Ancient Aliens s14e14 Episode Script

The Nuclear Agenda

1 MAN: Five, four, three, two, one.
NARRATOR: The most powerful force ever unleashed by humankind ignites a firestorm of UFO encounters.
JASON MARTELL: We have reports of these green fireballs being seen nightly.
NARRATOR: Mass sightings are reported at nuclear installations.
Multiple military personnel witnessed these craft interfacing with our nuclear warheads.
NARRATOR: Bombs are taken offline.
GIORGIO TSOUKALOS If it wasn't the Russians, well, what or who is left? These were extraterrestrial objects.
PAUL HELLYER: Aliens have always been interested in planet Earth and its military affair.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that extraterrestrials are monitoring our nuclear capabilities? And if so, what are their ultimate intentions? NICK POPE: This was the birth of the modern UFO mystery.
NARRATOR: There is a doorway in the universe.
Beyond it is the promise of truth.
It demands we question everything we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
NARRATOR: The Pentagon.
April 23, 2019.
The United States Navy announces that it is creating new formal guidelines to encourage pilots and other servicemen to report UFO sightings.
Officials promise that all such accounts will be taken seriously and fully investigated.
The move marks a significant change in protocol by the U.
military, which previously has tried to deny or cover up these sightings.
WILLIAM HENRY: The Navy is saying we're willing to listen, we're gonna collect this data, we've seen too many examples of unidentified aerial phenomena around strike groups and other very important installations, it's time that we start getting some more eyes on this.
NARRATOR: Officials are quick to dismiss the suggestion that these craft have any connection to extraterrestrials, but there is a long history of military personnel reporting encounters with craft that defy explanation, both around military bases and, particularly, nuclear weapons.
POPE: Something about these nuclear facilities seems to be attracting these UFOs.
Something that we are doing there is of interest, and of course, the logical deduction is that it's the presence of the nuclear weapons themselves.
NARRATOR: Alamogordo, New Mexico.
July 16, 1945.
At a remote site in the Jornada Del Muerto Desert of New Mexico, the Army successfully detonates the world's first atomic bomb.
The top secret test is given the code name "Trinity.
" It is an ominous preview of the destructive potential of nuclear weapons.
MORGAN: The Trinity test was a turning point in history.
It rates up there along with harnessing fire.
It's truly, and in every sense, a milestone in human history.
NARRATOR: Just a few weeks after the test, the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The result was 200,000 men, women, and children dead.
Thousands more were poisoned or disfigured by radiation.
In a world war that had claimed an estimated 85 million lives, and threatened to claim millions more, the bombs succeeded in shocking Japan into surrender.
But back in New Mexico, the Trinity blast also unleashed something unexpected, a series of bizarre UFO sightings described by witnesses as green fireballs.
So right after the Trinity test site, we have various reports of these green fireballs being seen nightly flying around at incredible speeds, and no one could identify what these objects were.
HELLYER: The best explanation is that they are, in fact, drone reconnaissance vehicles from a scout, uh, ship.
They send out these drones and collect the information.
NARRATOR: Despite being investigated by Air Force officers and world-renowned physicists, no scientific explanation for the fireballs was ever found.
But this was by no means the beginning.
According to ancient astronaut theorists, evidence that people had been witnessing alien craft in the sky had been documented for centuries.
And in the weeks and years that followed the detonation of the atomic bomb, the number of UFO sightings began to escalate dramatically.
POPE: After Hiroshima, there was a quantum leap change in all of this and a sudden, rapid acceleration of the pace of events.
The modern UFO phenomenon really took hold in a very short order, and the pace of all this just increased exponentially.
NARRATOR: Less than two years after the end of World War II came one of the most famous UFO sightings in American history, and it happened just miles from America's most important nuclear facility.
On June 24, 1947, near Mount Rainier in Washington, a private pilot named Kenneth Arnold witnessed nine shining, disc-shaped aircraft move at an impossible speed across the horizon before disappearing from view.
POPE: These nine objects flew in formation at speeds that he estimated at what at the time was a staggering 1,200 miles per hour, but what a lot of people don't realize about that is how close this sighting was to the Hanford nuclear processing facility.
MORGAN: The Hanford nuclear site is where the United States established its first plutonium production facility, and this facility was producing the fissile material that would later be used in atomic bombs.
The atomic bomb in the Second World War could not have been developed without Hanford.
