Ancient Aliens s20e04 Episode Script

The Top Ten Scariest Encounters

A military base
that was targeted by a UFO.
A plane that was hijacked
by an otherworldly technology.
And an encounter in rural Texas
that defies explanation.
On Ancient Aliens,
we've examined dozens
of unexplained encounters
that have left witnesses
not only astonished,
but terrified.
Now, we're counting down
the ten most frightening
encounters ever reported.
Encounters that add to
the growing body of evidence
that Earth has been visited
by extraterrestrials.
Every year, thousands of
UFO sightings are reported,
and experiencers are often
left wondering
what they actually saw.
But some incidents are
so intense and so terrifying
that the witnesses are certain
that what they encountered
is not of this world.
On this countdown,
we're featuring
some of the most frightening
contact events
we've ever examined
on Ancient Aliens.
And this first one was certainly
a heart-stopping incident.
At number ten on our list of
the top ten scariest encounters:
The UFO Hijacking.
Some of the most compelling
and harrowing UFO accounts
are those reported by pilots
who witness strange craft
while flying thousands of feet
above the Earth.
Instead of seeing a small disk
or light way up in the sky,
pilots often encounter UFOs
at close range.
And they have
the experience to know
if they're looking
at man-made craft
or something else.
You have countless commercial
and private airline pilots
who spend an exorbitant
amount of time up in the sky.
And, in my opinion,
I think they're the best people
to discern what is natural
and what is not.
According to some pilots,
not only is there
an extraterrestrial presence
in our skies,
but they present
a serious danger.
Zihuantanejo, Mexico.
May 3, 1975.
Pilot Carlos de Los Santos
takes off
from the local airfield
on a routine flight
to Mexico City.
One hour into his journey,
he witnesses something unusual:
a gray, wingless object
off the right side of his plane.
As he approaches
Mexico City, he notices,
basically, a small flying saucer
just above his left wing.
It's not as large
as his aircraft.
He's flying a fairly
small aircraft.
And he's like, what is this?
And then he looks over
to his right
and he sees another one.
And then he looks ahead of them,
and there's one coming at him.
It goes below his aircraft.
And he feels a bump
under his aircraft.
And he's scared out of his mind.
Anyone would be.
He then realizes that he's not
really in control
of his aircraft.
The theory is that
the UFO that came
under the plane
took control of his plane.
And the UFO's own
magnetic envelope
is lifting the plane higher
and higher and higher.
De Los Santos is in a panic.
He's giving Mayday calls.
As the small aircraft races
towards a mountainous area,
the three UAPs disengage
and veer off
toward the Mount Popocat├ępetl
volcano at lightning speed.
As the objects
disappear from sight,
Carlos regains control
of the plane.
So he lands his aircraft,
and the story doesn't end here.
Now, he would've had
his whole career,
reputation ruined, probably,
with this,
except for the fact that
Mexican air traffic control
tracked these objects also.
And this came out
to support him.
This story became
a huge news story in Mexico.
It's just one of the most
incredible aviation UAP stories
that you're ever gonna hear.
To me, pilots are some of the
best UFO witnesses out there,
because they are trained
to discern
between different objects
flying through the sky.
Which is what makes our next
encounter even more frightening.
It involved a cargo plane
that reported
an alien craft
of enormous proportions.
Number nine on our list:
Japan Airlines Flight 1628.
Alaska. November 17, 1986.
Japan Airlines Flight 1628
is carrying cargo
from Paris, France,
to Narita International
Airport near Tokyo.
The three-person crew is led
by Captain Kenju Terauchi,
an ex-fighter pilot with over
10,000 hours of flight time.
As the 747 approaches Anchorage,
Captain Terauchi notices
two strange lights
out of his cockpit window.
It's dark. It's, uh, very early
morning before sunrise.
These lights
are clearly maneuvering.
And they move directly
in front of his aircraft.
Now, he's flying at
about 500 miles per hour.
These things are pacing him.
Captain Terauchi radios
Anchorage air traffic control
and reports
the lights are strange,
oval-shaped flying objects,
and they are getting dangerously
close to his aircraft.
As the pilot attempts
a series of evasive maneuvers
to avoid a potential collision,
the two UFOs suddenly disappear.
In their place is
another object.
One so large it dwarfs the 747.
His words for describing
it were "gigantic spaceship."
The size of maybe two aircraft
carriers. Just immense.
Terauchi sees this
massive thing in the sky,
and he's scared.
