Ancient Aliens s18e14 Episode Script

The UFO Investigations

Incredible reports
from military personnel.
"Well, all I can tell you
is they’re not ours."
"Not ours?
What are you talking about?"
A mysterious material
not of this world.
As I understand, it is
pure aluminum, 99.5%.
As far as I know,
we can’t produce 99.5%.
Leaked government footage
of a strange craft.
I’ve never seen anything
like this in my life.
On Ancient Aliens,
we’ve traveled
to mysterious sites,
met with eyewitnesses
and closely examined evidence
of unidentified flying objects.
Now we take a look back
at some of the most incredible
reports we’ve investigated.
Reports that, according
to ancient astronaut theorists,
provide undeniable proof
of extraterrestrial visitation.
On Ancient Aliens,
we’ve investigated
not only evidence
of extraterrestrial contact
in the distant past
but incredible
modern-day sightings
of unidentified flying objects
that suggest
these visitors never left.
In recent years,
the United States Navy
has released
extraordinary UFO videos
that even they admit
they cannot explain.
What could be more convincing
than that?
Well, in 2019,
investigative journalist
Linda Moulton Howe showed me
what she believes are remnants
of an actual alien craft.
Pahrump, Nevada.
Art Bell,
founder and original host of the
paranormal-themed radio program
Coast to Coast AM
begins receiving shipments
in the mail
of mysterious
metallic fragments.
Art Bell started getting
two shipments
coming from a man
who identified himself
in a series
of five typed letters.
And it said
he was an Army sergeant,
that his grandfather
had died in 1974
and had left a box
that had a diary and metals.
In the diary, it said
that the grandfather,
with a group of security people,
saw a wedge-shaped craft
that was on what was then called
in the ’40s
White Sands Proving Ground
in southern New Mexico.
The grandfather saw the bottom
of it glow for three hours
while they stood around it,
and he pulled off scrapings
he called them scrapings
from the bottom
of the wedge-shaped craft
where it had glowed.
Art Bell turned over these
mysterious fragments and letters
to investigative journalist
Linda Moulton Howe
for further study.
In June of 1996,
Linda commissioned University
of Michigan researchers
to use
a scanning electron microscope
and a technique known as
X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
to analyze the samples
and determine their makeup.
It was made out of bismuth,
almost pure,
one to four microns,
and that was the black layer.
The next layer
was 97.6% magnesium,
2.4% zinc,
and that layering
was alternating like that.
So, I went to an exotic metals
manufacturer in New Jersey,
and I said,
"How would you make this?"
He said nobody can put
bismuth and magnesium together.
It will automatically
come apart.
This had to have
been manufactured
by some kind
of an advanced technology,
and he didn’t know
what that would be either.
I think we’ve got technology
that we didn’t make.
A lot of people
have come forward
with bits and pieces
of the same tale.
We are presently analyzing
that we did not make
that’s created in a way
that is beyond our technology.
Hey, Linda.
- Hey, it’s good to see you!
- Good to see you.
To learn more about these
strange metallic fragments,
in 2019, ancient astronaut
theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos
met up with Linda Moulton Howe
at a secure storage facility
in Los Angeles, California.
Man, this is some door.
Well, over the years,
I’ve learned
that this is
really pretty valuable.
- Right.
- And I better keep it in something
- like a safety deposit box.
- Right.
Earlier in 2019,
the United States Army
took an interest
in doing its own examination
of these materials.
Linda is eager to show Giorgio
just what it is
that has caught
the Army’s attention.
Here is where the magic
- bismuth-magnesium-zinc resides.
- There it is,
- inside the magic box.
- Yeah. Here,
- I’ll take it over here and show it to you.
- ’Kay.
I have found,
since having this in 1996
and evolving with research,
that it has become now
so valuable.
- What am I looking at, Linda? What is this?
- Well, here is
- See all these layers?
- Yeah.