NARRATOR: Then, just weeks after Arnold's sighting, came the famous Roswell incident.
After a mysterious craft crashed in the New Mexico desert outside Roswell, military officials announced they had retrieved a flying saucer.
The next day, they suddenly changed the story and claimed it was just a weather balloon.
Ever since, the Roswell incident has been the subject of endless speculation and debate, but no one debates that it happened literally on the doorstep of Roswell Air Force Base, home to the 509th Bomb Wing, the unit that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The 509th Bomb Wing was the most knowledgeable group of humans on the planet at that time that knew about nuclear bombs and nuclear warfare.
NARRATOR: In June of 1948, exactly one year after the Roswell incident, a similar UFO event occurred in the Soviet Union.
At the time, the Soviets were on the brink of developing their own atomic weapon, and the UFO encounter occurred at their primary ballistic missile test site, Kapustin Yar.
PAUL STONEHILL; It's a highly classified case, but allegedly, a silver, cigar-shaped object appeared over the testing grounds.
And the Soviets were able to actually shoot this object down.
They found remnants of bodies in it and also technology, which was recovered and taken to the local bunker where they kept it, allegedly, for years.
NARRATOR: Kenneth Arnold's sighting.
The Roswell crash.
The Kapustin Yar incident.
Many believe it was these events that ignited the modern UFO era.
But is it a coincidence that they all happened next to important nuclear weapon and ballistic missile facilities? While little has been documented about UFO encounters in the Soviet Union during this time, similar sightings were soon reported in the vicinity of virtually every other nuclear installation in the United States.
HENRY: The sites where we're developing these weapons Sandia, Savannah River, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge There were UFO sightings at these labs as well.
LINDA MOULTON HOWE: To me, the word that we all should be concentrating on around the world is: Governments, powerbrokers confirm for us everything that has been being reported since World War II.
We are dealing with other intelligences.
They are here, they are around us, and they are right under our noses.
NARRATOR: The post-World War II sightings shocked the military establishment, but America's monopoly on nuclear weapons was about to come to an explosive end.
And as a nuclear arms race erupted with the USSR, the rash of UFO sightings would expand beyond America and engulf the planet.
NARRATOR: Kazakh Republic, Soviet Union, August 29, 1949.
At a secret testing site four years after the end of World War II, the Soviets become only the second country in the world to successfully detonate an atomic bomb.
Code-named "First Lightning," the bomb signals to the West that the Soviets are capable of matching the nuclear might of the United States.
After the first Soviet nuclear test, the United States begins to react and begins reacting by developing newer and more powerful weapons, developing more effective delivery systems.
In other words, once the Soviets set off their first nuclear test, a nuclear arms race begins.
NARRATOR: Desperate to stay ahead of the Soviets, the U.
races to develop a vastly more powerful device, a hydrogen bomb.
This devastating new weapon is first tested underwater near the Marshall Islands in 1952.
The colossal yield is terrifying: Over 700 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb.
But the size of the new weapons hardly deters UFO sightings, which occur before, during and after these explosions, although the public is never informed.
POPE: Time and time again, when bomb tests are conducted, there are UFOs.
Something that we are doing, seemingly, is grabbing the attention of the UFOs, or the intelligence behind the UFOs.
Air Force is so concerned that in 1952, Look magazine runs a story entitled "Hunt for the Flying Saucer," detailing a secret Air Force investigation into a rash of over 800 UFO sightings.
The article points out that an Air Force map of the UFO sightings duplicates "exactly the area of atomic energy installations.
" It also reports that the government is distributing 200 special cameras to atomic plant guards, hoping to photograph the mysterious intruders.
We have eyewitness testimony from all sorts of different branches of military from people who are sworn under oath, and there are trained observers that witnessed these massive disc-shaped objects come in, hover over top of these nuclear facilities.
And this, of course, would have been a breach of national security.
This would have gone all the way up the food chain to the very, very top, about how these craft are actually interfacing with our nuclear warheads.
NARRATOR: Does the sheer volume of sightings suggest that as the threat of nuclear war grew, extraterrestrials became increasingly concerned about the fate of the Earth? Could they have been looking for ways to save mankind, perhaps by disabling its nuclear weapons? Ancient astronaut theorists believe that such an audacious notion is possible, and point to evidence that as the arms race escalated, these aliens became more than just observers.
Vandenberg Air Force Base.
September, 1964.
