Ancient Aliens s18e19 Episode Script

Secrets Of Inner Earth

A mystical Jewish tradition
that speaks
of underground realms
inhabited by strange creatures.
It is believed and taught
that we are not alone
as intelligent beings
upon our own Earth.
A Buddhist legend
that tells
of a lost civilization
surviving in vast
underground canyons.
Shambhala is
a secret city underground.
It's ruled by kings
who live for hundreds of years.
Modern accounts
of humanlike entities
beneath the earth.
Local residents described seeing
reptilian-type humanoid beings
deep inside this cave.
Could it be that other
intelligent beings exist
right here on our own planet?
Someone may be here
underneath the surface
of the Earth.
And what if these entities
have been here
for thousands of years?
There is a doorway
in the universe.
Beyond it is
the promise of truth.
It demands
we question everything
we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is
right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
This historic mountain village
in Upper Galilee is home
to a sacred cave that is the
second most visited Jewish site
in the world
after the Western Wall,
with as many
as two million annual visitors.
According to Hebrew tradition,
this cave served as the home
of the famous rabbi
Shimon Bar Yochai
in the second century AD
when Jerusalem was under
the rule of the Roman empire.
Rabbi Shimon Yochai
lived during a very difficult
time for the Jewish people
living in the kingdom
of-of Israel.
The Emperor Hadrian had been
violently persecuting the Jews.
They forbade them
from studying the Torah.
They forbade them, under penalty
of death, from even
initiating new students
in the Torah.
Shimon Bar Yochai was one
who spoke out
against the empire.
This caused the Romans
to brand him a criminal
and to hunt him to death.
Rabbi Yochai fled
to Northern Israel
into the Galilee where he hid
in a cave
for as long as 13 years.
When he was concealed
in the cave,
he received a tremendous amount
of profound, sacred wisdom,
secrets that were revealed
to him in the cave
by none less than the immortal
prophet himself, Elijah.
If Rabbi Bar Yochai
truly encountered
the prophet Elijah as he
claimed, it would be a miracle,
because Elijah lived in Judea
almost a thousand years earlier.
to Jewish tradition, Elijah
never died.
So he appears
and he enlightens people,
he helps people
who are in trouble.
So, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
communed with Elijah.
He received secrets
of the universe.
Rabbi Bar Yochai
understood the teachings
he received
from this immortal messenger
to be of great importance
but also felt
that they should only be shared
with a trusted few and not
yet revealed to the public.
After he
came out of the cave,
after the Romans
forgot about him,
he gathered together
his students
and taught them the secrets
that were revealed to him
in the cave.
This knowledge was then
written down
or transmitted orally
for centuries
for a thousand years
until a Spanish rabbi
acquired this knowledge that
he then shared with humankind.
In the late 13th century,
the secret writings
of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
were finally published
as the Zohar
a text
that is still held as sacred
by millions of people
around the world.
It is considered fundamental
to the Jewish tradition
of kabbalah.
People often confuse kabbalah
and Zohar.
There's no book
called the Kabbalah.
The Zohar is the major text
of the kabbalah.
So if someone says
they're studying kabbalah,
they probably mean that
they're studying the Zohar.
According to practitioners
of kabbalah,
the teachings
include ancient knowledge
that was far ahead of its time,
such as information related
to modern atomic theory,
the spherical shape
of the Earth,
and the existence
of other solar systems.
But of all the teachings
of kabbalah,
many believe the most profound
comes from a passage found
in the Zohar one that says
there are seven earths.
Kabbalistic texts teach
that there are
multiple worlds out there.
In fact, there are seven earths.
And they give the name
of each of them,
and when I hear that
then I wonder,
well, could it be possible
that what we have here
is a reference that there are
six other inhabited planets
in the rest of our galaxy?
When you look at these
kabbalistic texts,
and they're talking
about there being
six other earths
besides the one that we're on,
and they're not just
some allegory, uh,
or talking about, you know,
seven continents
or something like that,
well, you have to ask yourself,
is it possible that
these are actual other planets
and they're inhabited?
While seven earths may sound
like a reference
to seven planets,
according to those
who study kabbalah,
this concept has another,
even more profound meaning.
Many people have this idea
that the concept of seven earths
has something to do
with some other place.
It's not some other place,
and in fact,
according to Zoharic literature,
it's inside the earth.
There are seven lands,
one above the other.
One of the lands is
actually the Outer Earth,
which is the one
that we're walking on right now.