- When you go to a scanning electron microscope
- Huh.
and you see that the black,
the black side,
it’s pure bismuth,
and it’s one to four microns,
which is about half the size
of a blood cell,
and then it’s alternating
just like a torte cake.
- Yeah.
- And the top silver,
that’s the magnesium-zinc alloy.
- Okay.
- So, layer by layer by layer in microns.
It’s almost as if
it’s reflective, too.
Yes, and when you get it
in the sun,
it looks like a snowfield.
And that’s the magnesium zinc.
In addition
to this layered material,
Linda also has
an unusual piece of aluminum.
As I understand,
from a physicist,
it is this
pure aluminum,
99.5% pure aluminum.
As far as I know,
we can’t produce 99-point
I mean, this is incredibly pure.
So where were these pieces
allegedly found?
These came out of White Sands
in New Mexico,
outside of Roswell.
Is there a connection
to Roswell with this piece?
In July of 1947,
an unidentified flying object
crashed to Earth
in the desert just outside
Roswell, New Mexico.
It is today the most famous
UFO event on record,
in part
because it was the Army itself
that reported the craft
as a flying disc.
July 8 and 9,
the newspaper headlines
"Army Captures Flying Disc
Outside of Roswell."
How did the newspaper get
that story? Walter Haut.
He was the official
public information officer
at the Roswell 509th
who gave the story
to the newspaper.
But the military
quickly walked back its story.
Within days,
the mysterious Roswell UFO
was given an earthly origin
when the government claimed
that the downed craft
was merely a weather balloon.
When you look
at the whole Roswell incident,
it seems to be a recovery
that was very much
a scrambled ad hoc thing.
And, in fact, witnesses
had been to the crash site
before the military got there.
In the chaos of trying
to clean up this crash site,
you have to wonder that whether
they would really get it all.
Where would this material
actually go?
And would they have left
some of it behind,
just by accident?
In April 2011,
the FBI released
thousands of files
as part of its online FBI vault,
including a 1950 briefing
to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover
regarding informant information
about three "flying saucers"
that were recovered
in New Mexico.
Many researchers believe
this corroborates
long-standing rumors
that the Roswell incident
involved not one
but three crashed UFOs.
And there were numerous
other incidents reported
during that time period
in the area of Roswell
and White Sands Proving Ground
that remain mostly unknown.
Are there more pieces
of these items?
Well, for the last,
uh, 15 years,
I had a combination
of another piece
of the bismuth-magnesium-zinc
and another smaller piece
of the aluminum.
So, the pair that I had before
is now involved
with military testing.
In 2019,
Linda handed over additional
samples of the exotic metals
for examination
by the United States Army.
If multiple flying discs crashed
in the New Mexico desert
in 1947,
was all the debris recovered
long ago?
Many believe there are
still remnants to be found.
And at a unique
sky watch facility
in the Pacific Northwest,
researchers suggest
they have
even more compelling evidence
a glimpse inside an alien craft.
We’ve covered all kinds
of UFO investigations
on Ancient Aliens.
But at ECETI Ranch
in Washington State,
a team of investigators
have taken UFO hunting
to a whole new level,
because they’re watching the
skies not only with telescopes
and the naked eye
but also with remote viewers.
In 2019,
Nick Pope traveled to the ranch
to see this for himself,
and what he experienced was
nothing short of mind-blowing.
In May 2019,
former British intelligence
officer Nick Pope
visited the ECETI Ranch
in the Pacific Northwest.
ECETI is home
to the Enlightened Contact
with Extraterrestrial
Intelligence organization.
UFO hunters consider it
a major hot spot
for unexplained
aerial phenomena.
Over the past 33 years,
scientists from Boeing, NASA
and Lockheed Skunk Works
have come to ECETI to research
the activity in the sky.
But what sets ECETI apart from
other UFO watch organizations
is that their most powerful
observational tool
is not a telescope
it’s remote viewers.
