Ancient Aliens s19e07 Episode Script

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

Incredible accounts
of U.S. presidents
receiving visitors
from beyond Earth.
President Eisenhower
and Richard Nixon
are contacted by an E.T.
Stories of alien ambassadors
reaching out to
the British Royal Family.
This is the top royal aide
who's been introduced
to a mysterious individual
from another planet.
And shocking claims
that Earth belongs
to a galactic federation.
I found the spreadsheet.
It was actually
titled in the column
"Non-terrestrial Officers."
Could there be
certain people on Earth
who not only have knowledge
of extraterrestrial visitors
but are even
in contact with them?
When it becomes
accepted knowledge that,
not only are we not alone today
but we never have been alone,
that'll be the most
profound conclusion
in the history of humanity.
There is a doorway
in the universe.
Beyond it is
the promise of truth.
It demands
we question everything
we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is
right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
In the first month
of the new year,
it is announced that
a new spending bill
will require
the U.S. Defense Department
to review UFO sightings
dating to 1945.
Another major headline
involves controversial claims
by a U.S. congressman
of a huge UFO coverup,
and yet another
claims that a UFO
was shot down
by the Russian military.
In today's world, UFO reports
are no longer a fringe curiosity
but part of
the daily news cycle.
Finally, in the 21st century,
you got the whole world curious.
Everybody's looking
for real UFOs.
Headlines in
every newspaper, everywhere.
Every television,
every radio,
every cell phone.
Things like,
"NASA Announces Unidentified
Aerial Phenomena Study."
The big headline
in The New York Times
having to do with UFOs doing
remarkable demonstrations
in front of military pilots.
It's suddenly respectable
for these topics
to be discussed in the open.
The level of official interest,
the level of scientific interest
and media interest
is to the point
where now we can
look at evidence
that's been sitting
around for decades
that hasn't been scrutinized.
And finally,
it's getting some scrutiny.
It's getting attention.
That is a sea change.
And because
of the media interest,
the topic became
acceptable for Congress.
There's political cover
for them to go ahead
and ask questions.
In May 2022,
there was an unprecedented
congressional hearing
from one of the subcommittees
of the House
Intelligence Committee
a lot of it in public
and some absolutely
fascinating information
was disclosed.
I mean, effectively, this was
an admission
that the phenomenon was real.
We know that our service
members have encountered
unidentified aerial phenomena,
and because UAPs pose
potential flight safety
and general security risk,
we are committed
to a focused effort
to determine their origins.
Here was Congress paying
serious attention to it,
that these objects
are undoubtedly real,
they're not, uh, figments
of the imagination,
they're not hoaxes.
There are objects up there
that are legitimate mysteries.
Considering the recent
explosion of UFO reports,
is it possible that there is,
in fact, an extraterrestrial
presence on Earth?
And if so,
have there been encounters
not only with strange
objects in the sky
but also with alien entities?
Now we're kind of saying,
well, UFOs are real,
these craft are real.
The next logical question is:
Have people engaged entities,
intelligences that
operate these craft,
whether it be biological
or artificial intelligence,
or some sort of marriage
between the two?
Dr. Travis Taylor,
who was hired
as the chief scientist
for the U.S. government's
UAP Task Force in 2019,
says that in his experience,
while UFO sightings
are no longer scoffed at,
the same cannot be said
for reports
of much closer encounters.
If an F-18 pilot came to you
and said, "We chased"
"a UAP in the sky
with our fighter plane
and couldn't catch it,"
you're gonna listen to that guy.
But if the same
fighter pilot came and said,
"I was flying along in my F-18,
"and a UAP came down
and abducted me
"from my cockpit, took me off,
"did something to me
and brought me back
"and put me right back
in my cockpit
as though I'd never been gone,"
you would think he's crazy. Why?
Why is that any more fantastic
than there being something
we can't explain what it is,
that we can't catch with
a modern-day fighter plane?