According to Zohar as well as
Jewish religious interpretation,
the six other earths
are physical locations
that are subterranean
to our present reality.
Even more compelling is
that it also teaches
that each of the six
other earths are inhabited
by intelligent creatures.
There could be
this multiplicity of beings.
They exist in other realms
but are always kept hidden
in the Inner Earth.
One of the profound teachings
of the oral Torah tradition
is that we human beings
are not the only
intelligent species
indigenous to our Earth.
And within this Earth live
other types of entities.
Of course, the notion
of a hollow Earth is absurd.
The Earth is not hollow.
However, if you change
the word "hollow" to "inner,"
then I even have to say
there could be an argument made
that someone may be here
underneath the surface
of the Earth.
Because it is a geological fact
that there are gigantic chambers
underneath the Earth's crust,
some of which even contain water
that are larger
than the world's oceans.
So, you know, you have to wonder
if it's at all possible
that somebody is down there.
And what if these entities
have been here
for thousands of years?
Is it possible
that Earth is home
to other intelligent beings that
exist deep beneath the surface?
And if so, how long have
they been on this planet?
According to the teachings
of kabbalah,
some of the beings of Inner
Earth once lived on the surface
long before the time of humans.
In the Hebrew Bible's
Book of Ecclesiastes
is the well-known saying,
"There's nothing new
under the sun."
But according
to practitioners of kabbalah,
this seemingly
philosophical verse,
which continues with the phrase
"No one remembers
the former generations,"
also has a very literal meaning.
The kabbalah teaches that
there were pre-Adamic races.
In the Book of Genesis,
Adam is the first man.
So, what the kabbalah
is saying is that,
before Adam, there were
other races of beings
and previous civilizations.
It is believed and taught
that we have had civilization
upon our Earth
for tens of thousands of years,
possibly much longer,
prior to Adam spoken of
in the Bible.
to the kabbalah teachings,
some of the beings
that inhabit Inner Earth lived
on the surface
long before the time of humans.
And kabbalah is not
the only ancient tradition
that speaks
of prehuman civilizations.
All across the planet,
there are stories
of a highly technical,
highly sophisticated,
brilliant civilization
that's no longer here.
The story of Lemuria
is the story
of an ancient civilization,
a brilliant civilization
that reached high points,
but dreadful climate
wiped it out.
The story of Atlantis
is the same thing.
It's in the Bible,
as well as Gilgamesh.
This corresponds
with Greek thought
that there were five ages.
The Hindus teach about the yugas
and the rise and fall
of civilization,
where civilization advances
to a very high place
and then descends
and then reascends.
In Hinduism, there are cycles
of destruction and rebirth,
and we're in the fourth now.
Three entire stages
have come before now.
In the Hopi Native American
Indigenous teaching,
there are a number of worlds,
and we are
on the fourth reality.
If Earth was inhabited
by prehuman civilizations,
could there be physical evidence
of their existence?
Incredibly, scientists have
recently identified anomalies
in Earth's geological record
that could be markers
of an advanced civilization
that existed millions
of years ago.
Today, modern science is looking
into our ancient geological past
in a concept
they call techno signatures.
They're looking
at our civilization and saying
that one day
everything that we see around us
on the Earth
will be reduced to rock.
It'll be a thin layer of rock
in our geological record.
And some future species
will be able to look back
and see that we were
a technological civilization
because we have left residue.
We have left
And what they're doing now
is looking back
into the geological record.
They have actually found a seam
or a line of rock
that's 56 million years old
that reveals that at that time
there was more carbon
in the sediment
than is supposed to be there,
and suddenly
there is an ecological collapse.
How do you explain this,
other than
there must have been some kind
of a nonhuman civilization
that caused this?
The evidence is there.
Some archaeologists
and geologists also point
to the discovery
of extremely ancient artifacts
as further evidence
that civilizations
existed on Earth
long before humans.
One such artifact is an object
called the London Hammer
that was discovered
in Texas in 1936.
It was a prehistoric hammer,
if you will,
with part of the handle
still in place,
inside some very old rock.
The hammer itself was found
in the Travis formation.
It's a concretion of sandstone.
And it usually takes
about 140 million years
for this to form.
That would put the hammer
at 140 million years old.
Where did it come from?
Who was here
140 million years ago?
There's been many fossils
and artifacts
that have been found
that defies our timeline.
Some of them have been found
in Antelope Valley, in Utah,
which was a shoe print,
which was 200 million years old.
We're constantly finding
new relics, new pieces,
new evidence that suggests
there's probably civilizations
that were here
long before we have been here.