Remote viewing is essentially
taking people who have
or believe they have
the ability to see things
not with their eyes
but with their mind
and putting them to work
gathering intelligence.
My first exposure
to remote viewing came
when I ran the U.K. government’s
UFO program.
We looked at UFOs,
crop circles, alien abductions.
Anything mysterious
and unexplained, I did it.
Remote viewing might be tapping
into unknown dimensions.
I know this sounds
like science fiction,
but, actually, it isn’t.
Some of the work being done
at places
like the Large Hadron Collider
are now quite seriously looking
at the concept
of other dimensions.
At ECETI, ex-government
remote viewing expert,
- John Vivanco
- Hi there.
and UFO sky-watcher,
Peter Slattery
lead a team of remote viewers.
Today, they are working
on an experiment
that will combine
human observation
and remote viewing
in an attempt
to better understand
what has become
a recent increase
in UFO sightings over
Washington state’s Mount Adams.
So, let me know, please,
what are your respective
backgrounds with this?
I am a remote viewer.
I’ve been doing this
for 20 years
over 20 years now.
And I run a team
of remote viewers,
and we work operational type
projects for clients,
and we look at
different types
of phenomena that can’t
be explained through
conventional means.
I’m known as an experiencer
slash contactee,
but also, I hold
sky watch events.
So, we’re gonna do
a sky watch and just
- see what happens.
- Where are we gonna do that?
Just gonna go to the sky watch
field here. So, let’s go
- and check it out.
- Okay, great.
As Nick joins Peter to conduct
field surveillance,
John has stationed two remote
viewers in a windowless room,
armed with nothing more
than a pencil and a drawing pad.
The way it works is that
a remote viewer is given
a random, eight-digit number
connected to what
they’re supposed to remote view.
Now, they don’t get
what they’re supposed to
remote view,
only the number, that’s it.
They’re gonna be at
the location of whatever it is,
through the mind describing
exactly what that is.
So, what
are these remote viewers
actually gonna
be doing in there?
It’s not so much viewing,
we get visual snippets
and a lot of body sensations.
Basically, they’re gonna be
drawing and writing
a lot on paper.
And afterwards,
once we’ve got the data,
how are we actually
going to analyze it?
So, I will collect
that information
from them when they’re done,
and then, in the morning,
we can meet up
and see if we can come up
with some explanation
for what went on.
Well, great, that sounds good.
I hope that we’re gonna have
some interesting
and meaningful results.
After discussing the details
of the evening’s plans,
Peter and Nick part ways
with John
and join the rest of
the sky watch team in the field.
Pete, I see the team
has grown somewhat.
- We’ve got Adam here with us.
- He’s gonna be helping out
with the satellite tracker
and monitoring the gear.
It’s just very important
to be very quick off
the mark, knowing what’s what.
we can have two things
in the sky at the same time,
and one of them could be
a satellite, the other not,
people can mix it up.
So, when we’re focused
on the sky, it’s great that
somebody’s focused
on the satellite tracker.
Great. So, we’re essentially
making sure
- we don’t miss anything?
- Oh, definitely, yeah.
We don’t want
to muddle things up.
The team gets to work
setting up the watch station
before the sun goes down
for the evening.
They will be using
various technology,
including infrared cameras
in order to capture
any anomalies in the sky.
The location for their watch
overlooks Mount Adams,
the largest active volcano
in Washington state
and a hot spot
for UFO sightings.
In fact,
Mount Adams is associated
with the first UFO case
to ever make
nationwide headlines.
In June of 1947,
aviator and businessman
Kenneth Arnold
claimed to have witnessed
nine UFOs flying in tandem
from Mount Rainier
at incredible speeds.
He reported that they
performed a number of unusual
maneuvers and then disappeared
into Mount Adams.
As night sets in,
the team has all eyes
glued to the sky
and on the lookout
for any objects
that might cross their path.
