Ancient Aliens s18e18 Episode Script

The Journey to Immortality

Throughout the ancient world,
there were tales of mortals
and immortals.
In Christian traditions,
in Islamic traditions,
and Hindu traditions,
you have these divine beings
who live forever.
Could these stories be
accounts of alien visitors
who traveled to Earth from
thousands of lightyears away?
Imagine an advanced civilization
that has interstellar travel.
If they can travel
through the stars, they could
stretch their longevity
maybe even to centuries.
And if humans are to one day
colonize other planets,
will we too need to discover
the key to immortality?
What our extraterrestrial
have wanted us to do
is be like them.
They want us to be a spacefaring
race that goes to the stars.
And to live
these extended lives where
we become essentially immortal.
There is a doorway
in the universe.
Beyond it is
the promise of truth.
It demands
we question everything
we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is
right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
The Ashmolean Museum
of art and archaeology.
Among the hundreds of
historic artifacts on display
is an ancient
Sumerian cuneiform text.
Dating back to at least 2000 BC,
the four-sided clay document
is a list of kings
who lived far longer than
the average human life span.
In the Ashmolean Museum
at Oxford,
there's an astounding artifact.
It's referred to as WB44,
the Sumerian Kings List.
On one panel, it tells us
about eight kings
that ruled over five cities, and
what's astounding about this
is the length of
the reigns of these kings.
One king is said to have ruled
for 43,200 years.
Another king rules
for 28,000 years.
It's astounding.
the Sumerian Kings List
is not the only
ancient record of rulers
who lived for centuries.
A curious document
was found in a tomb
in Luxor,
and it's called the, uh,
Turin Kings List.
We only have fragments
of this document,
but what this document lays out
is that many of the really early
Egyptian pharaohs had lives
that were many
hundreds of years,
and that some
of these pharaohs lived
for 700, 800, 900 years.
We have a similar story
in the Bible of Methuselah
and that he's said to have lived
for 969 years.
So, how is it that
people are able
to live such great ages?
Is it merely coincidence
that in three different
ancient traditions
there are records
of their earliest leaders
living impossibly long lives?
in all three cultures, it was
also recorded that, during
the time when people lived
to these incredible ages,
humans shared the Earth
with beings who came down
from the sky.
The ancient Egyptians
referred to
a-a time called the first time,
when the gods walked among men.
Ancient Egyptian creation
mythology tells us that these
original god beings
came from the stars.
This sounds very much like
the arrival of the Anunnaki,
the divine lords of light
of the Sumerian tradition
when they arrived
atop Mount Kerzok.
It's also virtually identical
to the arrival of the Watchers.
The Watchers are the angels
of the Old Testament.
They are the fallen angels
who came to Earth
and intermingled with humans.
The Watchers, like divine beings
in many other ancient cultures,
were referred to as immortals,
but often
they were described as having
very humanlike traits.
There were 200
of these Watchers,
and they were led by, uh,
an individual named Samyaza.
They shone.
There was a translucence.
There was an aura about them
that was as bright as the Sun.
But they seem to be more human
in their appetites
than one would like to believe.
They're hungry, they eat,
they want affection, they lust.
I think that the Watchers
most definitely
are extraterrestrials
who came to Earth.
Countless ancient,
original cultures
speak of a time when the gods
descended from the sky
and mingled with people
to impart their knowledge.
Ancient Egypt,
ancient China,
ancient Sumeria,
ancient Japan,
ancient Greece.
And so, I think
the different cultures
were visited
by the same teachers,
who were extraterrestrials.
Could it be
that the earliest
human civilizations
shared the Earth with visitors
from another world?
And if so,
is this somehow connected
to the ancient records
of people who lived
extraordinarily long lives?
Ancient astronaut theorists
suggest an important clue
can be found in a famous verse
from the Bible that
is often mistranslated.
In many English versions
of the Book of Genesis,
chapter one, verse 27 states
that "God created man
in his own image."
