Ancient Aliens s20e05 Episode Script

The Top Ten Alien Codes

A mathematical message encoded
within a megalithic tomb.
A mysterious ancient symbol
with connections to the cosmos.
And complex patterns
that appear in fields
around the world.
Over the years,
Ancient Aliens has documented
evidence of
otherworldly visitation
believed to be concealed
in ancient codes and symbols.
Now we're counting down
the ten most intriguing
and mysterious codes
we've examined.
Codes that just might
unlock the truth
about our extraterrestrial past.
Throughout the ancient world,
we can find mysterious
structures, carvings,
and symbols
that defy explanation.
For ancient astronaut
theorists like me,
these are signs
that our ancestors were
by extraterrestrial visitors,
and they represent a code
left for future generations
to decipher.
A prime example are
the giant monoliths
that were erected
all over the Earth
thousands of years ago
for reasons
that archaeologists
still do not understand.
At number ten on our countdown
of the top ten alien codes:
the Standing Stones.
Throughout the planet,
scattered across Europe, Asia,
Africa and the Americas,
are more than 50,000
ancient standing stones.
They are enormous monoliths
that have been placed
vertically into the ground.
Most date back
more than 5,000 years,
and the largest
weigh over 300 tons
more than double the weight
of the Statue of Liberty.
When we look at these
standing stones in the earth,
they are particularly mysterious
and they bring
something out in us,
an awe, a sense of mystery.
Why are these stones here?
It must have some purpose
but we don't know what it is.
On the northwest coast
of France lies the most famous
and mysterious collection
of ancient standing stones
found anywhere in the world.
Stretching across two miles
of rolling countryside,
the more than 3,000
giant monoliths
are known as the Carnac stones.
French archeologists
have been able to give a date
to these standing stones,
and it's 5000 B.C.
So they're saying
that these stones were
erected 7,000 years ago,
but they don't know
who erected them.
They don't know why
they were erected.
They don't know how
they moved all these stones
and erected them.
Some mainstream scholars suggest
that the stones are
simply grave markers,
while others theorize
that they track
astronomical events
like the solstice and equinox.
But ancient astronaut
theorists propose
the precise placement
of the Carnac Stones
represent geometric alignments
far more sophisticated
than they might appear
at first glance.
These 3,000 stones
have been arranged
in very specific arrangements.
In fact, one
of the arrangements we have
is a representation
of the Pythagorean theorem,
which is "A squared plus
B squared equals C squared."
How do we have
that mathematical message
in an archeological site
that's at least
7,000 years old?
The constructions in Carnac
is thousands of years
older than Pythagoras,
the Greek mathematician.
So somebody must have
teached our ancestors
to put these stones
in a certain line,
in geometrical forms.
Now the question is simply, why?
Without a doubt one of the most
baffling places on Earth
can be found in Peru.
It's a mysterious formation
that stretches for miles
through the rugged desert.
And while its purpose
is completely unknown,
some believe it was used
to communicate
with otherworldly beings.
Number nine on our list:
the Band of Holes.
Pisco, Peru.
Here, stretching across
the Cajamarquilla Plain,
thousands of ancient holes have
been dug into a mountain range.
The holes measure
six to seven feet in depth
and are evenly spaced
about three feet apart.
They are arranged
in a precise line
that runs north and south
for almost two miles.
In the mountains of Peru we have
what's commonly referred to
as the Band of Holes.
It is one of the coolest places
in relation to the ancient
astronaut theory because
who in their right mind
would go ahead
and dig all these holes?
They're a incredible mystery,
a very long-lived mystery.
Some people think it looks like
some kind of machine was
running over the territory.
Some people think it was
some kind of systematic
mining operation.
Some people say it was
just pot-hunters,
you know, looting,
looking for burials.
None of the explanations
make good sense.
While the Band of Holes
continues to defy explanation,
some ancient astronaut
theorists believe
it might convey
a type of message
left behind
by extraterrestrials.
Some thousands of years
in the past,
the extraterrestrials
who visited our planet
left a proof behind.
They knew that in the far future
the humans will see
these patterns.
They will realize
that this is high geometry.
And sooner or later
the questions comes up,
have we maybe been visited
by beings from outer space?
Is it some kind of message
for us from the past
that we're to decode when
we have reached a higher state
of civilization and knowledge
that we can figure all this out?