Utilizing real-time
satellite tracking data,
they can anticipate the arrival
of all manmade traffic
passing over their airspace.
- Hey, is that a satellite?
- Yep.
Including the
International Space Station,
- or ISS.
- Adam,
how are we
on the timing with the ISS?
Uh, one more minute.
And which direction? West?
Uh, it’s gonna be coming from
the west moving to the east.
Look at how bright
this thing is.
Whoa! Oh, there it is there.
That’s the space station.
Can you see that?
- That is the ISS, yep.
- Okay.
While the
field team watches the sky,
the remote viewers are sketching
visual representations
of whatever comes to them.
Incredibly, as
the International Space Station
passes overhead,
both women begin to draw
virtually identical
rectangular objects.
Well, it’s not a UFO,
but it’s still
a pretty spectacular thing.
Yeah, it’s pretty epic to see.
After spotting a few other
satellites in the sky,
Nick and Peter
notice a mysterious,
fast-moving object,
one that does not appear
to be a satellite.
There’s one
right there right now.
Look how quick it is.
Is that a satellite?
I’ve got it on camera.
- Where you at?
- East,
I see nothing on the tracker.
Can you see it up here, guys?
Okay, I definitely saw it
up in that section
of the sky with my naked eye.
It-it just caught my attention
out of the corner of my eye.
I turned around,
saw it for a few seconds,
- and then it faded.
- That’s exactly what I saw.
And there was nothing
on the monitor at all?
Nope, nothing at all. That
section of the sky was clear.
And that’s, uh, satellites.
What about aircraft
and flight paths?
- Nope, everything was clear.
- Okay.
Well, it was something.
Did Nick Pope
and the ECETI team spot
an extraterrestrial object
in the night sky?
One that inexplicably
Perhaps the answer lies
with the remote viewing team,
who not only detected
an object in the sky,
but even got a glimpse
of what was inside it.
On Ancient Aliens,
we’ve investigated some pretty
extraordinary UFO reports,
and during a trip Nick Pope
made to the ECETI Ranch in
Washington state, we actually
caught a UFO on camera.
And while Nick and the team
were watching this strange craft
move across the night sky,
two remote viewers were
stationed in a windowless room
drawing what they saw as well.
The results
were absolutely amazing.
ECETI Ranch.
Trout Lake, Washington.
The morning after
successfully capturing
an anomalous object
during their evening
sky watch session
- John, good to see you again.
- Good to see you, Nick.
Nick Pope meets up
with John Vivanco
to see how the remote viewing
portion of the experiment went.
Nick is eager to discover
if the remote viewers picked up
the same objects in the sky
that he witnessed
with his own eyes,
and perhaps even perceived
additional details.
So, the remote viewers
were tasked
on two different things
last night, and
I wanted them to describe
the first object
on the sky watch
that was determined
to be a satellite.
Right, so they have no idea
that you are asking them
to look at a satellite
- No.
- and that the satellite
- is the target?
- Exactly.
So, are you ready to go
through the first one?
- Yes.
- Okay.
So, this right here is energy.
This is determined to be energy
by this remote viewer
and talking about
how it’s crackling,
hits and bounces of burst.
It’s like static.
So, this is a mixture,
essentially, of
almost like a
stream of consciousness,
- what they are describing here in words.
- Right, exactly, right.
- And then a visual representation of it.
- Right.
Let me show you the next scan.
This subject is talking about
a dense material, thick gray,
cylindrical object.
Now, this different viewer is
getting the same type of box.
- It’s got lights blinking.
- And these are
- completely independent from each other?
- Right.
Wow. One, two,
pretty much the same.
Pretty much the same.
Wow. Impressive.
So, but let me
show you this here.
There’s a burst of communication
is what I find interesting.
And you have these, uh,
almost looks like
solar panels on it.
Now, we actually saw
the International Space Station
last night,
and it actually has those
two separate light panels,
like, what makes it
different from most
conventional satellites.