The Air Force prepares to conduct a series of test launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles, known as ICBMs, from this base along the central coast of California.
(indistinct radio chatter) These powerful missiles reduce the time it takes to strike the Soviet Union from 12 hours in a B-52 bomber to a mere 30 minutes.
MORGAN: Suddenly, all it takes is a go order and the weapons launch.
Within a split second, a thermonuclear attack goes downrange toward the opposition.
NARRATOR: In order to film the Vandenberg missile tests, Air Force cameraman Lieutenant Robert Jacobs set up an ultra light-sensitive telescopic camera 124 miles northwest of the base, in the forest above Big Sur.
MAN: Liftoff.
NARRATOR: After filming the launch, Lieutenant Jacobs brought the raw footage back to Vandenberg for analysis.
The next day, Jacobs' commanding officer, Major Florenz Mansmann, showed him the newly developed film.
To Jacobs's shock, a UFO zoomed into in the frame and traveled alongside the ICBM at over 11,000 miles per hour.
STEVE BASSETT: The rocket launches perfectly, first stage falls off, second stage falls off, third stage falls off and now you've got the dummy warhead.
Suddenly, a craft, very disc-like, moves in into the screen, and starts maneuvering around it.
And then, it seems to fire a beam at this dummy warhead.
It burned up in the atmosphere.
The test failed.
The rocket was destroyed or knocked off course.
Now, if true, this would be direct intervention on the part of a UFO, to disrupt, perhaps destroy, one of our weapons tests.
They invited the CIA to come in and see it.
The CIA said, "Very interesting, we're gonna take that film and you're this never happened.
" Jacobs had records, he had actual records of what he did that day, and Major Mansmann denied his story at first.
He later on supported it, so it's a supported story.
NARRATOR: To this day, the government denies that any such film footage exists.
But if so, why would two highly-trained military professionals make up such a story? BASSET: It's notable that after this, Dr.
Jacobs started getting lots of harassing phone calls and other harassments, including his mailbox blown up.
So somebody was not happy.
I believe that film still exists, and I think one day we will see it.
NARRATOR: After Vandenburg, the rash of interference with nuclear missile facilities only increased.
Four years later, at Minot Air Force Base in 1968, a UFO reportedly removed the massive cover from a missile silo.
SALAS: This object had literally removed the cover from the launch facility.
It was a 20-ton concrete, steel cover that could only be removed through explosive bolts or taken off on rails.
NARRATOR: What do incidents like those at Vandenberg, Minot and other nuclear facilities mean? Are they a warning or a threat? Ancient astronaut theorists believe that a vital clue was provided during one of the most shocking incidents in UFO history, - (alarm blaring) - when extraterrestrials didn't simply monitor nuclear facilities, but started taking control of them.
NARRATOR: Washington, D.
September 27, 2010.
Determined to inform the public about UFO sightings at nuclear sites, former Air Force Commander Robert Salas and UFO researcher Robert Hastings organize a public hearing at the National Press Club.
Isn't it time for the truth to be revealed? NARRATOR: They introduce the national media to former Air Force officers who give chilling accounts of UFO encounters at nuclear weapons sites.
Encounters they witnessed themselves.
He was as white as sheet.
He said, "Its back.
" I said, "What's back?" He said, "The UFO.
" Probably about 1:00, 1:30, uh, and a unidentified flying object came from the north and stopped right over us.
A UFO was sited over Echo Flight about the same time all missiles in Echo Flight went down.
I am convinced that somebody out there is trying to send us a message.
NARRATOR: The stories attempt to reverse a decades-old pattern of military cover-ups and denial.
POPE: A number of former military witnesses went on the record that UFOs had been seen directly over or in very close proximity to these nuclear facilities and that these UFOs, whatever they were, were clearly under intelligent control.
NARRATOR: Press conference co-organizer Robert Salas had a very personal stake in challenging the official cover-up.
That is clearly misleading.
It is false.
NARRATOR: In 1967, Salas was stationed at the Malmstrom nuclear missile facility in Montana when UFOs not only appeared overhead, they shut down the ten nuclear missiles under his control.
Malmstrom remains one of the most infamous and baffling UFO encounters in American history.
POPE To lose so many nuclear missiles To have them inoperative this was an unprecedented incident.
Yes, there had been UFO sightings at nuclear facilities before, but nothing like this.
NARRATOR: Wall, South Dakota.
June 28, 2019.
Ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos has asked Robert Salas to join him at The Minuteman Missile National Historic Site.
So, how does it feel to be back after so many years? Uh, this will be kind of a strange déjà vu.
NARRATOR: Giorgio wants to learn firsthand what happened to Salas at Malmstrom in 1967.
While many Minuteman missile sites were deactivated at the end of the Cold War, this facility has been carefully preserved in its original form.
It remains almost identical to the Malmstrom site, where Salas witnessed the UFO incursion.
TSOUKALOS: A similar facility where your story happened that fateful night.
It's very similar.
A lot of the sites looked exactly the same.
Where were you on that night? Yeah, on that night I was 60 feet underground in a reinforced concrete capsule.
And, now, where are the actual silos? The silos are about a mile or so away from this central position.
- Can we check that out as well? - Let's do it.
That would be amazing.
NARRATOR: Giorgio and Robert make their way to an adjoining silo, where a deactivated Minuteman missile is preserved.
They harness up and descend 30 feet to get a better look at a weapon that once held the power to obliterate millions in a split-second.
TSOUKALOS: Welcome to the Enterprise.
(chuckles) So this is one of these - Minutemen missiles.
- Exactly.
Minuteman One.
The first missile went into the hole in '62, just at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, just before.
These have a range of about 6,000 miles.
Now, the warhead we had was 1.
2 megatons.
Just to put it in perspective, the bomb that hit Hiroshima was 15 kilotons.
So 15,000 tons versus 1.
2 million tons of TNT equivalent.
We had 150 of these just at Malmstrom alone.
TSOUKALOS: We should all be so lucky that these things were never fired.
- Absolutely.
- 'Cause that would have been - complete devastation.
- Absolutely.
TSOUKALOS: When your incident happened, do you remember whether there was any damage to the missile itself, or Let me tell you what happened.
And there was no damage.
What happened was signals were sent to each of the ten missiles, allegedly from the UFO, penetrating 60 feet of earth and concrete.
It upset this guidance and control system.
Uh, that's what shut the missiles down.
TSOUKALOS: I venture to say that it was not a short circuit.
SALAS: They could not isolate it to any short circuit.
And believe me, they did extensive investigation on this thing.
TSOUKALOS: Well, this was incredible, but I also would like to see - your command center, so can we go check that out? - You bet.
- All right.
Let's do it.
- Let's go to the launch control center.
Let's go in here.
Thank you very much.
Then we go down the elevator.
And there's the blast door, Giorgio.
Look at this thing.
This is huge.
It was, of course, designed to withstand nuclear blasts.
So let's go on in.
This is the capsule.
We were down here for 24 hours.
You know, it even smells the same.
(laughs) I remember.
I remember the smells.
Tell me what happened that night.
I was in charge.
My commander was out.
He was taking a nap.
First thing that happened is I got a phone call from the topside guard.
"Uh, sir, the guards and I are out here, "we're looking up at the sky and we see these strange lights "flying around above us.
"They're flying very fast, stopping on a dime, "reversing course.
No engine noise.
" I said, "Okay.
Let me know if something more interesting happens," basically, and I went back to my book.
So about five minutes later, he calls back, and this time he's screaming into the phone.
I mean, he's really frightened.
(alarm blaring) He said, "I got all the guards out here, weapons drawn, "and we see this gigantic red-orange object, oval shaped, hovering above the front gate.
" Uh, I was sure we were under some sort of an attack, and I said, "Use whatever force necessary, but make sure nothing comes in the fenced area.
" So the next thing I did is I come over here, wake up my commander, and start telling him about the phone calls.
And all of a sudden - we get Klaxons, horns.
- (Klaxons blaring) We both look over at the control panel here, and boom, boom, boom, one right after the other.
(clacking) All no-go.
An-And each of these missiles is on an independent system.
They're not like Christmas tree lights, where if one goes out, the rest of them go out.
No, it's not like that.
Meanwhile, my commander was calling command post.
So when he was finished with that call, he turns to me and says the same thing happened at another launch facility a week earlier.
I mean, it has to be incredibly startling and disconcerting that someone else with higher technology is able to disable our missiles.
- Right.
- If it wasn't us, the U.
, and it wasn't the Russians or the Chinese or whoever, well, what or who is left? Exactly.
And that's how I've come to the conclusion that these were extraterrestrial objects.
- Or they were constructed off Earth.
- Mm-hmm.
Because we had nothing that could do anything like this, either then or now.