If we are essentially due
to a cataclysm,
whether this is the tilting
of the Earth's axis,
or if it's through a solar flare
or something like this,
or-or even a war or something
that there's
virtually nobody left,
after three or four generations,
nobody will remember what
was here a hundred years ago.
It's quite possible
that something like us
already existed
and there's nothing left.
So, history,
archaeology themselves point
to life-forms on this planet
long before human beings.
The question is,
where are they from?
I believe we've been visited
by lots
of extraterrestrial races.
Some took, some didn't.
Some stayed, some left.
Some are on land,
some are underwater.
We're a colony.
Could it be
that long before the time
of modern humans,
other intelligent species
possibly even from other
planets populated the Earth?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes
and point to the teachings
of kabbalah
for evidence
that some of these species
that predated humans
also coexisted with them.
One example can be found
in the Bible's Book of Genesis
and the creature described
in the Garden of Eden
as the serpent.
The serpent not only spoke
but stood erect,
had arms and legs
and, clearly, intelligence.
We're describing
a pre-Adamic,
Earth-based reptilian.
And this we find echoed
in legends
and teachings from cultures
around the world.
So, one of the great
pre-Adamic civilizations
clearly was
a reptilian humanoid.
And these are referred to
as seraphim.
If a prehuman race
is represented
in the Garden of Eden,
does that mean that it continued
to inhabit the Earth
after the time
of the first humans?
It could well be
that there was a whole
evolving race of reptilians
call them seraphim, call them
anything you want to
that basically were,
in their own way,
civilizing this planet,
organizing life on this planet.
And then human beings came
to this planet,
and they realized
we couldn't live together
and they went underground.
Could ancient stories
of other intelligent species
sharing the planet with humans
and then migrating
to subterranean realms be true?
As far as ancient astronaut
theorists are concerned,
the evidence can be found
in numerous ancient traditions
that describe
not only underground worlds
but also the many strange beings
that reside within them.
For centuries,
the Jewish mystical text
called the Zohar
has been a source of sacred
teachings and esoteric wisdom.
But the idea
that there are inhabited realms
within the earth is not
exclusive to the Zohar alone.
This concept can also be found
in ancient texts
from numerous cultures
around the world,
like the Vishnu Purana of India.
Written roughly 2,000 years ago,
the Vishnu Purana describes
multiple domains
that exist deep underground.
In India, we learn
of a place called Patala,
which is beneath
the surface of the Earth.
And Patala has many subterranean
realms that are believed
to be inhabited
by intelligent creatures.
In fact,
myth and folklore are filled
with stories
of Inner Earth civilizations,
the same as the Zohar.
The Greeks believed
the same thing.
This is very similar
to the story
of the Tuatha Dé Danann.
And ancient Irish texts talk
about the Tuatha Dé Danann as
arriving in shadowy airships,
coming from the sky,
they're enveloped in mist.
They had all kinds
of tremendous technology.
And they were the rulers,
allegedly, of Ireland
for quite a long time until
modern Irish came to Ireland,
and they made a pact
with the Tuatha Dé Danann.
The Tuatha Dé Danann,
according to the legend,
go underground in Ireland,
and now are living
in the underground world.
You've got, you know,
the similar kind of story
with the Sumerian texts.
The Anunnaki literally
are the sky gods.
But then, as you get into
later versions of the stories,
one of them, Inanna,
goes into the netherworld.
And so, you have these gods
that start up in the sky
but then come down not just
to Earth but into the earth.
And you see this
across different cultures.
Many ancient cultures taught
that beings living
inside the earth are not
of the same physical nature
as humans
but have the ability
to effortlessly travel
between our realm and theirs.
In Islamic culture,
there is the idea of the djinn,
from which we get
our word "genie,"
and this was not
an angelic presence.
It had a category of its own.
It wasn't human,
it wasn't exactly godlike.
It was in between.
It could travel from this world
to another and back.
And sometimes
they cause trouble.
Sometimes they help people.
It is known
that they are indigenous
to the domains of Inner Earth.
And these djinn are said
to have bodies
only of fire and air.
And we might think,
"Well, they're all spiritual,"
but our traditions teach
that's not so.
Like human beings, it is said
they eat and they drink,
they sexually procreate,
and they die.
And yet they can be invisible.
While many traditions talk
of humanlike beings inhabiting
Earth's inner realms,
the Zohar teaches
that all kinds of entities
reside below the surface.
And some are even hybrids
of different creatures.