Could this be what we’re
looking at here?
Absolutely. If what you saw
first identified as a satellite,
- then, yeah, absolutely.
- Wow.
Two separate remote viewers,
both depicting objects
that are consistent
with the makeup
of the International
Space Station.
It is an impressive coincidence,
but not as impressive
as what John Vivanco
is about to reveal to Nick Pope
as concerns the mysterious UFO
they spotted in the night sky.
So, that’s a bona fide UFO.
We can’t explain that.
And it blinked out,
it completely disappeared.
What was the
first thing you saw?
Well, the first anomalous thing
we saw was a flash of light
in the sky.
I saw it myself. We had
a satellite tracker
up and running.
We eliminated that possibility.
There was no satellite.
So, this was anomalous.
That’s interesting.
So, we get to this page here.
Now, they’re getting
an energy and a structure.
It’s this reflective, metallic,
the feeling thing,
almost like a mirage.
Uh, glowing blue color,
and very faint pinging sound.
That’s interesting.
This is a visual representation?
This is
visual representation.
- So
- And it says energy, so
Energy, right.
Energy seems to be moving
outward in many directions.
So, I think what
they’re trying to do here is
- display the energy, the ball.
- Right.
All right,
you prepared
to be weirded out here.
This subject is described,
as a crystal blue color.
It’s angelic and floaty.
So, is this a person?
What is this?
I’m not sure what this is.
This subject here, I mean, uh,
this-this is clearly
some sort of person,
I mean, or-or is it? I mean
- Well, this is
- If we’re talking about something anomalous,
is the possibility here
that, if this
was a UFO, that this is
some sort of occupant?
There is that possibility.
An occupant?
Did this remote viewer
actually see inside the object
that the field team
witnessed from the ground?
And if so,
could this confirm that
what they saw was
an extraterrestrial spacecraft?
This remote viewer
is also getting a subject here,
and they are calling
this flash of light
a subject, which is curious.
And when you see this,
uppercase P and a lowercase P,
they mean that subject
is a paraphysical,
which means, in remote viewing,
it is something
outside of our 3D reality.
So, this subject,
according to this remote viewer,
is a flash of light
on the mountain,
and this subject exists
outside of our 3D reality.
- That is spooky.
- Yeah.
I mean, we saw a flash of light
on the mountain.
Are we saying here that this
flashing light on the mountain,
and that these
sessions suggest that this is,
like, something to do with
- extraterrestrials?
- You know,
all I can say is
what the remote viewers got, and
from my perspective,
I think you’ve got
a true anomaly there.
Could the visions
described and illustrated
by the remote viewers confirm
that what Nick Pope
and the rest of the sky watch
investigators witnessed
was, in fact,
an extraterrestrial craft?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes,
and suggest further evidence
of an otherworldly
presence visiting Earth
can be found by examining
Chilean Navy footage of a UFO
that defies explanation.
On Ancient Aliens,
we have closely examined
UFO reports
from around the globe.
Reports that most governments
try to discredit.
But in the South American
country of Chile,
they’ve been openly
investigating UFOs for decades.
In 2014,
the Chilean Navy captured
footage of one of the most
incredible UFOs I’ve ever seen,
and Dr. Travis Taylor
set out to investigate it.
Just outside of Santiago,
Chilean Navy officers aboard
an Airbus Cougar helicopter
are testing a forward
looking infrared, or FLIR,
high-definition camera.
Suddenly, the camera
captures a strange object
flying alongside them
at an altitude
of 4,500 feet.
After tracking it for
several minutes, they witness
what appears to be
some sort of discharge
coming from the craft.
Cougar case
was a military helicopter
back in 2014 that produced
footage in an infrared camera.
And we’re talking
about military equipment,
we’re talking about millions
of dollars in equipment.
It’s nine minutes long
that they have continuous
infrared footage
of this phenomena.
That’s really unprecedented.
