Ancient Aliens s20e03 Episode Script

The Top Ten Hidden Alien Bases

A mysterious signal
detected beneath
the ice of Antarctica.
A lake in China
where UFOs are seen emerging
from beneath the water.
And powerful magnetic
anomalies observed
near Mount Denali in Alaska.
For over a decade,
Ancient Aliens has investigated
locations notorious
for strange phenomena.
Now we're going to explore
the most compelling
and anomalous sites
we've featured.
Sites that some believe
are hidden alien bases.
People love to tell me
about their UFO sightings,
and it seems like
there are more now than ever.
Which begs the question:
is it possible
that aliens actually
reside right here on Earth?
In this countdown,
we take a look at locations
around the planet
that might be hiding secret
outposts for otherworldly
We start at one of the coldest
places on Earth,
where military whistleblowers
describe very strange activity
beneath the ice.
At number ten on
our countdown of the top ten
hidden alien bases: Antarctica.
On the bottom of our planet
lies the coldest
and most isolated continent
in the world Antarctica.
The average daily temperature
at the South Pole
is -56 degrees Fahrenheit,
and wind speeds can reach
over 100 miles per hour.
Today, the only inhabitants
of this barren landscape
are a few thousand scientists
who work
in research stations
scattered across the continent.
But most interesting
to ancient astronaut theorists
are reports of
extraterrestrial activity
that is hidden
under Antarctica's ice.
Something seems to be going on
on this mysterious continent
at the South Pole.
And it has been theorized
by a number of people
that Antarctica is
some kind of alien base.
One of the earliest accounts
of extraterrestrial activity
in Antarctica can be found
in a curious report
from the 1930s.
During World War II,
the Nazis used
U-boats to go down to
Antarctica and explore it.
Allegedly, they found some
of these caverns beneath the ice
and technology which perhaps
came from extraterrestrials.
After the Nazis
were defeated in 1945,
the U.S. military sent
an expedition to Antarctica.
According to reports, soon
after the expedition arrived,
they encountered alien craft
coming up out of the water.
Antarctica has had a number of
interesting UFO types of events
since the 1940s that were
very well documented.
Is it possible
that Antarctica is
not only home
to an extraterrestrial presence
but is the location
of a hidden alien base?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes
and point
to shocking disclosures
from those on the ground
that validate these claims.
In February 2019,
investigative reporter
Linda Moulton Howe
interviewed a former Navy flight
engineer about his experience
on the condition that she not
reveal his identity.
Her source,
who is identified as "Brian,"
provided her with details of
a mysterious structure he claims
to have seen during
his time in Antarctica.
According to "Brian,"
sometime around October 1985,
he and his team
were instructed to fly
from McMurdo Station
to Davis Camp
to pick up an injured scientist.
A trip that would
take about six hours.
However, they received
strict orders
to avoid flying over a so-called
air-sampling station
that was along
the most direct route.
So, we were given
orders to deviate
I believe it was
30-mile deviation
away from
the air-sampling station.
The officers on board
suggested that we fly
straight over
the air-sampling station
and not deviate, and that would
save us 30 minutes.
- It was a no-fly zone.
- It was a no-fly zone
for that specific region,
um, around the Pole.
When the crew flew over
the area where
the air-sampling station
was supposed to be,
what they observed was
something much different.
There was this giant indentation
that looked like a hole
in the ice that looked
like a snow ramp
that went down into it.
The Polar Plateau at
South Pole is completely flat.
There are no holes there.
Now there's this big,
large hole in the ice
that stood out
like a sore thumb.
It should not have been there.
Is it possible that the strange
hole that Brian saw
was the entrance to a secret,
even extraterrestrial base
that is hidden in Antarctica?
When we think about
the location of an alien base,
our attention should
immediately focus on Antarctica.
It's the perfect location
for an extraterrestrial base
if something was coming
to and from Earth
but wanted a permanent
presence here.
A base beneath the ice
of Antarctica would be
a great location for
extraterrestrials to hide out.
But there is another
compelling site in China,
where it's said
that alien craft emerge
not from under the ice
but from deep underwater.
At number nine on our countdown:
Fuxian Lake.
Yunnan Province, China.
October 24, 1991.
A local fisherman named
Zhang Yuxiang is fishing on
Fuxian Lake during
a clear and tranquil day,
when a mysterious object
suddenly appears in
the vast body of water.
He described it as
a shining disc.
And he said that the wake
from this was so powerful,
it actually tossed
the boat around.