But in the original Hebrew,
instead of "his" image,
it says "our" image.
God says in Genesis,
"Let us make man in our image."
Well, you have to say,
"Well, who is 'our'?
Who-who are the
other people there?"
Well, the word "God"
in Hebrew is "Elohim,"
and that is plural.
If you look at
the original Hebrew
in which the sentence
was written,
all of a sudden
you have the truth
because, according to
the ancient astronaut theory,
someone came
and someone altered our DNA
in order for us
to become humans
and essentially gave us
more intelligence.
Practically every culture,
including our Bible, says,
"In the beginning,
God," in the plurals, "created
humans according
their own image."
I'm a deep believer in God,
but God is something gigantic,
spiritual, not explainable.
In my opinion,
when you read the Bible,
it's all about
Part of ancient astronaut theory
is that what
our extraterrestrial
ancestors have wanted us to do
is be like them.
They want us to achieve
the same things
that they achieved.
The goal was,
some thousands of years
in the far future,
this humanity should be able
to construct spaceships
to spread out
in the universe again.
If Homo sapiens were
genetically engineered
by extraterrestrial
space travelers
to one day become like them
and seed life on other planets,
what might this mean for
the future of the human race?
Some experts have suggested
that interstellar travel
will only be possible
when science finds a way
to dramatically extend
the human life span.
Maybe our generation,
with new developments
in technologies,
will be living
to the mid-100s, 150,
maybe even up to 200
in the next few decades.
So, imagine
an advanced civilization
that has interstellar travel.
Certainly, if they can travel
through the stars,
they could stretch
their longevity
maybe even to centuries.
Could it be that
the ancient people
referred to the gods
as "immortals"
because they encountered
space travelers
who lived
for thousands of years?
And if so,
is it possible
that there are records
of early rulers
living for centuries
because these visitors somehow
extended their life spans?
It was natural for people
in those days
to live a life close
to a thousand years,
but we're talking
about those who interacted
with these beings
from the stars.
Are these things connected?
We're talking about an age
in which otherworldly beings
assist humankind in becoming
very much like the gods.
But if our ancestors
from deep antiquity
were so close to becoming like
their extraterrestrial creators,
as ancient astronaut
theorists suggest,
what kept them
from realizing this destiny?
And are humans today
still on the same path?
Perhaps further clues
can be found
by examining a story
shared by different cultures
all over the world,
the story of the Great Flood.
The Bible's Book of Genesis.
In chapter six, verse nine
begins the story of Noah
and the flood,
in which God
sends a great deluge
to cleanse the Earth,
which has become overrun by sin.
It is one of the most
well-known tales from the Bible,
but, curiously,
nearly identical stories
exist in dozens of
other ancient traditions.
We've heard about
the flood of Noah,
which wiped out that
whole generation and brought
about a new generation
of descendants of Noah.
The fact is,
there's all these stories
of the Great Flood
in all countries
across the world.
Plato talked about Atlantis.
He talked about
a whole civilization
destroyed by floods.
In the Bible,
Turkey, in Egypt,
among the Native Americans,
there's a story
that the Great Flood wrapped
around the entire planet.
All life was destroyed.
The connection between
the biblical story
of the Great Flood
and the destruction
of other societies
around the world
through floods
tell us one thing.
There actually was a Great Flood
and that, at one point
in the history of this planet,
all life was wiped out
as the Earth
was covered in water.
In all mythologies,
including the Bible,
some gods are coming down
and teach the human
a great flood
will come and destroy you.
And these god,
they knew it long before,
and they knew it because
they themselves
made the Great Flood.
The Great Flood was created
by extraterrestrials on purpose.
Could the story
of the Great Flood
be a historical record
of a real event
that was brought on
by extraterrestrials?
But if the ancient
astronaut theory is correct,
and aliens genetically
engineered humankind,
why would they then destroy
their greatest creation?
We have the records, as
described in the Book of Enoch
and other literature,
that the Watchers led
to the moral corruption
of all humanity,
which led to the destruction
of the face of the Earth.
