Ancient Aliens s19e08 Episode Script

The Mysteries of Alaska

A remote land known for bizarre
and shocking events.
Alaska is a place where
anomalous events
clearly are happening.
A vast wilderness
where people disappear
without a trace.
Up in Alaska,
anywhere from
500 to 2,000 people
still go missing every year.
And a mysterious home
to UFO activity.
In the 37 years
I've been flying,
I've seen a lot of things,
and what I saw was just not
anything ordinary at all.
Could Alaska's rugged landscape
conceal secrets
that are not of this world?
You have huge areas
that are uninhabited.
And it's such
a huge frontier region.
All kinds of things
can be happening there.
There is a doorway
in the universe.
Beyond it is
the promise of truth.
It demands
we question everything
we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is
right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
The largest of all U.S. states,
it's home to the nation's
highest peak,
its biggest national park,
and more coastline than
all other states combined.
With dense,
uninhabited wilderness
and countless mountains,
Alaska presents a landscape
that can be beautiful,
and often treacherous.
The entirety
of the Alaska wilderness
is over 600,000 square miles.
People don't realize this,
but it's actually
two and a half times
the size of Texas.
It's absolutely massive.
It's an area of the world
that's extremely desolate,
very cold, very remote,
in which there are no roads
that go to many of these places.
Having worked extensively
in Alaska,
one cannot overstate
the immensity
and vastness of the region.
There are some
17 mountain ranges,
66,000 miles of coastland,
and an estimated 3,000 rivers,
and over 3,000,000 lakes.
So, it is really one of
the last frontiers in the world
and one of the most challenging,
brutal habitats
that I've ever investigated.
We're talking
about harsh winters,
craggy peaks, dangerous animals.
It really encompasses
all of that.
For centuries, Alaska's
vast and rugged landscape
has been known as a place
where people disappear
with great frequency
and are often never found.
Anywhere from 500 to 2,000
people still go missing
every year up in Alaska.
Now, they're not all
in airplanes,
but still, gives you an idea
of how dangerous
and unpredictable the area is.
If you can get lost
on the ground,
how much worse would it be
if you're in an aircraft?
Most of these disappearances
I think, personally,
can be explained.
And, yet, there are some
occurrences that I know about
that even I, as a professional
ex-fighter pilot, can't explain.
On October 16, 1972,
one of the most famous
in American history
took place over Alaska.
Louisiana Congressman
and House Majority Leader
Hale Boggs
boarded a twin-engine Cessna
in Anchorage
headed for Juneau,
the state capital.
With him was local
Alaskan congressman Nick Begich.
After the congressmen's
plane departed Anchorage
for Juneau,
attempts to reach
the pilot by radio
were met with an eerie silence.
He made one
mandatory radio reporting,
I think,
nine minutes after takeoff,
and then they were never seen
or heard from again.
The disappearance
of two U.S. congressmen
made headlines around the world
and prompted an unprecedented
search and rescue operation.
At the time, Nixon actually
turned it into the most
expensive rescue operation
ever in the history
of the United States.
They still
did not find anything.
There were, uh,
40-something aircraft
involved and they covered
an area maybe 360,000
square kilometers.
The fact is, nothing has ever
been found or discovered
from that aircraft,
not a scrap of metal,
nothing concrete,
and that again only deepens
the mystery in that area.
Literally hundreds of planes
have disappeared while in flight
over Alaska
never to be recovered,
and while many have blamed
the state's extreme weather
and terrain,
Alaska has long been known
as a hot spot
for all kinds
of strange phenomena.
As recently
as February 10, 2023,
a U.S. F-22 fighter jet
shot down
an unidentified flying object
hovering ten miles
off the north coast of Alaska,
making headlines
around the world.
The anomalous activity
in Alaska's been noted
for well over 100 years,
like the Bermuda Triangle,
and the Devil's Triangle
out in Japan.
Within this area,
incredible amount
of weird things take place.
We have paranormal activity,
the appearance of strange
and other monsters
of time and space,
as well as the manifestation
of UFOs and mysterious lights.