It would seem that we are
only just now reaching a point
of knowledge and technology
that we can
understand these codes.
And find the hidden meaning
that's there.
The ancient astronaut
theory suggests
that extraterrestrials who came
to Earth in the distant past
left behind signs
that they were here.
To me, some compelling examples
are massive shapes and figures
that are carved into
the landscape across the globe
and can only be seen
from the sky.
At number eight on our countdown
of the top ten alien codes:
Nazca, Peru.
High in this arid plateau,
there is a series
of precise lines and artworks
carved into the desert floor
that have mystified people
since their modern discovery
in the 1920s.
Curiously, all of them
were made on a scale
to be seen from high above.
They are called geoglyphs.
A geoglyph is just basically
a drawing on the landscape.
Usually quite large scale.
Most geoglyphs are
in deserts and in shapes.
Geometric shapes,
animal shapes or whatever.
Most geoglyphs really
only make sense from above.
For years,
archeologists believed
the Nazca Lines were
an isolated phenomenon.
But now, with the benefit
of satellite imagery,
thousands of ancient geoglyphs
are being found
all over the world
in Kazakhstan,
in the southwestern
United States,
in the Atacama Desert of Chile,
and in Bolivia,
just to name a few.
There are many groups
around the world
that have been
creating geoglyphs
for thousands of years.
And the thing is
that these glyphs can only
be seen from the sky.
That tells us
that these messages
have to be for beings
that are in the sky
Is it possible
that these ancient geoglyphs
were created
for an extraterrestrial purpose?
Ancient astronaut
theorists say yes,
and suggest further clues
can be found by examining
one of the most extraordinary
geoglyphs ever discovered.
One of the most interesting
geoglyphs that you have at Nazca
is the sun-star-cross geoglyph,
which is really
a very complicated, huge mandala
of interconnected stars
and triangles.
And it's something we see
all over the world,
and in Tibet and India
as mandalas.
So things like this that are
so geometrically complicated
and are found
all over the world indicates
that there was some kind
of worldwide symbolic language
that was brought here
by a higher intelligence.
When it comes to identifying Alien code
one thing I look for are
structures or shapes
that are repeated
at ancient sites
around the world.
One of the most intriguing
is a mysterious symbol
that just might
unlock the secret
of our extraterrestrial past.
Number seven on our countdown:
the keyhole shape.
Khaybar, Saudi Arabia,
May 2017.
An archaeological team
conducting an aerial survey
of the Saudi Arabian desert
an extraordinary discovery.
They find a series
of 19 stone formations
in the shape of keyholes.
They're thought to be
thousands of years old,
but no one knows who built them,
no one knows
why they were there,
but they have this sacred symbol
of the keyhole as the design.
So the keyhole shape
is a combination
of the triangle and the circle.
And the circle
is often a representation
of the Sun and the Moon
and other heavenly objects,
whereas the triangle shape
is really the pyramid shape,
and that is a representation
of the Earth.
So it really could be
a representation
linking heaven and Earth.
the keyhole symbol can be found
at ancient sites
all over the world.
But perhaps the most impressive
example can be found in Japan,
at a megalithic tomb
called Daisen Kofun.
It rises up 35 feet
above the surrounding area
and is 1,600 feet long
and 980 feet wide,
and it's encircled
by three moats,
making the entire edifice
cover a space
of five million square feet.
The Daisen Kofun
is merely the largest
of more than 160,000 kofuns
that dot Japan.
There are hundreds
of these tombs,
built between around 300 AD
to around 600 AD.
So what were these?
Were these really just tombs
built for emperors and kings,
or were they something else
The keyhole shape
can only be seen from the air.
And we're told that the ancient
Japanese did not have a means
of getting into the sky
to appreciate this shape.
So there's a great mystery here
about why the keyhole shape?
Some researchers suggest
that the keyhole shape
is an alien code
and can be traced back
to the first kofun ever built.
The first of these tombs
is associated
with the first historical
Japanese emperor,
Emperor Sujin,
in whose record in the book of
ancient mythology, the Kojiki,
a keyhole of a door actually
also plays an important part.
According to the story
in the Kojiki,
a young woman becomes
impregnated by a powerful god
who comes to her room
through a keyhole,
then gives birth
to semidivine children.
So, you've got to wonder
if these keyhole-shaped kofun
aren't something
that were actually designed
by extraterrestrials.
There's something
about that shape.
