gonna go to the sky watch field here, - so let's go and check it out.
- Okay, great.
NARRATOR: As Nick joins Peter to conduct field surveillance, John has stationed two remote viewers in a windowless room, armed with nothing more than a pencil and a drawing pad.
The way it works is that a remote viewer is given a random eight-digit number connected to what they're supposed to remote view.
Now they don't get what they're supposed to remote view, only the number, that's it.
They're gonna be at the location of whatever it is, through the mind describing exactly what that is.
So what are these remote viewers actually gonna be doing in there? It's not so much viewing; We get visual snippets and a lot of body sensations.
Basically, they're gonna be drawing and writing a lot on papers.
And afterwards, once we've got the data, how are we actually going to analyze it? So I will collect that information from them when they're done, and then in the morning we can meet up and see if we can come up with, uh, some explanation for what went on.
Well, great, that sounds good.
I hope that we're gonna have some interesting and meaningful results.
NARRATOR: After discussing the details of the evening's plans, Peter and Nick part ways with John and join the rest of the sky watch team in the field.
Pete, I see the team has grown somewhat.
SLATTERY: We've got Adam here with us.
He's gonna be helping out with the satellite tracker and-and monitoring the gear.
It's just very important to be very quick off the mark, knowing what's what.
Sometimes we can have two things in the sky at the same time, and one of them could be a satellite, the other not.
People can mix it up, so when we're focused on the sky, it's great that somebody's focused on the satellite tracker.
Great, so we're essentially making sure - we don't miss anything? - Oh, definitely, yeah.
We don't want to muddle things up.
NARRATOR: The team gets to work setting up the watch station before the Sun goes down for the evening.
They will be using various technology, including infrared cameras in order to capture any anomalies in the sky.
The location for their watch overlooks Mount Adams, the largest active volcano in Washington state and a hot spot for UFO sightings.
In fact, Mount Adams is associated with the first UFO case to ever make nationwide headlines.
In June of 1947, aviator and businessman Kenneth Arnold claimed to have witnessed nine UFOs flying in tandem from Mount Rainier at incredible speeds.
He reported that they performed a number of unusual maneuvers and then disappeared into Mount Adams.
As night sets in, the team has all eyes glued to the sky and on the lookout for any objects that might cross their path.
Utilizing real-time satellite tracking data, they can anticipate the arrival of all manmade traffic passing over their airspace.
- SLATTERY: Hey, is that a satellite? - WALLBERG: Yup.
NARRATOR: Including the International Space Station, or ISS.
POPE: Adam, how are we on the timing with the ISS? WALLBERG: Uh, one more minute.
POPE: And which direction? West? Uh, it's gonna be coming from the west moving to the east.
Look at how bright this thing is.
Whoa! Oh, there it is there.
See? - That's the space station.
Can you see that? - WALLBERG: That's the ISS, yep.
POPE: Okay.
NARRATOR: While the field team watches the sky, the remote viewers are sketching visual representations of whatever comes to them.
Incredibly, as the International Space Station passes overhead, both women begin to draw virtually identical rectangular objects.
Well, it's not a UFO, but it's still a pretty spectacular thing.
Yeah, it's pretty epic to see.
NARRATOR: After spotting a few other satellites in the sky, Nick and Peter notice a mysterious, fast-moving object, one that does not appear to be a satellite.
SLATTERY: There's one right there right now.
Look how quick it is.
Is that a satellite? I've got it on camera.
- WALLBERG: Where are you at? - SLATTERY: East, southeast.
WALLBERG: I see nothing on the tracker.
SLATTERY: Can you see it up here, guys? Okay, I definitely saw it up in that section of the sky with my naked eye.
It-it just caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.
I turned around, saw it for a few seconds, - and then it faded.
- That's exactly what I saw.
POPE: And there was nothing - on the monitor at all? - Nope, nothing at all.
That section of the sky was clear.
POPE: And that's satellites.
What about aircraft and flight paths? - ADAM: Nope, everything was clear.
- Okay.
Well, it was something.
NARRATOR: No satellites or aircraft on the tracking monitor? Is it possible that the team just saw an extraterrestrial spacecraft? And if so, was it also recorded by the remote viewers? NARRATOR: ECETI Ranch, Trout Lake, Washington.
The morning after successfully capturing an anomalous object during their evening sky watch session - John, good to see you again.
- Good to see you, Nick.
NARRATOR: Nick Pope meets up with John Vivanco to see how the remote viewing portion of the experiment went.
Nick is eager to discover if the remote viewers picked up the same objects in the sky that he witnessed with his own eyes, and perhaps even perceived additional details.
So the remote viewers were tasked on two different things last night, and I wanted them to describe the first object on the sky watch that was determined to be a satellite.
So they have no idea that you are asking them - to look at a satellite - No.
And that the satellite is-is almost the target? Exactly.
So are you ready to go through the first one? - Yes.
- Okay.
So this right here is energy.
This is determined to be energy by this remote viewer, and talking about how it's crackling, hits and bounces of burst.
It's like static.
So this is a mixture, essentially, of almost like a stream of consciousness, - what they are describing here in words.
- Right, exactly, right.
POPE: And then a visual representation of it.