And then rapidly this craft
just disappeared
up into the sky.
Could it be that
an extraterrestrial base
is located deep underwater?
Perhaps clues can be found
in historic accounts
of USOs, or unidentified
submersible objects,
that have been seen at Fuxian
Lake for hundreds of years.
According to Chen Jang Fu Zhi,
a book written during
the reign of Emperor Daoguang
in the Qing Dynasty,
a horse-like monster
lived in the lake.
The animal was described
as being white
with red spots on its back.
More intriguingly,
it was a creature that could
actually take to the skies.
Is it possible
that the UFOs emerging
from the water are
evidence of an alien base
hidden deep beneath
the surface of Fuxian Lake?
Ancient astronaut theorists say
yes and point to evidence
of an underwater city
that was recently discovered
in this large body of water.
Ancient Chinese records
speak of a city
in the area of
Fuxian Lake called Yuyuan.
However, studies of
the underwater structures
show that it's actually
much older
than this Yuyuan city.
So you have to wonder,
is this some kind of
extraterrestrial base?
In 2014, a mysterious structure
was discovered
off the coast
of Southern California
that some believe presents some
of the best evidence yet
that extraterrestrials
are residing on the ocean floor.
Number eight on our countdown
of the top ten hidden
alien bases:
the Malibu USO base.
With almost 30 miles
of coastline,
this picturesque region
boasts spectacular beaches,
abundant hiking trails,
and world-famous surfing.
It's also a hot spot
for sightings
of mysterious lights
in the water.
Folks have seen lights
in the water outside
Point Dume off the Malibu coast.
Off the coast of Malibu,
USOs are phenomenally common.
A USO is an unidentified
submersible object.
One theory
about this trans-medium travel
and these USOs is that
what we're seeing
is evidence of underwater bases.
They're operating here,
but under the oceans,
right under our noses.
Is it possible that there is
an extraterrestrial base
in the oceans
around Southern California?
Many UFO researchers say yes
and point to satellite
images captured in 2014
that reveal a curious
formation on the seabed
six miles off the coast
of Malibu.
The satellite photos show
what seems to be
an oval, flat-topped structure
that's got legs coming down
that are holding it up.
It's about 2,000 feet
A lot of people got
very excited by this discovery.
It's really quite striking, and
it really does look artificial.
And it makes you wonder,
is this, as some believe,
an extraterrestrial base?
Is there a connection
between the strange lights
seen in the waters off
the coast of Southern California
and the mysterious
undersea structure
captured in the satellite image?
For scientists it's
a distinct possibility.
If all these objects
are observing us,
they must have a base
of operations.
So perhaps there's
an underwater base
that is away from
prying eyes of humans.
That cannot be ruled out.
I find it fascinating
that all around the world,
ancient people referred
to mountaintops
as the home of the gods.
And at one summit in Greece,
there is an ancient structure
that is described
as the actual landing spot
of an otherworldly being.
Number seven on our list
of the top ten
hidden alien bases:
the dragon house.
Euboea, Greece.
This majestic island is famous
for its crystal-clear waters,
white sand beaches
and charming villages.
But dotting the landscape
are mysterious structures
that some researchers believe
have an otherworldly connection.
In Greece, we find these
highly mysterious buildings
referred to as dragon houses.
These are megalithic structures
that are built out of
these very large stones.
Of the 25 dragon houses
in Euboea,
the one that is
believed to be the oldest
is of particular interest
to ancient astronaut theorists.
The main dragon house
is at the very top
of one of the tallest mountains
on the island called Mount Ochi.
And it is one of the largest
megalithic structures
in all of Greece.
According to legend,
the dragon house on top
of Mount Ochi
was built to venerate
the arrival of
otherworldly visitors.
The reason why they're
called dragon houses
is because it is thought
that Zeus
descended from
the sky in a dragon.
Countless times, our ancestors
referred to these things
up in the sky as dragons.
And why?
Because there was
a lot of smoke and fire.
From the ancient
astronaut perspective,
the dragon was never a dragon.
It was a flying craft.
In my opinion,
this was an
extraterrestrial visitation
where Zeus may have
descended in his craft
and built a day camp.
Could the dragon house
at the top of Mount Ochi
be the remnants of a hidden base
where otherworldly beings
landed in the distant past?
Ancient astronaut
theorists say yes,
and suggest evidence of this
can be found
in the structure's
remote location.