I think each are
equally fantastic
and should
at least be considered.
One of the first people
to suggest
that reports of close encounters
with extraterrestrials
should be taken seriously
was the man who held
Travis Taylor's position
more than 60 years prior:
astrophysicist J. Allen Hynek.
In 1952, Hynek was
the scientific consultant
for Project Blue Book,
the U.S. government's
first public investigation
into the UFO phenomenon.
According to
J. Allen Hynek's son Paul,
one of the cases
his father found
most compelling
involved an encounter
with alien entities.
My father didn't talk that much
about individual cases,
but there were some cases
that really stood out to him.
One was the case
of Lonnie Zamora
in 1964 in New Mexico.
Lonnie Zamora was a policeman,
and he saw some kind of
craft in the sky land.
It was an egg-shaped craft.
He saw some humanoids come out,
a fairly brief encounter,
and they took off.
Lonnie Zamora had not
been active in UFOs
or flying saucers before that.
My father thought
he was very credible.
And it was the case
that was maybe the straw
that broke the camel's back
on my father
being more comfortable
talking publicly about
abduction cases and humanoids.
Of the 12,618 sightings
reported to Project Blue Book,
701 were left unexplained,
including the case of
policeman Lonnie Zamora.
Yet, despite the hundreds
of unsolved close encounters,
the government shut down
Project Blue Book in 1969.
But not before J. Allen Hynek
made arguably
his most famous contribution
to the UFO phenomenon.
My father, being a scientist,
decided that UFOs needed to have
a classification system.
So, he came up
with a close encounters
of the first,
second and third kind.
A close encounter
of the first kind
is a visual sighting
within 500 feet or so.
A close encounter
of the second kind
is where there is
some kind of physical evidence:
a sunburned face,
broken tree branches,
radar sighting, etcetera.
And a close encounter
of the third kind
is where you actually see
some type of creature.
Following the demise
of Project Blue Book,
claims of even more
bizarre alien encounters
started being reported
across the globe,
and two more categories
of close encounters
were identified.
A close encounter of
the fourth kind indicates
an alien abduction.
And a close encounter
of the fifth kind
involves communication
and interaction
with an alien entity.
Close encounters
of the fifth kind
are essentially
human interactions
with extraterrestrials.
It's not just seeing.
It's being a participant
in an event.
There is often, for example,
direct communication,
either verbal or telepathic.
And this is
particularly interesting,
because what we get is not just
description and perceptions
but often information,
messages are sometimes given
in this two-way
interactive communication.
And that's fascinating
because it gives us
perhaps our best insight
into extraterrestrial
Accounts of close encounters
of the fifth kind
are often regarded as
too sensational to be true.
But according to
ancient astronaut theorists,
such face-to-face interactions
with extraterrestrials
can be found
throughout recorded history.
Throughout the history
of humankind,
cultures from
all continents of the world
described someone
descending from the sky
and imparting knowledge.
And instead of attributing
these stories to pure fantasy,
the ancient astronaut
theory proposes
that contact between
physical extraterrestrials
and our human ancestors
happened face-to-face.
Could it be that the designation
"close encounters
of the fifth kind"
is not merely terminology
for potential alien encounters
in the distant future
but describes interactions
that have been
happening on Earth
for thousands of years?
Perhaps clues can be
found by examining
claims of such encounters
within the highest levels
of the United States government.
At 5:05 AM,
one of a series of nuclear tests
under the umbrella code-named
Upshot-Knothole is set off.
Within seconds of the blast,
a disc-shaped object is seen
rapidly descending from the sky
headed south toward Las Vegas,
then disappearing
into the mountains.
Just two days after this event,
government officials secretly
gather a team of scientists
for a curious assignment.
They were to
investigate the crash
of an unidentified flying object
on the outskirts
of Kingman, Arizona,
a city 175 miles south
of the nuclear test site.
There were 40 engineers
that boarded a bus,
and they took a long,
three-and-a-half-hour ride
from Phoenix to Kingman.