On the ground, radar specialists
confirm a mysterious object
is in fact in the sky
near Captain Terauchi's plane.
This incident is more than just
the witnesses on the plane.
We have radar
spotting the craft.
We have discussions
between air traffic control
and the pilots,
and them describing this.
So, we have other people
also on the ground
who can back up this sighting.
We don't know, really,
what it was.
But it may well have been
an extraterrestrial craft
flying right over Alaska.
There is no doubt
that Alaskan pilots
are some of the bravest
aviators around.
They can adapt to sudden storms
and dangerous conditions
on a moment's notice.
But even a pilot
like Theo Chesley,
who's been flying over Alaska
for nearly four decades,
found his heart racing when
he encountered multiple objects
in the sky that resembled no
aircraft he'd ever seen before.
Number eight on our countdown
of the top ten
scariest encounters:
The Mount Shishaldin Incident.
Anchorage, Alaska,
October 19, 2022.
Author and researcher
David Childress has traveled
to a local airfield
to meet with pilot Theo Chesley.
In 2019,
Chesley encountered a UFO
while flying near
Mount Shishaldin,
an active volcano on
Unimak Island in the Aleutians.
While the event left him shaken,
Chesley took
several photographs.
So, when was this occurrence?
Well, uh, we had a flight
back in October of 2019.
We were northeast
of the mountain.
Ah, we were probably
30 miles from the mountain.
We spotted something in the sky.
And this is what we saw.
Did it seem to have
a cloud around it, or no?
It had, like, a tail on it,
a little bit of a wisp
coming out of the back.
So I'm looking at it,
going, okay, what is that?
As we started to come towards
the mountain and fly by it,
this horizontal disk
turned vertical
and came over and sort of parked
by the mountain,
and held its shape.
So, it had been moving,
and then it stopped?
It stopped by the volcano.
Then we had something fly
out of the mountain.
- Now, the mountain
- A second object?
A second object.
So, this object flies
out of the mountain.
And at the same time,
we're still watching the sphere
that's vertically parked.
And we, like,
looked at that, and I said,
"No, we're done here.
We're we are
leaving the scene here."
And to be honest, you know,
my concern level was going about
through the roof at that point.
Wow, that's fascinating.
As an experienced pilot,
Theo Chesley cannot explain
the two events he experienced.
I've seen a lot of things.
I've been through
a lot of storms.
Some great flights,
some not-so-great flights.
But I'm one of
those kind of guys
that have to see something
that's extraordinary
to believe it.
And what I saw was just not
anything ordinary at all.
For more than 60 years, a disturbing phenomenon,
has been reported
across the country.
Ranchers have discovered
livestock dead in their fields
that appear to have been killed
by a mysterious
and possibly
extraterrestrial force.
Number seven on our countdown
of the top ten
scariest encounters:
Animal Mutilations.
San Luis Valley, Colorado.
On the King family ranch,
a horse named Lady
is found dead in a pasture.
The skull is stripped
so clean of flesh
that it appears to have been
exposed to the elements
for weeks.
Yet the King family
had seen Lady alive
just two days earlier.
Even stranger,
no blood or animal tracks
of any kind
are found near the corpse.
Authorities are shaken
and perplexed.
The skeleton was
completely clean and white.
Even brain tissue was gone.
But the rest of the horse
looked as if
it should get up and walk.
It was that fresh.
The incident likely
would have been lost to history,
were it not for the fact
that near-identical slaughters
soon became commonplace
across the American heartland.
You had farmers and ranchers
getting up in the morning
and finding their animals
dead in the fields.
And these were clearly
not attacks by mountain lions
or coyotes
or anything like that.
The farmers actually reported
how blood was drained
from the animals,
organs were removed,
and it seemed as if the bodies
of the cattle had been opened up
by some sort of
high-heat weapon or device.
While mainstream medical
professionals are unsure who
or what could be responsible
for these attacks,
ancient astronaut theorists
the answer may be found
by examining strange findings
reported at other
mutilation sites.
Sometimes, the animals
are lying on top
of charred patches of ground.
Sometimes those charred patches
are exactly the same size
and shape
as the animals themselves.
And very often, there have been
reports of strange lights
in the sky or on the ground
in and around the time
where the mutilations
are taking place.
The deeper you get, and the more
people you interview
and I have literally
interviewed thousands now
you hear,
"I saw this kind of light.
"I saw this beam
lowering an animal
to the pasture,
and it was mutilated."