Commercial pilot Theo Chesley
has been flying in Alaska
for nearly four decades
and had heard countless stories
of bizarre aerial encounters.
But Chelsey
remained a skeptic until 2019,
when he had his own
astonishing experience
flying by Mount Shishaldin,
an active volcano on
Unimak Island in the Aleutians.
The morning in
late October, uh, 2019,
we had a normal charter flight
from Sand Point
direct to Dutch Harbor
with three passengers aboard.
About halfway
through the flight,
we're approaching
the volcano from the north.
The weather that day was
fairly good, good visibility.
And we saw something
in the sky about 15 miles
south of the volcano.
A horizontal disk-shaped object
that was very symmetrical,
just almost perfect symmetry.
As we continued
on our flight path,
the disk, uh,
became more prevalent
and turned
into a vertical fashion.
We knew something
extraordinary was happening
in front of us,
just not quite certain what.
As Chesley
and his three passengers
observed the strange
disk-shaped object,
they were shocked to see
a second anomaly,
one that appeared to come out
of the mouth of the volcano.
We noticed something fly out
of the crater of the mountain,
inside of a shrouded wisp
of white smoke.
Almost around that same time,
a green sphere
exhibited itself on the side
of the mountain.
And as all this
was taking place,
this object flew
into the vertical sphere
and pulled it out of shape
in a teardrop fashion.
At that point, we decided we
did not want to stay and loiter,
and maybe have to deal
with some different consequences
that we weren't
gonna be prepared for.
Could sightings like
Theo Chesley's shed light
on Alaska's strange history
of unexplained phenomena,
disappearances, and even
seemingly impossible creatures?
Perhaps further clues
can be found
by examining the pictures
Chesley took of what he
and his passengers witnessed
and his report
of a second
mysterious encounter.
Pilot Theo Chesley has reported
one of the most significant
and credible UFO sightings
in recent Alaskan history.
The incident
caught the attention
of author and researcher
David Childress,
who traveled to Anchorage
to meet with Chesley
and examine the evidence
of his harrowing encounter.
Hi, Theo.
- Hi, David. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
I understand you have a very
interesting story to tell.
Well, I do, and it happened
right here in this aircraft.
And you've been flying here
for quite a few years, right?
Yeah, about 35 years.
So, when was
this first occurrence?
Well, uh, we had a flight
back in October 2019.
We were northeast
of the mountain.
Uh, we were probably
30 miles from the mountain,
we spotted something in the sky.
And this is what we saw.
Did it seem to have
a-a cloud around it, or no?
It had, like, a tail on it,
little bit of a wisp
coming out of the back.
So, I'm looking at it,
going, okay, what is that?
As we started to come towards
the mountain and fly by it,
this horizontal disk
turned vertical
and came over and sort of parked
by the mountain
and held its shape.
So, it had been moving,
and then it stopped?
It stopped by the volcano.
So I'm, like, looking at it,
going, okay,
if this is a smoke ring,
it's not gonna hold its shape,
it's not gonna stop.
It's gonna dissipate.
It held its shape
the whole time.
And had you ever seen
anything like this before?
Uh, I've been flying,
well, 35 years
and 15,000 hours of flight time,
uh, most of them in Alaska,
and I had never seen
anything like this.
Then we had something
fly out of the mountain.
- Uh, now, the mountain
- A second object?
A second object.
So, this object
flies out of the mountain.
And at the same time,
we're still watching the v
the sphere
that's vertically parked.
- And it's, like, up here?
- It's right over here.
Matter of fact, I'll
show you another picture here
that kind of just
puts it all together.
- Okay.
- So, then this appeared
on the side of the mountain.
This green orb shows up
on the side
of the mountain in a lower spot.
The next picture we take,
this is what happened to
the vertical sphere in the sky.
Something flew inside of it
and pulled it out of shape.
You see these two little,
I don't know,
there's, like,
two little wings out there.
And we, like, looked at that,
and I said, no, we're done here.
We're, we are
leaving the scene here.
And to be honest, uh, you know,
my concern level was going about
through the roof at that point.