When they got there,
it was nighttime.
There were MPs
on all corners of the craft.
It's about a 40-foot diameter
disc shaped craft
that was perfectly intact.
There wasn't a scratch on it.
There were four beings
associated with this craft,
and they shipped it
to Groom Lake.
Groom Lake is
the Area 51 region in Nevada.
When Area 51
was just bare bones,
they took the craft
and the aliens
out to that location
in the middle
of the Nevada desert,
because it was so remote.
And around that,
they built Area 51.
Hidden within
a ring of mountains
deep in the Nevada desert,
Area 51 is a top secret
military installation
that has long been rumored
to hold evidence
of alien technology.
And there are even stories
that a special facility
at Area 51
once held a survivor
of the 1953 Kingman UFO crash.
An alien entity known as J-Rod.
J-Rod is an alien
who allegedly worked
at Area 51
over a period of years.
And it was
J-Rod's mission or duty
to help reverse engineer
that was apparently from
the 1953 Kingman UFO crash.
J-Rod was one of
the crash survivors
and worked directly
with our own government.
Captain Bill Uhouse,
a former Navy pilot
who later worked
for the U.S. Air Force
performing experimental testing
on aircraft,
was assigned to Area 51
in the mid-1960s,
and he claims that
he not only studied the craft
that allegedly crashed
in Kingman, Arizona,
but also had direct contact
with J-Rod.
We had a long period of
introduction into meeting,
you know, an alien.
And I-I called him J-Rod.
That's the name
that the linguists gave him.
And he talked, he would talk,
but he'd sound just like
If you spoke,
he'd sound like you.
You know, he's, like
one of these, ah, a parrot.
But he'd try and
answer your question, you know?
Basically, it was
only engineering advice
or science advice.
There's also
another whistleblower
by the name of Dan Burisch.
And Dan Burisch
said that he was hired
as a microbiologist
to basically care for J-Rod,
ensuring that
he remained healthy.
And, uh, this went on
for years and years and years.
According to Dan Burisch
and Bill Uhouse,
J-Rod was housed
in a special underground chamber
at Area 51.
And there have been
numerous other accounts
of extraterrestrials
working with
the United States government.
There's a lot of stories
that we worked with
the aliens at Area 51.
Or, uh, some say,
at a base nearby,
kind of in the desert out there.
And we've been working with them
in underground labs,
and they have been
sharing information
for us to enhance
our technologies.
Is it possible that
the United States government
has met with, and worked with,
entities like J-Rod
and other alien visitors
since at least the 1950s?
According to UFO researchers,
there is evidence
that extraterrestrials
have not only been held
at secret military bases
but have even met face-to-face
with the Commander in Chief
inside the walls
of the Pentagon.
One of the most
detailed accounts
of a presidential
close encounter
is the story of
an otherworldly visitor
named Valiant Thor.
The story of Valiant Thor
comes from a gentleman
by the name of Frank Stranges,
who's a chaplain,
and apparently held
a top secret clearance.
As the story goes,
in 1957,
a UFO landed in Virginia
very close to Washington, D.C.
Police officers
were called to the scene,
and out stepped
a human-looking gentleman
who wanted to visit
with then President Eisenhower.
He was taken directly
to the Pentagon
and was able
to arrange a meeting
with President Eisenhower.
In this meeting,
he basically stated
that he was very much concerned
about our use
of nuclear weapons.
Just as another country
would post an ambassador
to the United States,
the theory was that Valiant Thor
was the ambassador
from the extraterrestrials.
And he was,
from time to time, advising
President Eisenhower
and the U.S. government
on policy issues.
This idea that an actual,
extraterrestrial visitor
could potentially be influencing
the course of the world
is a possibility.
I am sure
there's envoys out there
that do the same thing,
not just on a planet
but in entire planetary systems.
Could it be
that the United States
has had diplomatic relations
with otherworldly beings?