Archaeologists have
a hard time explaining why
it was even built there
because we are talking
of this gigantic,
megalithic structure
with a ceiling
that contains blocks
that are up to ten feet long,
two feet thick,
at an altitude of 5,000 feet.
So why any people
back in the day
would build something up there
would make no sense
unless you wanted to
be closer to the gods.
Now, when you put
all this together,
this sounds like
the dragon house
is a meeting place of
heaven and Earth.
In UFO vernacular,
that would be a landing spot.
When it comes
to mysterious locations
that might be
hiding alien bases,
one of the most extraordinary
can be found high up
in the Himalayas.
According to local legends,
there is a snow-capped peak
that contains a secret entrance
to a city of the gods.
Number six on our list:
Mount Kailash.
Standing amongst
the mighty Himalayas
is the most important mountain
for many of the region's
three million Buddhists,
Mount Kailash.
According to ancient
Buddhist texts
known as the Kalachakra tantra,
Mount Kailash is the location
of a secret kingdom
where heavenly beings
reside on Earth.
It's known as Shambhala.
The Buddhists in Tibet
have a very strong tradition
of a place called Shambhala.
Shambhala is a secret city.
It's said to be underground.
It's ruled by kings
who live for hundreds of years.
They have wonderful technology.
There are flying saucers
and things like that.
The Himalayan region is
filled with stories
of so-called celestial beings
that descended from the sky
in flying vehicles.
According to some of
the earliest Sanskrit texts,
the first Buddha
that ever walked the Earth
was nine feet tall,
had light blue skin,
and his arms reached all
the way down to his knees.
The reason why
this area of the world
has become a religious center
is because of the arrival of
the extraterrestrials.
Curiously, many
who have explored
this sacred peak have observed
mysterious objects in the sky.
Mount Kailash
is at the center
of all sorts of mysteries.
UFO sightings,
the hint that there might be
something hidden there,
but it's unknowable.
Is it possible
that the mysterious phenomena
occurring at Mount Kailash,
and its association
with Shambhala
is connected to
a hidden extraterrestrial base?
Ancient astronaut theorists
suggest answers can be found
by studying the sacred
Buddhist monuments
known as stupas.
A stupa, by definition,
is a vehicle
with which to reach
the realm of the gods.
That is
the definition of a stupa.
Well, just change
the wording of vehicle
with which to reach space.
For centuries, people
have been sighting UFOs
coming in
and out of Mount Kailash.
It's very interesting
when you compare
the shape of the stupas
that we find in Tibet,
with these dome shapes,
and how they highly resemble
flying saucers
sitting on the ground.
So, perhaps people saw these
craft entering into Kailash
and decided
we're gonna build stupas
in remembrance of what they saw.
Might the Buddhist
stupas of Tibet
be monuments to alien craft
witnessed flying in
and around Mount Kailash?
Could it be that somewhere
on the slopes of this mountain
is the entrance to
a hidden extraterrestrial base?
Mount Kailash is known
as the gateway to Shambhala.
There are many myths and legends
and strange things that have
gone on at Mount Kailash.
People go there on pilgrimages,
but they're told
not to stay there long
because there's something
radioactive inside the mountain.
And we're told that
people live there,
both in physical form
and in nonphysical form.
It has to be one of the
strangest places on the planet.
We're coming up on the halfway point
of our countdown of
the top ten hidden alien bases,
and this next location has
documented anomalous activity
for thousands of years.
Perched high in
the Italian Alps is a mountain
that is said to be
a destination for UFOs.
Number five on our list:
Mount Musinè.
Turin, Italy.
Situated on the western
bank of the Po River,
this city of nearly
two million people
is an important
international business hub.
But overlooking this
modern metropolis
is Italy's most mysterious,
and infamous, ancient site:
Mount Musinè.
Rising to an elevation
of nearly 4,000 feet,
Mount Musinè has stood
at a unique crossroads
of history and
mysterious phenomenon.
This is a mountain
where, over the years,
almost to the beginning
of recorded human history,
strange things have been seen.
Lights were seen.
There has been all sorts
of weirdness on this mountain.
Local legends passed
down from ancient times
tell about this mountain being
home to werewolves and wizards.
And in the 4th century AD,
the Roman Emperor Constantine
saw a cross floating in
the sky over the mountain,
which inspired him to convert
the empire to Christianity.
This light phenomenon
and unusual activity
on Mount Musinè
has been going on for
thousands of years,
and continues to this day.