They were introducing
hidden technologies
centuries before they were meant
to be introduced.
They corrupted
the human gene pool.
In Genesis six,
we hear about the sons of God.
They see the daughters of men,
and they lust after them,
and they come down,
and they take them as wives.
And then they create a hybrid
race called the Nephilim.
You weren't supposed to
fraternize with the natives,
but this is what we
are told in the Bible.
Now, what are we to make
of these texts?
Are we to say,
"Well, maybe these angels,
"these sons of God,
did they have sex
the old-fashioned way?"
We don't know,
but we need to start
looking at these stories
from a 21st century perspective.
With the technology that
we have with genetic engineering
and splicing genes
and what have you,
maybe we can revisit
this story and look
at it from maybe
an extraterrestrial,
uh, hypothesis or point of view.
They're creating a hybrid race.
The DNA of the
off-world intelligence
and the human DNA
creates this hybrid race,
and most
of these beings,
for better or for worse,
had what we could call
superhuman powers.
As far as ancient
astronaut theorists
are concerned,
a genetic upgrade occurred.
One that closed the gap
between mortals and immortals
far more quickly
than was intended.
And it is a story that,
once again,
was told across many cultures.
When the sons of God
procreated with
the daughters of men,
it is said that
mighty ones were born.
They had a longer
life span as well,
dating maybe centuries,
up to a thousand years
not immortal
but a life span much,
much longer than ours.
When you look back at
ancient Egyptian history,
the pharaohs themselves
were said to be demigods.
Part-god, part-human.
This was present
in the Greek imagination.
The Olympians were known
to get involved in the world
of the mortals, and they
would intervene sometimes.
Sometimes they would
get attracted to a mortal
and children would come.
Hercules, Perseus.
These are the offspring,
demigods, half-god, half-human.
But in many
of the ancient stories,
the gods who were responsible
for this upgrade of humanity
were acting against the wishes
of their superiors.
They were not just helping
to jumpstart human civilization
but creating
a new race of immortals.
Enoch, who's the scribe of God,
says that these angels
went against the will of God.
Now, you can imagine
those angels were
extraterrestrial in origin.
If there was a prime directive,
they violated it.
They gave us gifts,
and we weren't ready
for those gifts.
It's like giving
a gun to a baby.
Nothing good will happen.
Maybe the extraterrestrials
were protecting humanity,
and humanity is considered
a sacred project,
and they know that, while they
begun it thousands of years ago,
it would take thousands
or perhaps tens of thousands
of years for humanity to reach
its ultimate fulfillment,
but they were
committed ultimately
to the sacredness or
the fulfillment of the project.
And this is why
they restarted civilization.
As far as ancient
astronaut theorists
are concerned,
the story of Noah and his family
being saved from the flood
shows that Earth's
visitors did not abandon
their plan for humankind.
As further evidence,
they cite a 2,000-year-old text
called the Zohar,
that continues the Biblical
story of the Watchers
after the cataclysm
that ended the previous age
of humans.
The Zohar says that
there's a great secret
about the angels who walked
with us on Earth.
The Watchers.
They ascended to the stars,
and they are the ones who
come back and shepherd us,
watch over us.
They watch over humanity
and direct the course
of our civilization.
I think that
the extraterrestrials
never left. Why?
Because, according to the
ancient astronaut theory,
we are their offspring.
They made us Homo sapiens
sapiens, what we are today.
If you have such a creation,
I don't think you
would just abandon that.
We are a long-term project.
If the first humans shared
the planet with alien visitors,
as ancient astronaut
theorists suggest,
is it possible that
these otherworldly beings have
remained on Earth for thousands
of years, continuing to direct
the course of humanity?
And if humans were
designed to ultimately
achieve immortality,
just how will that happen?
Perhaps further clues
can be found by examining
a strange substance discovered
on Easter Island.