Did it seem like
a very large object, then?
This is a big mountain,
and this was something
that caught our eye
40 to 50 miles away.
- Okay, that's, yeah, it's, like
- Yeah, so
40, 50 miles away
from this thing.
So, this had to be almost,
I want to guess,
a half a mile wide.
- Wow, that's fascinating.
- And, you know
When it comes to
UFO-type objects
around volcanoes,
that's a common thing.
One of the first
modern UFO sightings on record
involved an entire squadron
of vehicles
that appeared to enter
a volcano.
On June 24, 1947,
Kenneth Arnold was flying
his private plane
near Mount Rainier in Washington
when he witnessed
nine disk-shaped objects
move at an impossible speed
across the horizon,
then disappear into a nearby
volcano called Mount Adams.
There have been a lot of
UFO sightings around volcanoes.
And we've seen this in
the Canary Islands in Mexico,
in South America.
You have other places like, say,
Mount Shasta,
and we're seeing it
in Hawaii, too,
where UFOs are seen,
and there's a lot of activity.
I mean, it-it definitely
makes you wonder,
okay, what's in this volcano?
What is the attraction here?
And the crazy thing is-is, uh,
this was just
the first occurrence.
- We had a second occurrence six months later.
- Okay.
I'm by myself
in a different aircraft
And, uh, I looked out of my left
window, and all of a sudden,
there is a huge cloud formation
that came out of nowhere.
And that's right,
kind of above the volcano.
Above and east of the mountain.
I've never seen anything
like this in my life.
It was a clear sky
without anything,
-and suddenly you saw this?
-Well, you saw the picture. The-the
- Yeah.
- That picture that I took,
clear sky was
a minute before
this decided to show up.
So, the crazy part is,
this cloud morphed
into several different shapes.
There looks like
something black inside there,
an object underneath this thing.
During the occurrence,
uh, I had the aircraft
on autopilot,
and the aircraft
was flying straight and true.
My route of flight took me back
by the mountain again.
As I'm coming back, I have
the aircraft on autopilot.
And I look down, and I notice
I'm 35 degrees off course
heading towards the mountain.
I shut the autopilot off,
reset the heading,
set the airplane
back up on course.
And, okay, yeah, we're fine.
I'm looking around again, trying
to see if there's anything.
I look down, we're heading back
towards the mountain.
It happened two times.
So, at that point, I go,
oh, no, this something's not
right here.
I'm gonna hand-fly the aircraft.
And worked fine, um,
hand-flying the airplane.
But I've never
had that happen to me
on an autopilot,
just pull the aircraft,
you know,
start pulling the aircraft
somewhere where
it's not supposed to be.
So, th-the autopilot then
was somehow sensing
some weird magnetic thing
and pulling you then.
Something internally
in the aircraft
was feeling a magnetic pull.
This sounds a lot like other
things that have happened, like,
say, in the Bermuda Triangle
or something.
Like, where their instruments
do go haywire,
or they're being taken off,
you know, course
without even knowing it,
and suddenly,
they vanish, right?
Very much so.
To me, this is
a very important story.
I'm so glad that
you've been able
to get these good photographs,
you've got other witnesses, and
for 70 years, there
have been planes vanishing,
even military planes.
This all fits so squarely
into the mystery
which is Alaska.
As an experienced pilot,
Theo Chesley cannot explain
what he saw on those
two separate occasions,
nor explain the magnetic anomaly
that interfered with his
autopilot instrumentation.
And to ancient astronaut
theorist David Childress,
the photographic evidence
is astounding.
Theo's a great observer.
You know that
you're really getting
good information
and reliable information.
This is all compelling evidence
that something's happening
here in Alaska.
In the 37 years
I've been flying,
I've seen a lot of things.
I've been through
a lot of storms,
some great flights,
some not-so-great flights.
I'll be the first to tell you,
when you're saying
you're seeing something,
you're seeing something.
I'm one of those kind of guys
that have to see something
that's extraordinary
to believe it.
And what I saw was just
not anything ordinary
at all.