And if so,
do they continue even today?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes
and suggest there is evidence
that extraterrestrials
have also attempted
to make contact
with the British monarchy.
Across the United Kingdom,
people gather
to pay their respects
to Queen Elizabeth's
husband Prince Philip,
the Duke of Edinburgh,
who passed away
at the age of 99.
In the months after his death,
reports begin to surface
that Prince Philip
spent more than half his life
investigating claims
of alien close encounters.
In the process,
he allegedly amassed
a trove of secret evidence
that's been coined
the "Royal X-Files,"
and that has never been
viewed by the public.
Prince Philip had
a lifelong fascination
And I would even
say more than fascination.
I would say
a serious interest in UFOs.
He read all the books.
He was actually secretly
going to the media and saying,
"Hey, the Americans are
writing these great books.
You guys need
to serialize these."
And he-he convinced them
to do that.
This was not generally
known, of course,
because it would have caused
something of a-a scandal.
The irony being that
Ministry of Defence policy
was to play down
the subject of UFOs,
but here were our royal bosses,
absolutely fascinated by it.
In order to escape
public ridicule
and provide cover
for the royal family,
Prince Philip
enlisted the service
of the former Commander
of the Royal Air Force,
Sir Peter Horsley,
to secretly investigate
reported sightings
and encounters.
Prince Philip charged
Sir Peter Horsley,
to contact the MOD,
the Ministry of Defence,
and provide firsthand reports
of UFO encounters,
UAP encounters.
And not only that,
his other assistant
brought in firsthand witnesses
to talk face-to-face
with Prince Philip about UFOs.
In his autobiography titled
Sounds from Another Room,
Sir Peter Horsley recounts
meeting a bizarre individual
during his investigations
on behalf of
the Prince of Edinburgh.
In this memoir, he talks about
meeting an individual
by the name of Mr. Janus.
He met face-to-face
with this gentleman,
who was entirely human-looking,
but it became very clear
to him from the beginning
that this was not
a normal person.
For one thing,
he seemed to be able
to read
Sir Peter Horsley's mind.
He apparently had
telepathic abilities.
And not only that, he began
to talk about subjects
such as UFOs,
space travel, even time travel.
And I think
the thing that impressed
Sir Peter Horsley most
was that this individual,
Mr. Janus,
knew all of
Britain's nuclear secrets.
He knew all about
where materials were being kept
and all the activity
that was going on.
He seemed to know all of it.
Mr. Janus says,
"Well, I-I need to have
a meeting with Prince Philip."
And Horsley, he's like, "Well,
you don't just walk in and
have a meeting with the prince."
Horsley was a very
sophisticated, intelligent man.
But Horsley walked out
of that room convinced
convinced that this was
an extraterrestrial.
And he apparently talked about
some sort of galactic council,
and there being interest
in planet Earth,
but there was a genuine prospect
of nuclear war,
and apparently that was
of concern to Mr. Janus.
Much like
Peter Horsley's account
of his meeting with Mr. Janus,
Frank Stranges claimed that
Valiant Thor came to Earth
to warn President Eisenhower
about the dangers
of nuclear proliferation.
Many researchers also believe
that the reported 1953 UFO crash
in Kingman, Arizona,
was caused by a nuclear test.
And, perhaps not coincidentally,
the number of
modern-day UFO sightings
increased exponentially
after World War II.
In the late 1940s,
1947, in particular,
it was absolutely undeniable
that something was going on.
This is when we started
first exploding nuclear bombs,
and in 1947, there
was a huge super-wave
of UFO sightings
which swept across
the United States and the world.
And this was
not one or two sightings.
This was hundreds upon hundreds.
You've got claim
after claim of people
from the 1950s onward,
some of them say, "I met
these human-looking beings, uh",
"who said they were
from another planet,
"and they-they have
said to us, uh,
"'Your nuclear technology
is dangerous.
Uh, you-you need to be
more peaceful.'"