The Zohar tells us
that there are hybrid beings
who live there.
Some of whom are half human,
half animal.
There are beings
that have the bodies
of human beings
with the heads of lions
or the heads of bulls.
And this sounds
very familiar to us
from ancient mythologies
and legends.
The hybrid beings
that the Zohar describes
as having descended
to Inner Earth also appear
in other ancient traditions
as creatures that once lived
on the surface.
The ancient Egyptians
recorded evidence
of-of hybrid beings,
including Thoth the birdman,
Sekhmet the lion goddess,
as well as Anubis, who's
a humanoid with a canine head.
We have the satyrs
of Greek mythology
that are part human, part goat.
In Sumeria,
we have mermen and mermaids.
We have beings that are
half human and half serpent.
In India,
the most popular God is Ganesh,
who's half human, half elephant.
In addition to hybrid beings,
Inner Earth is also said
to be home
to fantastical creatures
that are described
in myths and legends
throughout the world.
to the ancient teachings,
in Inner Earth
there do live real dragons,
spoken of in the Book of Job.
The phoenix, which burns itself
to ashes in its nest
and then resurrects itself
just as the Book of Job teaches,
also live in Inner Earth.
And it is taught
that unicorns, real ones,
are alive today in Inner Earth.
Is it possible
that these Inner Earth entities
that come up
in tradition after tradition
were actually witnessed
by our ancestors
thousands of years ago?
So, all around the world
we have these depictions
in ancient carvings,
in ancient paintings,
figurines, everything.
It doesn't matter
what ancient culture you go to.
We have the same stories
And the further
you go back in time,
the more similar
these stories become.
Ancient cultures
must have experienced
these types of beings,
or why else would humans
have been making depictions
from virtually the beginning
of recorded history?
The Zohar and other traditions
that speak of intelligent beings
and fantastical creatures
occupying Inner Earth
were written many centuries ago.
If these stories are more
than mere mythology,
are there still entities
living within the earth today?
Perhaps further clues
can be found
by examining modern-day reports
of encounters
with strange beings
emerging from caves.
Quang Binh Province, Vietnam.
Logger Ho Khanh discovers
a mysterious entrance
to a hidden mountain cave
by dense jungle overgrowth.
The cliffs leading down
to the entrance are so steep,
he cannot explore it further,
but he notes its location.
Nearly two decades later,
the British Cave
Research Association
finally explores the cave.
What the team discovers
is astounding.
It is the largest
underground chamber
on the planet.
It's not just a cave.
It's an actual world in Vietnam.
Inside this cave,
it's 40 stories high.
There's actually
an ancient forest.
It's got flowing water.
Not just a puddle or a stream
but an actual river.
Inside the cave is
an entire growing ecosystem.
And it's so deep that
it looks like it's an entrance
to a whole other reality.
This incredible
subterranean realm,
called the Son Doong Cave,
is estimated to be roughly
three million years old.
It runs through the earth
for nearly six miles,
and numerous areas where
the cave ceiling has collapsed
allow sunlight to enter,
resulting in the growth
of trees and other vegetation.
But according to area residents,
what's most notable
about Son Doong Cave
are the strange creatures that
are believed to dwell within it.
Local residents described seeing
humanoid beings emerging
from the Son Doong Cave.
And they believe
that they actually live
deep inside this cave.
What's fascinating about this is
that these reptilian-type
humanoid beings
are similar to the seraphim,
or the winged serpents
in kabbalistic tradition.
The seraphim are said
to have gone and lived
in the Inner Earth, according
to kabbalistic teaching.
Is it possible that reports
of reptilians at Son Doong Cave
are encounters with beings
from Inner Earth?
While it may sound
too incredible to be true,
there have been reports
that during the Vietnam War
in the 1970s,
U.S. soldiers encountered
what they described as "upright
lizards" inhabiting caves.
And accounts of reptilian beings
existing in underground caverns
can be found
all across the globe,
even on the other side
of the world in Cuzco, Peru.
Throughout Peru and
around Cuzco, particularly,
there are many, many stories
of a tunnel system
that has something to do
with serpent deities,
which they call the Amaru there.
The Peruvian authorities
themselves decided
it was too dangerous for people
to go into these tunnels.
So, they looked for all
of the entrances they could
around Cuzco,
and they sealed them up.
And this is a well-known story
within Peruvian history.
While there have been
many reports
from around the world
of humanlike reptilians,
there is another Inner Earth
entity described in the Zohar
that is even more commonly
witnessed in modern times.