Somebody else,
"I saw this animal coming up
in a beam of light, and later,
it was found mutilated."
It was my work investigating
animal mutilations
that took me to the conclusion
that the phenomena
that is behind
the global animal mutilations
of the last
at least a hundred years,
are extraterrestrial
biological entities.
When it comes to encounters
that defy explanation,
there are none more confounding
than what happened
in the mountains
of Russia in 1959.
A group of nine hikers
ascended a mountain
that is actually named
"Do Not Go There."
And what happened to them
was so shocking,
researchers are still trying to
solve the mystery to this day.
Number six on our list:
The Ural Mountains Encounter.
A group of nine mountaineers
embark on a winter trek
into Russia's Ural Mountains.
Their destination,
a mountain called Otorten,
which, in the local
Mansi language, means,
"Do Not Go There."
Among them were three
experienced engineers,
the rest were students.
They were all young,
though I think the oldest
was, like, 37 years old.
They had conducted
other hard treks to the area,
they were all experienced,
determined people.
On their fourth night out,
bad weather forced the hikers
to camp atop an area
called Kholat Syakhl,
which, in Mansi, translates
to "the mountain of the dead."
It was a very inhospitable,
very strange,
very, very hard place to be.
Snow, cold, freezing winds
and very few
living things around.
Ten days later,
when the nine adventurers
failed to show up
at their destination,
military rescue teams
searched the area.
They found
the campsite abandoned
and a tent that had been
torn to pieces.
the investigators determined
that the tent was cut
and ripped open from the inside,
and the hikers appeared
to have fled in socks
and with bare feet.
Something was pushing them
to run away without
taking any clothing with them,
without taking any supplies.
They were behaving like
they were in a daze, confused.
The investigators
followed the trail
to the edge of the forest.
But what they eventually
was beyond belief.
All nine hikers died.
They were discovered
by Soviet troops
in various stages
of what can only be described
as being mutilated.
Their bodies were burned,
some suffered
radiation poisoning.
In one case,
a hiker's tongue was missing.
They had prematurely aged,
their skin was orange,
their hair had turned grey.
What could've explained this?
Three of them had injuries
that could be sustained
when somebody is hit
by a speeding car,
except the injuries were inside.
Their ribs were crushed
like eggshells.
But there was no effect
on their skin.
The official explanation
was that the nine hikers
died from hypothermia.
But years later, members
of the search party spoke out.
According to their testimony,
at the time of the incident,
a mysterious ball of light
was seen floating in the sky.
This wasn't a craft
like a plane, it wasn't
a craft like a rocket.
It was a glowing,
bright ball of light.
One theory is that orbs,
they're like cameras.
They travel around,
they surveil the area
as if they're surveilling
our dimension
from another dimension
and then they disappear.
Is it possible
that the strange orb
seen in the Ural Mountains
was not of this world?
And if so,
could there be a connection
between it and the mysterious
deaths of the Russian hikers?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes,
and suggest further evidence
of extraterrestrial visitation
can be found
in a close encounter
that left physical evidence.
Some of the best evidence we have
of extraterrestrial contact
comes from the most
harrowing events.
Like in the case of three people
whose dramatic encounter
with a UFO
left them not only traumatized,
but with lasting
physical injuries.
Number five on our list
of the top ten
scariest encounters:
The Cash-Landrum Incident.
Dayton, Texas.
December 29, 1980.
Seven-year-old Colby Landrum
is with his grandmother
and her friend
driving along
a desolate two-lane road
when they have
a life-changing experience.
Betty Cash, my grandmother
Vickie Landrum, and myself
headed back home towards Dayton.
It was real late at night,
nobody else on the road,
and we encountered
a bright object.
It actually was, like,
about the size of a water tower.
100 foot across, 100 foot tall,
but in a diamond shape.
I just panicked.
I got on the floorboard.
This is Vickie Landrum
from Dayton, Texas.
Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum
stopped the car to investigate,
and the local environment
is actually being heated
by this object to the point
where they try to touch
their car
and it's hot to the touch.
You could feel
the heat off of it.
The heat was very intense.
It was hot enough for
When she grabbed
the dash when we stopped,
I mean, it was an indention
of where her hand was sitting.
Now, what makes this unique
is that, when they get home,
after a couple of days,
they start to show symptoms
of being exposed
to ionized radiation.
After the incident,
all three witnesses
were treated
for radiation exposure.
I got nauseous and sick.
It probably lasted
two or three days with me.