It has meaning.
Are these sites
signaling somebody
who is apparently in the sky?
I find it fascinating
that, across the globe,
megalithic structures
are covered
with mysterious lines
and swirls.
Are these merely decoration?
Or do they have
a deeper meaning?
At number six on our list:
the spiral code.
County Meath, Ireland.
Here stands Ireland's
most famous megalithic site:
The ancient tomb was built
with over 200,000 tons
of stone blocks,
many of which are covered
in intricate spiral patterns.
Newgrange is one
of the most important sites
in all of Europe.
Within this,
we have beautiful carvings
on the 97 curbstones
that go around the edge,
as well as on
the main entrance stone
and within the chamber itself.
Mainly spirals, and most
notably, a triple spiral
at the back of the main chamber
within the actual site itself.
Identical spiral patterns
have been found at ancient sites
across the globe.
We see certain symbols
recurring again and again.
These take the form of spirals,
of concentric rings,
and they're something
that are virtually universal
around the world.
Many archaeologists believe
spiral petroglyphs
symbolize the cosmos.
But ancient astronaut
theorists believe
they serve
a more profound purpose.
And as evidence,
they point to spiral carvings
at a 5,000-year-old
archaeological site
off the coast of France.
On the island of Gavrinis,
there is a passage tomb.
And inside, there are
giant stones left and right
with carvings
that look like fingerprints
that have been carved
onto the megalithic slabs.
When people came to Gavrinis,
they began to make measurements
as to how these stones
were placed.
They began to realize
that these stones
weren't just placed haphazardly
in some kind of
coincidental form,
but actually displayed
extraordinary understanding
and knowledge of mathematics.
examining the spirals
speculated that
their varying lengths
could indicate
that they represent numbers.
Based on this assumption,
they determined which numbers
each carving might represent,
and discovered a record
of specific information,
like the number of days
in a year.
But astonishingly,
these stone records
include something
even more incredible.
When mathematicians
went in there
to look at this in the 1970s,
they determined
it showed the longitude
and latitude of Gavrinis.
How would they know about
longitude and latitude?
We came up with this
in modern times.
How do we have
that mathematical message
in a archaeological site
that's at least 5,000 years old?
In my opinion,
the extraterrestrials
wanted to leave behind
some type of a message,
a type of secret code
that needed to be deciphered
by a future generation
that would understand,
and that generation is us.
We're coming up on the
half-way point of our countdown
and the next entry on our list
needs no introduction.
They are monumental structures
that can be found
on every continent,
and they were built
with such precision
that, from the perspective of
an ancient astronaut theorist,
many could be of
extraterrestrial design.
Number five on our list
of the top ten alien codes:
In every region of the world
stand ancient monuments
that have been built
in a sophisticated geometric
form known as pyramids.
These structures are separated
by thousands of miles,
but they are strikingly similar
in design.
There is a kind of
a master blueprint
that we see in the architecture,
and it's not in just one or two
or three civilizations,
it's in all the civilizations.
South America it's there.
According to
the local mythologies
of numerous
pyramid-building cultures,
the inspiration to build
these complex structures
came from
an otherworldly source.
In Mesoamerica,
we have the gods associated
with the construction
of the pyramids.
This reflects
the same kind of entity
that the Mesopotamians reported,
that the Egyptians reported
as being the architect
that designed these structures.
Who were the teachers
of these engineering styles?
The only conclusion there is
is that aliens had a hand
in these creations
a long time ago.
They're all human-made,
but with the assistance
or the technology
provided by extraterrestrials.
If otherworldly beings
inspired our ancestors
to build pyramids,
as ancient astronaut theorists
what was their purpose?
Perhaps clues can be found
in the most famous
of these structures:
the Great Pyramid of Egypt.
Ever since the first studies
of the Great Pyramid in Egypt
have been made,
researchers have been amazed
at the mathematical knowledge
that is encoded
into the Great Pyramid.
The Great Pyramid is aligned
to within three sixtieths
of a degree of north,
a more accurate alignment
than any other structure
on Earth.
And researchers have discovered
even more profound information
encoded within its design.
We've discovered,
with satellite imagery,
that the pyramid,
if you take its peak
and measure it precisely
its location in degrees
on the planet Earth,
the number is equal
to the number
that is the speed of light,
out to many, many digits.
How in the world
would an ancient culture
build something so precisely
that we couldn't even
measure until now,
when we had spacecraft?