According to Zoharic literature,
there are beings
inside the earth
having large black eyes
and a nose that is only
two darks holes on the face.
Now, that corresponds to things
that we've seen about,
heard about these, uh,
for lack of a better word, ETs.
There is a lot of evidence
that these beings
that we think are coming
from another planet
are not coming
from another planet.
They're coming
from inside our own Earth.
The black-eyed entities,
commonly referred to
as Greys by ufologists,
are the beings
most often reported
by alleged alien abductees,
many of whom claim
to have been taken aboard
saucer-shaped craft.
Could it be that
the so-called flying saucers
so often reported
in modern times
are not coming from outer space
but Inner Earth?
According to some
ancient astronaut theorists,
this notion is supported
by numerous accounts of UFOs
that are seen disappearing
into the landscape
and sometimes even flying
directly into mountains.
In fact, one of the first
UFO sightings on record involves
an entire squadron of vehicles
that appeared
to enter a volcano.
One of the first modern
UFO sightings was recorded
in June of 1947
by Kenneth Arnold.
He was flying his private plane
near Mount Rainier in Washington
when he catches sight
of some flashes of light.
And soon he discovers
that this is actually
a squadron of what he described
as flying saucers
skipping across the sky.
He follows them
as they disappear
into the direction
of nearby Mount Adams,
a volcano,
which is the sight
of many modern UFO sightings.
Is it possible
that Mount Rainier
and Mount Adams are perhaps
entranceways utilized
by these craft
into other realms?
If these craft did enter
into Mount Rainier
and/or Mount Adams, it would
not seem unusual to UFO experts.
Mountains around the world,
like Bugarach in Southern France
and Musinè in Northern Italy,
are often sites
where UFOs are reported actually
entering into the mountains.
Mountains are often cited
in ancient traditions
as entrances
to Inner Earth realms.
The most well-known is
the legendary land of Shambhala
that Buddhists
and Hindus identify
as the home of the gods.
Many believe that the entrance
to this subterranean realm
exists among the ruins
of the lost Kingdom of Gu-ge
on top of Mount Kailash
in Tibet.
Shambhala is said
to be underground.
It's ruled by kings
who live for hundreds of years.
They have wonderful technology.
There's electricity,
there's airships.
And also, part of the tradition
of Shambhala is
that they are guiding mankind.
Very much as we often think that
extraterrestrials are doing.
A number of people have
suggested that Shambhala,
the hidden city, is
at Mount Kailash or very nearby.
Gu-ge, right near Mount Kailash,
is a very strange fortress
built on the top
of a pyramidal mountain.
And the fortress of Gu-ge had
all kinds of tunnels
and hidden staircases
that went underground
and went inside this mountain.
So, when archaeologists went
there, they were astounded
that this city of Gu-ge
apparently led inside the earth.
What people seemed
to believe was that
if you were to follow
these tunnels far enough
into the earth,
you would eventually come
to that hidden city
of Shambhala,
an active city
full of light and-and power.
While there have been
numerous reports
of UFOs at Mount Kailash,
explorers have yet to find
the legendary subterranean
realm of Shambhala.
But according
to the secret diary
of one of the United States'
most celebrated naval officers,
a hidden entrance
to Inner Earth can be found
thousands of miles to the south
in Antarctica.
Esteemed U.S.
naval officer and explorer
Admiral Richard Byrd,
one of the first pilots
to fly over both
the North and South Poles,
organizes Operation Highjump,
the largest expedition ever
to travel to Antarctica,
with 13 ships, 23 aircraft,
and over 4,700
military personnel.
This was very important
that after the conclusion
of World War II,
Admiral Byrd was asked
if he would mount
a large armada
and go for four months.
It was supposed to be
that they would go in December,
January, February and March,
and there was a list
of military goals
that they were to achieve, but
by the end of February,
something happened.
One of the mission's
official goals
was investigating sites
for potential military bases
in Antarctica.
But during his explorations,
Admiral Byrd allegedly came upon
something highly unexpected.
This story
is said to come
from his diaries,
not his published account
of the trip,
but something he held back
and then later was suppressed
by government authorities
that found it frightening.
In his diary,
which was discovered
by his son after his death,
Admiral Byrd tells
an extraordinary story.
Admiral Byrd heard
there was an entrance
to the center of the Earth
through the South Pole,
and he took planes into the
South under the South Pole.
And when he did that,
he discovered
that as he flew over the Pole,
suddenly he's looking at things
that shouldn't be there.
I mean, it was temperate.