Lying over 2,000 miles
off the coast of Chile,
this remote landmass is famous
for the nearly 1,000
monolithic stone statues
called moai
found along its coastline.
For ancient astronaut theorists,
the enormous statues,
along with the
local legends that say
they represent giant beings
who came down from the sky,
present a compelling case
for Easter Island being a place
of extraterrestrial visitation.
And what has made
this notion even more
intriguing is the discovery
that the island's soil
contains a substance
called rapamycin
that might be able to extend
the human life span.
In 1968, a remarkable
substance was found,
a kind of bacterial substance
called rapamycin,
and it was given that name
because it was found
on Rapa Nui, or Easter Island,
which in itself
is very interesting.
And what they found was
it could actually help
when people had
organ transplants
to stop them rejecting them,
but it could also help
in cancer therapies as well.
Then they found that it had very
strong anti-aging properties.
It would almost reverse aging
in certain medical situations.
Rapamycin has already been shown
to extend life span
and improve health in mice,
and in 2018,
researchers at Texas A&M
began testing
the substance on dogs.
While there is still much
to learn about the effects
of rapamycin,
scientists are hopeful that it
could prove to actually
reverse aging
on a cellular level.
Is it a coincidence
that rapamycin
was found on Easter Island?
Where there's possible
alien visitations?
We don't know. In fact,
one question to ask is, what
do the aliens do to live
very long lives themselves?
Do they take certain substances?
Could it be that
the anti-aging substance found
on Easter Island was
left behind by alien visitors
who used it as a way
to extend their life spans?
In numerous ancient traditions,
there are stories of the gods
possessing elixirs
of immortality
and sometimes sharing them
with humans.
There are many ancient cultures
that had their own
food and drink
that could bring immortality.
For instance, in China,
there was the peaches
of immortality
that were given out
by the goddess known as
the Old Mother of the West.
These were given
to the immortals of China
to quite literally
allow them to live
for eternity.
For the Greeks,
it's this nectar ambrosia,
literally the food of the gods,
that, if you consume that,
then you yourself
will be divine.
In the Vedas,
you have this drink
uh, soma and the same idea,
that this is what feeds the gods
and keeps them
alive and immortal.
Then, if we humans
eat that food,
these substances will
keep us alive forever.
If these gods were,
in fact, alien visitors,
could it be that they
were able to achieve immortality
simply by ingesting
some type of plant or drug?
Some ancient astronaut theorists
suggest that substances,
like ambrosia, were merely
symbolic devices
representing the gods' ability
to extend their lives.
And they believe this
was accomplished using the same
technology that scientists
are developing today,
gene splicing.
A team of scientists working
with a gene-manipulating
technology known as CRISPR
at the Broad Institute
of Harvard and MI
makes a groundbreaking
By editing specific genes
in mice,
the researchers were able
to double the life spans
of their test subjects.
CRISPR, you can think of it like
we can cut and snip out
pieces of our DNA.
And if we can discover,
for example,
part of our genetic code
that has to do with aging,
we can maybe cut it out,
or we can add things
into the genetic code
that might extend life
to potentially create
a human that could live forever.
If we could rewrite
the DNA code,
in principle
we can live forever.
Already we've been able to
slice and dice that for a mouse,
and eventually
we'll do it for a human.
While it remains to be seen
if CRISPR technology
will succeed in increasing
the human life span
some scientists believe
the key to immortality
may be found by studying
a strange sea creature
that has the ability
to live forever.
So, one thing
in nature that seems
to be immortal
is the immortal jellyfish,
where it can actually revert
to an earlier state
when damaged or at risk
and then regrow back
into the adult state.
The cells of all animals
begin as stem cells,
which then develop
into organs, muscles, bones,
and whatever else
the organism needs.
The jellyfish species
Turritopsis dohrnii,
commonly known as
the immortal jellyfish,
can take mature adult cells
and turn them back
into stem cells,
allowing the jellyfish
to, in effect,
start its development all over.