There have also been
a high number
of UFO sightings at
nuclear weapons facilities,
including the Hanford nuclear
site in Washington state,
Vandenberg Air Force Base
in California,
Kapustin Yar in Russia,
and the Malmstrom nuclear
missile facility in Montana.
There's tremendous amount of
conflict here on planet Earth,
and that would be one reason
why the extraterrestrials
would want to contact
leaders from around the world
to try to stop
some terrible nuclear war
from happening.
Could it be that
who have been monitoring Earth
for thousands of years
have approached world leaders
to deter them from
nuclear proliferation?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes,
and they contend
that such encounters
of the fifth kind
don't just happen
to prominent political figures.
They can happen to people
from all walks of life,
who are then
often compelled to share
such warnings with the world.
Desert Center, California.
November 20, 1952.
Photographer and amateur
astronomer George Adamski
is hiking with friends
along the rocky sands
of the Colorado desert
when he sees a large
saucer-shaped craft in the sky.
According to Adamski,
a voice from the spaceship
speaks to him,
telling him to
walk off the main road.
Allegedly, uh, the four of them
saw a craft, uh, land
farther out in the desert.
George Adamski, by himself,
then walked over this hill
and to the craft,
where he claimed he met
with an extraterrestrial.
That extraterrestrial
invited, uh, Adamski
ultimately to go on
one of the craft at some point.
He claimed they took him
in a spaceship
out into space
and toured other planets,
and along the way,
he is educated or schooled
by a thousand-year-old being
he refers to as "the master."
He believed that they were
enlightened, advanced beings
who were keeping an eye
on our development
and were concerned about some of
the turns that
the human journey had taken:
pollution of the environment,
development of nuclear weapons.
And so Adamski then went on
to spread his message
around the world
because he felt that
this was a mission for him.
Adamski wrote
a number of books about this,
and his photos are
still famous photos
that he took of
cylindrical cigar-shaped ships
and of flying saucers.
He actually traveled
around the world
as a special ambassador.
He even met with
the Queen of Holland
and other world leaders.
He was greeted often as
some kind of ambassador
from the extraterrestrials.
Most of these contactees
will say
they're lectured to
in some fashion
about technology and
their place in the universe.
It's a message
that they're given
to take to other people.
Do extraterrestrials
select certain people
to deliver information
to humanity?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes
and suggest there may even be
physical evidence to prove it.
Ulster County, New York.
December 26, 1985.
Best-selling author
Whitley Strieber
is celebrating Christmas
with his wife and young son
at their cabin.
In the middle of the night,
he is awoken
by a disturbing feeling.
I felt that there was
something around me.
In other words,
there was movement
that shouldn't have been there.
And I opened my eyes,
and I saw these big, black eyes
staring at me.
And I had no idea where I was.
It was a little round room.
And I began to scream.
This automatic voice
turned on, saying,
"What can we do to help you
stop screaming?"
There were these other figures,
dark blue little figures
darting around,
and they assaulted me,
It was not easy.
It was a very
terrifying experience.
To process the traumatic event,
Whitley wrote about
his close encounter,
which became the basis of his
best-selling memoir Communion.
He hoped the experience
was behind him.
But in May of 1989,
Whitley had another strange
nocturnal encounter.
I'm on my side,
on my right side,
and there's a hand pressing
down on my left temple,
pressing it into the pillow
in like waves, like this.
And I can't struggle.
I can't move a muscle.
I can't see anything.
I am completely immobilized.
After a few seconds, that ends.
And I think, "Was it a dream?"
Then, the next day or the day
after, my ear started hurting.
I reach up and I feel
this bump here on my ear.
And I thought,
"Oh, my God, it's an implant."
Ooh, that looks like
a little white thing.
There was
an attempt to remove it.
It failed because
the implant went from here
right down into here on its own.
And the doctor pulled out.
Two days later,
it went from my ear lobe
back up to where it is
to this day.