NARRATOR: Military officials have never provided an explanation for the missile shutdown.
Was it caused by extraterrestrials? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest that proof lies in the fact that for 50 years, the United States military covered it up.
NARRATOR: The Minuteman Missile National Historic Site.
South Dakota.
June 28, 2019.
NARRATOR: Giorgio Tsoukalos is with former Air Force commander Robert Salas at a decommissioned nuclear launch site that is identical to one at Malmstrom Air Force Base, where Salas had a UFO encounter in 1967.
So after the object flew away, what happened next? The missiles come back online? We had to bring maintenance crews out to go through a very intricate procedure to bring them back up online.
Within 24 hours, we had our missiles back up.
TSOUKALOS: And then was there a debriefing or was there a discussion? We were ordered to our squadron commander's office.
Right away, I say, "What the hell happened out there?" And he said, "I don't know.
" I asked him specifically, "Could it have been some kind of an Air Force exercise?" And he said, "Absolutely not.
" And then the guy next to him, he shoved this paper in our faces.
"Sign here.
" I said, "What is this?" He said, "This is a nondisclosure statement "about the incident.
You are never to speak about it to anybody.
" So you were given an order.
We were ordered to sign, yeah.
And that was it.
Uh, I could not speak about this, and I didn't speak about this to anyone for, uh, about 27 years.
NARRATOR: Some believe that the ability of UFOs to shut down nuclear missiles poses a grave threat to national security, and that the Malmstrom incident suggests the aliens had a hostile intent.
But Robert Salas believes it shows the opposite.
The intruders were demonstrating their concern for mankind.
They did not damage the missiles.
They did not hurt anybody.
If they had some kind of a weapon, They did not use it against any any of the of the guards.
So all it was, to me, was a message, and the message was, "Get rid of your nukes.
"They will not help you - in any way advance your civilization.
" - Right.
Over the years, you've thought about this and, essentially, it was a warning that this is not the way to go.
Robert Salas and his commander saw that all ten missiles, one by one, went offline.
Now, this is something that the Air Force later deemed could not be possible, because all of these missiles are all independent.
So the likelihood of someone being able to manipulate this is almost zero.
And I say almost zero because, clearly, somebody did it.
I could feel the emotion by Robert.
And for over 20 years he has investigated this, and there are dozens of similar examples.
NARRATOR: Were incidents like Malmstrom attempts to force mankind to abolish nuclear weapons? If so, they did not succeed.
The arms race continued unabated through the 1970s and '80s.
And so did reports of UFOs at nuclear sites.
During the famous Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980, dozens of military witnesses reported a strange triangular UFO above the nuclear weapons storage depot at Woodbridge Air Force base in the U.
An even more frightening incident happened in the Soviet Union in 1982.
There, UFOs didn't turn off the missiles like at Malmstrom, they turned them on.
A number of the missiles actually went into their prelaunch sequence.
And panicked scientists and military personnel were rushing around desperately trying to shut things down, fearing that whatever was going on here was going to lead, perhaps, to nuclear war and Armageddon.
NARRATOR: With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Cold War came to an end.
Unfortunately, the world's deadly nuclear arsenal did not diminish, as many had hoped.
Instead, nuclear proliferation continued, and with it, the continued sightings and reports of alien interference.
It is my belief that over the years, they have catalogued every nuclear installation in the whole world to record what they should expect in case of an emergency.
NARRATOR: But if extraterrestrials really are monitoring Earth's nuclear-armed nations, what is their agenda? (man shouts in foreign language) NARRATOR: Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that the best way to understand the events of today is by examining those in the distant past, and an ancient site that appears to also have been destroyed by a nuclear blast.
NARRATOR: Sindh Province, Southern Pakistan.
These ruins spanning 250 acres of the Indus River Valley represent one of the earliest civilizations in the world.
Known as Mohenjo-daro, this 4,000-year-old lost city was first uncovered by archaeologists in 1922.
DEEPAK SHIMKHADA: Mohenjo-daro came to a height around 2000 BCE.
For some reason, unknown reasons, it was totally wiped out, you know.
The whole civilization vanished, um, and we do not know why and how.
CHILDRESS: When British archeologists first excavated Mohenjo-daro, what they found astonished them.
And that was that people were just lying dead in the streets, sometimes holding hands.
It was like some terrible doom had just totally wiped out this entire city and everyone was just instantly dead.