So you're really
reversing the biological
timeline and then
resetting it going forward,
so that you're actually
not only living longer
but you're also younger.
And thinking about
how these things
get reversed, to me,
is an intriguing way
to approach the biology
and the immortality.
By understanding species
like the immortal jellyfish
and through the technology
of gene editing,
might we greatly extend
the human life span?
And could
extraterrestrials have used
similar means
to achieve immortality,
allowing them to travel
great distances through space?
It often seems to me
that we live in a time
of rediscovery,
meaning that the fact that we
come up with ways
with which to improve
and prolong our lives,
extraterrestrials have
figured that out long ago.
But while scientists
are optimistic that the human
life span can be lengthened
through genetic engineering,
many aerospace experts
believe that biological
bodies are simply not equipped
to withstand the rigors
of extended space travel.
They suggest that,
if humans
are to one day colonize
other planets,
it will require merging man
and machine.
In a press conference organized
by a UFO investigative group
called the Disclosure Project,
former Army Sergeant
Clifford Stone
makes a shocking announcement.
He claims to be part of
a top secret military unit
once tasked with recovering
extraterrestrial craft
and their pilots
for the U.S. government.
I was involved in
situations where we actually
did recoveries of crashed,
of crashed saucers,
for lack of a better term,
debris thereof.
There were bodies
that were involved with
some of these crashes.
Also, some were alive.
While we were doing
all this, we were telling
the American public
there was nothing to it.
We were telling the world
there was nothing to it.
Sergeant Stone
would later describe
a specific mission in which
he learned that the pilot of
an extraterrestrial craft was
"a biological robot."
So, what he found was,
is that these so-called
Grey aliens with
the skinny bodies and giant
heads were like
biological robots.
They-they had few organs.
They had all this machinery
and computing inside them,
and he really questioned
what this was all about.
And the conclusion was that
they must have been created
to travel huge distances
from their planet to this planet
because, if they were
just a biological entity,
they simply
would not have survived.
Could it be that Earth
is being visited
by alien entities
that are part machine?
Is this why the ancient people
referred to the gods as
immortals, because
they were not entirely
biological beings
and appeared to never age?
As further support
for this notion,
ancient astronaut theorists
point to a strange figure that
appears in 18th century France,
the mysterious
Count de Saint-Germain.
The Count de Saint-Germain is
probably one of
the most enigmatic
gentlemen of human history.
He was an adventurer,
he was a scientist,
he was a composer.
He knew several languages,
yet, strangely, he always
was the same age
whenever anybody saw him.
One of the most
interesting stories
about the count was that when
he was at a social gathering
he met an old woman,
and the old woman said,
"I met you 60 years ago
when I was a young woman,
and you looked in your 40s then,
same as you do now."
He hadn't aged.
Another thing that people
talk about was that he had
so much knowledge of history
and of science.
He knew a lot
of the leaders and kings.
Throughout his
reportedly very long life,
the Count de Saint-Germain
befriended many noblemen
and rulers, who he was believed
to have great influence over.
In the mid-1700s
he was a diplomat
for King Louis XV,
and in the 1760s
he traveled to Russia
and he was complicit
in the overthrow
that put Catherine the Great
in place as the czar of Russia.
It was rumored
that he later advised
the Russian imperial commander
in the war against
the Turks, which the Russians
ultimately won.
He's supposed to have died
in 1784, but there were
reported sightings of him
just the following year
entering into a Masonic lodge
in France,
where his name was actually
noted there and then.
He was reportedly
at the beheading
of Marie Antoinette
several years later.
And there are many other reports
of his presence
all the way around the world
in the 19th century.
In addition to appearing in
historical records long after he
was alleged to have died,
it was said by many who knew
the Count de Saint-Germain
that he had odd habits
and possessed
extraordinary abilities.
One of the strange things about
him were his dietary habits.
He'd sit with other people
as they ate,
but he wouldn't eat with them.
One of Count Saint-Germain's
contacts in the 18th century was
Casanova, who said he had
an ability to melt diamonds,
that he had amazing
abilities and powers.