Could extraterrestrials
have really implanted
some kind of device inside
Whitley Strieber's ear?
And if so, why?
According to Whitley,
whatever the implant is,
it has had
a profound effect on him.
In 2015,
I noticed a slit
opened up in my right eye,
and you could see words
racing through it.
But they were like someone was
typing very quickly and racing.
And it had something
to do with my writing,
because, at the same time,
my ability to do research
changed dramatically
and weirdly.
I found that if I just thought
about something I needed,
no matter how obscure,
one way or another,
it would come to me.
Since receiving
the alleged implant,
Strieber claims to have
had regular interaction
with otherworldly beings.
The visitors are
a part of my life now,
very much so.
Uh, I don't think
I would be comfortable working
without knowing
that there was
using the implant,
that there was a connection.
Now, what do they want from us?
That is a very big
unanswered question.
Humans have been
interacting with
these beings,
wherever they're from,
for eons
throughout human history.
I think that,
uh, this intelligence,
instead of revealing itself
on a global scale,
they've been engaging
with people one-on-one.
Maybe they put us on the path
where we are now.
Don't know.
They seem to have
an ongoing interest in us.
They take direct involvement
with certain bloodlines
and certain people.
And the dramatic transformations
that have taken place
after people
have had these claimed contacts
is very real.
If close encounters
of the fifth kind
are, in fact, taking place,
are alien entities
making contact for our benefit
or for theirs?
According to
ancient astronaut theorists,
both could be true.
Because they say
there is evidence
that Earth is being visited
by multiple alien species.
Shortly after 8:00 a.m.,
the National
High Tech Crime Unit
arrives at the home
of 36-year-old Scottish
computer engineer Gary McKinnon.
They are there
to arrest him on behalf
of the United States
Justice Department
for hacking into
top secret computers
at NASA and the Pentagon.
McKinnon not only admits
to the crime
but claims he uncovered evidence
that the U.S. government
was working with
extraterrestrial beings.
I was obsessed with UFOs.
I was dying to find out
the information.
The Internet was a real enabler
for finding out information, um,
by going to places
you shouldn't be in,
um, because they were so open.
There were a lot of text files
that had lists of
places, installations,
military bases, Air Force bases,
Navy sites, NASA sites.
So, there was
a lot to go through.
But I did find
a gold mine of information.
According to McKinnon,
he unearthed a secret
U.S. military program
that existed entirely in space.
- I found the spreadsheet.
- It was actually titled
in the column,
"Non-terrestrial Officers."
As well as officers' names,
it had ship names.
None of these were
ocean-going ships.
It was astounding.
They're not Navy.
They're not in the Army.
And not even Air Force.
So, to me, I was thinking
there must be
an off-planet space force,
or space fleet, at least.
After McKinnon's arrest,
he was told the U.S. government
intended to sentence him
to 70 years in prison.
At the time, I thought
six months community service
was all you'd do for a
Computer Misuse Act in Britain.
We fought extradition
for ten years,
and we actually won the case.
But, unfortunately, today,
the arrest warrant
is still live,
and I'm still on
the Interpol Red list,
so I can't travel.
Could it be
that Gary McKinnon's account
of what he saw
when he hacked into computers
at the Pentagon
and NASA is genuine?
Is the U.S. government
engaged in secret operations
beyond Earth?
I think Gary McKinnon
is truthful
in that he did see files
on secret space programs
and UFO-related material.
Whether that information
was legit
or was just sitting there
somewhere, we can't say.
But there's no question
that he did
what he claimed to have done.
While there are
many who question
the authenticity of
Gary McKinnon's account,
other more notable figures
have since come forward
with similar claims.
In 2013, former Canadian
Minister of National Defence
Paul Hellyer declared that
the United States government
and other governments
around the world,
are working with organized
groups of extraterrestrials.
Why do you say
that UFOs are as real
as the airplanes
flying over our heads?
Well, because
I know that they are.
And they've been visiting this
planet for thousands of years.