NARRATOR: In 1979, British researcher David Davenport published startling findings about the demise of Mohenjo-daro.
He revealed that there was a kind of epicenter in the ruins, approximately 50 yards wide, where pottery, stones and other objects were melted on one side.
Many appeared crystallized and fused together, as though subjected to instantaneous, extreme heat.
Davenport concluded that this ancient civilization must have been destroyed by a nuclear explosion.
By finding fused bricks, vitrified walls, pottery vessels that had completely melted and also skeletons that were calcified, and apparently some of them even still radioactive.
He decided that Mohenjo-daro had been nuked.
ERICH VON DANIKEN: In Mohenjo-daro, you find some of the ruins which are simply melted stones.
Which means extreme heat must been developed to melt the stones.
At that time, some thousands of years ago, we humans had no extreme heat, so it must have come from a weapon.
NARRATOR: How could a 4,000-year-old city have been wiped out by a weapon that wasn't even developed until the 20th century? Some believe the answer may lie in the ancient Hindu holy book the Ramayana of Valmiki, which tells of epic battles with a monstrous weapon called the Brahmastra.
SHIMKHADA: Brahmastra is a weapon named after Brahma himself, god Brahma.
It has a heat-seeking device put into it, and also motion detecting.
WHITEHEAD: The fallout from these weapons are reported in the Ramayana as lasting for months and years after the blast.
People's fingernails were coming off, people's hair were falling off, so it's got all the signatures of an atomic explosion.
MORGAN: The descriptions of the aftermath of the use of the Brahmastras sound just like descriptions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
NARRATOR: But could such powerful weapons of mass destruction have existed on Earth thousands of years ago? And is it possible that the city of Lanka, where the ancient texts say the Brahmastra weapon was unleashed, was not a fictional location, but the site known today as Mohenjo-daro? TSOUKALOS: Those texts are chock-full with extraterrestrials or the so-called gods having waged a war up in the sky that our ancestors actually witnessed.
When you combine the physical evidence and you combine that with ancient written documents, perhaps what we have here are descriptions of weapons of mass destruction.
NARRATOR: In 2016, researchers in India announced that carbon dating of pottery and animal remains revealed Mohenjo-daro could be as many as 8,000 years old, 2,500 years older than previously thought.
Some ancient astronaut theorists believe it could be even older, perhaps dating to a time before the so-called "great flood" as described in numerous religious texts.
But even if such a startling notion is true, how was Mohenjo-daro destroyed? Was it a natural event? Or was it the result of some kind of nuclear accident or act of war? HELLYER: I think atomic weapons have been used on Earth many times over thousands of years.
The aliens were concerned every time that happens.
NARRATOR: If an ancient civilization was destroyed by some kind of nuclear incident, did it happen as the result of human warfare or an extraterrestrial attack? As far as ancient astronaut theorists are concerned, the answer to this question must be found before it's too late.
NARRATOR: Washington, D.
May 2013.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak.
NARRATOR: Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer addresses the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, a weeklong conference centered on UFO sightings and government transparency.
We live in a cosmos teeming with life.
The fact that some other civilizations are more advanced than we are may be humbling.
NARRATOR: Based on the information that he has been presented with over the years, Hellyer believes that extraterrestrials are concerned about Earth because of previous devastations.
I think several species throughout history, both on this planet and other planets, have used nuclear weapons and have really destroyed their planets as a habitable place.
And some of the people who have been visiting here have gone through that and understand it, don't want it to happen again on Earth because the cosmos is a unity.
It's all one creation.
And anything that happens anywhere affects other planets, other species all throughout the cosmos.
SALAS: I think we're being observed to see if we can get through this period, of dealing with these weapons and actually eliminating it.
And that's a big test for us.
HOWE: They want to see humans advance.
They want us to get past war.
That's what they say.
"You have to stop even considering nuclear warfare "because you do not understand, humans, "that when you split an atom, "you are tearing into other dimensions "where there are other intelligences, and we cannot allow that.
" NARRATOR: Are extraterrestrials monitoring our nuclear weapons not just out of concern for humanity, but because they fear we may one day pose a threat to life on other planets? And if so, might they be withholding the key to interstellar travel until we demonstrate that we can live in peace with all our neighbors, both here on Earth and in space? Perhaps it will only be when humankind abandons its most fearsome weapons that our evolution on Earth will be complete, and we will join our alien ancestors in the stars.

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