Could an extraterrestrial
presence be responsible
for the strange sightings
and aircraft malfunction
that Theo Chesley experienced,
as well as other anomalous
events and disappearances
that plague the area?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes
and suggest
that recently declassified
CIA documents could hold clues
to an alien presence
under the mountains of Alaska.
Alaska's Aleutian Islands,
where pilot Theo Chesley
encountered no less than four
unidentified flying objects,
is an area that has been known
for strange sightings
dating back to 1945,
when a U.S. Army transport
reported seeing a large UFO
emerge from the waters
near the island of Adak.
Historically, there have been
a lot of UFO sightings
around the Aleutian Islands.
And there are 57 volcanoes
throughout the Aleutian Islands.
And it seems that
some of these volcanoes
have some very peculiar
activity around them.
But east of the Aleutian Islands
is a large area
that has become even more
notorious for strange phenomena.
It is called
the Alaska Triangle.
The Alaska Triangle is an area
roughly between Anchorage,
Juneau, and Barrow, Alaska,
more or less
running along the border
of the Canadian territories
and the State of Alaska.
The Alaska Triangle can be
likened to the Bermuda Triangle,
where really strange
things happen,
seemingly without explanation.
Within this region
of anomalous activity
stands Mount Hayes,
one of Alaska's tallest peaks
and a place where UFO sightings
are reported
with great frequency.
Many people have seen, uh, UFOs,
flying saucers, strange lights,
flying in and around
Mount Hayes.
Now, there's no road
that can go up there.
The only way
to get to Mount Hayes
is to actually fly there,
which most people don't do.
So, what are these craft that
are flying around Mount Hayes?
For decades,
eyewitness testimony
was the only evidence
to support the notion
that Mount Hayes
was a UFO hot spot.
But in 1995,
declassified documents
revealed that Mount Hayes
featured prominently
in a top secret government
project called "Stargate."
Researchers were looking
through CIA documents,
and they found evidence of a
project underneath Mount Hayes.
And they say they saw
written in these records
that it was actually an alien
underground base in this area.
Researchers were astounded
to find a reference
to an extraterrestrial base
in official CIA documents.
And just as intriguing is how
this information was obtained.
According to the
declassified documents,
the existence of an alien base
beneath Mount Hayes was gleaned
from a top secret experimental
investigation technique
used by Project Stargate,
a technique called
"remote viewing."
Remote viewing
was used by the CIA
all during the Cold War.
And this is really
a psychic projection technique,
where, from one location,
the remote viewer can look
into a different place
on the Earth's surface,
and he's able to project
his vision there and able
to see what is going on.
Project Stargate
had a specific purpose
of using remote viewers, um,
quite literally psychic spies,
to find information on what
the Soviets were up to.
The most famous
remote viewer to come out
of the Stargate project
was a man named Pat Price.
Price was the first
to report what he believed
to be an alien base
under Mount Hayes.
He would sit down
and draw what he sees,
and he was deadly accurate
on his predictions.
One time, Pat Price, uh,
remote viewed Mount Hayes
and saw that there was,
uh, structures
that were under the mountain
tubes, tunnels
and he was intrigued by that,
so he went deeper.
Pat Price saw within Mount Hayes
what he described as
geographical instrumentation.
He saw computers.
He also described
these strange humanoid creatures
that were within the mountain,
and they were working
alongside human personnel,
which he believed
were military personnel.
Price began to fear
that he had seen something
he wasn't supposed to see
and told friends
that his remote viewing
of the secret base
under Mount Hayes
had put him in grave danger.
In Las Vegas, just as
he checked in to the Stardust,
somebody deliberately
bumped into him,
and he felt a sharp pain
in his leg.
And that evening,
he started to feel unwell.
And the following morning,
he had convulsions and died.
What's really strange
about Pat Price's death
is that the hospital
didn't even notify the wife,
and they had him cremated.
I think it is fair
and reasonable
to ask the question
if Pat Price's mysterious death
does not enter
into a long lineage
of similar tragic deaths
of people
that are whistleblowers
or are stepping out of line and
saying things they shouldn't say
about things they have witnessed
or know about.