And there is what is
called a federation
of these people,
and they have rules.
Paul Hellyer was a former
Deputy Prime Minister of Canada
and a former
Minister of Defence of Canada.
He was able to talk to
a lot of important people
within the U.S.
and Canadian system,
and it was his opinion,
based on the sources
that he had,
that there are many groups
that are here visiting us.
Paul Hellyer is not
the only government official
to come forward
with alleged knowledge
of a federation of
extraterrestrial races.
Recently the former Israeli
chief of space security,
Haim Eshed,
came out and said that
there is a galactic federation,
and that indeed
many world leaders
know of and are in talks with
delegates of
the galactic federation.
I don't know
what to make of that claim.
But when you have enough
of them, a pattern emerges,
and it starts to take on
a bit more gravitas
in functioning
as bona fide evidence.
Dr. Haim Eshed claimed
that the extraterrestrials
in this galactic federation
were in contact
with governments
around the world.
It's a fascinating idea
and one that may well be true.
Should the sensational claims
made by Paul Hellyer
and Haim Eshed be believed?
That close encounters of
the fifth kind are occurring
at the highest levels
of government around the world
and with entire factions
of extraterrestrial beings.
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes
and argue that recent
revelations from world leaders
may be preparing mankind
for a groundbreaking event:
full disclosure.
In today's world,
where cell phones are equipped
with high-definition cameras
and the Internet
makes it possible
to share videos in an instant,
average citizens have become
frontline reporters
on the UFO phenomenon.
New images and accounts
of unidentified phenomena
are posted online
nearly every day,
and UFO researchers
say the proof
that extraterrestrials
are visiting Earth
is right before our eyes.
But they also suggest the
evidence that's been accumulated
by the public
pales in comparison
to what
the United States government
has had in its possession
for decades.
Technology has changed
so much over the past 30,
40 years that now it's possible
for regular Joe citizens to be
part of this investigation.
The flip side of that
is our military
has incredible sensors that
watch everything that happens
on and around the Earth.
There's a gigantic storehouse
of information somewhere
that the public has
never been allowed to see.
World leaders and
the governments think
that we, the people,
cannot handle the truth.
But in 2017,
when The New York Times
talked about the idea
that the U.S. government
actually is investigating
UAPs and UFOs,
you know, that story came,
and people went about
their daily lives. Why?
Just because you understand
that you're not alone
in the universe
does not change the fact
that you have to go to work,
you have to put food
on the table.
And the idea to be afraid
of extraterrestrials
There's nothing
we can do anyway,
so why be afraid?
We should not be afraid
because they would have
eliminated us
hundreds of years ago,
before we invented
nuclear weapons.
While there has been
much speculation
as to whether there are people
within the U.S. government
covering up the truth
about Earth's interactions
with alien visitors,
some researchers
have proposed that
there may be another authority
controlling the narrative.
It isn't humans
that are holding it back.
It's the extraterrestrial
biological entities
who said humans are not ready
for the introduction yet.
And that's what Haim Eshed said,
even in television interviews.
They have said,
"Keep the information down
"until we decide
"that you are
technologically advanced enough
to be introduced to us."
But many UFO researchers believe
that the truth is becoming
harder to hide,
and the day may be
rapidly approaching
when the public
will be introduced
to a profound new reality.
These public hearings
mark a U-turn
in U.S. government policy.
We've had decades of
debunking and denying
and playing
the whole thing down,
and now it's as if
they're putting it out there
in front of us all.
And one wonders,
are they preparing us
for something?
Are they laying the groundwork
for some big reveal
or some huge global event?
It is a one day at a time
to walk towards
what ultimately will be
complete disclosure.
Are we on the verge
of discovering
that close encounters
of the fifth kind
are not hypothetical
but have already taken place?
Will we soon learn,
once and for all,
that we are not alone?
Perhaps one day soon,
the truth will be revealed,
not through a government agency
but by the extraterrestrials
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