And if this phenomena
is going on for nine minutes,
we can do analysis on it.
On November 25, 2019,
Dr. Travis Taylor,
traveled to Los Angeles,
California to review
this incredible video
with image analyst
Michael Bradbury.
For more than a decade,
Bradbury has examined
videos of alleged UFOs, looking
for any signs that they
could be something
other than manmade aircraft.
The Chilean
helicopter video is really
and fascinating because
you have this vehicle
or phenomena, whatever it is,
and then it starts releasing
some type of material behind it.
So, we absolutely need
to understand
what this phenomena is.
All right, here we go.
So, this is from the, uh,
helicopter not far
- from Santiago.
- Not far.
- Uh, November of 2014.
- Okay.
There’s the object,
and it’s only visible
in infrared format.
That’s really intriguing.
The hi-def video.
It’s like it’s not even there.
Two ground radar didn’t see it.
The radar on the helicopter
could not pick it up.
So, super unique
circumstances here.
You got two hot spots,
and they’re separated.
You know, that’s intriguing.
I’ve never seen anything
like this in my life.
Michael inverts the image
so they can examine
the object’s shape more closely.
What I’ve done here
is taken the basic infrared,
and I’ve just kind of flipped it
and adjusted it a little better
for clarity purposes.
- You can clearly see the shape of the
- Right.
or whatever the thing is.
It’s peanut-shaped.
Why is it peanut-shaped?
The pilot, his description was
it had a flat body with
these two, like,
bright lenses or something.
You know,
it kind of does look like two
jet engines if you’re
looking at it from the back.
But the motion on it looks
like it’s moving side to side,
and the aspect ratio
doesn’t change on the circles.
- It’s not going into the page, as it should be.
- No.
There’s no other structure.
- That’s the thing, if
- No.
You would see
wings, a nose cone.
- You wouldn’t just see the engine.
- Right.
You can look at a aircraft
with a infrared camera,
and you see the structure
- because it’s hot.
- Right.
- You got sun shining on it. You go, you know
- Exactly.
the engine, the mechanics of it,
make it hot.
That’s what I’m looking for here
is reflectivity off of
- the physical structure, and it’s not there.
- There’s nothing.
That kind of
throws that idea out.
After isolating the object,
Michael applies color filters
to better define
the object’s unique heat
signature for closer analysis.
Now, this one
is really interesting.
This is adjusted, not altered.
Sure. I got it. So, you’ve got
black is hot here.
- Green is ambient temperature I’m assuming.
- Yes.
- Then white is cold.
- Correct.
So here’s the thing,
there’s clearly
a field of cold air around
this thing that’s, um
that’s baffling.
This thing, it’s hot, and then
- instantly it’s cold.
- Instantly cold.
- And in nature, that’s not how things work.
- No.
There is a different
temperature bubble
around the vehicle than there is
- around normal vehicles.
- Exactly.
Which suggests
some type of-of field,
whatever that means. Could be,
you know, electrical,
magnetic, gravitational.
We just don’t know,
but there is some sort of
clear anomaly and some sort of
field around this craft.
So, when does it start, uh,
releasing the, uh, particulates?
It does at about five minutes
into the video.
So, right there,
now that’s really interesting.
So, it’s very hot, right?
It’s saturated black.
Very hot.
So, again, in hi-def
you can’t see it.
That means
it’s a temperature plume.
It’s not necessarily
a particulate plume.
Like, if you spray out jet fuel
from the back of a plane,
it starts cooling off
almost immediately,
and you even get
ice crystals in it, right?
Absolutely, because it’s
affected by the atmosphere.
This thing stays hot.
And it holds its shape,
which in itself,
is highly unusual.
It doesn’t follow
standard fluid mechanics.
- No.
- You can try to debunk this as just an earthly vehicle
all you want to,
but I’ve never seen
any earthly vehicle
that is explained this way.
What on earth
could this thing be?