Could the story of Pat Price
and Project Stargate
indicate that there may be
a more profound connection
between UFO sightings and
Alaska's forbidding terrain?
Perhaps further clues
can be found by examining
reports of an incredible
structure believed to be hidden
deep beneath North America's
highest mountain range,
a formation known
as the Dark Pyramid.
In its race to become
a major military power,
China sets off the largest
underground nuclear bomb test
in the history of the nation.
The one-megaton blast
70 times the explosive power
of the atomic bomb
dropped on Hiroshima
sends shockwaves
across the planet.
Thousands of miles away,
scientists in the United States
begin to study
how these shockwaves travel
through the Earth's crust,
hoping to learn
about underground faults
and other hidden
geological structures.
As the shockwaves reach Alaska,
scientists notice
highly unusual readings
around Mount Denali,
North America's tallest peak.
When these ripples
of the shockwaves crossed over
into Alaska,
there was this pyramidal shape
that came across
their instrumentation
indicating this massive
pyramidal structure
located under Mount Denali
within the area
of the Alaska Triangle.
This is really when
the Dark Pyramid
was first discovered.
Seismic instruments revealed
that the top of the
550-foot-tall pyramid shape
lies 150 feet below ground
and just 130 miles southwest
of Mount Hayes,
where remote viewer Pat Price
claimed to have detected
an underground alien base.
Intrigued by the
mysterious discovery,
investigative journalist
Linda Moulton Howe
began researching
the curious findings
and what might have
compelled scientists
to be prepared
to record activity
underneath Mount Denali.
"Why would geophysicists
be interested
"in monitoring to see whether
or not there was something
underground in Alaska?"
has always been
a question in my mind.
Was there already
some information
that our government had, and
this was a perfect opportunity
to take advantage of what
the Chinese were going to do?
In 2012, after discussing
the so-called "Dark Pyramid"
on the Coast to Coast
radio show,
Linda was contacted
by Bruce Pearson,
who said he had
a story to tell her
that might be connected to the
alleged underground structure.
I ended up talking
with Bruce Pearson,
and his father
had been in the Navy
and ended up describing that,
on a trip in Alaska,
he met an old Navy pilot,
and they talked
for a few minutes,
and the pilot said, "We're just
gonna go out and do a drop-off.
Why don't you come along,
and we'll talk old days?"
My dad was a very friendly guy,
and I guess in Alaska
people do things
a little differently
because there's a companionship
that grows out
of a survival mentality.
In any event, he told me that
he was talking to the pilot,
and the pilot said that
they had to take
a flight out to a secure,
secret installation.
They had a couple of these,
what he described
as silver containers,
that had to be delivered
out there.
On the way out,
he and the co-pilot
advised my dad,
he said, "Listen",
"we were told there's gonna be
a lot of magnetic interference
"and that our instruments
are gonna go crazy.
"Don't worry about it, you know.
We were told to expect it.
You know, we're flying VFR
anyway, visual flight rules."
Bruce said, while his father
was telling him the story,
he began to shake.
That, when they got
to this location,
that the helicopter
began to shake
and roll like, he felt,
that it should crash.
But the helicopter pilot
just kept reassuring him
that-that he knew
what was happening,
and that there was
a magnetic field anomaly
under the ground,
and that that was what
was causing this.
When they landed,
these guys came out with
black uniforms on, no insignias.
Didn't say anything.
Men came, they grabbed
all this heavy stuff in there.
They put some stuff
back in the helicopter.
It all happened very fast.
Bang, and they're out of there.
My father said the odd thing
was they didn't even get out
of the helicopter. Fueled it up,
and they took off again.
They never even
shut the chopper down.
That's not standard procedure.
This is not wartime
conditions where you
refuel with
the aircraft running.
So, it was very bizarre.
He didn't call me until a couple
days later and told me about it.
And I said, "Wow." I said,
"What do you think it was?"
He goes, "I don't know."
That Bruce Pearson story
was in the area of Mount Denali.