He and a squadron flew
under the earth, into the earth.
It turns into this lush
and green area,
and he can't even
believe his eyes.
But that's just the beginning
of his extraordinary story.
He tells how, all of a sudden,
he starts
to see a shimmering rainbow
city that's made of crystal.
His airplane is taken control of
when he suddenly sees
these flying disk-shaped objects
around him
that lead him to the ground
whereupon he's escorted
into a cavernous type of an area
where he meets a being he refers
to as "The Master" in his diary.
The Master tells him
that they're highly disappointed
in what humans are doing
with nuclear weapons
and how they recently destroyed
Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
and they really are concerned
about what is going on
on the surface of the planet.
They tell Admiral Byrd that
they hope that humanity
will ultimately stop this.
For UFO researchers,
this account
from Admiral Byrd's diary
is particularly significant
due to the fact
that the modern UFO era began
right after World War II
and the detonation
of the first atomic bombs.
It has also been noted
that a high number
of UFO sightings
have been reported
in the vicinity
of nuclear missile silos.
Admiral Byrd's story is
congruent with the stories
that we hear
from numerous accounts
of angelic
or extraterrestrial-type beings
that are very concerned
about what humanity is doing
with nuclear weapons.
Just ask the Air Force officers
at the U.S. missile silos,
the nuclear missile silos
that have seen their silos
and their nuclear arms disarmed
by what are perceived
to be extraterrestrial beings.
They are very concerned
that we are ultimately
not just going
to destroy ourselves
but could harm our planet,
which is their world as well.
If Admiral Byrd's
secret diary is authentic,
does it reveal not only
that there are highly
advanced beings
living inside the earth but also
that they are monitoring
what happens on the surface?
According to the diary,
after this incredible encounter,
Admiral Byrd was eager
to share his story
but was ordered
to remain silent.
Byrd comes back
after this experience.
He is taken
to a government compound
where he is told that he is
never to speak of this publicly
and that everything
he says is-is classified.
Could Admiral Byrd's story point
to a profound connection
between the ancient traditions
of strange beings
living inside the earth
and the modern-day
UFO phenomenon?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes
and believe we may be
fast approaching the time
when we will
find ourselves face-to-face
with the beings of Inner Earth.
to the teachings of kabbalah,
on this date,
which marks the beginning
of the seventh millennium
on the Judaic calendar,
humankind will be introduced
to a profound new reality.
According to the Zohar,
at the beginning
of the seventh millennium,
the gates of wisdom
will open on the Earth.
That seems like a long way off.
However, the Zohar also tells us
that there will be
preliminary stages
of the opening of this wisdom.
Those stages, the kabbalists
teach, began around 1840.
That's the beginning
of the Industrial Revolution,
when suddenly humans are
taking control of nature.
After that, we enter into
the technological revolution
of the 1950s
the invention of the computer,
the transistor, and
other technologies like that.
Now we're moving
into the nanotechnology,
the artificial intelligence era.
These are all believed
to be signs
that we are ultimately
moving into this new era
when immense wellsprings
of wisdom will open up.
At that point, there will be
an age of enlightenment
that will come upon the planet
and come upon all the life
on this planet.
Now, isn't this fascinating,
that the three Adamic religions
all talk about the same thing?
In Christianity, it is the
Second Coming and the Rapture.
- Allahu Akbar
- In Islam, it is the Twelfth Imam.
In Judaism,
it is the Messiah who will come,
and there will be
a whole new life on this planet.
When it comes time
for the Messiah to come,
the Messiah will not come
from the skies,
but rather the Messiah
and his army
will come from Inner Earth.
And there is Midrashic legend
that states in the
"world to come,"
we will have first contact
with those races in Inner Earth.
Do the prophecies
of kabbalah confirm
that even to this day,
humankind continues
to share the planet
with other intelligent beings
that occupy hidden realms?
There are many different
species, races of beings.
Some of them came
from earlier times,
and some of them come from now
but in just a different place.
There's not only one or two.
There are many,
many different races.
And coming in contact
with other races or beings
is coming in the next epoch.
The purpose of the teachings
of the mystical traditions
is to provide light
and redirection back
to communion
with the higher domains.
We are not alone
as intelligent beings
upon our own Earth.
Is humanity
rapidly approaching the day
when the secrets
of Inner Earth will be revealed?
Have we been sharing the planet
with other
intelligent life-forms
for thousands of years?
Perhaps it will be below
rather than above
where we will
ultimately discover
the truth about our past,
our future,
and our alien ancestors.
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