One thing the analysis
has done for us is it
it’s allowed us
to sort of rule out,
well, it’s not’s
a commercial airliner.
Well, we didn’t have,
uh, radar tracks
and transponder tracks,
so we know it wasn’t that.
And then,
this wasn’t water or jet fuel
or something of substance that,
uh, the radar
would’ve picked up.
So, this is something
that we’ve never seen before.
Could the Chilean Navy
have captured footage
of an extraterrestrial aircraft?
Recently, military
whistleblowers have come forward
to claim that, while
governments around the world
may have become more transparent
about their UFO investigations,
many are hiding even more
sensational evidence.
On Ancient Aliens, we’ve
examined dozens of eyewitness
UFO reports from retired
military personnel, scientists,
and whistleblowers who all claim
that the government is
hiding the truth about
an alien presence on Earth.
And in 2019,
investigative journalist
Linda Moulton Howe
convinced a former
Navy flight engineer to share
an incredible encounter
that happened in the last place
you might expect,
Scottsdale, Arizona,
February 2019.
Investigative journalist
Linda Moulton Howe
arrives to conduct
an interview with a former
Navy flight engineer who has
come forward with information
about strange events
he witnessed
during his time in Antarctica.
I knew things that
I-I felt needed to be
put out in the mainstream.
"Brian," as he prefers
to be called,
requested that his face
and voice be obscured
to protect his identity.
His unit was based
on the southern tip
of Ross Island at the
U.S. McMurdo Station,
the main logistics hub
that services nearly all of
the scientific outposts
on the continent.
Brian, when did you
get into the Navy,
and how did you get
to Antarctica?
I enlisted in July of 1976.
In order to go to Antarctica,
you have to volunteer.
It’s not a, uh, duty station
where you are ordered to go.
I was able to get orders to, um,
Antarctica Development
Squadron Six,
which is referred to as VXE-6.
And its mission would be
described as what, generally?
The mission,
basically, was supplying
to out-camps, uh,
science parties from
McMurdo Station to South Pole,
back and forth.
Talk about sort of the route,
and what you guys began to see
on a repeated basis.
During our ’95, ’96 season,
my crew was doing a lot
of back and forth to Pole.
Mainly, it was cargo resupply,
personnel exchanges.
That season,
prior to us doing missions,
we were told by some of
our officers that, if we saw
something flying,
that we weren’t
supposed to say anything.
Oh, so you knew that
- Well
- People had were already
- warning about
- Yeah.
- but you had not seen it.
- Right, so somewhere
around December,
uh, we were flying
a mission from McMurdo,
and my loadmaster in the back,
he gets on the intercom on
the ICS and he says, "Hey",
"there’s something off
to the left here,
kind of shimmering."
So, I went up
to the flight deck,
and I’m looking out
the big windows,
and I see these little
disc-shaped objects.
There was probably
four or five of them,
and they were, at first,
when I first saw them,
they were just stationary
over one mountain peak.
And then, all of a sudden,
I’m looking at them,
and one of them takes off
by itself and flies
at incredible speed to the next
mountaintop and stops.
And then another one
in the group takes off
and heads toward
where the first one went.
What did the pilot say?
That was kind of funny.
My pilot gets on the intercom,
and he-he kind of jokingly goes,
"Well, all I can tell you
is they’re not ours."
Not ours?
What are you talking about?
And then I think back
to the little brief we got
about if we see something
down there, don’t say anything,
if we see something else
flying around.
So, now this all comes
rings true, it’s like,
so they weren’t just pulling
our leg and joking with us,
there’s actually
something going on here.
And it kept happening?
Yes, it happened
at least two other times.
Could Brian’s incredible story
reveal that there are government
and military personnel
who are aware of
an extraterrestrial presence
on Earth?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes
and suggest
even more compelling evidence
of otherworldly visitation
may be found by examining
alleged alien abductees
and what might be hidden
beneath their skin.