My grandmother,
she had the same symptoms,
but she also had
blisters on her skin.
They would bust open,
and she'd have sores
for several years after that.
Betty Cash suffered
the most severe part of it.
She was out of the car
the longest.
According to the doctors,
she had the most exposure to it.
The women blamed
the U.S. government for this.
And this then became
a very well-known court case,
where they were suing
the U.S. government,
For help with their case,
Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum
turned to investigators with
MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.
MUFON investigators
got the witness statements,
gathered the evidence, including
things like medical records,
which were central
to the legal case.
And, although the witnesses
didn't win their case,
what's important was that
that gets it on the record.
Today, the Cash-Landrum incident
is one of the most famous,
and harrowing, UFO encounters
in recent history.
I remember being there,
and I know what happened.
I want somebody to come forward
and actually, you know,
admit that something
happened there.
I just want to know the truth.
To me, the most intriguing
UFO encounters
are those that
can be corroborated
by multiple witnesses.
One mass sighting that
I find particularly compelling
happened to a group
of school children
in rural Oklahoma,
and the experience
was so intense,
it left them fearing
for their lives.
At number four:
The Miracle Mountains Incident.
Hartshorne, Oklahoma. 1975.
Randy Young is
a ten-year-old student
at the Miracle Mountains
Boarding School.
One day, his normal routine
is shattered
by a terrifying event.
My brother and I,
we were out in the sandbox,
and we saw this circular, uh,
shining light that was
probably 2,000 or so feet
up in the air.
And it didn't have the movements
of an airplane.
Um, it was just hovering.
And, as it got darker,
this craft got closer.
It had lights that
went through the midsection,
all the way around,
and it had this classic,
um, saucer-type shape.
We called the adults out.
There were a few children
that were frightened to death
of the thing.
And we heard
one of the girls scream.
Seems to have been a landing.
Some people say
there are entities there.
At one point,
one of the older children
got onto the roof with a-a gun
because they were that concerned
about what was happening.
It was a rifle, and that was
the end of the story for us
'cause it took off,
and we never saw it again.
Almost 50 years later,
several people who attended
the Miracle Mountains
Boarding School
shared their story with MUFON
in chilling detail.
I first reached out to Randy
and interviewed him.
The next person I spoke to
was Philip Buchanan.
Philip was one
of the older children
at the school at the time.
And then I spoke
with the teacher via e-mail.
And the teacher described
that some of the kids
were hiding under the beds
because they were
very terrified,
and some of the kids were
looking out the window.
They reported to see
shapeshifting entities
out there.
What Mindy found out,
after doing all that work,
is that these kids were
recalling the exact same thing.
As these witnesses were telling
their stories years later,
one of the things
Mindy asked them to do
was to actually draw the UFO
that they'd seen.
And the consistency is amazing.
And not only are they
telling the same story,
but they're describing
the same craft.
This cold case is one
of the most fascinating cases,
because students, they had not
spoken to each other since 1975,
and they all replied
with the same answers,
which indicates
that something happened,
and everybody saw
the same thing.
It was something that will
always be a memory for us.
And I've never seen anything
like that ever again.
I almost wish that it would
never have happened.
One of the most well-documented UFO sightings
in history was reported
by members of the armed forces.
Over the course of two nights,
multiple servicemen
not only saw a mysterious craft,
but some claimed to have had
an experience
that haunts them
to this very day.
Number three on our countdown:
The Rendlesham Forest Incident.
In Suffolk County, England,
there is a remote forest
in the village of Rendlesham
that has become famous
for being the site
of one of the most extraordinary
and frightening
UFO encounters ever reported.
The event occurred
on December 26, 1980.
Airman John Burroughs
was performing
a routine security check
at a U.S. Air Force Base
when he received orders
to investigate
a possible downed aircraft.
My supervisor called me
on the radio and asked me
to meet up with him
so we could check the east gate.
We're driving down the road
leading to the east gate
to check on it when,
all of a sudden,
he saw some strange lights
in the forest.
So I decided to call it in
and let them know
something strange was going on.
They decided to send
one of the security units down,
which was Sergeant Penniston.
He got down there and
he saw the same strange lights
that we were seeing.
I could see all these
multiple color lights
and things like that,
and the air felt different.
I don't know how to
really explain that,
but it did feel like
there was electricity
on our skin and hair and stuff,
but that progressively
got worse the closer
we got to the tree line,
and it got more intense.