The same area having to do
with a Dark Pyramid
possibly underground.
Over the years,
Linda has interviewed
a number of other people
claiming to have information
about a mysterious underground
structure near Mount Denali.
One account came from a man
who claimed his father
has actually been inside
the Dark Pyramid.
He said that his, uh, father was
working for Western Electric
and ended up as a very skilled
electronic engineer
being asked to go to a location
west of what was Mount Denali.
His father told him that
there was a big freight elevator
that was sticking up
out of the ground.
And when you got to the bottom,
opened up into full-bore
room, work, offices.
The father
is introduced to the fact
that they are at
the bottom of a pyramid.
And that, at each
of the three corners,
they had these offices that were
actually monitoring energy.
And the father tells the son
who got in touch with me,
"We are measuring energy
"coming out of this pyramid
"that is enough
to power the entire country
of Canada."
Could a secret energy source
be hidden
under the Mount Denali
mountain range?
Perhaps clues can be found
by examining
electromagnetic anomalies
that have, in fact,
been detected throughout a vast
region surrounding the area
where the Dark Pyramid
is said to exist.
This very strange
localized magnetic anomaly
seems to occur randomly,
and at different locations
throughout this vast wilderness.
So much so that the north will
be off as much as 30 degrees.
So, what's causing
these magnetic anomalies?
There are a lot of people who
believe that there could be
unusual phenomenon originating
from technology
inside this so-called
Dark Pyramid.
Is it possible that there
is an ancient pyramid
hidden deep under
Mount Denali that is
massive amounts of energy?
And if so, could this structure,
along with a secret base alleged
to exist beneath the ground
at nearby Mount Hayes,
point to an alien presence
in Alaska that dates back
thousands of years?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes
and suggest that clues to who
or what this presence might be
can be found in the Inuit
stories of contact with sky gods
and otherworldly beings.
Alaska is home to dozens
of indigenous
Native American cultures
who have inhabited the area
for hundreds and, in some cases,
thousands of years.
There are, of course,
a number of different
Native American cultures
in Alaska.
You have the Inuit people
of the northern coastal regions.
You have the Athabaskans
of the central Alaskan region,
the Yupik people,
and then in southeast
Alaska you have
the Tlingit
and the Haida tribes.
Each of the native
Alaskan tribes
has its own unique traditions,
but these separate cultures all
tell stories of the sky people
encountered by their
earliest ancestors.
So, I was stationed in Alaska
from 1992 to 1995 as part of
the United States Air Force
at Elmendorf Air Force Base.
And I heard
the local legends and lore
from the Natives up there.
And local legends
dating back centuries
talk about strange lights
in the sky
and strange beings
visiting the people.
These cultures had rich
stories about contact
with beings
from beyond this planet,
the so-called star people.
Along with stories
of star people,
many native Alaskan tribes
also have ancient traditions
of giant winged beasts
descending from the sky.
Alaska has a bounty
of strange legends
and modern reports
of giant winged creatures,
like thunderbirds,
that are said to swoop down
and snatch people off of peaks.
The thunderbird goes back
into deep, deep history
of Native American
original cultures,
and the thunderbird was
not only gigantic in size,
but oftentimes was also
described as making this
incredible thunderous noise.
And sometimes out of the eyes,
these beams of light
would shoot out.
Is it possible
that our ancestors witnessed
a technological device
and misinterpreted it
as a biological entity?
And the answer
is a resounding yes.
Mind you,
pilots today are referring
to their airplanes as birds.
Ancient Alaskan stories
of strange entities in the sky
and visitors from the stars
are perfectly aligned
with the kind of phenomena
that have been reported
in modern times,
as are accounts of bizarre,
otherworldly creatures.
There is a common thread that
runs through the Alaska story,
and it has to do with these
supernatural creatures.
They have eyewitness accounts
of these bizarre,
terrifying creatures that appear
in all their tribal stories.
By far, the most
frightening creature
is the Inuit story
of the Kushtaka.
This is a being
that shapeshifts,
and people have been seeing
them for thousands of years.