And, if the people
who built the pyramids
put just in its location
the speed of light,
what else is in the design
and placement of the pyramid?
A key tenet
in the ancient astronaut theory
is that extraterrestrials shared
knowledge with our ancestors.
Compelling evidence of this
can be found
in an ancient Chinese text
that describes
an extraterrestrial language,
one that is actually
still used to this day.
Number four on our countdown:
binary code.
Today, the most prolific
language in the world
consists of just two characters:
zero and one.
It's a language
that is understood
in every culture across
the globe: binary code.
People know that
the digital revolution
is based on zeros and ones,
zeros and ones.
Computer tape consists of one,
one, one, zero, zero, zero.
That's called "binary."
Computers use zeroes and ones
because zeroes and ones
correspond to "off" and "on,"
which is the circuitry
of a computer.
A German mathematician,
Gottfried Leibniz,
is credited with defining
binary code in the 17th century.
He designed
a mechanical calculator
that expressed numbers
as zeroes and ones.
In turn, Leibniz
credited his inspiration
to the 5,000-year-old
Chinese text I Ching,
an ancient oracle code
used to communicate
with otherworldly beings.
The I Ching is basically
composed of 64 hexagrams,
which are combinations of
broken and unbroken lines,
binary combinations.
It was heavily used
in divination.
You can use it
and people still do,
very easily, you can flip
a coin, for example, six times,
and every time that it lands
on heads, you draw a full line.
Every time
that it lands on tails,
you draw a broken line.
And then when you
have six of these,
you come up with your hexagram.
And each of these hexagrams
has a kind of cosmic symbolism,
And then there's a kind of
oracular inscription
that you're supposed
to decipher.
According to mythology,
the I Ching was created
by Emperor Fuxi
after he was visited
by an otherworldly being.
It was said that one day
he was on the Yellow River
and a water dragon
appeared to him,
and that on the back
of this water dragon
was revealed to him the I Ching.
And therefore we can see
this system as in some way
having come
from the stars, originally.
Could the I Ching have been
an attempt by extraterrestrials
to set up a common
communication language
with mankind using binary code?
Ancient astronaut theorists
suggest evidence can be found
by examining
a famous UFO encounter
that occurred
in Suffolk County, England.
On December 26, 1980,
Sargeant James Penniston
and Airman John Burroughs
were performing
a routine security check
at a U.S. air force base
in Rendlesham Forest
when they reportedly encountered
a large extraterrestrial craft.
The craft was
triangular in shape,
measuring about six
to seven feet high,
black in color.
I'd come around to the far side
of the craft
and that's when I noticed
that there was,
you know, inscription
on the side.
Instead of something familiar,
I see these
pictorial-type glyphs.
And got running my hand over
the side of the craft.
I don't know how
to explain this.
It's like someone
was holding a picture up, okay?
I could see it in my mind's eye.
Zeroes and ones.
So I recorded those.
One after another.
Years later,
a computer programmer
took this information
ran it through
a translation program
and a message emerged.
The message read
"Exploration of humanity
for planetary advance."
Jim Penninston came up
with all this information
without knowing a thing
in real life
about binary code
and binary messages.
Is it possible
that extraterrestrials
are using binary code
as a common language
to communicate with mankind?
Who's to say that
wouldn't choose to communicate
via ones and zeros?
With ones and zeros,
you've got binary code.
With binary code,
you can write a message.
And perhaps that is
the language of the cosmos.
And that's how
to communicate with them.
One of my most favorite
places to explore is India.
Its mythology is chock full
of stories
of powerful gods
who came from the sky
and possessed
astonishing technology,
like flying craft
called vimanas.
And there is evidence
that the secret
to this technology
has been encoded
within complex geometric symbols
that are said to have
been designed by the gods.
Number three on our countdown
of the top ten alien codes:
More than 5,000 years ago,
the Indus Valley
civilization emerged
in the Punjab region of
modern-day India and Pakistan.
Its people produced
the foundational texts
for Hinduism,
which is widely regarded
as the world's oldest religion
and today has more
than one billion followers.
The earliest of these texts,
called the Vedas,
describe how the gods
provided humankind
with a visual guide
to sacred sounds.
They are represented
in elaborate patterns
called mandalas.
The Vedas tell us that the gods
taught humans how to chant.