As the servicemen
approached the strange lights,
Sergeant Penniston
reportedly saw a large craft
just beyond the tree line.
The craft
was triangular in shape,
measuring about six to seven
feet high, black in color.
I'd come around
to the far side of the craft,
and that's when I noticed
that there was, you know,
an inscription on the side.
You know, it is
about three feet long,
maybe six inches high.
Instead of something familiar,
I see these
pictorial-type glyphs.
And got running my hand
over the side of the craft.
I don't know how
to explain this.
It's like someone was holding
a picture up, okay?
There was this feeling
of being drawn into it,
or being pulled into it.
Like someone was holding
a picture up of zeroes and ones
in my mind's eye.
The strange visions
Sergeant Penniston had
upon touching the craft,
has made this one of Britain's
most famous UFO encounters.
But ancient astronaut
theorists suggest
that even more compelling
is what happened after.
Over the following two evenings,
U.S. Air Force Colonel
Charles Halt
reported further
strange sightings.
He led his own search party
to put an end to the confusion.
But instead of finding
a logical explanation,
they discovered high levels
of radioactivity
where Burroughs and Penniston
had previously
seen the strange craft.
They then spotted a light
in a nearby field
that suddenly came towards them
through the trees at high speed.
While we're walking around,
we also notice
four or five objects in the sky.
Then one came at high speed,
stopped directly overhead
3,000, 4,000, maybe 5,000 feet
and sent down
a concentrated beam
about eight or ten feet from us.
I was really concerned then.
At that point, I was thinking,
"Why did I ever get involved
in this?
How will I ever explain this?"
Now, I did a cold case review
for the Ministry of Defense.
I am still subject
to the Official Secrets Act,
but I can tell you, chances
are these craft were real.
And if they're real, they might
actually be extraterrestrial.
Today, the frightening
encounter in Rendlesham Forest
is known in the UFO community
as Britain's Roswell.
For Airman Burroughs
and Sergeant Penniston,
the event wasn't easy
to leave behind.
Both men had lasting physical
and psychological effects
from the encounter.
After the incident, I started
having throat and eye problems.
At one point,
my gums turned white.
I also had vision problems,
and when I went
and saw the doctor,
one of his first questions
was had I been ever
exposed to radiation.
I've definitely had dreams
about it,
and I still have feelings
about what happened.
Prior to the incident,
my views on any kind
of phenomena like UFOs,
things like that
they didn't exist.
I never believed
that kind of stuff.
But after the life-changing
event of December 1980,
my views were different.
It opened up the possibility
that we're not alone.
Without a doubt some
of the scariest encounters
we've investigated
on Ancient Aliens
are abduction events.
And one of the most famous
involved multiple witnesses
who watched in terror
as their friend
was abducted
right before their eyes.
Number two on our countdown:
The Travis Walton Abduction.
The Apache-Sitgreaves
National Forest,
November 5, 1975.
22-year-old forestry worker
Travis Walton
and a group of co-workers
are driving home after sundown
when suddenly a strange light
appears in the sky.
I noticed, uh,
some little glimmers
of light coming
through the trees.
And the light seemed
to be coming from higher
than where ground level
would be.
It was only when we got
to where this light
was crossing the road
that we had
an unobstructed view
of the craft.
It was a clearly visible,
clearly defined metallic object.
A disc hovering there,
outlined against the sky.
I threw open the door,
thinking I'd get a closer look
before it took off.
That's when this energy hit me.
I felt, like, a physical blow,
but with a sort of
a tingling sort of
an electric shock
sort of feeling
at the same time.
Walton basically got zapped
by this blinding light.
The crew just hot-footed it
out of the area quickly,
uh, then thought,
"Well, we've got to go back.
You know,
we've got to get Travis."
Went back, whatever
this object was, was gone.
And he was gone as well.
According to Travis Walton,
the mysterious beam of light
rendered him unconscious.
And when he awoke,
he found himself in a room
surrounded by strange beings.
I was looking straight into the,
the face of this creature.
These, uh, small beings
were humanoid.
But so unhuman.
It was just terrifying.
And I just flipped out.
It was just horrible.
It was like they were looking
right into me.
He saw these hideous
entities that scared him.
Maybe quite similar
to the modern idea
of the so-called "alien Greys."
And then these aliens
seem to go away.
And then their place was taken
by much more human-like aliens.
And he calmed down.
In the case
of the human-looking ones,
I started to have
serious misgivings
that this was a rescue.