In 1933,
it's claimed that a UFO crashed
in the Lombardy region of Italy.
This was apparently
an object around
50 feet in diameter,
like two saucers
joined together.
It was described as being
grayish in color and metallic,
and apparently, it was
then taken by the military
and studied
on the personal orders
of the then dictator
Benito Mussolini.
According to some accounts,
the UFO crashed
near the city of Magenta,
just 80 miles northeast of
Mount Musinè.
For ancient
astronauts theorists,
the proximity to Mount Musinè
is no coincidence.
Let's just suppose that
the common thread here
is actually Earth energies,
which the UFOs know about
and use, perhaps,
to draw the energy
that they need.
So, might we be dealing with,
not just visitation,
but a more permanent facility?
When we try
to come to a conclusion
or a summation about
what is going on in Italy,
going back from prehistoric
times to modern times,
the common element is
the gods came to this
very specific place
because of something
at Mount Musinè.
Something either
in the mountain or something
that was placed there by them.
The reports
of extraterrestrial craft
at Mount Musinè
are certainly compelling.
But at this next site
in New Mexico,
witnesses claim
to have had actual encounters
with alien beings.
At number four:
the Dulce underground base.
Dulce, New Mexico.
Towering over this small town
in the northern part
of the state
is the Archuleta Mesa.
This region has been home to the
Jicarilla Apache Indian Tribe
for over six centuries.
Their oral histories
date back hundreds of years
and are filled with stories
of mysterious beings
who came from the stars
and live underground.
I was working
in Dulce, New Mexico,
and I had been told that
the Apaches wanted to talk to me
where several had seen
a huge glowing disc,
and they wanted to tell me
that they knew for a fact
that the star people
are some type of beings
that are underground in Dulce
at Mount Archuleta
and Archuleta Mesa.
to government insiders,
located nearly two miles
beneath Mount Archuleta
is a secret subterranean
military installation
known as
the Dulce Air Force Base.
Whistleblower Phil Schneider
claimed to have worked
on the construction
of this underground base
for the U.S. government.
Phil Schneider was
a very interesting geologist
used by the U.S. government
to do excavations
of large areas
under military contract
where they were essentially
going to be building
large caverns and connecting
underground passageways.
On May 8, 1995,
Schneider gave a presentation
in Post Falls, Idaho
and claimed he was attacked
by extraterrestrials
deep underground.
Part of what
I'm going to tell you
is going to be very shocking.
I was involved in 1979
in a horrendous firefight with
alien-human type
whatever you want to call them.
And, uh, I was
one of the survivors.
66 Secret Service agents,
FBI, and the like,
Black Berets,
died in that firefight.
Basically, what had occurred
was that we surprised a whole
under-mountain base
of existing aliens.
Is there really
a secret military base
hidden deep in the mountains
of Dulce, New Mexico?
One that is occupied
by extraterrestrial beings?
While the idea might sound
like science fiction,
a similar base exists
within Cheyenne Mountain
outside Colorado Springs.
This is a mountain
that has been hollowed out
by the U.S. military.
It's the NORAD central command.
But, in Dulce, New Mexico,
the U.S. government is saying
that there's nothing there,
they have no
military base there,
and yet,
people who live there say there
is something going on here.
And so, perhaps, at Dulce,
one day they will admit,
yes, we were
doing something there.
If Aliens are here on Earth,
it makes sense
that they would be hiding out in
remote and isolated locations.
And one of the most
compelling places
we've examined on
Ancient Aliens is a spot
in Alaska that is concealed
deep underground.
According to
government whistleblowers,
it is the site
of an ancient structure
that was built with
extraterrestrial technology.
Number three on our countdown
of the top ten
hidden alien bases:
the Dark Pyramid of Alaska.
The largest of all U.S. states.
It's home to the nation's
highest peak,
its biggest national park,
and more coastline
than all other states combined.
For ancient astronaut theorists,
the dense uninhabited
wilderness of Alaska
conceals a multitude
of mysteries,
and perhaps
an extraterrestrial presence.
Within this area,
incredible amount
of weird things take place.
We have paranormal activity,
the appearance
of strange cryptids
and other monsters
of time and space,
as well as
the manifestation of UFOs
and mysterious lights.
Within this region
of anomalous activity
stands Mount Hayes,
one of Alaska's tallest peaks
and a place where UFO sightings
are reported
with great frequency.
Many people have seen UFOs,
flying saucers, strange lights,
flying in and around
Mount Hayes.
Now there's no road
that can go up there.