How to pray and to sing
in order to communicate
with the gods.
Mandalas are mnemonic devices
used to aid meditation
often in tandem with chanting.
So, what they're doing is
they're essentially translating
sound into visual patterns.
Mandalas are
important components
in both Hindu
and Buddhist faiths.
For ancient astronaut theorists,
what is most intriguing
about mandalas
is that the visual
patterns do, in fact,
have a scientific connection
to the sacred sounds
they are said to represent.
This was discovered
thanks to an 18th century
German physicist
named Ernst Chladni,
who is known
as the father of acoustics.
In 1787, Chaldni's book,
Discoveries in the Theory
of Sound,
revealed that the application
of sound vibrations
to grains of sand
on a metal plate
creates complex
geometric shapes,
now known as cymatic patterns.
We've got this thin metal plate
like a sounding board
and we've got a transducer
attached to the bottom of it.
And they spread sand
over the top of this plate.
And start playing certain tones.
And those sand particles
will start to bounce around
and dance around
and they start to form
these mathematical
circular patterns.
And as we move up
through these frequencies,
the sand goes into kind of
a chaos in-between state
and then it arrives
at this next pattern.
And the higher
the frequency you go,
the more these patterns
become more complex.
For Hindus and Buddhists,
the most important
sacred sound is "om."
For centuries, this sound
has been depicted in mandalas
by a circle with a dot
in the middle.
Incredibly, the sound "om"
produces a cymatic pattern
that perfectly matches
this depiction.
Other sounds
also create patterns
that are found
in ancient mandalas.
Is it conceivable
that the writers
of the ancient Vedic texts
were given advanced knowledge
on how sound frequencies
can be converted
into visual patterns?
Is it therefore possible
that sound is an important means
of communication with
such higher intelligences?
Could mandalas contain
an otherworldly message
for humanity that is based
on sacred sounds?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes
and suggest
evidence can be found
at the Sri Ranganathaswamy
Temple in Southern India.
Standing in
the temple's courtyard
are 40 ornate statues
that depict vimanas,
vehicles that,
according to Sanskrit texts,
were navigated by the gods.
The word "vimana"
in ancient Vedic text
means "flying machines."
In Hinduism,
it is clearly established
that the gods come down
from the sky using vimanas.
And in the temple of Srirangam,
these carvings show many
different types of vimanas.
And what's really unique
is that under these vimanas,
we are able to see
some very interesting
patterns of mandala.
According to legend,
each type of vimana
can be activated
with a specific type of mandala.
I believe that much
of ancient technology
was activated
with specific types
of frequencies.
And if we crack
this visual code,
if we crack
this cymatic pattern,
we might actually unlock
the secret to power
these vimanas.
Of all the Alien code we've
examined on Ancient Aliens,
some of the most mysterious
are massive impressions
that randomly appear
in fields all over the world.
And what's most interesting
to me
is that these complex patterns
may be encoded
with otherworldly messages.
At number two on our countdown:
crop circles.
A mysterious geometric pattern
emerges in a field
of mustard plants.
The perfectly symmetrical
design is a phenomenon
known as a crop circle.
Crop circles are basically
features, designs,
of high complexity in crops.
They tend to be complicated
designs of unknown origin.
Crop circles
range from small discs
to elaborate pictograms
hundreds of feet across.
They have been found
in various crops,
including wheat, barley,
oilseed rape,
and corn.
In terms
of the patterns themselves,
they've been
undergoing this amazing
sort of ramp up
in sophistication.
You can find these huge,
what they call pictographs,
that span
hundreds of feet
across a whole field,
and feature multiple components.
And they're arranged
with mathematical precision.
Crop circles appear
in more than 50 countries.
And there literally
have been thousands of them.
Maybe over 10,000 crop circles
that we're aware of
in the modern era.
One of the first in 1966,
it was Tully, Queensland,
A farmer heard a buzzing sound
and literally saw
this big round, maybe
30-feet-diameter craft, disk,
rising up
out of what essentially
was marshy, reedy ground.
And it goes up and disappears,
and left behind the circle.
He finds a circular
area where the grass
in the swamp
or the reeds are matted down.
This is reported
in the Australian press,
and they start labeling
these "UFO nests,"
or "flying saucer nests."
Something keeps
laying things down in sequence
as if it has a big picture
of how it is communicating
with this planet,
but it is doing so in pieces.