VIVANCO: Mm-hmm.
Let me show you the next scan.
This subject is talking about a dense material, thick gray, cylindrical object.
Now, this different viewer is getting the same type of box.
- It's got lights blinking.
- POPE: And these are completely independent from each other? - Right.
- Wow.
One, two, pretty much the same.
- VIVANCO: Pretty much the same.
- Wow.
So, but let me show you this here.
There's a burst of communication is what I find interesting.
And you have these, uh, almost looks like solar panels on it.
POPE: Now, we actually saw the International Space Station last night, and it actually has those two separate light panels, like, what makes it different from most conventional satellites.
- Could this be what we're looking at here? - VIVANCO: Absolutely.
If what you saw first identified as a satellite, - then, yeah, absolutely.
- Wow.
NARRATOR: Two separate remote viewers, both depicting objects that are consistent with the makeup of the International Space Station.
It is an impressive coincidence, but not as impressive as what John Vivanco is about to reveal to Nick Pope, as concerns the mysterious UFO they spotted in the night sky.
So that's a bona fide UFO.
We can't explain that.
And it blinked out.
It completely disappeared.
What was the first thing you saw? Well, the first anomalous thing we saw was a flash of light in the sky.
I saw it myself.
We had a satellite tracker up and running.
We eliminated that possibility.
There was no satellite.
- So this was anomalous.
- That's interesting.
VIVANCO: So we get to this page here.
Now they're getting an energy and a structure.
It's this reflective, metallic, the feeling thing, almost like a mirage.
Glowing blue color, very faint pinging sound.
That's interesting.
POPE: This is a visual representation? This is visual representation, so - POPE: And it says energy, so - Energy, right.
Energy seems to be moving outward in many directions.
So I think what they're trying to do here is display - the energy, the ball.
- Right.
All right.
You prepare to be weirded out here.
POPE: Okay.
VIVANCO: This subject is described as a crystal blue color.
It's angelic and floaty.
So is this a person? What is this? VIVANCO: I'm not sure what this is.
This subject here, I mean, uh, this-this is clearly some sort of person, or-or is it? I mean, if we're talking about something anomalous, is the possibility here that, if this was a UFO, that this is some sort of occupant? VIVANCO: There is that possibility.
NARRATOR: An occupant? Did this remote viewer actually see inside the object that the field team witnessed from the ground? And if so, could this confirm that what they saw was an extraterrestrial spacecraft? VIVANCO: This remote viewer is also getting a subject here, and they are calling this flash of light a subject, which is curious.
And when you see this, uppercase P and a lowercase P, they mean that subject is a paraphysical, which means, in remote viewing, it is something outside of our 3-D reality.
So this subject, according to this remote viewer, is a flash of light on the mountain, and this subject exists outside of our 3-D reality.
- That is spooky.
I mean - Yeah.
We saw a flash of light on the mountain.
Are we saying here that this flashing light on the mountain, and that these sessions suggest that this is, like, - something to do with extraterrestrials? - You know, all I can say is what the remote viewers got.
And from my perspective, - I think you've got a true anomaly there.
- Wow.
NARRATOR: If what both the field team and the remote viewers observed was, in fact, an extraterrestrial craft, did it suddenly appear and then disappear because it was entering our world from another dimension? And do the sketches made by the remote viewers suggest that they may have perceived not only this craft, but even its occupants? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest we may be close to becoming interdimensional beings ourselves.
NARRATOR: The Salyut 7 Space Station.
July 12, 1984.
Soviet cosmonauts Oleg Atkov, Leonid Kizim, and Vladimir Solovyov send an odd and alarming transmission back to Earth.
They claim that seven enormous winged humanoid beings, around 90 feet in height, and emanating ethereal light, suddenly appeared outside the space station.
They remained there for ten minutes, and then appeared to fade away.
I think that somewhere out there, there's a highway.
A highway containing the souls of millions of aliens that are traveling across the galaxy at the speed of light, looking at the wonders of the universe at the maximum velocity allowed by Albert Einstein.
And, if it's right next to us, could we humans detect this superhighway? No.
NARRATOR: But if alien entities are able to cross over from their universe into ours, how long will it be before we discover how to cross over into theirs? TZADOK: Right now, contact between dimensions is limited.
Right now, we are in exile from one another.
But the future is to bring the worlds together so that human consciousness will exist in dual dimensions naturally.
The only way we're going to get there is if we understand the laws of physics differently.
Or if we include new laws of physics that combine the visible and the non-visible, the physical and the non-physical, and approach reality from a multidimensional, interdimensional perspective.
Not from a linear perspective.
TZADOK: Everyone will know the truth.
There will be enlightenment for all.
The unseen will be seen.
NARRATOR: As scientists continue to unravel the secrets of the universe, will they discover irrefutable evidence of a multiverse? And if so, might this explain the numerous paranormal encounters that humans have reported having with ghosts, demons and other ethereal beings? Perhaps the notion of aliens landing on Earth in spaceships is an old-fashioned one.
And the ability of aliens to travel from one universe to another and communicate with humans is as limitless as the capabilities of our brains.
If true, we will find that our extraterrestrial neighbors could be much closer than we think.

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