The only way to get
to Mount Hayes is to actually
fly there,
which most people don't do.
So, what are these craft that
are flying around Mount Hayes?
For decades,
eyewitness testimony
was the only evidence
to support the notion
that Mount Hayes
was a UFO hotspot.
But in 1995,
declassified CIA documents
revealed that Mount Hayes
was the focus
of a top secret government
project called "Stargate."
Researchers were looking
through CIA documents,
and they found evidence of a
project underneath Mount Hayes.
And they say they saw,
written in these records,
that it was actually an alien
underground base in this area.
Could there be a hidden
extraterrestrial base in Alaska?
While the idea
sounds farfetched, in 1992,
U.S. geologists detected
a mysterious pyramidal object
underneath Mount Denali.
Seismic instruments revealed
that the top of the
550-foot-tall pyramidal object
lies 150 feet below ground
and just 130 miles southwest
of Mount Hayes.
Many researchers believe
it is an artificial structure,
which has become known
as the "Dark Pyramid."
The Dark Pyramid is this
massive pyramidal structure
under Mount Denali,
which is said
to be twice the size
of the Great Pyramid of Giza
and made of black stone.
Investigative journalist
Linda Moulton Howe
has spent years researching
the Dark Pyramid
and has interviewed
a number of people
who claim to have information
about the mysterious
underground structure,
including one man
who claims his father
has actually been inside
the Dark Pyramid.
He said that his, uh, father was
working for Western Electric and
ended up as a very skilled
electronic engineer
being asked to go to a location
west of what was Mount Denali.
His father told him that there
was a big freight elevator
that was sticking up
out of the ground,
and, when you got to the bottom,
opened up into full-bore room,
work, offices.
The father is introduced
to the fact
that they are at
the bottom of a pyramid.
And that, at each
of the three corners,
they had these offices that were
actually monitoring energy.
And the father tells the son
who got in touch with me,
"We are measuring energy
"coming out of this pyramid
"that is enough
to power
the entire country of Canada."
The stories of the Dark Pyramid
are pretty interesting,
and you've got to wonder
if there is not some kind of
that's there underground
in the middle of Alaska,
and if this dark pyramid
isn't some kind of
extraterrestrial base.
Northern California is home
to one of the most mysterious
places on Earth.
It's a mountain that is said
to have been inhabited
by otherworldly beings
for thousands of years
and a place where UFOs
are witnessed
on a regular basis
to this very day.
Number two on our countdown
of the top ten hidden
alien bases: Mount Shasta.
Northern California.
Towering over the landscape,
at an elevation
of more than 14,000 feet
stands Mount Shasta.
This rugged peak has been
the location
of strange and incredible
stories for thousands of years.
Mount Shasta is where there are
multiple strange events
taking place.
UFO sightings,
paranormal events,
strange disappearances
that go back
throughout history.
And indeed,
one can look to certain
Native American legends,
for example,
to say that Mount Shasta
has always
been associated
with strange goings on.
Local Indigenous tribes,
such as the Shasta,
Wintu, Modoc,
and Karuk have inhabited
the area for
more than 12 centuries.
Each revere Mount Shasta
as a place where sky beings
landed on the Earth
and created civilization.
The local people believe
that in ancient times,
the great Sky Chief Skell
came down from the sky to live
in Shasta, and has been there
ever since and protects it.
The people who live
near Mount Shasta
have been encountering UFOs
for more than a hundred years.
Almost everyone who lives there
has-has seen something unusual.
One of the most remarkable
UFO sightings
I've heard of,
it took place in 2008.
Witnesses in the town of McCloud
saw a UFO that
looked like a giant
glowing jellyfish
move over the town and then
fly off into the distance.
I was driving back
from Klamath Falls,
eh, around 7:00, 6:30-7:00 in
the evening in the summertime.
All of a sudden I looked up
on the mountain and I seen
the whole mountain
toward Yreka side open up.
And then this big ship came
and sat there
and hovered for a minute
and then went right in.
And next thing you know,
the mountain closed,
and I was like,
"What is going on?"
I never let things
like that bother me now.
I've seen things
like that all the time.
Over the years,
there have been a number
of very significant
UFO sightings
around Mount Shasta.
And you have to wonder
why is that the case?
I don't think
we can rule out the idea
of some sort of permanent
presence buried deep
within Mount Shasta itself.
Could alien beings really be
living inside Mount Shasta?