What in the world is making
these patterns and why?
Ancient astronaut theorists
suggest that the answer may be
encoded within
the crop circles themselves
and might have critical
implications for mankind.
As evidence, they point
to an elaborate formation
that appeared
in Wroughton, England in 2008.
One formation had
everyone baffled
and people were saying,
"Well, what is this?"
Then a mathematician had
a look at it and said,
"Wait a minute,
that's a representation of pi,
and it's correct
down to ten decimal places."
It's a representation
of pi in a geometric sense.
It's kind of interesting
because the way you get pi
out of it is the lengths of the
different arcs in each segment.
And what happens is
there's these little notches
in the spiral that let you know
you're at the end of an arc
so you actually have to measure
the arc lengths as you go around
and their lengths
give you the digits of pi.
And there's a little circle
to give you the decimal point.
So it's a really
interesting example of using
geometry as a code for
representing digits and numbers.
Many of the most famous
crop circles
actually derive
from fractal patterns.
which is a mathematical shape.
The Mandelbrot set.
The Julia set.
To make these you have
to have knowledge of math.
Mathematics is of course
the universal language.
Could crop circles,
as some believe,
be an attempt from
an alien civilization
to reach out
and communicate with us?
There is only one alien code
left on our countdown.
And we've definitely saved
the best for last,
because this code is one
that we're all carrying with us.
So far on our countdown
of the top alien codes,
we've investigated
extraordinary sites
and analyzed mysterious symbols.
But as far as I'm concerned,
the most compelling discovery
won't be found
in an ancient structure
but in a message
hidden inside the human body.
Coming in at number one:
the genetic code
Silves, Portugal. 1984.
Farmers digging a well
come across a mysterious object
15 feet beneath the earth.
A six-foot-long
carved limestone egg.
Known as the Algarve egg,
it has been dated
to at least 3500 BC.
And scientists conclude
it could be even older.
But what interests ancient
astronaut theorists the most
is a mysterious pattern
etched on its surface.
When we look at the Algarve egg,
it had a symbol on it
that looked like
intertwined serpents.
Or they can also be
interpreted as DNA strands.
And the idea of
the double helix wasn't invented
or wasn't discovered
by us human beings
until well into
the 20th century.
Is it possible that the design
found on the Algarve egg
shows the DNA double helix?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes and suggest
that this genetic symbol
can be found
throughout the ancient world.
The DNA spiral is shown
on different antique rocks
and steles.
Just, for example,
look at the Sumerian steles.
There you see
so-called flying geniuses
or winged geniuses.
Between these
winged geniuses is something
which archeology
calls the tree of life.
But if you look
at the tree of life,
it's in reality a DNA spiral.
How is it possible that
the double helix appears
in ancient carvings and artwork
when it wasn't discovered
by modern scientists
until 1953?
Ancient astronaut theorists
clues have been hidden
within our own cells.
In 2013, Kazakhstani
scientists Vladimir Shcherbak
and Maxim Makukov published
a shocking proposal
that there is
an intelligent code
that can be found
in our own DNA.
They concluded that there was
a certain amount
of mathematical precision
and what's known
as a digital checking
built into our DNA,
like computer codes have.
Checking codes to make sure that
all the other codes are right.
Ever since
the theory of evolution
was introduced
by Charles Darwin in 1859,
scientists have searched
for a so-called "missing link"
that connects humans
to our hominid ancestors.
Ancient astronaut theorists
suggest this evolutionary leap
was made by extraterrestrial
manipulation of our DNA.
We've always suggested
that the ultimate proof
for the ancient astronaut theory
will not happen
because we'll discover
a buried spaceship somewhere
or a ray gun in a tomb.
But rather
inside of our own DNA.
Believe it or not,
I have colleagues of mine
looking for secret messages
in our DNA.
And some of my friends
take this to the nth degree
and say,
"Maybe aliens from outer space
have left us a message."
Maybe there's
a message there hidden
by an advanced civilization
and that says,
"Here we are, folks.
"We created you.
And to prove it, we left
a code for you in your DNA."
Well, we can't rule it out.
The idea that extraterrestrials
placed a hidden message
in our DNA
is not only sensational
but also entirely possible.
And one thing is clear.
Whether they're standing stones,
elaborate mandalas
or massive geoglyphs,
perhaps by deciphering
these alien codes
we will unlock the truth
about our extraterrestrial past.
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