He thought that
he was an incredible
superhuman type of person.
So, if Saint-Germain
had lived centuries,
and he was an alien
from the past,
certainly when you
look at aliens,
who are thousands of years
in advance of us,
they could have had alterations
genetically or mechanically
that would allow them
to live a very long time.
Is it possible that
the Count de Saint-Germain
was an extraterrestrial entity
that was part robotic,
much like the Grey alien
that Sergeant Clifford Stone
claims to have examined?
Ancient astronaut theorists
suggest that such a scenario
is not so far-fetched
considering that today
we are already creating
robots that are
incredibly humanlike
in their appearance.
One of the most cutting-edge
is a Hanson Robotics
creation named Sophia.
What is absolutely mind-blowing
about Sophia and other
robotic entities is,
it's not hard
to imagine a population
of extraterrestrials creating
humanoid robots
like the ones that
we're building today.
Probably even more advanced.
And it makes a lot of sense
for us to send robots into space
instead of
flesh-and-blood bodies.
If it makes sense for us,
it probably
makes sense for
extraterrestrials as well.
If the ancient astronaut
theory is correct
and humankind was created
to follow in the footsteps
of its extraterrestrial
will that mean merging
man and machine?
According to some scientists,
that process
is already underway.
Located just
four miles west of the Pentagon
is the headquarters
for the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency,
better known as DARPA.
Since 2002, DARPA has been
investing hundreds
of millions of dollars in its
brain-machine interface program
for the U.S. military.
The technologies
they're developing allow
humans to control
mechanical devices
with their minds.
There are these brain-computer
interfaces where we can implant
electrodes in the brain.
And, for example, you can
control a prosthetic limb
by just using your thoughts
with these
brain-computer interfaces.
The chip records activation
in your brain.
It sends that information
to a computer, which then
sends that to, let's say,
a prosthetic limb to control it.
This is certainly
a good way to extend lives
when the brain is not
the part that's failing, but
it's the rest of the body
that's failing.
'Cause you can actually
now imagine human,
sort of metal robotic cyborg
combinations where your brain is
now not just controlling
maybe your biological body
but something artificial
and man-made.
You give this technology another
50 years, and we will
appear as god beings
to a person living at the
beginning of the 20th century.
So, let's now look back
at the extraterrestrial
gods of the ancient world.
They must have had at least
the level of technological
sophistication that we are
enjoying and experiencing today,
probably even more advanced.
I think it's fascinating
where we are
in this moment in time because
what if, one day, we can create
artificial human beings?
And, in fact,
we are merely rediscovering
what has happened already
a long time ago.
As far as some
ancient astronaut theorists
are concerned,
merging biology and
technology is an important
first step in becoming
like our alien ancestors.
But they believe
the extraterrestrial beings
that people have reported
encountering on Earth
may be merely avatars,
vessels for intelligences
that can move
from one body to another.
What if they're digital beings?
Or light beings?
We have numerous stories
that tell us that
the god beings were
originally light beings that
could then phase into a physical
flesh-and-blood form
and then phase back into
their light body form when
they want to travel the stars.
We hear the story
of the Anunnaki,
the divine lords of light
of the Sumerian tradition
or the arrival
of the Watchers,
the lords of light
who descended upon Mount Hermon.
The stories of Vishnu
actually describe Vishnu
having many manifestations
of himself as other gods.
He would come to our reality
as a different god.
He came to Earth
many different times as many
different people and had
adventures and activities
and then he would go back
into the heavens as Vishnu.
The aliens could be avatars.
They can withstand all
the rigors of outer space
because they are part biological
and part mechanical
but controlled by
an alien consciousness
in a different star system.
While the notion
of a conscious being that
can move from one body to
another may sound far-fetched,
humankind is working towards
realizing this technology
right now
by attempting to map
the human brain.
Whole brain emulation
is the ability
to create a carbon copy
of the brain itself.