When it comes
to UFO investigations,
no matter how many
sightings are reported,
everyone wants the same thing:
physical evidence.
A few years back,
I was invited to see
a very bizarre and very
intriguing collection of
what might be alien artifacts.
Former law enforcement officer
and investigator Derrel Sims
has spent three decades
collecting evidence left behind
at abduction scenes
throughout the country.
I treat it as a crime scene.
And to do that, you need to know
what to look for.
In some of these cases,
we’ll find a burn mark,
and in rare cases, radiation
traces where a UFO has landed.
People will come back
with a scar like
a dermatological scoop mark.
And, sometimes, we find
some type of implant.
Thank you for coming by,
In April 2016,
Giorgio Tsoukalos met with
Derrel Sims to get a closer look
at some of the hard evidence
that Sims has collected
through the years.
One of the things
we found on these abductees
is the alien leaves, like,
- a fingerprint on them.
- Really?
And when they touch them,
it leaves
a subdermal mark
on you in the form of
- fingerprints, or long fingers.
- Mm-hmm.
And here’s an example.
- It impacts the body subdermally.
- This is amazing.
It literally goes into the skin,
and you can’t wash it off,
you can’t get it off with
any kind of, um,
solvent or anything.
And here’s another good example.
Here are some other handprints
that we’ve found
around the world.
This is in Chile.
The lady got touched by this
entity with huge prints
on both front and back
and left caustic burns
on her body.
- So, this was visible light.
- Okay.
This same handprint
literally shows up
in several other cases as well.
A little girl shows
the same exact hand.
- This was fluorescence.
- Mm-hmm.
A police officer gets abducted.
The entity actually comes
through the glass window
and left the holographic
imagery in the glass.
Very odd.
Here’s one that fascinates me.
This is a print
that came off a wall
in Pennsylvania.
The entire family are abductees,
with the exception
of one person,
and this one touched the wall,
and you can see
the fluorescence there
where we lit it up.
This is the case of a-a lady
that this is our
long fingers you can see
the huge, long fingerprints
and the suction cups
on these forefingers.
And this is on her headboard.
That’s fantastic.
You’ve now spent many years
studying this.
And you see
fingerprints like that,
handprints and,
you know, residue,
what is your theory
what we’re looking at here?
My estimation
as a former police officer
is that there was
an oil-like substance
that apparently exudes
from the body of the entity.
That’s bizarre.
Perhaps the most
intriguing evidence
in Sims’ collection
are the alleged
extraterrestrial implants
retrieved from various victims.
I want to show you
something rather remarkable.
You can see
the little objects here.
The perfect T,
and the one off to the side.
Yes. Mm-hmm.
So, we had them
surgically excised,
and here’s what we found.
- There’s a good look at them
- Oh, wow.
- Okay.
- after they’re taken out.
There was a biological cocoon
surrounding these originally.
This is bizarre. And-and
what did they determine this is?
We had this done
in a blinded study,
Los Alamos, New Mexico Tech.
They did a qualitative
and quantitative analysis.
And they found, Giorgio,
you’re not gonna believe this.
It turns out that the objects
are meteoric in origin.
What’s your opinion then?
And how did it get
into the woman’s body?
In my opinion,
what we’re looking at
are objects
that have been installed
inside these people.
Someone is doing this.
This is entity related.
So, in my opinion,
we’re looking at real,
actual evidence of these cases.
Well, this is amazing.
Is it possible that the implants
collected from the bodies
of alleged abductees
are of extraterrestrial origin?
If the UFOs reported
in our skies
belong to alien beings,
could it be
that they are not
merely visitors to Earth,
but have an agenda
for humankind?
The evidence that these
incredible encounters
and sightings are real
can no longer be denied.
And as governments
around the world
begin to publicly acknowledge
the existence of UFOs,
the truth will be revealed
that, not only have we
been visited in the past,
but that our
extraterrestrial teachers
are still here today.
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