When considering the high number
of UFO sightings
that have been reported
in Alaska,
is it possible that
the stories of strange creatures
have an otherworldly
As further support
for this notion,
ancient astronaut theorists
point out that some native
Alaskan legends sound
suspiciously similar
to modern tales
of small gray aliens,
who sometimes abduct humans.
No creature is more frightening
to them than the little people,
which go by a number
of different native names.
The Inukins,
Ircinrraq, Jinksioc.
Perhaps what's most terrifying
is that they are said
to abduct humans,
and-and that they will take them
to another realm
where they can
actually control time.
And these little beings
are actually imbued
with other magical powers.
The common thread that runs
through those stories
is the idea of abduction.
That is a direct crossover
into the UFO phenomena,
where people are terrified
of UFOs because they've heard
that these alien beings
are abducting people.
According to some researchers,
the many accounts
of strange beings in Alaska
could also point
to the existence
of a portal or wormhole
leading to other points
in the universe
or even alternate dimensions.
There's a theory
that extraterrestrials
would use wormholes,
scientifically known
as Einstein-Rosen bridges,
a shortcut through space-time.
And UFOs would then,
apparently, arrive
out of nowhere, seemingly,
and disappear into nowhere,
which is very often what you get
in some of the sighting reports.
I would die to have some answer
to this puzzle in Alaska.
I don't,
but there's something there.
There's something
that doesn't add up,
that isn't able to be explained
in the prosaic, in my mind.
Could the legends
of the native Alaskan people
reveal that strange, and
perhaps otherworldly, phenomena
have been happening
in this part of the world
for thousands of years?
As far as ancient astronaut
theorists are concerned,
the answer is a resounding yes,
and they suggest that
Alaska's remote location
makes it a prime destination
for otherworldly visitors.
According to ancient
astronaut theorists,
the question of why more strange
phenomena is reported in Alaska
than most other places on Earth
may have a very simple answer.
They suggest Alaska's
remote location
and a dense wilderness
would make it
an ideal destination
for otherworldly visitors
who want to remain on the planet
Alaska is a very remote area.
You don't have
a lot of people around.
And so, this could absolutely
make it an attractive location
to extraterrestrials.
You have all of these volcanoes,
you have huge areas
that are uninhabited,
and it's such a huge
frontier region
that, you know, all kinds of
things can be happening there.
There's a lot of
crazy things going on
around the whole state,
and a lot of these
occurrences happen
in very remote parts
of the state.
So, that adds
even more intrigue.
And I wouldn't discount
any stories at this point.
There's just too much
out there that you can't
discount some of this.
Having worked in Alaska,
I can certainly attest
to the fact
that it is a very
dangerous place.
However, there is a real mystery
in terms of the state of Alaska.
There have been
many UFO reports.
And, of course, inferences
to possible UFO abduction.
And many of these are supported
by Native American traditions
that go back hundreds of years.
So, we could be dealing
with forces
beyond our current
In Alaska, when you bring in
evidence that's gathered, from
a nuts-and-bolts standpoint,
from a physics standpoint,
from the Dark Pyramid,
the fact of magnetic anomalies,
or any of the other factors
that may be involved here,
it is not reasonable
that an educated person
taking as objective
as possible of view
at these incidents
could dismiss the possibility
that these incidents,
in some cases,
may be UFO-related, and
that is something that should
take anyone's breath away
or make them pause
and think seriously
about the Earth that we live on.
Modern technology
has contributed
by leaps and bounds
to the search
for extraterrestrial
intelligence because
we have satellite
and radar technology,
with which we can now
look into space
with more clarity than in all
of our previous human history.
And I wish that scientists
would, at some point,
train their satellites
toward Alaska
to see what's going on
because, clearly,
something is going on.
Mysterious disappearances,
strange creatures,
a secret base,
an underground pyramid.
Could all the strange reports
coming from Alaska,
along with numerous
UFO sightings,
be connected to
an extraterrestrial presence?
Perhaps Alaska's vast
and rugged wilderness,
extreme weather,
and sparse population,
make it the ideal location
for alien life
here on Earth.
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