Already, by slicing and dicing
the brain of a fruit fly,
we've been able to catalog
all the connections
of a fruit fly's brain
up to 100,000 neurons.
Think about that every single
connection of the brain
of a fruit fly mapped
using computers
by slicing and dicing the brain.
Now, the human brain
is much more complicated.
A hundred billion neurons,
with each neuron connected to
10,000 other neurons,
but in principle
that's also possible
to create an exact copy
of the brain to map
every single neuron
of the brain
using transistors
rather than neurons.
And it would, in principle,
be identical to who you are.
It would have access
to all your memories,
all your dreams,
all your foibles,
all your mannerisms.
It'll take, of course, decades
to give you that kind of
accuracy, but it is doable.
Once scientists can completely
replicate a human brain
through whole brain emulation,
then that information
can be uploaded to a computer
to digitally represent
a person's consciousness.
Could it be that
extraterrestrials who already
possess this capability
have come to Earth
by uploading their consciousness
into artificial bodies?
There are some
theoretical physicists
who say not only
is this possible
but that this is how humans will
eventually leave the planet
and travel the stars.
August 27, 2019.
Space X announces
the successful test flight
of its starship prototype
The founder of
the private aerospace company,
billionaire Elon Musk,
has also been at the forefront
of efforts to upgrade humankind.
It is his belief that
both pursuits are critical
to ensuring the survival
of the human race.
It's interesting that, today,
we have these adventurer
billionaires like Elon Musk,
and they want to put
computer chips in our brains,
even map our
own consciousness and put
that in a robot or cyborg,
and they're wanting to go
into space at the same time.
So, in many ways,
they're like the
alien explorers
who came here in the past.
I think with known technologies,
we can theorize, that is,
within 100, within 200 years,
we're talking about
fusion rockets and antimatter
rockets capable
of reaching the stars.
And then I think
we'll be sending
robots into outer space
that are actually avatars.
I personally think this is
the future of the space program,
and I think we will do this
using laser beams.
If we can digitize
the human brain,
we can put that knowledge
on a laser beam
and shoot it to the Moon.
In one second,
you are on the Moon.
In 20 minutes,
you could be on Mars.
In four years,
at the speed of light,
you could reach
the nearby stars.
And what would you do?
If that laser beam goes
to the Moon, is then downloaded
into an avatar,
that avatar could withstand
gravity fields,
poisonous gases,
radiation from the Sun.
And in fact,
I'll stick my neck out.
I think this already exists.
I think this is
the preferred way
for an advanced alien species
to explore the universe.
In fact, near the Earth,
there could be a digital highway
with the digitized souls
of billions of aliens going
across the Milky Way Galaxy.
So I think when we
meet aliens from outer space,
we should not be surprised
if they're actually
avatars that are controlled by
the aliens
in a distant star system.
As entrepreneurs
continue to invest
billions in pursuit
of both space travel
and whole brain emulation,
are we getting closer to
becoming like the immortals
our ancestors described
thousands of years ago?
And if these immortals were
responsible for the creation
of the human race,
as ancient astronaut
theorists suggest,
could this evolution be exactly
what they intended
for humankind all along?
Why would extraterrestrials
come to Earth
and start a human project,
knowing that it would
take thousands of years
for us to, to develop?
Well, it could perhaps
be that extraterrestrials
have a different perspective
of time than we do.
If we think
of the extraterrestrials
as immortal, time is irrelevant.
And their goal
is to assist humanity
to become more like them.
There's a potential that
humanity is going to become
a starfaring nation
that has long life
because you're gonna need that
for some of these long journeys.
And we might become more
like the gods that seemed to
live for thousands of years
and traveled the heavens.
Is humanity
on the verge of becoming
an intergalactic civilization?
And if so,
is it possible that we
were set on this path
by an extraterrestrial race
that visited Earth
thousands of years ago?
Perhaps one day,
the immortal gods
seen descending from the sky
on a distant planet
will be us.
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