And that's
when they put this mask
over my face.
And I just blacked out
real quickly.
Now the suspicion here
was that actually these
weren't different aliens,
these were the same aliens,
but they were capable
of shape-shifting
into something else
specifically to calm him down.
Crews searched everywhere
for the missing forest worker,
but it wasn't
until five days later
that Walton reappeared
outside of a nearby town.
When I woke up,
I was lying face down
outside in the dark,
in the cold.
I was on a highway in the middle
of the woods.
I looked around,
I recognized the lights
of the town down below.
And I ran down into the town
and, uh, found a telephone
and called my family for help.
Travis Walton's story has become
one of the most famous alien
abduction cases ever reported,
and was even adapted
into a movie in 1993.
While some dismiss his account
as a hallucination,
Travis has no doubt
that he experienced a genuine
extraterrestrial encounter.
What no one asked
was, you know,
what about the rest of the crew?
How do seven people have
an identical hallucination?
And besides that,
they were given
lie detector tests
by state police,
which they passed.
There's real life things
that occur out there
that need to be understood.
So, take a look at the facts,
a-and then judge.
I don't know the purpose
that they had.
All I know is
what happened to me.
This was unmistakable.
We're just moments away
from revealing
number one on our countdown.
And as far as I'm concerned,
it is one of the most incredible
close encounters ever reported.
Ancient Aliens has investigated
some of the most terrifying
alien encounters
ever reported,
but this one
truly gives me chills.
It's one of the most vivid
abduction accounts on record.
And the experience didn't end
after just one incident,
but has persisted
for nearly 40 years.
Number one on our countdown
of the top ten
scariest encounters:
The Abduction
of Whitley Streiber.
Ulster County, New York.
December 26, 1985.
Best-selling author
Whitley Strieber
is celebrating Christmas
with his wife
and young son at their cabin.
In the middle of the night,
he is awoken
by a disturbing feeling.
I felt that there
was something around me.
In other words,
there was movement
that shouldn't have been there.
And I opened my eyes
and I saw these big,
black eyes staring at me.
And I had no idea where I was.
It was a little round room.
And I began to scream.
This automatic voice
turned on, saying,
"What can we do to
help you stop screaming?"
There were these other figures,
dark blue little figures
darting around,
and they assaulted me,
It was not easy. It was
a very terrifying experience.
To process the traumatic event,
Whitley wrote
about his close encounter,
which became the basis
of his best-selling memoir,
He hoped the experience
was behind him,
but in May of 1989,
Whitley had another
strange nocturnal encounter.
I'm on my side,
on my right side.
And there's a hand pressing
down on my left temple,
pressing it into the pillow
in, like, waves, like this.
And I can't struggle.
I can't move a muscle.
I can't see anything.
I am completely immobilized.
After a few seconds, that ends.
And I think, "Was it a dream?"
Then the next day
or the day after,
my ear started hurting.
I reach up and I feel
this bump here on my ear.
And I thought, "Oh, my God,
it's an implant."
Look at that white thing.
There was
an attempt to remove it.
It failed because the implant
went from here,
right down into here
on its own.
And the doctor pulled out.
Two days later,
it went from my ear lobe
back up
to where it is to this day.
Could extraterrestrials really
have implanted
some kind of device
inside Whitley Strieber's ear?
And if so, why?
According to Whitley,
whatever the implant is,
it has had
a profound effect on him.
In 2015, I noticed a slit
opened up in my right eye.
And you could see words
racing through it.
But they were like someone was
typing very quickly and racing.
And it had something to do
with my writing.
Because at the same time,
my ability to do research
changed dramatically
and weirdly.
I found that if I just thought
about something I needed,
no matter how obscure, one way
or another, it would come to me.
Since receiving
the alleged implant,
Strieber claims to have had
regular interaction
with otherworldly beings.
The visitors are
a part of my life now.
Very much so.
Uh, I don't think
I would be comfortable working
without knowing that there was
using the implant,
that there was a connection.
Now, what do they want from us?
That is a very big
unanswered question.
Much like Whitley Strieber,
we are all left
with unanswered questions
by these incredible incidents.
As far as I'm concerned,
there is no doubt
that extraterrestrials
are visiting our planet.
But what do they want?
Perhaps only through the careful
study of these
and other
extraordinary accounts,
whether they are
mass UFO sightings,
animal mutilations,
or even frightening abductions,
the truth may finally
be revealed
about Earth's
extraterrestrial visitors.
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