In November 2020, author
and researcher William Henry,
along with local
historian Dustin Naef,
set out to explore Pluto's Cave
on the slopes of Mount Shasta.
That is just spectacular.
It is here where numerous
eyewitnesses claim to have
encountered mysterious beings
emerging from inside
the mountain.
There's a really big subculture
here in Mount Shasta that has
always believed that these
caves and tunnels contain
a civilization full of people
just like you and I.
And they come back and forth
through portals
hidden in these caves.
If you look on the USGS charts,
there's an immense
negative magnetic anomaly
that surrounds Mount Shasta.
That's the lay line
they describe here, right?
Yeah, a lot of psychic and
paranormal phenomena actually
occurs in places
that have magnetic anomalies.
And used as a
as a portal between
the inner Earth realm
and the stars?
Anything capable
of generating, you know,
energy like that could
be conceptualized as a portal.
I've had people actually contact
me and tell me they've seen
people in this very cave
walk right into a wall
- and vanish.
- Wow.
For many hundreds of years,
Mount Shasta has been known
for entities that manifest
out of the mountain.
They appear, they travel
and then they disappear.
And this would seem to have led
to the belief that there
might be some kind of
secret alien base actually
deep within that mountain.
There's only one hidden
alien base left on our list,
and you won't want to miss it.
Because this one is
truly out of this world.
We've finally reached
the end of our countdown
and at the top of our list is
a location that is so remote,
it's not on our planet at all.
Number one on our list
of the top ten hidden
alien bases: the Moon.
Apollo 12 astronauts Pete Conrad
and Alan Bean make history
by becoming the third and fourth
person to land on the Moon.
After they return to
the command module, they detach
the lunar module and crash it
into the Moon's surface.
Upon impact, something
very unexpected happens.
The Moon reverberates
for more than an hour.
With Apollo 12, people refer
to a crash.
It wasn't really a crash.
It was an aimed de-orbit of
the rocket used
to lift off the lunar module.
And the crew separated
the launch vehicle,
and crashed it back
into the ground
right close to where
they'd had a seismograph
that they had installed
down there.
Well, it vibrated,
so it was kind of an early clue
as to how solid was the surface
of the Moon.
What was amazing
about this is that,
suddenly, the Moon began
to ring like a bell,
and did so for nearly an hour.
Dr. Wernher von Braun,
who was then the head of NASA,
decided that for Apollo 13,
they were going to intentionally
crash a heavier portion
of the rocket
into the lunar surface.
And when they did this,
the Moon rang
like a gong this time,
for over three hours
and to a depth of over 20 miles.
This was not expected,
and it still puzzles a lot
of scientists today.
The inference is
that the Moon must be hollow
because the Moon is made,
predominantly on the surface,
of a kind of rock
called "basalt."
it's a very lightweight rock,
it also absorbs impact
extremely well.
And so, if the whole of the Moon
was made of that kind of rock,
you wouldn't expect it
to reverberate
when a large impact took place.
The reason
that this is played down is
because the idea
of the Moon being hollow,
uh, just contradicts
what we know about physics.
In his 1966 book,
Intelligent Life
in the Universe,
renowned scientist
and astronomer
Carl Sagan,
defined modern scholarship
regarding the composition
of celestial bodies
throughout the cosmos.
Carl Sagan suggested
that a natural satellite
cannot be a hollow object.
This is very odd,
because why would
the Moon be vibrating
unless it's a hollow object?
That would suggest
it's artificial.
Is it possible
the Moon is not only hollow,
but an artificial structure?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes,
and point to a sensational paper
published in 1970
by Soviet scientists
Mikhail Vasin
and Alexander Shcherbakov.
In it, the scientists propose
that the Moon
is likely a creation
of alien intelligence
that was brought to Earth
in the remote past.
It would seem to be
that our Moon is some kind
of gigantic,
artificial spaceship
that is here
to monitor our planet.
And it only makes sense
that if extraterrestrials
are coming to the Earth,
that they would be
using the Moon
as a kind of forward base
for our planet.
It's perfect for observing
and coming to
and from planet Earth
and going to other planets
or solar systems.
Is the Moon really
a giant alien base?
It sounds crazy,
but when you look
at all the evidence,
it's an intriguing theory.
And as far
as I'm concerned, each one
of the locations on our list
deserves a closer look,
because whether they're high
in the mountains,
deep underwater,
or even orbiting the planet,
there is incredible evidence
that Earth is home
to extraterrestrial outposts
that are hiding in plain sight.
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